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Tibet: Murder in the Snow

2008, History  -   24 Comments
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Tibet: Murder in the SnowIn an incident that shocked the world, a teenage Tibetan nun, Kelsang Namtso, was killed when Chinese border police opened fire on a group of pilgrims as they fled Tibet over the infamous Nangpa Pass. The shooting was witnessed by many international mountain climbers, some of whom videotaped or photographed the events and also helped rescue survivors and sent the story out to the world.

Using the original climber footage, reenactments and interviews with witnesses and survivors, Tibet: Murder in the Snow tells of young Tibetans who risk their lives each year to illegally cross the rugged Himalaya Mountains in an attempt to see their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, or attend school in India.

It is a dangerous journey. In September 2006, more than 70 young people travelled for three nights in the back of a truck as it drove south towards the Himalayas. Then the refugees walked for 10 more nights, with inadequate clothing and limited food and water, to the base of the infamous 6000-metre Nangpa Pass, an ancient trade route to Nepal.

Among those who paid their hard-earned savings to illegal mountain-guides, were teenage farm girls Dolma Palki, 16, and her best friend Kelsang Namtso, a 17 year-old nun. Both wanted to meet to meet the Dalai Lama and to study without political interference. Also attempting to cross the mountains were 14-year-old boy Jamyang Samten and Lobsang Choeden, 29, a farmer.

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24 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Enric G. Torrents


    That's not the point. What Roberta Freeman is asking is why regular people doesn't get outraged and act to stop this kind of behavior from the government. The response is that, at least in China, human rights activists, lawyers, and anyone who dissent or speaks out too loudly against the regime is brutally repressed without recourse to law. In the US and elsewhere in the free world , people do try to stop and reverse the situation (regarding the crimes of any state, including the US), but much more needs to be done. Too many people are self-absorbed and unable to empathize with the other, or simply ignorant of what's going on.

  2. Ric Low

    7 Was shot and shoved in the Crevasse but Kelsang Namtso didn't shoved
    in the Crevasse she was put in jail but she already dead?
    where is kelsang's family ?
    only kelsang's friends see her body?
    only one photo why is it pink the photo was not in the tibet murder in the snow documentary?
    SERGIU MATEI THE CAMERA MAN SAID THEY'RE SHOOTING THEM LIKE DOGS TWICE IT BEEN EDITED. dolma said kelsang were shot in the leg but richard gere at berlin cinema for peace said kelsang the nun was shot through the stomach?<-liar for 5 days dolma didn't know kelsang's dead but kelsang was there .dolma palki pat kelsang on the back and she can't pat kelsang on the back kelsang was the last person and she was shot in the leg that killed her ?

  3. Ric Low

    murder in the snow is staged

  4. Ric Low

    it lies it doesn't make sense go watch the original video why did kelsang was not shoved in the creasses why kelsangs frends look at the body why didn't the family didn't the famly go see the body why was kelsangs picture in the video muder in the snow till now why was the nun drew pictures of kelsang tortured she was shot in the? snow?

  5. John Abreha

    The Tibetans have been under the rule of the chinese for too long. Most western countries have said that they're doing they're best to help Tibet but its the Tibetans who are out they're doing all they can to try and escape chinas rule. They're courage and determination was proved by the entire population and by some individuals. In a long standing fight to gain they're own freedom, the tibetans have proved to the world on more than one occasion that they will fight for a better future. This is what keeps them going day by day, this is the reasons they are risking capture and sacrificing themselves. they want they're family to led a normal life. they want they're kids to go to a school where teachers care. they want they're freedom and they are fighting for it. the Nangpa Pass shooting is just another attempt to gain they're rightful freedom. FREE TIBET

  6. nrang

    For a nation to demand it's freedom is a noble and dangerous things. The global hegemony indeed does swallow the inherent liberty of a nation but to live a life skeptical of the power of a people's unity and rights to the basic freedoms of speech, religion, or movement is to live a life of privilege. The desire for freedom burns in the hearts of these thousands and although the powers that be may take over and the psychological oppression suffered by the Tibetans may haunt them for generations to come, they must know that they are not alone. Neither Iraq nor Tibet were ever about freeing anyone but instead, were about accessing the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of oil buried in their lands. People make politics, not the other way around. We always have a choice in what we do or say or support and to say that global outcry can do nothing is not to give in to the inevitable but to choose to create the inevitable. Stop being such a fatalist and be responsible.

  7. debbye

    there are no words for this, beyond sorrow.


    1. steamknife

      FREE TIBET and then what? Make the country into another US military base? So the local women can become low profit prostitutes for the US army just like other countries? Do you know that the Brits attempted to invade Tibet and killed many Tibet warriors just around a century ago? Do you also know that many Tibetans believe they've done something wrong in the before life to be born in Tibet instead of been born in mainstream cities in China?

      FREE TIBET is a noble thing that I'm not against. But if you don't know what happens after you free a nation then you're in for a surprise. This is essentially what Mao did to China and what the US did to Iraq where a lot of people are still familiar with. Now, are you people trying to do the same thing to Tibet?

      Mindless outcries like this is beyond sorrow.

  8. TheWay

    @Jack,'"how would you feel if I will invade your homeland, in a calm night, break your front door, drag you from your warm bed and beat you with MY rifle, break in you every bone, forcing your nine years old boy to shoot his mother in front of you, your beloved wife, shouting that I came to liberate you from your oppressors? What are your feelings when I burn down your house? What are your thoughts when you see ME laughing, watching at how you wash your wife's blood from your boy's face?
    I will take you everything, I will observe every move you make! I will teach you that you don't have rights, I will force you to do things, telling you that's the right way! I will start to impose beliefs in you, forcing you to do like ME, MY way! How would you feel if I will do that to you? Would you embrace ME and call ME liberator?
    What are MY rights, what are MY motives and who am I to do this things to you?
    After all this, you will have the power to FORGIVE, ME?"'

    Tibet has FORGIVEN Chinese authorities.
    i , i will FORGIVE you, PEACE be within you, Jack, i know that by your post you did not want to hurt US.

    FORGIVE the soldiers who fired, follow the example and the HEART of those people who have risked their lives for US to see and hear the children suffering from Tibet.

    PEACE lies within US. Always do the RIGHT thing, listen to your HEART.

  9. Jack

    This is full of s@#$. For whatever reason they were trying to get out of Tibet, it wasn't because the Chinese government deprived them of schooling, food, housing, clothing, roads, infrastructure, as they say in the film. Before the Chinese came to Tibet, there was absolutely nothing in Tibet except for feudal lords living in monestaries constantly raiding, pillaging, and abducting women from the villages. No schools, no roads, no nothing.

  10. scary

    @Roberta Freeman

    for the same reason american soldiers are murdering innocent people in afghanistan and iraq... the same reason israelis murder women and children in gaza and the west bank, for the same reason indians and pakistanis murder each other on the the siachen glacier.

    because mad men rule the world and we build our societies upon their systems.

  11. Roberta Freeman

    Where is the world's outrage? Where is the widespread dissemination of this video in America? Why does the world continue to turn a blind eye to the Chinese government's murderous policies? No one who learns of the slaughter of peaceful people can call themselves "civilized" if they turn a deaf ear to the cries of the dead. None of us who know of this continuing genocide can be mute.

    I teach teenagers in a public school in America. Tomorrow I shall begin telling this story to my students. They must learn it. They must understand.

  12. Collette

    I was enjoying with a regret of being human while watching this documentary... Good one!

  13. weloveVLATKOxxx

    thank u for a great site. xXx

  14. Transplacement

    An Emotional documentary film. I dont that human beings should be treated like dogs. May freedom come to Tibet!

  15. Chelsea

    Amazing documentary. Really captivating. I hope that a lot of people have/will see this film and others like it so that more people can know about what's happening in Tibet.

  16. lobo

    Thanks a lot for posting this documetary...i salute to all man and women who stand up for other human beings who are oppressed. Human rights and freedom to all.

  17. Asuka

    Hi Vlatko,
    I was wonder if you know of a site I can visit to see how the world responded to this video and a site that tells me how China responded to the video as well,

    Thanks Asuka

  18. penjo

    thank you steve , thank you sergio and luis ,,,,,for the wonder ful work u have done for us god is there and is watchin everythin,,,,they willl bless u and ur family cant explain how much u have done for us thank you once again and god bless.


  19. Kjazz

    Hi Vlatko,

    Thank you for such an outstanding collection. It's a documentary lovers dream site! Much obliged.



    1. Vlatko

      Thanks Kjazz.

  20. Jigme

    Thanks for posting this

  21. fernando

    hello vlatko my name is fernando and i live in puerto rico, i just want to tell you have the best of the documentaries sites.thanks for your are the best..

    1. Vlatko

      Thanks Fernando. I really appreciate that.