Toronto G20 Exposed

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Toronto G20 ExposedGet the complete time line of what happened from the opening day of the summit; the anti-globalism demonstrations, the Black Bloc riots, the burning police cars and the ensuing mass arrests.

The film highlights the apparent 1.2 billion dollar security failure and puts into question what kind of policies were in place to direct the police in matters like protecting property and crowd control.

What is evident is that the police had a deliberate and blatant disregard for citizens civil rights, their conduct toward protesters and detainees was brutally violent and merciless.

With such a breach of civil liberties, and a lack of decision making transparency several calls for a public enquiry have been made by community groups and watchdog organizations.

Watch the testimony given by several protesters interviewed, who were rounded up and locked away for over 20 hours in a makeshift "detention center", infamously named Torontanimo. Amnesty International declared the conditions people endured there as a violation of human rights.

The story of the Toronto G20 begins with this film, but the aftermath, and the grim and unsettling implications of these events, the stories shared by the victims is still in question.

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  1. this is absolute bull and it's a reoccurring theme nowadays which i getting scarier and scarier it seems like by the time i'm 18 i going to have no right to protest be beaten up at any protest i go to even if it's peaceful and will have to live in an oppressed society where we supposedly have right but they re waved anytime the government or police wish or a cop decides he just wants to shoot some people with rubber bullets or beat someone because they're annoyed about something else. so much for freedom of speech religion and ideas, they're getting sucked down the corporate and un-trust worthy governments toilet meanwhile we have no way to get our rights back because the politicians no longer represent the people but instead their bank accounts and back pockets. not all police are bad but they need to learn to stop doing something when they know it's clearly wrong. welcome to the modern age no rights, no freedoms, no sense of responsibility, and a corporate owned government.

  2. Excellent Documentary , Leaders of Canadian Police have commited Crimes allowing this to happen ,
    As a Canadian citizen I do not Want a Country where we Fear the Police more than the anything else , I think our country as reach a tipping point . Something need to be done

    The Citizen of this Country have Rights and need to be respected ALL THE TIME no exeption

  3. WOW! i would expect this type of police brutality and suppression of civil rights in the USA not Canada!

  4. pretty obvious that violence wins and hats off to the black blogs for showing BALLS - if the percentage of protesters vs anarchists were reversed perhaps we will see change...until then go hug a tree while a dog pisses on your leg

    Everyone elses fuels the machine with your ignorance, kindness. and passive ways - grow balls and stand up for your rights

    People shou;ld be aware that while we are focused on the police/protesters actions of the weekend and afterwards; the governments and their agendas, quite easily, yet deceitfully get overlooked - classic example of smoke and mirrors

    fck officer bubbles and anyo0ne else like him - please take quality time to ridicule him when ever possible he definely deserves it.... brainwashed cop - go back to whatever country your from - a bubble then a right cross to the nose woud have been appropriate and hard to hold back if it were me

    I personally WISHED I would have seen:
    1. At LEAST ONE TORONTO POLICE OFFICER turn around and join the crowd in an act of protest preferably violently against the cops
    2. At LEAST ONE CITIZEN come flying in to a police brutality situation and at least get a couple shots in on those pigs
    3. GOVERNMENT and POLICE being charged, sued, dismissed from jobs and exiled from CANADA instantly.
    This part that makes me want to act in violence is the fact that (similar to 9/11) irregardless of how much we know and prove and complain...they just continue to ignore, continue on and look the other way when caught while laugh at us knowing that citizens are too scared or passive or stupid to do anything.
    4. A mob of anarchist/citizens of 50+ come rushing down a side street and attack the police from behind when they were boxing protesters
    5. protesters chanted Hail Hitler instead of O Canada (btw i love the one scene wheere the cops wait until the crowd stops singing O Canada and then attacks. Good to see some Morals - fukin joke GOV - HMMM IF I ASSAULT INNOCENT PEOPLE WHILE THEYRE NOT SINGING ANTHEM IM PATRIOTIC? THAT SCENE SAYS SO MUCH ABOUT OUR SAD STATE OF MENTALITY

    all police cars should have had "serve and protect" slogan changed to serve and protect the system

    Did you dream of becoming a cop when you were a kid so that you could assault tackle arrest ridicule, deceit, demoralize, embarass, kidnap. confine, charge? and violate a 60 year old man with no leg, little girls and kids on mass - THERE ARE SCUM BAG CRIMINALS THAT YOU ARREST DAILY THAT HAVE MORE DECENCY THEN THAT!!!!

    Any current officer that reads this... yes you have a hard job, yes there are terrorists and criminals and yes you mostly are moral law abiding good people, but after that incident i can only wish that some of you officaily protest - wait bad idea - quit and apologize to the public!

    if not then i hope one day that your absolute power mentality back fires and you get burnt alive in your car at next G20 summit cause you deserve it - your time will soon come and when it does i hop the senior with the prostrate limb throws his leg into the fire as kindle for the whole world to see what you are doing to yourselves and future generations
    enough is enough - wake the fck up

  5. Papers please!

  6. this is the palce of knowing the truth, very objective, factual.

  7. this is the place for finding the truth

  8. I hope this is what happens to the occupy movement.

    1. What part?

    2. Mostly the imprisonment but the beating would be nice too... nah im jk I just wanted to make a silly joke, I dont really wish this on anyone. However, when the occupy movement was on the rise I started to remember this doc and how it could potentially happen. I even went as far as to speculate that this Toronto operation was a test run to see if it was possible to pull off elsewhere. Who knows maybe its all about to go down. I just have to remind myself that I cant waste time thinking and worrying about it. Whatever they have planned, they're big enough to pull it off. Its things like this that make me ponder if ill even grow old enough to have kids or if its worth bringing them into a world like the one we live in that only seems to be getting worse.

      "History repeats itself, and when we fail to learn from the past and apply it to the present, we hinder our future. At this point you must ask yourself, is there anything we can do to break this vicious cycle? Or can you possibly predict the future with the correct study of past events and social behavior? But what good is that prediction if nobody listens to what you discover, especially if you find something tragically unpleasant?"

      Theres a World War or a Holocaust of some sort around the corner.

  9. There were so many protesters that came to Toronto just to cause a raucous. As someone who lives in Toronto and has family in both law enforcement and the government, I feel that this video sways more on the side of the protestors. Yes, I do agree that in SOME cases people were mistreated, but in a situation this large, sometime the police have to do what is necessary to keep things under control. I have a family member who works in a building that was directly in front of the protestors and some of these Black Bloc protestors and other people were very vulgar and rude. So I do understand why the police did what they did in some cases. I think the officers acted justly, and in no way were they violating the rights of the protestors.
    Maybe the protestors should have acted more humane, and not like animals, breaking windows, taunting police officers, kicking cop cars and lighting them on fire. They destroyed an insane amount of public property.
    I was ashamed to be from Toronto while this was happening, but not because of the actions of the officers, but because of the actions of the citizens. There is a proper way to get your point across, and this just was not it.
    And now most people don't care what they had to say, people just remember that they cause so much havoc in our streets and they do not have the cities respect. The officers did a great job of controlling the insane crowd and considering how some of these protestors were pushing their buttons, kudos to the officers for not absolutely loosing their minds.
    No matter what people say our government is not corrupt, we are one of the best countries to live in and these protestors are a horrible representation of our country.

  10. This is the future we are being steadily moved toward. They want the Chinese model for the west. We already have 'free speech zones.'
    Its astonishing that the police could issue a statement saying, "Yes, the masked 3 men were police officers and they were only doing their jobs.' !
    what??!! Picking up rocks and banging it on the riot cops face mask?
    Shame on this police dept!! Why dont cops care about protecting our rights? They're their rights as well. I just dont get it man

  11. The police should have acted even more brutal against those "protesters" .They were activists that came from around the world to create hazard and definitely provoked the police (see the bubble scene).This video presents the events subjectively,prejudicing the police.Respect for the police of Toronto!!!!

  12. Amazing film, excellently done! Except I couldn't get over the fact that I was watching my city....Toronto....It was more like it should have been New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. It was so surreal seeing this footage as opposed to the repeatedly regurgitated b.s. that was in the mass media. I weep to think of the world tomorrow's children will grow up in.

    The issue of ascendancy of invisible and tyrannical government isn't exclusively an American problem as many Canadians believe, IT'S A GLOBAL PROBLEM! Get out there and spread the word, inform as many people as possible, your friends, family, coworkers, classmates etc, this is how you will begin to make a difference, we need an educated and informed public that is capable of critical thinking.

    WAKE UP CANADA!!! Our 'true' north isn't as strong and free as we think it is!

  13. Excellent film.

  14. Wish I could have seen more of it but it was not loading.......

  15. also all the people who where arrested are lying this never happened

  16. the British guy with the megaphone has a youtube channel if anyone wants a view from a protester his name is charlie veitch

  17. Seattle, Pittsburg, and Toronto all have one thing in common... Police provocatuers! Cowards and enemies of humanity. Thanks for making this film. It will be instrumental in telling the story of what happens to a society when law enforcement lacks the moral fiber to disobey unlawful orders. The actions of the Toronto police, Seattle police and the Pittsburg PD is the worst form of moral cowardice!

    The whole world is watching!

  18. The laws have changed. You can no longer get the attention of government and change things with protests on the street. You must change/adapt now. It would be great to see no more protests ever. They are waiting for your protest, they love a fight. Tell these governments that you will work the laws through the back-door just like them. Only the fools will be on the streets from now on, and the days of the lone martyr is over. You have been protesting like this for years, and they still have been doing what they want.

    1. 'Laws have changed'... Not that dramatically. 'Must change/adapt'... that is what peaceful-protest is to a group of people feeling threatened. 'You have been protesting like this for years'... Need you be reminded that the Vietnam War began in 1955 and ended in 1973?

      That war was a war that was meant to go on forever. It took a lot of people getting pissed off enough to protest to stop it, and the Cold War itself didn't end until 1987 or even as late as '91 depending on what you define as 'over'. Remember, Vietnam was a Cold War conflict. The Cold War is defined, essentially, as any militant or intelligence action against Communist states. Make no doubt, the government likes war. You're right in that respect. The thing is, war makes money. So a war that goes forever makes money.. forever. That is the mind-set of these people. They've tried with Vietnam, which was the longest USA-involved war. It set the precedent for US government corruption-via-war. We had dropped the nuke just ten years prior to engaging in another war. The cycle needs to be stopped.

      Democracy is rooted and based in actions such as these protesters. You should be thankful for, and envious of the courage of people who protest against what most people see as simply something to 'change/adapt' to. You could change and adapt to being put in a cell for the rest of your life. Do you want to? I doubt it.

  19. wow this is scary Harper's (the Canadian Priminister) government are a bunch of nazis! contempt of parliment, lieing about the price of fighter jets, the G20, Whats happening to Canada!

  20. Every person in the whole country should be standing in front of the toronto police station until every single officer who acted inappropriately was fired and charged.

    No one in the country should ever go back to work, or pay another cent of tax until these cops are charged and fired, and new laws are made that force police to behave appropriately.

    if a cop hits someone who is handcuffed, being held down, or someone who is obviously unthreatening, then that cop should get life in prison. I dont think im being too harsh here. These are COPS were talking about. We also really need to perform more extensive psychological screening, and lie detector tests (find out if theyre violent or implusive people) before giving them powers and weapons.

    1. a real james taylor just like the singer is commited to the interest of the people.

  21. Thank you so much for this upload.
    it is just a shame that Canadians are so brain dead that they don't go postal and take back control.

    Canada is turning into a Nazi police state.

    1. Just Canada? Maybe you live a very sheltered life. How do you purpose we take control of something uncontrollable?

    2. we can't the canadian government (sorry, the Harper Government) revamped the postal service so it's now on strike.

  22. Thanks you for putting this together. Great job.

    As long as we the people accept this treatment - without getting heads to roll or a public enquiry, at the very least - police misconduct on this scale will continue onward becoming exponentially worse, because we can see that the police are trained from the very top to abuse our rights, not protect them (case in point: Toronto's lying, deceiving Police Chief).

    Because we use "money" that is actually "debt", we are all slaves, slaves in the literal sense. No one "owns" property, whether it's land or the watch on your wrist. The owner of "your" property - in law - is the "legal owner" of the notes you used to purchase it. That's the nature of the law behind our fiat currency. When we are paid with "debt" the value of our labor is worse than worthless, because we are legally enslaved through the process.

    Fact: our owners - surreptitiously - are training the police (who are also slaves, especially when out of uniform) to enforce their legal rights to "our" property, of course they will never reveal the true reason behind these activities, but instead use "fear" propoganda ("war on terror") and conformist-techniques to turn police into highly-efficient, well-armed mobs. The maistream media lowlights police-state abuses and highlights fear-based propoganda to deceive an ill-informed public. The "G-20 Toronto, 2010"-story has all these elements occurring simultaneously, which makes this documentary - and hopefully others? - overdue. I hope it doesn't go unappreciated and un-shared.

    Moving forward, there is either going to be an informed revolution that ends fiat currencies, legalized slavery, and the police-state orifices attached to both, or this event will merely be the unfortunate beginning of the beginning. "G20, Toronto, 2010" was a shot accross the bow, a warning shot, to those awake enough and surely traumatized enough to see it; we had better inform ourselves about our current "position", about the nature of fiat currency (unbacked currency), and about the nature of the enemy who wants to keep us enslaved, while robbing us of our numbers (mandatory de-population) and our desire and ability to think like free men and women (mainstream entertainment).

    Inform yourselves, inform others, put aside petty differences and unite around the two things we can all agree upon. You know what those are, you've always known. Stop believing the "official" lies broadcast through the mainstream media and open yourself to the reality as it really exists. Actively embrace, and share the truth; and be thick-skinned, because the mainstream-warriors are prepared to defend the "freedom" that their enslavers have convinced them is materially-real.

  23. And the police can do better. I am from vancouver, and just a little while before this, vancouver had the Olympics. There were protests, window smashing, very serious resistance from the aboriginal community but you don't hear horror stories from that. the police handled themselves well. they targeted the trouble makers, dispersed rather then trapped. There was one major protest that just simmered down and no calls for a public inquiry, so it is possible. This is clearly a situation where they were given too much power and felt the need to use it. So much of this seems pre-mediated and just shatters any credibility the Police have left. Especially those 3 getting caught in the beginning. It makes you really question who was doing the car smashing. Before this movie, if someone told me police would do that IN CANADA, I would have never believed them, now... I don't know what to think.

  24. The discussion has segued onto the conflicting ideologies of the U.S. vs. Canada,illustrating how divisivness can distract us from the actual threats to our liberty and rights.As we squabble over one nation's empty pride or hubris,the use of Police State brutality and the dominance over the citizenry engaged in rightful protest evolves into what resembles Fascism.
    In anticipation of massive public resistance to dramatic global policy changes on the horizon(North American Union,Global Monetary organizations,the Amero currency,Infringement on privacy and human rights by the state) ,Our leaders have used(are using and WILL use) the Military and Police to intimidate and neutralize the voice of the people through any and all means including violence and imprisonment..your "Rights" will be suspended in the interest of "National Security".GAME OVER.
    Perhaps Naiively,I think we still have a chance.Our rights and liberties are not from God.They are a privilige fought and died for and entrusted to you.
    Will you let a wolfpack of self-righteous Nebobs and their thugs steal it from you? We ARE Patriots..We love our country..We WILL fight even those who would oppress us from within our own government.
    Sic Gorgiamus alus Subjectatus Nunc (Addams)

  25. The police did a great job and to the general public can just not win in this situation. If the police had not kept the peace, then they'd get flack for not doing their job. Doing their job, they get flack for excessive use of force. It's a lose-lose.

    1. The police did a great job? Are you kidding me?

    2. You must be high to think the police did a good job. If that was your mother trapped in the pouring rain being pushed around with riot sheilds im sure your opinion would waver. Keep your eyes open and mouth shut r*****. Two ears, one mouth!

    3. why would you even bother commenting?, I'm quite certain you didn't even watch the documentary or weren't even there.
      I detest ignorant people like you as much as I load this corporate driven government.

    4. You were obviously one of those slaves with a number and badge.

    5. They didn't do their job when those thugs were smashing cars and windows. Were they afraid of them. Not a policeman in sight while this was going on. Yet, when unarmed civilians were sitting in a park they showed up in numbers to do battle. It was badly handled by those in charge. It is the kind of incident that give the conspiracy theorists credibility. No one wins with this kind of action. Everyone loses; the ordinary citizen, the police, and even the politicians that support this action. The only winner is the thugs who caused the trouble in the first place and never had to answer for their misdeeds. I would hope that our leaders would change policies and protocols when another situation like this arises. If not, it will only give rise to more trouble.

  26. This documentary sucks. Horribly done. Painful to watch. Do peaceful protests even work anymore? If you want to get people to listen make a good documentary for starters, maybe a viral video... I feel so oversaturated with these issues...I respect homosexuals. I understand people are starving in Africa.

    I can only handle so much. I attended the protest but I found it to be more of a circus more than anything...and enjoyed it. Does that make me weird? But seriously, If I'm going to pay attention to any kind of message then I at least need dancing babies or sex tapes somehow involved....

    Anyway, I've been to a fair amount of countries in my day and would say Canada is doing pretty well for itself. At least we didn't have to kick a government out thats been in power for a couple of decades.

    1. canada has not been doing well for itself. look up "reservation" and/or "tar sands" and see for yourself.

  27. As a Torontonian I am embarrassed and disgraced. I watched all of this on television as it happened and had no idea the actuality of what was going on. I was fooled and bought into the media’s interpretation of the event and for that I would like to sincerely apologize to those brave peaceful protesters who wanted nothing more than to have their voices heard.

    The more people who see this documentary will realize as I did the reality of our current situation.

    The time for change is now.

  28. As a Torontonian I am embarrassed and disgraced. I watched all of this on television as it happened and had no idea the actuality of what was going on. I was fooled and bought into the media’s interpretation of the event and for that I would like to sincerely apologize to those brave peaceful protesters who wanted nothing more than to have their voices heard.

    The more people who see this documentary will realize as I did the reality of our current situation.

    The time for change is now.

  29. Ohhhh mannnn, read and look what they've created. No matter what country, we are all fools.

  30. Redheads not warheads
    Blondes not bombs
    We're talkin' about brunettes not fighter jets
    Oooh Oooh it's got to be Sweet 16's not M-16's
    When will the governments realize it's got to be funky sexy ladies?

  31. What saddens me here is that the goals of the elite are so easily met, and quite enthusiastically at that. You guys just keep sniping at each other from both sides, to what end I can't say. Through the use of (often false) generalities about entire nations animosity is created by the media. The attitude of "superiority" that is so closely associated with citizens of the US is not as prevalent as media would lead you to believe. Or should I say not as vehemently expressed. Yes there is a sense of pride in many Americans. One needs only to know what America is to understand it's roots. The US is a nation of immigrants. Most of whom migrated to the States for either A) pursuit of opportunities denied them in their own land, or B) to escape from some form of oppression, either political or economic, which they suffered in their home nation. Since such a large portion of the population falls into this category, which can be described as people who came here for something "better", the attitude is perceived. Of course those people as well as their immediate descendants would feel a certain sense of superiority. It is the logical social outcome given the circumstances. For instance; an American immigrant from Ireland may feel a pride in their nation because here in the US they could rise above the status granted them in the UK. They then pass this pride on to their children, who pass it along to their children.
    The big mistake of many critics of "Americans" is that they believe that this superiority has anything to do with our current government or their actions. The attitude comes out of the past and the fact that the US has been, and for many continues to be a nation of opportunity surpassing the opportunities they are afforded in their home nation.
    Anyway, I look at things differently. We all put our pants on one leg at a time no matter our county or race or creed so who cares. Who? Those who would see the masses squabbling over stupid non-issues as they pick our pockets and bleed us dry, that’s who.
    Ehh whatever I have work to do and have to figure out what I want to get for dinner and I think we are out of toilet-paper. huh just a common man doing common things just like some unknown guy in Paris, Toronto, Beijing, London, Jakarta, ...... … …..

    1. StillRv,

      I'm a Canadian who moved to the USA without any influence of a stereotypical American growing up. My family and friends where I lived didn't have enough contact with Americans to have any kind of stereotype about them. I moved down 3 years ago for work thinking the culture would be very similar to any Canadian as it was only a few hours away driving distance from my Canadian hometown.

      Upon arrival I quickly realized I was very wrong. The culture is VERY different. I noticed right away, the ignorance of America being the best country in the world and just ignorance in general about everything. Thinking their government is doing what's best for everyone in the world. Thinking they are invincible almost because they are American. Where I live anyways is inhabited by many very naive and ignorant people.

      When I first read your comment I thought it made sense. Of course for people who came from other countries where there wasn't as much opportunity for them, this would cause them to think that this "new" country they live in is the best place in the world. But then I started thinking why Canada doesn't adopt the same mentality as it is also populated (maybe even more multicultural than USA) by people who came for opportunity and found it in Canada. This mentality is inexistent in Canada as far as I can see.

      Yes, Canadians are proud to be Canadian but the mentality about being Canadian is very different from the mentality of being an American.

      I'm not sure what causes Americans to be the way the are but Canadians come from the same history so your answer as to why American's are the way they are, to me doesn't add up.


    2. I get what you are saying. I'm not really defending the over righteous types here. I'm just saying it is a poor reason to form a whole-scale dislike of a widely diverse group of people. To me it is no different than someone hating all people from the mid-east because of the Taliban.

    3. I agree

    4. No one told us Canadians that our superiority was a gift from God. We mostly feel that we are ordinary people who are fortunate enough to live a free country. Not special, just lucky.

  32. Ah the police. The self proclaimed defenders of the status quo. I do not know whom i pity more; the souls that are tortured by the police, or the tortured souls of the police. There comes a time when every monster condemns the world an evil place, and places his or herself above his fellow man for no better reason than someone has been placed above his or herself.

    the fact that we still train our young men and women to fight each other in the name of our vengeful old men and women, despite all the past has taught us, to me is the surest proof that the masses have long been past redemption. perhaps the only redemption that is possible is the denouncing of humanity.

    Maybe that is why so many people choose to torture themselves with gods that mirror the slave masters they have never met but have always known.

    And no man deserves slavery, even he who has forsaken hope in ever being free.

    and i loose hope.

    And then i wake.

    And i realise.

    You can not loose hope.

    Only forsake it.

    1. Police officers are individuals. Some with good intentions, some not. They invest a great deal of themselves and their futures in their occupation. Then one day they are told to do something that goes against the very principals that inspired them into the force in the first place. The police bullies love this kind of action. Many others don't. In the end it was those who were in charge that are responsible for the misuse of power here.

    2. the police are a state-actor used to repress populations- whether "criminal" "marginalised" or "radical"... They exist solely to preserve the state. While some officers may have good intentions- you cannot preserve a state based on its inception as a bloody colonialist master that stole 100% of the land within its borders and continues down the road of a thuggish petro-state.

    3. They got my car back when some a-hole stole it. That was nice of them. I live close to Toronto. The officer who called to let me know that they found my car may have been in Toronto for the summit. I'd like to think not.
      I can't answer for what someone did in the past. I can say that their were terrible decisions made in Toronto. Some officers relished the opportunity to flex their muscles. That is why they became police officers. There are others who would never do such a thing under normal circumstances. Things unraveled around them.
      The petro-state is destined for failure. The vehicle they use on that road of the petro-state is going to run out of gas.

  33. This was so hard for me to watch becaused it pissed me off so much.I am so glad to see that the people still had the balls to protest dispite what was being done to them.I am going to research the aftermath of this in hopes that alot of the cowards in police uniforms and public officals were held accountable ARRRGGG...It was disguesting to see the cowards stand by as the real criminals burned police cars and busted windows which seemed staged to me and arrest and beat the peacefull protesters and bystanders unbelievable...all in attempt to keep the people under the governments the same way our government use terrorism and 911to take away more of our making us affraid of enemies real or created so that we look to our government for safety at the coast of our freedoms

    1. The real criminals would fight back. Although, in the officers defense, I believe that they were told not to engage these thugs. Why? I can't imagine.

  34. Good to see our brethren up the border are as capable of being tyrannical. Let's hope this will help some Canadians think twice before opening their righteous and holier-than-thou mouths.

    1. You are correct, and justified in saying that!

    2. Correct perhaps... Justified Hell NO... you're Canadian have a little pride and defend your nation even if it's your adoptive nation.

    3. Well I am happy to learn that you are a proud Canadians and that you are defending it however I am kind of puzzled that when one person talk in the name of a whole nation starts with "lot of Canadians"... how much is a lot and what are the statistical prove of what you are saying. I agree with you that "some" Canadians may have the assumption that we are not to have any of what the USA has, but lots I wouldn't say lots. And buddy no need to get in the insulting road... I am also Canadian and even if I wasn't I do believe that this site is a place of knowledge... if you don't like what I wrote ask... I'll be more than happy to explain myself.

      As you said and I understand it well, is that you believe that many Canadians feel immune and slanders the USA for whatever happens to them thinking that we are invincible and that nothing will ever happens to us. Do you know where that feeling is coming from... well I guess you know... it's because it really doesn't happens that often and also because of the differences in number from their population to ours... we are also submerged of news coming from the USA much more than the news coming from our own provinces or the whole country. So is is quite normal that the less informed and educated people will have the idea that this is not likely to happens on their ground.

      And buddy where in my comments have make the assumption that we are not the Alie of the USA, it seems and i will tell you this from what I read from your reply that you are very pro American... but don't get me wrong it's quite okay... I don't hate americans per sey (got a lot of my family members living there), why would I, we leave in peace because of them (but we could also live in hell because of them too)... but don't forget one single thing Canada is part of another sleeping Giant... called the British. Sure the American are big and strong... but in the new rules who has the army doesn't necessarily rule anymore. It's all a matter of Capital my dear Canadian friend... if you are truly a proud Canadian... here's a pointer in being proud... most Canadians does not want or really wish to become American (USA). Want some proof ... please feel free to visit the Gallup Survey site.

      Quote: "Be wary, all it basically takes is a phone call, from the sleeping Empire USA giant and it would overtake Canada in a flash. Get your head out of the sand." I don't who has its head in the sand... but I happen to be a scientist in the matter and I don't just read Canadian versus US news... I can read Le monde diplomatique as well and understand very well between the lines.

      Also in regards of that phone calls and take Canada in a flash... hum not so certain it would be that easy... if you remember we are British... Canada is a responsible government... but we are yet children of the British and if US wants us they need to deal with them as well. It's call the commonwealth. Canada is not independent. World war I & II... to whom were we responding to? British commanders.

      Not to kill your mojo, but the sleeping empire is extremely struggling economically speaking right now... in how many time in one decade Canada has reach about 4 time parity with USA... not so many... I'd take it as a sign my friend... all empire collapse one day or another. The Bristish empire did collapse, so did the French and Roman years before them.

      So my friend I don't have my head in the sand... It's well screwed to my neck and i know how to use it... I may joke here and there... sorry if you took it wrong... but no my friend the average Canadian are not dumb. We just choose not to care... and want some more example of other riots and crises... dang read about the October Crisis in Quebec... that wasn't pretty either... there's many example of things happening here it's just not as much publicized.

      Cheers and no offense! - Jake... not an Ostrich

    4. I don't know to which Canadians you refer to, but most of us are very well aware of what happened and this was not the first incident... there's many of them. It always look bigger for the USA because you guys have about 4 to 5 time our population. Seems to me that you either never have spoken with the right Canadians... or that like many Canadian or American there's still that little useless war between the two countries.

      Damn I can certainly tell you that when Canadian are starting to have enough of something they will go down the street and it will be Hell... while the G20 was happening there was another G-something happening at about 3hours by car in Toronto. The other G-8 I believe had much more to discuss and have much more power than those clowns at the G20, but they were smart enough to go discuss their concern far in the wood with the beavers.

    5. Yeah verily! Thanks, I wish I could have verbalized as well as you did.

    6. Listen Jake, am damn proud to be a Canadian and do defend it, so don't give me your holier than thou attitude! The big bad boys are here in our own back yard also, am talking about the elite, we are not immune.

      Be wary, all it basically takes is a phone call, from the sleeping Empire USA giant and it would overtake Canada in a flash. Get your head out of the sand.
      Believe it or not, USA are our allies, and should be treated as such.

      A lot of Canadians think what happens there in America will never happen here, so a lot of us belittle them, is all that I was saying, so don't get your panties in a knot.

      This doc proves that what is happening in USA can also happen in our own back yard!

    7. Jake, I intentionally used the the word 'some' to allow you to self-exclude. I think you missed that nuance here.

      I have friends and a sibling who live in Canada, and how the U.S. is the land of the barbarians is a favorite discussion they like to have, not to mention a similar attitude that is rife among internet discussion boards such as this one.

      May be you knew you couldn't self-exclude, and as such my original comment is directed at someone like you?

    8. The difference with Canadians bad-mouthing certain US policies and practices isn't because of our falsified pride in our country, its because we genuinely do not agree with the US on things and fear what your country might do to the world. I can't speak for all Canadians but i know my country isn't the "greatest country in the world" like so many American citizens and politicians say every 10 seconds on camera. American's seem to be taught at an early age that their country is all that matters and thus you glorify your military and poor government.

      Kind of a long blurb there but my point is i'm not upset as a Canadian over what has happened, i'm upset as a person who deserves a right to question their government.

      believe me there are times I want to move to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, etc :)

    9. I am not sure if you guys are reading my comment above adequately before clicking on the 'Reply' button. You seem to have missed the 'as tyrannical' part of what I wrote, which indicates nothing of the blind patriotism that's typical of some Americans.

      Believe you me, I am more harsh on the U.S. than any other nation or government of the world. I neither think, nor claim that the U.S. is the greatest country in the world. For one, I have been to a few other countries that I think are better, Canada being among them.

      Despite what you see on television or your favorite 'information' medium, Americans are not all brutish people. There are a lot of decent people here who are reaching their wits end, and they will rise up against their tyrannical government. Despite how much I despise our government, there is no other place I would rather be either. As George Carlin once said, we here in the U.S. have front row seats for the 'freak' show! ;-)

    10. I live in Canada and I love it here. But, no place on earth is perfect. I am sure that the people in those countries that you mentioned become disillusioned with their homelands at times as well.

    11. Oh my. It is the US that gave us ( Canadians) "The holier than thou." moniker. And you can keep it in the USA, thank you very much.

      We are polite and we mostly,really like you guys. I BUT like your country, we have a--holes. However, I don't paint ALL Americans with the same brush, and I would say that maybe you should either. If I thought that everyone in the US agreed with you? I would be seriously worried.

    12. Yikes!

      Can you guys read?

      I am going to say, 'forget the holier-than-thou' thing and conclude that Canadians can't read! Well, I am not going to go there, because Achems Razor obviously can. There is a comparative word in my comment above, however, known as 'some', which indicates distinction not inclusion. May be if you're not overtaken by some righteous patriotic indignation after reading my comment, you'd not have missed it.

      To your credit though, you did state above that you could not have worded your response better than Jake's. You're right! You should have left it at that.

    13. All right... I'll take the other approach... see not everyone can see the nuance in a text that doesn't allow to set the mood ... and I wasn't offended a second... what offended me a little is the reply receive by someone who just like (you have stated in a nice way above) didn't understand the nuance... well with a good explanation I see were you were going and what you meant... but you do have to agree with me that this was enough to cause some turmoil. I do not pretend to know you I was just commenting and questioning on your comment... you'll find out soon enough that we are pretty much alike... however I will not try to put sarcasms on a site that does not allow to set the mood... it can be very well misinterpreted and thus by the smartest among us... I am not pro Americans... nor pro-maniac Canadians (I can very well point all the crap that Canadians have done inland and abroad). And to answer your question... yes I did read your message before pressing reply... and even better I would even check if you passed comments before the one you left to see the course of your idea... and if I replied after reading three times it's because I needed some details. So my last question... what did you mean by people like me?

  35. I am not new to protests and know that police can be very rough. But my experience of this kind was forged in a dictatorship of which one doesn't expect anything else. I am also not new to the fact that democracy in most of the West is pretty much superficial and that day by day the people are being stripped of some of the rights they are entitled to as free humans - although this is being done gradually and goes by unnoticed by most. They are just going to wake up one day and realize that their lives belong to someone else....

    But what I've seen here, in this doc, was the most shocking wake up call I ever had in my life so far - this is not a potential scary future any more, the nightmare scenario has become a reality, it is happening right now. It's so scary that I am certain that Steve and I have watched two different documentaries.

  36. I cant believe I continued watching this after the David Icke voice overlay........... Made it to 75% and cant stand to watch it any longer. Anyone else notice the aggrieved were all scumbags? Rent a mob unwashed scum. Sure the police were heavy handed; who wouldnt be under the circumstances.

    1. Hey, Yavanna! Glad to 'see' you! But hold on for a minute, what do you mean by 'scumbags'? And even if some of them were, as long as they are protesting peacefully, the police has no justification whatsoever to beat and arrest them without reason. And why did they not react to the destruction of property and police cars by, what I would call, real scumbags?

    2. Heya!!! Nice to be bumping into you after all this time again. Well my comment was kind of flippant. I`m sure not all of them were scumbags, but as I`ve seen in many 'apologist' type docs they clean up really well for the camera when in the cold light of day and a few months maturer and wiser they are sitting in front of a TV camera contemplating potential compensation lawsuits. Obviously the doc makers also picked out a handful of decent people too; probably with genuine grievances to mix in with the made over yobs, to make it look like the "NWO" was getting heavy on such polite civil law abiding citizens.

      I arrested all manner of people and six months later in court it was the same. I could barely recognise them, such sweet and innocent lovely people. I was almost convinced myself they hadn't mugged an old lady, tried to push a beer glass through another guy's face or kicked the wife half to death........

      "the police has no justification whatsoever to beat and arrest them without reason"

      So the doc says. But you are only getting one side of the story. Those police officers have a huge amount to lose, not just a decent well paid job in very hard times but in a very real sense their liberty. Police forces and eventually law courts come down extremely heavy on police officers who get caught wrong doing. Especially these days with video everywhere. They would have to have been really hard core "bent" coppers to consider doing anything outside the law. I`m not saying some don't and then there is always also some red mist in violent situations.... but I can honestly say that virtually all the arrests made would have had good reasons.

      "why did they not react to the destruction of property and police cars"

      Well they did. Sometimes the best tactical reaction is to do nothing. I`m glad you mentioned this as the doc went on about this a lot which I found quite amusing. What did the film makers expect the police to do exactly? Go over to the police cars and beat out the flames with their riot shields? In reality they probably put up a cordon nearby to prevent as many people as possible going near the danger. Their first concern is prevention of injury and loss of life - NOT property damage as this film continually implies. Eventually once the cars had stopped exploding they probably had a fire truck come through and deal with it. But they weren't about to bring fire officers into a riot situation until full control of the area had been established.

      The lesser example of rioters smashing windows etc. Again, most likely a very good tactical call not to react. Plenty of time for that later. It's all being videoed and the perpetrators would have been arrested in due course. It's just a broken window. There may have been a squad of twenty police seemingly looking on but with what; a hundred or five hundred rioters nearby? No serial commander in his right mind would have reacted any differently. Again I must stress. First priority is preventing injury with the golden rule being self preservation. You will find this in any text books concerning tactical policing. Lets imagine that instead of doing the right thing and sitting back evidence gathering that team of officers had charged into the rioters and arrested them etc. Firstly they would be accused of a massive over reaction. The doc makers would have been creaming themselves! People on both sides would have been injured. Most of that group of officers would have been taken off the streets to deal with the prisoners / arrests leaving that area empty of police presence.

      Well anyway I could say a lot more but over all I believe people need to take a step back and look at some docs (like these) with a more rational and perhaps cynical perspective. This isn't a dig at you WTC7 - more directed at most of the commenters on this particular blog.

    3. Ignorant and dull are always quick to pass judgment. Dislike.

    4. Ummm no. Ignorant and dull is a person who clearly doesn't realise this doc is a shambolic and crude attempt to rationalise anarchist paranoia and propaganda. Quick to pass judgement? Well you just kind of did...........

    5. Hi Yavanna, notice you are commenting on a few docs, glad to see you are back.
      Have enjoyed our various discourses in the past on TDF.

      Agree with some of what you are saying in your reply to @WTC7:
      But, and I say this without malice and prejudice, you seem a little
      biased when you say "all the arrests made would have good reason"

      Which I suppose is understandable, since you are a retired policeman with qualifications.

      But in my opinion there are things that the police did, that should of plainly not happened.
      Won't go into all of them, don't want to use up all the pixel space on TDF.

      One prime example was the "sweet young thang" blowing "bubbles of mass destruction" to the vicinity of the big macho Officer Bubbles!

      No doubt he made the "sweet young thang" pee in her pants because of his ministrations.
      And then lo and behold he still ended up arresting the "sweet young thang" do you figure that was good reason?

    6. Yes I am biased. But mainly from first hand experience + tactical training. Conversely and whilst disagreeing with much in life and could actively "protest" I would not go equipped with balaclavas or bandanas and so forth to do so - we didn't see too many of these peaceful protesters being interviewed in this mockumentary did we? I am also biased in some respects AGAINST "the police" ie the organisation - It wasn't a happy divorce. I`ll leave it at that. Let's just say I am dispassionate.

      That said I`ve known many great guys in the police (over here in the UK at least) but by the same token the rest of them were utter a-holes. It's a profession which doesn't seem to have a middle ground. The officer bubbles guy probably falls into the latter category and should have been sacked. However we really don't know both sides of the story as the video was edited to just show just the bubbles part. I am assuming that he was at some point investigated. I am also assuming that he IS very stupid and prideful to have made such comments in-front of a video camera. A big however is - how pissed off would you be under a very tense and volatile situation, to have some childish yob blow bubbles into your face constantly? Was it going on for minutes or hours? We don't know and everyone has a breaking point. Maybe he ended up arresting her for an offence like obstructing a police officer in his/her duty (or whatever the equivalent in Canada) If she had p1ssed me off long enough I would have too. Is that a misuse of powers? Hell no. For one thing it's an assault if only very minor. Secondly she was distracting him from his duties which YOU pay for btw. Thirdly in a public order situation when you are told to "go away" you go away.

      Officer bubbles (PBUH) will be forever known as Officer Bubbles. He will live with that forever - trust me! For the minor offence of making an excitable girl p1ss her pants that is justice enough imho.

      "In my opinion there are things that the police did, that should of plainly not happened."

      Agreed. Bad things happen. Nice people do stupid things. Red MIst etc. What about that US marine that threw a puppy into a ravine!!! Frickin B'stad! Sorry changing the subject slightly as I`m out of time and needed in the kitchen.

    7. Hi dear Yavanna! First, don't worry, I know your reply to my comment was nothing personal. I have read enough of your posts in the past to understand that you are a rational and a really fine person.

      Still, I think your perspective on this issue may be somewhat biased by your own experience and your loyalty to those who are there to enforce law like yourself, or to the profession as such (one worthy of appreciation, very much so). I am certain that you had more encounters with who we would colloquially term the 'scum' of society than most people. I myself, probably partially due to the date on my birth certificate could never really get used to the changes in the society that happened so rapidly, and often get an unpleasant feeling when in the street I pass by someone (usually young) with an earring in their nose or on their eyebrow, with funny hairstyle and hair dyed in orange or green, with watery, half closed eyes and empty look. Or kids smoking and carrying bottles of alcohol in the streets, to whom offensive language is the norm of communication...

      What I don't think about at the moment I see them, but only subsequently when contemplating about what made them do this to themselves, is that, whatever the specific circumstances or sad stories each of them have, it's ultimately that the society as a whole has failed - failed as society of people and failed them as individual human beings. This is not, although you may see it as such, a philosophical conclusion with no substance in the real world. It is a very accurate description, I believe, of a state of human existence void of any real meaning and perspective.

      It's a self-delusion to believe that we are better than that 'scum', we are just better in adapting to a robotic, conditioned existence - get up, go to work, get home, have a few beers, go to bed... and repeat it day after day (with weekends and a few other occasions when we can spend some quality time with family and friends). We are also better at convincing ourselves that this is what we are here for and that we're lucky to have a good job and are accepted as 'respectable' and acceptable (read - not different) members of the society.

      There has to be order in a society of people. But police surrounding people (those who pay their salaries) and telling them if they don't leave they will be arrested, while at the same time making it impossible for them to leave, is sadistic and sick and I will never accept that this is alright! Be them 'scum' or not, there have to be charges that they did something unlawful before they are arrested, period. That 50 something old woman is what, a casualty of the holy G20 who should be representing her interests? That's unacceptable!

      And why all that? Because of a group of 20 statesmen, whom THE PEOPLE elected to their positions (scum included), of course, helped by a bit of financial support of those whose names are rarely in the news, and are now being protected by fences from those very people (there has to be something very wrong there), has gathered to further f**ck up the already f***d up state of global affairs...

      Sorry, I am on the side of the scum (under these circumstances), not the 'elite' (what a misnomer)...

      P.S. I still like your sharpness :)

    8. Hard to answer that because you touch on so many topics and I caught this just as I go to bed.

      First wall of text... yobs with eyebrow piercings etc etc. This is nothing new. I studied sociology and this is just the latest wave of hippies / mods / rockers / punks / new wave whatevers that have broken our solace so many times in the past. Every generation has its protesters. Us old fogies are all fascist b'stards and they have the answers and RIGHTS and more often than not it's unwashed students in the vanguard. Then they all grow up and become US.

      Second. sometimes bad things happen to good people. This happens quite often when a bunch of A holes decide to take the law into their own hands and take on civilisation. Anarchy loses, Decent people are collateral damage. Don't blame the police for that. Blame the frickin scumbags.

      It's not self delusion to believe we are better than that "scum" - we know we are. It's a simple fact. When for instance was the last time you protested against governments and banks - decided to go smash the windows of coffee shops or set fire to police cars? Ohhh you didn't? Good to hear it. You are a grown up decent human being who complains to the relevant authorities when righteously aggrieved.

      You might want to read my reply on the same subject to Achems. But I will add to that; that I am no way "loyal to police authorities" given my past career. I cannot elaborate without boring the pants off you or discussing personal details but I can however argue on the side of common sense given my own personal experience. Whilst I can admit bias. It is in no way due to any sense of loyalty.

      Lastly honey - "they" are not all out to get you. Whilst I agree there are conspiracies. They aren't all real. Mostly it's all just smoke and mirrors. Just humans not knowing what the f--k is going on most of the time and BS'ing their way through. Even if a tenth of it is true - can we do jack about any of it? I unsubscribed to the Alex Jones type youtube channels a couple of years or so back and I feel a lot healthier for it. I suspect you may wish to do the same. Sorry if this sounds patronising but if I`m guessing right you know exactly what I mean.

    9. I must say that you make a lot of good points. We are not in disagreement on many of them basically. I do believe, however, there is a need for an understanding of the deeper causes of the problems societies face today if we want to have a chance to make this world better in the future.

      I know most fancy the term 'conspiracy nut', purposefully coined and very effective, for those who want to do a bit of digging into those causes, but I think such approach favors only our further demise. I understand that there is a lot of wackos in this business of digging, but that doesn't take away the legitimacy to being opposed to wrongdoings, especially if it is about those who tailor the future of our civilization. Alex Jones is not my cup of tea, he has some good points, but I don't like his aggressive and exaggerated approach. But closing eyes from anything that may disturb us is also not a solution. (I am not saying you are doing it, I know you are not, it's a general comment.)

      The scumbags we are talking about are not the cause of the world's problems, they are only one of the products of a purely material society which is unable to provide all its members with equal material wealth it promotes as the ultimate measure of success.

      It is clear that we see this event in Toronto with a different eye, and it seems it will not change. And why should it? :)

    10. your omment isn,t worth a response...

    11. Yet you are clearly too stupid to stop yourself anyhow.......

  37. Steve. You have a very narrow view on this subject. You are failing to realize that though there are a small number of individuals interested in causing damage, the vast majority of these citizens are simply exercising their Rights as human beings. So your comment about "the police just trying to do their jobs" is quite ridiculous when you consider the fact that "their job" is to remove the rights of fellow human beings.
    I suggest you identify your rights and ask yourself why they were put into place.

    1. Dear Yavanna

      i warn you i begin with a cliche, continue at your own peril.

      As a child i always wanted to be a police officer. The noble figure of my grandfather always comes to mind when i think of the profession. He was a captain in the pre Ghaddafi Libyan police force in the city of tripoli. During my frequent visits as a child, i would hear stories of his heroic exploits; the time he was off duty and prevented a knife fight at the local coffee house and others; if curious i would gladly share it with you.

      that being said, defending police actions with such gems as "because it says so in any tactical police text book" is akin to literal theists defending the actions of their warriors with passages from their respective holly books. I would venture the uninformed guess that you are also a devout theist?

      Also, i cant help but feel you were being sarcastic with this passage

      "Lets imagine that instead of doing the right thing and sitting back evidence gathering that team of officers had charged into the rioters and arrested them etc. Firstly they would be accused of a massive over reaction."

      perhaps you only had an audio version of this documentary and did not see that most of the video in this two hour documentary is a visual depiction of almost word for word what you are describing.

      i would also like to say that i very much enjoyed your description of most of the police you have had the displeasure of working with as "a-holes*. I was starting to worry it only seemed that way to a this humble Canadian Libyan "scum". Notice i say most, as there are obviously exceptions, my grandfather and your self being the most obvious.

      P.S. as to the use of scum as a description of myself i was half jokingly referring to my strong activist leanings, Although i assure you i am neither hippie nor anarchist, as those connotations might make it diffiuclt for us to be friends. Also i think you need a hug. I hope you get a hug. And a bong.


  38. Well, if they didn't resist and antagonize the police that were just trying to do their jobs in a very threatening situation, this would not have happened...

    1. I don't think you realize what you're saying.

    2. all i have to say to that is what.And what planet are you living on.boy are you wearing blinders ..I don,t believe i,m reading this BS..your the type of person. who will belive right up until there bashing your door down , lugging your ass off to jail.what about your rights Dikweed ...

  39. Well I guess we won't be visiting Canada for our next vacation after all.Wow Canada is becoming more and more like the United States- ran by corporations,and banks.

    1. Hey hey hey lol, you can still come! There's plenty to see and unless there's these major events, there won't be any problems!

    2. Even if, he'll be fine in the Rockies. Police wont get you there.

    3. Well I guess by now we will include this episode as a touristic event... look people this was the emplacement of the first Fences... please you may purchase pieces of the fence at our souvenir shop after the tour. On your left is the exact emplacement where one of the rioters lost his tooth after the cops hit him because he raised its elbow to drink its coca cola... unfortunately the vapor crazed cop thought he was reaching for gun. You may purchase blood samples at our souvenir shop. We are now approaching the area where few rioters did not understand that when we call the cops pigs, it doesn't necessarily means they are, therefore they shouldn't try to cook them in their cars. Stop by our snack bar near the souvenir shop for some great Canadian bacon... please note that no matter how delicious some woman cops may look... they are not part of the menu.

    4. Other than Alaska, I promise you it will be the most beautiful and unique experience of your life. Only this country can be so multi-cultural and yet give such a strong sense of Canadiana.

    5. Wow Trekfun... if I was to say I'm not going to USA every time something happened in the USA or any other countries in the world i'd never leave home, even to get some Milk (which I can't drink LOL). Canada is not much different than the states, beside our government being still par of that "God Shave the Queen Anthem" we are cousins. We are your front line during wars (and sometimes the unwanted (???) target) We are your first Importers and you Export first to us... Most of the stores present in US are also in Canada... so no surprise that during the G20 our people have been reacting the same dang way your people would have. Will it spare me to go visit my cousins in Atlanta... hell no, visit my aunt in Denver, Colorado, certainly not.

      Did 911 spared me from going to USA just in case you have another attack, absolutely not... in fact I was there to help. So because of a little G20 War State in Canada you'd stop coming well that's a bit ridiculous to my view... but it is your choice buddy. As much many things are very good in USA, we still make the best Beer LOLOLOLOL... you wouldn't like to miss out on a good Heineken???

      Yes yes I know the beer is not Canadian, but funny enough it is now brewed by Molson, right in Downtown Montreal... yet we still pay the importation fee... yes my friend we are not much different... you have stars on your flag we have what's left of a maple tree.

      Oh as for the G20 in Toronto, because that's exactly where I live... I did like most smart citizen and we all flew away to the countryside... the city was dead except for those wasting their valuable time trying to reason with unreasonable power hungry sociopaths that we call world leaders.

    6. have you people been living in the dark haven,t you heard of the North Amerikan Union..duh ..wake up .. don,t believe what i read on these post .Deny, Deny, Deny, until your rights are gone , and then say what happened .I,ll tell you all, how simple it is. Either you want to be free or you don,t. What you don,t realize is,there really testing us, to see how easy it is to kontrol us.and to use all the new equipment we just bought them.Doesn,t that make you feel better your paying for this. Sad thing is they know now, they have the power,to kontol you and they won,t be held akkountable,doesn,t it make you wonder why, they passed all the laws just for this G20 meeting.They also spent alot of money for there sekurity.They did not have that same thought about the average people on the streets.The Gov. has to know they kan kontrol the people know matter what it takes. its a test to see what works and what don, kould see it just by the way the kops,were doing everything in a military fashion. they needed a reaktion from the people to see how far they kould push them, before it blew up . Well they got there answer .I witnessed this during the sixties, and i,ll tell you what those were riots .The kops have just fined tuned there response ..If you don,t think it will get worse..well i seem to rekall an Inkedent at a plake kalled Kent state University..four killed there ..don,t fool yourself they will kill ...and guess what they,ll get away with it..and blame the people whats your answer you want to be free or kan debate this all you want, or shred every word someone writes on this site. you kan go round and round with your opinions. but its seems pretty simple to me, you want to free or you don,t esp. ruled over by people who might be less intelligent than you are sukh as the Kops..The only idea i agree with was the one about not paying taxes.Then you will see how dedikated the kops and all law enforkement is , if there not getting paid to put their life on the line .yep. stop paying taxes will shut down a korrupt Gov. too .sorry about the spelling but my see key is stiking Forest Gump said Thats all i have to say about that ..

  40. Wow, this is truly traumatizing and appalling. We should make our own riot gear for protection and shields that say "HUMAN." I could rant for pages on this topic but I feel that the best thing to say is WWJD? This would never happen if widespread love was something you can shoot someone with. These people only listen to and act on what they are told by another human who claims to have authority. We know whats right and he is always watching us, its about time these people woke up and started acting with peace and love.

    1. I'm all for shields with a large print "HUMAN" on it, but why must you throw religion into the matter? Could you ask the same question about what sort of toppings you would like on your pizza?

    2. Religion drives people to care less about themselves and money and guides them to help others even when the problem is not directly in front of you. Ive tried spreading awareness in America and nobody listens cause they say "this would never happen on our soil." The only ones who listen are the people with a strong faith and desire to care for others. As Americans we were given the opportunity. However, most Americans believe this opportunity is all about them which just fulfills the "ignorant, arrogant American" stereotype. That opportunity has been shaped by the public to center around money which doesn't buy happiness but can be used as a bridge to help others who weren't given this opportunity.

      A lot of people in my generation never even knew there were riots in Vancouver, (some dont even know what the G20 summit was about) nonetheless the cruelty of these riots. It is this ignorance that poisons our youth. the whole "its not my problem" answer is what I keep hearing instead of saying "it is our problem and we need to stop it before its on our doorstep." The media has covered this up and its our job to spread awareness and come together for reform before its too late here on U.S. soil while our rights are still protected. As cliche as it sounds, money doesn't buy happiness. Happiness can be spread exponentially through helping the less fortunate and giving those less fortunate people a will to live. If they have faith, they will not fear these evil people or the awful plan they are devising. In an ideal world, there is no government the people should govern themselves instead of putting one human in such an authoritative position. None of us are perfect and nobody deserves the power of all the weapons that the U.S. has access to, even if "elected." As long as we do the right thing, we will be rewarded, for he is always watching.

      Dont mean to offend anyone with my opinion.. its just my plan for dealing with these evil people and if we all commit together, we will succeed in one way or another. Follow as you wish, or present a better plan for humanity and act on it.

      Keep in mind, Hitler's Germany didn't see it coming because the government had them distracted with the recovery of the economy and other "important" matters. Im not implying a second holocaust is coming... im just not ruling it out like the rest of the American public.

    3. Religion was greatly embroidered into Hitler's country. It fueled his hate for Jews and the like. What do you think the Swastika was, or rather, what it truely represented, other than what western powers have brainwashed everyone into believing. Research it. REMEMBER that only the winners write our history. Religion is destructive in the most sly of ways, with the exceptions of Hinduism and Bhudism and a few other closely related types. I challenge you to watch a few of the Documentaries on here and see if that doesn't catch you up to speed.

    4. Hitler had a corrupt interpretation of the religion, you shouldn't hate anyone but you should forgive them. We have to remember Hitler was human too and probably all he needed was someone he could love and trust to talk out his issues with instead of abusing his power in attempt to solve them. Everyone deserves a second chance as long as they genuinely wish to be a better person with that second chance. Every doc on here just fuels my faith... I no longer have any fear because I know he is always with me and even if I die, I die doing his good work which im perfectly fine with if thats what he has planned for me. I see the underlying meaning in every movie I watch today and none of them show how christianity hurts. The only way it hurts is when people abuse the label and call themselves christians when in reality they are perfectly fine with their life of sin if it betters the life they live in now.

      And by the way, I totally agree that the winners write history. However, we were the victors over Hitler's Germany... so you contradict yourself by leading me to believe that we wrote what happened bac then... I didnt live in that time and see it all in my own eyes, therefore I trust my faith to get me through whatever obstacles im presented in my lifetime.

      I dont seek truth... if i did id be spending all my time doing research for the rest of my life instead of acting on what I already know is right due to my morals.

      This world has lost hope, and im one of the few that wants to restore it...

  41. I advise people to to read the Mclean's article. They immediately talk about punishing these ne'er-do-wells. You know the guys in the Cop BOOTS!

    I don't subscribe to Mcleans...I was in a dentist's office, when I read it. I sent a letter to the editor while my mouth became normal...(By the way, I have a new keyboard now. I didn't know that they could be rendered inoperable, by a little bit of drool) pointing out obvious things as well as citing the incidents at the Montebello protest. 5 points to anyone who can tell me what Mcleans response to me was.

    1. "Thank you for your response. You have been placed on the watch list, love Canada" :p

    2. hate to point this out....but I wasn't responding to you.

      But feel free to join journalism, get a job at Mcleans, and then maintain your objectivity.

      And a "watch list"? Is that a part of the "no fly" list?

    3. eh? I didn't think you were replying to me. You had an open ended question that I choose to answer. No need for the negativity.
      Also I'm not interested in working in print, I'm interested in working within documentary television. Hence the "broadcast" part of the program. But silly me, higher education within collage must mean I plan on "working for the man". Please don't pass judgement on me, and I won't on you.

    4. If you click upon the reply button at the bottom of the comment, it differentiates where it is posted, hence MY comment. And I wasn't being negative, sarcastic perhaps...but tell me, what is a watch list? Are you a jeweller? I have a Timex.

    5. Ooh! Sorry. I was being sarcastic as well, but somehow it was lost between the two of us. Must be because I'm watching the doc at the same time.
      Watch List, I guess it's like the No-fly list. Just the "List" that everyone seems so paranoid about. Some rightly so I suppose.

    6. Porn can kill your keyboard you know LOL... And the insurance companies are not covering keyboards overdrooled by questionable contents coming from flat screens connected to a noisy box. LOL

  42. Despite Alex Jones frothing and raving,how can anyone not take these images and interviews seriously?We are seeing the testing scenarios of police state tactics for urban control..disguised as public security.Its like herding sheep.Why does the shepherd guard the flock?Because he loves them?nope.You know why.

    1. In my original post I stated that this wasn't a test for police state scenarios, but a demonstration. Testing ended in the 90's.

  43. Hey Tess, I live downtown Toronto as well. I agree, it sucked. I had to do some grocery shopping that morning and I got in and out of there just before the tear gas was used. People protest weekly down at Queens Park still.

    1. It was frightening in Toronto. Viewers take it from Torontoians, this was a complete mess in Toronto. Seeing photos in Now Magazine the thursday after, of the cells they detained peaceful protesters in, was so disturbing. Many of my friends were detained, and not even allowed to go to the bathroom. They kept them in there for well over 24 hours, and it was completely over crowded. I've only watched the first 10 minutes of this doc so far (had brunch plans), but all the news reports are completely accurate.
      A huge reason why I am now taking Broadcast Journalism @ Seneca.

      I saw people at Dundas Square yesterday protesting. There weren't that many people (I was there for a Youtube Gathering), but the police were present, and so were the news stations.

    2. Move to London, easy commute to Toronto for school/work.

  44. Hey I live in Toronto. G20 sucked.
    Looking forward to seeing what Alex Jones has to say about how shitty G20 was. The whole city was hit hard with the stupidity of this conference. I still saw people yesterday protesting about it.

  45. Is this an Alex Jones documentary? I can't take anything he does seriously.

    1. No, it has nothing to do with Alex Jones. It is an unbiased look at the Toronto G20 protest.

  46. Yes I agree, the ending there with that Alex guy definitely stepped up the cheese factor at the end part only. Self serving agenda's should not really have a place in such sensitive issues. But in reality I know they do of course.

    However, I am a Canadian, and the theme of this documentary is damn scary ! This not only applies to Canada, but any democratic nation on earth. Once your basic rights have been compromised, even the least bit, there are serious issues.....very serious issues. The potential of this is huge, not to mention the Federal and Provincial gov't still unwilling to have a public inquiry into this matter? That is as scary as the documentary itself.

    Since G20 in Toronto, and a few other smaller issues, I have to say that I am disgusted. Not a proud time for Canadians...not in the least!!

  47. Ok. This **** is really getting on my nerves. A year ago in Lithuania we had a protest against our stupid goverment and some "protestors" broke a few windows of our seimas (something like a parlament) and now no protests are allowed near it, organasing one at all is almost impossibe if there may be more than a thousand people and police got like 10 mil. or more to buy riot control equiptment!

    The only good person in power of our country and if not it's last hope is our new president she already said **** off to USA and shes somewhat pro Russian as far as I can see, that's as good as it can get I suppose.

    1. Basically your President is picking Russia for lead power rather than the U.S. Regardless of choice, there's only one top.

    2. Hey I heard about that, didn't it have something to do with a displacement of a Soviet Statue? Some kind of revolt made by Russian nationals? From what i heard, it wasn't so peaceful...
      Kind of weird, but i learned about that briefly from a Documentary on computer Hackers...

  48. Putting Alex in there really stepped up the cheese factor.

  49. I live here. I was born here. The G20 event was a frightening shock to most Canadians; we are numb. Numb to the fact that, prior to the G20 event, we lived under the illusion of freedom. Now we see just how orchestrated and methodical our "one world government's" plots and strategic choreography is. That's a f--king army, not riot police. It is more evident than ever that Canada was used. Not even like a test, but a demonstration. In light of the situation, we can show the world that Canadians will never give in, fall or fold. We will fight..... intelligently and collectively.

  50. It was a decent documentary but LOL @ Alex Jones at the end and his cold war ranting about how terrible the commies are.

  51. While I have not watched it yet, i was in toronto when it happened, and I know that the moment I saw police men abandon their cars for no seemingly good reason and "masked men" light those cars that it was a government set up to justify the cost of the g20. I know toronto police and they would rather shoot into a crowd of protestors than to abandon their car, or they would rather run over 100 protestors with cars than to abandon their car. In Canadian law police have the right to use deadly force against anyone who makes them "feel threatened" and no court can fault any police who say for example feels threatened by a mob and starts shooting them. This is why Canadian police are almost never charged with murder in compararision to their us counterparts. remember when that guy was shot in his back in cali on the bart subway system. He went on trial and went to jail. In Canada a similar incident was covered by a show called w5 where a cop falisfied a report and shot a guy in the back, and another cop shot a guy in the head in handcuffs in the police station. Both claimed they felt threaten and neither were charged. At least America has fbi if cops are corrupt, in canada cops can only be investigated by a corrupt organization call the siu who is full of former cops who have all been suspended or kicked out of the force and therefore hate civilians and love cops

  52. I really wish someone could get Alex Jones to just shut the hell up, maybe one of those police state nazi loving mass murderers that have been ruling the world for decades. The delicious irony of him attempting to utilise the exact same sensationalist tactics repeatedly condemned when employed by Fox News or any other mainstream media source wore off long ago. He sucks at it, REALLY sucks at it. Each time I listen to him howl at his audience that they're "probably" sheep, regardless of tuning in to his nonsense, I find myself praying for the onset of an Orwellian dystopia just to shut him up. He has no answers, no solution, only hollow reassurances that when "they" come for him, he'll go down shooting. Infowars is a goddamn mess of self-replicating fear, I tried reading through a few articles to find that at least three were identical walls of vapid terror with different titles, which were often simply lines from the article itself. Given a choice between Stalin and Jones, I'd go with Uncle Joe any day of the week.

    With all that said, the documentary itself was quite interesting, or at least the part where the police were forced to admit they had officers bearing rocks hidden amongst the crowd. Props to the guy who called them out, had it gone on much longer however, you'd probably have needed the riot police to get them out of there as it was beginning to get a little messy. The plain clothes officers with armbands were pretty creepy too, though the whole situation was completely farcical to begin with. Heads should roll, but they won't, and if they do you'll never hear about it. Officer Bubbles was great, if I'd have been in earshot of that obnoxious shit it wouldn't have taken long for me to liberate the detergent and shower the bastard in bubbles of mass destruction.

    I think what most people miss is that the police are every bit as susceptible to fear mongering as your average guy on the street, doubly so as they spent their working day mingling with the assorted filth of mankind. Couple that with protests (peaceful or not) within a mile of twenty world leaders and things are bound to get a little tense. It doesn't excuse their behaviour, not in the least, but likening them to the nazis for kettling protesters is a joke. The whole world needs to get a grip on reality, the real one, not the ones being perpetrated by both extremes of the argument.

  53. Decent doc. It's mostly footage from G20 protesters - not too much 'official' analysis involved. A little melodramatic, but does a good job of showing you some things 'democratic' governments wouldn't want you to know much about.

    Though it's not really discussed in the doc, now my head really IS spinning at the endless possibilities of different ways that a police state could force dissenters into a Catch-22 situation... Almost any free, law-abiding citizen could in some way be portrayed as 'resisting arrest' or even made out to be a terrorist. Scary.

  54. Time for a Canadian gut-check.

    In the words of H.L Mencken, "Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats. "

  55. Anyone interested should check out the 2007 Democratic Convention in Minneapolis. Similar stuff there. Undercover police instigators in peaceful protests, raids on organizers houses and meeting places days before the protests, taking video tape and electronics from those involved, and worst of all arrest of reporters including Amy Goodman.

  56. It IS 1984 come true!! Or at least it could be on its way to becoming "1984". I feel like I have been asleep! Why wasn't any of this on the mainstream news?? There was plenty of video to back up what happened. Instead, the protesters were made out to be a bunch of crazy hippies. I had no idea what they were protesting at the time. I had no idea what their issue was. I didn't take the time to find out, because I bought into the whole "it's just a bunch of crazy hippies and students with paranoia about the world." What I can't understand is why the Evangelical Christians haven't joined in on the anxiety over a new World Order, since it is foretold in the Book of Revelation. With the kind of control the police had leads me to believe that a leader (anti-Christ) could easily control people/dissenters to "his" agenda. I'm not saying this is necessarily happening right now, but it sure sets the stage for it. And yet you hear nothing from the Christian community....perhaps that is because they are asleep, as I was, and just didn't take the time to find out what is going on...I don't think they even realize that they NEED to research this! Disinformation about the protesters has surely kept one from finding out what is really going on. I am appalled!

    1. The Evangelical Christians are to busy waiting for their "Rapture"
      to join anything!

    2. Judging from my own experience with them, Evangelicals have known about and proclaimed the dangers of a new World Order for as long as I can remember. Even though they believe in the rapture, they also have no way of knowing just how far any attempts at World Order will progress before any rapture event might take place. So, they also tend to share in the anxiety to a certain extent as the timing of the future events they believe in is uncertain.

      However, most other social and religious circles (not to mention most media) viewed past Christian New World Order warnings in a similar fashion to how Kari has described. To um, *cough,* "paraphrase..." Evangelicals were often viewed as "a bunch of crazy fundamentalists and zealots with paranoia about the world." They were thus by and large dismissed and ignored.

  57. I heard this JFK line and got goose bumps

    "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
    John F. Kennedy

    Why is our country, pushing us into the inevitable.

    1. because "the more you push the more you get"

  58. I am sick of the elite getting all, and the regular people getting treated like we are garbage. What can I do? How can I help?

    1. Rise up like people in egypt and kick out our corrupt government and try them for their corruption and war crimes against the canadian people

  59. I am sick of the elite getting all, and the regular people getting treated like we are garbage. What can I do? How can I help?

    1. Vote someone else in at the next elections but be careful whom you choose.

    2. Sorry Pete, you are only voting for the guard at the entrance to the emerald city. The guy behind the curtain will be there no matter who you vote for.

  60. shame on these 'cops' -disgusting nazi-like behavior. They should all be fired.

  61. Canadian Gov is adopting US Gov. a little brother who thinks his fuc**d up big bro is so cool!
    But on both side of the fence (yes fences we have), the ants are working hard to stop those insanities. The working class is waking up! Hip Hip Hip Hourra!
    I haven't watch the vido, just got back from a long nature walk...It is beautiful in BC!

    1. Your lucky its snowing in Michigan & I blame Canada

    2. Aren't we all blame Canada for the bad weather... damn we are blaming ourselves within the frontiers... when it's cold, we blame Yellowknife, when it's less cold, we blame Yellowknife, when it's too hot we also blame Yellowknife for not making it cold... in short Blame Yellowknife... now if you don't know where is Yellowknife... Blame your education system and than Blame Yellowknife :)

  62. Shame Toronto....shame! To me it looks like both sides were instigating each other, police and protesters and made me for the first time in my life feel embarrassed to be Canadian.

    Police, to me looked like they were abusing their power but only because protesters were abusing their freedom.

    In defense of "officer bubbles" if some girl was blowing bubbles in my face after I asked her to stop and she replied it's a free country I can do whatever I want I'd probably have the urge to punch her in the face.

    No one wants to be controlled by tyrannic governments and treated like herds of sheep. That's what the G20 protests were about in the beginning but 99% of the protests shown in this video became about "being Canadian and living in a free country where I can do whatever I want". Taunting the police officers about your personal Canadian rights doesn't help G20 issues. You're only egging them on by saying "you can't touch me because I'm Canadian...haha!"

    It seems this only became an issue after the news broadcast that anyone within 5m of the fence will need ID. To me this makes sense for security reasons. Inside the fence are the global leaders, of course they want to have high security in that area. The reason they wanted to ID people within 5m of the fence is to deter someone from hanging around that area, possibly planning a terrorist attack to take out all of the global leaders at the same time.

    To me this was very immature of Canadians to march down there and see for themselves if they as Canadians actually had to show ID on a public road. Then when they found that yes that was the case, it all erupted.

    The anarchists were an interesting addition to the protests as well. Whether they were planted there to create the chaos or not, the best thing protesters could have done would be to go home at that point. Why would anyone want to be a part of that and put themselves in that danger? Continue the protest on another day! I would have been gone long before any of that happened.

    "Peaceful protest" was said many times during the video footage but after the burning cars and smashed windows, it was no longer a peaceful protest. The police needed to use force to not risk another outbreak a second time whether the first time was staged by the government or not.

    Grow up Canadians! Protest things you don't like yes, think you're invincible, no!

    1. Jason, as someone who was there the entire weekend (as I live in Toronto) I can tell you with 100% certainty that the ID "issue" was not JUST an issue within 5 metres of the fence. On my way home from work at College Park (feel free to google map this to see just how far from the fence that is) I was stopped by an avis fan that two police jumped out of and demanded to see id and search me. That was on the THURSDAY night while there were only smaller pockets of protests underway.
      I had no original plan to protest the summit simlpy because I try not to care too much about shit I can't fix, and our poor political system is something in my mind isn't working for me so I don't bother. Until I was stopped, searched, and told my rights didn't matter. When I said I had the right to not just show id and agree to be searched for no reason on my way home, I was informed it was "G20 weekend, you have no rights" and it happened to tons of people I know.

      And YES PEACEFUL PROTESTS, they went on thursday, huge crowds all day friday, for a while on saturday (then a few hours of chaos where demonstrators were acting tougher than police against vandals in the crowd, but still the violence was there.), and then peaceful ones all saturday night and all day sunday. It's easy to focus on the small negative of the WEEKEND of the G20 summit, but it's smarter to realise it was just a small piece of a whole weekend.

    2. That's terrible and I fully agree with you. They had no right and were bending the rules about IDing and searching people. I'm sure they were just doing what they were told to do which is wrong.

      If they held this G20 meeting in any other country and city in the world I'm sure the same thing would have happened. The high security required meant take no chances. IDing and searching every single person is out of hand. I only agree with being able to search people in the 5m zone.

      The video could have shown more of these incidents like yours to make it more believable that the police were completely out of line from the start.


    3. You have got to be f--king kidding me.

    4. The people could have been telling the police they stink. That does not give the police the right to detain without access to legal council, break up a peacable assemby (which it was on days other than the window smashing/burning car protests), disallow those arrested to receive medical help when hurt, etc. etc. etc. Lots of rights were violated, and under no circumstance should that have happened, regardless of what they were charged with. The police obviously had planned on doing this, because they had their cages all ready. I think that they were just following orders. I believe someone else higher up was responsible for this. I understand the need to check I.D.s for security reasons, and I didn't have a problem with that.
      If was the intent of whomever to keep protesters rounded up and arrested. "Going home" when anarchists did their "thing" is exactly what "they" wanted.
      And as far as having a strong police presence there, I would have to say that that was not a bad thing. I agree that they needed to be there in case things became "out of control" and violence erupted. The problem began when they arrested people for no reason, and continued to violate various rights for hours and hours.

    5. I agree with you many rights were violated and people were arrested for no reason.

      Do we know for sure that the cages were all set up and ready to go or was no one being arrested when the cars were burning because there was no where to put the people yet? Maybe they didn't anticipate this kind of protest display and who would in peaceful Canada/Toronto? Everyone was shocked at the display of violence and vandalism we all saw that day!

      Perhaps, in reaction to the violence they set up the cages Saturday afternoon and by Saturday night they could start arresting people if you look at the timeline of events on the video. To know this for sure, we'd have to interview someone who works at that Toronto Film warehouse and ask them if police had control over their facility long before the protests started or not. Someone can do this and then post the interview on youtube and the link here for us to see.

      There was a lot of psychological games regarding control going on that day more than actual physical control. The police regardless of what country you live in are the law and control the masses. That day the masses were demonstrating long before anything bad happened that the police had no control over them. They felt didn't need to show ID if they didn't want to even though they were informed that they needed to. This triggered a shift in power that the police maybe didn't anticipate. What's the big deal? You show your ID, you go home, who cares! Or even there was an option to NOT show your ID and go away instead but if you wanted to hang around you had to show your ID. SO OBVIOUSLY A DETERRENT TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM STAYING IN THE AREA!! = NO TERRORIST THREAT!

      Once the police realized they had no control over the people they needed to demonstrate that yes they did have control over the people because they are police and they are the law. This is when they took it too far but it woke the people up a little bit at the same time. Did the people not take it too far first? If the anarchists weren't police officers, smashing up the city is taking it way too far as a protester.

      For me I fully agree that the police fairly informed the people and asked them to help them out by agreeing to show ID if you're in a certain area of the city over the weekend. The police didn't do a good job of informing the people as to why they needed ID. It's such common sense to me why (high security requirements) I think they didn't clearly state why on the news because it was so obvious not knowing that many Canadians would not get it and take offense to it instead.

      I'm not taking sides here, I'm saying that the whole thing could have been avoided if people just used their heads a little bit.


    6. It is an interesting viewpoint you adopt. I too, am Canadian and Indeed after watching this film i was shocked. This incident undoubtedly polarized the 2 parties: peaceful protests vs Anti-Riot Police. But these kind of protests have been going on for decades within democratic nations without having incidents... Think of the hippies against war on VIetnam and that famous girl putting a flower in the barrel of a gun (or am i just talking shit here...I'm saying this through my memories from history class). Either way, I agree with Kari, in no way does the Police have the right to put such Violence.

      In 2001 there has been another RIOT on (Zone de libre échange des Amériques) Free Trade Zone of America (don't know the correct term in English) in where i live and that was more violent, People were destroying the fences and throwing rocks...Maybe Toronto Police didn't want a repeat of that incident.

      Still however you look at it, they shouldn't have gone that Far in Toronto where policemen over numbered protesters and virtually didn't let the crowd disperse.

      This issue is not finished yet: Last week (or the week before) the Toronto Police just denied demands for a public inquiry on the actions during the G20 protests. That at least gives you an idea...

    7. Jason, Jason - if you are deaf and blind, I admire your ability to write your post. You are the last man on earth that doesn't know the police cars were abandoned and less than 100 so-called anarchists let run riot for an hour with the police standing by and doing nothing. Most of the police violence and harassment and illegal arrests took place the next day - often in "designated" protest areas. You are either an idiot or an agent provacateur yourself. It wouldn't surprise me if you set the police cars on fire.

    8. HA! No, I'm not working for the other side. I just think people are jumping to conclusions very quickly without researching deeper. I agree, I saw the footage that the police did nothing while chaos spread through the streets and then arrested peaceful protesters. This is WRONG!! I'm saying that neither side was right and it got out of control...

    9. hey jason, in regards to mr bubbles
      I believe (i could be wrong) your missing the point - that they are there to rightfully protest.The police are the ones "in her face" and deserve the shot to the head, not her - i dont think she was the aggressor

      AND on top of it im pretty sure the teenager didnt blow bubbles in his face at all and she was resilient in containing the urge afterwards.
      To the credit of FAGG BUBBLES he did say thanks for "showing me respect" which I believe really is all that police ask for in situtations when the need to exert UNFAIR practices (like please move or arrested) and she complied

  63. Am a Canadian, but was not there. Probably most police think, if you can't beat them then join them.

    This doc will stay with me for always probably. When everything does collapse it will be because there will be no more public access to the internet.

    Goes without saying open internet should be top priority.

    1. Totally agree with you. I believe actually that Internet might be THE tool that connects (litteraly) enough people to actually guide changes in society. Internet freedom is a must.

  64. I would really be interested in what some of the results were after the summit was over. Law suits? Were any officers charged? Any changes made to law enforcement policies? This entire incident, or more correctly, series of incidents, are shocking, indefensible and contrary to the principles that guide a free nation. A follow up documentary is needed. Thanks

  65. was there. one of the most depressing moments i have ever experienced as a Canadian.

  66. i hope as many police officers as possible are shown this, if you have friends or family in the police in canada or any other nation that seems to be headed down this road please ask them to watch this film and think about the dehumanization it shows.

    the way the innocent women in particular were treated was absolutely sickening.


    1. With all due respect WAR state is war state... the doomed weekend was declare a martial law all over the GTA. This my dear it means that Woman are no more woman, elderly are no more elderly and children are no more children. I worked downtown Toronto during the arrival the the G20 Summit and I have seen little by little the Fences building up around the quarters of Bay,Front, King street and that was well three days before even the first G20's clown arrives in Canada. There was day time surveillance 2 days before the summit... some subway entrance were condemned days before. I use to voice myself out and join the crowd during event like this... but seeing how bad it was turning even days before the event... I knew that this was not going to turn well... and that same weekend I was having a relaxing beer, by the fire at 2 hours away from Toronto. Why? Because Toronto was under martial law... woman are no woman, human being are just animals shouting, barking and being beaten, arrested by cops that some people would say " were just doing their jobs." Now I don't just blame the cops though, some well known troublemakers did start the fire.

      The funny part is that the G20 was just a disguise... because in about the same period... Leaders of the G8 were meeting in peace in Huntsville... which is 2 or three hours away from Toronto.Now's who's the most important between G20 and G8? G8 is... G20 will be G15 in the next 5 years because some dumb ass made a wrong investment and it will come back as G20 few years after. G8 is the meeting of the 8 most powerful countries in the world that really does something bad to your future. And they have been carrying on peacefully with very little disturbance... I believe maybe a beaver chewed somebody's wood leg but that was all :).

  67. Disgusting. I can see this happening in the states but not Canada.

    Every Canadian needs to see this and realize that our rights are being eroded.

    To me it looks like most of the mob mentality was performed by the police themselves.

    1. Why would you say that?

      (Definition of a Canadian)..."A unarmed American that has medicare"

    2. LOL, I assume you are being sarcastic.

  68. not the canada we saw in canadian bacon,not the country that let veitnam draft card burners in.its the one that sent stop loss vets back.