A Traveler's Guide to the Planets

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A Traveler's Guide to the PlanetsIt’s the ultimate in adventure travel, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Today’s super space traveler must endure drastic climates that shift from 840 degrees in the sun to minus 275 degrees in the shade, crushing gravity, acid smog, and blistering radiation.

But the sights - from Jupiter's churning red eye to Saturn’s glittering rings - are out of this world. Blast-off with A Traveler’s Guide To The Planets, National Geographic Channel’s ultimate travel guide to the Solar System. Learn what to pack, which planet has the best sights, and where to park the rover.

In each one hour episode, see stunning images of each planet including highly detailed images captured by today’s ultra high-tech telescopes. Advanced animation takes you up close and personal with these distant worlds, as we plunge through space to get a better look at the neighbors.

Then, travel with NASA experts to extreme environments on our own planet like Chile’s Atacama Desert or Hawaii’s volcanoes that are providing scientists with valuable insights into what a trip to one of our planetary neighbors might be like. And see the next generation of space probes as they are prepared for upcoming missions that may bring the dream of interplanetary travel even closer than ever.

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  1. Bilbo Banks

    my favourite documentary site of all time keep up the good work !!! :) :) :)

  2. Steve Bell

    "Agree with H.M. and Garlic Sausage. the universe does not give a flying f--k about anything or anybody."

    Comments like this really bother me because it proves that mankind is still ignorant. The universe DOES give a damn, because we do. If you are a follower of Carl Sagan then you will know that he once described us as the universe's way of knowing itself, since we are made of the same stuff, our atoms were born in nuclear fusion powered by the stars.....so we are very much the universe's consciousness and we do care, therfor, the universe has invented a way to know and care about itself, through us. Thats not a particulary new-agish proposition, either - its a proposition thats bacled up by hardcore science, otherwise Sagan wouldnt have said it.

  3. John Cury

    Educational and fun, always loved learning about the cosmos since I was 6

  4. James


    Actually, you would be doing the kids a great favour by bringing that in to help take their mind off the disease that seems to invade everything in their lives. You think they would prefer to shut out everything and concentrate on the fact that they are hooked to dialysis?
    Do you have a life threatening illness of your own or do you just think you know how those who suffer are thinking and feeling? You enjoy being the party pooper by acting all sullen and throwing out the "Darfur" bomb because you suffer daily with the knowledge of its existence? You probably think you are so noble in carrying that concern for all of us eh? Well guess what. I don't want anyone trying to "suffer" my cancer with me and I am sure that no one else expects that from you either so get a life of your own and live it!

    1. Brandon J. Moores

      your yelling at the guy who was being really really sarcastic to the guy below him. thats great... lol

  5. j.torau

    looks like hes taping it through a mirror

  6. Steve

    Thanks Capricious,I thought there must be a reason for it being mirrored like that.It did not spoil it I quite enjoyed it all.This is a great web site

  7. capricious

    Er, I shouldn't have said image, but you know what I mean.... :P

  8. capricious

    The image was mirrored to get around youtube's automatic copyright rejection programs they have in place. They've built a library of copyright protected material, scan every uploaded video and compare it to that database. So far they haven't caught on to the mirroring workaround.

  9. eireannach666


    Well , since you want to use all those pretty words , Id have to agree.

  10. eireannach666

    If we long to believe that the stars rise and set for us, that we are the reason there is a Universe, does science do us a disservice in deflating our conceits?
    ~Carl Sagan

  11. Holly

    "Uranus is best viewed from behind" :D

  12. Achems Razor

    Just logging on, seen this stuff many times, but good for someones first time watching.

    Agree with H.M. and Garlic Sausage. the universe does not give a flying f--k about anything or anybody.

  13. Keith

    This is always fascinating stuff and visuals to me, but why do all the US made cosmology or related docs have to talk to us like we are 5 years old with a narrator using terms like "a real pressure cooker!" BBC docs deliver similar info but assuming we are grown ups that can be amazed by information (along with some snazzy graphics) which is in itself amazing enough.

  14. Heather

    Yeah, all the text was backwards for me too, but still an amazing look at space!

  15. Epicurean_Logic

    I met a traveller from a strange land
    Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies...

  16. Steve

    I just watched the mars episode,this sounds strange i know but why are the names of the scientists and national geographic titles upside down and back to front ? Im sure it can not be my pc because everything else is right

  17. Garlic Sausage


    That is what is known as taking an anthropocentric view of the universe. Why should there be a 'point' to anything and why should the universe care what man finds beautiful?

  18. HaTe_MaChInE

    Obviously this whole universe was created so we can look at something beautiful so we don't have to look at our infants dieing of cancer.

    We can watch videos of mars and ignore the mutilation in Darfur.

    Im glad that someone created something beautiful to try to cover up the AIDS virus. Nothing ruins "beautiful" like a haemophiliac dieing of aids because of a tainted blood transfusion.

    Next time I go to a juvenile diabetes ward ill explain how amazing it is that there is something beautiful millions of miles away. I might even get to bring them a picture so they can see something beautiful while they are hooked to their dialysis machine.

  19. yourboycal

    All this beauty in space , what would be the point if there was no life to uphold its beauty ?

  20. MIKE

    Space is pretty sweet!