The Truth About Temp Labor

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We live in a time when at the click of a mouse goods from around the globe can arrive conveniently at our doorstep. Mega-retailers like Walmart and Amazon have created a seamless and efficient system to get our goods to us quickly.

Last year, during the busiest day of the Christmas rush, customers around the world ordered more than 300 items from Amazon per second.

What's not seen are the people who actually make this possible. Kept out of the public eye our temp workers, employed without benefits and securities, they play an integral role in keeping costs down and profits high. Many of these workers stay silent for fear of retribution often having their livelihoods put in jeopardy if they speak out.

Over 70% of our consumer goods come into the US from overseas unloaded at mega-ports like the Los Angeles, Long Beach maritime terminal. Cargo ships carrying up to 12,000 containers stock here every day and the goods they carry are unloaded and brought to warehouses to be unpacked and sorted.

For the West Coast an area an hour east of Los Angeles known as the Inland Empire, which was once filled with horse ranches and citrus groves, is now Warehouse Central.

Schneider Logistics, which exclusively serves Walmart, have over two million square feet of warehouse space in the Inland Empire and it actually spans three different cities. The Inland Empire has the largest concentration of warehouses in the world and they serve other retailers too like GE, Nestle, Home Depot, and Kmart to name a few.

As retailers increase their online sales, it's at places like these that the essential tasks of sorting, labeling and loading the stuff we buy happens. Online sales are growing at a dizzying pace as consumers increasingly look to the web to make purchases.

In the big retails behind-the-scenes workers are actually being temps and the conditions in these warehouses can be deplorable because the American consumers expect goods to be shipped very quickly. So what is it like working in a warehouse? What are the challenges temp workers face?

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  1. Wow Matt. I'm a degree holder and I have some pretty worthwhile skills, yet I'm a temp at a laboratory because it's my best option right now. I make 60% of what a full time employee would make, and I don't have any benefits or job security. Temp agencies are exploding across the nation because companies would rather be less responsible for their workers and keep higher profits. Tons of people working as temps have degrees and a good skill set, you clearly don't know much about how temp agencies work.

  2. I worked for temp agencies myself and can understand the
    difficulties these people are going through.

    No company owes anyone a job, but society does because how people
    are going to sustain themselves if they have no means to. Who made you the owner
    of that land, that tree, those resources? I believe any one that works whatever
    job it is must be able to meet their needs and have left over for recreation.
    The current system is just modern slavery with no regards to skin color
    anymore. The sad part it’s only getting worse. Just graduated with a degree in
    B.A with honors and the job market is tough now even skilled labor have temp
    agencies. This system has to go!!!!

    1. I was surprised to learn that there are temp agencies for people with master degree in engineering and PhD. I did some Google search a while back and discovered that the top few growing job sectors in the US includes social services (I know a social worker earning $40/hour, only certain types though), psychologists (stress, marriage and prison), prison guards, home-care workers (because we have a lot of old rich retirees), debt collectors. You can probably see where this list is heading, I was thinking of becoming a prison guard myself a while back; Hey it is better than being in stripes.

  3. I had no idea thank you for the information.

  4. I can't help thinking, "Nobody owes anyone a job. Period." Harsh? Maybe. But if you don't like it then don't work there. They don't owe you anything by mere virtue of your existence! If they can't get anyone to do the job for $8 an hour they will pay more, and likely charge more for their product. I do think basic labor laws are essential. I don't advocate unsafe work environments & I do support a minimum wage but beyond that... I do feel for the workers interviewed. Perhaps life would be better for them in their own country... Maybe it would help to learn English and develop in demand skills. I just don't think Amazon (or anyone else) owes me a job & I damn sure can't complain about a job I continue to accept (beyond the "bitchin' we all do!). We live in a capitalist society. Supply & demand.

  5. It is hard to feel sorry for people who come here illegally and use our services and get things like WIC and other benefits. They need to go back to their country and come back here in a legal way, like those before them. Then they can get jobs. The only way these harsh people who move these workers can be in business is if they have people who are hiding from the law.

  6. Without temp jobs, these people would have no job. If their labor was worth the additional cost of permanent full time status, they would have it. They don't provide enough value to the company.

    1. What a fresh response! It's as if it came straight from a ECON101 student!
      I'm guessing that's the extent of what you know about this subject? As for myself, I have spent 7 of the last 10 years working in what has a better sounding name, "contractor", which is the 21st century's "temp". I get paid well, but mine and people like me work with the ever-shrinking carrot dangled in front of us: permanent hire. Agencies hire us and contract us to major companies, absolving the corporations of any responsibility and dissolving us of any time-based ascension.
      I'm keeping as simple as I can, but I have worked for the same major defense corporation on 5 different contracts. I start #6 in three days, and while I know I am good enough to constantly get these contracts, I cannot help but see it for what it is: a major money saver for the company I contract to. No pension, no seniority, and the only "permanent" positions are HR and management.

      So it may be true that without these companies, I may not have a job, but don't think the answer as to why these jobs don't lead to a more stable and permanent position is as simplistic as us not adding value. You want a simple answer? It's because we add too much.

    2. I hate the carrot and whoever is dangling it.

    3. You correctly point out that labor is not worth what it used to be, but this is due to structural changes in the global economy in which capital can freely flow across borders whereas labor cannot. Companies interested in maximizing short term profit are bound to suppress wages and benefits to meet their goals. You're looking at the value of labor from the perspective of the CEO, not society.

  7. I can't believe how many American citizens dont speak English.

    1. It is because they are NOT American citizens. Duh!

  8. You know, the more I think about our Western economy, the more I feel we're just going to go round and round like rats in a cage, till we're all dead or crazy.
    Abandon fiscal economics and focus on environmental economics. We must learn to live within our natural environments.
    It sounds selfish, but we should focus on ourselves, and our own communities, and look for viable solutions to sustain ourselves.
    Create a communities where one's well-being and peace of mind matters.
    Screw materialism and slaving away for pieces of paper.
    The Degrowth Movement is starting to sound very appealing to me.
    Sorry for the rant. I'm done now!

  9. Did not know Inland Empire is a place as for Temps been there the Man has got us by the balls i guess some Freemason is controlling it all "so nothing to worry about then"

    1. You don't need Freemasonry. All you need is to permit the laws of capitalism to operate without any resistance from any sector of society. These laws dictate that the "natural" wage is that which is necessary for subsistence only. Anything beyond that will be squeezed out by competion.

      Marx said that 150 years ago, and until quite recently people in this country laughed at that, like we were beyond that. Now we see.

    2. I stand corrected! and not for the first time.

  10. I don't know what the legal status for temp labor is in the U.S., but i think that minimum wage and security (covering labor accidents and inability to work due to sickness) should be mandatory. Also there should be a limit to the time period an employer is allowed to hire you as a temporary (9 months, as how it is where i live). If the employer requires your further service, then a full contract should be offered.

    Though i realise that this documentary is mainly about illegal immigrants. So i understand there are problems associated with that, and back doors might be used. But then again, i think, anyone willing enough to work should be given a legal status, even if temporarily. Or is that to idealistic?

  11. I worked for a short time as a temp. Working beside a full time employee, who makes five to six dollars an hour more than I did, yet doing the exact same job. There were people there who worked forty hours a week, as a temp, and had been doing so for six years. Some of the full timers treated them like dirt, wouldn't talk to them and when they did, it was demeaning and near abusive. The temps would say nothing, officially, because they didn't want to lose their jobs. One poor girl, who was working as a temp, had an ex-boyfriend stalker show up at the job-site and beat her up in the parking lot. She lost her job and there was nothing she could do. She was a temp and could be let go at any time for any reason.

    Worse than the temp agencies is the practice of internships. Companies hire college grads, under the pretext of giving them experience, and then give them the most menial of tasks to perform. If eventually they say anything, they are terminated and another grad takes their place. Legal slavery.

    1. I worked as a Kelly Girl, Industrial Division, in two Canadian cities. I was often the only temp worker and the regular workers were usually quite helpul and treated me decently.
      The machinery I dealt with, sans any proper training or experience; could be quite terrifying.
      Some of the tasks were very demanding and you had to be quick, by golly, or get a hand chopped off.
      You should have seen my slap stick performance at an industrial bakery when I had pies spitting out at me a hundred miles an hour. It looked like a scene from I Love Lucy.
      I was trying so hard to avoid the mauwing jaws of the machine, feed it and catch the completed pies at the same time!
      I missed!

    2. The company I worked at had about a fifty-fifty full time-temp ratio. I think that was the reason some full timers were such jerks. The company I work for now has one or two temps per shift and they get treated quite well by management and their fellow full timers.

      The company I worked at also made baked goods. They are a large well known corporation and there was a line that made mini fruit pies. I know exactly what you mean by how fast they spit out the pies. I was fortunate enough not to have to work on the lines. I worked in the warehouse and my boss really liked me and told me that as long as worked there I could work in her department. However, being a big corporation, they made the decision to close up and send the operation somewhere else and five hundred workers lost their jobs, almost overnight.

    3. Divide and conquer for a few more peanuts.

  12. So whats going to happen once robots get under way???

    1. More and more of this, until we approach 40~60% unemployment and people start rioting in the streets. Where we go after that? There are several directions, mostly downwards.

    2. Radio Shack has closed down 1,200 stores, 1 billion SQFT of retails space empty do tell the public it is over and to get ready.

    3. I think when the cops and construction workers lose their jobs, that's when things will really break lose.

      Automation is coming for both of them, and they're a perverted sort of warrior class, kept busy with cozy and over-paid unionized jobs.

    4. The cops will join the army troops and Russians to kill yanks once the civil war starts.

    5. I'm reference the global level. Globally, the jobs of cops and construction workers will collapse with all the other jobs.

      What civil war are you talking about?

    6. USA is heading for a civil war this is why Obomba wants to control guns, Fema has enough rounds to kill every one 2.5 times,,feds have built a city so the forces can train in...increase use of Drones.

    7. Ah. I just saw a news piece on US forces being trained to shoot unarmed civilian "zombies". Pretty creepy.

    8. As long as they stay armed , they can fight this is why Sandy Hook was was staged to get the guns back.

    9. Gotta win minds in the heart of the military complex, bruv. Gotta be more guys like Snowden. I suspect guns won't be the main thing to win the coming revolt. Everything will grind to a halt with any civil unrest, regardless if they're there or not.

      With the Anti-Terrorist laws, it won't matter if you have guns and they break in on you sleeping and take you out with SWAT.

    10. This is an important question!. At the moment its still cheaper to hire someone to do a lot of jobs. But tech traditionally gets cheaper to produce. So eventually we will wake up one day to the news of either smarter machines, drones that deliver products, or maybe even human like robots that can do basic tasks, they never moan, don't need to be paid, don't need breaks and so on.

      The main issue this will cause, is that eventually you reach a point where it becomes relatively cheap to produce such machines/robots/drones etc. And all of a sudden the people find themselves competing over the few remaining jobs. This then creates serious issues with demand, as people still want the latest film, book, clothes etc, but don't have the means to pay for it.

      Maybe in the future it will one day become fashionable to go to "human only cities". Where everything is produced by hand in local craft shops, food is locally produced, and so on.

    11. I saw a photo of workers in the 1800's cutting down trees about 35 plus feet wide with giant hand saw and loading the trunks on to a horse and trailer set up , just think of the man power there, the time it would take and all the ancillary workers plus the job some one would have multi million machine and do it in hrs. We need to think of the job satisfaction and the feeling when you go home you have achieve some thing..not a human robot process worker.

    12. Its a very interesting point!. I remember reading about how many people died building the USA rail network. It was a crazy figure.

      I think there can still be satisfying jobs. I.E being a doctor or someone that designs apps for example. Or being in the lab, when you finally finish a code that enables a drone to fly itself. (I bet that's an amazing feeling) But now we have the technology to bring down a massive tree in a few hours, it seems silly to go back to a more long-winded method. I work in retail and my job satisfaction is very very low. (Then again its hard to fire someone in the UK for not meeting their sales targets, so I tend to largely ignore them, and just help customers instead, most now go and get the stuff cheaper online once they have finished looking at the products in the store) I always joke that we should charge customers £5 for just coming into the shop. *As we rarely seem to sell much. (Eventually this company will either move online or go bankrupt). We still sell lots of paper and toner cartridges which annoys me a lot. (We got email, who is still printing stuff these days........!)

      But lets say droids could work in KFC or McDonalds flipping burgers etc, (with maybe one human maintenance guy/manager), would that not be a good thing? The staff there never look to happy, and lets be honest, their jobs are very robotic. (Most are given specific roles, such as frying chicken or frying chips, others take orders, another packs the bag at the drive thru and so on) So it would be an easy place to start.....

    13. I think I've seen footage of mechanised fast food joints in Japan, but if I remember correctly, human workers were still cooking the foods.
      Where I live, the majority of jobs now are in the fast food sector. Most of our industries moved away.
      Heaven help us, what a mess we've made.
      Edit: Retail is one of the few job types available, as well. I live in a small Northern city in Ontario.

  13. A bit vague on the complaints by these contract workers. If this report was a bit more clear and it was shown to people in Mexico, they might not want to cross the border. They might as well stay in their home country and open their own employment agency. They might have the same situation but at least they would not have to deal with being illegal and politically vulnerable.

  14. You would think that temp workers would make a lot more per hour than salary workers.

  15. Watch on Youtube:
    Wage Crisis - The USA`s new underclass. Even those with full time jobs are living in poverty.

    So USA citizens when you are heading to other countries like: Canada, Australia, Germany and start working like those Mexican migrants?

    It is just a matter of time. The democratic - capitalistic system is falling apart, like once ancient Rome did.

    God bless America.

  16. Interesting doc, not entirely sure what the solutions are. A national minimum wage at $10 might be a good start. The real failure is that there seems to be some interesting solutions online and on the blogosphere, but why are we not organizing ourselves better in the real world? Being able to comment on interesting docs is all well and good, but we need to bring about "real change". Not "Obama change". (Whatever that was suppose to be........)

    1. Sounds like Americans need their own independent lobby groups with their own experts, including writers and public speakers.
      In Canada, we have a group called the CCPA. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
      They are an independent research institute and operate as a non profit with 12,000 members. They give lectures in several provinces and have a monthly publication. They are fighting to close the gap between the rich and poor. (and better education and health care, equality).

    2. Thats good. A new alternative political party is surely the next step.?

    3. Oh, we've plenty of those! There's 32 political parties in Canada. Take your pick!
      But only 5 of them have seats in The House Of Commons, where our government is supposed to conduct its business and the MP's can vote their approval to pass new bills, etc.
      My favorite party, which fights for the environment and equality issues, has only 2 seats! They've been around since 1983. (my family laughs at me every time I vote for them).
      The bad guys have 161 seats and 57 Senators.

    4. This is the tricky bit, the problem with the internet community/doc blog community is we disagree on lots of things. Sadly a large chunk of the people who vote, usually 45 plus, are not watching the documentaries that we are watching and still believe in mainstream propaganda and politics. Sadly not much will realistically be achieved until the older generation eventually dies out. The west also has an ageing population, so politics is basically based around old people for the next few decades. Two days ago the UK GOVERNMENT basically gave new powers to pensioners, they can now take out a lump sum much earlier. Yet we got people with £9k a year degrees working in kfc, complete mess really.

  17. buy local

    1. This works for like one or maybe two products. The problem is the stuff we desire comes from all over the world. I want a new car, what the village build itself a new car factory? Buying local works if there is a nearby farm selling eggs or chickens, but it does not offer a real solution.

    2. How about buying stuff as local "as possible"?
      I can buy a car made in my own province of Ontario, for instance. (but I gave up my car).
      In the summer I can obviously buy food from the local roadside stand. And I grow some in my yard.
      In the winter months, if I can't find Ontario produced food, I'll buy from the next closest source.
      Clothes and electronics, good luck with that!
      I know what you mean, but every little thing we can do surely helps?.

    3. True "buy local where possible" has a nice ring to it, but other countries are now richer thanks to us not buying local or national products..... this is the other problem. Big companies take most of that wealth, but a lot of countries have slowly become richer thanks to international trade. Its a bit of a paradox.

    4. It certainly is a paradox! I'd love to put food into the mouth of a poor person in the Developing World; and I don't want a Canadian to lose their much needed employment.
      No wonder I drink!

    5. True, but what about the employment of those abroad? Whos more worthy? The Canadian or the worker that costs a bit less in "country x".

    6. That's why its such a relief that I don't run the world. Who am I to make that kind of decision?
      I am nobody in the whole scheme of things! And no one should have that much power.

    7. next time I'll be more specific then...

  18. Hmm, well I don't see an end to this situation.
    I wasn't quite sure whether each interviewee was working in the US legally or not.
    As long as corporations are allowed to hire illegal temps, while the government looks the other way; and pay small fines that they can easily afford (if they're caught), then this practice shall continue.
    In my opinion, the use of illegal, underpaid migrants could possibly affect the hiring of tax-paying citizens, and hinder their demands for a fair wage.
    If a company like Walmart or Amazon couldn't continue to get away with this method of operation, then perhaps they would just leave the US and set up their warehouses in another country.

    1. If the corporation wants to compete it must lower their costs. Second of all if you take jobs to illegal migrants there will be only more poverty.
      Third of all even those migrants will be replaced by robots, automatized process.

  19. Instead making better economy in Mexico, USA. is deliberately making revolts there and everywhere else in the world. How?

    1. They first force governments to take the loan
    2. If the loan is not taken they make revolution and change the government (Iran, Syria, Libya and Chile by putting Pinochet on the throne)
    3. When government is changed, the credit is given to the country and USA can than exploit resources and human cheap force.

    The funny thing is when those migrants want to leave the country they start hunting them on the borders with Mexico and US. Sending drones, using IR sensor to protect US. country from illegal workers.

    1. I don't think there is any evidence to support this "loan theory".

    2. Yes, NSA will go to your house and they will say: "here you have evidences for everything what we have done". 11/9 is a good example.

    3. Not everyone on the internet believes 911 was an inside job either.....

      Its crazy to think the USA wants unstable countries like syria and lybia....

      Next you will be suggesting the arab spring was organised by the west, that the current situation in Ukraine was organised by the west and so on. People have their own reasons for revolutions, not everything is a massive conspiracy.

    4. You know how they are saying "divede et impera". They are making unstable world all of the time. Why did they invade Afghanistan, Libya?

      People need motives for revolutions. And Arab Spring turned out to be Arab Sh.t. Nothing happens to be coincidence.

      However Blackwater agents, NSA, CIA, could not destabilize Ukraine and Russia. Russia does not give a s..t about US sanctions.

      If you make revolutions, and provide revolution or better terrorists leaders with arms, money, you can than control the whole government once the terrorists seize the throne. However I think you do not understand analogy.

    5. You know how they are saying "divede et impera". They are making unstable world all of the time. Why did they invade Afghanistan, Libya?

      People need motives for revolutions. And Arab Spring turned out to be Arab Sh.t. Nothing happens to be coincidence.

      However Blackwater agents, NSA, CIA, could not destabilize Ukraine and Russia. Russia does not give a s..t about US sanctions.
      Albeit Backwater man were seen in Ukraine. And some of the oil platforms were already given to US. Chevron.

      If you make revolutions, and provide revolution or better terrorists leaders with arms, money, you can than control the whole government once the terrorists seize the throne. However I think you do not understand analogy.

    6. Again there is a lack of evidence about the CIA in Ukraine and so on.

      Afghanistan as far as I can tell was a total waste of time, money and people!. I think it was more about the USA not looking weak, and hunting down baddies etc. (Even though Osama was actually hiding in a different country). Im guessing you buy into the gas pipeline plot?

      Libya was rushed through. (Its now a failed state, where various mad-max like tribes patrol various areas in their custom jeeps) There was an interesting story the other day on Al-Jazzera about how a ship full of oil sneaked out, and then it got boarded by US SEALS. (it received little media attention). *Google it. As as of several hours ago, the ship has been returned to Libya. So no massive conspiracy there...

      When revolutions do break out, they often have little to do with the CIA. People often want change. The Arab spring was largely free from western meddling, sadly the old institutions and bureaucracy from previous regimes are still there, and so actual change has been painfully slow in most Arab countries.

      I think Syria is a unique situation, as the Russians have some strategic interests in the area, and also I think the west was worried about creating another failed state (Libya,Iraq etc).

      So whats your theory then? That the USA enjoys destabilizing countries? So it can then rebuild them using big american companies? And then provide big american security companies to provide security, re-arm and build a "new pro USA army" and so on and so on. Is this the theory?

    7. Lack of evidence? Are you kidding me? The 9/11 is the perfect example of how US government killed their own people to get a reason for war in Afghanistan, to hunt down Bin Laden, to fight for freedom, democracy and so on. In reality 9/11 caused control under their own people and allied countries people. Perfect hoax.

      Libya? Well that is the possibly the same reason than in Iraq. Moamer Gadgafi wanted to link oil on other currency rather to be on petrodollar.

      Every country where US intervene/ed is the failed country.

      The most stupid thing was Bush propaganda and his Weapon of Mass Destruction in the hands of Iraqi dictator.

      Meanwhile USA is staying close ally of Israel whereas Israel is making same as Hitler in WW2.

      You got the point. USA is consisted of IMF, FEDERAL RESERVES and corporations. Off course everything is linked to the money. I would recommend you to read some books instead looking and searching on the web for evidences. The first one is called:
      "Black Water: The Rise of The World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army".

      You can ask for more books, you would be surprised what USA government and their bankers are capable of.

      Hey and don't forget that weapon industry and military industry are general sectors of US economy. Probably also the largest industries in USA.
      When invade in other country your military and weapon industry rise. Country lower their unemployment and so on. USA has nothing else left, except war industry. Even US citizens will soon not be able to buy guns because of the poverty.

      Long live USA.

    8. Hmmmmmm, some potentially interesting points. But a country ditching the dollar. Is not a major disaster, as the US has a large domestic economy. (The Chinese have been slowly building themselves a large domestic economy as well, essentially copying brands like Nike and building themselves a large middle-class obsessed with buying rubbish they don't really need)

      After doing some research I dont think it would be a total disaster if oil producing countries ditched the dollar. (It would apparently help USA exports grow) Also the USA seems to producing more oil/gas than ever before. (Maybe the government is aware that oil producing countries are thinking of switching currencies, its complicated though as a lot of oil producing countries still have a lot of dollars, and selling them in bulk would reduce their worth*)

      I can only hope that the West pushes on with electric car development, as it sickens me when I see middle-eastern rich men buying up huge chunks of London for profit, when most people who work at the local hospital and schools cant even afford their own place to live.

      I am aware that Sadam and Co did briefly mention ditching the dollar before they were invaded. (However I don't think the maths adds up) This was probably more political than economical. But I could be wrong, and I try to keep an open mind on such issues.

      I think the Chinese now use more OIL than the USA, so it will be interesting to see how this develops. The Chinese have also been investing a lot of money into various African countries, building bridges, roads, dams, oil rigs, pipelines and so on. (A lot of these deals are a bit complex, and most of the time the countries elites/rulers have received essentially bribes, and some of the local people has received some basic jobs). But apparently the Chinese bring a lot of workers with them, so the actual benefits to the local population is hard to calculate. (Sadly there is not lots of media reporting on this, one or two docs here and there, thats it tho).

      ***I think its easy to knock the USA at times, but it is good at some things, for example taking a desert with no oil and turning into the most creative and profitable parts of the western world is pretty impressive. (Silicon Valley). A lot of people attack the USA as a country in decline etc. But it still has some great educational facilities and now and then people are encouraged to think outside the box. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, Myspace, Twitter. and so on.

      A few years ago there was a mini-boom in online FREE Harvard videos. Which kind of started the e-university boom, which has kind of been hijacked by companies seeking to make a profit. But for a few years there were great free videos on YouTube delivered by Harvard professors and so on. (I think the professors quickly realized they were potentially putting themselves out of a PAID job, and the uploads quickly stopped). But still.

    9. The problem remains, dollar is backed up by oil not gold. So everything will collapse if currency on which oil is traded will be changed.
      Regarding the silicon valley and other US universities, do you even aware how hard is it to get there for a mediocre man? Almost impossible. You need heaps of money for university and going through heaps of exams to get a job in google, amazon...In USA you are a poor man or a reach person. Middle class has been wiped out.

    10. The US economy is still the worlds largest around $16 trillion. Its also a world innovator of various technologies, and still makes a lot of things as well. Its also highly diversified, (something a lot of oil producing countries struggle with). (So the dollar wouldn't collapse its also used by a population of at least 300 million.)

      The middle-class has been wiped out to a certain degree. But still the USA is capable of doing amazing things when it wants to. I.E putting a man on the moon in 1969! There is a great documentary which can be tracked down on Google. "inequality for all" it offers some solutions to the problems with the USA (Bill Clinton's mate narrates it) **Summary is a higher tax rate for the rich etc.

      So although the dollar would probably devalue a little there wouldn't be a massive economic collapse, as the USA 1. Has a large domestic market. and 2. The USA still exports a lot of things that other countries want.

    11. Did you overlooked the debt of the USA? Let's have a look on Wikipedia:
      External debt: 17,344,649,888,998
      Date:2 February 2014
      US Dollars per capita: 52,170

      And now look the major factor of USA economy:
      The debt is 106% of US GDP.

      Off course dollar would not collapse, however it would not be international currency any longer.

      Regarding the middle class, there is almost no middle class in the USA. Why? Because all of the industry was transfered to the east. And why are you mixing things with innovations? The majority innovations came from Europe and China. You should rather read some books, starting with:
      "Germs Arms and Steel and Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed" and stop watching youtube. USA has never sent anyone on moon. It was silly hoax, recorded in one of the deserts in USA (if I recall it was Nevada).

      USA has no large domestic market, the majority live in poverty.What exactly USA is exporting? OIL? Tobacco? All manufacture is now in China. And China has the market for domestic consumption. Why? Because they are able to work and spend their money, meanwhile US citizens live day by they, with only $8 per hour. No social or health insurance...

      But USA has tent cities, and it is growing. Instead of skyscrapers there will be tents. Not to mention the quality of food, the ruling power of Monsanto and NSA who is protecting civilians against the terrorism. But I admit US government is smart, in the name of money they are are able to destroy World Trade Center AND going to crusade in Afghanistan.

      p.s. you are suggesting higher taxes on rich? Really? Don't be silly the corporations will just leave USA if there will be higher taxes. They are paying less tax than anyone else or even small company.That is happening also in Europe. Have you ever heard of Double Irish Sandwich?
      And governments are doing by collecting taxing? They are giving this money to banks, to rich. They are legally stealing money given from the people.

    12. Well I dont want to get bogged down in an argument about the moon landings.
      If it was a conspiracy I am pretty certain the Russians and Chinese would of said something by now. Not to mention the lasers that are on the moon, and send back signals. There is also satellite images that clearly show the Apollo landing sites. "See Third party evidence of Moon-Landings".

      Lets say 9/11 was a conspiracy. What on earth has the USA got out of Afghanistan? I have seen little suggestion by the Taliban of pipeline building or mining. The Afghan Army largely uses AK47's, and there are currently no plans to build them a massive air-force, as they dont have the funds to pay for it. (Its one of the poorest countries on the planet)

      The Iraq situation is more complex. Iraq doesnt have the funds to increase oil production itself, so it makes logical sense to open up to foreign investment. Its pretty common for most countries to allow other countries and their experts to come in and put together the infrastructure. Venezuela is a good example. Once the oil was pumping they then nationalized it, and paid foreign companies nothing in return. I have read reports that soldiers found pipelines held together by sticky tape and chewing gum. (How much of this is true I dont know). Iraq also suffered a massive brain drain, apparently a lot of oil workers fled to countries like Jordan in the days before the invasion. Some are slowly coming back.

      China also owns some of the largest oil fields in Iraq. (As it doesn't want so much profit and doesn't answer to shareholders) Did China invade and threaten Iraq? No.

      The sanctions imposed upon Iraq, means huge chunks of the oil sector were in a bad state.

      Sadly I cant find the exact figures as to how much goes to Iraq and how much goes to the oil companies.

  20. Great doc, thanks VICE for putting together yet another excellent doc.

    This current situation doesn't look it's going to be changing for the better any time soon. Really sad.

  21. It was once LEGAL to kill Indians in the united states,but dose LEGAL make it right.Legal hardly exceeds the love of a dime.

  22. It's not up to the employer to provide job security and benefits. If you're considered disposable well maybe you should rethink your life, because that says a lot about your skill set and how valuable you are as a worker. You have to become valuable to a company, plain and simple--or start your own and become valuable to the market. I don't like this coddling of shitty workers.

    1. for real???no LOL ?

    2. For real. It's not up to the big corporations to resolve this issue, their goal is to make tons of money for themselves.
      If you were an employer would you want your employees to have all kinds of benefits and what not, that costs you, or simply hire them temporarily?

    3. Are you sure? The older you are going to be the less functional your organism will be. This means your cognitive abilities will drop. And what is next? You will be laid off.

      So you are supporting modern slavery? The better solution will be to give those slaves just one glass of watter a day and one small portion of breed. It is cheaper. Or simply eliminate people by construction new modern concentration camps. They could work for free until their death.

      God help us all, if it exist.

    4. No, I am simply stressing that people should be responsible for themselves and don't rely on employers to provide them with a good life. It's not in their interests to provide such things, just the same as you don't have any concern for whether that business does well or not.
      If you want to change things, start your own business. That's why America is free, because you have the right to disagree and provide the market place with an alternative. It's not free in the sense that you can be a crappy worker and get away with it.
      If you fall into the category of temporary worker, start rethinking your life and figure out why you aren't valuable to an employer.

    5. America is free? Are you sure? The first thing they will do if the revolution starts will be blocking of Internet sites (Facebook). America is slavery country. Would not want to live there.
      Second of all how can you compete to corporations, whereas they can get the cheapest resources, labor force in the world or even move the industry to China? Please do enlighten us. In USA you have higher taxes than in India or China, I am sure you do not know everything how to make business but you can ask.

      If you fall into category of temporary worker that only means you were born in the poor family and you are saying Native Americans had choices not to be enslaved?

      You cannot escape from poverty.

      In the past you could go and start searching for the gold in gold rush times. Now this is all gone.

      The whole middle class has been wiped out.

    6. Why would they want to block out a site that helps the CIA/gov self-identify everyone? What revolution? Good for them, I don't want to work in a factory, do you?
      No, plenty of upper middle class raised people have worked at temp agencies, it's not just the lower class.

      The gold mines are still there! You just have to look for it. People on the internet are making a killing these days. You have to roll with the times. Be innovative, quit being a little bitch. that's all I have to say, I'm growing bored of your weakness.

    7. And I'm growing bored of your Bullsh*t.

    8. Because every protest in US is suppressed as soon as it begins. NSA, CIA will do everything to prevent demonstrations.
      Regarding the midle class, you can see statistic data, and you will get much information but I think you can't read statistic data, so it is the best not to bother with them.

      And you are right the middle class is rising, America is the land of dreams, though would not want to live in the land of MONSTANTO..

    9. There is a reason the towns from the gold rush turned into gold rush. Hint it's the free market, not government deciding it's not worth it. The ROI to go into those old exhausted mines and try to find scraps that won't pay for basic food or pay back the investments done even when working very low budget is negative.

    10. Are you telling us we should do more welfare and guaranteed minimum wage for the growing automation making jobs obsolete?

      In Europe we also have a free market.

    11. There are no lols from that side of the great divide.

    12. It is sad thinking you cannot be replaced. Even the smartest IT engineers will be replaced. How? By algorithms. They will make programs whereas those programs will write a new programs. It is not in interest of Google nor Amazon to pay for engineers. Why would they pay for them if artificial intelligence could do the same thing for FREE.

      It is up to the all employers to change things to better. The whole world is going to be one big dump yard. And one thing is for sure, there is not unlimited resources to sustain the consumption of the people.

    13. You're saying it as if the employers are these untouchable entities. If you don't like it, then start your own business and set your own standards.

    14. Tell the migrants to start their own business and compete with Amazon, Google, Microsoft, K-MART and other corporations. Who are you lying to? Yourself?

      The corporations will do everything to destroy competition and you cannot compete with them.

      Second of all who will give you the credit to start your own business?

      Third off all if you want to be educated and sell your knowledge you need to pay for education. And USA is not giving free education to people neither health benefits.

    15. Why should they compete against those companies, that's not very smart. America is the land opportunity, and it rewards innovation! Start up something fresh, and quit being a little defeatist bitch! Be responsible for yourself.

    16. I don't think Ramon was thinking of himself you egotistical halfwit.

    17. Because market is based on competition. Your ideas are stupid and your brains are indoctrinated with US propaganda about democracy.
      O and what do you want to invent? Car on electricity? Yes we already invent that but the oil lobbies and car industry prevent to put those cars on the market. By reading your posts I can sense that education in US has worsen albeit it newer was high.

    18. You're right. F**k anyone that can't survive if they happen to be born into this perfect system we live in without the ideal set of skills to appeal to our corporate leaders. Let's kill them and eat their babies.

    19. Automation will make any productive work superfluous and unnecessary.

  23. People are in these jobs because they are the best option they have. The only real solutions are finding ways to create better options than the ones they currently have. "hand wringing, naval staring and self- righteous condemnation of people LEGALLY trying to make a profit is pointless and empty.

    1. And the people trying to make a profit includes the employees, making a profit for your livelihood.

  24. We are more and more "modernized". Technology will come to every corner of our life. What's next? There will be no jobs at all. The brave new world is coming.

    We will be like chickens in the cage. And if anyone is thinking that this is not his concern....Well he is wrong. He can come to the level of those migrants in the blink of an eye.

    America promised land? My ass promised land. To go there is akin putting a gun into your had and playing Russian roulette with only one spot for the bullet empty.

    The next stage we are coming to is genetic modification of human beings. And those who will have money they will able to make their children smart. Those without money will be just stupid and working as a slaves.

    So think ahead before you decide to have a baby.

  25. Great doc. Indeed U.S a country of opporturnities. Well to be fair most temp workers would probably earn less in their own country so by saving and move back doesnt sound like a bad idea.

    Its a harsh world we live in and not every country is like the promised land of santa where you dont have to work but still money will keep coming in your account, LOL

    1. of course they earn less in Mexico because it's being ravaged by a war to keep the US overflowing with cocaine...but whatever...LOL

    2. And war on drugs. If they legalize drugs all those institutions fighting against "war on drugs" will be jobless. It is just funny how less and less influence us have to the rest of the world. BRIC countries are stronger and stronger and US is going down and will collapse sooner or latter along with stupid democracy and capitalistic system.

  26. I've worked for some pretty shady characters before.
    The sort of slimy penny pinching lowlifes, that profiteer from cutting corners at someone else expense.

    That was a great film & depicted the industry well.
    But more importantly, depicted the critical humanity of its workers.

    +1 for mandatory 10$ minimum wage.
    and as always...
    +1 VICE!

  27. Good doc. Thanks for sharing.