Trafficking: Demand and Supply

Trafficking - Demand and SupplyChild trafficking has been a problem for over three decades.

Millions of children – boys and girls – have been subjected to untold abuse and shame.

Our story reveals three kinds of trafficking that is still prevalent: direct kidnapping of children from their parents,use of trickery to con young girls into prostitution and lastly, a 'voluntary' entrapment – a form of trafficking that comes in the guise of legal marriages.

This documentary is a series of 3 stories that bring to the forefront the poignant side of the crime committed against women and children.

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  1. hmm

    voice over of the narrators was annoying..

  2. Movie Fanatic
  3. Movie Fanatic

    Hi web master...please get this documentary on as it seems really interesting!

  4. Jane
  5. Jane

    yes please, get it.

  6. Love
  7. Love

    Please hurry....this is something that needs to be covered immediately!

  8. Love
  9. Love

    Please hurry....

  10. Hopeisagoodthinghardbutgood
  11. Hopeisagoodthinghardbutgood

    Can't believe some people are just here for trolling!! ...and as LOVE said please do this ASAP! Good work!!

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