Under Our Skin

Under Our Skin

2008, Health  -   88 Comments
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In the 1970s, a mysterious and deadly illness began infecting children in a small town in Connecticut. Today it's a global epidemic.

A real-life thriller, this shocking festival hit exposes the controversy surrounding chronic Lyme disease. Following the stories of individuals fighting for their lives, director Andy Abrahams Wilson reveals with beauty and horror a natural world out of balance and a human nature all too willing to put profits before patients.

The film follows six individuals including major league ball player Ben Petrick who report chronic symptoms, which they attribute to persistent Lyme infection. The majority of the film is devoted to the storyline of these patients and their reported recovery.

The film also focuses on state medical board investigations of Joseph Jemsek and Ray Jones, two physicians who prescribe long-term antibiotics for "chronic" Lyme disease.

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1 year ago

Chronic lyme does not exist, it's a hoax.

5 years ago

For US Residents, the video is blocked due to copyright. However, there are several ways to circumvent YouTube's blatant act of censorship. Open the video directly into YouTube, then change the url at the top from "youtube" to "hooktube" while leaving everything else the same. This should be enough to allow you to watch it.

If that doesn't work for some reason, just get a free VPN service and route your connection through another country. This should work for you as well!

F**k YT, Google, and the Alphabet Soup for their obvious (but poor) attempts at censoring the public of critical information!

7 years ago

WaldO - You are pathetic. You don't get seizures from depression, Lyme victims DO get seizures because of the bacteria and several co-infections from lyme in their brain tissues. It is obvious you know nothing about lyme. It is horrific and it is like having 15 chronic illnesses all at the same time. The Nazi scientists have engineered the bacteria and viruses and one tick bite can give you 10-15 different infections. If it get in the brain & it usually does, it's in your nervous system and there are many symptoms of mental illness. Some even get paralysis. It affect every part of the body. Every organ, all cells, skin, muscles, tissue from head to toe. You can be bitten and the bacteria and viruses can lie dormant for many years before any symptoms appear. The different bacteria communicate with each other, they hide by creating biofilm and cysts, and some are like corkscrews where they can burrow into tissue anywhere in the body. Most lyme victims have 2-3 pages of symptoms when they are searching for a doctor to diagnose them. Very few doctors know anything about lyme. They don't know how it affects people and they don't know how to treat it. Only a few doctors who have had it themselves or their family members will get trained and treat patients. Thank God for them. Mainstream doctors, neurologists, Infectious Disease doctors are ALL Useless!
Get educated. If you get it you will change your tune fast. It is the fastest growing infectious disease in the world. Many folks are walking around with it now and don't know it yet. Mothers pass it on to babies in the womb, it is transmitted sexually and the blood supply is tainted with lyme.

7 years ago

I can't watch the video, it's has been banded from my country USA. I'd really like to see it because I am a Lyme sufferer. I've heard it's very informative.

7 years ago

As a sympathetic outsider, my well-intentioned feedback to the makers of this ref. making (even) more impact;

- it's (too) long. un-involved people are not willing to give c.100 mins to this sort of thing these days.
- break it into chapters, so people can jump to the bit they're interested in
- make an edited (20 min) version. (I think the string of people listing their misdiagnoses is powerful.)
- add a link here to a succinct science type summary (a few pages max) on it - the video alludes to the science but gives no meat (at least in first 40 mins)
- also add incidence rates and impact (e.g. mental illness is 23% of total human DALYs, what is Lyme?)

Best wishes

7 years ago

Ya know... I had a dream a few years ago that this Secret Group, kinda like the Freemasons or Illuminati , and called the "Robin Hood Club" was formed to 'Deal' with these slimy Corrupt Doctors & Lawyers and Politicians. The way it was done was a kinda "Whats good for the Goose . . is good for the Gander ". Like with this Lime Disease, the Doctors that said patients needed a Psychiatrist and it was all in their head... and the patient ended up suffering worse than a POW in a War, and even Died.... Someone, who had a terminal disease and is still able to function could gather a ton of Lime Tics.... and saturate the Doctors yard at HIS HOME... or in His Car.... And then just ride off into the Sunset. Or a Politician that works for Corporation Bribe Money, and NOT for his constituents that voted them in.... and literally thumbs his nose & laughs at the Citizens that elected him and gave him the job that Their Tax Dollars his paycheck and career is made from. Yea, THAT Politician needs a taste of his own medicine..... like His 'Career Shortened.'
. . . . ( in this 'Dream' I had )...The 'Robin Hood Club' used an underground grassroots type of system... ( Kinda like the group "ANONYMOUS" or Illuminati ... ) .... and took from the Corrupt & Lying RICH. . . and Gave it *BACK to the Poor *.... I mean, if these "Robin Hoods" only had a Year to live anyway, what did it matter? It was a way to GIVE BACK to society.... and leave this Planet a type of HERO, . . in a way.
----> But... like I said... It was a GREAT DREAM I had.... Yea... I LOVED IT! Maybe someday we might have some "Robin Hoods" appear, to Do the Right Thing... someday.
..... Oh . . BTW. . .One more thing. . . Did I mention that " I " am OLD & have a Terminal Disease ???....
Yea. . . LIKE THAT !
``?=(•̪●)=?`````' ' ' '``` ''''' ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿̿'̵͇̿̿̿̿=(ò‿Ó,)

Bamby LostNwoods
7 years ago

How do I watch this film? It keeps saying "please sign in to view this video" and I am signed in.

Caroline Fifi
8 years ago

Stupid, arrogant doctors! The next time I get a client who has a problem that I don't feel like working on, I'm going to tell them that they're crazy! I'm not in the medical field but what would life be like if we all did that?

8 years ago

I have exactly the same symptons, but it's from fluroquinolone side effects, also chronic (antibiotic - cipro, levaquin and others)

9 years ago

Search the net for how to safely electrocute pathogens. You can electrify the muscles, blood, even the gut (at a very low level) in various ways. Quickly and (gasp) inexpensively. Fascinating emerging field of research and it dovetails with existing research: lead, mercury, many toxins and pathogens have positive charges while critical nutrients such as calcium and magnesium are negatively charged. There is SO much more about electricity and health that it would take years just to dig up the relationships between modalities (gentle electrocution, nutrition, uses of electron antioxidants in the body, sources of electrons, most effective modalities...)

John Doe
9 years ago

I was diagnosed with Lyme and other tick born pathogens almost ten years ago. Although I'm not cured, after two prolonged treatments of IV meds in combination with z packs and mephron my SYMPTOMS have greatly improved. The doctors in which I've seen believe I was infected sometime around the age of 2yrs old and I'm now 36. Please note that I have also been reinfected at least seven times in eight years. The battle counties

9 years ago

I recommend that viewers of this film go to Wikipedia to get another perspective on this film before they make up their minds on the validity of it.
I was particularly troubled by the gentleman at the end of the film who was presented as a researcher who had cracked the case, yet he was only identified by his first name. Makes it a little difficult to try and verify his results.

Sonya LaRose
9 years ago

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia just over a year ago. The nerve medication Gralise has made life much better but I never fully agreed that was really my problem. KInd of like so many, i have sucked it up to a little improvement is better than none at all. Time to reopen the discussion with my Dr.

Stewart Mitchell
9 years ago

lymes disease started near a bio weapons facility.....coincidence.? This is biological warfare by the pharma phaggots

9 years ago

and kudos to Dr MacDonald and his research! well done! but what an end? horrible, tragic!

9 years ago

it will come to the point that doctors will practice without a license in order to treat patients with what is effective; it will also come to the point that health insurance will not be wanted because the insurance will dictate not according to the patient benefit but their own pocket; as long as medicine ignores that we are not all alike as machines are and should thus be treated individually and as long as medicine aspires to be god there will be more injustice and disaster to those who suffer; thank God a few are willing to step up and fight the status quo;

9 years ago

I am fully engaged in health activism. This film is revolutionary! Thank you for the wake up call.

Forbidden Fruit
9 years ago

With the rise of treatment-resistant bacterial diseases, doctors are
more reluctant to prescribe antibiotics. Maybe we should stop pumping
our cattle and poultry full of antibiotics and we wouldn't have this

9 years ago

I hate the politics and the way the insurance companies in the USA manipulate things to save them money.....It makes me soooo appreciative of the health system we have here in Canada...

9 years ago

Wow doctors getting in trouble for prescribing pain killers for pain yet now they're getting in trouble for prescribing antibiotics for biotic diseases when do those people who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of their lives get to actually be the doctors they trained to be untie their hands doctors and patients make their own decisions together both parties know the consequences and or risk and if you don't like one action of another there are many other doctors you can see you from have a good day. and always remember when you tie the good guys the doctors hands the only people whose hands are untied are the bad people. (use your imagination to figure out who the bad people are

10 years ago

This sounds like what my brother has suffered from most of his life. He has had many of the symptoms the patients in this film have had, including depression and fibromyalgia. He was referred to psychiatric care because some doctors thought his depression might be causing psychosomatic symptoms. His daughter was diagnosed with Lupus a few years ago, which makes me wonder if she also might have been misdiagnosed. I'm hoping he will watch this film. This film is shocking, but also hopeful, in that the patients who have suffered for so many years might finally be able to get the correct treatment.

jim dorey
10 years ago

there was that 'no, lyme isn't here' with some people in nova scotia, later it was detected, and i'm like 'ohshit, i go in the woods so often'...

10 years ago

Watching this doc and I am very worried..a couple of years ago I developed a large bulls eye rash. I didn't have insurance so I took some old antibiotics I had. Later that summer I got yet another bulls eye rash and this time had no medicine for treatment. I forgot about it but since I have been throwing up almost everyday and am extremely tired and achy. Nobody can figure out what's been wrong with me. I have insurance now and had many blood test, including one for Lyme but they all came back negative. come back negative last winter but am still suffering. If anyone has any advice please let me know. Are there any other tests I can take or should I retake? I used to be known for my high energy. I keep thinking back to these rashes and since then I am not myself.

10 years ago

not a doc but I think,a full body detox (could be the answer)may just flush this 'sheet' outta the system...works with alot of other diseases,why not this?

10 years ago

Who the f cares where it came from! It's here and something needs to be done. Living on Long Island, I know too many people with chronic Lyme, many in my family. My sister was just diagnosed and luckily she lives near Dr Cameron and she is getting proper treatment. It's scary and it sucks! Doctors need to wake up and help people. I teach nature-based children programs and am outside all the time. Ticks checks are a part of my everyday life, as it should be for everyone. Take bath, do tick check, put on PJs, brush teeth, etc. And not that it always works, but Lyme tests should be part of annual medical exams. At least it's a start. Hopefully a better test will be developed so that so many people don't have to suffer.

10 years ago

The scientist's name was Erich Traub. a Nazi the American government scooped up at the end of WWII.

10 years ago

Man made???

the first detailed description of what is now known as Lyme disease appeared in the writings of Reverend Dr John Walker after a visit to the Island of Jura (Deer Island) off the west coast of Scotland in 1764.
He gives a good description both of the symptoms of Lyme disease (with
"exquisite pain [in] the interior parts of the limbs") and of the tick
vector itself, which he describes as a "worm" with a body which is "of a
reddish colour and of a compressed shape with a row of feet on each
side" that "penetrates the skin". Many people from this area of Great
Britain immigrated to North America between 1717 and the end of the 18th
century. The examination of preserved museum specimens has found Borrelia DNA in an infected Ixodes ricinus tick from Germany that dates back to 1884, and from an infected mouse from Cape Cod that died in 1894.

The 2010 autopsy of Ötzi the Iceman, a 5,300 year old mummy, revealed the presence of the DNA sequence of Borrelia burgdorferi making him the earliest known human with Lyme disease
So when did they make it ???

10 years ago

the doco is great but the music sucks

10 years ago

I am amazed that Dr's. can say point blank there is no problem wiht out saying WHAT IF?? like English Archer's telling a machine gun salesman we are not interested.

10 years ago

Chickens, chickens, chickens and Guinea hens........lots of them. Raise them up as babies and let them forage. Another thing you can do is adopt cats that were ferrel, that have been neutered and spayed. Use something like frontline on them, as directed. Allow the cats to roam freely as they used to do. Feed them some food daily, but not too much. You want them to be hunters but not starving.

10 years ago

One VERY helpful method for controlling the tick population is to put a simple fence around your yard and get a bunch of bantam chickens. They live ticks.

wayne nickerson
10 years ago

Again, search Plum Island

10 years ago

lyme disease was made in the cdc lab on an island off of the coast of New York right by the town of lyme ...check it out ..it was made as a weapon that got out...

10 years ago

And the next level of the connology is not only that it was created by men, but that it is treatable within 2 f--king weeks with a mix of correct antibiotics and megadose-vitamins. 2 weeks!!!! Dr. Joel Wallach and others treat it for decades now - that is almost a bigger scam the disease itself.

10 years ago

there ignoreing it because it doesnt exist these people are just depressed and the shill doctors are explointing them. Not to say that the ordinary system of health care isnt exploitative either, a fine predators ball.

10 years ago

PLUM ISLAND..this disease was developed by a a german scientist after the 2nd world war, he was brought to the US, and continued to work on infecting ticks, somehow the bacteria escaped or was released from the facility... MAN MADE...

10 years ago

This is very disturbing, we have Lyme in Europe, and it IS a disease with very severe complications.
How can a doctor say : Don't talk to me about Lyme anymore ??? that is an i*iot. :-(
You should take very good care in the summer : wear high socks and cover your legs, that is the first place those ticks will bite you, cover your arms etc.
That seems idiotic, but believe me, its not.
I hope those doctors in the USA learn FAST about this awfull disease.

10 years ago

I seen this sometime ago. Most people that I know ignore just about everything that is going on around them or in them. Is ignorance really bliss?

10 years ago

OMG, something has to happen here. The kid at about 1:04:04 ripped my heart out, poor guy. Where I live is infected with deer ticks, the South Eastern U.S. Fortunately I haven't heard about anyone getting Lyme disease yet though. I got bit at least fifty times by deer ticks just last summer, probably much more than that. Every time you take the dog for a walk, go in the woods for some reason, or just go sit out in the yard, you get ticks on you. The bites make huge whelps that itch for a really long time and often get infected, if you scratch the top off especially. The ticks look a little different than the ones they showed on here though, darker brown with a little white speck just behind the head. People here call them deer ticks but maybe they aren't, I hope not. This is really scary, i mean no b.s. scary.
F*&kin capitalism infects everything, the only solution is a not for profit health care system, but then how do you motivate R&D. I would love to believe that certain people simply care enough about the human race and crave discovery for discoveries sake enough that they would continue to research and develop new drugs, procedures, etc. But after being involved at the lowest levels possible with professional science and seeing something like this I am not so sure that would be the case. There is a huge amount of ego, politics, and greed in the system which apparently expands much further than my little junior college chem. department.