Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy

Death of a Nation: The Timor Conspiracy

1994, Military and War  -   26 Comments
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On December 7, 1975 Indonesia secretly - but with the complicity of the Western powers including the US, the UK, and Australia - invaded the small nation of East Timor. Two Australian television crews attempting to document the invasion were murdered.

In 1993, with the Indonesian army still occupying the country, John Pilger and his crew including director David Munro, slipped into East Timor and made this film. In the intervening 18 years, an estimated 200,000 East Timorese - 1/3 of the population - had been slaughtered by the Indonesian military. The C.I.A. has described it as one of the worst mass-murders of the 20th century.

Pilger tells the story using clandestine footage of the countryside, internment camps and even Fretlin guerillas, as well as interviews with Timorese exiles, including Jose Ramos Horta and Jose Gusmao, and Australian, British, and Indonesian diplomats.

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  1. Jay

    Shame on Indonesia, it’s gross that this was allowed to happen. Turning a blind eye in the biggest way from Aus, Uk, Usa. Who cares that it’s free now, the damage is done. Indonesia, you should be banned from the table. You killed millions of mixed portuguese and Indonesian people, a beautiful mix of people and cultures, just to steal its resources and land. I don’t know how to fix this, the only thing to do is to kick out all native born Indonesians from East Timor, incentivize the portuguese back. Timor is not the same, the people look different and the culture and heart of timor is gone.

  2. Ire Heather

    The word "integration" was used in regards to Timor. That same word is used repeatedly throughout a program sponsored by the International Forum on Globalization with it's Asia Pacific Program (IFG). The focus of this program is the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) a so-called "free-trade" agreement currently under negotiation between the U.S. and 9 other countries. The TPPA would be an agreement that guaranties special rights to foreign investor's access to the resources of countries within the Asia Pacific region and would integrate (displace) indigenous populations and their cultural heritage. As sovereign countries in these areas enter the "global economy" in agreements made with western governments and international investors (corporations) the land is opened up for development and the extraction of resources. The plan is to train Indigenous people (integrated them) to serve the corporate interests. Already the U.S. is organizing a military presence in areas in the region. This is referred to as the Pacific Pivot, a plan to expand the U.S. presence in the southwestern Pacific and make it more flexible. It began during the Bush Administration and is being furthered by the Obama Administration bringing new deployments or rotations of troops and equipment to Australia and Singapore. One of the main objectives is to secure the progress of the TPPA and the Free -Trade Agreement (FTA) in these regions. "The implication is that going forward, the United States will aim to have a much more integrated approach to the region, in which the various tools of power and influence are utilized in a more deliberate and coherent fashion." That last statement is word for word from the Congressional Research Service on a report titled "Pivot to the Pacific? The Obama Administration's Rebalancing Toward Asia".
    What happens in countries like Timor are not accidental, and not only condoned by the west, but planned well in advance as part of the process of globalization. Make no mistake about it.

  3. Kurt

    We can be our own judge by the explanations in this cool video. It's evident an electronic race from an ancient empire existed millions of years ago, supersedes what mankind has achieved on this planet today. Ancient history on a hostile changing planet erases mans history. If the age of this planet(4.57Billion) was one year, man has been here 23 minutes, just to give an idea how man really knows his planet. Dictating governments show you only what they select for you, not what advancements man has actually achieved. Technology is sprinkled on earths civilization because of the Monetary $ystem, to slowly extract and enslave earths societies by building empires which constantly demand Wealth. With no remorse for mankind, and aim to 10 fold. The focus today is not what's inside of useless empty pyramids or how they stacked blocks. The focus must be to turn around enslaving techniques forced on us, as far back as ancient electronic empires from off planet hundreds of thousands of years ago, who built those pyramids and find the need to use this planet for their prison. Or we would all have retained our past life memories which would have allowed us to evolve many- many years ago.

  4. Woodat

    Portugal left East Timor and civil war there began.
    It was the same in Mozambique, Angola, Guine-Bissau.
    In fact Portugal left Angola and Mozambique and South Africa lost a very useful military presence... the Portuguese military presence.

  5. Socrates Wing

    It's a is Civil War, Indonesian just caught up in it, and got the bad name. Half people in east Timor is genuinely want to join Indonesia because of the closeness with Timorese Indonesian. But apparently, what ever the story told by the white people is the truth. Not much of neutrality can be expected from people who do not know the region or have hidden agenda. Small Timor Island is divided to become two sovereign area, that's how close these people are and that's how f*ck up the situation is. Do you know who divide this people in the first place, white people.

    As Indonesia at the time is under Dictatorship, the People have no control or what so ever over small elite army corps. Heck, that particular corps even commit the same crime to Indonesian civilian. But because of the scale it's just fade away like many other injustice act in history. This one, got blown up, because Australia has agenda on it.

    divide et impera

    1. Dane Goulter

      We dont have any agenda on it. My uncle worked in E. Timor with kids who had been orphaned due to their parents being murdered by Indonesian military. Those parents were not combatants. Murdered civilians.

      "Half people in east Timor is genuinely want to join Indonesia because of the closeness with Timorese Indonesian."

      Tell that to the people in the mass graves that Indonesia still tries to deny exist.

  6. TurkeyBoyJones

    If not in this life then in the next these black hearted monsters will pay for their crimes. The men who issue the orders and those who carry them out alike. Those too who have the ability to both profit from and justify their role in this horror must take equal responsibility.

  7. Skumbo Gumbo

    Although this has the word conspiracy in the title, I think it deserves to be in either the history or politics section, rather than lumped in with films like 'jahbulon' etc

  8. Brian

    Communist propaganda. The lack of credibility and integrity of John Pilger, has been firmly established, without a shadow of a doubt.

    1. Nihilist000

      lol what? Did you forget to take your medications? You're very delusional right now and i'm concerned for the public safety, i hope you're not armed. Now calm down and step back into reality.

  9. Tom Wheeler

    when tf are we ever gonna hold the deeply misguided 1st world ruling class accountable? for heaven's sake, how have the loving, capable, and assertive men of the 1w nations become so dejected and marginalized that these sorts of things go on and on? how are allowing these horrific endeavors to occur or in any way flourish seen as preferable to even the worst imaginable personal consequences?


  10. bluetortilla

    But don''t even we as observers become detached? We blame genocide almost solely on the country, politicians, and businessmen who don't fire a shot or deliver a single blow. Surely without their orders genocide is impossible but who actually murders and whose hands does the torturing? Average soldiers on the ground or average men with machetes. Why do they do it? That's a complex question, and a more important one could be 'how can they do it?' You could not do it after all, but are you so different? This is a very important question.
    This is not an isolated incident- it's gone on throughout history. What do we do with the men who are there- who pull the triggers and commit the atrocities? This is the key to stopping genocide.

  11. kongkakingchongcha

    The very low foreign affair strategy is to enable your aggressive neighbors to expand. Australian government obviously didn't know what they're doing. Of all powerful nations, Australia should be the one to oppose this invasion the most.

  12. Tiago

    yeah portugal saved the day lol. this journalist taped these people praying hail mary in portuguese and when it aired on portuguese tv it started a mass protest because it was a portuguese colony and everybody felt responsible. Our prime minister at the time Durao Barroso went to the UN and boicoted the European Asian comerce treaty because of the crimes of indonesia what made all asian country's to start pressing indonesia to withdraw.

  13. lutfi salvatore

    hello. i'm from indonesia. fyi, people are told differently. gov says bullshit about the murder.

    even the movie called BALIBO (made by australians) is banned because the gov says,"if balibo is being watched, it will just like open our old wound. there's nothing problem with timor right now. why should we recall our dark history?"

    1. jk

      Lutfi, Don't most Indonesians know about the slaughtering of the East Timors? By comparison, most japanese (despite the government's official statements to the contrary), know about the Nanking massacre (that the Japanese committed against the Chinese just prior to WWII). If the Indonesian people knew, would they not show tremendous support for the peaceful Timorese? Or is it all about the access to the oil -- to make a few already wealthy people, wealthier?

    2. Socrates Wing

      Don't you know that most Indonesian were also endure the slaughtering by the same regime? If you know, would you show tremendous support for the peaceful of the region?

      Or you just select slaughtering that fit with your government agenda? Who's again that support the dictatorial regime around the world during the stupid heat up of the cold war?

      Have you seen the Timor Islam map lately? It's an divided Island. As victim of colonialism and imperialism, people of the region know what divide et impera is when it's being applied. Oh the oil that suspect as the motive of Indonesian, guess what, they even do not have share for the sweet oil under their own feet.

  14. Ron Burgundy

    This just shows how hypocritical the UN members are. It's OK to slaughter people as long as they are far away and there's money to be made. This was kept out of the media so well that I never even heard of these events until a few years ago. We are so high and mighty about a few terrorists yet we helped Indonesia steal thier country. I'm glad there were men like Noam Chomsky he never gave up on them.

  15. Vitor Mendes

    Im from Portugal and in my countru we followed this event on a daily basis.The people from Timor suffer for a long time.

    Unfortunately,this now free country is one of the poorest in the world.

    I hope that the future of this country be bright.

  16. Henry Kissinger

    Whats the big deal! sheesh...

  17. maroonedinohio

    The complicity of that old creep Kissinger. He will surely rot in hell if there is one along with the others that were privy to this genocide by that old creep Suharto and his cronies.This country was once very tolerable until the military coup. Aussies,Brits and our government all had a hand in it. Good going Uncle Sam! Absolutely horrendous and appalling. It makes me ashamed of my country and my service to it. God bless our troops who should be home instead of dying for damn politicians 7,500 miles away.

  18. CSRealist

    There's a genocide taking place in Africa RIGHT NOW! The numbers of slaughtered has passed Holocaust totals....But "Never Forget".

  19. bob

    suhato seems to be the puppet of the NWO

  20. Jason

    I'm glad the Timor people are independent from the Indonesians now.

    1. Socrates Wing

      Half of Timorese ethnic people IS Indonesian. With eleven distinct ethnology-linguistic groups, hardly simple to generalize that Timor people is only live in East side. It's named East Timor for a reason.

  21. Guest

    After watching this and other genocide, every political statesmen responsible or is complicit for such human and international rights abuse should be brought to international crime tribunal. Although time is on these criminals side, I hope that in the near future, we as world citizen will bring all of them to justice. The world is becoming smaller, and travesty such as these will not be easily hidden from public eye.