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Trance-FormationCivil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience.

Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders and millions have been killed because of this obedience.

Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty.

Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves and the grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem. - Howard Zinn.

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  1. docoman

    Also watch a documentary here on TDF, called 'The Human Ape'. You'll see we are programed to comply and copy from birth. A handy trait if you want to control us.

  2. Fecioru Florin

    The description is pretty spot on on describing major problems in the world now. There is a pretty strong emphases on trans-humanism in this film and a bit of technophobia.

  3. dmxi

    a perfect follow-up to 'catastroika',which i doubt was unintentional.very fitting & i emphasize to view both .

  4. Robert Elliot

    I can imagine how metallurgy might have been discovered naturally. Someone might have first found a chunk of gold and seen how useful it could be when beaten into the shape of a tool. As a result, they might have valued gold very highly and, upon finding rocks that clearly contained gold, they then broke up the rocks, separating them into their component parts, leading to smelting, etc.

  5. RockyValentine

    I had commented on the last Zeitgeisty movie posted on this site that "Someone aught to make a Zeitgeist movie generator program that comes stock with alternately inspiring and disquieting music, stock CGI dome village photos and a link to the TED talks website to steal all your footage from."

    This doc was posted a week later. Looks like somebody listened.

  6. Matt Kukowski

    There is so much FEAR in this doc. Justifiable Fear I am sad to say. Imagine a fat, cynical and bored BILLIONAIRE (no limit of funds) that wishes to impose his/her will on EVERYONE.

    Technology + money in the CURRENT social tone of white people, means we CAN NOT TRUST ourselves to NOT kill each other.

    Humans need to learn how to love plants, animals and Human Beings BEFORE this technology is released.

    It is like giving a shot gun (technology) to a FAT SPOILED and GREEDY CHILD to then have access to?

    Why do these scientists INSIST humans are ready for the science so powerful? Scientists only ENABLE ignorant control freaks (bankers) the ability to take science and use it to mess everyone ( and themselves ) up...

    Scientists are at the same time SO SMART and SO STUPID.

    My point... we need to learn to be HUMAN and feel again BEFORE we create more scientific TOYS for idiots that have NO CLUE how it works.

  7. Simple Simon says

    Seems the human race is waking up bit by bit and understanding where it is realy from and that its creators are still here farming and breeding them, none so blind as those that can see, but i feel this just may be a blip and that soon the only ones that will be left are the dumb down slaves.

  8. Bvkaos

    sorry but when they started talking about energy fields flowing out from tree's and stuff, it becomes purely entertainment

  9. Bvkaos

    and then he plays a song on his guitar. that is classy. organise and smash the state, and all but, come on.

  10. a_no_n

    It's very easy to blame the science...I note that you don't have any problems with the science that allows you to broadcast your opinions across the world with the click of a button.

    Don't blame scientists for the greed and callousness of politicians...Because that gets the politicians off scot free!

    Perhaps if science was responsibly reported by the media, there would be less abuse of it.

    It worries me when people start going on about what scientists should and shouldn't do, and use science as a dirty word without noticing the irony that they are using science to say it...In the scientific community, that's called Cherrypicking.

  11. Mercenarry ForHire

    wow. it started as something that made since and it branched off into pure opinion, entertaining tho :D

    i liked it.

  12. Fecioru Florin

    Hahaha... wiseguy... I think it could be done though.

  13. Teddy Mcdermott

    Achem - thouhts.

    Az - same?

  14. Buzz Teddy Head

    Bah I was enjoying that, then David Ike rears his reptilian alien touting head, chem trains, and self replicating fibres or Morgellons manifest, just all seems a bit far fetched to me ( The CDC researchers issued the results of their multi-year study in January 2012, indicating that there were no disease organisms present in Morgellons patients, the fibers found were normal clothing fibers, and suggested that patients' sensations were manifestations of “delusional infestation.”[8][9] ) Wikipedia.....Sigh there really is no need to go all cosmic conspirator with this stuff its dynamite as it is.

  15. SmoTh

    oh my...

    The extend in which this video tries to impose irrational fear upon the viewers is unbelievable, and outright offensive.

    I do believe that the current mainstream view of what reality is, is clearly in dire need of change, and if super powerful trans-humanism technology was imposed upon mankind at this moment in time, we would surly be in big trouble.
    This is not only because of the mainstream stupidity, but as much due to the people believing in the efforts of fighting it, as it is suggested to do in this video, and I'm deeply disappointed that it uses the fear of the current world system as a manipulative tool to do so.
    Trans-humanism have as much potential to do humanity good as evil.
    Fighting the current believe system which most people have been indoctrinated under directly toe to toe is just as stupid as being part of it. It will only give rise to the opposite side.

    People need to see beyond their dualistic view of the world and understand that pain and suffering can be as much a positive thing as joy and prosperity in the end.

    I would not recommend this video to anyone.

  16. robertallen1

    You must have a really elevated opinion of yourself to be dictating what humans must do before scientific technology is released. For your information, it already has been. That makes you the ignor*nt control fre*k.

    If you had things your way, we would have no science.

  17. SmoTh

    @Buzz Teddy Head: CDC, Wikipedia? That just made be believe in the whole doom fiber transformation thingy even more.. Which wasn't much to begin with..

  18. DMT2012

    Hey SmoTh, so let's get this right.
    You're saying that this particular documentary 'imposes irrational fear' to an 'outright offensive extend'.
    Serious question...Would you agree that for a large amount of people on this planet the state of the world at present with its insane power obsessed and corrupt politicians, never ending war machine, out-of-control debt money dependance etc. can reasonably be considered fearful too?
    If you agree, then why should an honest documentary not mirror the level of fearfulness that exists in the real world?
    If you don't agree, what is it that you're smoking?
    I would not recommend your comments to anyone. :)

  19. SmoTh

    Because fear doesn't serve any useful purpose in this content. Quite the opposite.

  20. DMT2012

    I'd love to see a documentary that digs deeper into what drives people to want to exert power over other people/groups/nations. Why do some people crave power like a drug while others want nothing to do with it? How (if at all) can we help those who are obsessed with it?

    Seems to me that the control and power paradigm is mostly responsible for what's going on today and, in fact, what's been going on for centuries.

    I urge all of us to ask the tough questions to get to the bottom of the truth, the full truth with all its bright and dark sides. While doing that, i think it's of utmost importance to not rule out anything at this point.

    E.g., WTF is the US government up to in Area 51 these days? Why are they still so paranoid about their 'national security'? Nobody wants to take anything from a country with trillions in debt....even the Mexicans are goin back home....

    What I'm saying is the whole political nationalistic agendas are outdated and it's time for the people to take over since our governments are clearly incapable of letting go of that I-want-all-the-power-and-money-for-my country BS. As Carl Sagan once said "Politicians make decisions for their respective countries but who makes decisions for planet earth?"

    Anyone who still genuinely thinks that the 'leaders' of our countries will take care of us and have our best interest at their hearts needs to get real and grow up. Mankind's evolution isn't necessarily a Disney movie with a guaranteed happy ending, though we're passive enough to leave our faith in the hands of those who couldn't care less about anything but themselves.

    People don't like to confront uncomfrotable subjects and want to avoid questioning themselves and everything around them. Unfortunately, I believe it'll take nothing less than precisely such type of serious questioning to get back on track with the humans-living-and-behaving-like-humans-again objective.

  21. John

    As long as people have their bread and circuses they will either be complacent or will fear they have too much to lose to get out and rock the boat. And the US corporate oligarchy is the best in human history at producing bread and circuses. Just look at the countries where people have risen up in revolt in the last fifty years -- all countries where people don't have any, or enough, bread and circuses. Now, I'm not a Bill Clinton lover, but he did say one thing that I think rings very true. He once said that the reason we have so many unresolved problems in this country is that far too many Americans would rather sit in their big easy chairs on their big American behinds and watch football, wrestling, sitcoms and "reality" TV than to get up, get informed, get out, and get involved.

  22. DMT2012

    If fear is what is real -and unless you want to live in ignorance- then you must confront it in order for you to be able to overcome it.

    Saying that what is real doesn't serve any useful purpose, purely on the basis that it is negative, won't make it go away.

    Seems to me that you're afraid of facing fear yourself. I believe that people must confront the uncomfortable straight on. Otherwise we'll never find the peace we're looking for and will continue to live an illusion.

  23. robertallen1

    This is dull and boring and the garbage in the background especially irritating. There was no need to make this documentary. Writing would have been much better and have gone more quickly.

  24. SmoTh

    I think we've been misunderstanding each other..

    The reason why I wouldn't recommend this video to anyone is because, to me, it seems to use a distinct thought pattern (which both of us seem to agree on) for the sole purpose of imposing the authors own personal believes and irrational fear of technology on people.

    But you're right, one should confront ones fears, but that is not what this video is advertising. To me, it sounds like I should hide and run from technology 'cause it is vile and evil, and I won't do that. I happen to love technology. The Internet have taught me concepts like quantum physics, helped me understand my own consciousness and shown me the nature of reality. If it wasn't for our current technology, I'd probably be a mindless sheep like all the people around me seems to be (No offence intended , to whomever reads this). I'm all up for going back to our roots and focus on what really matters, but I won't do it at the costs of what have brought me to those believes in the first place.

  25. Alex Ferland

    can someone please tell me who sings the rap song at the end of the film

  26. David Dureault

    it's so very
    b-LACK and
    we've given in to words as representatives to our actions
    and no longer stand behind actions as our own.
    we use this tool to judge
    but others
    It's the Rule of LAW - a bunch of contrived squiggles meant to hold meaning
    it's the law of the jungle - natural law, inherent to ourselves and all the other being of this planet

  27. FrankMo

    looked forward to watching this ... totally disappointed

  28. Gwayne Li

    Bogus Documentary, goes on border with conspiracy,
    outrageous clames.. come on, sophism, and assertions as conclusion.

  29. dewflirt

    One mighty leap from reasonable doubt, headlong into total paranoia. Did we ever live in harmony with nature? How come we're here then? If it was all so rosy in the deep dark past, why did we bother to evolve out of that harmony? Was that land of milk and honey just not good enough for our ancestors? If so, there was no harmony. You know what would be good, a touch pad in my thumb or a mouse in my pointy finger, if someone can invent that for me I'm in! :)

  30. Kor Span

    wauw.. just the few first minutes are brilliantly edited end so beautifull as far as cinematic imagery is concerned that i alraedy know this will be very pleasant to watch.. regardless if i agree with the makers or not. (which i dont know yet becuz i'm gonna watch it right after posting this

  31. dewflirt

    We're in a lot of trouble, Chris Geo. Featuring someone or other :)
    My daughter told me :)

  32. wald0

    I see, so because you feel the masses are scared then we all should be as well and if we are not then what was it you said, oh yeah that we are "smoking something". A priceless accusation from someone called DMT2012. In other words if you don't see the world as I do you must be high- how very open minded of you. People are scared because they have been told to be by the media mostly, but also by documentaries like this one. Each little group thinks its cause is the one that will end the world as we know it if others don't see the way, and of course who knows the way? They do, isn't that convenient. Going back to some state of primitive affairs is not going to happen, will not solve our issues, and is ridiculous. Man has to innovate his way out of our current problems- science education is the key to doing this in my opinion. Not neccessarily physical science, though that is very important, but the social sciences.

  33. Dean Edgington

    yeh i agree, it's a bit out there (but in a bad way). I'm sure the film makers have made other very much like it and they were pretty lame too. Oh well.

  34. Earthwinger

    Healing nano-bots for me please! So whenever I fall off my board, they rush to my aid and fix my bumps and bruises. :)

    I don't get all this techno fear. Technology has always had a dark side, and probably always will. They split the atom, and made bombs with it, but they also developed medical scanners, and all manner of funky things. The internet, mostly developed for the military, has become as cool and groovy as......erm, cool and groovy stuff.

    No doubt there will be conflicts of interest, as our lives become more intertwangled with technology, it's already causing problems, but I see it as an almost inevitable next step in our evolution. So long as we take measured steps, look before we leap etc., I say bring it on. :)

  35. DMT2012

    At the end of the day, it is what it is. There are different views of what really IS and people must make up their own minds as to what they want to believe to be truth.

    I think people are scared NOT because of what they've been told by the mainstream media but because they're waking up to the fact that the rosy pictures painted by that media over years and years consistently don't match with the less exciting reality people are experiencing.

    Yes, it is my view that anyone who at the present time doesn't have the slightest bit of questioning in them and still thinks our leaders will make sure it'll be all good needs to wake up and start facing what is really going on. Obama ain't gonna save nobody....neither are the Avengers or Spiderman....

    It's interesting how annoyed people get when you tell them that perhaps it ain't all as peachy as its made out to be in the media and movies.

  36. Guest

    Haven't look at it yet. It's on my to-do list.

  37. dewflirt

    Oh and I want a replicator too please, cooking is not my favorite thing! Intertwangled, fantastic word wings :)

  38. Earthwinger

    Smart hair!

    Self cleaning, with a little dial hidden in the nape of my neck, with all the settings, from cute 'n' ditsy to smouldering goddess. :)

  39. dewflirt

    And a bra-less bra, one that doesn't go all Nora Batty after an hour and, a tiny autocue in my eye for prompting during 'forgotten who you are' situations. Can't stop wanting smart hair though, that is what technology is all about! :)

  40. Jan Vutt

    Our problem is not "poverty" or "war" ... this all like we see the world - external.
    Our problem begins self-understanding - we need to see ourselves in this world - internal.
    We all need to find a love and this from the inside(ourself) ...
    ... then we see that there is not war or poverty ...

  41. CapnCanard

    Those scientific innovations and solutions won't be used in this economy unless they can make profit. As an example look at Prof. Jerry Woodall's innovation to use Alumina in water to extract H. It is price competitive with oil/gas and has many other advantages but I predict is won't be used because gallium and aluminum are very available in comparison to oil/gas. The profits aren't great enough for the greedy and the power structure would be upset and that is very dangerous. That suggests that science is a very weak competitor to a social science like economics and all those little groups would very quickly sacrifice your children to increase their profit margins. i.e. IMO we need to remake, redesign, and trash the monetary system. Social science is where the innovation needs to take place, science is just a red headed step child. This doc is effective simply because it does approach change from the emotive and social aspects. That's my story and I'm sticking with it until there is a better story...

  42. wald0

    I am 39 years old friend and know all about how our so called leaders or the system is uncapable of solving our real problems. I don't get annoyed because you are saying life isn't a bed of roses, I get upset when you want to justify the ridiculous amount of fear the general public is under, which is mainly the product of fear mongering politicians and the media. Everyday they tell us how we are all doomed and how we can't even walk out side in our nieghborhood after dark or we will be raped and killed by the much feared and always present black male, who of course is part of a gang that is out to get us all- its b.s. If they are not selling this silly stereo type then its muslims, they are coming to take over our government and turn us all into islamic slaves don't know? Or maybe the flavor of today is the jewish folks and how they perpetrated 9/11 and have control of all the money in the world- Then we have the natural dangers, which are my favorite- super volcanoes, giant earth quakes, global warming, meteorites form outer space, or super bugs created in our labs are going to kill us all, be very very afraid!!! This is the mentlity that leads to things like the patriot act, unwarranted wire tapping, creeps like Cheney and Bush getting re-elected, etc. We do not need to be paralyzed by all this fear, it is unwarranted and causes more problems than it solves.

  43. Richard Sjöberg

    I don't understand why the people making these kind of films don't just move out in the forrest and live the perfect village life with the "right" amount of technology.Maybe the film makers have their own greedy agenda like the super evil "elite" with their big masterplan :)!?!

  44. kolo

    Thanks to those that gave me examples. I appreciate you for expanding my knowledge base.

  45. Rocky Racoon

    I liked catastroika that was excellent. Goes to show maybe socialism worked a little better than thought. The privelegenzia really sold out the revolution that is for sure and for what-they beleived Western propaganda and wanted their 30 pieces of silver-mainly upper middle class strata in the news media I was told was largely responsible for the downfall. They would be subject to most pressure for Western Colleagues. Follow Trotsky and Lenin do not repeat Stalin. Never Forget!!!!!!!

  46. Xercès Des Stèles

    wow this is one of these documentaries i feel i just HAVE to leave a comment so much i liked it... hm what to say? i'll go with humor:

    gee, i really didn't like to see my flag behind this zbignew berzinski guy :@(~40min)

    quebec for the win

  47. Tony Malone

    That village scenario out in nature sounds like my choice also but to do this one must somehow finance the tribal move into a self sustaining nation for lack of a better term. Any one interested?

  48. maddog3

    yes it is possible by re-finding our true self. this can only be done by murdering our false self,ego, whatever you want to call it,in order for the still quiet voice within the soul to be heard. This is the true self. It is underneath and drowned out by desire.

  49. maddog3

    well said

  50. maddog3

    missing the point are you not

  51. maddog3

    so come on then. What is reality?

  52. maddog3


  53. jmHarriss

    Was this documentary written by a bunch of 20 something, first year college students? So deeeep, man.

  54. jmHarriss

    Was this documentary written by a bunch of 20 something, first year college students? So deeeep, man.

  55. John

    i dont agree because we are not innovating our way out but innovating our way further into a mess. As things get worse, how can more of the same be the answer? I appreciate your optimism but it is ill founded on human supremacy

  56. John

    just being facitious lowers the tone dont you think. there's no such thing as evolution, it was just an idea. try thinking for yourself

  57. John

    would those people vapourised in hiroshima be wrong to blame the guy who invented the bomb that was dropped on them? I suppose you could blame politicians but then again bombs are made to kill people. They have no other purpose

  58. John

    so because energy field flowing out of trees make you blush they dont exist. that not what this documantary is critising, blinkered subjectivity?

  59. John

    just listen to the cynocal comments written here and you will see we will never learn. Humans will destroy themselves through arrogant stupidity, and it will be soon.

  60. Captain_Hook

    Get your tinfoil hats right here, folks!

  61. dewflirt

    I will try thinking for myself, but only because you told me to :)

  62. freelyassociated97

    let me see if i understand... so you couldn't self-determine your own personal growth without the assistance of a machine? you found your "roots" and want others to return to their "roots" (and if i'm wrong please don't feel obliged to read on. i will take "roots" to mean something that makes one confident in who they are and provides one with a deeper connection to theirs and the other existences around them) through a baseless system that is in the nature of our reality to the power structure totally out of yours and their control? mindless sheep? do you mean sheeple? how profoundly original of an insult. are they the ones who didn't develop their understanding of the "nature of reality" through a virtual reality that you have professed your love for?

    also briefly before we continue, if you haven't noticed all documentaries are made with the hope of making people see what the producer/writer or whoever think they may see, be it it a rational or irrational subject matter or standpoint. but also is it an irrational fear or does it appear that way to you because you have a fear of reason found through passion, instead of cold hard systemic rationality? you know 0's and 1's, that profoundly distinct binary thought pattern that provides us with so much fantastic technology. ok now...

    first its important we open up the spectrum of the question/topic here. people who think this is a dichotomized argument of technology vs. barbarism/primitivism should spend more time understanding the subtleties of technology and how each different form (and there are thousands) serves systems of oppression which inundate us with distractions and wants/"needs" that separate us from, as you said, "what really matters" and our "roots" or serve humans as an aid in living better and does not demand our slavish response to its ever new development or acceptance of its rapidly growing invasivness for the benefit of more convenience, access, or "connections," or our acquiescence to its destructive practices. we do not need to go back to a primitive state just because we may decide to abandon certain technologies. doesn't that action in itself demand that new progress be made in order to develop technologies that are not dangerous or oppressive and then replacing the ones that certain groups of society may see fit to abandon, with more beneficial technologies (i.e GMO's, predatory resource technologies, industrial food production, vaccinations, or the internet. i mean who knows for f--k sake maybe some people don't like current toilet technology). and if i could just be a little more ignorant for a minute... get f--king real. do people really think anybody who is seriously critiquing our technological advances is expecting a world of billions to resort back to total primitivism?

    technology is not an objective force, it is totally subject to the circumstances of its creation. therefore old technologies that have been created by oppressive systems and in the midst of evil, for lack of a better word, (bombs, weapons, eugenics programs etc etc) need to be abandoned and new technologies developed in the midst of cooperation and good, again for lack of a better word,need to be developed. a system designed for the military, i.e this lovely network known as the internet, will always continue to serve its main function as a military tool. despite the availability of positive information and connections and all that pretty stuff that makes you so affectionate towards technology (particularly this forum as suggested by your post) it is in fact a system of control and a weapon (because the military only makes weapons) used for monitoring, violence, and protection of the state. and really if we want to get back to what matters, i.e real human relations, the earth, family, wisdom, self-exploration, life... then do we need really something like the internet? people have always connected that is how we got this far in the first place.

    if you think we need it that is fine but remember all the systems of oppression that we exist under, and i don' feel i need to list them, have access to you and control of many of the daily functions that make current life possible through this system that you so gleefully tote as the genesis of your self-discovery and education into the "nature of reality." if we are serious about finding a new reality (not some fictional utopian harmony that was mentioned elsewhere in these posts) then we must understand the nature of our reality that we exist under now and in so doing we need to be prepared to abandon certain systems and therefore technologies that have been used to oppress us; even the ones that seem to have surface values that appear positive.

    i haven't watched this doc and i'm not gonna because in all honesty i don't care how the creator tries to make whatever point they have, but i do find the lack of insightfully developed dialogue about the doc itself to be a prime example of how the internet does not provide us with any profound understandings or critiques of what it may show us. its topic which i feel safe in assuming (with risk i know, leaving myself open to the old adage but i will give myself a cushion by pointing out again my problem isn't about your opinion of the doc it is with your feelings on technology) it takes some sort of stance against the rapacious advance of technology. hopefully the critique highlights that the rapid development of technology has slowed down our individual development as a species and made us less capable of ensuring our own individual existence and our access to true liberty. i have no space to expand on that.

    so in the end use the internet and use it wisely but don't forget its part of the power structure, it is their tool, and they will use it and allow you to use it how they see fit. however i guess i should take this last sentence to thank the power structure for this moment of what hopefully will end up being a productive dialogue.

  63. a_no_n

    yes, they would...He didn't throw it at them...He also didn't commission the bombs, or give the order to drop them...Politicians did.

    i take it you blame the monkey that first used a bit of wood as a club for starting WW2?

  64. Shawn Lewis

    I was in complete support of this documentary for about the first minute.

    Some notes:
    1. Do we live in a largely selfish, self-centered materialistic world? Yes
    2. Would humanity benefit if everyone was more caring, forgiving, and empathetic? Of course, but that is a personal choice every human has to make on his/her own. Nobody is so brainwashed he/she can’t just be nice.
    3. Did civilization ruin mankind’s balance of the world and is it the great evil in the world? No. With 6 billion plus people in the world there would be chaos if there were no rules.
    4. Is the history of humanity as we know it completely wrong? No. It might not be perfect, but how could it be; we weren’t there.
    5. How did humanity discover technology? We ******* invented it.
    6. Why did humanity invent firearms and bombs? Necessity. To stop bad people from doing bad things.
    7. Ideas evolve just like animals. Only the best, most effective ones survive. There is no conspiracy.
    8. I was not brainwashed because I was forced to learn biology, algebra , and geometry.
    9. Not everyone (including me) measures their self worth on their social position. By American standards I’m poor as shit; and I’m awesome.
    10. Is there a unifying energy that controls every living thing in the universe that humanity would benefit from being closer to? Yes, he’s called God. But there is no magic force field.
    11. Are all the rest of the living organisms in the world connected in a way that they actively strive for mutual benefit? No. Every species on the planet (and in some cases individual animals within a species) is only concerned about its own existence.
    12. Are we all going to become cyborgs? Highly unlikely. If we did, would it be the end of the world? Again, highly unlikely.
    13. Are people in debt as a means to subjugate them? No, it’s because they bought a bunch of **** they couldn’t afford.

    I’ll stop here. The bottom line is that nothing in this “film” really matters. This is what matters: What I can do, as a single human being, to make this world better today? Love my fellow human beings as myself. If everyone did that, the need for rants like this film would disappear. Total ******* waste of my time.

  65. Jeremy

    You tell us that there is a "God" ... .. ... and then tell us that this film is a waste of time. Now I'm definitely going to watch it, especially if it bothers a "God" promoter = )

  66. Brittney Howes

    Why don't you think there is no such thing as evolution? You have it all wrong, there is no such thing as creationism. Why don't you try thinking for yourself?

  67. Garrett

    This is a very good documentary but there are so many that are uneducated and nothing but a bunch of sheep because they are uneducated been brain washed by the radio TV media and now the schools. Read travel talk with people and educate yourself for your sake if nothin else. I was very fortuante my Father taught to think for our selves and left home young and ended up traveling the world. I am not rich but I am very wealthy. I take nothing at face value because that is not what I believe in.

  68. Tesla Nikola

    As an atheist I cannot agree more. This film is garbage. Especially the part with that nut job Ben Stewart under a tree talking all that Deepak Chopra magic talk and hogwash. Do disagree with the "god" nonsense though. What is "god"?

  69. harry nutzack

    gold is useless for making tools, or much besides pretty baubles, at least until the advent of electronics. one also needs fairly high temperatures to smelt gold, or access to fairly pure mercury. lead, tin, copper and zinc are much more likely metalurgical "ground zeroes" as all will melt in temperatures obtained by wood fires without forced draft, copper and zinc being actually useful tool making metals unalloyed. gold nuggets could well be the root of metal working, but HIGHLY unlikely roots for actual smelting/metalurgy. my guess would be copper as the first smelted USEFUL metallic element, as zinc is a bit too brittle unalloyed, and lead and tin are both too soft, even though all 3 melt at lower temps than copper. add the brittle zinc to copper, voila, bronze. add the too soft lead and tin, voila, brass. the "value" of gold was it's incorruptibility (it doesnt tarnish, it doesnt heat color), it's beauty, and its ductility (it can be hammered as thin as you can make it without embrittlement, as it doesnt work harden). of course, zinc's brittleness would be fairly ideal if one was looking to nap rough ingots to shape like stone, so i could well have the zinc/copper timeline backwards, though ive never heard of prehistoric zinc tools being discovered, while copper ones are pretty much common as can be

  70. Earthwinger

    I watched a great documentary about this recently, which said the first clear evidence of smelting was found in the Timna Valley in Israel, where they mined and smelted copper. There were also some busy ports nearby, which is probably how they got hold of tin, which they alloyed with the copper, to make the first bronze.

  71. harry nutzack

    interesting, but it begs a serious question: why would anybody who has no clue as to its usefulness import tin? its a soft metal, has little use in the making of tools as a standalone, and also requires smelting to become a usable metal.if they had copper, yet no tin locally, and produced bronze it would tend to show they werent first, but just the earliest found. a couple of decades ago a site was found in the balkans(im fairly certain it was yugoslavia, but i read of it a rather long time ago) that proved to be the earliest (so far) site of iron smelting, a few thousand years earlier than previously thought. natural conditions allowed the forced draft required to produce the heat needed to smelt iron. finds in africa have shown genuine steel production in the dim past, the timeline nipping right at the heels of the balkan find, (steel, not iron), using a hand drafted cupola furnace to burn off the excess carbon in the iron ore(nova did a doc on it, also a couple of decades ago, in which local tribesmen demonstrated the "traditional method" of production, from building the cupola to choosing the ore and charcoal to feed it, to the "big bongo drums" draft system, a VERY complex, labor intensive setup). my guess is eventually copper, bronze, and iron production that predates any other will be found in central africa, as it is one of the few places on the planet where ALL the constituents can be found locally, in abundance, without having to dig huge deep mines to get to it

  72. harry nutzack

    deleted due to previous comment's seemingly miraculous reappearance from the cyber dross (thought i forgot to hit the post button when it failed to appear after 3 hours or so)

  73. Guest

    Sorry man, you should get your shet together and find peace. chill with som parsley man.. i stopped taking you seriously at number 8 and 10.

  74. Nate Mcclennen

    why are people not raving about this movie. Its very enlightening. It has roots in various conspiracy theories. But is presented very convincinly. You people probably have never thought about simulated reality and a holistic lifestyle. This movie falls short on a spiritual understanding- but
    of its topics are nonetheless very relevant to the searching of "truth"

  75. robertallen1

    And just what is a "spiritual understanding?"

  76. Manu Hashidate

    Very difficult to watch, nor because of its content - but due to the poor production. Engaging graphics, distracting music and with amateur voice-over, this doco was, for me, little more than a yawn-job!

  77. Luyang Han

    Enlightening or confusing? All I can say is that the author lakes basic understanding of scientific evidence nowadays and the scientific thinking. BTW the pre-history was never an eden or harmony. Archeology has long proven that there were more people killing each other in pre-history society than in modern times. Even you take into account of the two world war and nuclear bomb and average that through 19 and 20 th century, the death rate due to killing is still way lower compared to 0 AD, and one order of magnitude lower than pre-history time ("War in Human Civilization" by Azar Gat). It is also in the pre-history time that most of the large mammals are wiped out by human in America and Australian ("Collapse" by Jared Diamond). There is no way to say that ancient society is in any way more "human", if being human understood in modern terms.

  78. Sherman Monro

    I believe, the main message here is our disconnection with the nature, which must be restored, but how? When this beast (the technology as it’s used) is thriving and although possessed by 2% of the population, controls the 98% of the rest that are enslaved? How can everyone who is depended on this system breaks the shackles and free themselves? How can millions in military industries, manufacturing junk industries etc. quit working while their lives depend on this system?
    The technology will advance, but that what we do with this technology is important. Unfortunately, the 2% never watch this film since their brains are washed completely and they will pursue their agenda and absolutely untouched by the 98% sufferings and gradual annihilation of the environment we are living in. This requires a massive revolution instantaneously and simultaneously all over the planet to kick on the asses of 2% and change the equation, which is far fetched.

    I think the first step for everyone in the 98% camp is to CONSUME LESS. This is not easy since as we know, we are injected with the culture of WANT from the early years of our lives; but it’s not impossible. It’s important to teach youngsters to respect and connect with the nature and to suppress the urge to CONSUME, which is reinforced by the system every second. Then may be, we will have a better world!
    This film has a valid point. However, the video production aspect of it is so poor. The music is so loud especially in the beginning, which sinks the speaker’s voice in an unwanted noise pollution and becomes really irritating.

  79. Igor Sarnavka

    I did not like this. Thank you

  80. ams1_9_9_2

    What about those who don't feel Human but are called to Nature? Often I feel as though I need to leave, I need to go to the Mountains, I need to make music with little to no possessions, I need to grow food, I need to care for my surroundings, to lose what I am now and become what I am instead. I think Depression, an illness I deal with, may not be an illness but rather a calling. Myself being lost, alone, frustrated, and confused, what if I am just stalling and pushing off my break away? The depression is a side effect from such a negative and entrapped state. This is perhaps not enlightening but it is intriguing and it does open a lot of questions, a lot of ideas. I don't see how so many of the comments are the way they are, but looking at each idea together rather than separate. It will help the understanding.

  81. Tink

    Hi ams1_9_9_2, I have long suffered too with depression and I too feel as although it maybe a combination of nurture and nature I feel that most of it is caused by the disconnect we have with nature and each other. I read once that people with depression feel at a low vibrational rate, yet they tend to be feelers, and as such we feel too much and very sensitive to vibrations. Having to live in this socially constructed society that I didnt have a say in and one I dont fit into because I dont agree with it has made me feel different and disconnected for many years. I think you should move towards what is pulling you. And check out more of these films, such as Zeitgeist. I just recently am begining to do what I have longed to do in life. Feel free to contact me if you wish and best of luck!

  82. Anonee Moss

    This doco is probably one of the most important doco's ever made. It's just that most people who are bagging it and the people who just don't have the capacity to understand are the majority of the population. These people are SO utterly indoctrinated and brain washed by television and their so called "education" that anything that goes against the grain of their conditioning is a direct insult to their egos...this is why the defend their opinions so vehemently even sometimes resorting to name calling as their egos have been trained to identify with the taught opinions they think are their own.

    Most people are waking up in some way and it will only eventually over power the negative powers that be, but before that it will over power the minds of the asleep and ignorant. They will have no choice but they will see how wrong they were.
    Except maybe for that guy down the list who said bullets & bombs were invented out of necessity to keep bad guys from doing bad things. That's not the funniest one either...go look for it it really shows how mind F***ed some people are.

    I noticed there were no comments about the free energy device that was being shown on an excerpt from a TED talk nor did anybody mention anything about the brains connection and its interpretation of our senses and finally what about the fibres that grow and can not be killed. Fibres that grow outside a human body that is rejecting it but can be cultured from the blood of people WITHOUT morgellons syndrome!!! What more do you people need!!!???

    Stop drinking tap water with fluoride, diet soft drinks, normal soft drinks. Eat vegetables, beans, fruit, more than meat, exercise, be true to who you are not what you've been led to think you should be....most importantly switch off your television. will notice a difference in your life I promise you.

  83. yhujik

    Has anyone heard of Ahriman.God of matter, god of death.The problem is not technology, but when we give into it in a one sided way at the expense of spirit.

  84. Wayne Perkins

    I only watched this doc. because of your comment. Thankyou so much - One of the most enlightening documentarys i've ever seen. I've since found my way over to Maxwell Igan's website and am slowly digesting the material at thecrowhouse . thanks

  85. David Foster

    Hehe.. "brainwashed".. I love that concept! Like everyone in the world spent half their lives locked away in the basement of CIA headquarters, or something. It couldn't just be that people know all about how the world works, and are just too afraid of losing their livelihoods, or getting locked up, or beat up, or killed, or all-of-the-above to do anything about it. Oh no... it couldn't be that!

  86. jpquick2

    I enjoyed the high production values of this documentary. The graphics are very creative even if they were "borrowed" from elsewhere. Beyond that, it had a few interesting ideas that are worth thinking about such as the melding of biology with non-carbon based technology. Aside from the obvious, which is that the type of transformation discussed in the doc is at least, IMO, 150 years from being even partially realized, the rest of it is the kind of simplistic hand-wringing that yields bone rubbing on bone. I refuse to believe we are so easily manipulated. I refuse to see what are clearly contrails in the sky as the work of evil corporations dosing us with nanobots. I'm a liberal. I think global corporations have too much power and true democracy is our best defense. I am not prepared to accept that we have all been carefully manipulated since birth (pre-birth?) to be living automatons in service to corporate world domination. As a species, we have too much of a thing called "envy" to allow anybody to get that size beyond their britches.

  87. jpquick2

    I agree. There must be a vast Zeitgeist-wing conspiracy. ;-)

  88. Rebecca Lee Behrent

    Such nonsense. Just go camping in the wilderness for a couple of weeks and it'll all become clear. :)

  89. bobdave

    OMG this is the most ignorant thing I have ever seen in my entire life it makes me sick how much I wanted to face palm watching this. Who ever made this doc is out of their mind. Insane hippie craziness

  90. BrotherPeace

    what was the group doing the end credits hip hop number?

  91. BrotherPeace

    What was the closing Hip Hop groups name again and how can I download them? Tried Scarecrow get nada.... Thanks

  92. Imightberiding

    Oh wow man! This changes everything! Is that what it all means? I've been so asleep, deaf & blind all my life.

    Two words for you people: David Icke. According to him; "...they all want us to be robots. That's what they want." Who's they? The shape shifting reptilians? It pretty much sets the tone of any film (this is a film, not a documentary) when ever David Icke is interviewed as a credible source on anything save perhaps soccer. Even that topic might be a stretch for him.

    This is a science fiction fantasy film for anyone who might be interested prior to wasting an hour & a half of your life. Oh, & that hemp & bead necklace wearing Ben Stewart fellow who first appears, under a tree around the 20 min mark & then throughout the film, spewing his predictable, canned, recited philosophies & deep thoughts isn't even old enough to remember when people interacted personally & physically prior to the internet generation; really quite an annoying fellow.

    Alright then. I would say I've ranted about enough. My work here is done.

  93. Happybirthdaysanta

    god is love (harmonized sound) positive energy. evil is negative energy, chaos...

  94. doesn'tmatter

    :) my thoughts exactly...only's not that sci-fi as you think..meaning: it is in the section called "society" and it does indeed show a view on society, it shows in what crazy things people believe nowadays.

  95. BA

    The comments made about this film, provide proof positive, that trance formation is indeed a real phenomen.

  96. BA

    There is of course, an issue with poor referencing and passing off opinion as fact. But the basic argument I feel is sound.
    That is what we perceive to be reality is heavily conditioned and exploited by ruling elites.
    Whilst this has always been the case throughout human history, the situation is threatening us with extinction.

  97. MejiaRey

    I really enjoy Max Igan's docs. Reccomend it if you are willing to understand or see the manufactured reality that we all comply to. Take the ideas in and research whatever catches you attention. Fill yourself with knowledge.

  98. ranii02

    i hate when documentaries are so sloooooooow.especially when they exargarete every point. bla, get to the point! so disorganized.

  99. Ghost

    If you actually do research on mind control you would understand the horrifying extent to which they can control/torture individuals. Look up MK-Ultra. Gov. Ventura even did an episode on this. It's real, and some of it is even patented.

  100. Ghost

    Do some research, people. This person is right. This is all happening and if we don't do something to stop it then we get what we deserve. I for one will oppose tyranny with every fiber of my being.

  101. Ghost

    Give this video a chance. I enjoyed it and did research after the video. This stuff can be mostly verified, and I took the liberty of doing so myself. A lot of these people seem to be close-minded. That, or they just want their Obama phones.... What has this world come to??? It's been a downhill struggle since 1912...

  102. Daniel Robinson

    You know what - I don't ever want to go outside!!! (No wait... that is what they want me to do - suicide is my only option)

    (don't worry - I'm not about to do it - just saying)

  103. Daniel Robinson

    Ohh, I forgot to say, it's a good film, it's a must see!

  104. Juli King

    I think a few documentaries you would be interested in would be: The Century of Self, The Trap, and The Power of Nightmares, all produced by the BBC and written and directed by Adam Curtis. They are on here for free, or you can find them on YouTube. They delve into the social, political and psychological issues of the past century, and answer your questions to a certain extent, about control and why the elites seek it. Another great, but graphic, documentary is The Science of Evil, which was produced by National Geographic. I haven't found it on here, but I did stream it from Netflix. This one really shows how the further you distance yourself from a people or situation, the more likely you are to treat them as sub human. I hope these docs answer the questions you have, they really helped me see the big picture. Peace :)

  105. Nwttp

    I would think the doc maker doesn't think we are all cowards.

  106. Jacek Walker

    A good summary. And I second switching off TV as well; In fact, you can throw it to the trash bin.

  107. Maria

    The subject is interesting, the information is interesting but the narration a bit too slow for my liking.

  108. zombies

    if you believe in cult clubs then this is for you! me,i have to much trouble keeping the wolves at bay .

  109. Eddie

    the music is driving me nuts! how can anyone take anything seriously with such music as a constant backdrop... I couldn't watch this to the end, however on point its message could be.

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