Trump/Russia: Moscow Rules

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A production of ABC News Australia, Trump/Russia: Moscow Rules examines the allegations of collusion in the 2016 United States presidential election, the threats they pose for the future of western democracy, and the ultimate motivations of its central perpetrator - Russian President Vladmir Putin.

Putin, having always regarded the United States with suspicion, was finally propelled into action following the United States-led sanctions against his diplomats in retaliation for Russia's annexation of Crimea. His mode of attack? A meticulous manipulation of America's democratic election process.

So say figures from both British and United States intelligence forces, including former Director of Central Intelligence James Clapper. During the course of the film, they testify to Putin's keen interest in America's affairs and his views of then candidate Donald Trump as a much more desirable foe than he had faced in previous U.S. administrations.

Intelligence agencies are iron clad in their belief that Russia toyed with social media outreach, and engaged in cyber-espionage during the election. By hacking into the Democratic National Committee, he set out to tilt enthusiasm from Hilary Clinton in favor of Donald Trump. But the question remains: to what extent - if any - was Trump and his campaign aware of or abetting Russia's efforts?

From Donald Trump, Jr.'s clandestine meeting with Russian interests to the bragging of political operative Roger Stone regarding his contacts with Wikileaks, the film provides a fast-paced recap of the suspicions and controversies that have marred the climate of presidential politics in recent times. Trump's long-running financial dealings with Russia are also placed under a microscope, as is the relevance of Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, disgraced political consultant Paul Manafort and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in the ongoing investigation.

The story, of course, is still evolving, as new revelations continue to emerge in the swelter of 24-hours news coverage and as the Robert Mueller investigation nears its conclusion. Given the curious and often sensational revelations that have already leaked, one can only imagine what the public has not yet been told.

The stakes couldn't be higher, and Trump/Russia: Moscow Rules recognizes the tensions and divisiveness this political scandal has inspired in the United States, Russia and beyond.

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  1. Vlad


  2. Joe Wong

    It is the American and their NATO allies have their missiles, tanks, war planes, radars, war ships, and lackeys at Russian border, not the other way around. Calling Vladmir Putin the central perpetrator posing the threats for the future of western democracy is simply victim blaming.

  3. dave

    This is what journalism looks like Fox viewers, take note

    1. Chet

      Hey Dave how does it feel to be the biggest m***n in the comments section? Wake up fool. You and your corrupt democrat masters are on the wrong side of history. Go get a job and move out of your mom's house dave.

  4. Monte Kennedy

    Amazing that none of them are not asking how many Americans voted to allow 20% of our Uranium deposits be sold to Russia!!!???? Hillary, Obama, Mueller, Rosenstein, and how many others were in on that monetary windfall? Where did that money go to? Bill Clinton is paid $ 500,000.00 US Dollars for a small speaking engagement in Russia at near same time of the deal! What offshore banks did the billions of cash supposedly given back to the Iranians go to?
    Is it not a fact that Rosenstein and Mueller gutted the most experienced FBI agents and others in clandestine ops that were of highest knowledge of the terrorist organizations up to and after the World Trade Center terrorist attacks? Then they put their "Yes Man" James Comey in the hot seat. Yes, they did get force retirement and other excuses to replace the most expert experienced agents during the first tenure of Obama. Why...?? There are some still well known operatives around that were just as surprised and all agree they were left only with inexperienced operatives of FBI and CIA teams.
    Ask yourselves why those events happened. Personally, I would never have sold to any country even 1% of our Uranium deposits, none, nada, zero amount! How elementary is that to understand if we're on shaky ground with Russia through all the years? Yet they did it, sold it to them utilizing a fronted company..fill in the blanks folks.

    1. jay trump

      this reeks of fake news and desperation. all these lies and yet she still has the balls to air it? thank god no one believes the lying legacy media any longer. i want my 45 minutes back. youve wasted more time on this nothing burger and have shown us your hand. if this is the best the left has, theyre finished. and Trump needs to do nothing .

  5. XonEarth

    Russia-gate is nothing but CIA war-mongering lies. U.S. oligarchs such as the Koch Brothers own Trump, not Russian. Putin is a saint compared to our U.S. genocidal maniacs invading and terrorizing nations all over the world.

    1. jay trump

      no, trump has enough money, and he doesnt need to take bribes, youre confusing Trump with the clintons. bill has to take money as he is a rapist.

  6. GunnarInLA

    ...I have a more tendentious and laughably false "storyline" here, ever...and this comes from Australia..? – ...perhaps the world's most pathetically obsequious and subservient "country" there ever was...I hear that Australians in general are not that crazy about the US, but the government...? – what does that say about "Australian democracy"...? ( false as anywhere else)
    But viewers have given this hit job the lowest score I think I have ever seen, soo...I think I have to watch it! – more thing...the storyline accuses and convicts Putin of "crimes" without a shred of evidence, just cheap assertions...and Putin has "always" been "suspicious" of the US...? Says who...? – After what Americans did to Russia during the 90's, did he have a reason..? – But even so he was consistently willing to give the US the benefit of the doubt long after most people would have given up...
    How depraved are we "westerners" able to get before we choke on our own hypocrisies...disgusting...

  7. J Miller

    Let's do a trade. Half a year we get Putin and they get Trump and the other half we get Trump and they get Putin. Then let's see what the comment section looks like. As a gun bearing white conservative male I salute them both as strong male world leaders. Just no liberals , Democrats or women that's all I ask. Then together we can rule the world as our Lord Jesus commands.

  8. Elisabeth

    Perpetuating uneducated opinions devoid of researched information ... look at the map to get an idea of Russia , get an education of its history and culture, and most of learn what Putin has done for his country and its people ... it’s puts the US to shame... it is ignorance that is the root of all evil and arrogance is it’s sister ... we are arrogant ignorant uncouth and Illmannered bullies without any culture to speak of driven by Greed... Every nation has the leader it deserves... the US Leadership is pretty telling if it’s values

  9. Lasse N. E.

    Funny thing is, Putin came to power fighting and disempower the largest oligarchs and resurrect a rudimentary state, law and order. Read up, please?

    1. Elisabeth

      So true !!!

  10. Gary

    The only fake thing here is the Don.

    1. Elisabeth


    2. jay trump

      you know its pathetic when they think Trump had something to do with "pissgate" that lie was bought by cnn in desperation, and they are showing how desperate and pathetic they truly are. they havent had a journalist working for them since 1991. lets not forget, they helped kill thousands of innocent iraqis by propagating a lie about yellow cake uranium. a cia lie that has been conveniently forgotten. this is pure propagandist drivel and should be mocked as such

  11. Adam

    more fake news from the left because they can't accept they lost!

    1. Monte Kennedy

      Sure enough Adam! Australia's version of CNN! Very noticeable all the ruckus they have created with no proof has created a smokescreen for their past eight years of treasonous acts and fomenting divisiveness in this country that was near Civil War era similar.