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Tiger: Spy in the Jungle

2008 ,    »  -   15 Comments
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David Attenborough narrates the lives of four growing tiger cubs using footage collected by hidden-camera-carrying elephants.

Over two years, the elephants help capture the most intimate portrayal of tigers ever filmed. As they grow, the cubs move from their mother's milk onto meat. Fortunately, the tigress is a skilled hunter.

Charger, their imposing father, keeps his distance but helps to protect his vulnerable offspring from rogue male tigers and leopards.

The half-grown cubs are learning the hunting and fighting skills they will need as adults. The cameras also give an insight into the worlds of other animals, with leopards presenting a real threat to the growing cubs and deer making good hunting practice.

The tigers head to a water hole to cool off on a steaming hot day and the spy-cams show that the jungle pools are a magnet for a whole array of forest animals, including wild boars and sloth bears. But disaster strikes when both the cubs' parents are injured and a rogue male puts in an appearance.

Their biggest challenge is learning to hunt for themselves, but their mother soon loses patience. Many new animal stars make their appearance, including an irresistible jackal family that has to cope when the tiger family invades their backyard, and a flock of peacocks that tease the tigers by playing a game of dare.

15 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Imightberiding

    Remarkable footage of these majestic animals. Many other rarely seen or even heard of creatures in their natural habitat. Although already 3 years old, this doc is well worth the watch for any nature lover. Of course David Attenborough only adds to the experience with his trademark commentary. Thanks for this one Vlatko.

  2. djc200
  3. djc200

    You had me at Attenborough - leave it to him to come host a brilliant nature piece with trunk cams. Thoroughly enjoyed. I also love cats - ignorance is truly bliss for their kind. ;)

  4. Chrystl Zellweger
  5. Chrystl Zellweger


  6. Isaac Hernandez
  7. Isaac Hernandez

    wow, i fell in love with those cubs ^^

  8. greyspoppa
  9. greyspoppa

    Awesome nuff said.

  10. His Forever
  11. His Forever

    I always like Attenborough documentaries. I watched this one with my kids. I really enjoyed this one! 10+

    Quote for the night, "Oh no! Tiger going to eat helliphant!" ;-)

    Thanks Vlatko!

  12. sohel mudasir
  13. sohel mudasir

    charger has recently died. but the doc continues to to carry on his formidable reputation

  14. Colin James
  15. Colin James

    one of my most interesting finds yet.Think i will be busy for a while

  16. Kennedy Nichole
  17. Kennedy Nichole

    love this doc. i watch it everyday

  18. Matt
  19. Matt

    5 hour work days? Lazy elephants.

  20. Shabbeer Farook
  21. Shabbeer Farook

    just amazing...

  22. Ann Rhodes
  23. Ann Rhodes

    Even documentary filmmaking has been outsourced to India...

  24. Ann Rhodes
  25. Ann Rhodes

    A moving tree stump, totally innocuous!

  26. ? ?as? attack ?
  27. ? ?as? attack ?

    Any documentary that David Attenborough narrates is well worth a watch. Plus, tiger's are amazing predators. How can you not love it?

  28. Shashwat tiwari
  29. Shashwat tiwari

    Incredible work by the team..
    Its very amzing to watch this documentary
    I watched many documentaries but this is awesome
    Pench national park is must watch site for nature loving guys situated at SEONI(mp)
    love the work performed by the team..

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