Ukraine Burning

Ukraine Burning

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Since November 2013, anti-government protests in Ukraine have engulfed central Kiev. These protests dubbed "Euromaidan" escalated in January 2014 when police and protesters clashed over a new and highly controversial protest law. This law could send you in prison for wearing a mask at a protest or even setting up a tent without police permission.

The fighting lasted for four days and left hundreds injured and at least two dead from gunshot wounds. The clashes centered around Hrushevskoho street on the eastern edge of the Maidan when new barricades have been set up and shaky cease-fire was in place.

In the early days of the protest the opposition parties were influential on the streets. But after weeks of stagnation protesters were getting tired of the continuing political stalemate. After trying to negotiate an extension of the cease-fire and constantly being shouted down Klitschko finally gave up trying to talk with the protesters and retreated from the barricades. After hours of intense clashes eventually things calmed down and uneasy standoff continued.

It felt like the protests had entered a more peaceful phase. However on the 18th of February violent clashes kicked off again outside Parliament which left 26 dead and hundreds injured, and the prospect of Independence Square being cleared for good became a worrying reality.

What began as a protest against the Ukrainian government's close relationship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin has nearly become a civil war. Yanukovych was in no mood to give up his power but Parliament voted to remove him and hold new elections. Yanukovych fled Kiev after protesters took control and Ukraine's provisional government issued a warrant for his arrest. Russian troops took over Crimea without firing a shot and since then the situation in Ukraine became an open and difficult international problem.

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1 year ago

I watch the full history of Ukraine from hundreds of years back upto today. Watched it on Unity News Network on Dlive Saturday 27th August. It was mind blowing.

Joe Wong
2 years ago

US Assistant Secretary of State said US spent 5 billion to engineer "Euromaidan" riots and put Ukraine on fire. 8 years later Ukraine is burning.

5 years ago

Check out Oliver Stone's Ukraine on fire.

8 years ago

Who is pro-russian & who are Jewsa Protagonists??

8 years ago

Oh i see ''Vice'' has made a video on Ukraine. Without even watching it am pretty sure that Putin is to blame here too.

9 years ago

More background information about Ukrainian history and this particular conflict is needed

9 years ago

What on earth is so important that it couldn't wait until election time? This stinks and it reminds me of a quote....; "Whenever you have something foul going on, more often than not; when you peel back the layers you find the same maggots underneath it all."

9 years ago

Reminds me of when I came back from Nam and watching the rest of the war on TV - Freaky!

That's not them fighting that's us fighting - and its not history its now -

Looks like one of those games my grandchildren play on this machine - Again Freaky.

9 years ago

Typical VICE Doc. Visually interesting but lacks detail. I am not to sure what is actually going on Ukraine. I think Crimea will leave the Ukraine in the next few weeks. But I cant see this spilling into anything more. I don't think Russia will send troops into Eastern Ukraine, but we will see.

Jacek Walker
9 years ago

It's all so confusing. Political games of power and other sick ambitions.
But in short it is a foretaste of the rich against the poor war .

9 years ago

Don’t bother, I watched this whole program, it has nothing to give in understanding the conflict. The show is the usual ‘Vice’ drivel, full of personal interest stories presented through a limited and biased viewpoint. This is typical of most US reportage, the exact equivalent of the embedded ‘reporter’ from main-stream media in Iraq and Afghanistan, presenting only the official western line. There is no balance, no discussion, no background, and nothing of any substance. The Neo-Nazi role in the fight is brushed away in a few sentences; there is no mention of western & CIA involvement. Neo-Nazi Ukrainian national self-defense (paramilitary group Chechen wars) is barely mentioned. Yet we do get a good introduction to a man playing a piano in his helmet. Interestingly many of these ‘independent fighters’ refuse to remove their face masks. I feel sorry for the people of the Ukraine, it is clear that the protest was orchestrated by the west and elite in Ukraine to usher in an oligarchic regime - shown by the immediate ban on Russian as an official language and legalization Neo-Nazi regalia. This is important because of the legacy of German collaboration during World War 2 (the history of Ukraine is not even mentioned in this report). I leave the last words to one of the protesters and the narrator - “This is the future of this country…a post-apocalyptic nightmare.”

9 years ago

I <3 Putin

9 years ago

For any of you trying to understand the geopolitics around Ukriane, I would suggest a youtube channel named "Caspian Report". The guy in the channel offers very realistic perspectives about all geopolitics around the world. Check out his 3 new videos on Ukraine.

~Oliver B Koslik Esq
9 years ago