Trump's Trade War (PBS)

Trump's Trade War (PBS)

2019, Economics  -   13 Comments
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The long-standing tensions between the United States and China are reaching a boiling point amidst the current battles over trade. Trump's Trade War investigates the factors that continue to plague the promise of productive negotiations between the two nations, and how excessive tariffs are likely to affect citizens both in American and abroad.

One of President Trump's signature campaign promises involved a more balanced trade relationship with China. To be certain, he stated, an imbalance has long existed in the trade markets between the U.S. and China, but previous political administrations had approached the issue with extreme caution or outright inaction.

Believing he can provoke a level playing field with overtly aggressive tactics, Trump has enforced a series of highly restrictive tariffs on many of the global power's key imported goods. China, under the direction of President Xi Jinping, has retaliated with tariffs of their own.

While Trump's supporters were initially optimistic on the President's tough stance, many are just beginning to feel the burdens of these tariffs on their own livelihoods. Industries like steel, manufacturing, agriculture and technology are feeling the squeeze of increased costs and dwindling supplies. These dilemmas, in turn, are starting to migrate to the everyday consumer.

Will these punishing tariffs ultimately inspire more fair-minded trade policies between the two superpowers, or will they lead to the destruction of entire industries and the crippling of the American economy? It's a high-wire act played out on a global stage, and deep divisions remain as to which side is more likely to triumph in the end.

The filmmakers attempt to piece together the potential endgame as they travel to various factories, and consult figures on the inside of this debate, including former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and former economic advisor Gary Cohn. Viewers receive a well-informed and rounded portrait of the merits and pitfalls of constrictive tariffs, and how they could conspire to impact the lives of citizens in both countries.

A collaboration between the PBS series Frontline and National Public Radio, Trump's Trade War looks beyond the empty rhetoric to find the real human costs of this standoff.

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13 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Bot number 9

    I see several in the 50 cent army earned a days pay!

  2. Jon Jonzz

    The only "trade war" was China against America. Why would any country enter into a trade s agreement where it loses Billions every year?? That's not fair trade! The President merely wants equitable trade.

    1. Joe Wong

      China surrenders hundreds billions of dollars of goods in exchange of 12 digits of US virtual currency in the computer, it is no trade war, it is rip-off. How about exchange positions, the Americans ship hundreds of billions of goods to China in exchange 12 digits of RMB virtual currency in the computer. Ungrateful Americans.

  3. Donna

    I watch trains. There is an entire youtube channel devoted to spots to watch trains, and it is growing like wildfire. The reason I mention this is I see all the freight trains with all the containers from all over the world on these trains. Don't believe everything you read or see. Disinformation is everywhere.

  4. Jair52

    PBS is totally antiTrump and it shows up in this video. No mention of the Forced Technology transfer that the Chinese demand from American companies to access its market, and the most notorious analysis missing here is that economic laws do not respect boundaries, so if American cos. suffer from this trade war, so the Chinese, but this point is missing in the analysis because PBS hates Trump.

    1. UrbanDweller

      Soooo, if China "demands" who says we have to accept? Too many corporations in U.S. have short term goals (their personal profits), with little consideration for American workers and apparently little to no imagination! Don't blame China for striking the best deal for their citizens.
      How refreshing it would be if American politicians, political parties and businesses would do that for America - they are the ones who have "sold out America" not China!

  5. Trav

    And they say China has a plan, they are winning because they are looking years ahead and planning. Maybe because Directly before the present administration, 8 out of China’s top 9 government officials are scientists and engineers. They are winning because their leadership is educated and smart.

    In the US, people do not expect you to have a degree in engineering, economics or any science, you just need to be a good talker and have lots of money or friends to donate some, and go on the campaign trail and win peoples imaginations.

    You honestly could be a billionaire borderline brain dead fool and have a chance at winning the presidency, as long as you are paying a whole bunch of smart people to make you look good.

    1. UrbanDweller

      Totally agree! Great insight! Thank you!

  6. ed ward

    trump is a tool of the international corporations..duh

  7. Leslie

    Trump is going to bankrupt the US just like he bankrupted his businesses. He is so stupid. Really.

    1. UrbanDweller

      Leslie. You are so right! Unfortunately.

    2. Joe Blo

      He is bankrupting the US by trying to have all the counties pay the US more?

    3. Jack Mehoff

      But is still one of the richest men in America?