Trump: What's the Deal?

Trump: What's the Deal?

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No figure in the popular culture of today looms larger than Donald Trump. The world's most famous businessman is now the Republican Party's leading candidate for the presidency of the United States. But what motivates the bluster and bravado of the newly minted political front-runner who currently occupies every channel on our remote? In order to understand the Trump of the present, the filmmakers behind Trump: What's the Deal? offer us a blast from the past.

This feature documentary arrives under strained and unusual circumstances. Originally set to air on television in the early 1990's, the film failed to generate the support of its subject, who in turn used every trick at his disposal to successfully kill the project. Now, in concert with the unparalleled surging of Trump on the political stage, the film is finally seeing the light of day a full 25 years after it was first obscured from public view.

The film may be dated in its production values, but certainly not in its insights and revelations. In his business heyday during the 1980's, Trump was considered the people's billionaire, a brash but relatable embodiment of the American dream. The apex of this carefully crafted persona occurred on November 12, 1986 when he successfully spearheaded a project to restore the public ice skating rink in New York's Central Park. The media was his darling, and remained firmly committed to furthering the perception of Trump as a cozy benefactor of the common people.

That all changed when reports of extramarital affairs and shady business dealings entered the picture, and he found himself the subject of endless tabloid speculation. The film presents and supports many of these claims, including his alleged ties to underworld figures, defaults on massive debts, unfair payment practices amongst his workers, and poor management of the properties which carried his name.

In spite of these damning accusations of ill character, Trump: What's the Deal? highlights perhaps the most significant key to the tycoon's unprecedented success in both the business and political realm: salesmanship. Trump's greatest product is himself, and his greatest gift is in convincing the people that he's the product they want.

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36 Comments / User Reviews

  1. John gibbs

    Typical USA. The whole idea of this fantastic web site is to give people free access to documentaries NOT to try and sell them something.This is why the Internet is being ruined by these companies always trying to make a buck.

  2. Spencer

    Well this documentary aged like milk lol

  3. Billy Bussh

    What a circus the presidential race has become with this clown Trump. I think the United States can do better. Take it from me a Canadian citizen with a very sane Prime Minister.

  4. Janeene Nicholson

    He is a manipulator,and a deceiver

  5. Chump hater

    I cannot believe you people...You would vote for this lying clown? Smh

  6. doug

    I thought his lowest point was his imitation of the handicapped reporter and when confronted he tried to write it off as a coincidence. What are the odds he does a handicapped imitation and the person is handicapped. Like winning the lottery.

  7. Susan Lujan

    Ignorance is no excuse for not seeing past Trumps' being a pathological liar to get what he wants. He has ZERO integrity.

  8. Trump Hater 2K16

    Yo Yo Yo Trump is not the way to go. See how that rhymed, pretty nice huh.

    1. ad

      not really a three year old could make up that rhyme you spas.

    2. Patricia

      Here’s a rhyme for ya!

      The red hat full of lies he's said,
      Is somehow glued upon your head.
      I can never change your mind,
      Because you're choosing to be blind.
      You don't want to see the facts,
      You just excuse the way he acts.
      He spews out lies just like a song,
      He chants them and you sing along.
      He's playing you like a puppeteer,
      And we can see the strings from here.
      I'm not trying to put you down,
      But your idol is a clown.
      You think that I am spreading hate,
      But he can't make this country great.
      What was a joke is now a threat,
      The worst just hasn't happened yet.
      There's nothing I can say to you,
      You don't even know what's true.
      I don't need to prove my case,
      It's happening right in your face.
      I wish you would open your eyes,
      And see right thru his cheap disguise.
      Eventually it will play out,
      You will soon see what he's about.
      Like every dog must have his day,
      The truth will always find its way.
      In years to come you will feel shame,
      For being a player in his game.
      He's like a pair of broken dice.
      And we aren't going to roll them twice.

      Pb 2020

  9. Christoph Resmerowski

    Here is the simple truth: we are all getting older, every minute of every day. Some of us will even grow up, acquire wisdom along the way and be of help to other who may be didn't.

    When I was young, I was aggressive - so what. That's part of growing up. Eventually I became Grandpa, my grand kids love me as I love them and my own sons now have a tough time recognizing me. I had no choice but being strict with them as they grew up. We are an emigrant family. Do I need to be reminded that I made things tough, back than? Hell, it was necessary and I did the best I could under the circumstances.

    If you are saying Trump is dangerous, how many folks has he killed? There is a whole website out there about the murderous Clinton Crime Family.
    But you are OK with them, right? Well, I guess they fit your political and social leanings.

    I wonder if you would appreciate if someone would follow you around with a life you have grown out of? Just wondering. Try to grow up.

    1. Urban dweller

      You people aren't voting for this man because he's an upstanding citizen. You'd have to be a fool to believe that. You're voting for him because of your narrow vision of money in your pockets and/or an ignorant blind allegiance, and not for truth. So you can point to Clinton, Obama...hell you can point to Lincoln and Roosevelt - it won't excuse this bafoons desecrating behavior towards the great people of this country!

    2. nrtn850

      So far 257000 approximately

  10. Christoph Resmerowski

    Smart people learning from mistakes and change their lives accordingly. Dumb people don't.
    Trump is smart, very smart.

    1. Urban dweller

      Yes! Repeat it enough times and you might start to actually believe it!

  11. charle

    Scary.. We can only hope that if he gets the Republican running side that we will have an Independent step up that is worth their salt, someone that still believes in We the People.. For the People, By the People someone that we can have faith in. Our current political scene, and far backwards reaching .. is what we have to blame for this today... the lobbyist, the hands out behind the scenes... the "favors".. in general for the fact that Government has somehow forgotten that they are Public Servants, and we have allowed them to forget it.. allowed them to lure us into complacency. I cannot imagine him as president of our country.. Stuff of nightmares.

  12. paul sunday

    D. trump must go. he is not the best man for the job, war has never been a good thing. making Americal strong need a good social work. Come on people think for a better Americal. arrogant president will never help, D. trump will be embarrassment to America Nation.

  13. Maren

    Wait, I'm a subscriber but I can't view a video? It's "private" -- I've tried a few different places to find this documentary but have run into this road block. Donny, are you behind the curtain here, or what?

  14. Pam

    We have had movie stars, whores (Clinton), liars about e-mails (Clinton foundation, etc.), why not a business owner instead of a politician. He must of done something right to get this far. He is self funded - that is quite a bit in itself. I think what people overall find upsetting is that he says what we are all thinking. If he only comes through with half of what he says we will be a "Proud America" again. We are an embarrassment to the world. We cannot take care of our own, so why (as the Democrats state) let them all in. I don't understand. Why have a border. We have a Muslim who has kept us in this war going on 15 years. Come on people - THINIK!!!!! Maybe when a chemical attack happens to you and yours you may not be so loving to let everyone in. Someone needs to make America STRONG again. I am tired of being a joke. How sad. Lets change things. The Clintons and their foundation will destroy this country. If that happens maybe it is time to move somewhere else.

    1. Urban dweller

      Running a business is not the same as running a country. Running a business is about your own self-interest. Trump is a moron. Pure and simple. He's a showman and not a protector and defender of the constitution - hell - he probably hasn't even read it. You conspiracy theorists are supporting a party that is paying (with your tax dollars) trillions of dollars to protect us from ...brown people???? There has yet to be one attack they've averted for those trillions...with an "S" that COULD have been used to make America great. Then a tax break for the top 1%??? Are you insane??? Can't you admit how ridiculous that is... unless of course... you think of a country like a business (a bad business) in one dimension - only in terms of money!

  15. Mahmoud BouRaad

    No doubt, Donald Trump is the world's most famous businessman who is running for post of the president of the United States, the most powerful seat in the world. But D. Trump things hasn't changed. He was charming and arrogant and he is more charming and much more arrogant but he is still a loud mouth bully. What a jerk? But the american voters need a jerk like that at this time. What a joke???

  16. Norton

    Now, more than ever this film should be seen. Press and the Public Project should get a Pulitzer and Bernie AND Hillary should use it as a campaign tool.
    DT hasn't changed. If anything he was a little more charming a skunk, 25 years ago. Now he's just a crazed bully. There's some shattered ego in there. President? That would be tragic, but then so would Cruz, Rubio, Christie or any of the Repubs.
    Thanks for bringing this film back to the public eye. I've passed the link around to everyone I know.

  17. mamtora

    Another version of Father Coughlin of 1920's

  18. John Karas

    Theoretically speaking, D. Trump is certainly better choice than George B. W. Bush, Richard Nixon and Frank Underwoood....

  19. Laurie

    When I heard Trump speak years ago with his new girlfriend after he came back from losing his millions and in "abject" poverty like the beggar on the street (right, Donald, tsk tsk must be rough in your huge home), the words he used were grammatically correct, but his thinking was severely flawed. His ties with underground figures tells me that is exactly how he got where he is today. I don't like nor trust this joke of a man. Fortunately, there are 15 other candidates for president to choose from. But regardless of who we the people vote for, our representatives hold that final call. I gave up voting years ago when after appealing to 20 senate and representative members, I realized NONE OF THEM represented me on anything....and still to this day, Senator Cornyn's only reply to me about the internet privacy issue was a stock letter about how they need to nosey in on the citizens whether we like it or not. After I replied to him, I got back the same exact letter. Useless tripe under the disguise of business fluff. Most of them don't care, and won't listen. Few do, and that only on voting years. Once they are in office, put on your boots, bend over and touch your toes, grab something because if the sh** isn't deep enough, or you're not getting it in the ass, you're going for a ride straight to hell.

  20. eddy

    good, bad, and/or ugly...he IS our BEST CHOICE!!!!! hopefully bernie wins the nomination, because Hillary WILL win if nominated..with or without the votes

  21. John Karas

    I am not an american, but someone who has a university degree from U.S., living overseas and who is very concerned about the american people and the world leader of tomorrow. I will comment on something I heard from a special american lady. What in common has Donald Trump being the top one percent of the top one percent of the rich american society with the rest of the americans ? Nothing of course . His and his wife's everyday problems have nothing in common with you who is watching this documentary. Do you really believe that these rich folks are watching documentaries like the rest of us ?? No, they are busy organising their next glamorous get together event with the tax deduction charity, of course.
    What is more odd, is that you will be moving from the moderate and modern socialist Obama, to an extreme neo liberal capitalist. This is trully scary !

  22. M.Mouse

    If by some ill wind this ass become our president, I willl cancel my membership in the U.S.A,

    I WILL BE TOO EMBARRASSED TO REMAIN A CITIZEN. What a laughing stock this country will become with this liar, maniac, phoney carnival hustler, defaulter becomes our leader".

    Who will ever take this once great country serious ever again?

    Soulless, psychopath, wig-wearing rubber-faced idiot.

    Even God won't help us, the door will slam shut and the USA will go down in history as a country that no longer has the respect of the rest of the world, on any level but the lowest..

    He is a joke. He is an embarrassment. He is living proof, money cannot buy class.

    Any one can flip properties, sell their "name', walk away taking the profits up front and leaving the paper-holders to figure out what-the-hell-hit-them.
    His whole clan looks and acts retarded.
    He is a loud-mouth bully, threatening, insulting, charging Bull of a creep.

    Everything he ever touch has turned to shit, cause shit is what he does best.

    Real Men do not take this" Joke" seriously. How much laughter will the leaders of the World have to choke down when dealing with this blow-hard..

    He is a cartoon. except it's not really funny. Imagine that silly man with his finger on the "button of world destruction."?
    Scary isn't it.

    When Wife #1 remarried, one of his son's made the following toast, directed at her new husband."If you hurt out Mother, we will bury you in one of our building's concrete towers." and he was serious.

    "Concret mixer, pottsie wattsie", doing the neutron-dance...
    And the Beat goes on..

  23. gary sheppard

    american icon....for sure.

  24. Ann

    textbook psychopath

  25. j m espinos

    trump mirrors the american psyhce dreams thus feeds his growth and prosperity... the american voters will get what they "want' and the societythey wish for.

  26. Blaice

    This documentary is as superficial and worthless as Trump himself. That is an ineffable amount in case one wants to attempt to measure it.

  27. Grace

    No matter how badly media will painted him – HE WILL BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT – he is our best choice!!!!

  28. Mary Ann Fraher

    Some things never change. As arrogant now, as he was then, his sights are now set on his Newest Toy, The Presidency of The United States, with us as his stepping stone!

  29. Ann

    And what if we all had documentaries that show our lives 25 years ago? We are all growing and evolving. These skeletons are ridiculous.

  30. Jim Davis

    God bless Donald Trump He is a sheep in wolves clothing!