Tracking Down the Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus

Tracking Down the Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus

2020, Conspiracy  -   37 Comments
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To what extent is the Chinese Communist Party responsible for the scourge of the coronavirus? This conspiratorial premise looms over the intriguing documentary Tracking Down the Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus.

The film questions the official narrative that pinpoints the origins of the virus among the seafood and wildlife markets of Wuhan, China. One significant challenge to this narrative comes from the first reported case of the mystery pneumonia: a patient who had absolutely no exposure to the markets. In fact, this was true of the first 14 of 41 reported cases. If this data is accurate, it could indicate the virus had been spreading among the human population as early as November 2019.

Why has this theory taken hold when over a third of the initial cases of the coronavirus were unrelated to these markets? The filmmakers find further complications in China's early suppression and eventual announcement of the infections. This flow of information was guided by a panel consisting of several communist party propagandists.

The conspiracy deepens from there. Scientists have since unlocked the genetic sequence of the new virus and found striking similarities to other SARS-like infections originating from bats. Curiously, the amino acid make-up of COVID-19 is 100% identical to one of these infections discovered at a Chinese military university in 2018. This has led many to believe that the new virus must have been purposely manufactured.

What ensues is a deep dive into the research of synthetic virus construction, and its susceptibility to cross-species infection. Along the way is the presence of the Chinese Communist Party and their eagerness to silence and reluctance to publicize sound scientific findings. The film's argument for conspiracy is further supported by a particularly damning series of communications between scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Tracking Down the Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus goes week by week throughout the timeline of this new virus to exploit countless inconsistencies and curiosities. Accented by a ghostly soundtrack and a constant barrage of supposedly convincing research papers and insights, the film provides much to ponder, particularly for those who have a high tolerance for conspiracy-laden narratives.

Directed by: Natalia Hu, Karen Chen

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37 Comments / User Reviews

  1. 45 90

    I think this is dead on. And there's more to it.

    The statistics are fully transparent, from globally recognized sources.

    Gain of function is just another term for weaponization.


    Blaming the Chinese even for the Fentanyl epidemic says it all... Crap. Turned it off, hate being treated without respect.


    So biased... All epidemics must start somewhere, in small numbers. Thus, it starts too as a domestic affair. China took extreme measures once identified while USA, knowing its dangers, chose to look the other way, probably causing thousands of deaths.
    I remember too watching the Spanish news, early december, seeing some Spain-based Chinese people saying they would go quarantine back then, closing all their businesses until further notice. The message felt as an oddity, but for the way it was presented. l would not blame the Chinese in it. It went through me with no sense of alarm at all. Two months later it hit Spain very hard, while the Chinese Republic seemed to start seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
    Finding links between the government and almost anything happening in China is a dummy's job. But since we would be speculating cause there is no undisputable factual proof, presenting other theories (such as a bioattack, for example) would make a better piece to watch. This is like Fox News at its lowest, cheap propaganda.

    1. Alex

      your information is as fragile as you are

  4. jon

    News Flash! It was created in WuHan, China. Don't call it Covid-19. Call it the China Virus.

  5. Eva

    Another generously well CIA sponsored anti-china propaganda roaming on the agency's favorite platform. Outsourced to NGOs as they always do, in this instance the Epoch Times...

    1. jon

      Read a little. It will help your blindness.

    2. Bridget

      I watch this documentary when it came out and I felt torn between what the intentions were. Yet here we are a year later in 2021 with President Biden admitting that it may have been leaked from the Wuhan lab. It’s hard to trust anybody

  6. Claudius Pereira

    Question to those who think CCP is innocent Has Covid 19 eaten your brains ?

  7. Al Manseau

    On the word of a discredited researcher with no credentials and a dentist from Vancouver. People please don't share this crap, no wonder everybody doesn't know who to believe. Epoch Times? Pfffffffffffffffff!

  8. FUS

    Its remarkable that people can go this far to blame other country

  9. McNasty

    Trying to figure out if anything good has ever come out of mainland China. Can't think of anything.

  10. SY

    This needs to be labeled as fiction. This is about as much of a documentary as "Ancient Aliens."

  11. G

    An other strange fact is this video has the lower rate in the whole site, very strange almost for the topic wich is so present

    1. Susan Adams

      Trash and needs to be deleted.👎👎

    2. jon

      a lot of democrats use this site and those m***ns basically do what ever their group leader tells them to, no free thinkers at all.

  12. G

    The documentary reports mostly facts, the comments here with any kind of American birth's name ;) , don't argue facts but just speak againSt the theory. Please makes your homeworks and confute the facts or I m allowed to believe all these "James, Carol, Sharon " are chinese trolls, China doesn't lack of cyberpropaganda, also this is a fact!

  13. James

    the 1st recorded case of Covid 19 was in Paris 27th Dec (it was believed to be pneumonia , but testeed samples multiple times after the discovery of the virus proves this. it was widely reported at the time, but seems to have gone cold, perhaps because it doesn't tie in with the China bashing Trump is so keen to do (also there's a post mortem showing it was in the US a month before believed before, so its been around globally longer than we realised).

    1. The Elz

      UPDATE - the earliest case of the virus causing Covid19 (Sars Cov2) is now in sewer water samples from early 2019 in Spain. I'msure more info will come out as time goes on about this virus.

  14. Misty

    Whether COVID came from nature or a lab; nothing surprises me anymore, and I put nothing past governments, multinational corporations, or even eccentric billionaires who may mess with genetic engineering, designer babies, etc. We know less than the proverbial 'tip of the iceberg' about the biological weapons our own country, with its obscene numbers of nukes, has. Will the next pandemic be home-grown? Conspiracies abound, but the fact is that we shouldn't trust any of them; neither China's Communist Party or the U.S. that keeps its gullible and ignorant citizens in the dark.

    1. william

      You are spot on. It does not matter whether you are "communist" or "democratic", republican or democrat... all these are false dichotomies used to divide and conquer the masses of plebeians. Chinese "communist" system is hardly communist anymore, since they are more "capitalistic" now than the Russians. Karl Marx be damned.

      The same argument goes with the beacon of Capitalistic Democracy - America, which is becoming increasingly "socialistic" in its policies and outlook especially with its parasitic FED which has destroyed her middle-class and made the rest of society pay for the speculative excesses of the top 0.001% since 2008 and earlier.

      US-China trade war is just a way for the political elites to divert the anger of the masses and direct it at an externalized "demonic" force, thereby enhancing nationalistic fervor and consolidating the political base of those in the seat of power.

      Whether its an economic trade war or a military conflict, the sacrificial lambs are the common people at the bottom rungs. After, millions have died and the dust has settled, these political elites from both sides will come out from hiding and declare "World Peace" to all, do some photo ops and sign some grandiose agreements, and go back to "Business as Usual" (i.e. leeching off & Taxing the willing masses of financialized slaves).

      A great recent example is the Vietnam War, where so much suffering and deaths were made under the banner of the fight against Communist expansionism, but a few decades after the war, Vietnam goes back to "Capitalistic" development model and even befriends USA because of the growing Red China threat (who incidentally were their most staunch Marxist comrade during Ho Chi Minh's struggle). Full circle eh?

      After all that has been said and done, who suffers? The political elites escapes most of the carnage by migrating to another country or avoiding the front lines or "killing fields" during the (economic/military) war, and then AFTER the war, they reap the spoils and come out to make wonderful speeches and once again feed on the tax coffers like they were pre-ordained monarchs of old. Communism and Democracy be damned. We still have modified-Monarchies in place just like Senior Bush and Junior Bush, and other familial royalty, disguised through a "democratic" selection process. lol.

  15. Kaveh

    This is pure propaganda. US is failing to protect American people from COVID-19, it is now blaming China. Too childish...

    1. PePo

      lol don't know when you wrote that comment, but it seems the opposite is true now

    2. No

      They're not blaming China, she worked with a man in NC.
      Also, considering how many politicians went down for moving their money before announcing the virus here and/or shutdown. I would say we aren't any better than China.

  16. Jim

    The media outlet (The Epoch Times) is primarily known for promoting far-right politicians across Europe and the United States, and in particular for its promotion of U.S. President Donald Trump; a 2019 report showed it to be the second-largest funder of pro-Trump Facebook advertising after the Trump campaign. The group's news sites and YouTube channels have spread conspiracy theories such as QAnon and anti-vaccination propaganda.

    1. PePo

      Actually an excellent documentary, shows how the virus came from the Wuhan lab, whether it is engineered or not, this was always the lost likely place for its origin as SARS-like coronaviruses were exactly the kinds of viruses being studied there. The recent '5 eyes' document confirms China's malfeasance in the spread of the pandemic, exactly how it is depicted here.

  17. JD

    Stopped watching at 25:17 when they started spewing the Conspiracy Hoax that there are HIV pieces in SARS-COV2. Fake Documentary.

  18. Carol Day

    How come Dr Anthony Fauci’s NIH-Funded study of Remdesivir, the new Covid treatment darling approved by the FDA isn't mentioned?

  19. Earl

    Too many motivational propaganda “key words” to be an independent flick:.
    Not watching

  20. Colleen

    Couldn’t see who did this documentary, until it started there it was F’n Epoch Times. State Propaganda outlet bah I trusted these documentaries UNTIL NOW ! Bah won’t be brainwashed!!!

    1. Michael

      Not state propaganda, anti-China propaganda from Falun Gong associated media network. Very bias, and many unproven claims. Very much from Trump associated conspiracy and fake news ecosystem.

  21. Sharon

    This is pure propaganda disguised as scientific reporting. It's conspiracy theory of the the worse sort.
    This is NOT a top documentary film. It's crap.

    1. Colleen

      Exactly thank you state propaganda Epoch times- moves into these one time trusted documentaries; the ass is on YouTube too eeehhh!

  22. XonEarth

    Gain of function viruses have created in 400 global U.S. bio-warfare labs for years. There are various strains of this virus and their sudden appearance worldwide to specific nations makes it appear to be a deliberate U.S. release, not Chinese.
    In 2017, Fauci publicly stated there would be this pandemic during Trump's presidency an he has always been a major investor in these bio-warfare labs.

  23. George Cherian

    The Epoch Times is related to Falun Gong religious movement against the Chinese government and their reports may not be reliable

    1. Russian Bot

      The Epoch Times relationship to Falun Gong is exactly why these reports against the Chinese government are reliable. They are the boots on the ground behind the wall unafraid to speak against party propaganda.

  24. Pythagoras

    Damn son. The Chinese and Microsoft are really out here.