Ulaanbaatar: City of Nomads

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Ulaanbaatar: City of NomadsCity of Nomads is a story that has never been told, of a city the world has forgotten, and ultimately, it is a story of hope, providing practical new solutions developed by the World Bank, to help the people of Ulaanbaatar create a better world for their children.

Ulaanbaatar is the capital and by far the largest city of Mongolia. The city was founded in 1639 as a movable (nomadic) Buddhist monastic centre. In 1778 it settled permanently at its present location, the junction of the Tuul and Selbe rivers. Before that it changed location twenty-eight times, with each location being chosen ceremonially. In the twentieth century, Ulaanbaatar grew into a major manufacturing centre.

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  1. Dovile

    im sorry to say that but i think nigeria is much better than mongolia man

  2. Paolo Vassalli
  3. Paolo Vassalli

    hahaha the world bank helps the people to create a better future for their children!!!!! thanks for the laughter !!!! hahhhahhha ui thank you so much !!!!!!!

  4. Josh Singh Atwal
  5. Josh Singh Atwal

    They want it to be a "mini-Saudi Arabia" and not like Venezuela? Venezuela is a participatory democracy. Saudi Arabia is a restrictive monarchy.

  6. Emit Brown
  7. Emit Brown

    Democracy is just a word, it doesn't automaticaly mean prosperity and equality, for example UAE or Kuwait doesn’t have democracy but you can't find a local there who lives in poverty, and they all are very safe and business oriented countries, unlike Venezuela.
    He was talking about Saudi Arabia because both countries have huge natural resource base and relatively small population, but unlike Saudis- Mongolians live like ****.

  8. Emit Brown
  9. Emit Brown

    No, it's not. The film is about the bad things in Mongolia, but unlike Nigeria there is no terrorism in Mongolia, it's not a religious country, very little population, relatively civilized neighbors, etc., etc.

  10. Emit Brown
  11. Emit Brown

    Mongolia is not a democratic country - it's IDIOCRATIC country: the country is ~3 times bigger than France, has huge amounts of natural resources, has less than 3 million people... and yet the politicians somehow can't make the country prosper)))

    Politicians are failed professionals; they failed to excel in their profession and went into politics. Unlike the developed countries where politicians want to make change for the country, where the government officials are serving the people- in this kind of countries people want to get government jobs to take bribes, push their own businesses forward, live a privileged life under government's protection ("steal officially").

  12. konstag
  13. konstag

    Exactly like the greek politicians

  14. greengochad
  15. greengochad

    What's the Aussie's motive? Everyone will benefit? Everyone? Mining companies in the U.S. can buy property for about $2 per acre and make a **** ton off of the natural resources they've stolen...I receive no benefit from that. Unless the Aussie is a socialist (which I don't believe he is) everyone won't benefit. In fact, few will. That is the essence of a capitalist system.

  16. greengochad
  17. greengochad

    The Aussie says that mining will create a middle class? Has he been to West Virginia? The Mongolian government needs to be educated by the West? If that happens, the West will do nothing but teach the Mongolian elites how they can use this opportunity in chaos to separate themselves from the desperate poor quicker than the West's elites did; at the West's benefit too for that matter.

  18. greengochad
  19. greengochad

    Who's the Aussie? Coal mining will benefit everyone in Mongolia? So he's proposing a socialist system? Ignoring the possibility of making in Mongolia rich, does the Aussie know that coal is the dirtiest burning fossil fuel? After hearing his middle class prophecy, I'm led to believe the Aussie is proposing nothing more than a bait and switch.

  20. greengochad
  21. greengochad

    This documentary totally ignores the "why's" for the people moving from rural to urban areas. In Mexico, many of the rural citizens were forced to move to the cities because of economic policies influenced by the U.S. (such as NAFTA). This documentary is focused on a capitalist model and instead of the documentary having at least a minimal focus on the mistakes made by the capitalist model, the model is being copied without question in yet another corrupt 3rd world country where its own country's elites will use their genetic disorder to screw the rest.

  22. phillip wong
  23. phillip wong

    Mongolian are superior race than the European, middle eastern, SE Asian and African. It is only inferior to the Han Chinese.

  24. ??
  25. ??

    Thanks Phillip, for your intelligent and meaningful contribution to this discussion!

  26. Eric Smith
  27. Eric Smith

    Yeh, its a real hoot. All I hear is big bucks being made building urban infrastructure which will fail. Goddamn they are monsters. They care nothing for people or the planet. Why did people move into the city? Why are men drinking themselves to death? There is a HUGE untold story here. It is so hard not to become some frothing at the mouth radical shouting string up these World Bank Rothschild monsters. That too, is what they want. They win no matter what happens. Destroy the current system. Permaculture now.

  28. Ryan Han
  29. Ryan Han

    Shut up. Another brainwashed stupid chinese. Your comments like that just make your people seems more ignorant.BTW I am an asian who's tired of "We chinese are better than you". Want to see a real civilized people?, they're Japanese, not chinese. BTW, I'm not Japanese either.

  30. bringmeredwine
  31. bringmeredwine

    First of all, I beg to differ that Ottawa is the other coldest city next to Ulaanbaatar.
    I live in Northern Ontario, and it sucks worse than Ottawa, where I lived for 3 years.
    So in order for Mongolians in the Ger to flourish, someone must dig up the marvellous Steppes which have copious amounts of gold, uranium and coal, (oil too?).
    How sickening.
    Will the people living in the Ger, undocumented and uneducated, have the opportunities to work for potential mines?
    I want to know why suddenly all the animals died and the nomads had to flee to the city. Was it global warming? What happened? I'm confused because I thought their livestock froze to death.
    Was all the coal spewing out of the city affecting the countryside?
    I feel for those nomads, I really do.
    The ones who are remaining on the steppes will soon be kicked out by the mining companies. I just know it.
    This doc left me very pessimistic about the future of the Mongolian Nomads.

  32. Annie Ochirbal
  33. Annie Ochirbal

    As mongolian, I would like to say I am not Chinese, we are not Chinese. We are Mongolians. I wanted to give some people friendly advice, read and learn about who is Mongolian and who is Chinese and what was the reason to built the Great Wall!
    I know that China has been always wanted to get our land and people for many centuries, but they could not, because we are a strong and smart nation.

  34. Annie Ochirbal
  35. Annie Ochirbal

    I cannot deny the real situation about Mongolian business environment and unsystematic political system and our people's poor living condition which are showed on this documentary. I strongly aware of that situation during my younger age and still do. However, Being judgmental is easy for people who watched this documentary, but it was not that easy at that time.
    The whole change of political system brought us many possibilities to be better country and better nation, however, we could not use that opportunity quite wisely. We still struggling the whole changes until today. I would say it is getting better because of many educated younger generation. It would have been completely different story if most older political authorities gave up their chairs and powers, and acknowledged that they cannot govern the nation without knowing what is democracy. In order to stay and keep their political power, they started to cheat, lied to people and got bribes. The whole this process developed during the last 20 years, today we are the country considered highly corrupted country.

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