Through The Wormhole: Is Time Travel Possible?

Through The Wormhole: Is Time Travel Possible?

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Through The Wormhole – Is Time Travel Possible?Einstein’s Theory of Relativity says that time travel is perfectly possible — if you’re going forward. Finding a way to travel backwards requires breaking the speed of light, which so far seems impossible. But now, strange-but-true phenomena such as quantum nonlocality, where particles instantly teleport across vast distances, may give us a way to make the dream of traveling back and forth through time a reality. Step into a time machine and rewrite history, bring loved ones back to life, control our destinies.

But if we succeed, what are the consequences of such freedom? Will we get trapped in a plethora of paradoxes and multiple universes that will destroy the fabric of the universe? Einstein said that nothing travels faster than the speed of light, but when physicists look at how entangled particles behave, they get stuck in a mirage in which that tenet appears not to be true.

Physicists don't fully understand entanglement, beyond it being a relationship between particles. If you want to know what entanglement looks like, pull up a chair to an experiment that has produced it. Researchers at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis and the University of Geneva shone a laser made of photons, the basic units of light, into the crystal. When the laser's photons hit irregularities in the crystal, single photons sometimes split into two. These daughter photons were related to one another, and to their parent photon, in how much energy they had.

You can think of the parent photon as being like a train, and the crystal like many bumps. When the train hit the bumps, it broke into two chains of cars with related directions and speeds. These daughter photons weren't just related, but entangled. Particles are entangled if they're related in one property but random in the rest.

This is the third episode. See the list of all episodes here: Through The Wormhole.

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  1. I think time has a start and end. It has dimensions of Past, Present and Future. By moving towards the point in the universe of the Bigbang where things might be faster than and to the point of total vacuum where matter has not reached yet, time could be observed very differently as it is now.

    On the other hand an object or matter or an environment can be transformed into energy, kept and preserved so it becomes a timehole for people to visit from future generations and civilizations.

  2. Now there's 60 minutes I'll never get back...or will I?

  3. i think in regards to time travel the best conclusion is that time is one straight line and even if you tried t affect the line you couldnt. For argument sake if you went back in time to kill your own grandfather since he wasnt actually killed like that in the past he cant be. I.e a train may run you over you may be arrested for something basically fate will stop you changing anything. IF IT HAPPENED IT HAPPENED

  4. A professor named Ronald Mallett is trying to invent a time machine and I hope it works!

  5. If you understand the effects of time dilation, then you know that time travel occurs daily.

    1. Ummmmm no. No time travel occurs except that of the constant rate at which everything moves forward through time.

  6. Plasma energy from the Keshe Foundation.....this is the start point......

  7. There exists a time machine where you can at least watch events of the past. It's called television.

  8. Time machines will never exist. Entropy across infinity can never be predicted nor reconstructed. Furthermore, Einstein theory only states that if you travel faster than light, you can turn around and view the past as you observe emitted light or reflections from a source. This is nothing more than experiencing a video recording. You will not be interacting with the past.

  9. There is a time machine, its called a tardis :D

    1. or the magic schoolbus

  10. ah singularities. you are the only problem. if you didn't we might be closer to time travel.
    you do this you fall into one.
    you do that you create one.
    the object that has the ability to bend space-time, you have one in your center
    to quote Dr. Sheldon Cooper "gravity, thou art a heartless b***h"

  11. Yes they can . But it has to many side effects .

  12. In terms of Physics you can travel forward in time, its just an engineering issue that stops people. Watch that Stephen hawkings doco from 2010.

  13. You can not time travel because there is only now and time is just our realitive perception of motion if you stoped all motion time would stop as well. I wish these so called smart people would spend more time talking and teaching people the responsabilities that come with freedom before we the people lose all freedom of choice.

  14. If i was able to "emerge outside space time" and experience free range which would allowed me to roam freely instead of being contained in any matter,
    i don't know what other dimension i would enter. How can i think that while entering an other dimension i would carry the present understanding of living i have here.
    Scientists look at time travel and imagine all kind of physical way to do it in the far future when in fact it may be a second away from us if instead we use the non corporeal self.
    The trick is to crack the wall and not drive one self crazy while attempting it.

  15. this is what i believe to to be the absolute truth. earlyier readings iv discovered people from the past, over 5,000 years ago were told about computer technology/cd roms from an apparent god. they all seemed to agree this person must have been from the future. how, 5,000 years ago, BC, did people know about CD ROMS? or COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY? my theory is that if you relate everything to the christians thoughts and partially the bible you can see that and time travel kind of relate. It's been said what if our univerese wasn;t just one but multiple univereses. The "killing grandfather" theory wouldnt happen because you"d garuntee end up in one of the many dimensions and not the same one. Another point, if time travel is plausable and could be related, i garuntee you theres been a time before us where someone created time travel before... think about it, if einsteins theory is correct which i defffintitely believe it is its not a question of time travel, its a question of has it been done before? how many time? and maybe the entire christian rules were meant so that man didnt dig himself into another grave again like we:ve already done...

  16. This didn't really emphasize the possibility of time travel so much as the incapability of it happening in our life time (although there are stories involving people's experiences of time traveling, who knows how...LSD? Lol, jk but it sure wasn't due to a wormhole since too much energy is required for it than we can get without the use of alien-like technology, temporal vortexes instead maybe?) But say an advanced civilization were to construct machines in outer space to sustain a wormhole's opening long and wide enough for spaceships/people to go through and travel back and or forward in time, wouldn't the two times (future + past in this case) have a collision like that of two super massive black holes waltzing to a unification that would dissolve (or rather eat) all other dimensions/alternate universes within the realm of possibilities (since the two different space-time continuums are like two positive charges (and this would involve every possibility: past+future, present+past...etcetera, (assuming the time traveler were from another galaxy seeing as it is impossible for earthlings), even though the universe is infinite and ever expanding so different every second, time travel would not carry with it the needed negative gravity (anti-gravity) or what have you in order to counter balance such an experience) that cannot coexist together without ramifications, so would repel one another such as to create a supernova or unnova effect that would force the two times to collapse upon themselves) which would make the present they formed into the only (or "true") reality, thus undoing the grandfather paradox and actually messing up our existence through the presence of a time traveler?

  17. this was the most interesting episode in the series so far.
    in response to the question below, throughout my life i've often had the sense that i'm my much older self - future me - looking back on the past, while i'm living it. most of the major events in my life, ive had some premonition of, and sometimes i think i know how it ends, too.
    what i was thinking of during this episode is how studying the universe above can tell us about the universe below in regards to time travel. they touched on quantum mechanics but didnt really get into how what we are made of - the universe within us - might experience time travel through meditation.

  18. Has anybody ever thought of the fact that we could actually be in a future time, presently; or even, in a past time, presently?

  19. I`ll keep it short:
    If at one point it becomes possible to travel through time i guess it would be hard to find your way back to earth, as earth,sun, our galaxy... are all moving trough space as they move trough time. Even if we could create a wormhole, maybe it would be easier to create or link the "portal`s" in both of the time-space coordinates, then to come back to the earth before the technology was invented...

  20. why dont they say that they know nothing about reality?! Almost all the stories they told are unprouvable, just stories like pinocchio. they are not scientists at all, they are ciarlatans.
    Investigating the world around us is a matter for Philosophers not for technicians of matter...
    Modern scientists simply do not have the intelligence to go further... Please, stop telling a bunch of cr*ppy stories. There are plenty of great writers who are able to do very much better...

    1. oops you kind of lose credibility when you can't spell charlatan :-) Some how I don't think Mark Twain, being a man of literature, would have made such a silly mistake.

    2. OK MARKTWAIN, One - you spelled ciarlatans wrong! It's spelled Charlatans, so how can we take your creditability of you and great Philosophers that project theories but have no evidence that is tangible? Scientist oh the other hand, make hypothesis and have experiments to prove right or wrong of their theories. But OK, lets just leave it to Philosophers and rely on their words, because they are so much smarter than people that can take their words and transform them on to paper! I think you need to do some more homework on math and science ( that proves statements and fundamentals of life in every day situations) than literature and Philosophy ( of great thinkers that can manipulate words) to impress people. I call out Bull **** to You! Have a great day!

    3. I believe you are confusing Philospohers with poëts.
      Philosophers concern themselves with life questions, not pretty words.
      Philosphers are no writers neither. Not necesarily.

      They concern themself with questions that go deeper and further then the laws of physics. Like a mix between religion and science.

      Do you think this is poetry?: “The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.”

      It is not. It's philosphy. Because if you read the sentence, you see that its an entirly logical sentence and that, if you think about it, is exactly right. It gives answers on questions that science can never proof or explain. That sentence is a fact of the human experience, but its far from the reach of the scientific method.

      What MarkTwain means, is that our society should stop with the killer scientific way of thinking and that we also should pay attention to our less logical side... BEcause we, humans, have a lot of unlogical sides.

      Philosphy is the future.

  21. why do we have to change things? why can't we just observe. how do you know someone isn't doing the same thing right now?

  22. we shouldn't mess with the past, if you change something, even if its making it go from bad to good, it can have a negative result. if you go back and kill Hitler before he falls from the Christian church and creates the NAZI's, it is possible that something worse could come up. the future is another story.

  23. hmmmm.....wonder what this faster than light neutrino discovery will do to these theories if it pans out to be right? Kinda throws a spanner in the works of many dealt with in this series doesn't it.

    1. they admitted that the experiment had a mistake in the results

  24. they should make alice and bob automatic, because if they dont, there is always the posibility that whoever its sending the message wont be able to do oit, hence the signal wont be send, by making the signal constant you avoid that problem.

  25. it is impossible to rationalize changing the events in one's path. you cant change something in a formative time in your life and then continue on to do it again. the act of changing the past will have make the need to change the past irrelevant as it is. the only way that i, personally, can see the grandfather paradox dispelled is with the assumption that your timeframe is not changed. it would mean that you can kill your grandfather as many times as you please but you were created in a different timeframe. imagine if you were timetraveling, your personal timescale would say that you were those events that happened before your birth were more recent than what you did last week. this, to me, is the fundamental ideas behind the idea of different universes. but if it is impossible and blocked by laws of physics, speculation is all that we will have and the right answer could never be come upon anyway.

  26. another thought on time travel. Let's say it is possible to travel back or forward in time and that the future does exist somewhere/somehow. My thought is this: why have we not had a news report about someone saying they are from the future - meaning this person has traveled back in time to our present. That has not happened as of yet. Maybe it will. But as of yet it has not occurred.

    1. Its very possible to travel forward in time, no big deal! Neil Armstrong is living in future (micro second in future). All we have to do is to learn how to travel close to the speed of the light! Past.. ahm whole different ball game!

  27. anothher time travelers paradox that i thought of myself, If you go back, to fix a lifes problem, or an event, and manage to do so, the event never occured in your universe, causing you, to never go back in time to fix this event. This could only be possible while crossing universes and fixing this problem in a different universe.

  28. I'll take the position that time travel is not possible. The future has not happened yet. What would one be traveling into?? Nothing, since it does not exist. Going back in time.....?? I'll say that no longer exists either. It's in the past.

    1. It will have by the time you get there though. Don't think of time as an event it's a dimension. A fully working time machine wouldn't necessarily be like the films but a lot like space travel. To go 100 years into the future may take you ten years but during that 10 years for you those 100 years occur. Thus you can go to a time that has not 'happened' to you yet but WILL happen.

  29. just thought of a promotional ad for "Through the Wormhole: with Morgan Freeman."

    Morgan Freeman is the most Scientifically Interesting Man in the World. He's gone through wormholes, listened to he statements of 3 different sentinel beings, seen the event horizon of a black hole and traveled forward in Time.

    Morgan: "I don't always watch Documentaries, but when I do. I prefer the Science Channel"

    Public Message: Please, Think Responsibly

  30. the doc did say going to the future is possible... 10years in space = 1000 years on earth do you not listen?

    1. your location in the universe is irrelevant. the variable that influences time is acceleration whether by gravity or classical motion.

  31. quoting the bible is relative to the fact that you have faith in believing what you are reading. because the bible makes it's own rules for reality

  32. If you want to time travel you must be outside space time and matter.And there is only one Being who is outside STM n thas y He knows the end from the begining.Absolutely no one yes and I mean no one, not even the devil can time travel or even predict what will happen in the future.we see this in the book of daniel when king nebchudnzzr had a vision of pure dazzling statue n no one could intrprt his dream except daniel thanks from the help of YHWH the Almighty.

    1. And what qualifications do you have to make such a statement?

      Pseudo religious qualifications maybe, that do not mean squat!

      And from what vague authority do you make such claims?
      From some books dating from the bronze ages?

      Either put some qualified empirical evidence forth or keep your religious meanderings to yourself about your Yahweh!

    2. Read your statement with a little objectivness and see where the doctrine and dogma are, and where questions and answers are being looked for... Wake up

  33. 600 million miles per hour??????

  34. as for the nonlocality...can it not just be a chain reaction that is so fast it cannot be tracked or has that been ruled out? it does not seem possible for information that we create can just jump from one place to another unless we tell it to, or the universe can read our minds and act as we think what we are about to do, just a thought...

  35. But guys, we are SCIENTISTS, we make the impossible seem merely preposterous! We have to prove exactly WHY it won't work, or make it happen, it's what we do!

    (Spirituality has nothing to do with this, lol)

    If there IS a god, we cannot yet understand him. <- period

  36. Time travel is not possible it is like you have to win a race and you are at the starting point whereas other guy has already crossed the finish line now no mattter how fast you run you can never win the race because the fact is that thae other guy has already won is a frozen fact.

    The Universe has two realities one is space and other is gravity,and time is just a cosmic illusion and beating the speed of which does not exist is immpossible.

    Yeah but then the thoughts of mind can surely beat the speed of light:))


    1. Time travel may be possible into the past, but you will never know where you may end up. You will not end up in the past as you think you know it.

      The universe has unlimited realities, not just two.

      "Quantum physics tells us that no matter how thorough our observations of the present, the (unobserved) past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities."

      "The universe, according to quantum physics, has no single past, or history."
      "The fact that the past takes no definite form means that observations you make on a system in the present affects its past."

      (Stephen Hawking)

    2. I do not know much on quantum physics,have some knowledge on sprituality and meditation, My view on the above is like this:

      The Past,Present and future all are present together it is like you are in this dark tunnel with a torch light in your hand and you keep moving along with the light and as you move with the light you see the objects and path along the way,but just becoz you could not see into the darkness does not mean that the future in not there in the present.

      and then the laws of quantum physics are weird so is the sprituality

      Anurag Awasthi

    3. Very good analogy Anurag, you are not very far off to what quantum physics say. As a matter of fact eastern philosophy/spirituality has a close parallel to quantum physics, in as much as do we form all we see?

      As in "youtube-a conscious universe-the observer effect"

      And when you say "the past present and future are all present together" is exactly what "Julian Barbour" a theoretical physicist says in his theory "the end of time"...time is an illusion, everything already happened, is static, we are pulling pictures from our picture album of snapshots with our "Now's" every Planck second, and that forms our reality, gives us our flow of time.

      And yes, quantum physics/mechanics are weird.

    4. Thank you for your comment and the link you have given.will surely look into it

      Anurag Awasthi

  37. Great Series! But be warned! DO NOT RUN THE PLUGIN ON THE DOWNLOAD LINK!!!! IT IS FULL OF VIRUSES AND ADWARE! Consider yourself warned.

  38. My take... since everything happens at once, Atoms can be in more than one place at the same time,(according to quantum physics). The trip to the past had already happened, forever frozen in time, like a snapshot, the probability realized, and the time traveller would be looking at the scenario in a third person.

    If it was a first person, would be devoid of any cognizant realization of being in the future at all. But then depends on what parallel universe you are in, re: many worlds theory, which states that any probable action can, and will, and has, already happened.

    1. atoms are too massive. that mass negates much of their uncertainty. the particles that make up these atoms most definitely can be in two different places at once.

  39. @ billy ryder,

    This seems like an interesting thought to me.

    I'd say that the non-traveler (2001 - 2009) should have known already that the trip took place as the traveler had already returned in 2000. Or? I don't know, this was just a first thought that jumped...

  40. Yes, Alex, you would remember, because its not as if you would change brains. You would be the same guy, but arguably on a differennt dimensional plain of time (from your perspective)upon your return. If you went back in time to 2000, put a letter in your safe deposit box and then went to 2010, the letter would be there (unless you or someone else retrieved it in the interim.)The question is: Would the (non-traveler you from 2001-2009) know about the letter and mistakenly open it early wondering what it was? Or had this event always occurred? This is a dimensional/quantum physics question I can't answer right now.

  41. im about to watch this so if i say something that is explained dont go off at me :)

    just a thought.. say if i was to go back in time to the year 2000 and then go back to the previous time now 2010,would i remember going back in time? and also would i still have the knowledge of being in the future of 2010 when i go back to 2000?

  42. I had a dream I was a particle physicist and that I invented time travel. It had to do with quantum nanotechnology, where we broke someone down to their atoms, then using that technology attached them to a beam of light in space, and it allowed them to travel in time.

    We did time viewing thru something called optical nanotechnology where we attached a nanocamera to a beam of light, as it went the speed of light.

    The dream within itself was pretty amazing.

    1. sounds similar to something i read in Timeline by michael crichton

  43. nothing new but Morgan rulz:)

  44. The only problem with the ultimate solution of future generations creating a virtual past, is that those with the resources to do so will create a virtual past with revisionist ideology and means to control those future masses. Orwell has spoken in 1949.

  45. C'mon folks, Einstein, Hawking and all the other know-it-alls seem to have made one big mistake. Time is irrelevant. It only pertains to our planet which spins on its own axis while orbiting around our sun. So what if a clock will slow by half if you could orbit a black hole. That does not mean you will live twice as long. You will still age at the rate you were meant to age (unless you quit smoking, eat healthy foods and exercise regularly [even still, you might get hit by a bus falling from the sky or by a rogue plane driving down the freeway ... or cancer could set in ;-)]). What they talk about is wet dream meandering piffle that fills our heads with garbage. If I play an online game here in North America and happen to be playing against an opponent from Australia, I have found, on occasion, I was playing with someone from "tomorrow" (EST vs Aussie time). Would you not consider that time travel? Long before cars and planes it would take months and even years to get from one place to another. Now, we can travel where we want in no time flat. It took roughly 2 years to send probes to mars. Now, newer and faster rockets get probes there sooner. Yes, speed is essential in the universe. Light travels at 186 000 miles per second in a vacuum because it has no mass. Well, we have mass and even if we could achieve the speed of light or a tad bit faster we wouldn't be creating time travel - we would be getting to our destination faster than ever before, that is all. For example, say it would take years to get to Saturn. As per the days of yore evolving to what we have today, the same would happen. Instead of taking years, it will only take less "time" to get there. Time WE created. Please, quit living the wet dream. Oh, and one more thing - the sun blew up 5 minutes ago, we all have roughly 3 minutes to find out.

    1. You are clearly very uneducated with the concept of relativity. To dumb it down for you, If I were moving close to the speed of light, and waited two weeks (by my watch) yes, I would have aged two weeks. However someone who was not moving anywhere near the speed of light would experience a much longer time in the same period. Time is NOT irrelevant, it is NOT made up by humans. Yes, we came up with the concepts of a second, a minute, a day, etc. That does however mean time is fake, or non existant. Let me consider a very simple example. You are in a train, I am on the ground beside the train. As you have mentioned, a clock measures cycles, for us this cycle is one spin around earth axis, or one rotation around the sun. Lets consider a new type of clock, a light clock. We have a photon trapped between two mirrors, the speed of light remain constant at c in any inertial reference frame (clearly you should know this to make some of the claims you have), and one 'tick' is the time taken to bounce off one mirror, and return back to the other. Agreed? We have just described a new type of clock. Now, you're in the train, moving close to the speed of light, but there are no windows. You observe the clock going back and forth back and forth with a distance 'd' between the two mirrors. A simple equation for time t=d/c (c is the constant speed of light, it will not change). Now here I am outside the train, watching you go by at close to the speed of light, the clock (for me) will have to move diagonally in order to keep hitting the mirror, thus take a longer path (call this 'D') than your light. Now if we consider the same equation t=D/c, the only thing that has changed on the right side of the equation is D (D>d) thus is will have experienced more time, than you in one 'tick'. But we were looking at the same photon this whole time....interesting isnt it? You have experience less time RELATIVE to me (relative is a VERY important word here) Are you still a firm non-believer? The reason it is easy for you, and many others to write it of as bogus and bullshit is that it seems so far out the ordinary it can't possibly be true, our intuition tells us otherwise, and it is a very uncomfortable feeling when our intuition seems to be wrong, so we don't want to believe it, and it is very easy to convince people who are uneducated in the theory of relativity that it is wrong. There are experiments that support these claims, and this theory, don't write it off so soon. Read about it, learn why this is the case, and you will see that it makes more sense than you may think.

  46. Time is a state of probability, there is never any one
    time the same unless the same conditions are the same..if
    one were to "go back in time" the state of probability is
    not the same as you exist at that point thereby creating
    another state of probability...there is only one scenario
    where the state of probability can exist again...

  47. “What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe?… Up to now, most scientists have been too occupied with the development of new theories that describe what the universe is to ask the question why?” - "Stephen Hawking"

  48. @ Achems

    actually Google "tulleric currents" not tulleric lines sorry hope you catch that.

  49. @Connie:

    Have not watched all the pyramid codes as yet, will later on.
    tulleric lines? will have to google that, will be busy to-day, so will get back to you later.

    signing off for now.


  50. @ Achems

    I miss you,and the Chivalry :-) Did you watch all of the pyramid code ? if so what do you think ?
    I ggogled "tulleric lines" and was surprised to see how much was known and length of time on the subject and yet its nearly unspoken of.
    Can you imagine telluric lines in our bedroom ? lol

  51. @Connie:

    I am still here. Following the threads.

  52. @ achems where did you go?

  53. And:

    No way , hawk , time machines are cool as sh** , man. And theoretically plausible.

    Dangerously plausible, in fact.

  54. @Hawk

    They did an experiment on that and it is true for the majority. You are right.

    They had like 4 actors come in as new hires in a company and each one was to act differently. One mad , one sad , one happy , one enthusiastic , etc. But the point being , in the cases of the later two productivity and moral went up and the opposite for the , mad and sad. It was also estimated around 60%. After months and alot of interviews , they saw that one bad see can pi** everyone off. lol

    But also its an issue of whos a follower type or a leader type. Because I would probably hate them all or see through the charade , thus hating them more for being deceptive to me.

    I agree with you.

  55. i can't find "last call for freedom". i only found the first episode somewhere else and can't find any of it here for some reason.
    can you help Vlatko?

    i think it's been proven, that it's purely body language and nothing spiritual that enables us to "spread the vibe" so well with just our presence.
    i find myself very aware and analytical of body language when in a social setting/group, especially after a smoke.
    it's interesting to see peoples emotions and semi concious thoughts in their actions.
    we don't even notice we're doing it.
    i heard a few stats regarding this that i can't quite remember now. another effect of the smoke :).
    for eg; somethng like 60% of the attention we give what someone says is determined by their body language. confidence is contagious.
    i guess blind and deaf people are opposite extremes on the continuem of body language awareness. with us all somewhere in between. topic again.. but really a time machine? how silly. lol.

  56. OK In between the phone i read it all LOL

  57. @Connie
    Oh the woes of the impatient.

  58. @Connie. Ive already commented on it. Go look above. But it still is fun to talk about.Looking for anothers take, you know?

  59. @Achems

    "Again everything hinges on probabilities, as in Schrodinger’s cat, is the cat dead or alive. No way of knowing until you look.

    By trying to go back in time, the mere act of observing will change the outcome, of exactly what time and what universe you may end up in.
    According to QM. Because of the infinite probabilities present in that time scenario."

    See , now , our comments are lagging.

    This is where it went. Into cyberspace.

    So you agree , then , that our "clock" would be nothing as opposed to relevant? Or its valid because it might as a probability , work?

  60. SO Erir 666 Did you get any enlightenment on time dilation ?

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    SEE time flys

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  65. @eire666:

    (LOL) where the h*ll did our talk about time travel go, seems like we got waylaid.

    Anyway going to watch Superman the movie on tv.
    pick time travel up some other-time.


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    When you walk into a room the fragrance of ceder and frankensense permeates and left is the memoriable wonder of your mystery.

    Ahh when you walk into the room I quiver with sheer delight :-)

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    But I need to figure how I'm gonna sell all my belongings and what im takling with me to CA.

    Lots to do in a short time.

    I'll check back later to see mmy good ridance notes. But Darling one more time! Kiss me !

  76. @ Connie:

    Ha, when I walk into a room most ladies are visibly shocked and scared of me, they would climb into the walls if they could, I have read that about Scorpio's, so funny.

  77. @Connie

    Its true because of the social body language we see on a norm. And the fact that the one walking in projects this language.Its a taught trait. Passed down so to speak.

    When you were a kid , and your parents acted a certain away about a situation , did you not learn through this? Same thing.

    We all can see this. In fact its a skill ,to some extinct, given to us long ago bt our predecessors , No?

  78. Ok then I will leave cause I know it is truth.
    I have only opened the door a small crack, but enough to know its true.
    If you can't open your mind enough to acknowledge it might be so. Then there is no common ground of which to disscuss from.

  79. @hawkpork

    Its a good series , you should watch it here. Its good basics.

  80. You guys try to have an open mind and try to splice together our different thoughts and perceptions and see if you can ignite a candle of possibilitys.

    Consider how when we walk into a room with confidence and how the outcome is more in favor for the confidant.

    Now the other side.. look at when you walk into a room with extreme low eteeem. see how you get the bad results?

    we all recognize this as tru.

    See how thoughts change our reality? Now consider a dimension for both thoughts at the same time?

  81. @Connie

    Ok dont make me bite, now.

    Do you really see these Buddhist,Taoist/Dhaoist ,Hindi beliefs as fact?

    I think the mind can play heavy trick on the deprived. And one can get euphoria and adrenaline from such. Its a mind game.

    We as a species ,have a love for such. Almost a lusting for superstition. It was all good until we proved otherwise. , Thus the whole spiritual aspect. Our reality is limited to our perception.

  82. I'm not sure but I think I just heard and felt another after shock. So did Chester my litte dog.

  83. @ eire666:

    Again everything hinges on probabilities, as in Schrodinger's cat, is the cat dead or alive. No way of knowing until you look.

    By trying to go back in time, the mere act of observing will change the outcome, of exactly what time and what universe you may end up in.
    According to QM. Because of the infinite probabilities present in that time scenario.

  84. Calm yourself there Lion ! must I retrain tou all over again.:-)

    YOu know this is what the mind masters whom know meditations etc.. can conquer. They travel time thru the mind.And travel to other planes and dimensions

  85. @Connie


    I agree with the fact that we perceive the universe in our on individual time and focus.

    Maybe not in the same as your spiritual idea , however.


  86. HI back Achems,

    But you are fibbing at long time no see.:-)
    I saw you post that you were playing peek a boo while in thunderstorms in Manatoba.

    OOps I hope my moonlight Gown was not too sheer for your eyes..........

  87. Erie 666

    May I jump in here just breifly and make a ststement on that?
    I hope yes LOL. Cause i'm gonna tell you what I think.

    I think there is no need for the kind of time travel that you all are looking for.

    One of the reasons i am here is because i was hoping to see if not now soon proff of what Iand others think.
    That being that: Everyone is buying into this as we have been taught to know as being reality, Howeever it is not.
    Our true reality is Past present and future.
    Its all in the matrix of the mind and our conscious thoughts and actions(the manifested results from our thoughts)

    Everyone is buying into only the physical parts of our lives. We are more than body. WE are thoughts also and Soul.

    I am excited to see the string theory and multi dimensions. This is the kinda stuff that backs up what I believe.
    When we are totally in perfect state of mind we are in the now.And thats where what was ,is and where we will be as we were meant to be. Then we are our divine per say godself.
    Or shall i say in perfect harmony with the universe. The true chord is then struck.
    Same wave length etc....

  88. @Achems

    I say that IF its possible it would dictate that . for now , there would be no way of setting a "clock". Wed be shooting towards the unknown. As in we wouldnt really know if we would even end up in vastness or if wed find an actual interactive place . We might find something else but we wouldnt know and we wouldnt necessarily like where we ended up

    I mean , we assume that we would end up in a universe like our. We may very well , get out there and see that our rules are out-dated. No?

  89. Hi-ya @ Connie, long time no see.

    @ eire666:

    Already proven that can travel ahead in time. re: Einstein.
    Don't know about going back in time though. If could just say for a moment bend space time on itself to travel back in time, how would you set the clock, or have any type of specific co-ordinates to arrive at a particular time, time as we know it only advances linear, time is a series of nows, what ever was a moment ago, no longer exists. except by pictures etc: what ever exists only exists at the present now, not the future nor the past. Give me your take first.

    You too Connie, what are your scientific perspectives on this?

  90. @Achems

    Just to rehash a thought from earlier,
    "All the probable universes that we as multidimensional selves live in according to many worlds theory are happening at once, since we are in this one vibrational unit re: our universe, this is our reality, according to string theory. Again everything hinges on probable actions, that is why time travel to the future may be possible, but will have to go along to what ever outcomes that have developed up to that time."

    So to you ,what is the most achievable way to travel time? Why so?

    Serious inquiry.

    @anybody really,
    Same question.

  91. @ Erie 666

    Wow I just googled (time dilation) and if I had the time I would study just some of what came up. Furthermore if i did I could write a book just on that.

    Hats off to you! I love the way you asked for feed back on a specific item and then guided the direction from where you want the answers to point. ;-) That should slow down the Questionable Questions upon Questions :-)

  92. I want to hear someones idea on time dilation. Anybody? Is it possible or not and why?

  93. HA! Connie. Way to add some laughs. Cheers , miss kitty!

    No, I got on a bible bashing trip and got frustrated with the bombardment of ignorance , thrown at us reality fans by the christ delusionists.

  94. Who is All is he on first or second?

  95. I guess I have to chill since I keep getting moderated. I must be nice to all , I guess.

  96. Picked up all you guys posts here in Manitoba at 8:A.M., amid major thunderstorm.

    Have enjoyed the posts. Very enlightening. See you all on the other wormhole docs.

  97. @Connie: Same to you, good night.

  98. @ Starman

    If you insist! You don't know how well I would like to give you a pointer. But you are probably sitting that would be anatomically hard to do.
    Have a good night anyway.

  99. @ Skye Good night .

    Did you ever get my email i sent you last week?

    I would like very much to continue our conversation we started and never got connected I guess.

    Is my mail in your junk mail?

  100. @connie: You have guts. And funny too. Sorry I am not an expert on holes. Perhaps you are a hole expert and could give some pointers?

  101. Im out , laterz.

  102. @ Erie 666

    Thats Agreeable :-) Good I hate going to bed angry with each other :-)

    before we go is there anything left unsaid you would like to say for the night. I am afraid my answers were long and you didnt get much time to express your own thoughts.

    And @ Starman I would worry less about understanding wormholes then being them.

  103. @Connie

    Ok Im ready , after I comb my mane , miss kitty.

  104. @Connie

    Ok whatever ,I guess whatever floats your boat..

    I will agree to disagree.

  105. @ erie 666

    Ain't you coming to bed yet?
    I have my moonlight gown on ?

  106. I think have explained myself on that subject already, so no need to rehash this again. This comment section is on Through the Wormhole series. It is a matter of netiquite. The only person I can complain to for help is the moderator. I am a nice person, but do have my limits. So, there is one set of conduct for some, and others eat cabbage for dinner and are not allowed to sleep in the same house as the rest?

  107. Erie 666

    It is 4:43 here and I am getting so tired i am making tons of bloopers. Can we go to bed now?

    And talk more tomorrow?

    Will you tuck me in?

  108. Erie 666

    why would I want to throw away the gifts I have been given and knowledge i've acquired and the changes that I have received. I am going from being lost and alone into this business world and playing with the big boys now. Whom make million dollar contracts all year long.

    And I have acquired skills now that they are wanting me in two firms to be their executive secretery and i am now the secretery and partnership of a large corporation and in about 30 days from now I will be in Los Angeles working with two companies at the same time and having the chance of a lifetime earning as much as I choose.

    And my Consciousness keeps growing and i keep learning more everyday, and the things that come out of me are astounding.

    I am coming up with solutions that the big boys are amazed with. And they work. I come up with ideas that were already done on my own and then they say bingo I should of that of that. I did that. LOL

    I work hard to brainstorm and then bingo ....

    The most amazing stuff is happening. I tell you.

    I was given thoughts about how to clean up the drainage problems for these little villages near the water bodies in upstate ny. Bingo it was done in CA and its all new technology for up here and we are working on presenting it.

    how could I have so much understanding when I have had no training at all? and then I actuaklly came up with ideas the big boys should of thought of.

    I have the ability now to predict with a keene sense so many issues that are way beyond my abilities.

    Its all because I am becoming my Godself

    I could of never done this on my own accord. It was the higher consciousness of God in me that help me think of it.

  109. In the US we dont do tattle tells in real life. Its a sin in its own right.

  110. @starman

    Why did you go and tell the teacher on me earlier? You know what I am saying. I hate a tattle tell and a snitch who runs to the authorities for help with their debational issues.

    What was that man? Oh hey admin please , I hate this guy , etc. But you said it in such a nice way as not to seem tattle tellish. Fake, dude , fake.

  111. @Connie
    "Everything here is an manifestation of our own minds."

    Yes as time and perception are in the eye and mass of the beholder.

  112. Connection is being in tune letting your 6th sense guide you. its the same thing as Spirit acknowledgement.

    but here again the universes energy is personified

  113. @Connie

    Is not a source of no fact a bad source? And is not the tuning in the same as wishful thinking inbeded in the DNA of our species? Is it not better to do away with wishes and accept the universe as it is?

  114. ERIE 666

    HE says;
    Please define “Godself ” as I dont think I understand. Are you saying we are all spiritual gods and are apart of the workings of the universe

    She says; YES
    And the proof for myself is in my living and the challenges i have conquered and also lessons in my failures.
    I do not have all the answers. Thats why I am on a Quest. and as I explained in previous emails how that quest got started, except I might of left out the first step. The first step was in search of God. second came history lessons as I was doing geneology. Then the rest I know I wrote down.

    Yes I do use a bible for research just as I use any resource for examining. However I do not read it with the same interpretations that all the religions do.
    Because their is real universal laws written within, But religious leaders twisted it.
    Or perhsps all I am really seeing is just some good ancient words of pyschological wisdom. Whatever the case I meditate on it and seek for the hidden treasures.
    And just as it has been said they are as precious stones to me.And it is no shock to me anymore how valid and scientific they are once I discover them.

    The Godself is just that. We all have the ability to tune into the universes energy, into the universes harmonics and strick a true note.
    We ourselves are God in Us. The creator is in us.Thats what mind reality is about. We craete everything and evryone around us and every situation.

    Everything here is an manifestation of our own minds. However to be all of who we are and are capable all we need to do is recognize that God part of ourselves and cultivate it.Then act upon it. We have everything we need all we need to do is claim it.Be it !

  115. @connie

    Everyone is respected but not necessarily liked. Ya dig?

  116. @Connie

    Also , "my connection" ? Please elaborate. With what?

  117. @Connie

    I admire your openness amd agree with you as far as the stench of religion. Opposites do , indeed. I just say any "god" anything implies a holding on to of some need to explain the complicated with an uncomplicated hypothesis , with no evidence at all.

    Please define "Godself " as I dont think I understand. Are you saying we are all spiritual gods and are apart of the workings of the universe or are you sayin one with "god"? If so which god are you referring to and how are they the right ones? And also please include sources. I like research.

  118. Erie 666

    I like you to, and I must say that I absolutely never starting living until I was able to cast the religions and yet hold onto to my connection and cultivate it.

    I cannot deny the existance of my Godself the force that moves me and teaches me things and brings me into the most undeniable situations that I could not do by myself without it empowering me.

    I can accept everything is of my own making around me but its only cause whats in me.

    I want you to know it is not my choosing to change anyones thoughts.
    Because I know that changes can only be made around you by whats in you. My goal here is quite selfish. I enjoy my new self so much that I look everywhere I can and meditate all knowledge presented to me so I can see the connections and this is how my consciousness groews.

    I hope I am respected as well as I respect yours. For opposites do attract and I need the pure unemotional views as well as my emotional stance to see the whole of ideas and concepts.

    See many things I have been taught and many times i will see the science in it and then I know I was taught something valid and true.

    Science only backs up what I am taught. Sometimes I do disagree but then it changes again. Hypothesis change as we know.
    Do we have a white flag between us? Are we at truce?

  119. Fantasy is fantasy , should I say. Didnt mean fantasy is blunt. Its fantasy.

  120. @starman

    Rhetorical doesnt work unless you define it as such , on the internet. Be more specific. Thats why I am blunt.

    And fantasy is always that.

  121. @Connie: Fine, you do not have to participate if you do not wish, since the question was directed to those who do know, as Eire has given me his answer to the subject. So there are people who have knowledge even if you and I do not know the answers. I do not know how you can say I am intelligent, since I certainly do not claim it, and probably are the least of these posters here. Like I said I am here to learn. Don't you want to learn?

    @Eireannach666: I was being rhetorical when i said why not time-travel. In answer to your questions below:

    Eire you said, 'You say “robably has been achieved by civilizations far in advance of ourselves,”

    With what proof do you base this on and who are you sources?
    Sounds like too much history channel , to me." '

    So, dear Eireannach666, I was being rhetorical in answer to your question about what proof I have. No proof for or against, but I prefer to hope for it to be true, that time-travel is a definite possibility for the human race.

    You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not? --- George Bernard Shaw

  122. @Connie


  123. @Connie

    Now , I like you . But I must say , dont look to deep into what I say. Im blunt. I believe in no god, no creator , and no UC , ID, etc.. I just agree with the fact that what we dont understand , (not me) tend to try and take some heart to it. There is no universal heart. Only a game of the mind to secure existence and consciousness , which I need not question with god or spirit as there is neither and the fact we are where we are entitles us to be where we are from nothingness and singularity.

  124. Erie 666

    religion has such bad connotations, I would prefere something like "Aware" Or "God Conscious" "enlightened" or

    I am glad you do see a common thread , very, very glad

    I thought you had the heart even though your words were sometimes not so hearty. But thats cause you didnt know what perspective we were coming from. and not the classic relgions of pantheon adopted Romans

  125. @ erie 666

    Thank you Darling!

  126. @Connie

    "some of us feel this energy and personify it."

    Thus religion. You are right.


  127. @ PS HI Skye good to see you again !

  128. @Connie

    Obsessed, kitten.

  129. @starman

    I never said it wasnt possible. Review my posts on this. You again speak before research or knowledge.

    "then the universe is a sad, pathetic place indeed!"

    It is. This is what we have. We are nothing to this universe but a form of "universal waste and bacteria" . Dont think we are anything in our existence.

    You can dream. Oh . yes. But it is nothing more. We are just as much important and have an afterlife , as much as the flu virus.
    As much as a star or a meteor. Star stuff.

  130. spelling ? obssesed ? nead a dic.

  131. @ Starman

    Your getting on my nerves too ! we dont know the answers so why are you asking questions over and over.

    Go back and read all your posts and listen to yourself

    Yes you may be intelligent im sure but you are also acting obcessed

  132. Why not time-travel? If we are the only intelligence capable of such achieving advanced technology, then the universe is a sad, pathetic place indeed! Like I said, based on the UFOs seen in our skies it seems there might be a species that could teach us a thing or two about such things. Even if I am wrong, I can dream of better things can't I,huh, Eire? First comes science-fiction, then once it achieved they drop the fiction part. Certainly it is helpful to consider the possibility in order to conceive of the day when we can reach the stars, both past present and future. Then maybe you can answer what came before the big bang, right before you get pulled into the singularity they think might have existed there!

  133. This is going a bit fast for me I will have to catch up with your comments , but while i remember what I also wanted to say was that The only difference between the God/universes Consciousness and science is that some of Us are left brains and others right brained

    some of us feel this energy and personify it.I think the right brained people need to explain it to understand it under a microscope for proof.
    But unfortunatly when playing with right brained people we cannot show their kinda proof.

    Our proof is in the daily walk and the things we hear and see and experience as we draw nearer and listen closer to what it tells us. Only those around us and know us can experience the wonders.

    But we are in the know to know what we know and know science has many understandings as we tie them together.

    Remember the comment I made about a flower. I was given the science of its growth. But I saw it with spiritual eyes. I saw it stretching forth and reaching .. This was enlightenment to me to see how I felt it and personified it and i had a tone of poetic view as I described it with personified attributes, And you explained it in a physical non personified but typical scientific point of view.

    We both are talikg about the same thing yet we have a different point of view.

  134. @SH

    Violation of others? Well since you use some bi words you must be right.

    You are the one who plays both sides , thus in violation of keeping it real with yourself or others. You pick sides according to number od members..Ehh , shame. I saw some of your posts and wish you used your intelligence for the good and not for the band-wagon BS.

  135. @Connie

    Yum , Yum! I like them straight.

  136. @starman

    What do you think you are? A psychologist?

    You analyze too much.

    It is infinite because if there were no infinitecy than there would be no room to learn or progress.

    Thus religion.

    You say "robably has been achieved by civilizations far in advance of ourselves,"

    With what proof do you base this on and who are you sources?
    Sounds like too much history channel , to me.

  137. @SH
    Science and god are like a dog and a cat Fing , no spawn resulting.

  138. @Eireannach666:

    Forget I asked you, but I'd like an answer that breaks it down a little better for me, with with bringing God or religion into this to paralyze the discussion. BTW, I like you Eire, you have a lot of fight in you. I respect that. SO why are you speaking so harshly to those of us who just want hear what others have to say. I do not understand your logic about the energy being infinite until proven otherwise. That seems a serious statement to make. If it were made by anyone else it would would jumped all over, so calm down and lets not lose it over a few misspent words. Just try to stay on topic and keep your other opinions posted to the proper forums. Is that too much to ask for the rest of us here? Eire, I hope you have a good night. You will be a good person to debate with if I knew enough about the subject.
    I think time-travel is proven as we do it every day moving forward into our futures. The backward time-travel seems full of conundrums, and as Kip Thorne said, we are as far from it as an amobea is from space-travel. So as Arthur C. Clarke once stated in his three laws:
    1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is probably wrong.
    2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
    3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

    So, I would not believe that time-travel is impossible, and probably has been achieved by civilizations far in advance of ourselves, but if not we can always dream of greater things!

    @Connie, If I knew the answers I would not have asked the questions, but surely there are wise people here that can debate these subject far better than me.

  139. We are not against god we are against the stupidity there for and the representation of it to explain our universe. Its cra*.

  140. Wow, Connie, you really nailed it! Yep, science/nature/energy/spirit/consciousness exists! :) And yeh, it's all part of science. They'll see someday. :)

  141. @SH

    Here we go ,you assume I bash you because the shoe fits. If it doesnt , than my bad. Why do you say use god to relate? Because all the "godly" would say you use his name in vain. No?

    And UC.? Well i say no , but it is your right to see it as such. Riddle me this , What does UC have to do with time travel and how does it apply to our dimensional delusion?

    Bully? Ha! Who is it that comes to a party wearing stripes of another breed? Maybe you?

  142. It is the same that leads us too

  143. @ Skye -Hook

    You leaked out what I was looking for time to write about. Yes, The same God they are against is the same God that you and I recognize as the creational energies of the universe. It is what we cannot explain in the physical world because it is an energy a Spirit.

    They seem to only understand the religious concept of God and do not understand that science and the Consciousness of God is the same entity the same force that holds the planets in the sky.It is the consciouness of the cosmos and the same that leads a duck to water and leads them south and North in seasons. Its the same as the tides come in and out upon the shores.

  144. Erie 666

    ooh scratch behind my ear would you ? Are my stripes straight? hmmmm my coat is shiny and soft.

  145. @eireannach666- I use the word "God" only to relate to others, I call it Universe Consciousness/Awareness to myself. The "God" of churchys is different. I do NOT have say yes or no to you, you big bully! If 1 is potatoes, 1 is onions, & 1 is carrots, I don't have to say carrots or potatoes. I can say onions if I dang well want. You offended me in another videos comments here too, with the same thing. I answered you there too. You are not the BIG CHEESE. Have respect for others or we certainly will not respect you. I can say anything decent here that doesn't violate others, that I want to say, & so can other people. You are in violation of others. As you said to starman above, I say to you- Don't answer me or speak AT me or about me. I won't answer you anymore anyway, & I won't read your comments about anything in future, so as not to be angry at you.

  146. *than

  147. You too , speak more tan read.

  148. @starman

    Alot of the answers you seek are above comments.

    And alot of those you seek are not there. Lets see your side , is time travel possible? And if so how and if not why.

  149. @Connie

    "Instead of asking questions I would just disscuss the evidence in the docs. or post opinions.

    How can one expect to get answers for subjects that do not have the answers to. Its only a set up to ask questions"

    Yup, you called it , my little tigeras. Meow..

  150. @starman

    I gave you an answer to something but you keep blasting me.

    Wow , you are hard core , not.

    You dont have any input as to the theory of time travel.
    Im not angry with you but you seem to want to argue and disregard any point given to you or fact. You and the other theists just want to ask a question to which you blame on god , and see what is said bt the anti-theist , in order to play word games. I t all goes back to your fixation that you are right.

    This IS a science doc , as you said , and why bring religion to it? I dont know , because all the religees decide to.

    There can be a weeks discussion going on here about science and , woe and behold , never fails , here come some god , humpers to distort the conversation. And rehash this issue.

    Tell me what it is you want to know , you will never agree because it doesnt go along with you ID beliefs. Just like the others.

  151. @ starman what i dont understand is why anyone asks any questions here.

    No one has the answers to subjects in these Documenterys otherwise the Doumenterys them selves would have the answers.

    Instead of asking questions I would just disscuss the evidence in the docs. or post opinions.

    How can one expect to get answers for subjects that do not have the answers to. Its only a set up to ask questions
    for this seems to me of being a playground where all those who have answers can debate their hunches. anything else is in vain.

  152. Who is this foe of which you speak? BTW, I do not know anymore, and probably a lot less, than anyone else here, which is why I asked a serious question. To learn. Is asking a serious question and trying to stay on topic, because there are other people here in interested in learning just like me considered presumptuously running my mouth? I suppose I just do not know anything about this website at all. No need to be angry with me for striving to stay focused on the topic at hand. And if I had all the answers I would be teaching and not asking questions here only to be harassed needlessly for my efforts. I am strictly business here. what has Bible bashing got to do with this thread? It is distracting to the topic at hand, that is all I am saying, for you have the right to say anything you want, but it is not on topic here IMO.

  153. Where in the world is Randy Santiago? lol

  154. Erie 666

    Your so cute when ytour angry.

  155. Good night guys I'm going to watch exreme universe so I can argue with my own consciousness.

  156. @Connie

    Im sorry , kitten,


  157. @Connie

    Why pick up the logically dead?

  158. ERIE 666

    Oh please stop your getting me excited ;-)

  159. @Connie

    Well , I guess you are assumptions as well. You should know that I hate to argue but argue to hate. Ill debate something but if you start sh** than be ready to eat some.


  160. @starman

    Dude I wasnt talking about this one , I have cable.

    And second, again , I wasnt even talking to you on my bible bashing. Quit defending your boyfriends.

    I think we dont know what happened before the BB but we have a grasp on what it took.

    So , I guess you know what happened. Please elaborat because I dont , and neither do physicists. In fact , there is a man that said."If you think you know quantum , you dont know quantum.

    You say."Now how can I know what you know or do not know? That seems a funny question to ask me here. "

    Exactly . you dont ,so dont run your mouth presumptuously , as you dont know your foe. And you dont really know quantum.

    Research , my friend.

  161. @ Erie 666

    I know what you need and why you are using aggression. but for Petes sake. Go take a cold shower :-)

  162. @Connie:

    Right! Well said.

  163. You Know guys if we all knew what we wanted do you think we would be doing this? I think we are bored.

    And I Think we are wasting precious energy and none of US are gonna get unbored if we don't team up and explore this playground called earth as equal members with equal liberties for personal growth.

    If we use our energies to pick arguments we soon won't have any one to pick up or down

  164. @Eireannach666: Now how can I know what you know or do not know? That seems a funny question to ask me here. I do not know.

  165. @EIRE: The one that came out a day or two ago, Eire? What came before the Big Bang, is that the one you refer to here as the new one? I watched all four so far, that is why I asked a question about it, but I guess it was wrong of me to do so, considering the benevolence you have shown me.

  166. @ starman

    See you do get it. Its exactly all about wormholes :-)

  167. @ Erie 666

    Extreme universe

  168. @eireannach666: I don't have a foe or competitor here, but asked a serious question, based on the documentary at hand. So why do you want to provoke a fight about religion here? Again, I thought this was about wormholes and time-travel...Why are you so threatened? Only you can put you in a bad light.

  169. @ starman

    Hi Sounds like you watched a good doc.

  170. @Connie kitten

    Which one? Here on TDF, Id hope?

  171. @starman

    I dont do analysis. Thats you psych boy.Im merely pointing something out.

    Answer the question.

  172. Erie 666

    I'm beat its been a long day. I want to watch the new Doc. before I do some rems Did you watch it?

  173. @Eireannach666"

    Thanks for the analysis. I will keep that in mind.

  174. @starman

    Oh and nice way to take a quote and use it to discredit or undermine your competitor. Really 5th grade.

    You want to tell me what it is you know that I dont?

    You must have not researched your foe before you spoke or acted?

    Hmm, Maybe you shouldve.

  175. @Connie

    Indeed I see your thought , but I horn and claw the same.

  176. @starman

    This on IS to you though. Since you seem to be so anxious.

    "s not there a finite amount of matter and energy to go around,"

    No! it is infinite! all is infinite until it is proven otherwise. The universe will go as it does to infinite. And the world as we know it until its star kills it. Long after us or our decedents.

    Remember M-theory. , and B-theory. Its got more proof than your idea.

    What was that again? Theo-science?


  177. A typical that you should embody and embellish the horns.
    No doubt you are also clawing. :-)

  178. Hey Connie!

    This cat likes!

    *claws and horns!

  179. @starman

    Why do you proceed on trying to make me seem a bad light? Why do you try to make seem the ones that are against you to be off topic or bad?

    Time travel is possible in many ways but you god has no place in this,

    I thought I told you somewhere else that what I say has nothing to do with you? And the other guy that was co-signing for you.

    All I say goes to the people that know ,already, my outlook. I think you are itching for a fight again, religee.

    Really? I wasnt directing anything at yourself .

    Dont comment towards , or about me.

  180. What foolish folly with such feeble attempts,
    to Squash the Son that God has sent.
    While all the while he does cast stones,
    And pointing fingers at the unknown.
    While in his misery that's plain and clear
    he points st one so very near.
    Not till, he be at rest, then he know it was he at best.
    Sorrow befall the man of stone ,
    whom search for answers and never know
    What he claimed he knew, He had never known,
    For God is Consciousness, he should have known
    But too busy at casting stones
    and forcing beliefs on travelers unknown.
    Ranting and ravings cause he knows it all
    surely this man will take a great fall.
    Science is proof of the physical law
    But only the Spirit knows the conscious of all

    By connie july 16th 2010

  181. @Vlatko

    Off-topic on your last post from Eireannach666? I thought this was the comment section for time-travel and wormholes documentary series. Nice poetry! Still no answer for the question I asked above about parallel universes, huh, but crucifixion poetry we got that here? Well done. Good job.

  182. Impale the body,Scars of his flesh. Hung up to die on the crucifixion. Bleeding to breathe,cursing at god.

    The glory resurrection; live in wounds of recollection,
    Who take his will unreasoned, naivete inside soul defeated?
    Lascivious redemption, justify thy vile absence,
    Propagate his aggression as you use his words as weapons.
    Lies now have you lost, the worthless cause of the crucifixion.

    The sanctity, to hang and bleed, and in the form of a human cross,blind by prophecy, his bible fiend, a bloody sword of his fantasy.Tried for heresy, and sacrilege, to bare the scars of the crucifix.

    You walk alone with Jesus, in a world of non-believers,
    Humiliated savior, Is thy son of heavens failure,
    For ever left undone, on the cross for everyone,
    His words of god unheard, he is dead and not concerned.

    God fatality, the life recedes on the cross of his sign,
    Finality, in search of peace, to beg and plead for the end that will be,
    The light descends, when suffering, impaled again for your blasphemous lies.
    Resented death, his sins confessed, accept the scars of the crucifix.
    Sad in your sorrow,Withered within.Stand in the shadow of all of our sins. You are the son. Choke on his blood.

    ~Glen Benton

  183. Ive saw you do both skye. Where do you stand really? Switzerland status doesnt count. Pick one , please.

  184. @Sky
    "I’d LOVE to know what humans will be like in 1000 years! Evolution is still happening!

    So what do you really say . god or no. And all I say is for you to say yes or no. Im just wondering. You seem to try and have it both ways.

  185. UH OH SKYE

    You done did it now, get behind the fort and prepare for battle. Gather the ammo cause the Frankensteins are coming ;-)

  186. sorry about the typos I woke up in pain and swollen need time to wake up

  187. @ Skyehook

    I'll protect you behind my anti-scientic Papacy Shield.
    anyone says a derogatory word and I will curse thee.
    MAy your tongues fall upon fly stickum and never return to the roof of opnes mouth without attatching itself with fly larve eggs. And may one be constipated for eternal and fed 12 times a day.

  188. I have serious question that I do not have the answer to about parallel universes being created, which I cannot recall for sure, but seem to think on one of the docs here it was mentioned. The question about that, if indeed it is part of a theory perhaps related to time travel, as I said I can't recall, is where does all of the energy come from to create the matter and support that new universe. Is not there a finite amount of matter and energy to go around, like is stated in the convservation laws? Or else how does a new or parallel universe spring forth, I mean what drives it, or is everything borrowed from our reality here? It is very confusing to me so I would like some of these experts who talk about the videos being "basic" to explain it all in detail I can be clear headed about it. Thanks in advance for the time and space and energy needed to post this Q & A. ;)

  189. I accidently posted the above on 1 of the other docs comments, the creation doc above, 1 of the 3. lol. Durrrr me.

  190. #
    Skye-hook07/14/2010 at 10:08

    @Connie- to try to briefly answer a bit of your wonderings- Start at the beginning. In the beginning was the “word”, & the word was with “God” & the “word” was “God”. Word=sound=vibration makes sound, but only if it has something to affect, even air. Then there was nothing, except a vibration. The Void became aware of itself, causing a vibration in the nothingness.
    * The hairs on your head could easily be counted by the Soul of the universe, (Consciousness of the Universe), because those hairs, and you, & I & all in creation are part of what that original vibration evolved into, and is still being & experiencing. Everything that IS is a tiny cell in the whole of all that is, in the soul of the universe. Consciousness & energy in it’s many forms. And it’s possible I’m wrong, BUT consider that God-days are universe days, not earth days or 1000 years of earth days. The soul of the universe took a long time to evolve into all that now is. This physical universe we know about is about 13.7 billion light-years old. (See wikipedia) Divide that by 6+ to see how long “God’s day” probably is, as this is still being the 7th day, right? “God” doesn’t live only on Earth, right? Unless there’s a different “God” for each speck in the sky. I doubt you think that. BTW, “in his image”= soul/mind/emotion. “God” has no body except all that is physical(yeh, giggle), & that’s kinda a lot for us to look like. lol:)”God” is consciousness/awareness + all that now exists. All that is physical is energy/light fractals. Some of it has life & consciousness. There is “god” consciousness in all the space between every atom or “thing” that exists. Universal Consciousness is aware of everything because it is BEING everything. I wonder what will happen when the 7th day is over. ?? What do you think?

  191. I'd LOVE to know what humans will be like in 1000 years! Evolution is still happening!

  192. @Connie- from a thing you said above, I'd say sounds like you are experiencing your channel being more open, & your subconscious, which knows a LOT more than conscious mind, is telling you these things. Never under-estimate the power & intelligence of your own subconscious! I assume you know that if you think it's not you, you may allow something in that you don't want in. So use caution. How do I know? I have it too. All my life. I'm 60 now, so have learned a lot. Had to. BTW, I am female. Some think my name sounds male, but I don't see why. Sure glad you could tell that about chair/dog! I WISH I could go back mentally & scream at myself when my young dog a year ago ate a chunk of mud with anti-freeze in it. I didn't realize what had caused it for days. It killed him, but before it got that far, we had to have him euthenized. 1 of worst moments of my life. Yeh, I've tried to tell me then. Maybe in another dimension it got through to me & didn't happen, but in this 1 it still happened. I still have his brother. Papillon-Pom. Wonderful dogs. :)
    @starman- Your question far above- yes, if a 10 year journet at just below the speed of light finally got back in 1000 years, the truth is that they also would arrive back at the point Earth was in 1000 yrs ago, not now. And of course everything would be extremely different. If it were you, how would you react? I'm sure they'd think of that even before they left. And the other person above is also right, that they sure wouldn't want to be telling a bunch of people and end up being held by some government who would be at them night & day for all the info they could get, & they'd never be set free if the whole Earth didn't know about time travel yet by then. Maybe it's already happened. Would our government or any other tell us all? Heck no. It might get in the Enquirer. Not what anyone would wanna be in. My idea is also that 1000 years is a lot of time fro human evolution, they might be less intelligent than what they got back to, and even look different. Hope they take gold bars with them, as $ will be very different. Gold may even be worthless by then.
    A couple days ago I said it always seems to me that if time slows for those in the vehicle the faster ir goes, & slows more the closer they get to the speed of light, then if they did manage to go as fast as light-speed, maybe they couldn't be seen anymore, but if time was slowing down more & more for them as they approached light-speed, then could they not hit 1st the absence of time, & then if 1 bit faster, start going back in time? Time was going slower the faster they moved, so.. But HM said that was bunk, simply becauseit can't be right that if your vehicle were breaking down & you hit faster than speed of light, that would mean your vehicle would fix itself so it can't happen. That makes no sense to me. Of course it could change backward. And I daresay it would be a different dimension. It's possible it could even kill you at light-speed, but that isn't to say you couldn't die in this dimension & go back in time in that 1. And I'm just saying it's possible maybe. I don't believe it's IMpossible til someone can tell me why without being cranky & explain it in a rational way that makes sense. If the time travelers can stay only 10 yrs older in 1000 years, then yes, it does so affect them, not just a clock at a distance! The doc here tells us that about aging. Personally, I wouldn't want to go back except mentally.
    There's a theory online somewhere that if you went back in time, you'd have to change things that happened even in 3 or 4 if you want to go back even 3-4 minutes, "because" they could hold you back. Like destroying a note someone wrote etc. No. That's just silly. You could let the now & all the history since then stay the same. You could probably go back & shake hands with yourself, if you didn't mind scaring yourself. lol Unless you warned yourself mentally beforehand, which I think you could. IF you were capable of it by then. But this is all just fun speculation, & it is fun. I don't care if it's wrong, if it is, it is. Then I'd like to know why it's wrong, & what is true. More fun.

  193. EUREKA !!!!!

    I broke thru ! Victory over Cause and Effect I found the cause of why I am bombarded wirh night bugs. Yes , I have been bombarded with an over abundance of bugs coming in at night.

    I could not get the air conditioner sealed off well enough.
    But with perseverance I now enjoy the fruits of my studies.

    It wasn't the cracks around the air conditioner after all. It was the window next to it being open.

    Isn't that wonderful? I bet now I can save on energy seeing that I have had two air condtioners running full blast day and night.GRRRR

  194. double negative blooper didnt not?????? LAMS=laughing+ at+ +my +self

  195. Ps did I mention those 300 papers are at mailboxes on long country roads? GRRRRR

    I went thru 90.00 in gas so far. I hope the car has been quenched of its thirst. My car will be the first car in history to join the AA after I retire from the paper business.I didnt not say AAA

  196. @ eireannach6660

    This is excellant, expressing yourself and viewpoint,( that is)
    You have no idea how much I would Love to sit down and put my quill marks upon these pages.

    Your point of view has opened a wide window into the clashes of perspectives. Enough so that I can actually see a melding of the two. A kind of melding that is required of poitives and negatives to attract and become one.
    For surely this is a case of male and female union.

    However, I am swamped with work still and cannot allow my self the indulgence.
    Please stand by and give me a couple days to catch up. I will try to make notes on some of my thoughts and get them back to you ASAP.

    I hope you have enjoyed your day and can get a good grade :-)

    Our Engineering business is coming back into swing and I need to let the temperary newspaper job help someone else now. grrr.. I have 300 papers left to deliver.

    later . SAy hi to the gang for me :-)

  197. not as in philosophy feeds astrology

  198. If philosophy bakes no bread than astrology starves to death.

  199. flowers dont know their seasons to bloom, they bloom according to how the seasons are effecting them.

    the moon effects our tides but the moon and the sun would be the only things that could effect us by the force of gravity and those are SO tiny they dont matter and they are not the focus in any astrology...granted they are in it but scientifically speaking they should be the main focus.

    i also believed in the personality traits thing but i put myself to the test having all the descriptions of each one in front of my untitled and could never pick the right one although i had been raised amongst this type of stuff.

    i believe it is more of a self fulfilling prophecy. people are told their whole lives this is what they are and how they should act so they behave that way. its that simple and happens in many different instances.


    Thank You

  201. Starman,

    Hang in there till I get back, I am working but stopped in to ck my email. I also work for my fiance via internet He is a Civil Engineer in Ca I am in Ny at this time.

    I need to finish my errands out of the house and will return in about 5 hrs I guess. Your postings are not showing up on the site.

    I like your idea about the kids book, I agree I think they will like it. How about we study thje subject and start writing?

    If you have a staring point go for it.

    My email is cryingkate1 no spaces

    Starman I was the girl you are referring to. And I am pretty 99% sure that no one was making fun of you honestly. Its easy to read a different tone in when emailing.

    You might be right what you said but this time I dont think so.
    You see I was saying things that the majority do not believe in and when you used the scenario of Atlantis and things of nature that are not proven we all thought you were adding to the teasing of me. In a joking way. At first
    But when we found out you were serious then we tried to answer you but we don't really have answers for your Question. After all theres no proof anyone has done it.
    I was not any kinder than anyone else, I trully am sorry but I thooght you were teasing me at first But I did not mind.

    And when Achem came in he thought we were argueing again and he come to rescue anyone that might be getting pounced on..

    I wish I could stay until you feel comfortable. But I must go for now. HAve a great day!
    You might be right on occasion. Well hope this posts

  202. Yes, Good Night everyone I too must go finish my route.
    Ps do you agree the moons tides affect people?

    I would guess its about the same thing.

    Like when each different flower knows its season to bloom.

    I suppose its in the DnA of the universe( poetically speaking )of coarse

  203. Im , out for now. Gotta make some money.

  204. We all do it. (typos)

  205. @Connie

    Well to each his/her own. I find it quite superstitious and vague. Reminds me of cold reading. Speaking in Generalizations can usually apply to 90% of the population. And really thats all astrology is.

    Like Epicurus said , what is effecting us then? And How?

    I say it not and cant.

    As for reason or proof , well there is tons against and only generalizations for.

    Yes indeed , Its is , I clean up pretty nice , I must say.

  206. eireannach666
    Sorry about so many typos. I find it hard to read the small print

  207. eireannach666
    Thanks for heads up !
    And just for the record I am not a serious astrology student. Its just for fun. but it doesn't mean I disagree at all about personality traits associated with the signs.
    The kettle is black.
    However,I was serious about reading how religion has the same stories that seem to be copied from Astrology and stories about the heavens.

    At this time I am on the fence for many issues. Until I can reason and see proof. I can only explore.

    Its your Mane combed now?

  208. @Connie

    Watch Enemies of Reason here on TDF. You will see where alot of us stand on the astrology thing.

  209. @Connie

    The first man to make a tool or fire or which ever was the first scientist/s

  210. @Connie

    Im grooming. Im staying out of the Astrology as I am with Epicurus on that one. I dont want to start a war as of yet.

    But I got your back for the most part. Just I draw a fine Atheist and Logical line.

    Nothing against anybody.

  211. Yes ,indeed we should fight so I have an excuse when I runaway with eire666:
    That is if he stands still long enough :-)
    either the cats got his tongue or he is rearranging his beautiful Mane.
    I have to go soon myself
    But seriously though I can get the story rolling if you are interested in writing the childs Science bedtime story. Its really not much different than when religions took and made stories of the Cosmos then made religious stories about them.
    Only this time they are on 101 level. and actually I would like to start myself on that level and try to fit everything in as I learn myself.

    Does anybody know who was the first scientist?

  212. @ Connie:

    If you say so, but you know I do not like to be controlled.
    Should we fight now?
    Just joking, it has been very interesting, thanks.

  213. @ Achems This is true However the Aries in always the one in control and esp.She/ and she knows how to raise and calm the usage of jealousy to enhance a relationship. Which also serves another purpose.
    Controlling emotions is a great past time for the quickly bored Aries

  214. Yes, flirting is human nature. Even though Scorpio's get jealous. (LOL)

  215. @ Starman
    no fair Are you good with Math ?

    As far as the Aries and Scorpio we will never know that's another galaxy away since I am already engaged.But thank the stars we agree flirting in fun is a good thing.

  216. Hi Epicurus You guessed it correctly . spot on ! I did consult my crystal ball ! Its popular name is google search engine. I call it my crystal ball. Because I consult it for everything.

    If you consult my crystal ball on Astrology you would get all your answers, better than I can give.

    You would of had to read the previous remarks then one would know we were disscussing Aries and Scorpio.

    Pleased to meet you, Whats on your mind tonight?

  217. @Connie: My take on it? Well, good luck with the math on that situation with Achem. Aries vs. Scorpio, hmm, how would you calculate the odds on that one?

    Very interesting...Since everybody seems to be getting along I will say no more. The truth speaks for itself.

  218. astrology eh....maybe next we can discuss some alchemy and then after that we can all read each others futures in a crystal ball or with tarot cards.

    why would the planets positions have any effect on someone at birth and what force is it that is effecting us?

    if someone listed the horoscope personality traits without listing the names of each horoscope you would think you were everyone.

  219. Where is everyone ? refresh your pages LOL don't wait for the email alert.



    Whats your take on this ?

  220. OPPS I meant LEO or SAgittarius but come to find out Pieces are similarly axled and have the same excelleration

  221. @ ACHEMS
    SO Let it be written so let it be done!

  222. I will take a guess that eireannach666 is a LEo or a pieces

  223. @ Connie:

    Are you trying to make me a believer in astrology, had an Aries girl friend once, and everything you say fits to a tee. The only thing that kept us together was the wild sex. (LOL)

  224. Oh How sad !

    Scorpio sign compatibility with Aries
    Scorpio and Aries: Water and Fire? It's difficult to reach a compromise, but once you both have figured it out, the relationship stands a good chance to last.

    It is worth mentioning that you are excellent business partners, even if you sometimes collide, emotionally speaking. Aries is the initiator, the one inspiring great deeds, coming up with bright ideas. It is the practice that gives Aries a hard time. And this is where Scorpio comes along, bringing sustainability.

    Aries is the sign that governs the brain so (s)he is very open-minded to new ideas and (s)he knows how to show credit to the others, so (s)he'll listen to your ideas and suggestions very carefully, trying to do something with them.

    The physical attraction between you two is very strong at the beginning: it was probably love at first sight. The passion will be big on the first days: generally, Water and Fire attract each other, being complementary. Each of them has what the other lacks, each of them completes the other.

    The problems appear when you start talking about a long-term relationship because Water tends to put out the Fire (to bore or annoy him/her), and Fire tends, by its own energy, to consume the energy around, namely to evaporate Water (to exhaust you physically and spiritually).

  225. PORN IS GOOD ! WE must keep it true as can be The Naked truth about the nAked Stars.

  226. HOLY CATS THEY GOT US DOWN TO A SCIENCE (ACHEMS)There's something wild and sexy about these two signs together, but passions fizzle when the real work of relating starts. Both have high libidos, and bring a rough urgency to the bedroom. But fairly soon, there will be hints of a struggle for dominance. Aries needs to be the leader, but Scorpio is petrified of being controlled, and will resist the Ram's bossy behavior. Aries blurts things out, while Scorpio keeps everything on the down low. Aries may start to think Scorpio too secretive, and Scorpio will resent the persistent prying.

    In relationship, Scorpio starts to be suspicous of Aries loyalty for the long haul, and sometimes rightly so. The flirty nature of Aries ignites the intensely jealous Scorpio, who reacts with retaliatory stings. Always primed for battle, Aries escalates the situation until smoke is coming out of both their ears. These two are like characters in a romantic thriller, where the pair rarely ends up living happily ever after. But something keeps them hooked in, even if the relationship goes south. They'll likely always find the other jarring and exciting, which keeps the old flame from ever completely going out.

  227. @ Connie:

    Done! as long as I get credits to! No porn though right? how about a little? just joking.

  228. Wanted a co- writer for creating Cosmic bedtime stories to teach the little ones about science and give them stary eyed dreams to travel thru the black holes of the night.
    any takers?

  229. @ Connie:

    Not that I believe in astrology, but am a Scorpio, I don't know if we are compatible, probably fight like cats and dogs, no? (LOL)

  230. @ ACHEMS
    AGain LMAO
    Connie raises her hand and waves to the teacher shouting "I know who" LOL.

    Yes but some people cant get past the mange to use it ,LOL

    Not lonely just bored out of my skull!
    You should never let an Aries get bored ! never never never!

  231. @ eire666:

    I'm used to taking blasts, probably give more than I take though. to me, taking blasts is like water off a ducks back (LOL) I suppose got climatized. by you know who. (LOL)

    @ Connie: thanks also for your e-mail invite, but it is on the forums correct?
    Don't do the forums, already live in the great white north where the lonely winds blow.

  232. Where are the Cosmic lessons 101 coarses? I need them

  233. @Connie

    Ha! I know that , weirdo. But I like the analogy.

  234. @eireannach666
    for conversation and dialogue not scratching manes ;-)

  235. @ Starman<

    I don't have an answer but what do you think ? follow your instincts and feel your way thru the question.

    I vouch for Achems he is a fair referee :-) and wise too !

    @eireannach666 I gave you my email addy also so I could elaborate without cutting across the grain.GRRR
    its crying kate1 web tv . net

  236. @Achems

    HAHA! Thought you smelled blood , did you?

    Thats funny , we all like a good debate , but lets keep it civil.

    Im guilty of taking sarcasm for rudeness as much as the next guy/girl.

  237. I mis-read you starman , I thought you were trying to convince instead of just throwing out a thought. Im all for free thinking but not the pushing of ridiculous ideas and fantasy.

  238. Well well well , look who came with the insults... You need to be specific if you are just asking as in wanting a real answer or if you are being rhetorical.

    You have to realize not everyone knows what you mean when you leave it open like that.

    Do I know? I know the odds and they say that is absurd. If you burn the nipples off the fact they will tell you anything. Alot of these ideas are pure speculation and taking one fact for and ignoring the overwhelming facts against and running with it.

    Like religion. Except I cant find one fact for it except its about a million places after the decimal possible , and only because we cant prove everything. But the facts against are enormous.


    Hey Connie! WHeres my elaboration!?

  239. What? a war going on already. what gives?

    starman had a good point, even if it was a what if, that is good enough for me,

    And starman, probably take you awhile to know us better, nobody here is giving you any gears, especially eire666, he is a good guy, so bear with us, we are all interested in what you have to say.


  240. @ Eiree: The ten year thousand year question was taken directly from a statement made on the documentary. Is that what you are asking Eiree?

    Hate machine, nihilism, yes, I have seen him in action too. I am saying it would put a different perspective to the UFO phenomenon if some of the recent arrivals in our skies left from here on a journey that by our clocks and calendars was long ago. By UFO I mean the project Blue Book investigated type of UFOs sighted and reported. Whatever you believe of their origin, and the accuracy of the conclusions of the "experts", could time-travel be a part of the story of their arrival in our skies, especially in the mid-20th century? Would this explain the mystery of their purpose?

  241. @ Starman still there?

    I bet Hate MAchine can answer that question.
    Hang in there someone will.

  242. @ Connie: He may be teasing, but he has mean streak too. He was bashing the dickens out of some poor girl the other day, so I already know how he reacts when he can get away with it. They punch and kick you for having an opinion and expressing it, and then say but you have the right to have your own opinion but expect good and bad feedback, and I was not trying to be mean, over and over again. It goes like this: Oooh sorry I said that, (hee, hee, hee) Hope you were not hurt, (oops did AGAIN!!!!) That is the conversation here. Too bad. because the documents are very interesting.

  243. Thanks Connie. I am just offering up this for cannon fodder knowing the kiddies would jump on it. It would however be interesting to know how an advanced civilization traveling at close to the speed of light would react if they came back and found no Earth, or at least one populated by smart alecks and idio*s that have to ridicule others to get attention. It was serious question so just answer it, or admit you do not know the answer. BTW, thank you Connie for being kind.

  244. @Starman Im only teasing and Im sure Eireannach666 is too I had him going yesterday I thought you were teasing back. sorry, Any question is a good question

  245. @ Eireannach666: What do you mean by no evidence conspiracy theory? Here it comes? Where is it? Are you bringing it here? Who brought up that topic? I asked questions, and did not make a statement, so do you know the difference you smart alleck? Are you even real or do always respond to questions with sarcasm. The internet is full of that kind of response. So answer the questions or do you have clue, they were hypothetical scenarios, but I did not think I had to say that?

  246. Hi starman,

    Here's is my 2 cents .. If Edgar Cayce was right and Atlantis was really the first GArden of Eden and since the Garden in Eden was placed by God then They say 1000 yrs to US is one day to God Then I guess the answer is yes. :-)

    But Im not good enough in math to calculate in the ten yrs.
    BUt that depends on if the fairy Godmother returns with them right?

  247. Uh oh , here comes the no evidence conspiracy theory.

    Beware starman , tread lightly. Its going to be fun to see who jumps on this.

    What kind of evidence do you have to support a statement such as that one?

    UFO's we see? What do you mean. Thats hilarious dude.

  248. Well, maybe a longer journey that would have them leaving the Earth at say the time of the rise of Atlantis?

  249. The documentary said that those leaving on a ten year journey at near the speed of light, would return to Earth a thousand years into the the Earth's future. Does this mean that UFOs that are arriving at the Earth could have left on a ten year journey 1000 Earth years ago, and come back to find the advanced civilization they originated from long gone?

  250. @Connie

    I thought you were going to elaborate a little?

  251. @Achems Razor
    Would love to hear all your different Quest.
    I am a Jill of all trades and master to none.

    You may call me Kitty if you wish , However My Nic Name is Cryingkate but my Title these last three years have been Queen and the Maiden.

    I am also the Maiden in the trilogy Gary and I are writing and as you can guess he is Sir Knight Jonathon

    We probably shouldnt use this site for chit chat though.I see they gave me an email here on this site listed under Guess who? Connie :-)

  252. @ Kitty Kat: or I should say Connie.

    Yes Garage sale was good, love wheeling and dealing, probably because of my days as a car salesman par excellance! for ten years. Did that among many other things, don't want to go into all my list of achievements, (LOL)

    I think @ H.M. takes a day off on Sunday's from these blogs.
    But he'll be Baaaack!


  253. I am glad he is too. Cause when I get enough solid meat to chew , then I know who might have the answera to help me digest it. And in the meantime I can teach him patience.

    Ok Chase is on!

  254. @Connie

    LOL. I see. Then let the chase begin!

  255. @Connie

    Ok I thought you were implying I was setting you up in which case I would say , ehh maybe? Ha! But I understand what you are saying now.

    HM is just that, but he is of high caliber in his knowledge.

  256. @eireannach666 Besides you are the type that enjoys the chase. SOOO I'll make you wait for your answers :-)

  257. LMAO

  258. @Achems Razor
    Wow ! Wait till I tell Gary of the Chilvery here. He won't believe it. :-)
    You are very Sweet and Skye too, I got a feeling under that Lion's mane of eireannach666
    I'm well protected.
    I like being the Maiden though So I'll enjoy having crusaders on my side though If i should need back up.;-) Actually though I think you are right about Hate Machine I probably just rubbed him the wrong way.
    He might be trying to figure something out and busy working his brain and I come in Skipping and playing hopscotch as I dance my way thru these hypothesis. PS Hows your yard sale any $$$$$$


    by loaded I meant alot of info I would need to relay to explain in more detail and I eneded up playing hooky yesterday and did not deliver my weekend papers and i have 9 more bundles to wrap then deliver them. As long as I get them out before Monday morning I am ok. but I need to finish cause it takes about 12 hrs or so to deliver

  259. Yeah , maybe. She is a feisty one ,indeed and very firm in her
    beliefs as far as I can tell.

    Oh yes she is already showing her teeth.

    ;-) You know Im just poking at you. I mean no harm.

  260. Should have said, think Hate Machine is the one needing protection,
    Claws you say?

  261. @Achems

    HA! HA!

    HM is alright , I dont see him being too rough with miss kitty but I think she likes to play with her claws so she might be ok , I think!

  262. @Connie

    Loaded , how? I am just curious.

    You are free to believe as you shall choose.


  263. Agree with eire: on this, pretty interesting stuff, am not ignoring you, Connie, just following the thread, waiting for Hate machine to come on and and see if you need any protection by eire and me, (LOL) but I doubt it, think you could handle it with ease.

  264. eireannach666

    Thats a loaded question for I have been walking around trying to figure where to start.Theres not enough time today to elaborate. Or to explain where it comes from. I have my beliefs but thats it. I have the product but no receipt.

    Yeah Claws and if I need to I can bite :-)

  265. @Connie

    Wow , I have to say that is pretty far out there! And by told , what do you mean?Please elaborate further. ANd who is it that tells?

    Claws huh? Yum ,Yum.

  266. I'm Growling at anything in my path............

    As far as proof, sorry I can't prove it in some senses. But If you were around me all the time and see what happens you too would probably believe.

    Since Gary and I got together strange things happen more than usual.'Actually he started it in full force. I was given freedom to follow my instincts at all times and now He doesn't make a move one way or another unless it goes with what I feel. That is if I am told something we now listen.

    He can't even break a rocking chair rung without me knowing it. LOL I walked by the rocking chair busy on my way with other things I was doing and was told to ck for a broken rung, When I questioned it, I was told because the dog can poke his eyes out. So I did and sure enough there was a broken rung. I asked Gary if he broke the rocking chair.

    He was dazed and said yes yesterday I did it . He had picked it up by the rungs and one snapped. He said I was gonna fix it.. I said thats not the point. The point is I was told to look.

    Weird and so, many things like this . And things I've always felt and knew all my life Are coming to find out be just as real. I have no doubt anymore about things. If I know I know , Then I can have confidence that I know.
    I can tell the difference now between when I am told something or when I am trying to think of something on my own.
    I dont try to create it I just listen to when I'm told.

    Since I was very young I have had people around me that you wouldn't see. Now I believe what I see.

    Well hi ho hi ho its to the farm I go!

    Hey I can't be totally cracked at least I can still giggle at my self. But to you eireannach666 I will growl and project my claws all the way LOL

  267. *maybe

  268. Well it is not and matbe never will be since it is impossible to test these theories. Alot of Quantum anything is about calculating probabilities. Hence really only coming to a logical conclusion based on what we can prove.

    If you have such proof I would be happy to take a gander at it , though.

    Are you growling at me? Ha! I like that , you know. I play rough.

  269. I must not be listening close enough.

    Calgon take me away !

  270. eire

    What do you mean its not proven yet ? For real? GRRRRRRRRR

  271. Remember , Multi-Universe theory/string etc are not proven yet.
    Maybe not so fast on accepting these theories as fact just yet?

    Well at least you are making the best of it.

  272. Its Ok, And glad for your feed back, However Science is sjust catching up with me.
    For I have always known of parrellel universes, just didnt call them that. And other things.

    Now you can really throw the Key away LOL. Truth is I have always been able to see hear and feel things.

    I finally met someone like me and I miss him .We are seperated for a month or two as he gets re-established at his work. WE dont get to talk about things now and i am glad in a one way, because I can catch up on whats happening in the Physics world and get to meet others who are also thinkers. Like yourselves. :-)

    I did get to watch a mess of Documenterys this weekend. OH my goodness what a treat. and so much to learn.

  273. It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.
    ~Carl Sagan

  274. @Connie
    "Norman Mythology symbols were all there."

    I traced mine back to Strongbow arriving in Ireland!

    Now I will say this , ALL beliefs in supernatural anything , including religion of any kind or any kind of concept of intervention by space cousins is absurd to me.

    The odds of this are extremely large in ratio to not. Its about as much as finding a fairy or a leprechaun with gold at the end of the rainbow.

    Plus you can take almost anything written in the distant past and beat it until it tells you what you want. Remember alot of people have researched the same stuff as you but drew a totally different conclusion.

    I think basing our beliefs on actual proven and tested facts are the way to go... But hey to each his/her own.
    Not to be mean. Dont take me as being disrespectful



    Well , it is ok. But when throwing it or anything out there one must be ready for possitive and negative responses.

    But I pretty much agree with you.

  275. @ eireannach666

    I agree that our ancestors where able to figure out what they did from simple observation. Once you see an explanation for how they did it you think, " Wow, that was smart but not impossible." Once you make a model it is all pretty obviouse, well not obviouse but within the human ability to grasp any way. I think attributing thier accomplishments to Aliens is a real strech to say the least, not to mention some what insulting to thier memories. Doesn't hurt to throw it out thier in discussion though, I suppose. I certainly am not trying to police anyones comments.

  276. Ps there is just so much more. Like Victor Blanchard and the whole French connection going back to the Mediteranian.

    Did you know it was The French Masons that Benjamin Franklin got the money from for support.

    How much science does our govt really tell us and what do they allow to be told? I wonder?

  277. eireannach666 :-)

    However, Its not the documenary's I get my resources from
    It is supposedly actual documentations from clay talets and Ancient writings and very old books.

    Most of the documenterys I find about it don't seem to be reliable sources.

    I like to read from the actual documents That habit was formed in me when I strted my geneology in 1999 When I came to the part of 1066 I had met My fiance who was writing a book about the crusades and we joined forces Just afterwards my Cousin who is quite involved and well documented had added us as direct decendants to Matilda of Flanders and William the Conquerer thru Our Dumas connection and from there the doors flung open and I followed our family heritage back to the Mediteranian ,( here I couldn't keep any actual family members but more as in my people as a group to Akadia Keep in mind The Spiritual nature we were following also and they all drove my studies to the Ancient Egyptians also knowmn today as the Alluminati this is real stuff personal history and not something I read or was told. This is the bread crumb trail I followed.
    No joke that I have tons of names that were all connected and to this day most alive are still masons or associations branched off.
    There are real things here going on. And I Just want to know what they knew.
    For the record I dont know how I relate but my cousin is a third cousin of George Bush Jr.

    What started my bread trail was crumbs of symbols well before I read a word about them. Honestly I found them first with my own eyes then I found stuff on net that backs me up.

    The - La fleur (the fool) (The Joker) and its other Norman Mythology symbols were all there.

    WHen Razzily was assigned as leader at Port Royal I believe it was and he set the LIly and the flag It is all there.

    How does this apply? cause it goes back to Dooms day book which was also a repetition of the Ancient past the book of life and then goes back to the SUn Worshipping gods. But there is where I want to know, Where did they come from ?

    I want to know what happened to the clay tablets that when we attacked Iraq these were promised to other countrys and they are still waiting. Do you remember when it was on Tv? how they bombed the Antiquity stores and museums and said there was world important tablets to share with the world? WHERE are they?
    Whos to say or not to say what info of our planet they have?
    I am on a personal quest no matter what my IQ is or isnt I really need to know.

    Gees elreannach666 I surely didnt intend to say all that LOL
    I guess I was wondering if you studyied any of that info ? LOL
    I better get to work Its gonna be a long night unless I break the route in half.

    Later, enjoy your night

  278. @Connie

    I dont agree with you there , I think you have been watching too much History Channel Doomsday and Ancient Aliens docs.LOL

    But you are coming alog well enough. Dont underestimate the power of simple observation and reasoning by our predecessors.

  279. I think its cool how the ending statement of the Black hole that they say our reality is a reflection of the real reality . Well that just backs up what the Ancient Egyptians said and thats what the Magicians and Alchemist already knew.

    But gets erie cause this info is just part of what they astrologically knew about things they could not of seen unless they were in the cosmos or told by someone who was.

    The more I learn the more it all connects.

    WOW there is so much info packed knowledge to catch up on when it comes to the science part. Give me time and space to LOL

  280. recolection* sorry.

  281. @tom

    And you know that they havent already how?

    Maybe I am from the future? Maybe they would go with the just observe and blend in theory. I would think if they mastered time travel , they would know better than to be so obvious as to announce it to all..Maybe our world as we know it is the result of interference from such travelers , hence making our reality nothing. It may have changed several times in the last day but we precieve it as normal since we would have no recoection of what it was before it change.

  282. if time travel were possible, future generations would have arrived

  283. @HM-Gee, HM, a bit rough on the Connie peep there, weren't ya? I was really impressed by your thinking til you did that. And surely you can tell I know little about physics. I was hoping to learn from you. And I was having a bit'o fun along with the brain stuff. Sorry it irritated you.
    @Connie- actually I can talk to you about some of those things in a very serious, intelligent way. But due to not wanting to get blasted for it, please email at skye-hook at sogetthis dot com, & I'll email you my correct email addy, and then I'll tell you what I know about your questions. The 1 I just put on here is a temporary inbox so after our discussion I can delete it. You may use a temporary email all the time instead of giving me your real email, it's ok. I love physics, & theoretical physics,but am not educated in them- but I know meta-physics. Very well. However, I must be away from PC for awhile, but I'll be back. Not sure when.

  284. Hi Gang I'm still watching this 3 part series on the wormhole as fascinating as it is I keep falling asleep.

    Hello back to you and I hope you make a mint on your sale.
    Wish I was there, I used to buy and sell too! I lost my partner a few years ago and haven't done it since. But if there is another time and place for others can you imagine the biggest swap meet in the universe LOL
    Ya post that : "Cosmic Garage Sale"
    @.eireannach666 Hi and thanks for the greeting. Wish I could
    add time and make up for the time I'm destroying sleeping :-)

    Well gang by the time I finish these movies I'll be doing my part time night job delivering weekly papers. But have fun without me. I 'll ck back and see what good things you all come up with.
    That includes you too @HAte Machine :-)
    See ya later Skype

  285. @HM
    "Maybe the only way to travel back in time is to destroy all the time that has passed until you get to the point you want to be in.

    So the purpose of the time machine is anti-time."

    I have thought of this as well. And it would seem that this would be a plausible scenario , indeed. But do you really destroy time or can you? I mean is not all this only in the way and from which we perceive time , that even makes time an issue or even a reality?

    And I agree also with the "too easy" statement. Even though these "too easy" ideas are in themselves just ideas. I guess you have to break a few eggs so to speak.

    Nope not I. I am just the local neighborhood leprechaun and an ally of science and maths.

    Glad to see you join the discussion! Its always nice to see new people bring their words.Like Achems said , HM is a smart , cat , but his screen name justifies itself to the fullest. But you cant really hate the machine so to speak. LOL just messing with you HM.


  286. @ Connie:

    Glad to see you on this post, just logged on, decided to make some money today, by having a big garage sale, I collect stuff and then sell for profit, made some good coin.

    Bear with Hate Machine, he is actually a good guy, why you even mellowed him out a little, good going! he is a distinct INTJ personality type. But he does have a lot of good points.

    Talk later, Chow.

  287. Hate Machine,
    I am glad you called me on this : because in the edition I am reading now Matthews 10 :30 It says " But The very hairs on your head are numbered."

    It says nothing in regards to past tense. This is either something I had picked up somewhere for it has been a ststement I have been trying also to connect.

    Now I either had picked this up somewhere in all my different biblical teachings or I had unconsciously added my own connotation. this is why it is good to recheck your sources before making statements.

    I apolagize for the mistake here as far as the knowing us before we were born that will take some time and actually I am at a slight disadvantage for I am in Ny and all my study books, (my near whole library) is in Storage in California

    So the ball is in your lap you can choose to disregard anything I have to say. Or choose to accept that I stand corrected and continue disscussion in a respectful manner. That is if you except all are subjected to human error.

    Your choice

  288. I didnt see your last post before I posted. I will look up the exact passages but if you are being sarcastic then I wont bother. I am not here to be a bible thumper . I only am sharing one of my sources that I learn and connect things from.

  289. @ Achems-"We are living in a sea of probabilities starting from our 3 dimensions, add time, 4 dimensions, which are overlapping 1st and 2 dimensions like shadows etc: which are just as viable, to go further along to higher dimensions which are overlapping ours up to 11 dimensions, which we are in also, but do not know it, because of our limited 5 senses."
    Yes, I so agree! And there's a good reason we can't sense them. If we could it would be too much for our human brains to process & we wouldn't be able to function nor survive.
    *@Achems Razor, & @ eireannach666- are you Achems Ghost & sassanach, from CT??? If so, hi & hugs & ltns!
    @ HM- wow dude, you are so smart! I'd like to stay in comments touch with you. lol Hope to see more you've said! We could get a lot from seeing all you & achems think about stuff! :)Many times I've wished this site had real-time chat!

  290. Hi Hate Machine,

    You are making me think again You see. I am still stuck on the Science of what is said biblically as being actual universal laws and science. Forget about what religions say it means and see if you can fit anything about God and Christ being the Light of the world and is the Alpha and Omega beginning the end. Can you see anything in those thoughts ? can you connect anything? The only thing I can think of is all the whole of the universal enegies speaking out and understandings to be found that were there all the time about universal laws

  291. @ Connie- "Explain what is meant in the Bible when God said unquote that before you were born I numbered every hair on your head and he knew US."

    A flowery thought to continue to appease the masses in a overly complicated work of fiction?

    Wouldn't be much of a god if he said... "I am a figment of the combined imaginations of desperate men. I have as much ability to understand you as the writing on a sign post."

  292. Has no one considered that all of time and space is linear?

    Maybe the only way to travel back in time is to destroy all the time that has passed until you get to the point you want to be in.

    So the purpose of the time machine is anti-time.

    Every time you travel back you reset the universe back to that point in time.

    If this were possible you would no longer need to worry about paradox or multiple universes.

    My problem with all these ideas is that the are so "easy". All we have to do is travel faster then light.

    All we have to do is make a wormhole.

    All we have to do is erase all the time that has passed from moment a to moment b.

  293. Hey dont be afraid to throw your ideas at me. I myself have conflicting thoughts but its part of the process as we brainstorm and let our minds explore the possibilities,
    All the Great thinkers did it. You don't think Edison thought of the horse hair right away do you?

    I think there are things already taught us in the bible but have been twisted around into what is religion today.

    Explain what is meant in the Bible when God said unquote that before you were born I numbered every hair on your head and he knew US.

    This is a profound thing mentioned that is never really looked at.

  294. @Skye-hook - "Seems to me if time is slower the faster you go, then if you got to the speed of light time would come to a complete stop, & any faster would send you backward in time, not forward."

    Thats like saying my car can go 100mph before it breaks... but if it could go faster it would start repairing itself.

    Then inverse would also have to be true... if the slower I go the slower time goes... if i go go slower then 0 then ill go faster in time.

    Same problem... if my drive my car at 100mph it wears out... but if i stop driving it starts to fix itself...

    "Q.- If gravity slows time, how much faster do clocks in zero gravity go? I wish they would’ve told us that in the video. Where is a good astronaut when you need him?"

    The mean answer is that the clock would run at the same speed in high G as 0G. The only thing that changes the speed of a clock is where you are looking at it from.

    Lets not waste the time of an astronaut. They are busy fixing satellites. Seems there would be zero time dilation if you were in zero gravity. It takes orders of magnitude of G to cause perceivable amounts of time dilation. Relatively speaking of course.

    Hard part would be finding someplace in the universe where you are not effected by gravity. With dark matter and dark energy theories just about every last little nook and cranny in the universe will be affected by gravity.

    Im sure there is some Planck minimal unit of gravity but using Newtons formula (F = GMm/R^2 ) there is no place in the universe where there isn't gravity.

  295. Thank you Skye,
    I met Achems the other night and he invited me.He was correct there is good dialogue and friendly atmospheric condition here. I like friendly aliens here who are not afraid to brainstorm out loud.

    Friendly brainstorming is necessary for survival on planet "Hypothesis test it later" :-)

  296. Shall I really creep you out? I actually do believe that IF reincarnation is true, & IF we could go back in time physically, we could meet ourselves and have NO anomaly nor that other word they use (what is it?), because.. in the now, if you found out reincarnation is real & you went to the grave of one of your lives, the bones would be there, yet you would be fine. Right? :) Don't dwell on it, it's kinda morbid, it's just my "what-if" proof. lol:)

  297. Ooooooooh yes, I so agree with u on that too! :)

  298. Hi Connie! I totally agree with you! :) Nice to have "met" you. :)

  299. One point the narrator mentioned is if you went back then how would you return if you were before the time machine was invented? I think we can travel thru consciousness though. I do I do I do LOL

  300. "why you done it" was a typo. Good heavens, I must be too tired.

  301. oops I meant if we are NOT exploring or creating we are dying.
    the other bloopers I think you can figure out LOL

  302. @Kyle- I saw that on tv, yes. It would be so horrifying, but yes, I'd do it! Assuming we'd know what we do now. And I don't believe it would have happened without Hitler, nor that a different person in his position would do something as bad or worse. That was NOT something that HAD to happen 1 way or another, or needed to happen. Hitler was insane. What would actually be easier than killing baby Hitler, is to go back before Hitler was conceived, & kill his parents. At least they were adults. Pretty hard the other way. Then you could climb back in your nano-tube (this is 2010 now giggle), reverse the energy flow in the nano-tube, & whisk yourself right back to now. Then just try to tell everybody what Hitler did & that you went back & fixed it. Good luck with that. lol What always bends my mind is that if you fixed it, then came back, how could you ever have known it had happened, would you know afterward why you done it, or would you insane knowing you killed someone & you don't know why? Would you even recall it at all? Maybe you'd believe you never left, that the machine didn't work. Maybe many people invented a time machine & thought it didn't work, so have told nobody about it? lol ok, toodles.

  303. Hi Skye Hook Astronaut I am not, will a space cadet do? LOL
    Sometimes my mind feels like its warped trying to go in and out of exploration and hypothesis, But Dang the adventure is what its really about and if we are exploring and creating we are dying.

    I wouldn't laugh to hard at yourself though, cause I have a hunch you are closer then you think to some truths.

    I think there is other paralel planes or universes right here in our own back yard. same as there is levels of consciousness.

    However explain that to Great Grandma and we both would be committed. Or be in house arrest like Galileo.


  304. -Weight = Wait! (gravity slows time) :)
    -They talk about if we went back to past, we'd effect things which would cause us to be in a different parallel universe. So maybe there are as many parallel universes as there possibilities of every tiny thing? Consider all the possibilites. So in that case, every tiny thing we DON'T do or say or think, would have it's own parallel universe in which that did happen? Like energy-possibility-fractal-event-horizons, that maybe don't become physical til we choose them or cause them to become physical by going into them? So that would be the past ALSO?,...cause that sure sounds more like the future to me.
    -Seems to me if time is slower the faster you go, then if you got to the speed of light time would come to a complete stop, & any faster would send you backward in time, not forward. Maybe there'd be a "time wall" that you'd hit going that fast & it would mash you like a bug. Or if you did still go forward in time even a bit, then seems you'd only find a non-physical universe of ENERGIES of all the possibilities there also,except for maybe rocks, as they are 1 of the few things that have the most probability of existing the same in a different but close time zone. And maybe it would be totally dark there in the future, because even light hasn't been able to penetrate the future at faster than light speed. Nor the past if you aren't real close up or far, far away. Maybe you'd even come out there inside solid cement or something like that. I guess that wouldn't be the very next moment you'd come to though. But if you kept up the velocity you were going for even 2 more
    -Nobody else would be able to see you at the point of hitting light-speed, as you'd go into a time-warp of past or present.Blink..gone.
    -I'm really beginning to see how "The Eternal Now", as they say, is a pretty darn good place & I think I'll stay.
    -Want to see into the future? Keep your eyes open, don't blink, & count to 1. There ya go. lol :)Want to see thousands of light-years into the past, for real? Look at a star tonight. I love that! A lot! Want to send a message to yourself in the past, or suddenly get a message from the future you? Do it with your mind. Or have you maybe already done it? Some say it works. Maybe that's what "premonitions" are. I've heard your mind can use neutrinos to travel through the material of space-time. Like using optic-fibers for phone calls kinda. If so, maybe the guy on the docu here could visit his grandma again that way. Would she see him, do you think? Oops! She'd think he was a ghost. teehe :)If we walked into the past somehow, would it still be physical matter, or would it be starting to fade away? I don't believe it would be just the same. This moment in time would not be just the same if I came back to it from next week. The life would somehow be different in it, or gone. I dunno.
    -Do I "believe" most of what I said here? No, as I said, "maybe, if, perhaps,& possibly". Just having a bit if brain fun.
    - Questions are the answer!
    Question & consider all the possibilities. Gotta go. Now where is my probable future 2 minutes from now? Oh, yeh, it's in my eternal now. Actually, I'll be sitting right here in 2 minutes. Guess I can see into the future after all. lol
    *Q.- If gravity slows time, how much faster do clocks in zero gravity go? I wish they would've told us that in the video. Where is a good astronaut when you need him?

  305. Sorry @ H.M.: said dump truck, have to make sure it is stainless steel though,

  306. Although, to be fair, the Delorean did run on garbage....

  307. Dude, we are WAYYYY past 1985. Doc Brown would definitely have upgraded from a Delorean by now.....Green time travel, put the flux capacitor in a Tesla!

    2 birds, one stone...

  308. Marty Mcfly wasnt it?.

  309. @ H.M.:

    Something just dawned on me, you said many worlds theory, string theory, parallel universe theory etc: not science, yet you are ready to jump into your silver Delorean, set the flux capacitor, and go "back to the future"
    Very funny, you should of been a comedian.

  310. Then again nothing may happen or maybe the opposite of my scenario could happen. And/or anything in-between.

  311. @Kyle

    Well whats the worst? I dont know maybe someone else takes power , with the same ideas as hitler and he actually does make a nuke or 10 and kills billions.

    Remember you wouldnt know how this would effect the pasts future. It would be best to blend in and just observe , I think. Low Key as possible.

  312. @eireannach666

    No worries. My jokes are often oblique and I am the only one to laugh. Guess that means they're not jokes, but hey, you gotta try. And if alternate universe theory is correct, I'd kill baby Hitler. Give it a shot, at least...

    What's the worst that could happen...100 million dead?

  313. No , I wouldnt change anything. If it wasnt Hitler than someone else would just take his place. The idea was there before Hitler and hate is always present.He just added fuel to the fire. It was only a matter of time.

    But I do not agree with what was done.

    Sorry if I misunderstood you.

  314. @eireannach666
    I was half-joking. I think science should pursue all avenues of discovery, no matter the consequence. No risk, no reward. However, with the thousands of problems in this time, maybe we should prioritize. Thats all.

    If you could go back in time, would you kill baby Hitler??
    Anyone else see that episode......

  315. @ H.M.:

    Thats my story, and I am sticking to it. But good try.

  316. @Kyle

    I think that there are vast options and all should be explored before throwing in the towel. It may or may not be possible. It may or may not be a good idea. But how will we know if we dont at least exhaust all options. Nobody ever fixed anything by giving up simply because of a few set backs.

  317. @HM

    "If a divergent universe is completely out of reach then we cant observe or experiment with it."

    You have a good point there. Thats my issue with alot of QM/T.
    I cant bring myself to fully accept something if its not proven.

    But since Einstein figured that the faster we go the heavier than the infinite mass raises an issue with needing infinite energy.

    Its all kind of countering eachother and time travel may not be possible at all.

    But hey , why not try. I just wont be the lab rat. You never know , we might get lucky. Nobody thought we'd be flying at one time or launching missiles ...etc

  318. How about this?
    Let's agree that time machines would probably not be a good idea simply due to the grandfather paradox and move on. We have a lot of problems in this universe, on this plane, wherever the heck we are that could be solved using all these brilliant minds toward something a little more practical.

    Time machines....Good doc though

  319. Quantum tunneling? We might be able to use this as an option since it dictates that an electron can move between two points without traversing the space between them.
    After mastering this, we might be able to get to FTL speed. And not even hitting the speed of light at all.

    I dont know alot about it but it seems possible to me.

  320. @Achems Razor - " to go further along to higher dimensions which are overlapping ours up to 11 dimensions, which we are in also, but do not know it, because of our limited 5 senses"

    Really.. what senses would we need to detect the other 5 dimensions? Maybe a sense of humor.

    "string theory, M. theory, parallel universe theory, etc: are coming into vogue"

    They are coming into internet YouTube vogue but have pretty much lost all appeal in academia. After 40 or so years of trying no one has come up with a use for any of the theory. Most students are avoiding the 40 year old unprovable theories and are studying practical applications. Most academics have agreed that the theories are beautiful math but dont actually explain nature. If you want to study physics get a grant and go work at CERN...

    "All the probable universes that we as multidimensional selves live in according to many worlds theory are happening at once"

    Again another theory not based in science. The gaping hole in MWI is exactly when how and why does the universe split? If a divergent universe is completely out of reach then we cant observe or experiment with it.

    No observation or experimentation means it is in fact not science.

    But it makes for a pretty story...

    "minute variation in coordinates will probably put you in a different universe, different time."

    Explain this coordinate system and exactly why would it be difficult. Seems like hitting the universe you want would be extremely easy. If your story of MWI is true we would have a very linear path back to every single "coin flip".

    Its like saying its imposable to find the coordinate of the trunk of the tree because there are limbs. Just doesn't make any since. Just follow the limbs to any point on the tree you want.

    "If you where in the very realm of light, there would be light, but static,"

    What exactly is "the very realm of light"... isnt this sentence a little obvious? If you were in the realm of smelly feet, there would be smelly feet.

    Explain exactly how light can be static?

    " I suppose, that is why the universe itself, may be a infinite mass or singularity, because nothing can achieve the speed of C. except C. itself."

    None of the statments you made have any relation with one another. Universe is not infinite mass... we have very accurate numbers as to how much mass is in the universe. The universe is definitely not a singularity... at least not in the definitions in physics.

    "nothing can achieve the speed of C. except C. itself."

    Ahh.. what? So... nothing can achieve the speed of 300,000 kilometers per second except 300,000 kilometers per second itself...

    Yep that makes alot of sense. I think it is almost a correct sentence.

    I just hope that was a typo and you are actually able to tell the difference between a particle and the letter that represents the speed of the particle.

    The cool part is that if you google some of the stuff you say you can find the physics forum that I post your "thoughts". They think Im making you up...

    Like I said, just some thoughts. I could debunk more but I hate typing.

  321. @HM
    "This cannot happen in a closed system… so either the universe is not a closed system or time travel is not possible etc"

    Very well explained. Great analogies.

  322. @HM

    You know it! In every aspect.

  323. Achems,

    Just a note to say I found my way here.

    Thanks, Connie

  324. @ eireannach666 - "I dont know why people insist on thinking we mean something to this vast cosmos we reside in."

    Ahh... a fellow nihilist.

  325. @Atrophy - " your taking a pinch of salt n’ pepper and dropping it back into the bag at an earlier moment."

    Replace a 'pinch' with a percent and you have got it.

    A closed system is equal to all the systems contained within.

    So say that the time machine is 5% of the closed system.

    The time machine would be like taking 5% of the closed system and adding it to the closed system system at an earlier time.

    Same with a bag of salt and pepper.

    If the bag weighs 100grams and you take 5% or 5 grams out in 2010 and add it to the bag in 2005 then the bag would weigh 105grams in 2005. Then you wait 5 years for the salt and pepper to get all mixed up. So now you are in 2010 again but the bag now weighs 105grams. Your time machine is still 5%. So when you take the 5% back to 2005 again. This time you are taking 5.25 grams of salt and pepper and adding it to the bag in 2005. Now the bag in 2005 weighs 105.25 grams. Wait 5 years and take 5% (5.2625 grams) back to 2005.

    You will see that the amount of total entropy... just like the amount of salt and pepper will continue to increase.

    This cannot happen in a closed system... so either the universe is not a closed system or time travel is not possible.

    If you are still missing it... think of entropy as money and the universe as a bank account.

    If you start off with 100 dollars in 2005... you take out all your money in 2010, travel back to 2005 and deposit it in your account... Now you have 200 dollars in the bank. You wait 5 years you take the 200 dollars out travel back 5 years and deposit it back in... now you have 400.

    Your bank account will end up with an infinite amount of money.

  326. This is why QM/T deserves to be heavily funded. This research is crucial to the evolution of man and perhaps the preservation therein. We are not the center of the universe nor are we the biggest , or most important thing in the universe. What do you think would happen if we all went extinct? Nothing. Another animal would just take over as the dominant species on the planet and our absence would in no way effect the universe. We are the minority in the universe. We are out numbered in the universe infinity to 0.0001. I dont know why people insist on thinking we mean something to this vast cosmos we reside in. We are as I said before to quote Sagan "Star Stuff". That is what our molecular structure and all around us consists of.Star stuff.

  327. @Achems

    Holy jesux on skates! Achems breaks it down!

    I cant say a disagree with that , my friend. The Big Bang was something else before it went bang , so I say you are correct on that note. I really cant debate you on this one since I cannot really disagree.So thanks for the input. I like this part best.

    "that is why the universe itself, may be a infinite mass or singularity, because nothing can achieve the speed of C. except C. itself."

    I have said this before somewhere. This is a truth. Quantum is the next level of physics that needs to be funded heavily.

  328. @ hawkpork:

    @ eire: you said science is a rider, yes, nobody really knows that much.

    This is my own take on this, my opinion, no references, just a thought experiment.

    In my opinion everything starts from the small, from quantum, where else can it start from, the big?
    We humans can only envision so much of our world and cosmos with our limited 5 senses developed by our evolution over the millenniums.

    There will probably come a day when self perpetuating cognizant super computers will fill in the gaps.

    We are living in a sea of probabilities starting from our 3 dimensions, add time, 4 dimensions, which are overlapping 1st and 2 dimensions like shadows etc: which are just as viable, to go further along to higher dimensions which are overlapping ours up to 11 dimensions, which we are in also, but do not know it, because of our limited 5 senses.

    To go further along this thought experiment, about probabilities, in this doc. there was flipping of a coin, did anybody catch what that was referring to? that is a probable action that the coin will either be heads or tails or even sort of un-probable standing on its edge,

    Even those actions may determine a course of probable futures. To win money, to go this way, or that way, to take a chance on something, to win a woman (LOL), in most cases that alone will cause a course of probable actions, events, from the sea of probable outcomes that our always available but unresolved. That alone might start a new direction of life, new reality, just from one minute happening. But that is always happening from our "nows" isn't it? at basically every micro second.
    This a part of how we form our own reality.

    Will go into many worlds theory, which was first coined by Hugh Everatt 111, a physicist, who everyone thought was a crack-pot supreme at the time. But now, string theory, M. theory, parallel universe theory, etc: are coming into vogue from his probable actions, his thoughts, his experiments.

    All the probable universes that we as multidimensional selves live in according to many worlds theory are happening at once, since we are in this one vibrational unit re: our universe, this is our reality, according to string theory. Again everything hinges on probable actions, that is why time travel to the future may be possible, but will have to go along to what ever outcomes that have developed up to that time.

    Time travel to the past, may or may not be possible, if it is possible even a minute variation in coordinates will probably put you in a different universe, different time.

    About time, the speed of C. determines time, our reference to it, Einstein said that the speed of light was always constant in every frame of reference.

    Light itself is static, If you where in the very realm of light, at the source. there would be light, but static, if a person could achieve the speed of light, time would stand still. But then since you are composed of mass, you would be a infinite mass, a singularity. I suppose, that is why the universe itself, may be a infinite mass or singularity, because nothing can achieve the speed of C. except C. itself.

    Like I said, just some thoughts. I could probably put more but I hate typing.


  329. no bites re' my question?
    if the universe is finite, then outside of it is singularity?
    time to move on? maybe in 5 years then.

  330. @rtm

    Destroy ,? how so? with what? by what?

  331. Its all so cool and interesting i just wish we could focus on not destroying the human race right now.

  332. @Atrophy
    "scratches head"

    Wear and Tear my friend.

  333. @Mc G.

    That sux man , but still watch it. Its basic but starts a good thought process.

    Riders?Bad MFers! But there has been a lot of those.


    None of us or anybody is an expert. Everyone has questions and nobody fully knows quantum. Thats why science is a "rider". Ha!

  334. Afterthought;
    Your time machine would also age 5 years each time and eventually cease to function thus restoring entropy to its former state when it fails to relocate..... *scratching head*

  335. @Hate
    "@ Atrophy – Hmm… Not what I was trying to describe at all…"
    No, I suppose not. But ok, Ill do some reading;
    "The second law of thermodynamics states that in general the total entropy of any system will not decrease other than by increasing the entropy of some other system" ~wikipedia
    By that definition even in a non many worlds universe, you are technically not taking entropy away, merely moving it to another point in time in the same universe. In wikipedias 'bag of salt and pepper' analogy, your taking a pinch of salt n' pepper and dropping it back into the bag at an earlier moment. Technically creating a surplus during those 5 years and a deficit later, but its still in the system as far as time is concerned.
    As with the black hole subject, I'm no expert.

  336. @ Hate Machine

    What where you trying to describe? I'm sure it is my lack of knowledge that is the issue but I don't get what you where trying to say. That entroopy would never reach zero and continue forever even though it is a closed system? That is what i said, just put in another way. If it never reaches zero, I assume because when it returns to the start it has the same amount of entropy that it started with and then gains the same amount of entropy each time befor starting over, then it is a perpetual system- a closed system never gaining or losing any energy while continueing to perform work. The definition of work here being the looping of spacetime. So even though entropy is taking place it never has a net effect over all. The system in effect experiences no entropy and thierfore is perpetual. Or perhaps if you created the time machine we would see that entropy is not reversable and thierfore the system still decays at the same rate.

  337. @ eireannach666

    "The brits were riders" - don't understand this phrase, although I think I can guess! Nah, tis not a bandwith thing - doc will play, but when you go full screen it goes blank! Same thing happening with my brother(who lives at a different location) and only with youtube vids! Just started happening - it's doing our boxes in! Just got him turned on to top docs and now we have to watch most on tiny little screen!! Probably need a new computer - this thing is a Frankenstein's monster I built from several old PCs!

  338. by bailing out , I meant the French. The Brits were riders.

  339. I had no problems at at all with the doc...Maybe a bandwith issue?

  340. Germans are out? I didnt hear that!Ahh.

    Yeah the Frenchies..ehh. Yes the Brits did disappoint even my Irish self. They owe us for bailing them out in WWII..HA! Just poking fun but yeah.

    I would of liked to travel back in time or to an alternate dimension or universe to see what it would of been like if the Brits were never a power and if the Nazis won the wars...Might not of been so good but , you never know..

    I need a time machine , I heard it was a buyers market now , so , any sellers? lol.

  341. their, sorry, I'm a bit of a pedant for this kind of thing.

    ie "Germans were their usual..."

  342. Haven't watched this yet, having a problem with youtube videos making them full screen(my brother is having same problem, any ideas?) Germans were there usual teutonic, efficient selves but they are out mate! Holland v Spain on Sunday(Cannae wait!) - two greatest footballing nations never to have won! Glad to see the English go out(can't believe how sh*te they were - and this is from a Scotsman) and the cheating bast*rd French - that'll teach them to f--k with the Irish, they were an utter disgrace!

  343. @McGarvey

    Yes, the past would be hard to get to. This doc did speak on it a bit and the paradox's involved.

  344. With us indeed my brother.Slainte.

    I agree.

    Oh man , McGarvey, WTF happend in the Cup! I say the Germans are taaking it. But lets not change the topic...sorry.

  345. Oh, and of course time travel into the future is already possible and has been done. I think the cosmonaut who spent the longest time on Mir travelled several seconds into the future relative to Earth time due to the velocity he was travelling at for the duration.

  346. Beidh ár lá linn
    How you doing Eireannach? Long time no type. Isn't the current thinking that a time machine is theoretically possible to build (albiet that we would need to have the technology to be able to move and manipulate whole star systems)but that you could never travel back before the machine was constructed? Interesting topic anyway.

  347. General relativity/special relativity ,seems to make me think time travel is maybe nearer than we think.( Not in my life time probobly.)

    Time dilation could work.It only asks for high velocity motion. its the most simple way to accomplish this. I couldnt do it but there are people that know more than me for this.

    Traveling into the past , I dont see it happening for a LONG tome. It requires too much like tears in 4 dimensional space-time, traveling near the speed of light, and energy as much as a star exploding.

    Assuming M-theory is true , for a moment,then the majotrity of the time travel theory are based on false reality. If time travel is not possible , than I say prove it. Its possible and is supported by alot of great science.

  348. oops mistype

    @Atrophy - ignore me

    @ez2b12 - Hmm… Not what I was trying to describe at all…

  349. @ Atrophy - Hmm... Not what I was trying to describe at all...

  350. A singularity is too small to encompass the universe, in fact they say it has no volume or size so small is not the right word. I suppose if it does not exist within defined space time it could be everywhere just as easily as anywhere. See everywhere and anywhere are not right either, they define spacetime. The prorper vocabulary for this subject is mathematics. Too bad I am a idiot when it comes to advanced math. That will change soon though. Going back to school this fall to start a degree in physics, can't wait. I used to be a math wiz, in highschool. That was over fifteen years ago, wish me luck. I'll be on here asking for help more than likely.

  351. hey i was just thinking about the singularities and all that.
    had a funny thought i'd like you all to think on, shoot at.
    that at the edges of universe is singularity, infinite density.
    the same one from which we sprung, i mean. if it was infinite then it's still there, somewhere.
    perhaps that's why the universe is expanding so fast.

  352. sorry moderator dude I thought if I skipped the curse word it would go through.

  353. ez2b12
    “Linear time is now reset and cancer is un-cured.”

    How do you figure this one?You have already taken the cure back so now cancer is cured and thier is no reason to repeat the same actions, that’s all. If you see time as a linear sequence of events you have merely altered that sequence, it is still moving forward in a linear fashion- never resetting itself as you claim. Besides you could never undo all that cancer has done as you can only go back as far as when the time machine was created. So you could go to that point and cure everyone from then moving toward the future- but why go back again in this new sequence you have started? Thier are definite paradox created by time travel but this isn’t one of them. It simply starts a new sequence of events and you go merrily along smoking your Marlboro’s -cancer free of course. My point is once you have affected the stream of linear events to your liking you would not need to keep repeating that same action inorder for it to have happened. I.E. your reason for going back and making changes took place in the first linear stream and now you have changed the course of the universe and it is going down a different linear path. Conscience takes place at your “current” position along the stream, all your past lies out behind you and your future ahead. But you are here in the “now” where your conscience lies along your linear string.

    Wow, I have no idea what i am talking about but that sounded like some computer guru stuff didn’t it? I bet somewhere somebody was buying that crap- I’ve gotta write that stuff down.

  354. The coordinates in time would be simple, time being a single dimension in a 4 dimensional (non many worlds) universe, just select the exact point in 4 dimensions you wish to visit. In a 'many worlds' universe the actual instance of the universe would be a 5th dimension since the theory states they all exist simultaneously in the same space.
    Dumping loads of future matter into the past could potentially be a 'big bang'... sounds like a quantum wormhole experiment gone awry to me :P

    Personally, I don't believe travel backwards in time possible, observing perhaps but not physical travel. Traveling separate from time to arrive almost the same time you left, ok, traveling into the future via time dilation, sure.
    The whole paradox thing just makes a mess. Take a cure for cancer to the past, now cancer is cured, who's gonna take the cure back now ? Linear time is now reset and cancer is un-cured.

  355. @ Hate Machine

    •Statistical mechanics treats the detailed state of a system (its quantum state or, in classical models, its position in phase space) as unknown and subject to statistical uncertainties; entropy is a measure of this uncertainty. It is also considered a measurement of the amount of energy in a closed system that is no longer available for mechanical work. As entropy increases within the close system that is our universe matter and energy decay. So are you saying that the entropy would be cancelled out due to the backward stream of time, i.e. it decays for five years and then starts back over with the same amount of energy each time and decays to the samepoint again. Setting up a sort of entropy loop, almost perpetual motion in a way. Very interesting thought if so.

  356. @ ez2b12 - I'll start from beginning to keep this straight in my head.

    Define: “infinite entropy”

    Maybe a better way to describe the situation Im creating would be a infinitely 'increasing' entropy.

    This should all fall under the "Statistical mechanics" view of entropy.

    1st: We have to agree that the universe is a closed system.

    2nd: We have to agree that in a closed system entropy will reach zero. (aka Heat death of the universe)

    3rd: We have to rule out Many-Worlds and stick with a the Copenhagen interpretation.

    4th: I have a time machine.

    Ok we have mostly described the universe we are dealing with.

    No if you create a loop where a timemachine keeps going back to 2005 , one major thing will happen.

    My idea is that the entropy of the time machine will continue to increase as the machine continues to age...but the amount of time entropy is increasing is finite (5 years). For lack of better words I called this "infinite entropy".

    Feel free to describe it any way you wish.

    This means that one or more of the four statements above has to be invalid.

    Occam's razor would suggest that we just drop statement 4 and continue about or lives in a well defined and tested universe.

    The only external ideas are that of:

    Statistical mechanics
    Closed system
    Increasing Entropy
    Copenhagen interpretation

    If you need me to cite any of above I will.

  357. @ H.M.:

    Just a few references, google..."hans-peter durr"...director at Max Planck institute.

    Schrodinger's cat, goes into probabilities.

    Copenhagen interpretation-probabilistic states

    A quote from (Niels Bohr)..."We are all agreed that your theory is crazy. The question which divides us is whether it is crazy enough to have a chance of being correct. My own feeling is that it is not crazy enough."

  358. @ hannamarie:

    Yes, one segment did not come up, had to put it on manually.
    Which is fairly easy, just click the backward and forward on the doc.

  359. @ez2b12

    Hi John, i dont know how the HaTiNg_MaChinE defines entropy, but the obvious definition is the natural tendancy of 'things' to approach a more disorganised state. i.e. your desk never self tidies:))

  360. @ Hate Machine

    Define: "infinite entropy" as it is used in your above post please. I know what entropy is but I am still confused. Are you referring to the amount of energy needed to create and sustain such a loop?

  361. @ H.M.:

    If that is what it boils down to, need references for everything, than will do so.
    I presume then, you will do the same??
    Can I have your references for your recursion scenario?

  362. Theres an error with the video, please fix?

  363. I liked the other two parts of this series but this one seemed a little more science-fiction then the others but it was interesting. It entertained me.

  364. @ Achems Razor - "completely impossible. So the loops are not viable."

    Maybe you should qualify statements as purely opinion and that you "Can’t give you specific references".

  365. @ H.M.:

    Like I said it is my take on this doc. was not surfing the web on this.
    Citing stuff that I have learned over the years.

    Can't give you specific references right now, would take to long to even begin. Because there are many.

    Am layman on QT. so best if you find the stuff, if you want.

  366. Actually I take that back...

    If it is recursion and a finite number of "splits" then it should be easy to figure out how many timemachines I'm sending into the past.

    Should just be 2^N where N is the number of dephasing events.

  367. So your explanation of the affects of entropy in a closed system is "impossible to get proper co-ordinates to go back to same universe"

    Cite where you find this "unlimited probabilities"

    Im guessing that this is coming from some kind of many-worlds interpretation.

    Most many-worlds interpretations are based on linear time. If you run time in reverse you would run decoherence in reverse as well. You can do this until you reach the singularity... where all IF ANY decoherence started.

    That is a big "if any" becuase MWI has many MANY holes in it.

    Either way I have the time and patience to send the machine back to all of your "co-ordinates" Statistically speaking there would be a finite number of dephasing points leading up to that point.

    I can further complicate the issue by saying ill send it to a point slightly before each new dephasing.

    But then this is just my dump truck experiment all over again.

    At some point all the universes would be filled with an infinite number of time machines.

    So not so much a loop as recursion?

  368. @ H.M.:

    Look at it this way, it would never be a loop, you go back 5 years, to where? impossible to get proper co-ordinates to go back to same universe, same time, it would be different time , different universe, according to unlimited probabilities, completely impossible. So the loops are not viable.

    Yes, what this doc. is telling us is that you create a new universe with every probable action that you take, no matter how minute.

    Your time machine dump truck will fill up the past of a universe but which one? Not the one that you are living in now. Again probabilities.

    Welcome to QM. it is enough to drive a person nuts.
    This is just my take, and I could be wrong.

  369. Well lets begin...

    How does entropy affect time travel?

    I build a time machine and set the timer so it would travel back 5 years every five years. In essence a loop. So this time machine would always exist between years 2005 and 2010 but never exist after.

    Well the rules say that you can add entropy but never take it away. It also says the universe is a closed system and closed systems have a finite amount of entropy. But my time machine loop would create infinite entropy in a finite time and space.

    So what do we do? Create a new universe every time something time travels... Seems like a complicated answer to a simple idea... and I don't like it.

    Ok so here is the next question.

    I build a time machine out of a dumptruck. I program the dumptruck to go millions of years into the future and get a load of dirt and take it millions of years in the past.

    Will the past fill up with future dirt?

  370. @Achems

    Nothing new but still a good doc. I believe we had the conversation on this topic before. I always like the topic.

  371. @RIP

    Thats cool ,man, my tats are as such. Newton tributes and religion bashing etc....... I am going to get a Darwin tribute next.

    I like your idea though.

  372. I agree, nothing new for me on this one.

  373. This was yet ,another great add to this series. Im going to go buy the set when I get the chance.

  374. This is my next tattoo theme, hell ya. Time dilation equation.......

  375. I agree, nothing new here. Same old senarios and speculations about time dilation as previouse documenteries. Looks like they are going to run this idea in the ground judt like they have a meteor impact. I must have watched at least a hundred what if senarios about a meteorite hitting earth. Then it was super volcanoes and how Yellow Stone was going to blow up and kill the world. Now it is quantum mechanics and time dilation. I had never heard of the particles being some how connected over vast distances through no apparent means, that part was new to me. I have no idea what to say about it but, it was definetly an eye opener. Thier has to be some association between them though or they would not even know what set of particles to effect and observe. They said when they did something to one the other reacted so the must have known to watch these two particles. Why those two how where they associated in the first place? Did I miss that part?

  376. Nothing new. Same good old awesomeness.

  377. Sweet , another one!

  378. Good documentary, but nothing new, even the old same pizza example by the same guy as seen in an other film.

    If you saw time travel with Stephen Hawkins, you will not learn anything. But im not sure wich one came first :)
    But i like Morgan Freeman.

  379. Through the Worm Hole is a hit obviousely. I have to admit i can't wait to see what Morgan has to say this week. Very rare to see a good doc made for Discovery these days, most are pop-corn fodder for the uninformed and gullable. Best part is the discussion I know will take place here afterwards, can't wait.

  380. Great! another one, will definitely watch!

    Love these series!

  381. Cool, a new one. Really enjoying this series. Thanks Vlatko