Tijuana Drug Lords

Tijuana Drug Lords

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Tijuana Drug LordsIn the late 1980s the Arellano-Felix brothers take over the Tijuana Cartel. Using a network of tunnels, modified cars, boats and planes they flood the US with billions of dollars worth of drugs; quickly establishing themselves as the worlds largest smugglers of cocaine.

To protect this business the brothers recruit and train an army of American gang bangers. When rival cartels attempt to muscle in on their business the result is a war that claims thousands of lives.

Mexican and US law enforcement join forces to take the Brothers down but they're powerless to stop a wave of violence engulfing Tijuana.

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  1. David

    Fish stinks from the head. Mass murdering war criminals in charge, who rob us blind, control us via hate and fear, attack our self worth ( you will never be good enough, pretty enough etc) Convince us we are free and exceptional, while we live in inverted totalitarian states that spend more money on taking life than preserving it. We are exceptional alright....exceptionally, disconnected and exceptionally uncaring, as we vote for war criminals and enable their crimes against humanity.....and according to my mate Oscar Wilde we are exceptionally stupid for putting up with the deprivations of "private property" as the infantile libertarians scream ITS CORPORATISM, the obviously is NOT the form capitalism assumes in crisis....not really, not completely. Libertarians must go through a shit load of crack.

    People take drugs to escape the nightmare of their reality...returned vets for one, whose rate of suicide is just tragic.

    The problem is we don't hive a fuck. Its about I'm alright Jack. What sort of human being could be in favor of a Mexican wall, as the US is currently breaching the sovereignty of over 30 nations....and slaughter and displacing millions. We are the problem, not migrants and not the government. Where are the heroes of the revolution today?

    200 years on and people still think private property has something to do with their personal belongings earned via their labor

    "THE first man who, having enclosed a piece of ground, bethought himself of saying This is mine, and found people simple enough to believe him, was the real founder of civil society. From how many crimes, wars and murders, from how many horrors and misfortunes might not any one have saved mankind, by pulling up the stakes, or filling up the ditch, and crying to his fellows, "Beware of listening to this impostor; you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody."

    Jean Jacques Rousseau (1754)
    On the Origin of the Inequality (and stupidity) of Mankind


  2. Mikko Majaniemi

    BULLS***! This is totally paid media.

  3. Daniel Briones

    The reality is that the drug war won't get to an end until the U.S. government decides to give a high priority to this issue. There is no point in sending millions of dollars south of the border to help the Mexican government on its war while the government fails to enforce the laws on U.S. side. The drug cartels have huge financial means to fight the Mexican police force and an endless supply of manpower. The only way to stop them is by reducing the demand of drugs which can be achieved by enacting legislation that provides for more severe punishments against the drug traffickers here in the U.S. and by really enforcing the laws.

    1. Jordan

      Man the heart of the problem is drug addiction, unless we have more education and a better understanding of how addiction works as a people, then we will continue to have hard drugs run rampant. People aren't doing drugs because it's cool, they do drugs because they are addicted. it probably started out because they wanted to be cool, but it quickly spirals into full blown addiction, it can happen in less than a month. I've watched it happen 6 months my friend had totally lost touch with reality and was basically a "crazy person." The drug war isn't going to work, because they're is too much of a market for it to happen it's simple economics supply and demand and while the demand is still there the supply will always be close behind.

    2. mike jones

      More severe punishments for dealers will only fill our prisons. New people will take their place.. The drugs cannot be stopped. Drugs are rampant in maximum security prisons. If they cannot stop the drugs in prison they will never do it on the street. The drug was is a sham. Drugs are cheaper, purer and more plentiful than they were when the drug war began. The drug war has caused far more damage than the drugs ever could.

  4. Octopus

    Funny they started with the murder of Kiki Camarena. The Us govt new who had him all along. Kiki was on to the Govt dealing dope during Iran Contra. Some other were killed as well, like Hugo Spadafora in Panama. How did the Gov. obtained a tape of Kiki´s torture and killing?

  5. Christophe Parent

    Santa Muerte is not a Satanic cult. This sort of sensationalism is no substitute for doing research...

  6. Jorge Gutierrez Ruiz

    Besides the consumption problem there's a gun industry that is supported by the US Goverment. All the weapons that the mexican drug lords are using are actually saled by the US. I don't think the US Goverment is interstating in dissolve that huge and profitable bussines.

  7. Abjective

    Angeru your statement is bang on point. It is quite simple as that, "stop taking the s*** stuff and the drug wars will end." There will be no market. Because no one is forced to get high. Its only through peoples weak wills that give in to those temptations of the drugs. Its defenitely true that the Americans have got the biggest appetite for illegal drugs throughout the whole world.

    Also no one cant deny the fact that it is a multi billion doller business yearly. thats a hell of a lot of jobs and wealth but usually gets distributed to only a hand full of people usually to the high ranking officials of the trade and that very minority of people is off all backrounds and usually people of power and influence as well as your average crooks,thugs,trammps,rats etc of the streets.

    Like all drug trades theres always going to be rivalies.Someone always wanting piece of the very lucrative pie. So people are going to try and protect their pie. And that protection comes in the form of bullets and plenty of it, sometimes i think an infinate number of ammo. The most important point to make is that always innocent lives get caught up in the war. Many lives are lost not only villains but many innocents as well. Then its a absolute battelfield on all sides and it becomes a f***ing international tragedy.

    And it is wordwide problem.

    1. humanatee

      well, you are right about one thing - no one is forced to get high. however, people are forced (attempted to anyways) NOT to get high. did you ever consider that this may actually perpetuate the problem? it does not take too much research to find this is true (but don't listen to me, judge for yourself and look at Portugal's declining number of addicts since they decriminalized drugs and began implementing more treatment options). see, the funny thing about humans is they tend to be rebellious...in an ideal world no one would feel the need to take drugs (including alcohol, tobacco and even coffee). but i hardly think the way we are going about it now is the way to get there.

  8. Angeru Mikami

    If people didn't CONSUME the drug, there would be NO need to import more drugs. Duh. So people, STOP CONSUMING DRUGS, and the "drug war" will end.

    1. candyflippin

      are you serious? do you understand, if so do you have an opinion on, the US constitution? are you aware of the money and resources spent to put nonviolent drug offenders in jail. People Will Always Use Drugs. Always. I havent watched the movie yet, as I am about to, but I stumbled about this guys comment and had to give my unsolicited $.02

    2. tony

      humans have been getting high and drunk a lot longer than they have been making laws against getting high and drunk. Even animals take mind altering herbs. Your comment is ignorant Angeru Mikami.

    3. humanatee

      i cannot believe that you truly believe it's that simple. in my personal opinion, if you really do think it's that simple, you are just not paying attention to the world around you.

    4. Amanda Watt

      exactly. simple as that.

    5. Epicurus

      lol silly kids. taking drugs is a type of instinct. it ties in with our extreme curiosity. we like to explore and drugs help us explore our consciousness and our reality. people will never stop using drugs. if they made drugs legal and regulated them the way they do with alcohol they wouldnt have these problems involving criminal organizations. think back to alcohol prohibition.

    6. Max Neveradullmoment Lawless

      Beyond naivety. Look deeper my friend.

  9. His Forever

    Hasn't done much to stop the drug wars. The last year or so has been the bloodiest. I'd like to see the latest documentary update to this issue.

  10. Farking Spamhell

    British annual exports of opium to China,
    1730: 15 tons
    1773: 75 tons
    1820s: 900 tons

    >1830s: Opium wars UK/FR(US+RS) Vs China
    China lost:
    Hong Kong ceded
    Legalization of the opium trade
    Opening of Trade ports
    Grants for Protestant and Catholic missionaries

    World annual cocaine consumption: 600 metric tons
    United States: 300 metric tons

    Still lots of potential growth, especially in less expensive drugs ;-)

  11. princeton

    that ending statement about America having the drug apetite and not Mexicans is wrong.. lol they the ones who introduced us to jane.
    its because America has the money (borrowed of course), that is why cartels sell to us. Mexico's economy is poor making for a bad market to sell ur drugs.

    1. Francisco Pavez

      *face palm* Another ivy leaguer who doesn't know his money from his currency. Take notes, you will find this on a test.

      To sell a product you must exploit an existing niche in the market or you must create a new market. Once a market is established, it will drive its own supply and will be the dominant force upon the price when there is an abundance of producers. Interruptions in supply from any individual producer can only cause local and temporary effects on the availability of products and on their price. A consumer driven market can only be affected by stemming the demand because the supply will always be found to meet such a demand.

      What does this mean for the drug trade? An addict will ALWAYS find a seller. No one from Atlanta pushes Coca Cola down anybody's throat and no one from Colombia pushes Cocaine up anybody's nose. The drug problem is not a law enforcement problem, it is a public health problem. Destroy the demand that drives the market and the market will collapse. Just ask the asbestos miners.

      PS. The demand market model also accounts for the high retail prices and the low consumption in lower income markets.

    2. testicularfortitude

      What I reaally wanna know is how can one become tha bossman in such bizness venture; give me sum practical advice and you will have serve humanity more than you'll ever imagine with your pabulum pukin' platitudes....

    3. who_me_yeah_you

      What I really wanna know is how a fiend thinks he has any hope of being a bossman. No amount of testicular fortitude can surmount sound educated principles. I note how you didn't dare attack them so I think you are not as dumb as the phallic fantasy persona you hide behind.

    4. tony

      so how do u destroy demand?

    5. marjorieann

      Actually this is a response to Francisco. You are correct sir, what princeton doesn't seem to remember is how Los Angeles was flooded with cocaine thanks to Oliver North and Ronald Reagan.

      However, the drug abuse in Mexico now is out of control, all of the experts know this; ten years ago the ejidos were saturated with meth, it is a huge problem. Read Victor Clarke Alfaro. It is true that meth was introduced in the early 80's to the midwest from Guadalajara, but the recipe got out and now millions of Mexican kids are addicts.

      But now it is not simply drugs which organized crime is involved in, they are involved in everything from human smuggling to child prostitution, and from the looks of things, they are gaining ground in Latin America very quickly.

      Anyway thxs for the vid.

    6. humanatee

      actually, mexico did not introduce america to cannabis; that is just a popular misconception propagated by political campaigns (look up harry anslinger) in the 1930s. in reality, christopher columbus brought cannabis to america way back in 1492, and many forefathers of this country grew and used it as well.

    7. Dave Scott

      God bless Christopher!!!