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Trading on Thin Air

2010 ,    »  -   31 Comments
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Trading on Thin Air explains the methods used by the financial oligarchy in the past to extract the wealth of the nation and shows how the same strategy is being used today to subvert a movement for conservation and sustainability and harness it in order to create the next big bubble.

The carbon market is truly innovative. Although it works like any commodity market, what is being bought and sold does not exist.

The trade is not actually in carbon, but in not-carbon: in certificates establishing that so many tonnes of carbon dioxide (or the equivalent in other greenhouse gases) have not been emitted by the seller and may therefore be emitted by the buyer.

The purpose of setting up the market was, first, to establish a price for carbon and, second, to encourage efficient emissions reductions by allowing companies which would find it expensive to cut emissions to buy credits more cheaply. It has had some success on both count - some would argue too much on the second.

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  1. FreeRangeRadical

    Unfortunately, any solution like the carbon market is always going to be tilted to the advantage of corporations rather than the solution's intent. Even more so if the company is based in the US.

  2. Patricia Masci
  3. Patricia Masci

    Hats off to Susan Kucera, the Brains & Braum behind this EXCELLENT presentation on the real evils of money & how it destroys us, along with the sub-culture vultures that keep circling the trading grounds. As a "reluctant" Investment Banker for 26 years, I learned how Fiat money is created and how much "thin air" there is to...sell, sell, sell. When Al Gore was doing his "Global Warming/Carbon credit" spin in the media, I knew immediately that this was another "ponzy" type scheme, dressed in a different suit. I was appalled.

    Everybody should see & circulate this documentary, because it's so well done, that even the most common of "sheeple" will be informed about all the sneaky background dealings of the pyscopaths that uphold our fiat based economy. "Knowledge IS Power & we need to STOP the insanity!"

  4. iStateOfMind3 iii
  5. iStateOfMind3 iii

    So basically the public of a country pays for these credits so that their government can pollute the earth a little, or lot more than usual. Great concept making the public pay for something you (government) would have done either way. These guys are like the evil genius from cartoons you watched as a kid.

  6. Dean Edgington
  7. Dean Edgington

    hmmm. Must maintain scepticism...I’m sure it won’t be too difficult.

  8. WiseGapist
  9. WiseGapist

    Really enjoyable doc, recommended.

  10. tomregit
  11. tomregit

    I have always held a similar, but not identical view about global warming. As a liberal, it's a difficult view to espouse without incurring the wrath and name calling of others whose views I respect. There is no doubt that global warming is occurring, but I am open mindedly skeptical regarding just how much mankind is contributing and how much is due to natural long term cycles that have repeated countess times. Openly questioning the official doctrine of otherwise like minded people has been a huge problem leading to an inability to even discuss the issue without mocking and ridicule. The whole cap and trade, carbon credit scheme is rigged game that will accomplish nothing environmentally.

    I absolutely agree that we must press forward with new ideas and technology to introduce more efficient and cleaner ways to produce the energy we need. Rampant growth, consumption, and polluting must be brought under control.

  12. AJF13
  13. AJF13

    As a liberal? Grow up and stop putting labels on yourself and others.

  14. tomregit
  15. tomregit

    I can label my self any way I choose and I never labeled anyone else. I could think of a few labels I could use to describe you but I shall refrain from doing so. I probably grew up while you were pooping your diaper.

  16. AJF13
  17. AJF13

    I should not of initially confronted you in such a manner it came across as rude. All I merely meant was that I grow tired of labels. We are all humans and living on this planet. I hate terms like liberal or conservative. I should of merely said that. My apologies I should of put forward my argument in a more productive manner. Good day.

  18. peter
  19. peter

    FYI If you burn a tree you release the exact same amount of co2 as if the tree falls on it's own and decomposes. Basic chemistry. There are so so many flaws in the measurements of c02 emissions, Or indulgences absence of emissions. At least we no longer have to pay a fee to Fornicate Under the Consent of the King. If they really cared about global warming they would just Cap, No Trade.

  20. ANewAnswer
  21. ANewAnswer

    Congratulations on your mastery of graphing software. Your presentation certainly effectively trumps over 14,000 papers on climate science and the findings of over 99.9% of climate scientist.

  22. ANewAnswer
  23. ANewAnswer

    Thank you for clearing that up but I still have a few questions. Does is make a difference that a tree burns in hours while decomposition may take decades? Does it make a difference that some, perhaps much of the tree's carbon may be incorporated in the molds, bacteria and insects that consume the tree? I think there may be a difference between burning and decomposition.

  24. janne
  25. janne

    I`d like to know the answer to these questions. There are a lot of flaws in the ability to think when it comes to a capitalistic mind seems to me.

  26. bob
  27. bob

    And if there's no one around to hear it?

  28. Dennis Weglehner
  29. Dennis Weglehner

    I really want to believe this. Honestly I do. But how can anyone take scientific advice from a young earth creationist seriously?

  30. Dennis Weglehner
  31. Dennis Weglehner

    If there are a lot of coals left over there will be a net reduction in atmospheric c02l.

  32. Zorro
  33. Zorro

    Dennis, feel free to not believe the graph showing the IPCC's computer projections, the growing number of informed people who don't accept their ludicrous projections would also agree with you. Not sure where this leaves you though per your comment.

  34. Dennis Weglehner
  35. Dennis Weglehner

    That article is miss represents the facts. See my comments under the article at natural news for proof.

  36. Zorro
  37. Zorro

    Your logic goes something like this.

    Socrates is a man.
    Dogs are mortal.
    Therefore: Socrates is a dog

    There is no connection whatsoever between his personal beliefs about creation - which for the record I do not share - and the IPCC climate graph predictions and government collected temperature data which are in the public arena and simply put side by side for the purpose of a valid comparison. Unless of course you think all that scientific work was done by creationists.

    Play the ball and not the man.

  38. Zorro
  39. Zorro

    That is a truly idiotic answer, but who am I to complain ;-0

  40. Dennis Weglehner
  41. Dennis Weglehner

    How idiotic of this poster to point out the fact that Roys interpretation of the the data does not reflect the views of the the vast majority of climate scientists.

    Your logic goes something like this.
    1+1 = 5
    Almost everyone qualified to answer says 1+1=2.
    Look around until you find someone that agrees with your view that 1+1= 5 and isolate this answer as the truth. Even if this person also says 2+2=9 (young earth) and 3+3=7 (creation vs evolution)

  42. Zorro
  43. Zorro

    Get a life Dennis. With your CAGW beliefs you have so much to look forward to, death by drowning as the seas rise (say 50 meters by next Thursday?) or boiled to death by those same waters.
    This is my last reply to you. By all means talk to yourself.

  44. Dennis Weglehner
  45. Dennis Weglehner

    Zorro, you are strong with the vote downs and weak with the the logical arguments that support your view. You have set up a strawman in your last post that I am a global warming doomsdayer. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    I am skeptical about our polices on global warming. But your sort of BS drowns out legitimate contrary findings in a sea of stupidity, incompetence and fraud.

  46. ANewAnswer
  47. ANewAnswer

    I thought your response was rude until I saw that your are a young earth creationist. Knowing this, I now understand that in your hands, "idiotic" is not a pejorative but it is high praise. Understanding that you are doing the best you can, I thank you for your odd praise but in all modesty I must say I feel unqualified for what you consider high praise.

  48. Zorro
  49. Zorro

    So ANewAnswer is to tell not one lie, but compound it with another. Hilarious! You must be a politician. But don't let me stop you. Keep digging! LOL!

  50. Greg R.
  51. Greg R.

    Wow, I wish this documentary would make up it's mind. They threw everything and the kitchen sink at us. One second it's global warming is a hoax. But if you don't believe that how about we say "it's not a hoax" but we should fine people instead of using a cap and trade system. Then it's fiat money is bad, but let's completely ignore that and tell viewers cap and trade is even worse. All that stuff we showed you in the beginning you can now ignore... because it's all a hoax except cap and trade.

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