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TrudellAt its most basic level, Trudell is an eye-opening documentary that challenges belief systems. At its loftiest, Trudell will inspire you to reawaken your spirit.

In the telling of Trudell, Rae invested more than 12 years chronicling John Trudell's travels, spoken word, and politics. (The making of the movie, a journey in itself, is as much a story as the finished product).

The film combines archival, convert, and interview footage in a lyrical and naturally stylized manner, with abstract imagery mirroring the coyote nature of Trudell.

Pockmarked with adversity, counterbalanced by preservance, Trudell begins in the late sixties when John Trudell and a community group, Indians of All Tribes, occupy Alcatraz Island for 21 months. This creates international recognition of the American Indian cause and gives birth to the contemporary Indian people's movement.

Rae revisits Alcatraz, returning to what John refers to as his birth. From Alcatraz, we follow John's political journey as the national spokesman of the American Indian Movement (AIM).

During this tumultuous period, his work makes him one of the most highly political subversives of the 1970's, earning him one of the longest FBI files in history (more than 17,000 pages).

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  1. naoya83

    yahoo! proud to be one!

  2. Taras Moskvichov

    0:37:00 when he talks about Tina a little flower bird is flying right through the picture... its somehow magic.

  3. Sam Ajami

    I learnt something worth knowing today...

  4. patrixion

    Thanks for posting! So much truth in John's words.

  5. Rosie321

    An amazing thought provoking and insightful documentary. Not having any knowledge on the subject before watching, I was moved and inspired by the story of John Trudell and what he was/is trying to achieve. If only the world was filled with more people like him.

  6. 1perspective

    my thoughts exactly.

    cant believe i havent heard of this inspirational man before.

    thanks for posting this vlatko.

  7. Imightberiding

    Thanks very much for this one Vlatko. Many memories came flooding back. Powerful, recommended viewing.

  8. bsngrarts

    I didn't realize John Trudell was behind such an impact on our world; helping to 'really' define... "and justice for all." Wow! If only we had more with his spirit and conviction, the curtesy of truth and justice- just might be considered. A true "American Hero!"

  9. ABucketOfSalt

    Right on brother!

  10. Kai Vogt Westling

    Thanks for the lines
    heart radiating truth kindling the real spirit awakening
    hugs and good luck to us all

  11. tariqxl

    Power is just an illusion but the powerful aren't the deluded ones, we are! If you fear certain consequences then the initiator of those consequences has power over you, fear nothing and this illusion of power reveals itself as nothing but a cheap parlour trick. As in every parent/child relationship, only the parent has the power whether its to teach or to punish. And our parent, mother earth will only allow its children to stamp around in tempered states claiming to have the power for so long until we're punished and tought a lesson. When that happens hopefully we will learn that lesson and stop smacking our brother and stealing from our sister.

  12. Guest

    The man, the poetry, the cause, the love story, the tragedy...............
    .......................hhhhhhhh! "I died then, i had to die in order to get through learn to live again." trudell
    I cried the sorrow of a nation, the sorrow of the world,. my own sorrow. I cry as i am writing this. My family is from the Gaspesie some time some Indian blood must have mixed with our caucasian french blood...where ever i am in the is near indiginous people i feel most alive, most loving.

    let us copulate with words
    words like flowers from a stone heart
    growing in the vast desert of our mind
    fraternity pouring out of a well of justice
    for the host and hostess
    of a powwow of consciousness
    we can sing an allegory for glory
    for a skilled pace on earth
    a space of peace in i and 1
    a vibrating big bang on O
    reach with an harpoon of love
    let us howl the beat of our hearts
    in the light of the day
    today and tomorrow
    in the dark of the night every night
    our ancestors used percussion instruments
    as a language that traveled
    from the pulse of mankind
    from many i's to many 1's
    let us be big again
    and bang for a gain
    you want to play with me
    and be we
    the face of love
    may be some 1 who was or was not
    1 who now is

    a poet in her free time

  13. Guest

    When i wrote my first comment i was in the middle of the doc, i had to stop. I must say the end of the movie is a pure message and it brings hope to me and i hope it brings hope to you. Follow the line, follow the line!

    1 lives in a world
    where power in war
    greed in money
    are the hurtful causes
    why our distant friends cannot eat to a full belly
    and remain this way until they go to sleep
    in every slices of this round pie we live on
    my goal is to transform actions and reactions
    from a snaky crawl to a butterfly dance
    if you think i am repeating the old
    look in the mirror through the space
    before you go on to the next line
    because 1 morning we could all be gone
    1 day there will be so much of what was not
    it will equal what was and is not any more
    we have a life to take a stance
    be the first or last reason we succeed
    this is not a delusion
    it is my personal biggest fear
    you will refuse to travel over the line
    i could say it is my only real fear
    as for the rest of my fears
    i have noticed long ago
    that once i frame a fear in my mind
    it never happens as such
    perhaps because life never crops up
    twice the same way
    in 1's mind or in 1's reality
    relax and please many around
    read this long line of thoughts
    it is a flying carpet of ink dots
    like a pair of dice on it’s way to paradise
    of all the people i call a friend
    you may be the 1 i know least
    but then again
    of all the people i know least
    you may be the 1 who senses me most
    for in my mind we seem so much alike
    among the many encounters
    of my past present future

    a free poet

  14. Bealtaine Cottage

    Just utterly incredible spirit and I've only just met him...Possibly the founder of the Earth movement as we know wise...such wisdom. His words resonate with me and will stay with me. He has articulated all I know and feel about where we are today.

  15. mac

    Australia needs someone like him for those native Australians the pain and sorrow they are going through.
    Osama bin laden for present day Americans as a terrorist, Columbus for native Indians. Western civilization ruined all over the world. Ultimate fact.

  16. bobthebboy

    no longer needed so a final word good luck and safe journey

  17. Steve Ohara

    A true legend, how many years,deaths before we as humans,change the way our life are led by the elite few.....

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