Undercover Copper

Dispatches: Undercover CopperDispatches: Undercover Copper, examines how rape victims are treated at every stage of the criminal justice process. From the initial reporting of a rape to the police, through to the conclusion of the court process, she discovers a postcode lottery of initial forensic and medical care for rape victims and no national standard for the number of specialist trained police officers dealing with sexual violence.

With many victims too scared to embark upon the court process, Nina also lays bare the myths and misconceptions about rape held by juries that need to be challenged if more rapists are to end up behind bars. The Government acknowledges the conviction rate for rape is unacceptably low, Mike O’Brien, the Solicitor General tells Nina: ...There are a lot of rapists out there who are getting away with it and many of them are repeat rapists and therefore we need to address that. But despite recent legislation and new initiatives designed to give victims more say, Nina finds a system that is failing to deliver justice for rape victims.

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  1. DigiWongaDude

    In South Africa, where a woman is raped every 30 seconds (please no funny remarks, it's extremely serious), it is written in to law that the guy MUST get consent verbally, before having intercourse. If a guy does not get consent verbally, he runs the risk of later being prosecuted and convicted for rape.

    Imagine the consequences of that. Is it working? No it is not.

    Please would you put this condom on, while I sign the consent forms just doesn't fire me up much. Okay sorry, I made a funny remark.

  2. kindra83

    I was raped and after a long night in the hospital with no female doctor to perform a rape kit i was driven to the police station to give my report again, after i told them the guys name that raped me they pulled him up in the system, he already had a record (but they wouldnt say what for) after giving my full report the police offer said "well mam, you dont have any black eyes or bruises on your face, and the guy will prolly say you consented and fight you on this, plus you will have to tell your story agian in court, are you sure you want to go through with this and press charges?" being i was by myself and raped less than 24 hours ago i said no went back to my apt packed everything i could in the back of my car and left the state and never went back... Rape is not the only problem how it is handled is a problem, you think i give a damn about false accusations when i cant even sleep at night?

    1. DigiWongaDude

      @ Kindra83, you have my utmost sympathies. Something 'the system' severely lacks in its statement of fact is clearly genuine sympathy. No-one should be talked out of, or scared off from pressing charges. It's as bad as saying "why didn't you report it earlier." Dispicable! I would say you need councilling - maybe in the course of that you might find the strength and whereforall to get this guy banged to rites and/or to move forward.

  3. sense1

    Here in North America the bigger problem by far, is false rape accusations. Let the feminists deal with that first (yeah right), then maybe I'll give a ****. A lot of the time they will say rape to get out of the most mundane of trouble, such as missing curfew, etc. A woman will cry rape so she doesn't have to take an exam she didn't study for. No conscience. And a word of advice to all the guys out there: Avoid at all costs girls that are into feminism, slut walks, and women's studies. More often than not they're bat**** crazy and will make your life miserable. Run.

    1. Sweeney_Todd

      What the hell are you talking about. The "false rape" you are speaking of is not an issue. The REAL issue is that every day, 600 women are raped in the United States (Bureau of Justice Statistics Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2006) and a significant number of crimes are never even reported. Obviously you have some severe issues with women to say that the biggest problem in America is false rape because statistically speaking the REAL problem is RAPE. So to all the girls out there: avoid at all costs men that talk shit about people saying they were raped. Any man who will automatically discredit someone, who has possibly been forced down, while a man sticks his penis into them while they are screaming and pleading, is the bats*** crazy one.

    2. Berty Popperdopper

      I agree feminazis are destroying societies, liberal politically correct femtards

    3. TX2Hi

      @berty popperdopper So are males like you. Your destructive nature will be our downfall.

  4. John Krisfalusci

    at times like this, im actually proud of being an american! no wonder we hate uk! keep up the bad work k? ^_^

    1. Igotthisgo

      And that's why the rest of the world hate Americans =) Keep up the obnoxious comments k? ^_^

    2. Cam

      And you really think America is any better? Do some research. We are the same piece of **** shown in this documentary. Good luck if you ever become a victim of rape.

  5. ranii02

    very disappointing to hear about this, i should keep this in mind a couple of years down the road after studying undergrad..

  6. Alex

    Nice Doc. she is a courageous lady.
    It's a shame, just horrible.
    we trust them, and they fail us. It's sad.

  7. BobbyD

    And for anyone who still believes the system is biased in favor of men, consider that she took 4 years of his life away- where he most likely faced rape, by the sounds of it- and she's serving 1-3. Sheesh.

    1. ranii02

      and the author of this article is not even a criminologist. also, it seems that no one thinks of other possibilities.. such as victims to take away a claim maybe because they are being threatened, too embarrassed now, or don't like how the police are taking the investigation. i think you should stop assuming petty articles have valid data rather than the police assume victims are lying or not lying.

  8. steve/barbara

    this sucked. Unless your in the headspace of a 14 year old. Cheese.

  9. Keith

    @ Phil Atio - you can testify? Please qualify that.

  10. hannah

    It's not exactly fair to say it isn't rape in the situation of a prostitute not being paid. The money was the only reason she ever "consented" in the first place - to not pay her is taking even greater advantage of a vulnerable woman. I'm not sure if it falls inside the legal definition of rape, but to lie to a desperate woman to get away with f--king her for free when you essentially entered into a verbal contract is, at the very least, a pretty sick level of coercion and force. She didn't freely consent to sex, she consented to perform sexual acts for money.

  11. Roslyn

    Phil Atio, it's appalling how ignorant you are.

    Do you think reporting a rape is enjoyable? What exactly do you believe a woman has to gain from it? It doesn't bring back a girl's reputation or a prostitute's money.

    Sadly, I believe it is far more common for rape to go unreported than for false accusations to be made, largely in part to victim blaming i***** like you.

  12. Phil Atio

    I can testify that Yavanna is largely telling the truth when it comes to situations of rape. The majority of the so called rapes are the result of bitter disputes over other things besides sex where a woman decides to get a man in trouble for what was consentual sex.

    There is often cases where prostitutes claimed to be raped after men refuse to pay for the sex, and no evidence of rape or forced sex can be found

    There are also cases where girls and guys go to a house party get drunk, high, and stoned, then have seemingly consetual sex, one thing leads to another and the man brags about it, the women feels ashamed because everyone is talking about her so claims rape.

  13. Yavanna

    Quite a lot of truth in this at times. But if this is all she could get in four months of recording the bias of this film speaks for itself. The station the ninja reporter was posted to seemed way behind the times in any case. I retired in 2003 and at that time political correctness was the absolute with regards to dealing with female colleagues.

    A lot is made of the prostitute rape situations. This is what really happens: An agreement is made between a prostitute and her "client." After the job sometimes men refuse to pay and the prostitute claims rape. The police deal with it as a rape but perhaps as many as 9 times out of 10 cases end up being discovered as stated above. I`m not saying prostitutes don't sometimes get genuinely raped, infact they are extremely vulnerable to such.

    I got a sense that this reporter was bitter and twisted and perhaps she felt she was wronged at some time in the past. Five year career break? I wonder what the truth behind that statement was.