Ultimate Survival Alaska: Arctic Hell

2013, Nature  -   16 Comments
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30 miles deep in the Arctic Circle, eight people are going off the grid. It will be the greatest test of endurance. On each stage of this ten-part adventure, they will have just one kilo of rice and beans per man. Otherwise, they'll have to use what Alaska's terrain offers. They will carry no mobile shelters, no electronic devices; only equipment they can put into their backpacks.

The first stage of their ten-part journey starts in the dangerous creases of the Brooks Mountain Range. They call this range the "Gates of the Arctic", a rough, isolated region of mountains that can reach heights of nearly 2 kilometers. This is the landscape that the group must cross over the next three days.

This part of the expedition is terrifying. From their starting point, the men must cover nearly 80 kilometers of merciless ground to get to the extraction zone up at Takahula Lake. An aircraft will be there to meet them in just 72 hours. But if they're not there in time, they'll be left alone in the wilderness and they'll be out of the expedition.

As the clock starts, the men get to work, each devising their own way to reach the ending point. Among the eight competent adventurers, three plans quickly emerge. As the men go their own ways, famous outdoorsman Willi Prittie wants to take the high trail. Survivalist Brent Sass and experienced hiker Tyler Johnson agree with him. They've chosen to go through the bumpy, 1.2-kilometers-high crests east of the Alatna River to achieve the objective.

Willi's path is a hazardous bet and it will put them on some rocky terrain. But at first, the start of the adventure unfolds relatively easy. The thing is, those slopes are a hunting area for predators and pretty soon the guys find evidence that they're not alone. They know that gobbled leftovers mean only one thing - wolves.

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16 Comments / User Reviews

  1. gaboora

    I would like to see the rest of the legs of this trek. Is any of that available? This was excellent, except for the hyper-testosterone narration.

  2. Richard Neva

    I do not even like to go camping. This film was too too much to bare!

  3. whoopi_goldberg

    i could have hiked that wearing flip flops.

    1. NX2

      lol, sure, flip flops only, or a pan and a hat, since not much other people are around. Don't know about the weather though.

  4. bringmeredwine

    I'd rather go with these guys than wait for the bus when its -36 Celsius. We've been in a deep freeze for so long that Alaska looks downright balmy!

  5. dewflirt

    So glad I don't have to fight a wolf every time I open my freezer ;)

  6. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq


    I love seeing this stuff from my living room.
    Don't get the wrong impression, the outdoors are wonderful!

    But I'd rather be with these guys over some Hollywood entourage (of guys... girls would be a different story). You never know when the next Zombie apocalypse is gonna happen.

    So watch out!

  7. a_no_n

    i'm inclined to ask why?

    I'd rather see the alaskan wilderness without the overshadowing egos of a bunch of douchebags out solely for attention

    They'll carry no electronic devices...except for the load of Camera equipment being carried by what is obviously a full crew that's trailing behind them the whole way.


    1. Fabien L

      I have to agree, why make a reality show out of it?
      It's National Geographic, not FOX...

      Would be a lot more interesting to me to follow the trail of real historical explorers with a comment of what happened to them.

    2. dewflirt

      Honestly, you pair! If someone gave you a waistcoat, would you like it or complain that it wasn't a jacket? It is what it is, take it or leave it :)

    3. Fabien L

      You are right. I should have stopped watching it after 5 minutes. I guess the National Geographic origin gave me hope it would become good after a while.

    4. Paul Gloor

      You wouldn't be watching it if a camera crew didn't follow. Probably only one or two camera and equipment men per group judging from the shots, likely carrying electronics, more rations and some posh survival gear so Nat Geo doesn't lose its employees...

    5. a_no_n

      sorry I didn't realize I wasn't allowed an opinion.

  8. max

    i think its a mistake saying "conquered" Alaska or that particular area. All they did is survived one day. sounds a bit disrespectful towards nature... worth watching thought, not a bad video