Tropic of Capricorn

Tropic of Capricorn

2008, Nature  -   31 Comments
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Tropic of CapricornSimon Reeve presents a travel documentary as embarks on a journey along the Tropic of Capricorn, the line of latitude which cuts through Southern Africa, Australia and South America.

In the four-part BBC2 series Tropic of Capricorn, broadcast in 2008, Simon followed the southern border of the tropics region around the world.

While filming Tropic of Capricorn, Simon traveled through Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.

The journey took him to stunning areas of the world, but it was also a chance for spontaneous discoveries about the changing global environment, poverty, globalisation, AIDS, the rise of the Chinese economy and the suffering of Africa.

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31 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Chris Parsonson

    Impressive series of documentaries. Except for the six episodes which were blocked for me living in South Africa

  2. Mrs Higgins

    Simon your documentaries are very interesting but your swearing and taking Gods name in vain commentary is blasphemy when .On Tropic of Capricorn
    SWITCHED OFF very dissapointing

  3. Dorothy Duffin

    I emigrated to South Africa, despite the comments of living on 'the backs of the blacks'. I spent 14 years working, travelling and documenting my experiences. I was there pre and post apartheid, I have been back many times. If you can accept that things there are as they are, the corruption, the wonderful scenery, those who are friendly and those who are not, you will find that it becomes part of you that will never go away. A bit like malaria! I wrote a book and am in the process of writing another, this about white corruption, not government officials but ordinary, greedy, unscrupulous professionals who will do anything for gain, including murder. I have seen the dark side, Simon is only confirming what I already knew. Environmental issues are worse than in my time (1981) but how much is the rest of the world going to take notice?There are good people trying hard to raise 'green' issues and conservation, I hope that this series will raise the profile and others will sit up and take notice.

  4. ElizAnn

    Thank you for this great website! One question: I was watching and really enjoying the "Tropic of Capricorn", but was blocked at Part 15 by message saying BBC blocked it in the country I'm in. There was another earlier block (forget what number it was) with the same message. So I fwded that time, and was able to continue through the end of Part 14. So Parts 15-20 are blocked by BBC in the country I'm in (U.S.) Why? How are some parts available and not others? Thank you in advance for your response. And again, thank you very much for this website!

  5. Ken A

    Well done, easy going, no heavy agenda - though much mention of environmental challenges, which is something all of us need to hear. I enjoyed the show and its host.

  6. Sarah

    Watched Africa and Australia, but when it got to South America it stopped and said 'blocked'. Great watch so far though..

  7. Eve Mystik

    a great analogy !

  8. Daniel Hughes

    I cannot watch any programme with Simon Reeve presenting. I have never disliked someone so intensely. Unfortunately he presents programmes which I'm sure are really interesting and judging by comments they are great. Enjoy!

  9. Jabranpin

    BBC is full of propaganda. When it features Africa, there is nothing but misery, when its Australia time, nothing but bliss. An untrained eye would miss that propaganda :

    1. Max Nafa

      How do they benefit from this so called propaganda? if they showed the lives of a few rich people in Africa people would stop to donate. plus compering Australia and African countries... i see nothing then objectivity so far on this show. its common knowledge (supported by statistics) that Australia is richer. I see no reason to say otherwise. And for the lack of a better term there is some sick **** going on in African countries that are unheard of in Western world. Keep blaming the white ppl...

    2. anonymous

      No 3. Best Country To live In The World – Australia

      Regardless of where they live, people of Australia are so good in lending their hands whenever it is needed.

      Per capita GDP, longer life expectancy and improved level of
      education are other factors that lifts Australia to the position of
      third best country in the world.

      Although Australia is like a home town for many deadly dangerous
      animals like snakes and sharks, it is also being a home for not found
      anywhere, most interesting cute animals such as Australian dingo and
      Wombat. Seriously if not in Australia,where else you can see animals
      like kangaroos on the go along the road?

      Just as in the case of having such rare animals, Australia is also
      blessed with the uncountable numbers of nature’s gifts such as Great
      Barrier Reef, the pinnacles, Fraser Island and many.

    3. Guest

      Tell that to the aborigines. Britain is undoubtably the most civilised nation in the world.

    4. anonymous

      when it comes to Africa there are 19 country's where over half the population are living below the international poverty line and probably the most dangerous place to live in the world is in Somalia

    5. anonymous

      And the 10 poorest Countries In The World are African countries

  10. Lynn Hayden

    I cannot believe the living conditions of some of our brothers and sisters across the globe. Bless Up XXX

  11. Kelsall

    I, like some others, thought the documentary was interesting but couldn't bear Simon Reeve with all his Wows! and Amaaazings! I can imagine one or two of his hosts thinking "what a prick" when he'd gone. He reminds me of one of those annoying pop radio DJ's. However (and to be be fair) I see from his website the BBC have have sent him away making an Indian Ocean documentary so they must like him. Hope they've had a serious chat with him about his future narrative style.

  12. mwthomp

    What a condescending attitude towards the people he meets. He also doesn't seem to be very well informed, given his moronic comments. Simple Simon... very irritating. Yet this is an interesting documentary despite the host. He might be better as a kindergarten teacher.

    1. Ana Bubak

      Thanks Simon, you're so perfect young man for this doc. that we are enjoying very much...

    2. silvy

      completely agree!! I started 2 different documentaries with this guy and had to stop both after 5 minutes. I have never seen someone so ethnocentric...and he has a travel show???

  13. Alexander Svenson

    he kind of looks like a guy from "Gorillaz" :)

  14. Vivian Ann Langston-Williams

    The sad fact of deforestation is , that rain forest and all that is lost is gone forever once it's torn down! Because of more and more need for growing of soybean and corn, they devastate the land and it's people, rain forests and ALL thats lives in it for land that has been proven to only grow these crops for a maximum of 4 years, then it's so unfertile it's left to become desert! It's so wrong and so sad! As fact thats how all the deforestation of all the rain forests all over the world is turning out! Will it be stopped ? No! and what little is left will soon be a memory seen only in old Discovery and Animal Planet videos.....

  15. magarac

    Really interesting documentary!
    But i just cant stand that guy.

  16. dean abr

    Its as if the germans practised on us before practising it on the jews, oh hang on one minute it is as if hitler copied the british what they did in South africa, and then did this in namibia. In fact he did copy them the brits were the first to implement concentration campls, full stop! Check it out its history, learn how many afrikaaners, different blacks, and coloureds died in SA at the hands of the british at the turn of the 19th century. Shocking

  17. dean abr

    Typical brit, did not the British do the exact exact same thing to afrikaaners/boers in the anglo boer war? Yes they did, 60,000 dies oh but wait because this is being told from a british BBC nothing is said about it, collective history, in hindsight if you look at history in whole, britain did more damage around the world to indigenous cultures than the germans did, they wiped out the red indians, they wiped out the maoris, they wiped out the aboriginees, they started the slave trade, they wipes out the maw maw tribes in kenya, i could write a long long list. - oh this shop has pictures of hitler boo hoo maybe you should count your lucky stars that america saved your asses in ww2 or he would also be your feurer

    1. Simon Angelini

      I'm not going to try and defend the British against those claims, I completely agree that its hypocritical of the British to ignore their own past and instead substitute it with the idea of unparalleled peace under blighty. Its just not true. What is different about what the Nazis (Notice I say that and NOT the Germans) did is that they deliberately exterminated people they saw as inferior. They killed in the space of less than 4 years over 11 to 17 Million people if you count people other than the Jews. On top of that they experimented on them and even made clothes out of their skin. One Nazi officer had a coffee table in his office made of Jews bones and tanned skin. You cant defend the Nazis and i cant say the British were saints either. But they were certainly better than the Nazis were.

    2. Mathew Scannell

      most of what you said i agree with, but chill out, maybe if there were pictures of the guy who was responsible for the maw maw tribes being wiped out he would've said something too? also how can you say one country invented the slave trade thats been going for thousands of years get real.
      i'm not trying to sound a dick and do totally get what your saying but doesn't it make more sense for everyone to just say look at the awful s*** WE HUMANS have been doing rather than just blaming people from other countries? we are one after all!

  18. Gary V

    A really god doc that unfolds as it goes along, where he meets people on the street & gets on honest opinion of what is really happening in these countries.

  19. Guest

    After traveling in more than 40 countries ...Namibia has been at the top of my list for a next journey.

  20. Scott Pesme

    Never heard of this...but can't wait to watch it! Here's hoping its a good doc.

  21. DomCar

    Nice doc on a diverse range of subjects