Tito's Murder Squads

Tito's Murder Squads

2014, Crime  -   13 Comments
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Robert Zagajski stands in a barren field on the outskirts of Munich and stares at the spot where his father's lifeless and beaten body was discovered in 1983. He was just 17 at the time of his father's murder, but the terror of that day still lingers. "This place symbolizes suffering for me," he confesses. As we witness in these opening moments from Tito's Murder Squads, the thrilling new documentary from directors Phillip Grull and Frank Hofmann, Robert's father Djuro was one of 30 victims in what is believed to be the longest series of unsolved murders in German history.

Much like the majority of the slain, Djuro was a Croat exile who stood in strong opposition to the socialist Yugoslavian regime, and sought sanctuary on German soil. There were many thousands of Yugoslavians just like Djuro, who were all anxious to take advantage of Germany's bustling economic promise, and flee the constrictions of their birth place beginning in the late 1960's. But for some, there was no escape, and their homeland followed them in the form of ruthless assassins sanctioned by the communist party and their leader Josip Broz Tito.

Tito's Murder Squads untangles this twisted tale with all the tension and intrigue of an international spy novel. The film tracks a complex investigation that has mystified and challenged German authorities for more than three decades. Their efforts are buoyed by the families of the victims, who struggle to find closure in their quest for justice.

That justice is hard fought, as investigators attempt to shed light on a large group of Yugoslavian spies who have long operated in shadow within Germany's borders. Uncovering reams of secret documents and featuring a series of chilling interviews with many of the key players on both sides of the story, the filmmakers remain vigilant in their pursuit to hold accountable both the members of the Yugoslavian secret service who signed the death warrants and the assassins who carried out these dirty deeds. It's a journey that continues to this day. But for people like Robert Zagajski, discovering the truth behind what was taken from him so long ago is well worth the wait.

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13 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Robert

    This is not a documentary at all...

  2. darealslimshady

    I am with Bok on this one...not much docu value here.
    Beside that, Tito was the man! Killed the enemies while they were making bombs targeting YU territory . Smooth.
    By the way Martin, Ustashe's Jasenovac is graded number six extermination camp in Jerusalem's Holocaust museum...Not surprised some of the victims mentioned in this movie were actually beaten to death.

  3. northsideultras

    His Father Djuro was a Croatian Ustasha Fascist, there are the Problem!

  4. kobra

    Djuro from Croatia ... He was a nazi with a plot to bring nazi regime to Yugoslavia... There are several books about that nazi plot so you don't have to believe me. What would he expect??

  5. Mammy07

    Since ancient times, the Serbs (Eastern Orthodox) and Croats (Roman Catholic), have battled each other constantly for religious reasons and sheer revenge. Master Communist strategist during WW2, Josip Broz (Tito) shared a Croat and Slovene parentage. In WW2, before he became Yugoslav's Communist leader, he was well aware of Jasenovac concentration camp where Croats personally hacked to death hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Gypsies and other undesirables. (The Catholic church in Rome included Croat clergy members who participated in Jasenovac atrocities.The church hierarchy secretly helped many of these clergy perpetrators to escape to South America after the war. ) My point is that bloodshed has always occurred on all sides in Yugoslavia. This video tries to make Robert Zagajski the son of an innocent martyr. Ha ha, there few if any innocent martyrs in the former Yugoslavia.

  6. Marino

    How many Orthodox Serbs did Ustasha murder and torture during
    WW II? Of course, Robert's family was not involved in Ustasha.
    What goes around, comes around. YOU can help stop it, Robert.

  7. TomazZzz

    Its easy to say... Tito's squads of murderers tralala... in 1983 he was for three years dead (R.I.P. dru┼że)!!
    If nobody notices I will say it - the deed is done more then obviously by croats to croats. Ofcourse its not exclusive but here in this cases its more then obvious. Even Tito was Croat.
    Recently it came out that many of this politicians was working under CIA patronage and its not excluded that also here it was higher "open market" goal.

    The fact that many of liquidations happened in '83 I see as a fact that Tito did NOT support this kind of acts. This was cleaning after the fact, hiding the money grabbers behind.

    1. Bok

      I wanted to mention same thing, president Tito was already dead. Only Croatia was mentioned here, not a single word about formal federation. This was obviously situation between formal Yugoslav Croatian Republic and Ustasha's supporters from west Germany. Even one witness from this video told that murdered people were terrorists.

      I am sorry for loss of family members, murders sucks badly.

      Anyway, video is totally bullshit so I give this video rate of 1 because of very low "documentary" value. Personal vendetta is what is behind this movie imho.

    2. dineaudio

      When some unknown person enters your home and kill you or wound you badly, that's when you'd realise the weight of the words you've just said. That's what happened to these people. You should be ashamed, especially when you choose the nickname "Bok" for your avatar.

    3. Bok

      u missunderstood me...cant you read: I am sorry for loss of family members, murders sucks badly.

      means I dislike murders! Happens all the time to everyone. Behind this documentary is complicated background and we all suffer from it.

      nick have no means to provoke. sorry if someone found himself angry cause of my words.

      but nothing change my opinion that this documentary has no true value except for people involved and their point of view.

    4. Martin

      Being politically opposed to Yugoslav/Communists and Serbian nationalists or being an intellectual does make one a terrorist or a criminal.

      The truth is that Josip Broz "Tito" and his communist party inner circle were criminals and murders, Yugoslavia was built on murder, history will record this fact. People with a nostalgia for Yugoslavia find this truth hard to accept and ignore the evidence.

      "Tito" was a communist dictator, he and the communist party/partisans were were responsible for the murder and deaths of hundreds of thousands of Croats, and others opposed to communism. There are countless mass graves all over Croatia and Slovene filled with the bones of Tito's victims, this evidence is irrefutable.

      Tito was the head of state of Yugoslavia, he is therefore responsible for all the crimes committed by the communist partisans and Yugoslav secret police in the name of Yugoslavia while he was in power.

      Unfortunately, even after Tito's death, the Yugoslav/communist secret police (UDBA) continued killing political opponents in order to keep the decrepit Yugoslav state alive so that corrupt communist party officials could remain in their positions of economic and political power.

      Criticising the documentary by Introducing unrelated topics or subjects demonstrates your ignorance and the invalidity of your arguments.

    5. true

      the fact is ... killing innocente people is main stream of all totalitarians states..in yuga, from 1941...well, so you murderer lovers, go to hell!

    6. TomazZzz

      I would like to mention specially to you... that this murdering is not a totalitaristic desease... You wouldn't belive how many kills has under his belt state like USA... not mentioning guantanamo bay...
      The truth behind is that "capitalistic" regimes know how to use and DO use propaganda about this matter.
      What about USA??? At least states like Yugoslavia don't intrude in other states politics... or even plant their prefered goverment? Ofc USA hasn't done nothing wrong... and the mother Russia is a hell on earth... BlahBlah... At this point of my life I would vote for Putin about 100.000.000 gazillion times more often then obama/bush 1, 2 or soon to be 3/clinton 1 and 2..... no matter what You say - I know few things and I know that (real) socialism is the only way in which people will not die out... All equall... That is what the writch are affraid of - and they CAN feed you with shit through TV.
      And BTW... I lived in Yugoslavia... Now I am from slovenia.... and I swear that 80% of people now, 20 years after it broke up ARE SORRY THAT IT HAPPENED!!! Anyway now we know that CIA was behind it.... Why?? Because only in capitalism they will stay on top (getting more and more powerfull and not getting jail for dealing drugs to their ppl)
      Capitalism sux!