Titanic's Final Moments: Missing Pieces

Titanic's Final Moments: Missing Pieces

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Titanic's Final Moments: Missing PiecesDramatic new revelations about the fate of the world's most famous ship. In 2005, an expedition to explore the wreckage made an interesting discovery south of the stern's debris field.

They said they found long strips of metal. Unfortunately, the submersible's camera equipment malfunctioned and they had no proof of what they saw.

But this set in motion a new theory. Maybe these long strips were from the bottom of the ship. If so, then Titanic just didn't graze the side of the iceberg, but it actually ran over part of the iceberg too.

We learn that an iceberg does not go straight down below the water (like a cliff); instead, the water causes the iceberg to form a shelf below the water.

Hence, it's now theorized that Titanic somewhat ran aground on the iceberg. If so, in addition to the gashes on the side, maybe there was also significant damage on the bottom, explaining how the ship sank in less than three hours.

If that were true, it could also explain why the front of the ship is relatively intact while the stern is crushed upon itself.

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Bored wit Titanic
5 years ago

The ship was rushed into service and lots of people died because of aristocratic greed

6 years ago

It's history Matt kuwowski level playing field with science without it we learn nothing,without science we kearn nothing keys leave it at that without ripping it to pieces ,please

11 years ago

hmmmm...had to search TDF for Titanic related stuff after a radio broadcast i was just listening too.
and after reading the intro paragraph at the top of the page, this seems quite interesting, but not exactly what i am looking for.
anyway seems interesting that long strips of metal were found- this doc seems to explain this by the ship going on top of an iceberg.
the radio program mentioned something about the Titanic's twin, the Olympic- and how the Olympic had gotten into an accident on the starboard side as well with a naval ship. When it was being repaired the Titanic was still being built, but could not be built in time. JP Morgan just acquired White Star and could not afford to give refunds for Titanic tickets and supposedly the ships were switched - meaning that the ship that supposedly lays off the coast of Newfoundland is really the Olympic. this is the first i''ve heard of such a story, anyone else hear this before?

Duncan Fisher
11 years ago

This was a great documentary. I really enjoyed watching it.

11 years ago

wait...so how is the discovery related to whether titanic ran over an iceberg? i thought the point of the expedition was to find out if the ship not only grazed the side of the iceberg, but also ran over it. why did it suddenly become another documentary explaining the ship's break-off? did i miss something or misunderstood the point of the expedition?

aside from that, it's an amazing discovery.

11 years ago

my my my i am still sitting here ehhh that's was gud all my memories updated lol

11 years ago

With hindsight I think there were at least two fatal errors. Had they not closed the water tight doors, ironically, the ship would have continued to float. instead of breaking in half, the water would have acted like ballast, and Titanic would have remained fairly level in the water. Also the carpathian reported the site of the sinking surrounded by icebergs, which makes me wonder why it was never considered a possiility to land people on one of the bergs, they would certainly have survived longer than in the freezing water.

11 years ago

I read an intriguing account of how and why this ship was sunk in the book by Eric Jon Phelps, entitled 'Vatican Assassins'. The sinking of The Titanic was a foregone conclusion, engineered through JP Morgan for the purposes of eliminating opponents to the Federal Reserve Bill/Bank's passage into legislation. Morgan's shipbuilding yard built the thing with inherent weaknesses and a plan was engineered to lure 3 prominant, powerful opponents to this great American swindle on board with promises of pioneering a momentous event in the historic launch of this death trap. Lord Astor, held to be the wealthiest man in America was one of the key figures, along with two others vehemently opposed to the banksters scam. Morgan himself promised to be on board alongside a host of glitterati as bait. Naturally, they never showed and it was too late for the 3 to disembark en route to doom. The ship was deliberately steered into an iceberg; all other lives were as expendable as the most prominent except for a particular Jesuit notary who had skipped ship at the Irish port (last exit point). The rest is history; the Bill was passed at a clandestine gathering thereafter.

This documentary is not worth the bother of watching as, at most, it scratches the tip of the iceberg and aids as a further distraction from connected dots.

12 years ago

These idiots are just trying to keep FUNDING coming to them so they can play in the water looking and tattered remains of a ship... sorry but true. This is not real science.

12 years ago

The bow is relatively intact because it was filled with water before going under, and if the keel didn't snap when the ship broke almost in half...but held long enough to drag the stern under while still containing air and held for a few hundred feet until it imploded, that might explain why the stern is shattered.

The final animation depicted the separation before the stern was pulled under, and under it's own flooded weight it may have been able to sink deep enough or fast enough to fully implode over most of it's length, but if the bow stayed attached, and the two hull segments separated from the concussion, wouldn't they look the same?

Just asking.

12 years ago

You don't suppose this expedition was mounted to find the large safe full of gold that sunk with the ship, do ya?

12 years ago

great documentary......TQ

Ryuji Anzen Santisteban
12 years ago

Intriguing. The latest update on what happened to this very well-known shipwreck. 4/5

12 years ago

A new piece of the tragedy has emerged...Incredible! I hope all other details can be uncovered by future generations before what now remains of Titanic
vanishes totally...