Through the Wormhole

Through the Wormhole

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All episodes from Through the Wormhole series gathered in one place. Hosted by Morgan Freeman, Through the Wormhole will explore the deepest mysteries of existence - the questions that have puzzled mankind for eternity. What are we made of? What was there before the beginning? Are we really alone? Is there a creator? These questions have been pondered by the most exquisite minds of the human race.

Now, science has evolved to the point where hard facts and evidence may be able to provide us with answers instead of philosophical theories. Through the Wormhole will bring together the brightest minds and best ideas from the very edges of science - Astrophysics, Astrobiology, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, and more - to reveal the extraordinary truth of our Universe.

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Season 1

What Happened Before the Beginning?What Happened Before the Beginning? Every cosmologist and astronomer agrees: our Universe is 13.7 billion years old. Using cutting-edge technology, scientists are now able to take a snapshot of the Universe a mere heartbeat after its birth. Armed with hypersensitive satellites...

Season 2

Does Time Exist?Does Time Exist? When you're having fun, time flies. Waiting in a traffic jam, not so much. Your birthday was last month, and your mortgage payment is due in a few days. The fact that we perceive time is certainly no illusion. But is it really there, or is it something we invented...

Are There More Than Three Dimensions?Are There More Than Three Dimensions? For most of our history, we’ve rested easy in the notion that there were three dimensions that have existed throughout time: length, width and height. Ah, the good old days. In the early 20th century, Hermann Minkowski and Albert Einstein connected...

Is there a Sixth Sense?Is there a Sixth Sense? Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are the tools most of us depend on to perceive the world. But some people say they also can perceive things that are outside the range of the conventional senses, through some other channel for which there is no anatomical or...

Can We Travel Faster Than Light?Can We Travel Faster Than Light? Prior to the day in 1947 when test pilot Charles E. Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier for the first time, people argued it wasn’t possible for a plane to fly that fast. So, perhaps we should not be deterred by the part of Einstein’s special theory of...

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  1. Amazing series, makes it clear God is man's creation, not vice-versa

  2. I was fascinated by every episode. I know less now than I did before, absolutely loved it.

  3. I'm astonished what science has instore for little beings like us in such small universe

  4. its good stuff but it is limited to funny thing is that i ve never seen a physically blind scientist of phylosopher presenting such stuff.

  5. i mean this is a really good show, you know a show about the meaning of reality and stuff.

  6. I think that all right thinking people are sick and tired of being told that ordinary decent people are fed up with being sick and tired. i'm certainly not, and I'm sick and tired of being told that I am. Now, back to the show.

    Whats the True Agenda Here ??
    Who's sponsoring this propagandist man to confuse and divide humanity even further,, DO NOT BE FOOL by this Series, the Man himself is an astute higher level degree Free Mason, working of course as an employee by the powers that be. That's all.
    You want truth don't look here !!
    Its Amazing the level of stupidity that's been shown on this series

    Go To YOURSELVES Seek and You Shall Find !!!

    1. Please Elaborate Luis. I don't think this series is meant to be total fact. You are right about the show being speculative but its not rubbish. In science you have to speculate to a certain degree when dealing with topics like time and space. As far as the rest your saying with the free mason thing I don't know what your trying to exactly say. Not trying to be rude just don't fully understand what your talking about.

    2. I think he means that he is a member of a secret club run by alien shapeshifter lizards who can appear human at will and who control everything, even our minds...

    3. I'm sure you share my anxiety over the fact that agent star wing has turned. he must be transmogrified now and his organs repurposed. pity.

    4. May they haunt themselves unerringly.

    5. Whoa. SLow down there buddy ;) No reason to get all worked up. What are you really mad about?

    6. Wow Luis you must be brilliant! Lol

  8. In 1964 we discovered information in the form of the genetic code. Every other form of information we know of comes from a human intellect. All observations to date track all information to a human mind except that found in DNA. Information has to have a source, where did the information in DNA come from?

    1. the big bang, baby!

    2. evolution, passed down from others.

    3. Long before the genetic code was discovered, other information was present. Long before man evolved, information was all around, bird song, frog song, the shaking of tail feathers, the squeal of a baby animal in trouble. Information is the only thing that we can say for sure our universe is made of. There is no real stuff, its just information exchanging. Where did the information come from? That is the fifty dollars question, and there is only one question more pressing yet just as likely to never be answered, why does anything exist at all? I am one of those that wants only the truth, because pretend and make-believe is less satisfying than just admitting I don't know.

    4. It's only a 50 dollar question? Thought it'd be worth more...

    5. Emergence

  9. cosmological natural selection

  10. If you truly would like to see how everything is connected, travel to Ecuador or Peru & find a traditional Ayahuasca shaman. The results are profound. You leave a different person, a changed individual. Then, you will "see"

    1. So, what did you learn or see? Post a link to your experience report.

    2. Hard to post a link when you're off your rocker on a drug brew... 'changed individual' is code for 'off your head on drugs'. After she comes down from her trip, Cheryl Corby (why is it every Corby family member I've heard of and researched is a drug addict, drug smuggler or drug associated person?) will find her connection... the flight back to her 'real world', away from her 'holiday trip', and their so called 'touch of reality'.

    3. @Docoman, how dare you judge Cheryl so harshly! You've insulted this lady in so many different ways when all she did was share some positive information that she believed would help people. I think you should apologize.

    4. Cheryl is a big girl and can answer for herself. She was asked to expand on what she saw and leaned, she should be quite capable of correcting me herself if I'm wrong. I don't care what you think, Have a cup of cement Jimmy and HTFU. Try to impress women with someone else ya twit. As I said, she wasn't the only Corby I was talking about.

    5. Another "Corby Drug Delusion"

    6. Only someone who's perspective is severely limited would expect a status report.

      You can only understand what is limited to words so most of life and existence just goes over your head!

    7. Did I say I EXPECT a status report? I am fascinated to possibly learn of her experiences, and since I am not going to use DMT because I am too big of a chicken, I will have to rely on those brave souls who are intrepid enough to do what I am not. I am fascinated and just merely hoped she would share.
      As far your accusation that my perspective is limited, you have no idea the things my mind comes up with, and the experiences I have had, experiences I share with people just for the asking, no snark, no insults, just sharing with my fellow homo sapien. My perspective is about as malleable as any human being's perspective can be. So, just to be clear, you were insulting me, yes? Trolling for an angry response? Aren't there more appropriate targets of your derision than a human being with only good intentions who wants to share someone else's experience, gain their perspective, empathize with them as much as possible through the media I have available in order that I might understand the universe better?

    8. Oh my! A philosopher! Then how can it be that a housefly understands danger? How does a horse find his way home? The horse and the fly have existed for many moons without the benefit of an alphabet.

      Ahhh youth.

  11. Many physicists now believe that rather than a materialist universe (based on matter), that we actually live in an idealist universe which is based not on matter but on thought as the basic building blocks.

    1. Which physicists, did they publish that theory somewhere?

    2. He is probably talking on philosophy and metaphysics.
      To me philosophy bakes no bread.

    3. Depends which branch of philosophy you're talking about. Philosophy not only originated disciplines like mathematics, it still provides the structure for science - because things like logics and the philosophies behind science (eg falsifiability, the experimental method etc) are a matter of philosophy, taught, studied, and advanced in philosophy departments.

      That being said, lots of philosophy is just fluff. But not all of it is.

    4. I think Plato and Aristotle had this debate.

  12. Are the first two seasons the only ones here or am I missing something?

    1. Judging by your earlier post here, you've missed a few things Mike...

    2. Where are the rest of the episodes? I only see the first two.

    3. Click on the Title, bold-underlined headings of the other episodes. They all work here mate. 8 episodes in season 1, 10 in season 2 is what shows up here.

  13. No one can really say for sure what is out there and why. However, I tend to believe that even if we came from nothing, nothing is still something before it all happened, and so where did nothing come from to begin with? I feel we go on after this life and even though it is not the way I would like to go (die) to get to some other place, if this is the only way then at least it will make some sense why we have to go through this life and all its problems to begin with. The video series was very good and worth the watch.

    1. Nothing is a concept humans invented. Nothing as far as I know was never achieved in a laboratory and I doubt it ever existed. Given scientific observations, I think something is the de-facto state in nature and absence of energy and/or matter might be an aberration of the human mind.

    2. Imagine there is just energy, it is not nothing but it is not of the realm of physical reality. In a way it is everything and nothing at the same time.
      What made physical reality emerge from energy?
      Primacy of consciousness is a very probable hypothesis.

    3. Problem is it cannot be scientifically proven. How do you prove there is consciousness without some kind of structure to allow it to be conscious it exists? Some information needs to be transferred to reach consciousness. Physical reality is energy, matter is a form of energy.

    4. Problem is that science has not been trying to scientifically prove it either. Science is boxed in a physical reality, the box (which could also be called the known universe) keeps expanding as our discovery of physical stuff continues to augment, but everything outside of the physical realm continues to be considered pseudo science.
      You write "some information needs to be transferred to reach consciousness", I think it is probable that A conscious *enigma* assembles different energy into life, the same way that our individual consciousness assembles particles into physical wholeness.

    5. Well not being able to take yourself out of the verse (unsure if uni or multi) is indeed a big limitation to explain what goes on outside physical reality. Science requires proof to verify an assumption and I have no idea how explaining a consciousness that appeared before energy and matter could be proven.

      In my opinion, your description of a conscious enigma is just another way of saying God and is in the realm of beliefs. Science cannot verify it, it is outside of its competence. To be considered scientific, the believer needs to provide verifiable facts that can be reproduced by an independent third party.

      So to prove what you advance, a scientist would need to take himself outside of the physical realm and assemble different energy into life then have other scientists reproduce it. For science, the only way to prove there is a god is to have multiple someone or something be able to become a god. Short of creating at least 2 new verses, your assumption cannot be proven. Big task if you ask me...

    6. The biggest problem is the word GOD and all the interpretations (or parasites) that have attached itself to it for eons. If we eliminate the word GOD entirely, if we get IT out of our mind, what are we left with? Life (Being) and Energy.
      Life is physical, natural, tangible, see-able, it includes all that is factual. Energy on the other hand is potentially physical and it requires life to give it a physical reality but without life energy may still be there.
      I too realise the limitation of science in regards to discovering a reality outside of the one we are immersed fully in, but it doesn't say it isn't there.
      How can we prove that the physical reality is a dream? It would mean that we are not, or that we can be or not. To be or not to be?

    7. How to prove that physical reality is a dream??? You want to deny reality exist?

    8. I don't deny physical reality exist, what I'm saying is that physical reality may be a product of a conscious permanence.

    9. Sorry, what is "a consciousness permanence"?

    10. I mean a conscious permanence.

      "the condition or quality of being permanent; perpetual or continued existence".

    11. Okay, but consciousness is not permanent, it fluctuates basically every Planck second, going in and out of different existences, and giving our flow of time via probabilities in this reality, we live on vibrations, "string theory" we just happen to be living in this particular vibrational wavelength, which is our reality, among a infinite number of coexisting parallel realities/worlds, see M theory/ many worlds theory. Also Feynman's "sum over histories"

    12. I would think consciousness is permanently vibrational. As you say in and out of seem to me consciousness fluctuates between physical reality and a non physical one.
      Perhaps our individual consciousness is stuck in coming back here, here we get to live, there we may be potential being only, pure energy.

    13. This is all conjecture of course, according to string theory and Feynman, particles traverse infinite paths through spacetime forward or even backwards through the continueum, so basically there is always "something" instead of the undefinable "nothing"

    14. You seem closer to agreeing with me than further. The exception is that you don't seem to see the possibility that human minds are creating this physical reality.

    15. Anything is possible, what you are doing is hinting that when we look we are the observers, we collapse the wavelength, like is the Moon still there if we are not looking?, via Deepak Chopra.

    16. So you see that possibility. Deepak Chopra?

      "In the 1980s a very famous physicist, David Mermin, came out with a paper entitled "Is the Moon still there when no body looks..." The paper appeared in the April 1985 issue of Physics Today and is an experiment and explanation of quantum mechanics and reality"

    17. You might as well cite "Shrodingers cat " also then. Both thought experiments.

    18. I once came with the idea that the world didn't exist when I didn't look at it and that I was shot multiple times because I had holes in my coat. Off course that was during a magic mushroom trip and I ended in a psychiatric ward for a week. I have changed my views since and think the world keeps going when I don't observe it and will keep going after I am dead. I also quit magic mushrooms. ;-) Crazy but 100% true story.

    19. Who says physical reality has to cease to exist because an opposite reality "may" be.
      A wormhole may be easier to access than thought by science so far.

    20. I don't disagree with all your ideas either mate, but I think its likely from what we can see and know at this point in time, that physical reality was here before life. Especially Human life/minds. Otherwise there would be no real need for stars, other planets in our solar system etc, we wouldn't need them in our development. If there is no need, there would be no need to 'cause' it to become reality for us to 'discover' later.
      The Church could have 'thought' out of exsistance any inconvenient facts like fossils.

      We could be both correct and incorrect at the same time, I surely don't know the answers. :)

      I like things I can either physically see/feel, or logically infer from what I can see/feel. Guess I'm an 'eyes on' sorta guy. :) Doesn't mean I'm right, or wrong, just an opinion.

    21. "I think its likely from what we can see and know at this point in time, that physical reality was here before life".
      I think it's likely from what we can see and know at this point in time, that physical reality was here since humans as it takes human minds to come to your conclusion.
      I don't disagree that what you say is the most accepted view of life.
      I have this idea, that we are facing two choices, one is continue to look further out in the physical reality, fly towards planets and other solar systems (and further) OR look in further in the world of consciousness.

    22. The thought of reality, I can agree with. Our 'knowledge' and perception of it yep. 'No reality' before humans I struggle with, the evidence doesn't suggest that's accurate I don't think. If the Permian mass extinction for example, had taken the last few % of life with it as well, humans would never have evolved. I can't see how that would mean that everything else never occurred though. There would probably just be another orbiting rock (assuming life didn't start up again, if it did here this time)
      If the expanding universe is correct and doesn't stop, (the big freeze) and 'we' survive long enough (in whatever form we evolve to by that time), we'll probably have to look inwards, there will probably be nothing to look out at anymore.

      If there is nothing after death, we'll never know :( I'd like something like a collective consciousness after death, it'd be very interesting to 'know more'.

      Edit-bed time for me now, I'll shut-up now, didn't mean to butt in on your chat mate, was interested just reading it. Fact is I don't know, I can only go on intuition, which is often not accurate.

    23. Why not both? :)

    24. I agree but one side has some catching up to do first.

    25. In Herbert's 'Dune' books, long distance space travel is actually impossible without vastly expanded consciousness, and that element of the mystical combined with the technological in such a fundamental way is one of the most appealing aspects of those books, for a certain type of mind. I won't pretend to have any explanations for the very strange business of consciousness, but I will say that I liked the emphasis given to it in that subtle 'revolt against the machine' mythology he created. Who knows what the future may hold for our deeper understanding of it?

    26. the holographic theory says that the universe is made up of stress vibration onto some medium that can be treated as a canvas background. if the algebraic sum of the wave functions of these vibrations is not zero there is a stationary wave pattern that appears in the form of a particle with some residual mass called the rest mass. the human body is made up of quarks with an life span of 10^-9 sec. so the hologram is retraced 10^9 times every second. since the sensory organs of our body work at very low levels of perception we observe as if we are for real.

    27. I suspect you gave me 3 thumbs down on this conversation, I would like to ask for a worded disapproval.

    28. I gave no thumbs down to anyone on this conversation!

    29. I wrote I suspect...I was wrong...Doco cleared this up. Now to him...

    30. Those down ticks were mine.

      First one because of your last line, "Primacy of consciousness is a very probable hypothesis.", mainly the word 'probable' I didn't agree with.

      Second one, because of the paradox you suggest of 'science proving something outside science'. And again your last line, "the same way that our individual consciousness assembles particles into physical wholeness."

      3rd one, because of the part you said; "Life is physical, natural, tangible, see-able, it includes all that is factual. Energy on the other hand is potentially physical and it requires life to give it a physical reality but without life energy may still be there."

      Not because of your ideas mate, but because of the statements you made which are not known.

    31. I gave you a tick up for two reasons, for clearing my error about a tick or three and I agree fully with your last phrase.

    32. They were not meant as an insult mate, just inputting without saying anything. :)

    33. If I took your silent disapproval as an insult, I'd be the fool, silence is never an insult, that comes with words. I see no insults.

    34. Energy IS a physical phenomena.

    35. Everything is part of the universe which is an energy system and we are continuously communicating with one another at an unconscious level. Many of us have lost awareness of.this communication. If you want to know more, i would like to suggest a segment with a person i know who was born as a phenomenon with all the knowledge of the universe and our origins and afterlife... things that physicists are seeking answers to

    36. Energy is a physical phenomena; it isn't outside the "realm of physical reality" it's very much a part of it. Every single day, particle physicists are making energy into matter and vice-versa.

    37. gibberish.

  14. I believe we are pure consciousness and the universe is what we have created. The Universe is our crestion limitless.

    1. I like what you're saying but that doesn't justify my agreeing with you. You need to give deep rational and empirical justification to overcome the challenges of reductionist/materialists.

  15. Does the Universe exist without life to observe it and if not then are we the creators of the Universe ,or did it create us to exist that is the ultimate question if you ask me but its also a Paradox like the tree falling in the woods

    1. there is life after life....conciousness being one of them

    2. How do you know?

  16. its an infinite universe and or consciousness is the reasons its here we are like eyes to a infinite body :D

  17. I think that the Big bang was created by a black hole, so for every Black hole there is, another Universe is being created, matter from one universe enters a Black hole and is spit out of the other side or white hole so that's means there must be billions of Universes or Multiverses

  18. what about the other 2+ seaons?

  19. This is the way it works. Implosions not explosions are the manner. Universes within universes is the infinity. Time is created when energy conducted on space is received in an event coincidence. Energy momentum flows into the hole.This replicates and holds the energy pressure of creation in sustained tolerances. A mathematical base other than numerals 1 through 10 rearranged will key the lock. Einsteins so called "mistake" has essential clues. Must "grok" to understand all the meaning and content of each the numbers beginning with the comprehensive number one. The full spectrum experience of each number in symbol and emotion and relationship will assist the maturity of understanding knowledge. It is best by far to allow God to lead and inspire each discovery.

    1. I do not have a clue as to what you are talking about, what the h@ll is "grok"? You are not even good at "gish gallop" give it up.

      Funny religee's!

    2. Not knowing "grok" shows a lack of cultural knowledge on your part, not a lack of vocabulary on her part. It was a popular term for "fully grasping a concept" in the '60s and '70s as a result of the success of Robert Heinlein's book Stranger in a Strange Land, where it was coined. (By the way, the book strongly appealed to self-categorized "free thinkers" - it's possible you could evaluate the original post through that connection...)

    3. The term was indeed coined by the science fiction writer (who liked to explore themes relating to social conformity) to refer to a type of mind melding - to mix sci-fi metaphors.

      I hardly think that knowledge of this, or for that matter any group would would be trite enough to define THEMSELVES as free-thinkers without a great deal of qualification, prerequisite for healthy cultural knowledge, as you put it.

      It is, as you quite rightly say, a starting point to put the original comment in some kind of context so we can understand it for what it is: brain addled woolly mindedness of the first water.

      "Must 'grok' to understand all the meaning and content of each the numbers beginning with the comprehensive number one."

      What rubbish! Stop with the transcendental meditation and wake up to a reality that you can see without having to alter your brain state.

    4. Hey sonny, you mean like the body of people's almost legally smoking pot or doing drugs now?
      Like out in front in my park while I eat ganola.
      Living in sub. hsing called Kinsmen.Raising kids in higher and higher unemployment and inadequate nutrition. That reality I can see.

    5. Wasn't that a great book for the 70's. Hiding out on the bottom of the pool while the hele buzzed overtop. 40 yrs ago.

    6. There, making me think you're intelligent, and then you go and say a thing like that.

      "It is best by far to allow God to lead and inspire each discovery."

      By 'God' I hope though you are referring to humanity as a whole; as opposed to a flying spaghetti monster.

    7. Im sure he means the higgs bosons flying around your face right now

    8. wait a sec... Michal HADDON?... hadRon... large HADRON COLLIDER??? conspiracy.

    9. OMFG ..What a serious load of bull s*it lady! Stringing together a bunch of scientific sounding words does not make for an intellectual comment. Stop reading Deepak Chopra's crap!

    10. Funny U should say that. Bought my first of his books 20 min ago after a wormhole nightmare last night which has brought light but then torpor and dull eyes. On the other hand my god exp. have been non dual and doves which inspire faith - unlike these creepy events.
      Kathleen's contribution is welcome and your put downs lead at the bottom or not at all.

    11. What a serious bunch of closed-mindedness. There is generally nothing wrong with Deepak Chopras' philosophical statements.

    12. I think I understand quite a bit of astronomy, as a layman, not a professional. But I didn't understand any of this babbel, except the last line that references God, which is allot of "who shot John"!! If man would have waited for "God" to lead the discoveries, we would still be in the 1600's.

  20. I have been TOTALLY enthralled with this program from the very first episode. Though I question SOME-things, I am so obsessed by OTHER things, that I am obsessed about RETURNING to college to acquire a Masters or PhD in particle physics, alternative energies AND computer ENGINEERING, ...all because of this show. I always anxiously await the next season (..though I favor the FIRST season MORE-THAN the 2nd & 3rd seasons-NOTHING could match that first season,

    I'm studying, reviewing and constantly refreshing my College Algebra, Precalculus, etc., etc. BECAUSE of this show.

    I guess Dr. Sagan, when we sporarically chatted at Cornell U. back in the '70s, was correct about me when he said science is/was and always WILL-BE part of my soul.

  21. Hi, all (Vlatko, Az, Razor, and Epic, etc.) For lack of a better space to say it, "How are you all?" I've been busy and now I'm safely tucked behind the Great Wall, or at least a lovely mini version of it in the middle of China. I'm a bit surpised I can access Topdocs here. Yahoo is very hard to access. I haven't tried to play a doc yet (youtube is banned), so I'm not sure if anything will play, but I will try. I'm teaching advanced mathmatics, science, computers and all forms of English here to advanced students trying to get into American universities. Very challenging, but I think I'm doing ok. My family should join me sometime next year. Life is good; I am happy.

    P.S. I can't seem to access any old messages, so I'm starting new.

    1. charles
      nice to see you welcome back

    2. Well, it looks like I can give my highly-needed and intelligent faith-centered comments if I so choose, but I can't watch any docs as Youtube is a big no no here. So disappointed. Thanks anyway! :-)

    3. charles
      while most docs are youtube not all are try "The First Jesus" under recently added. it is a different player it may work. i did not suggest this doc because of the religious slant it was the first non youtube doc i found.

    4. Howdy Charles, good to see you back, I see you are still "His Forever" lol

    5. Yes, I liked that one. "His Forever" is my my desire. Ironically, I was teaching Darwin's theories today for Scinece class. I think I did a very good job explaining them. Science is my favorite course to teach, in fact.

  22. I love the voice of morgan freeman ! it's so awesome ! :D

    1. " like a twinky, like a twinky."

  23. Where is Did we invent God? I have that episode on my PVR.

  24. And the Universe is actually 14.6 billion years old if I misheard the guy, so he's still wrong. *sigh*

  25. I don't want to be all party pooper, but some of the experts on this show are clearly not experts... (dude that said the earth was 13 billion years old that doesn't know our entire solar system was created 3.78 billion years ago... I'm looking at you. 10 Billion years off? okay then.)

  26. Titanius Anglesmith in an answer to "Any thoughts on what nothing IS"?
    yes. no thoughts what so ever.

  27. Absolutely love this prgram and hope to see many more new shows

  28. Can you please add season 3

  29. I have absolutely loved this TV show ever since my co-worker showed me it for the first time. He says that by going to college you can understand what people have discovered over time but by watching this show you can see what people are discovering right now. All I can says is he is absolutely correct. I do not know how long he has worked at Dish but I am happy he eventually mentioned Dish online because I missed the episode last week and now I can catch up for tonight's episode. Any thoughts on what nothing IS?

    1. yeah, nothing ISN'T ... if it IS something, then it's not nothing anymore. It's something. Nothing is nothing. Nothing doesn't exist, in any sense that has meaning. There is no bit of space that is nothing; even if it is empty it's still got time-space fabric and it is a thing, that has properties (like distance). True nothing has no properties, it is not a thing.

      Maybe beyond the boundaries of this universe there is nothing, but in practical terms this means that nothing exists beyond the boundaries of the universe ... no space, no time, no light or matter or distance or anything. So for all intents and purposes, it doesn't exist.

      I guess nothing could be summed up as that which does not exist.

    2. I have to agree nothing is a concept invented by humans. Most probably a very deficient adaptation of the number zero to physics.

  30. Sam Ma if u are religious i would like to make a question for all religious and radical religious ppl in world.Why god gave us an IQ and a mind wich is as logical as to suspect on the exictense on god?? If god can do anything so he could gave as an iQ and logic wich would not be able to suspect on god isn't so?Im pretty sure that we only need time u ''Sam Ma''to make new theories wich could predict the death of ppl...We just need to make theories wich can predict the future...for example in 1556 if someone would say that i can predict on what time will a meteor crush with earth all people would laugh cuz that time people did not have theories and mathematics equation wich would predict the trajectory of meteor.But now we can predict this think so we just need time and fortunately we got a lot of time wich is need to predict the future.So to sum up we have logic mind we have time so we have everything to turn the future from a mistery into a full predicted event.

  31. ggg

    1. It's not that simple kid, the laws of the universe have no way of creating life at least none that has een discovered yet. No sientist can begin to explain how life is created. So dont think we know the answer cuz we dont and at the end of the day saying that god doesnt exists is as bullshit as saying that god does exists. Thus making you no better than someone who belives in god.

    2. Don't be humbled by your doubts, however simple minded man kind may be, there is a possibility, just not as we know it.

    3. take hydrogen and helium in universal amounts, add the 4 fundamental forces, and entropy. Let them stew for about 13.7 billion years. Near the points where stars will caramelize, in a balmy liquid water temperature zone, you will find planets where amino acids will clump together to form a little thing called DNA. Than prepare to have your evolutionary taste buds blown away ! :D

    4. DNA is not made up of amino acids!

    5. You are wrong. In fact, scientist have created life out of nothing. I refer you to the work done with electricity. In fact, there is a monumental amount of evidence in support of lightning being the catalyst.

    6. I'm an Athiest. However, I don't believe in life being created by chance with Lightning as a catalyst or any other energy form for that matter. This is because the possibility of a protein forming by chance is about 1 in 10^740 and the possibility of a single cell forming by chance is about 1 in 10^340 million. Anything beyond a chance of 1 in 10^72 is deemed as impossible by Information and probability scientists.even in a period of 13-14 odd billion years.There must be some other explanation besides both chance and god.

    7. Nobody told you to watch them or about your opinion.

    8. the only way you can rationalize life being random or improbable is that you can only think in finite numbers. expand your mind to encompass the infinity, and you can then see how life is an endless loop of different experiences. if the universe is alive, which I believe it is, then probability is moot. I refer you to Shrodinger and his cat and also, look at it through the cat's experience withe the thought suicide experiment.

    9. Plenty of evidence of how life can start from the right ingredients! Probably started as very small chain Self replicating RNA molecules..... Slowly but surely we evolved! The universe is unimaginably large with countless stars and planets, the chances are that on a number of these life will evolve. It's a game of numbers.
      I personally don't think god exists, doesn't seem to be any evidence! And it's pretty obvious all religions are man made! Anyway wtf do I know! Good luck in whatever you believe! Just be nice to each other and make the most of the little time that you are given!

    10. Sam Ma u know relativity of einstein and quantum mechanic are theories wich are based on logic and they can predict how will a particle move in space- time so now most of theories we have are able to predict events what are included on those theories Example E=mc2 can predict planets trayectry and transforming process from mass into energy .Why? cuz its logical so why a book as unlogical as bible and quran should be trustfull i mean these books are wroten hundred and thousand years ago and they are based on magic wich is bullshit example bible say that humans and all creatures are created before 5000 years so it means that humans lived at the same time with dinosaurs!!Now we know that dinosaurs disappear befor 65000000 years and human started existing befor 2000000 years so bible was totaly wrong this is a fact that saint book have a lot of defects this i the reality Sam Ma u can call me kid but u can not ignore the reality.Science is the right way religion is a barrier. And Sam Ma u do not nedd to tell me how life has begin in earth science facts and more valuable that some words of u...Ur explaining have no sense for cience im sorry that u belive that way...

    11. funny u say dinosaurs, there is evidence where that is true, that we lived side by side with them...plenty of civilizations have been found with drawings and in one perticular instant there was pottery found that appeared to have a man RIDING a dinosaur and their depiction of the dinosaur was f--kin on how did they just draw an animal that looks exactly like that and put it on pottery? its cuz they seen it.

  32. I need smarter friends. Anyone want fill that role.

    Edit - Season 1 episode 1 was removed by viacom someone pay them and get it back up i wanted to watch it again. Thanks in advance

  33. As said by many before me; this is a great site, but very addictive. How do you go on to other things, when there's so much here?
    Since I'm older than anyony here, some day I'll tell you how it all started, that is the human's real start. And it wasn't God that did it. Good night and good luck.

  34. some episodes are missing from here, but copy and paste the title into youtube and you will find it there. As well, there is (atleast a beginning) of season 3 on youtube as well.

  35. is the show bankrupt! i want more

  36. @01373 – Not sure where you were educated but you nailed it with your matter being congealed energy observation. I was told the congealing happened before the quark epoch of the big bang. I was also told that in the process of cooling down and congealing as it expanded the universe as it was at that stage converted some of the energy into gravity and the rest became congealed matter then the matter went through a process of elimination until stable matter containing gravity began to dominate the process. Since then all matter, no matter how small, contains gravity. Some guy thought he had found negative energy by building a machine with 2 metal plates less than a hairs width apart and noticing he needed to apply a very small amount of energy to them to keep the metal plates apart. That small amount of energy was the gravitational attraction the two plates had for each other, factoring in the gravitational influence of the earth’s mantle below the plates and the moon above the plates and any friction from whatever was supporting the plates. In space at zero g people see this by water forming a wobbly sphere or grains of sale/sugar etc. clumping together rather than dissipating . On Earth some have seen it with metal balls clumping together on a smoothly polished varnished floor and lasers emitting photons not being in absolutely 100 percent perfect alignment when they are fired horizontal to earth over long distances. It was explained to me in big picture terms because I wanted to know how some machines worked but the people who told me knew their stuff in these areas.

  37. there insn`t s0301
    on this site.

  38. season 3 has begun
    Through the Wormhole S03E01 Will We Survive First Contact?

    1. You can send a message to @Valtko (contact at the top) and he will put it on for all of us to watch. (Although he may see your message here)
      thanks ....i was looking for that about two weeks ago and didn't find anything must be very recent

    2. @Vlatko...Will We Survive First Contact S03E01 in back on line. I watched it 2 weeks ago and noticed it was pulled out afterwards. It's back on, let's hope the whole third series is here!

  39. I'm just looking through the website. There is so much! Any favourites???


  40. Hello All,

    This is a great site!

  41. Thank you!

  42. Excellent series! Not sure what Steven Wootten's talking about. The host or "dude" is Morgan Freeman, but neither is he condescending nor head of a skeptics' association. Just an actor, narrating a series...and I find his voice soothing. Other than that, the content is intriguing and the show tries to be as balanced as possible. This is usually seen on the Science channel, which has many great programs.

  43. Could not make it past 5 minutes of this boring monotone. Recognized the dudes' voice and self righteous, smug pseudo academic tone.. head of the skeptics association. Sounded desperate to blurt his spiel out as quick as possible before we fall asleep. Very condescending and THE most biased clap trap heard in a LONG time! Give this one a miss!!!

  44. worst spelling since the birth of time, hands down.

  45. yeah agreed about the foreign ppl. . keep rockin' on!
    *First post from joining a place like this Disqus :]

    1. Hi Tim...first is often the beginning of many. This is a great site, very informative, at times challenging, at others funny, always something new and often addictive.
      Welcome in the gang.

  46. Thank you!

  47. Why did they remove the episode about higher dimensions? Because I can only truly understand up to five. Higher than that I give up.

  48. This series is awesome!

  49. @01373.. not sure if trolling, or actually spells 'mystery' as 'mistory'..

    LOL WUT!


  51. @01373 Your logic is flawed. You say "energy can't be created nor destroyed...", then say that since God can be described the same way, they therefore must be the same thing. This is the most foolish reasoning I have ever heard. ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TRYING TO CLAIM THAT ENERGY CREATED THE UNIVERSE?? Energy exists within the universe and not outside of it. How can something from inside the universe that did not exist until after the big bang cause the big bang from outside the universe, and before it even existed. You don't need to know physics, just general logic. Your logic is just so incredibly flawed.

    1. I completely agree.

    2. Michael Roth, you are UNREAL

      We suffer from more than just an economic deficit in this country, we suffer from an educational one as well.

    3. So your logic leads you to believe that you know what exists outside of the universe? You must have more knowledge than all of mankind!

  52. Religion
    - for the world

  53. @01373 I have no idea why i read your comment, but i saw peoples responses to it and had to check it out. I REALLY hope you are foreign because that may be an excuse for your butchering of the language. Other than that, i'll just say that all your 'god working with science' talk is strange to me. You must think that science's purpose is to disprove god. Well, if that hasn't happened in some peoples eyes then it never will for them. I don't think anyone alive can prove or disprove any gods existence. The fighting between them is pointless. To each his own, eh?

  54. It sounds like a child trying to promote religion or some trash from the deep south rambling on about nonsense...

  55. There are just some things that you can't change. You have to accept things just the way they are!

  56. all mater is made of energy,that have congelled (stucked together ) into partical form,that is what we are made of......fact

    so with that being we are energy. becuse energy is in us and we are made of energy....
    well ok descrive can never be created or destoryed. it always was, always has been everything that ever existed always existed its moveing into form and out of form.

    you go to a theologian and ask the queston, What created the unervers? and he or she will say God..ok descrive God.....

    Always has been, never can be created or destored, all that ever was,always will be,alwaysmoveing into form,though form and out of form.
    you see it is the same deffenishon,just differsnt terminology.

    so that meaning that god is energy, energy you cant see energy is all around you...

    you can feel energy...

    what if we put are trust in this thing called god which is achaly are own energy that we feel?

    what if sience and relegon can finaly come together once and for all?

    why cant we see that both sides are right and if they just come together then they can figer it out together....

    what if sience had one peace of the puzle and relegon had the other.????

    come on thogether we can figer this mistory out....sience and relegon both working together.... ;)

    1. You need to check your spelling, your comment is almost unreadable

    2. why would anyone like this persons comment? What the hell is wrong with you people?

    3. LMAO!!! I am speechless. This is perhaps one of the funniest comments I have ever read! Or should I say, "readed"? Hahaha

    4. Good lord dude, I am no grammar/spelling nazi but 26 spelling errors in one short post might just be a record. My dog spells better and he licks himself and eats out of the garbage. I felt like I was reading anything from a division 3 school in Mississippi or Missouri. :0

    5. Most likely you were reading a text written by someone who does not speak or write English as a first language or second or even third language... 14 people didn't seem to mind.
      The majority of people born and raised in the US are happy with just one language and i suspect many can't spell it right either.
      Keep in mind this is an international site.

    6. I have never laughed so hard in my life. you nailed it!

  57. The best of all scfi docs

  58. Waitin for some freshies

  59. Filosofem:
    "The world is in chaos. Honorable dealing is
    deteriorating, good friends are few, truth is
    held in disrepute, good service is underpaid,
    poor service is overpaid. Whole nations are
    committed to evil dealings: With one you fear
    insecurity, with another, inconsistency, with
    a third, betrayal. This being what it is, let the
    bad faith of others serve not as an example,
    but as warning. The real danger of the situation
    lies in the unhinging of your own integrity:
    accepting less than your best, being overly
    tolerant of stupidity, forgiving incompetence,
    fraternizing with the nonspiritual. The man of
    principle never forgets what he is, because
    he clearly sees what the others are."
    B Gracian, Jesuit Priest
    Filosofem: For I humbly say onto all
    Do not be fool, For this series is filled with holes and Wormholes.
    Think outside the box.

    1. looks like you are writing rap or i wrong?
      I like to write poetry.

    2. Stay hungry, Stay foolish.

    There are as of now 66 comments not including mine. All types of creations and views, like the Universe itself, which is unknown to us all. But I'm afraid my dear friends; You All ask the wrong questions indeed.

    1. I`m just curious - how much does a Ninja get paid these days?

    2. Filosofem: As one man humbly said
      "speak prudently: cautiously to your rivals, and
      with dignity to everyone else. there is always time
      to utter a word, and never time to take it back"...

    3. the best time to take a word back in when no one seem to have noticed or no one has commented on the mistake. It is a race to self improve before being told.

  61. If you believe in meta and quantum physics then how can you say there isnt a GOD or higher power? Cause there is defiantly a body and a spirit because i have left my body and was in the form of pure consciousness. if this can happen then there can be a god. In face i know there is a creator. It may not be the god everyone thinks of , it may be alien or extra terrestrial. Study the Effects and properties of N,N-DimethylTryp

    1. Tryptamine , sorry hit the respond button on accident. Even try it once and i think alot of people will change their minds.

    2. Can you elaborate?

    3. you never left your body. and trust me you were not in the form of pure consciousness. I know this 100% for sure. No human is able to reach that level in the tainted world we live in.

    4. DMT perhaps? Have you seen the machine elves? (wiki them if you havent)

    5. Dude I smoked DMT and was god for 5 minutes, therefore god exists hahaha Michael, you silly b**tard =p I like your ambition though.. Guess what, on DMT you feel like god and on cocaine you feel invincible, it's weird.. like drugs change your thought processes or something..?

    6. Hahahaha, dude you should do some research on drugs before you consume them, it's quite clear they change our thought process, it affects our brains in many ways, i'm not dissing drugs, for f--ks sakes I've done more then any human being should and I completely endorse their use in moderation

    7. I not only do research, i pre and post-load b4 N E use! So, yeah, i research plenty. Im part of the scientific community brah. so PM me if u wanna talk science! ;)

    8. What you have experienced I and others have also. Many times. But you like so many have misunderstood the source of what you were experiencing. You have experienced what some would call “The phase” state of consciousness. It’s a well documented and easily accessed state that resides between full awakened consciousness and REM sleep. It’s been around for thousands of years and cultures have sought it through hypnosis, meditation, drugs and many other means. I have experienced it as sleep paralysis as well as astral projection.. It’s a very useful tool if one develops the skill to access it. The human mind is very good at filling in the blanks and creating a reality that is alternative to the one you are physically in. It is the state in which lucid dreaming, astral projection, out of body experiences, near death experiences, alien abductions, religious awakenings, and sleep paralysis, arise from. But make no mistake it takes place in your head.

  62. Why are people making metaphysical and nihilistic comments on a scientific albeit cosmological documentary series. Maybe, we really need a real philosophical documentary that doesn't dribble down to the history of philosophy, and yes I do try to watch the philosophy documentaries here as well.

  63. The universe is a canvas witch conciseness paints a picture. the "stuff" that exist in the universe is the paints. we are not confined to the web of conciseness on this earth as entanglement proves, we have the ability to paint with all the colors of the universe.

  64. Why do we fear death, and why are we here for only a short period of time? If there is an afterlife, then who cares about this life? When we do finally die, what will it matter if no one remembers who we were or what we did 50 years down the road anyways? While we are alive, is our only purpose in life to multiply by having offspring, and if so, what is that all about? For those of us who desire to have children, we all want our kids to grow up healthy and do well in life. Is this because deep down we think they represent ourselves and that we will somehow live on through them? In reality, their children's children won't even know who we were or what we did so what's the point. Maybe we have them because we want to feel that we have purpose in life and have done what we were suppose to do? Where did that programming come from? Or maybe we have children so that we can feel loved with the love that can only come from family because that's the strongest bond we could ever hope for in this thing called life. But this is an illusion as well because even with this, in time, our own kids grow up and leave the home with little time for us as they focus on their lives or family. At this point, most of the things we have done for them have all but been forgotten, and we somehow become someone who is there when they need something or who is nice to visit once in awhile, as long as it is once in awhile. As we become older, we become less of a support figure to our children and start becoming more of a burden for them, and no matter what anyone says, deep down when we become too much of a burden, our own kids count down the days to when they won't have to bother with us anymore.

    For anyone reading this, everything written so far is not meant to make you feel depressed or sad. This is just an acknowledgement of life at it's most basic level.

    So where do we go from here now that we have faced some of the most basic realities of our existence? What is there in life that makes us want to live when at life's most basic level, we realize that their is really no point to it all, and that what ever we do, in time, won't matter and will never be remembered. Well, after pondering this question, I've come up with a couple of realizations that seem to make life worth living.

    1) Love is a very strong concept, and functions as a remedy for loneliness.
    This is one that I consider to be an essential starting emotion in life. Though it is very important, it is not the compelling reason for ones desire to keep living as many people who where loved by many have also ended their lives with no rime or reason.

    2) Purpose is also a very strong feeling that people experience in life, and one that helps them reason out why they need to live or why they are here. In essence it helps them to define their existence. This too fails in giving people the desire to live though and really acts as a reason not to die. Once this Purpose expires, what ever that purpose was such as a job or a responsibility say for instance providing for the family or raising ones children. The person then feels that they have accomplished their task and are now at peace and ready to face death, unless another purpose is found for them to live. Unfortunately as we all get older, we find new purposes harder to come by, so we eventually give up on life.

    3) Ego - out of all the emotions that all living creatures experience including us humans, Ego seems to be the one emotion that is directly tied to ones desire to live. We all know that there is nothing better than being appreciated or having someone tell us what a good job we did. We all love to talk about ourselves, and we love to show off and be praised. How about a parent telling you how proud they are of you. Ego is also what gives one the feeling of power. Ego and Power are a tied together and cannot be separated. How can you have power without having a strong ego of ones self, and how can you have a strong ego and not feel powerful? You can't. This is the one emotion that gives us all the desire to live, and is blind to age, purpose and even love. It is the most selfish emotion and focuses almost like a god complex on ones existence.
    It's the one emotion that spawns the possibility that we are more than what we appear to be, and it is the one emotion that has spawned cult leaders and dictators. Look at Castro. If one is able to build themselves as Gods, then who needs a God for they are God and nothing or no one else matters. While ego is the one emotion that has the power to give a person the desire to live which is a wonderful thing, it is also one of the most self serving and seductive emotion if left unchecked. When left unchecked, it has the potential of giving the person the inability of compassion and reasoning and the reality that no matter how powerful they are, they are still only human and mortal, and will someday die just like everyone else.

    For those of you who have someone in your life who is strugling with depression or who is sad, instead of telling them that you love them, let them also know that you are proud of them, and tell them why and on a regular bassis. This will not only feed their ego, but will make them feel loved and help them find purpose all at the same time. =)

    1. It looks to me like your deep thoughts reflect the way you see the world through your life experiences. Well, I'm happy to say that I don't share your views, which by the way, are pretty negative whether you realize it or not. In my family all our older members have always played an important role as head of the family; they are loved and respected. For the ones who reached an advanced age they were taken care of in our homes and not abandoned or thought of as a liability. I believe it has a lot to do with our Hispanic culture and heritage where love and family are more important to us than wealth and material possessions. I believe that most cultures throughout the world, especially in the "under developed" nations, also see their family elders in this fashion. I have to admit that I feel sorry for the many people who see the world the way you just explained. Never-the-less, I understand why, considering the importance that society in The U.S. and other Western nations place on the accumulation of wealth and material possessions as the measurement of a person's value, though not through any fault of their own. It also seems to me that the poorer one is the less there is this preoccupation with the fear of dying but rather accept it as another part of life. That's probably why religion plays such an important role in the poorer nations. This is my view!

    2. u blow my mind dude

    3. Good psychological approach to depression. Thank you.

      While I don't believe there is an ultimate purpose/meaning to life. There is plenty of meaning to be found in one's immediate situation and in the world as it currently is. There is meaning to be found in making life better, easier, increasing human knowledge, pursuing things you find pleasurable. We are not ultimate beings. I believe it is folly to seek ultimate meaning. Enjoy your plans, your world, your time here. We each have a unique experience.

      Enough of my jumbled thoughts. In the words I heard attributed to Bob Dylan. "If you can't know something, don't waste your time thinking about it." I would add: "Unless of course you enjoy thinking about it."

    4. Just to play devils advocate but if you would have told that to Albert Einstein or many other free minded thinker's throughout history, chances are we would still be on one continent thinking the world is flat. I know that's being dramatic but I say dream till your head explodes. Einstein also attributed personal creativity to being way more powerful then any type of actual intelligence, so who knows, someone reading this now could be the next Einstein with a Eureka moment waiting to happen at any point in time/space.

    5. Being smart or a genius to me is being able to apply your knowledge and be creative with it. Simply to have a lot of knowledge by reading books doesn't make you smart in my book. There's intelligence, and then there's intelligence.

      To have high IQ, helps to absorb knowledge and sort it, but doesn't necessarily mean you going to make it big. I for one was tested, and was quite a bit over average. I studied, and gained a bit of knowledge, but I see myself as an id**t, that can't get my thumb out of my bum and actually do something with my life. I am way too laid back, and haven't found anything that I really enjoy. ;D

      I do not agree that anyone could be the new leonardo da vinci or albert einstein. They would need that little extra to reach that level. Though I agree that anyone could reach the cream of their fields, but not become the cherry.

    6. No need for long and wordy diatribes.

      Yor purpose is to love.

      Love, and nothing else..

  65. excellent series. can't wait for more

  66. I've followed this series from the beginning. And, I love it. The topics are always interesting and the religio-scientific topics are downright ballsy.
    But it always covers those topics very tactfully. Just the fact that it realistically tries to cover these topics makes it a worthy intellectual escapade. Despite this, its still very accessible to everyone (including me).
    Morgan Freeman's narration is astute and the little inklings of his personal experiences throughout the series makes it seem a bit more impactful too.
    It's so well presented that, personally, I think it could easily really rival some of the BBC's best... Which is saying a lot...

  67. I heard a very wise comment once: The universe is only one of countless trillions--and they're all a simultaneity at infinity!

  68. 2nd season should be interesting. :)

  69. Amazing series! Can't wait 2c the new episode!!

  70. Very entertaining, the human imagination is a bottomless pit. The deeper we get, the deeper it grows....

  71. I am not evangelical nor even religious. But I love God and I love cyber-technology and I could not disagree more vehemently to many of the tenants proposed in this episode. Furthermore, a lot of these irrational self-confirming suppositions are old worn out yarns for that most AI enthusiasts don't take too seriously. There is a great exchange in the movie A Serious Man about Shrodinger's Cat:
    "But I get the cat."
    "It's not the cat that's important, it's the math that counts."
    I'm all for humility in the face of the Cosmos, not more human arrogance and ignorance. How dare the script writers presuppose our individual conceptions of God or place 'requirements' on that existence?
    Having said that I do admire the argument that a light switch possesses intelligence. That's a posit faithful to its premise in the extreme and in one way it's right: as far as AI goes, in my opinion it's all or nothing.

  72. Dancing galaxies! wow! It is like a romance

    1. spider romance... chomp. D:

  73. The movie is not getting loaded. Any problem with the connectivity or authentication

  74. I have watched this series so many times and never get tired of it.

  75. Perhaps the "Big Bang" was actually the result of the last 2 surviving black holes consuming each other in the previous universes life. Is not God "all knowing"? Knowing the end result from even before the beginning of time? What is the plan for 12-21-2012.

    1. A new consciousness of the human race! is what I hope the "plan" is for 12-21-2012.
      Through destruction, comes creation!

    2. really? so, ANOTHER doomsday prediction perhaps? Oh, bet u cant wait to be raptured!

  76. One thing I really love about this series is the clever analogies they come up with in order to explain complex topics.

    Lacking a degree in advanced mathematics, I had trouble understanding the issues involved in Leonard Suskind's resolution to Hawking's Black Hole Information Paradox. The simple analogy put forth in "The RIddle of Black Holes" episode made it clear.

    Additionally, the explanation of the HIggs Field given in "What are we madde of" is just brilliant. Comparing the Higgs Particle to a Paparazzi surrounding a famous figure (Obama) as they try to make their way through a crowd is a very clever analogy explaining how the Higgs Field gives rise to Mass. I have heard many other attempts to explain this topic, but it never made since until I watched Through the Wormhole.

    One of my all time favorite Science Documentary Series, right up there with BBC's Horizon. I sincerely hope they film a season two.

  77. Hy, anyone knows if it'd be a 2nd series?

    1. I'm not sure if you're already aware (since you posted three months ago) but a second just premiered last Wednesday on the Science Channel in the US. As far as I can tell, it has not yet available legally online.

  78. Excellent series.Thoroughly enjoying each one. My only criticism however is the use of Morgan Freeman? He is doing the job well, but I find the scripting for him very naff. The subject matter is so interesting on its own, that the use of a Holywood star to present it is totaly uneccessary and I feel cheapens the show, especially when he starts droaning on about his childhood complete with a video at the beginning of each episode. But, hey, its an American show and not a British one. Culture difference.

    1. The reason they used Morgan Freeman, is because he is a firm believer in extraterrestrial life, and is also a very smart man. He chose to do these shows, because he is just as interested in the topics as you, me and everyone else who's commented on here so far. He's not only a great actor, but a great talker and thinker. Another actor who not only believes in this stuff, but spreads his believes, is Dan Akroyd. Look up his believes on U.F.O.s and the planets, wormholes, galaxies, etc... I not only think that Morgan Freeman was great on these shows, but I too believe that he was the perfect candidate for them.

  79. Watching these again. Have to say , I really enjoy this series , up there with the cosmos series in my book.

    Anyone know when and if season2 is coming out?

  80. I have been watching that kind of thoughtful movies but never came across that sort of fantastic science-beyond themes that are about us and universe, it is really mind-blowing series. The region (Pakistan)i belong to now a days is in the grip of terrorism and religious fanaticism hardly people watch that sort of staff. i thank to its director and writer to have presented this beautiful movie

    1. Ilyas, buddy you have no idea how happy I am to read that you are a Pakistani, I am also a Pakistani living in US. I don't know whether this knowledge has made you question your very belief, it certainly did for me. I am now an Atheist and I hope there are more people like you in Pakistan.

    2. Yeah there r many, almost every masjids r empty these days even in ramzans, they do bad wid others, rob, kill show pride in having power to kill any1 who confront them..... they r not afraid of God anymore...

  81. there are very few talented actors that is as versatile as morgan freeman :':

  82. you can say that morgan freeman is one of the most versatile actors that we have today ``

  83. My son once asked me "who would you most like to have read a story to you if you were blind" my answer was Morgan Freeman, this is just an awesome series, thankyou so much for sharing it.

  84. Great Vlatko!
    Seeing merely the titles of the series causes a premature ejaculation LOL.
    Thnx buddy.

  85. This has to be one of the most interesting series on television today. It makes you think about everything going on both personally and world wide.

    If you haven't watched this series, sit down and enjoy it. You will not only learn things you never thought you could, but you will hear about things you will not believe.

    A purely fantastic series!

  86. All Randy did was joke around with Connie. He even identified it as such before posting,"@Connie, (with whom I am totally about to mess– in a friendly, and, hopefully, funny way…)" I dont see anything wrong with this at all, niether did Connie from what I can tell. Maybe we should all just chill a little before jumping at each other so much. I've done it before myself so I know it is easy to have a bad day. All it brought me was more grief and a bunch of nasty posts back and forth between me and those that supported the guy I jumped at, not to mention that guy himself getting all in a tissy and acting crazy. Its not worth it, you can't win over the internet anyway- no way to get your hands around thier throat- so what's the point?

  87. I don't care if it's about something I have no idea about. Just because Morgan freeman hosted it, I'm watch 'em :)

  88. FUN! I wasn't making any terroists threats, that was just crazy funny comedy!

    See-- it's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye!

    See, I HAVE to put that as a legal disclaimer. I DID go to law school.

    (Nothing you put on the internet is private and it stays out there forever... which most of you kids don't realize. It can all be used in a court of law against you for any future prosecution or PERSECUTION by your enemies.)

    So, I'd much rather make a friend than an enemy. Can we be friends Luke? I'd like that!

    Did that seem sincere...?

    1. No, it didn't:)

  89. Yes, Luke, but your statements are simply not true. You haven't done your homework like I have.

    Anytime you are ready to murder me? I am ready for it.

    This is a good day to die.

    Of course, I'm guessing I may be better armed than you, so you may lose... in which case, are YOU ready to die today?

    I'm just sayin'

  90. @ Randy

    wow. You really must have no life. Cause every-time I watch a doc. there you are trying to prove other people wrong or just plain being an a**hole. Is it so hard to accept the fact that we are all different? Juste because you don't agree with something someone has to say (which seems to be ALL THE TIME) doesn't give you the right to belittle them. Everyone finds happiness in different ways and they don't need people like you telling them they're wrong or crazy or your ever so favorite word "hippies" It's people like you that makes this world so F'd up. Do everyone a favor and go F*** yourslef.

  91. For some reason "Through the wormhole" won't play when I click on watch now.

  92. @ Adel Nada,

    I apologize for using abbreviations. BB stands for Big Bang here and, as a theory of the early development of the Universe, is so far the most acceptable explanation of the beginnings according to the majority of the relevant scientific community.

    I'm afraid that I'm loosing you with why you consider this semi-scientific. The doc offers insight into alternative theories, I didn't hear any one of them claiming these as facts. Besides, one can hardly say that what is presented here is simply opinions of some incompetent folks...

  93. "explain why is this semi-scientific information in your opinion? If you are referring to the fact that it is mostly hypothesizing, then you must know that hypothesis is a part of the scientific method."
    Hypothesis is a part of the scientific method? yes, but it should not be presented in a documentary film as documentry facts.
    I'm writing a novel about patients I met, but It's a novel not a documentar documents. There is a bias in that view from the start.

    "The scientists are breaking new grounds here. Like, the BB may not the only explanation of the readings we are getting through our instruments, although it is the most acceptable so far, but there may, just may be other explanations." Most accepted by who?
    Of course there are other explantions. I see what disproves proves the opposit at the same time. This doesn't mean that I'm defending certain ideas. Please when writing to me don't use appreviations like BB, this is beyand my way of understanding.

    "The scientist who was apparently considered a loony among his peers for his ideas and turned out to be right about planets in other solar systems, should teach a lesson anybody to be careful with exclusive statements."
    my comment carries my oppenion which is, nothing is 100% right or wrong. it was presented as 100% right. I still insist that there was bias in what was presnted.
    " Science is not a religion, the existing theories can be, and should be, questioned. The dogmatic approach is not the one of progress." I fully agree with you. So don't allow presnting somthing as facts when they are just an oppenion.
    This is a misleading semi-science

  94. @ Adel Nada,

    I have still not watched the last two parts, but I think I can allow myself to ask you to please explain why is this semi-scientific information in your opinion? If you are referring to the fact that it is mostly hypothesizing, then you must know that hypothesis is a part of the scientific method. The scientists are breaking new grounds here. Like, the BB may not the only explanation of the readings we are getting through our instruments, although it is the most acceptable so far, but there may, just may be other explanations.

    The scientist who was apparently considered a loony among his peers for his ideas and turned out to be right about planets in other solar systems, should teach a lesson anybody to be careful with exclusive statements. Science is not a religion, the existing theories can be, and should be, questioned. The dogmatic approach is not the one of progress.

  95. after the first episode most of them have been blocked

    1. True @olly. All the episodes in the playlist and in the linked posts are removed by YouTube. I'll do my best to find these somewhere.

  96. @ unknown

    so you can't sleep either? or just waking up?
    Are you watching a good Doc?

  97. Nothing is weird, just news.

  98. @ My whole day has been weird !

  99. @ Ok blackev
    @ Randy

    I just found out why My post would not go thru I said the word *raps with the C LOL

    Now I will repost what my reply to RAndy was:

    *raps did I misunderstand you to? _hit !

    Its ok I am in a weird mood today too!

    I am so meloncholy and its a dark rainy day everything is gloomy.

    “What I meant by thats what the boys like”
    I was saying that I was happy that the series was all compiled for you guys. I know some of you had wanted to see more about the wormholes and stuff. Maybe this isnt new but it is condensed and maybe you guys might like watching it again. I was only happy for the boys.Thats all !

  100. @ blackev

    let me try sending that again maybe there is some clitche hanging up the screen.

    I dont believe Vlatko is upset with me.

    heres what I wrote to R

    Craps did I misunderstand you to? _hit !

    Its ok I am in a weird mood today too!

    I am so meloncholy and its a dark rainy day everything is gloomy.

    “What I meant by thats what the boys like”
    I was saying that I was happy that the series was all compiled for you guys. I know some of you had wanted to see more about the wormholes and stuff. Maybe this isnt new but it is condensed and maybe you guys might like watching it again. I was only happy for the boys.Thats all !

  101. @ blackev

    I do not see why that would be true. It does not make sense to me unless I am misunderstood but again I dont see it.

    I am baffled

  102. This is a semiscientific information

  103. @Connie,
    After reading your comment with Randy's interpretation, it is no wonder your comments are being screened, Vlatko is prob upset with you.

  104. I answered you Randy but its waiting for moderation dont know when it will get released

  105. @ for some reason my comments are being screened?

  106. I had to read your post a few times Randy to get the rift of what you are saying. Ha,Ha, (LMAO) Funny. Hope Vlatko forgives you.

  107. lol ekim, i agree, "TDF F###ing rocks!"
    but the series kinda sux i reckon.
    sensationalized and superficial.
    much less ambiguous doc's available here.

  108. @Connie, (with whom I am totally about to mess-- in a friendly, and, hopefully, funny way...)

    Why do you assume that Vlatko knows what "boys like"? Why would you presume to volunteer him for a lifestyle, while perfectly viable and acceptable, may not be his particular predeliction?

    LOL! I am in a weird mood... D-K and I understand this dynamic! HA! (OMG, that sounded gay, too... there is no way OUT!!!)

    Forgive me, Vlatko! I haven't slept in two days...

    Forgive me, Connie, again... no sleep... two days...

  109. Hours upon hours of Morgan Freemans sweet voice!

  110. @ WAy to go Vlatko thats what the boys like :-)

  111. yummiiiii! :)

  112. Great Great series. And of course being hosted by Morgan Freeman makes it super awesome! TDF you F***ing rock!

  113. Very interesting series.