Triple Hate

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Who is Nathan Bedford Forrest? He was the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, and he was a freedom fighter for the southern colonies, the colonies of southern independence. But Nathan Bedford Forrest was also a racist. It's a symbol of a negative part of the past that many African Americans simply don't want, and they don't like.

VICE arrived in Memphis six days before the scheduled Klan rally to reveal the hard truths about a city that has struggled with racism since it was founded in 1819. A lot of people are up in arms about this Klan rally due to its timing, which is a day away from Easter, and five days away from the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Seems pretty purposefully timed, and outright disrespectful. Ku Klux Klan, the Memphis City Council, and the local gang members fight for what they believe is their right.

When the Ku Klux was formed, they created it as a social club, to start with. Tennessee at that time was ruled by just a tyrannical carpetbag governor, and he had tripled the taxes. And so these ex-Confederates thought that they had better do something about it. So they dressed up in sheets and curtains one night, and ran him out of town, and they restored law and order to Pulaski, Tennessee.

This caught on and the next town did the same thing. They were also protecting the white and black farmers who were losing their land, so it wasn't an anti-black thing whatsoever in the 1860s. After it had gone on for over a year on, the Klan had spread so widely that they needed someone who could really organize the Klan, and they voted in General Forrest as president of the Klan.

At that same point, the Klan started turning violent. Some of the guys were taking the law into their own hands, and so Bedford Forrest ordered that the Klan be disbanded, and it was. So in 1869, the Ku Klux Klan disappeared. Then around the time of World War I, jobs were scarce. You had the Great Depression. And the white guys figured out that if you scared the black guys out of town, there would be more jobs. So it became an economic tool for the Klan to resurrect itself. That's where it first had gotten into little terrorist activities.

The Klan disappeared in about 1933, and was gone on until the 1950s and '60s. Then when segregation came about, the third Klan arose. And they were specifically to fight black civil rights and to oppose federal intervention. And they really developed the scare tactics, just to terrorize the black residents. And that's, unfortunately, the Klan that we have today, is more of the terrorist group.

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  1. FreeRangeRadical

    When I was a kid, my Dad was a forest ranger and Korean War vet. He and others he had been to Korea with from our hometown took on the Klan.

    Make no mistake, anyone who sets up a gasoline-soaked cross in another human being's yard and then burns it is a terrorist and we should deal with them accordingly. Since they're domestic terrorists and terrorism is treason and treason is a capital crime, let's find them, try them, and hang them.

    Because terrorists of any flavor deserve just that.

  2. D. B.

    so we should kill people now for burning a cross? I choose the terrorist side if you don't mind....

  3. FreeRangeRadical

    If that's what you got out of that, then yes, you should join the terrorist side.

    The Klan uses the burning cross as its totem. As an atheist, I couldn't care less if they burn the cross, the Star of David or the whole damned Vatican.

    So, what's your point? Or did you even have one?

  4. Rougue

    "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." - Gandhi. Also MLK Jr believed in nonviolence to combat violence. That is what D. B was pointing out.

  5. FreeRangeRadical

    I don't think so. He made specific reference to a cross.
    I think we should let him reply.

  6. oQ

    Let's play Scrabble

    As they would say is England "my back is knacking", I would say "you're knacking my back".

    "a light frame covered with some thin material, to be flown in the wind at the end of a long string", ya that's exactly what i'd like to do with every member of the KKK clan. That would show them life from a bigger view while circling the earth.


    If you like to wear a mask, switch to Anonymous, they too wear a mask, but their presence is felt for exactly the opposite of what you stand for. Anonymous has no heirarchy to speak of, their goal appears to be the levelling of power. If you're gonna kick ass, do it in a non violent way and think smarter.

    Your denying your own DNA to have come to exist from a past.
    Walk out of your KKKKingdom, there is a world out there.
    Choose AAA!


  7. martin

    wierd and exasperating - just like any/all religions the participants are bigoted and ignorant - from christianity to the present day islamaphobia there seems no end to the nonsense.
    there again the powers to be will exploit the fools and further regress the human race or should I say the sub-human race.

  8. cyclon

    hmm, and whats the specification of atheizm?
    nd freerangeradical what do you believe in?

  9. FreeRangeRadical

    The "specification of atheizm"? What does that even mean?

    As for what I believe in, I believe in science, the physical world, things I can see, feel, and experience. I believe in the journey of our race - the human race - in our quest for fairness, equality, and the rights of all people to live safe from harm, secure in their lives and homes, and free to pursue happiness in any form they choose so long as it harm no other, man or animal.

    I believe in the higher set of ethics that humanity agrees on and I fail to see any benefit from the belief in mythological deities who haven't shown themselves in millennia, and for a very good reason: They don't exist.

    I believe that we are finally at a point in the process of our combined maturation where we can choose the fork mankind will take, whether we choose to chase unicorns down the yellow brick road of supposed plenty that overblown free-market capitalism hypes, or down the path of truth that requires sacrifice from all and a level playing field for all.

    What do you believe, cyclon?

  10. rudeboi

    "I couldn't care less if they burn the cross, the Star of David or the whole damned Vatican." That was some classic sh*t right there.

  11. Dutch

    Much ado about nothing. The statue is still there but the park's name was changed. Nobody wins. Everyone loses. Pathetic.

  12. rudeboi

    I think I'm slowly becoming an atheist as well. If you pay attention for two second it would make you wonder if there is or ever was any kind of creator. People pile bodies up these days; five, six, ten people dying at a time is pure evil to me. Even though evil as a concept is still believing in that whole duality, but you get my meaning I hope.

  13. thinkagainagain

    Not many people know that. It's a hard row trying to convince people of his racism.

  14. rudeboi

    Hard? People don't believe it, even if you rub their noses in it. But such is life.

  15. thinkagainagain

    Such is life.

  16. FreeRangeRadical

    I came to my atheism from a start as a Jehovah's Witness to Christianity to exploration of Paganism, Wicca, Buddhism, and a panoply of other beliefs, through agnosticism, and finally to my belief that there is and never has been anything but evolution. I do support anyone's belief providing they don't push it personally or especially theocratically, I just don't understand why adults feel the need for an invisible friend. :)

  17. rudeboi

    I think people are afraid to be alone.

  18. thinkagainagain

    Did anyone notice that the Klan was from Mississippi and not from Memphis? I can't see from this doc that anyone in Memphis had a problem with the name change. It's their city so why wasn't the doc about what Memphians think?

  19. bringmeredwine

    They did interview a member of the Memphis City Counsel, and she and the majority were for a name change,
    I found the history lesson about Bedford Forrest interesting.

  20. thinkagainagain

    That's what I saw. It seems this doc was trying to present something that didn't exist. What good does this serve?

  21. bringmeredwine

    Agreed, and I have no idea.

  22. terrasodium

    You skipped right past Scientology on your vectoring for answers, eventually you'll get past your newest submissions and move right to the core of Marxism.

  23. dean

    Yes but not hang them, no never. The state has no right imho. But defo try them. Haters are the scum and the scourge of all we nice people stand for.

  24. dean

    You said it matey. Exasperated.

  25. Albert Potato

    VICE sucks, they claim to spend days to months with the group they are reporting on, then have a 30 to 40 minute video report? it's not just this video, its all of them, they act like the bad boys of documentaries, but they are a joke.

  26. wheelnut53

    a social club ? so all the lynchings were just something to do between meetings and fund raising . that movie birth of a nation gave a more accurate history of the klan

  27. John Defalque

    The problem with bigot elitists is that they think their shiznet don't stink. They paint with a broad brush writing off entire races. Every individual must be weighed.I hate Alan Greedspawn, but I have some dear Jewish friends. There is such an entity as white trash-poly drug addicted chain smoking alcoholics, who may also be morbidly obese.Hitler deserved to lose WW2, he went to war against his own people. Some Jews were more German than the Germans, spoke the language better. As a french communist, I know the Nazis would have come for me too. Vive la résistence! Their anger is misdirected at minorities and not the exploitative, greedy, destructive crapitalist system. Fight for a more caring, sharing and co-operative society.

  28. John Defalque

    Yeah an embarrassing club, that's why they wear bags over their shameful faces.

  29. John Defalque

    Religion has been the emptiest experience of my entire life. If you added up all the seconds I thought maybe there was something out there, it would be less than 10 seconds and I'm 45. Just pray to god and you won't be a poor slave. The lord helps those who help themselves-in other words god can't do a damn thing for you that you don't do for yourself..

  30. K

    The guy said he drove all the way from Maryland, having joined the Klan after his wife got fired from Walmart. That's just how s*upid these people are. Hell, she was only making minimal wage. Just go work at Burger King. S*upid, white trash.

  31. O'undergroundRails

    this doc makes me think there is no answer... crazy kkk up against crazy gold toothed gangs smoking weed and driving around in the free world like m*rons. l who cares about naming a park rename the state and teach these people how pathetic all the sides are.

  32. DigiWongaDude


    @ 5:30 "Do you feel that your rights as a white man are being taken away?"

    "Oh every day ..." Says KKK member James Thomas, sporting a black cap and black shirt baring an oversized KKK emblem. "...I mean just like the Old Mist deal..they gone and replaced the Old Mist's mascot with a black bear ... I mean why'dey have to use a black bear? Why not a white bear? Why'd it have to be black?"

    Coz der ain't no polar bears der numbnutz. If you hate 'black' so much, why you wearing it from head to toe? It can't be because you are trying to be ironic. Ignorant people never seem intentionally ironic, just intentionally ignorant...seemingly.

    But it gets funnier...(yeah you have to laugh or you will cry). The church minister says..."Politics won't fix this, education and economics won't fix this either...what's needed is divine intervention." ...such audacious insight for cashing in on the fray.

    And just as it's all about to kick rains..."Nah, I'm not going - it's raining." Says the young, 'hard' black kid. "My mum said she had a bad feeling about it, and then it rained so...but if it stops raining I'll be there."

    You can slag off VICE, but I think they did a super subtle job here with some fine editing.

  33. NBF

    Freedom fighter for the Souther Colonies? Err if NBF were alive in the 1770's and fighting in the Revolutionary War, that may be a factual statement. Given paragraph one intro is factually incorrect, what next VOICE? I'll skip this tabloid clip.

  34. systems1000

    This may sound some what of a tertiary adjunet to this Doc,but needs to be said. The one percenters are trying to convince the 99 that socialism has proven its self to be a bust. I wasen,t born yesterday,were you.

  35. poop

    Jesuit propaganda....if you don't know the Jesuits and their tactics, do some research. Simple minds and easily influenced

  36. systems1000

    please change your picture,your scaring everyone with it.

  37. systems1000

    you sound like someone who was locked in the bathroom all night,drinking beer and doing skag......

  38. branrx

    I don't live in the south, but just based on the doc it doesn't seem that these communities are nearly as racial as they used to be. That KKK rally was actually very small compared to what it could have been decades ago. Kudos, I think?

  39. systems1000

    what are you talking about?Please clarify.Humm,i get it,you,ve been smoking again.

  40. John Defalque

    That statue of Mr Forest should be melted down!!! It's as distasteful as having a statue of a rampage killer.

  41. John Defalque

    These Knuts of the Klan should be in concentration camps for a little re-education.

  42. terrasodium

    Clarity would be at your discretion, pretext, text, context. Reading more then the side of the beer can may help your comprehensions. best of luck.

  43. systems1000

    got ya.keep up the good weed.smoking is a lot of work.reading the side of beer cans?you must have been spying on me again.YOU,VE GOT TO-MUCH SPARE TIME.

  44. rudeboi

    no need to be afraid, it's just ol' Chuck Brown or what Chuck would look like if he was a real person.

  45. systems1000

    Thanks,i was realy rattled.Just so long as it dosen,t turn into the-chucky.

  46. Carl Hendershot

    Impossible.. Someone is always left with one eye.

  47. Carl Hendershot

    What was the name (LOCATION) of your congregation. Ill check the log to see if you are actually telling the truth.

    I would rather live my life believing there is a God and die to find out there isn't than live my life believing there isn't a God and die to find out there is.

    The computer is the next best thing huh?

  48. Carl Hendershot

    Hmmmmm Sometimes you expect things to happen and they never will. Expect nothing and you might gain everything.

  49. Carl Hendershot

    It appears that very few if anyone paid attention to who he is/ was. Re=education for sure ~ 98% of the states. Starting with me.

  50. rudeboi

    I don't know if Vice intended to make this documentary as an example of irony, but that is what it to turned out to be. Also, it's an example of how people can work together when goals are the same.

    We can all get on board the effort to stop war, to stop an out of control government, GMO and Monsanto, corporate big brother and just plain ignorances. It's a lot more of us, than it of them if we could only focus on the problems at hand.

  51. dewflirt

    Always expect the unexpected ;)

  52. Layla George

    I want to high 5 these gang members because the KKK and the other race
    hate groups are so LAME! I agree they belong in a camp where they can't
    recruit any more of our kids. And I hope that park can be a place with a
    name that isn't known for hatred. And take out that statue!

  53. avd420

    I would say it's a bit more than a bust when you consider the 10's if not 100's of millions slaughtered because of Socialism. There are still socialist and communist governments running countries, you're more than welcome to go an immigrate to one.

  54. DigiWongaDude

    "I agree they belong in a camp where they can't recruit any more..." your solution, suggests, cutting them out of society as not being fit to belong? Mmm...? Think about that. It's not that I disagree entirely, but isn't that the kind of thinking that got us in to this 'mess' in the first place? Flippant, dismissive, narrow minded, intolerant thinking as a solution is all too common.

    If we are to get through these issues, segregation and ostracising, is surely not the way forward? It will only nuture the hatred further (on both sides). But... you have firmly, albeit unintentionally, nailed the problem into a single word: intolerance. But that intolerance will come back and bite us in the ass if we try to bury it away instead of moving past it, together. Such a self evident concept - why is it so hard to grasp?

    You may say there is good tolerance and bad intolerance, and visa-versa, but it is where the problems start and where they end. Your 'solution' just isn't.

  55. over the edge

    totally agree. "the ends justify the means" never seems to work out well for society.

  56. DigiWongaDude

    So true, so true. Perhaps it's my frame of reference, but I can't see (right now) where or when that 'cliché' can be justified. I'm sure it has its place, since it's made it to the echelons of cliché, but for now it escapes me.

    It seems to me that cultures apart are kept apart through xenophobia, and cultures that come together are driven apart by intolerance.

    Since the common factor here is that cultures are all too easily divided, it would seem we have to be vigilant in our attempts to keep them together. The means for which begins with tolerance...

    My grandparents, married for 69 years, and another couple I met who were married for 60, both cited tolerance in their ability to stay together so long.

    (Humour, compassion, companionship were in there too, but both cited tolerance. So it can perhaps, apply 'fractally' to our well being.)

  57. DigiWongaDude

    Yeah, I think you've hit a really ,REALLY important point: The reciprocal benefits of belonging to a group. Whether a hypocritical church group or a bunch of racist thugs, the sense of belonging, self empowerment and potential to achieve something unattainable by one's self, are the driving forces. The herd mentally sometimes takes over, as our sense of belonging trumps rational, critical thinking...sometimes...

    Based on what I saw in this doc, I absolutely believe that these guys...for the most part...aren't really hard core fanatics hell bent on lynching any more than all the church goers in the same town aren't living their lives strictly by the ten commandments. They are clubs, and for those with similar mindsets, the doors are wide open.

    Just a shame they can't join the more constructive 'clubs' you listed in your post...But, given time, maybe some will as the futility becomes self evident to a few, and that sense of belonging begins to wear thin.

  58. over the edge

    add to your list education and the tools needed to critically analyze a situation and we could solve many world problems.

    you post reminded me of a funny story. a little back information required. i am Native Canadian and my best friend (James) is British. my mother is pure Irish and i do not look Native unless you are looking for it. James has been here for quite a while and has lost much of his accent. we were both bartenders and on a particularly busy evening we were both working the bar. the conversation turned to immigrants. both of us attempting to stay out of the debate just nodded occasionally and went about our work. eventually the conversation escalated to the point of threats and raised voices (as tends to happen when alcohol is applied to certain topics) and intervention was required. when i explained to the anti- immigration side that if i applied their arguments they they would have to leave, and James explained to them that they basically wanted to kick their friend and bartender out even though he has known nothing else his entire adult life. you could see the change in their demeanor and the debate promptly ended.

    i guess the moral is that segregation (as the first poster alluded to ) will do nothing but perpetuate the problem. as our society becomes more integrated culturally these people will become less and less common.

  59. rudeboi

    For sure. I think the church is the worse thing that happened to human beings hands down. That's the biggest group of gangsters on the planet and they have people afraid of their own shadow. But yes, it will all wear thin, but let's hope it's not too late, because the evening is coming and soon it will be dark.

  60. rudeboi

    it is rather funny how the "hard" are afraid of rain. I guess that's why I love the rain so much. And cold weather for the same reason, anything humans shy away from, I am there. I'm just a die hard misanthrope.

  61. DigiWongaDude

    Lol, being from Scotland, I have one of those stories for every weekend of my adult life!!

    I went over to a little 'hick' town in the US and made some friends in the local pub. One night, we got in to one of those hypothetical 'fix the world' debates...

    ...I'm sure I didn't start it...well ok, maybe...:)

    ...we had a theoretical island to start all over again, using our own ideas. Within half an hour we had closed the borders to outsiders and undesirables. HALF AN HOUR! We all agreed that any 'system' has to cater for all and sundry or it's merely another exercise in forced social engineering.

    ...Job done, we then got very happily sozzled.

    [End note: Bartenders make wise philosophers...hence I've also pulled my share of pints in hope. Fab job! ;-)]

  62. dewflirt

    Fingers and toes crossed tightly and hoping for that integration to hurry up. Seems to be getting less likely in my part of the world. A mother in the playground recently told me we should send all the foreigners home as they're taking our jobs and 'mixing our blood up', also that there won't be any such thing as English people soon and that's why she likes the English Defence League. I tried to explain that she would have to send my man out of the country, possibly my kids too. She laughed. I've known her for almost 4 years, never can tell what bubbles away underneath. All this after reading the Sun newspaper, which was reporting on the murder of a soldier in London. You might have seen it on the news? Credit where it's due, she's smart enough to know we're no longer speaking. Always hurts to discover something like that about a person, but then I suppose I shouldn't be so naive. :)

  63. DigiWongaDude

    Eesh, that's a succinctly tough one. Personally, I would give them a copy of "American History X"...and then just walk away.

  64. jackmax

    I think if we are true to ourselves we all have racist views and opinions, however our morals play a huge part in our interaction with others in our everyday life, so we have became more tolerate of others.

    I have friends from all over the world and from varying backgrounds and none of it bothers me.

    Yet theses friend's race or nationality may have opposing views and opinion to me which I may dislike or detest and quite possible that these friend would not be friends if their beliefs, thoughts and opinions were in my opinion morally wrong.

  65. over the edge

    in the short term sadly i see the possibility of a rise in these hateful behaviors. historically during economically bad times there tends to be a rise in the scapegoating of others for the problems in our society. but on a good note (and i know little comfort to those who had to endure the suffering that hate leads to) we usually emerge from these bad times stronger and more accepting and compassionate. as for your "friends" comments on "there won't be any such thing as English people soon" what does that even mean? does she wish to go back to the "English" of the past? i would bet that you and i have more in common culturally than yourself and a typical "Englishman" of 100 years ago. i suspect that your friend suffers from "rose coloured glasses" as the England she is striving for probably didn't let her vote , or hold certain jobs, own property and so on.

    also look at the advancements the west has made recently

    - an African American president U.S (20years ago no way that would happen)
    - significant movement towards equality for the LGBT community (a long way to go i know)
    - woman's role in the military
    - Atheism's rise (you knew i would go there lol)
    - more women, minorities and LGBT's elected to office (still under represented but improving)
    - also these bigots and racists tend to be getting older and are not being sufficiently replaced by our youth as their hatred mostly dies with them

    some people look at the glass as half empty others as half full. i tend to just order another round

  66. over the edge

    "I think if we are true to ourselves we all have racist views and opinions" you will get no argument from me there. but it is how a person deals with those opinions that is important.

  67. jackmax

    I agree with you totally, I think some of the problem is different nations and its citizens tolerances to the less fortunate than themselves are declining. Just recently I heard that my government gave another nation 500 million dollars in foreign aid last year and that nation spent eight billion dollars in their defense program. That nation to me has lost my respect so my personal racism had increased towards that nation slightly.

  68. dewflirt

    I have to agree with all you say, it's true! Not sure what the lady is hoping for, most likely something that has never been, might be she just has a touch of the Duchess about her "the more there is of mine, the less there is of yours"
    (Alice in Wonderland)
    Bottoms up edge, the next round's on me ;)

  69. dewflirt

    Standing in a sea of mini people, I kept my cool but will admit to chewing on her just a little bit. I can't hate her, never have been much good at that, but I couldn't ever speak to her without it staining my words. That would make me a liar and I'm not much good at that either ;)

  70. Kieran

    don't try to justify their idiocy with your simplistic reasoning. history has proven there is only one way to deal with racists.

  71. DigiWongaDude

    ...please Kieran, go on...[I dare you]


    ...thought not.

  72. systems1000

    Please my friend,wake up and take off your blinders.ALL authority commits crimes againt humanity. Have you so soon forgotten the fire bombing of five million civilians in Vietnam. And more recently the one and a half to two million killed in the middle east,completely destablizing the entire region,thus resulting in a seemlying never ending rampage of ethnic violance.I am a refugee from the poverity of a major american city now living in East Europe.Now I can finally go for a walk with out having to carry a gun.I can now leave my cookie cutter appartment (which I love) with out it being robbed. And I now no longer have to dodge roving gangs of thugs and crazed drug addicts. The only choise we will ever have is perhaps the lesser evil which I have found.I hope that you inherit a million from your grandmother,for you will need it.

  73. Jack1952

    This videos is a showcase of stereotypes. White, bigoted, uneducated, trailer trash, uneducated, drug addled gang members and Bible thumping fundamentalists all in one short video. Not exactly material for a travel brochure and doesn't exactly validate the idea of American exceptionalism.

  74. over the edge

    if you are ever in my neck of the woods not only are you invited to swap stories , solve the worlds problems and of course the drinks are on me. but i have some pull with the owner of the local bar you are free take a stab at serving us drunken fools.
    as for "Bartenders make wise philosophers" i am not so sure that applies to me but i have said that after 20years a bartender should get an honorary degree in human psychology.

  75. systems1000

    Just cerious,but how did you get that bold printing,my computer would,t do that.

  76. jim1949

    i dont think any american documentary is material for a travel what exactly in your opinion jack1952 would validate the idea of american exceptional-ism

  77. Jack1952

    I have twelve years in as a bartender. I doubt I'll get the requisite twenty though. Just as well...I usually felt more like a referee than a psychologist, anyway.

  78. over the edge

    lol referee,psychologist,babysitter all in one.

  79. DigiWongaDude


  80. DigiWongaDude

    That sounds like a good plan all round!

  81. DigiWongaDude

    Don't be so hard on yourself with your arrival that all there ever was, was evolution.

    Think on this for a moment...our planet is just the right distant from the sun, our sun just the right place in the arm of our galaxy. Our galaxy at a good point in it's development and place, our moon just the right distant from us to almost perfectly cover the sun to form a diamond ring for a few minutes, once in each our lifetimes. Check out "What if we had no moon" for lots of great realities. Our atmosphere, our magnetic core, our planet's spin...all these things are mere crucial coincidences in the chain of 'evolutionary' development, yes! I agree, but through the course of growth has emerged a conscious mind too, capable of sharing experiences and feeling emotional connection.

    To put all that down to evolution alone belittles the sheer beauty and the sacrifice of the many stars that have actually had to live and die, literally in order for you to perceive that thought. Let alone the thoughts you have yet to conceive.

    To simplify even further - If you take a book that contains a collection of words woven together to form a fictional story, you could indeed claim that it 'evolved' into being by the author unfolding perceptions and ideas. But to say that evolution is all there was to the story misses the point by a mile.

    The fact that you appear to have been searching for a purpose that may, or may not, be there, is no reason at all to throw the baby out with the bath water, over the miracle of existence.

  82. dewflirt

    I took advanced prestidigitation at Hogwarts ;)
    Looks like all the little rainbow babies are going to inherit the earth, kiss their pretty little feet and hope they tread softly :)

  83. DigiWongaDude

    Yeah... celebrate the healthiness of having free speech and disregard the other things...

    "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

  84. terrasodium

    Do you as a "native" with an Irish matriarch and a non-visible minority physical appearance of the native side (" my mother is pure Irish and i do not look Native unless you are looking for it.") identify with the cultural heritage of either group? Considering your father was native I would hazard a guess that you're a card carrying member of a particular band or agency. The interest here is how societies are integrated , which seemed the plan of residential schooling from the start. Hope this isn't to personal if it is then disregard the question and chalk it up to mere curiosity.

  85. over the edge

    i hope that when they are the majority they treat the new minority better than they were ;) i am optimistic that will be the case

  86. dewflirt

    Me too :)

  87. terrasodium

    Thanks for the open answer, I have only a minor comprehension of the history of Metis and Louis Riel through varied forms of media, I've known many individuals that have lived in the residential school system in other provinces and states(there being referred to as Indian boarding schools), I'm sure you know of the Cree playwright and novelist Tomson Highway ,he has a different emotion then yourself when reflecting on his time spent in the residential school system, I heard him speak with gratitude for the experience .
    It's been my experience that large percentages of bar goers on the north american continent who ventures out on March 17th considers themselves Irish for the day, Oddly all of my Irish friends who live in Ireland don't hold much stock in St. Patrick's portion of the union jack or the celebrations ,go figure.

  88. over the edge

    as we are going off topic here i will attempt to keep this short. Tomson Highway by his own accounts had a positive experience i agree but far too many did not. his and my fathers reservation were in the same province while they did not attend the same schools (as far as i know), but i have heard (hearsay i know) terrible accounts from my relatives and others.

    as for Louis Riel there is an article on him in the jan/feb issue of the Royal Canadian Legion magazine (i assume you are American or Canadian and might have access to it) that included a direct ancestor of mine (in an attempt to not completely give away my identity i will not point out the number of "greats" before grandfather or who this ancestor is). i must stop here and say if you wish to continue the discussion we move it to an appropriate doc.

  89. DigiWongaDude

    I am an optimist, but case studies clearly show that won't be the case. Quite simply the scars left behind remain raw and untreated.

    There is no incentive (at all) to treat the oppressor with the dignity and tolerance that was never willingly afforded to them, because of those scars. This is a case where political strength is gained by numbers alone, after all other pleas have fallen on deaf ears - why would a transition of power under these involuntary circumstances be any different? It would be foolish to assume otherwise.

    That said...if there were genuine progressions towards a more fair and balanced sharing of power and a marked reduction in the intolerance of xenophobic practices, there might still be time... But even then, because things have come to this, most of the scars and mistreatment will want their pound of flesh.

    Sometimes, for there to be justice, the storm has to be ridden out and the perps have to take it on the chin in the hope that the passing of time will bring about a brighter, new day.

    You can not even realistically hope for a quick fix of merciful modest behaviour, when it was never offered up to begin with, and resentment lurks in the shadows.

  90. over the edge

    i agree with much of your statement. but (there had to be a but) none of these minority groups on their own will be the majority. concessions, alliances and collaborations will have to be made. the new minority (aka Caucasians ) will still be the largest minority. also the youth of today (it pains me to no longer be one of them lol) do not hold the baggage the rest of us do. i take solace in the separation of church and state as an example of what might happen. i do not think the original idea was to give atheists this voice. i think that the human distrust of others led them to fear all the other groups so they limited the ability of all to overpower each other even if that meant giving up a power they might hold themselves.

  91. systems1000


  92. DigiWongaDude

    [one of mine for the bin me thinks, face palm]

  93. systems1000

    While buried alive in america,s arm pit,the night before garbage pick up day I would put my trash in a bag and leave it in my unlocked garage.Someone would all ways steal it,thus saving me from having to haul it out to the curb the next morning.Now,no longer surrounded by junk people,junk food and junk cars,i,m enjoying civilized people,walking distance to shops filled with fresh and nutritious food,and affordable mass transit systems. Put that in your brunt (bong) and smoke it.

  94. avd420

    I'm extremely happy to hear that you're doing well, systems.

  95. systems1000

    Thank you for your kind words avd420.Now we both agree.All the best.

  96. Alex

    Lol @ redneck dude at barbecue...I don't know whether to laugh at him or pity his lack of education and outright ignorance.

  97. Dean Peter Whufc Gowler

    Gang member not going to rally because its raining! Everything you need to know about the s*upidity of humans all in one documentary, impressive.

  98. curious

    lol at the guy who says "why not a white bear? why'd it had to be black" so ignorant.

  99. Shoompy

    The black guy in this doco is awesome, all he wants it peace!

  100. SDestiny

    When the guy was protesting about how the white (no racism intended) people back then fought for the black (no racism intended) people...I'm pretty sure the white people were fighting racist people like him to make the lives of black people better :/

  101. lpen7

    Have mercy! So much ignorance all in one place! I hope distribution of this "doc" isn't international, at the very least it should have a disclaimer: "Contents does not reflect the majority of America or the views of most Americans". I'm fighting the urge to accept this at face value & be glad I've no reason to go to Mississippi. These people (all of them!) should be ashamed of themselves.

  102. anastasius

    Nathan Bedford Forrest treated those he dealt with, including his slaves; with a level of decency that transcends anything the producers of this video would ever know. I get the impression they would rather get high than learn the real history behind the man.
    To apply modern concepts of "political correctness" to anyone of the nineteenth century is just folly. And how dare you slander him about the Fort Hood massacre. Sherman himself said those charges were unfounded after he looked into it. He was really hoping to have Forrest hung but had enough integrity to let the the facts shape his ultimate decision.
    Forrest tied up a huge Union force in the Western Confederacy and made fools of many Union generals. He and his men (including slaves who followed him by choice) were the stuff of legends. Just as we hear propaganda about Russia and the Ukraine now , "vice" media types spread propaganda about Forrest in his day.
    In fairness Vice did interview someone who knew the real history but the accusation of the massacre was not addressed though his relationship with the Klan was put into proper context. Despite that it was clear that the producers of this video were using modern events to slander a man who was decent and did remarkable things for his country.

  103. FulaniyiraSpeaks!

    I don't want to learn anything about this White Racist. He wouldn't think two nickels about me as an African woman.

    I am glad the city council of passing legislation to remove all Confederate artifacts from federal and public places. It's offensive to African Americans. It's deplorable that old remnant Racist still clinging to their psychosis ideology of superiority, but they getting old and diseased (dying).

    I am with Oprah, Racist must die out if their future children want to end Racism. It's true with anything if change is impossible, one waits for it to die off.

    I will be glad where we live in a world of no Psychotic PsychoSociopath Racist exists.

  104. Jamie

    Very interesting and informative for those of us that are not American and have little knowledge of the history. It would have been helpful to have subtitles when the black people spoke though.

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