Trump, QAnon and the Return of Magic

Trump, QAnon and the Return of Magic

2020, Conspiracy  -   19 Comments
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Common sense ain't so common anymore. That's the overriding message of Trump, QAnon and the Return of Magic, a lively, but distressing portrait of our current state of disrepair. The film issues a scathing critique of our cultural and sociopolitical climate, which is being driven by harmful and irresponsible rhetoric, social media proliferation, and lack of distinctions between truth and fantasy.

Conspiracy crackpots have always existed, but social media has provided them with a more dominant and attention-grabbing public forum. This has also greased the wheels for larger numbers of followers who are perhaps similarly disenfranchised or susceptible.

At the center of this mayhem is QAnon, a social movement started in 2017 which alleges a widespread operation of child sex trafficking led by Satan worshipping pedophiles. Supporters of QAnon overwhelmingly stand in strong support of current U.S. President Donald Trump, a figure they view as the hero who will stand against the cabal of perverted degenerates. Their mission is bolstered by the president's frequent retweets of their conspiracies and general disinterest in condemning their actions on a public stage.

Unfortunately, QAnon is not an anomaly. Conspiracy movements are gripping the public consciousness like never before. It seems to fulfill a primal human need. The film outlines the motivations behind this disturbing phenomenon.

It begins with the notion of magical thinking - a relatively harmless exercise characterized by fable and superstition. Taken to the extremes in our current environment of unprecedented fear and anxiety, this kind of thinking can deepen divisions and actually place lives in peril. The film reviews the tenants of conspiracy-minded perceptions, including their reliance on symbols and patterns, how they prey upon our basic need to find comfort through our search for meaning, and the social conditions that allow for the easy spread of their misinformation campaigns.

Utilizing reels of footage from pop culture spectacles, news reports and other popular media, the film itself represents a theory of where we have gone wrong as a society. But it's one that's deeply rooted in common sense thinking, and a firm belief in the work of scientists and other evidence seekers.

Directed by: Kirby Ferguson

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19 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Steve Rogers

    He said he was an everyday liberal, which is pretty obvious but he doesnt have a clue about Q anon.

    1. Bob

      Obviously an Illuminati film ..... lots in this films have be proven but he makes jokes of it .... it’s a war good versus evil.

  2. noob

    This guy is just making up new terminology for people who trust in fact and people who trust in faith, also just taking clips from popular movies to try to explain his opinion and touch common ground with a wide audience, just like all the other sit @ home youtubers that feel like making a documentary one day...

  3. User-1

    Some of the points made make much sense, but I am concerned that narrator is trying to tie science into this convoluted thinking of things. Science exists in large part from reproduced observations. Observations from many observers also produce facts. Trying to say the scientific observation and language is "magic" is selling the method short.

  4. Mark

    More Child Liberal BS

  5. John Christoper

    A balanced, incisive documentary on how emotion and the "unknown" permeate our beliefs and behavior. If you want to understand how conspiracy theory and "magic" have infiltrated our lives and politics, this is a must watch.

  6. Paul Simpson

    Got through about five minutes before the bullshit meter went through the roof. nice try.

  7. John

    Theories are just that: theories. They are an essential part of thinking in all realms of endeavour. The term "conspiracy theory" is just another derogatory label that the woke community likes to hang on people and ideas that threaten to awaken them from their sublime state of virtuous wokeness.
    A quick look at the rest of the videos should show you you have found a nest of wokeness.

  8. denis

    I Can't believe I am sitting through this bullshit documentary. Full of crap, fear mongering, anti Trump and like the commentary writer says "Full go Jack Shit

  9. Al

    Even if there is no Qanon, it's highly unlikely that human trafficking isn't a very real thing. Qanon wants the corruption exposed starting with the most detestable, ending remaining pedophilia trafficking rings that haven't been exposed yet they too will be exposed and stopped. Just think. What if it was your child?

  10. Judy

    I could not stomach even finishing this bullshit documentary. It's an obvious attempt to dissuade anyone from looking into any suspicious events. It's too bad that you have to live your life in such ignorance. Maybe one day you will wake up. That's how it works - you discover one big lie and that leads you to question everything!!

    1. Sue

      I agree 100% Thanks you your truth Judy. It is mine as well.

  11. Karmy

    There is no QAnon except in the media's disdainful portrayal of the movement. Reading the title told me all I needed to know about who did this documentary. Someone who has absolutely no clue as to who or what the Q movement is about. Obviously Q is too close to the truth which is why the media is trying to squash the movement. Too late, it is worldwide.

    1. Anon

      EXACTLY! What a farce this “documentary” is! Another FAKE piece of propaganda!

  12. G Fleming

    They are tenets not tenants.

  13. Anon

    Oh Look! Everything about pedos and globalism must be fake because soy boy narrator said so. How stupid do you really think we are. You are THE Fake! KEK

  14. ellie

    Kirby, I'm sorry you've never realized that most of life exists in the realm of 'magic', the invisible, the inexplicable. God bless Trump, his staff, his family and all those behind "Q" who reveal the truth and are trying to restore sovereignty to humanity.

  15. led

    hahahahaha way to funny good comedy thanx

  16. Jeffro

    I really hate “documentaries” like this. Lumping all conspiracies together as if none have ever been carried out, ignoring facts in order to make some theories seem insane, and promoting scientific rigor while displaying none whatsoever. I’m astounded that this is even being legitimized by being posted here.
    P.S. I don’t subscribe to QAnon. I think they could easily be a conspiracy to de-legitimize any and all conspiracy theories. Pretty convoluted I know.