Trump, QAnon and the Return of Magic

Trump, QAnon and the Return of Magic

2020, Conspiracy  -   71 Comments
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Common sense ain't so common anymore. That's the overriding message of Trump, QAnon and the Return of Magic, a lively, but distressing portrait of our current state of disrepair. The film issues a scathing critique of our cultural and sociopolitical climate, which is being driven by harmful and irresponsible rhetoric, social media proliferation, and lack of distinctions between truth and fantasy.

Conspiracy crackpots have always existed, but social media has provided them with a more dominant and attention-grabbing public forum. This has also greased the wheels for larger numbers of followers who are perhaps similarly disenfranchised or susceptible.

At the center of this mayhem is QAnon, a social movement started in 2017 which alleges a widespread operation of child sex trafficking led by Satan worshipping pedophiles. Supporters of QAnon overwhelmingly stand in strong support of current U.S. President Donald Trump, a figure they view as the hero who will stand against the cabal of perverted degenerates. Their mission is bolstered by the president's frequent retweets of their conspiracies and general disinterest in condemning their actions on a public stage.

Unfortunately, QAnon is not an anomaly. Conspiracy movements are gripping the public consciousness like never before. It seems to fulfill a primal human need. The film outlines the motivations behind this disturbing phenomenon.

It begins with the notion of magical thinking - a relatively harmless exercise characterized by fable and superstition. Taken to the extremes in our current environment of unprecedented fear and anxiety, this kind of thinking can deepen divisions and actually place lives in peril. The film reviews the tenants of conspiracy-minded perceptions, including their reliance on symbols and patterns, how they prey upon our basic need to find comfort through our search for meaning, and the social conditions that allow for the easy spread of their misinformation campaigns.

Utilizing reels of footage from pop culture spectacles, news reports and other popular media, the film itself represents a theory of where we have gone wrong as a society. But it's one that's deeply rooted in common sense thinking, and a firm belief in the work of scientists and other evidence seekers.

Directed by: Kirby Ferguson

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71 Comments / User Reviews

  1. bull

    this doc is bs a typical millennial dumb ass who think reading a wiki page make you an expert

    1. lexan

      might be the dumbest comment ive ever read; definitely top ten nonsarcastic

  2. Mike

    I'm glad the narrator is so supremely smart. He knows everything! And he explains everything so well that even low IQ viewers can understand it. You can tell how smart the narrator is because of the ease and simplicity in all his explanations. I honestly think he's underutilizing his intellect and should make the ultimate documentary - "The History Before The Big Bang, Why and How, And The Four-Dimensional Mathematics To Prove It". And from watching documentary, with this kind of intellect(!), I'm guessing "The History Before The Big Bang, Why and How, And The Four-Dimensional Mathematics To Prove It" would only take this filmaker 20 minutes!
    In other words, I think this "documentary" is listed under the wrong category. It should be in the comedy section.

    1. Ryan

      Classic conspiracy theorist. What, you THINK YOU'RE AN EXPERT, because you have critical thinking skills and can apply logic? Look at you?! In reality, you're the ones who have this false sense of superiority because you KNOW THE TRUTH MAN.

    2. Majic Man

      I concur with your assessment of his mental capacity.

  3. Jesus Doe

    Chicken broth for lunatics

  4. Morgan

    Watch this film with a critical eye. The filmmaker is gaslighting you. Message to the filmmaker: So much good here, Mr. Kirby. You are right on so many fronts. But you're missing the trick, and in the end, you've made a film that gaslights both "Magical Thinkers" and "Evidence Seekers". It's a small sleight of hand - I doubt you did it on purpose - but when you talk about how Evidence Seekers use reason and Magical Thinkers use feeling, you're flat out lying to your audience. EVERYBODY uses emotion to make decisions. Everybody has implicit bias. Everyone's decision-making is influenced by their lived experience and what's acceptable (and unacceptable) for their culture and sub-culture. And few of us really struggle to get outside our inherited viewpoint. While pretending like Evidence Seekers are always acting rationally, you're ignoring this fact, and invalidating what is otherwise a solid argument. By dismissing magic out of hand, you're stating that you would reject the ample evidence for a kind of 'faculty x' that has been suppressed in human being. Magic as you conceptualize it is hogwash. But it's your lack of imagination about what magic might actually be that invalidates your argument. Just because you can't conceptualize it or perceive it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. From Galileo to John Harrison to Alan Turing, science is FULL of 'evidence seekers' rejecting new evidence based on their FEELINGS and their need for comfort and certainty. Like I said, watch this film with an extremely critical eye.

  5. Tomas Coppinger

    Super video with a lot of truth.
    Are all Republicans just plain stupid or is it that they didn't go to school?

  6. Jodi E. MacPherson

    whats up now????

  7. Howard

    This is an incredibly insightful look at the human condition and I congratulate the author. For those who are heavily invested in 'magical thinking' and conspiracy, it will be dismissed out of hand.

    1. bull

      nah this guy knows nothing about psychology this guy just has a world view which is as limited and mind boggling as a flat earther

  8. Don Russell

    So you hate Trump and religion. You seem young, but know everything about everyone. I give you credit for getting your documentary on this site though. One day you will grow old enough to realize that Kool-Aid is served on both sides.

  9. jen

    hahahahaha the world IS run by a cabal of satan-worshipping, child sacrificing elite. The fact that this films disclaims this is disgusting to all our children who have been sacrificed for sex, slavery, and body parts. When a man can rape a child until it's dead and have a medical team standing by to harvest the organs, I would say that is pretty evil. Wonder how much this guy was payed?

  10. jen

    well, you gave it a good shot, but I don't think you are on the right track cause the other side is not magic, but wanted to be proven wrong...gaslighting at it's finest.

  11. jen

    I don't follow Q but the pedos are real...

  12. jen

    actually this is all true.....wake up guys.

  13. Whoever

    I couldn't watch all of this. It bored me!

  14. Manonymous

    I just came to read all silly, hateful, negative, mindless, robotic tappings of the internet nobody's who think they're experts on this, and every other subject, simply because they've watched or read stuff on the interwebs from their bedrooms in the last seven years or less... and as always and without fail, I wasn't disappointed!!

  15. TC

    Very good video. I've been scratching my head, wondering why seemingly normal people believe the most ridiculous things. I think you have arrived at a very likely explanation.

  16. Jon

    Q is a figment of the Left's tin hat theories, believed by mindless, woke generation who can't think for themselves.

  17. marc

    Pizzagate is real. It's the game of the depraved very rich.
    Calling people conspiracists is just a deflection from the controlled media for the protection of their owners.

  18. Andrew

    this documentary builds a straw man fallacy , aimed to kill curiosity and disconnect intelligent people with PhD's and degrees from whistle blowers in education like new york teacher of the year John taylor gatto , nsa whistle blowers William Binney ,Ed Snowden or investigator Steven Rambam ,and politics like recently passed away Allan Watt - it's full of rhetorical fallacies , your better off with Richard groves peace revolution podcast , great books of western world and last but not least The holy bible with books like wise king Solomon's proverbs .

    1. Andrew

      this documentary seems like it might be made or backed by social media 77th brigade , it's very pc government ,behavioral insight team intervention propaganda for the already brainwashed ,they are worried about the truth catching on to the uninitiated , truth that has substance and validity - but this guys saying nothing there to see ,he's in error.

  19. Khalel

    So I'm a M.T , IMO Q is -was a psyop 2 make de ➡️ feel a false sense of security/winning , JFKjr 2 Tall 2be V.fsca ,pizza & WayF gained credibility because that group of pollis all had connection 2 Epstein , the body trails of ex -clinton guards & assoc was & still don't look good for them these people dark beings ,
    Anyway don't agree but did enjoy
    A different perspective

  20. jon

    What left wing conspiracy BS!! People who believe this crap need to loosen their tin foil hat and stop watching the lame stream media.

  21. AnnaQuimbley

    This "documentary" isn't even a documentary. It offers nothing. It's 43 minutes of a guy complaining about "magical thinking" while lumping everyone he disagrees with as "magical thinkers". It's a waste of time.

  22. maloose

    Excellent work! lots of hard work has gone into this. Spot on!

  23. Davej

    Spot on!

  24. Spencer L

    This documentary is great. Don't be deterred by the sore losers in the comments.

    Seriously what happened, did QAnon post about this site and make all the creeps come out in droves?

  25. James

    Qanon is idiotic but so is this documentary.

    1. Dom

      This guy is so up his own @$$

  26. David of the Jews

    This guy is clearly a mindless, smug liberal. Just one example, “we are evidence seekers” … shows clip of trump asking about Obama’s birth certificate … ignores that two internationally certified digitize forensic labs independently certified that the birth certificate Obama provided on the White House is a forgery. Did this “evidence seeker” ask why that was , whatever the reason it is clearly a forgery? No he didn’t. Just bothered on about more self-entitled smug pseudo-evidence.

    What the hell, let’s do another example: “we are evidence seekers” … “believes that surgical masks and cloth coverings can prevent virus spread in spite of all research showing that is not what science says and it is magical thinking like believing you can carry water with a mesh strainer … no, no, it’s really there, it is just invisible water. The mesh strainer works and therefore we must subjugate people. From an “evidence seeker”, science believer cultist that also does not call out the communist and socialist and diversity magical thinking that is WAY more prevalent and being pushed on the liberal side.

    I lost interest in this hot mess, but the irony is that mr “evidence seeker” here totally ignores the fact that the real reality that is called a conspiracy, Jewish power and dominance over the whole western world, you know, the one even mr evidence here call out as the only ones really affected by all this. Or are we supposed to believe the magical thinking that somehow a tiny little community just coincidentally is able to magically dominate all the aspects of society and fully control both parties and the whole government of the USA? Thinking that Jewish domination and control is not intentional in spite of all the real and clear fact and evidence all over the place … now THAT is magical thinking.

  27. Rachel

    There is so much stuff that you have either missed or just ignored,

  28. Tony M

    Such cr*p. Worse than Q.

  29. boydjaco

    I used to listen to Alex Jones until the same shit he spewed about republicans he started spewing at democrats. Thats when I knew it was for money!!!

  30. Observer

    Some appear to believe that because one 'conspiracy theory' turned out to be true that validates all other theories they choose to believe.

    That's not how evidence works.

  31. Jimmy

    Go Biden and Kamala Harris 🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏

  32. roland

    this guy is an absolute moron wow

    1. Observer

      You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.

      Where there's life there's hope.

    2. LH

      Agreed. His stupidity is counterproductive to what actually exists & this documentary is a joke.

  33. Jason

    Is this guy retarded?

  34. JMFD

    Wow the trumpanzees and 4chin incels are out in force on this one. It's come to be that the low voted doccos are the good ones with all the pathetic right wing brigading.

  35. Jerubbal

    The only good thing about this documentary is when you acknowledged it as your own opinions. It is pretty obvious there is no objectivity to all your theories in the name of science and dismissing all other thoughts as 'magical thinking'. Whether you believe there is God or not does not negate the existence of God. Similarly, whether or not you believe in the existence of satan or evil does not rid the world of their influence. I hope you wake up to the truth one day after uncovering one big lie that leads you to question your own theories.

    1. Observer

      Just because you choose to believe the things you do doesn't mean any of it exists either.

      Yet you choose to condemn those who don't follow your fantasy too.

      Can you see how you're no different to those you attempt to belittle?

  36. andy

    horrible documentary..........

  37. David

    I thought it was important to sit through your documentary so that we could better understand the thinking that goes on in the minds of those that need to push forward the narrative. Your fatal flaw was off-handedly dismissing all alternative thought as 'conspiracy theories' . That of itself is very dangerous and dismissive. Putting the Technocracy in charge of fact checking has proven the point. Fortunately, there are lawyers in the world that have taken on the fact checkers that have removed the ability to debate. Their case is solid, I have read the evidence. The reality is history is full of conspiracy. The problem 'your people' are going to have should they follow your plan, is when the rest of world wakes up to the simple arithmetic they can do using CDC data, they will discover 1) there never was a pandemic based on the traditional definition, 2) As Dr. Fauci has admitted the PCR test is 100% inaccurate beyond 33 cycles of amplification which explains our current state of the Casedemic caused by the Testdemic 3) which explains why the test is being done to 40-45 cycles but those testing positive are asymptomatic because they are not infected 40 But the fatal flaw in your argument are all of the peer reviewed, published studies veryfying that mask wearing, social distancing, and barring gatherings are designed to keep people fearful, for when they are they will do exactly what you want them to do which again has been thoroughly studied and published in the journals. You forgot the last group; those that look at a scenario, exam the facts, and make up their own minds

  38. Iggsy81

    This is great. Shame there are so many triggered trumptards in the comments, it would have done you some good to watch it through!

  39. Moroccan for trump

    your docu is full of buls***

  40. Steve Rogers

    He said he was an everyday liberal, which is pretty obvious but he doesnt have a clue about Q anon.

    1. Bob

      Obviously an Illuminati film ..... lots in this films have be proven but he makes jokes of it .... it’s a war good versus evil.

  41. noob

    This guy is just making up new terminology for people who trust in fact and people who trust in faith, also just taking clips from popular movies to try to explain his opinion and touch common ground with a wide audience, just like all the other sit @ home youtubers that feel like making a documentary one day...

  42. User-1

    Some of the points made make much sense, but I am concerned that narrator is trying to tie science into this convoluted thinking of things. Science exists in large part from reproduced observations. Observations from many observers also produce facts. Trying to say the scientific observation and language is "magic" is selling the method short.

  43. Mark

    More Child Liberal BS

  44. John Christoper

    A balanced, incisive documentary on how emotion and the "unknown" permeate our beliefs and behavior. If you want to understand how conspiracy theory and "magic" have infiltrated our lives and politics, this is a must watch.

  45. Paul Simpson

    Got through about five minutes before the bullshit meter went through the roof. nice try.

  46. John

    Theories are just that: theories. They are an essential part of thinking in all realms of endeavour. The term "conspiracy theory" is just another derogatory label that the woke community likes to hang on people and ideas that threaten to awaken them from their sublime state of virtuous wokeness.
    A quick look at the rest of the videos should show you you have found a nest of wokeness.

    1. Mmmkay

      You obviously don't understand what a theory is. It's "the theory of gravity" and "the theory of evolution", but both gravity and evolution are facts. "Theory" is not the opposite of "fact". A theory is the whole collection of facts about a specific topic. So the theory of gravity is a collection of everything we know about the fact of gravity. Get it?

    2. Dork Rock

      Q is not a fact, because it has not been proven. Therefore, it is a theory. Calling something a theory only says it has not been proven. It's not derogatory, so why are you so insecure about it?

  47. denis

    I Can't believe I am sitting through this bullshit documentary. Full of crap, fear mongering, anti Trump and like the commentary writer says "Full go Jack Shit

  48. Al

    Even if there is no Qanon, it's highly unlikely that human trafficking isn't a very real thing. Qanon wants the corruption exposed starting with the most detestable, ending remaining pedophilia trafficking rings that haven't been exposed yet they too will be exposed and stopped. Just think. What if it was your child?

    1. Dork Rock

      Like Trump and Epstein

  49. Judy

    I could not stomach even finishing this bullshit documentary. It's an obvious attempt to dissuade anyone from looking into any suspicious events. It's too bad that you have to live your life in such ignorance. Maybe one day you will wake up. That's how it works - you discover one big lie and that leads you to question everything!!

    1. Sue

      I agree 100% Thanks you your truth Judy. It is mine as well.

  50. Karmy

    There is no QAnon except in the media's disdainful portrayal of the movement. Reading the title told me all I needed to know about who did this documentary. Someone who has absolutely no clue as to who or what the Q movement is about. Obviously Q is too close to the truth which is why the media is trying to squash the movement. Too late, it is worldwide.

    1. Anon

      EXACTLY! What a farce this “documentary” is! Another FAKE piece of propaganda!

  51. G Fleming

    They are tenets not tenants.

  52. Anon

    Oh Look! Everything about pedos and globalism must be fake because soy boy narrator said so. How stupid do you really think we are. You are THE Fake! KEK

  53. ellie

    Kirby, I'm sorry you've never realized that most of life exists in the realm of 'magic', the invisible, the inexplicable. God bless Trump, his staff, his family and all those behind "Q" who reveal the truth and are trying to restore sovereignty to humanity.

  54. led

    hahahahaha way to funny good comedy thanx

    1. mikem

      its flushed out
      open the doors

  55. Jeffro

    I really hate “documentaries” like this. Lumping all conspiracies together as if none have ever been carried out, ignoring facts in order to make some theories seem insane, and promoting scientific rigor while displaying none whatsoever. I’m astounded that this is even being legitimized by being posted here.
    P.S. I don’t subscribe to QAnon. I think they could easily be a conspiracy to de-legitimize any and all conspiracy theories. Pretty convoluted I know.