Underworld: Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age

Underworld: Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age

2002, Mystery  -  Playlist 66 Comments
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Underworld: Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice AgeBetween 17,000 years ago and 7000 years ago, at the end of the last Ice Age, terrible things happened to the world our ancestors lived in. Great ice caps over northern Europe and north America melted down, huge floods ripped across the earth, sea-level rose by more than 100 metres, and about 25 million square kilometres of formerly habitable lands were swallowed up by the waves.

Marine archaeology has been possible as a scholarly discipline for about 50 years - since the introduction of scuba. In that time, according to Nick Flemming, the doyen of British marine archaeology, only 500 submerged sites have been found worldwide containing the remains of any form of man-made structure or of lithic artifacts. Of these sites only 100 - that's 100 in the whole world! - are more than 3000 years old.

This is not because of a shortage of potential sites. It is at least partly because a large share of the limited funds available for marine archaeology goes into the discovery and excavation of shipwrecks. This leaves a shortage of diving archaeologists interested in underwater structures and a shortage of money to pay for the extremely expensive business of searching - possibly fruitlessly - for very ancient, eroded, silt-covered ruins at great depths under water. Moreover, with the recent exception of Bob Ballard's survey of the Black Sea for the National Geographic Society, marine archaeology has simply not concerned itself with the possibility that the post-glacial floods might in any way be connected to the problem of the rise of civilizations. (Excerpt from grahamhancock.com)

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3 months ago

Sorry Hancock as usual Nile Valley Civilization came first WonderWerk Cave in the Horn of Africa where they found bones tools estimated those people found there well you look it up NABTA PLAYA is older NUBIA is older kmt is older before your INDUS Valley Civilization your on your own with your assessment no one in the science community agrees with you common sense tells us that the ICE AGE didn't happen along the equator in AFRICA or I would look like you lololol that was a fallacy told by the US there was an ICE AGE in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE your constant bias that Africa has not played a role in anything is clled scientific racism I know it hurts but did the GREEKS go to learn MATH, SCIENCE,MEDICINE from the INDIANS or were they in KEMET lololol

7 years ago

This is part TWO of three. The first part is about Malta, then the Bimini formation. Part two is about India and the undersea city found by side-scan sonar. Part three is about Yonaguni off Japan.

You don't have to agree with all of Hancock's ideas, he even admits in the first episode that some of his ideas have been a bit far-fetched on reflection, but there are two irrefutable facts:

A) That sea levels were much lower at the end of the last Ice Age so there was much more coastal land exposed.
B) Humans naturally settle in coastal areas. Therefore, logically there will have been civilisations or human settlements on at least some of those coastal areas which are now lost to the sea.

Plus we are learning all the time that the dates of civilisation are being pushed back and questioned all the time. Graham Hancock is onto something, that's for sure and the subject matter is thought provoking.

7 years ago

What a wonderful documentary about the amazing history of ancient civilizations of India! Absolutely love it! Maybe it's time for archaeologists to stop being so narrow-minded and stop trying to propagate the 'Aryan Invasion Theory' as 'fact'!! And it would also be great if this discovery was more publicized. I can't understand why more people don't know about this!

11 years ago

I did enjoy this documentary, and yes the topic is rather extreme in the eyes of most laymen. But I am an archaeologist, and I have been witness to several Ice age finds dredged up from the bottom of the north sea. I could ramble on about the finds and what they are, but that would distract from the fact they were there. And the last time they would have been above water would have been before the ice had melted. The interest in neolithic underwater archaeology is growing, give it a couple of decades and there will be some major discoveries that will be very hard to ignore.
The thing you have to realize about scientific method in (with regards to archaeology) is that it can take half a century for ideas to change. I'm going to put a bet on that it will take another century before its common knowledge that the Spinx was built before the pyramids, way before.
I think the end of the ice age really did wipe the slate clean with regards to civilization and there is a good chance it will happen again.

Angel Shantiful
11 years ago

As to this documentary, I loved it, except for the sound. I especially couldn't stand the loud music for a good part of the beginning. It was so distracting. Maybe I'm just a little ADD lol.

11 years ago

Why can't I read comments about the documentary instead of personal opinions? Those who have watched the documentary before, please criticize its credibility First, and THEN give your personal opinion.
It just makes easier to skip your rants. Thank you.

Angela Anderson
11 years ago

Are you kidding me? Why is everyone so blind. This is from Noah's flood! The polar ice caps were huge when they got off the boat. As time went by, the ice caps melted, just as they are still doing today, and that is why the oceans are still rising! Society needs to stop believing this whole myth about evoluction. Society has swallowed it whole! Just study it with an open mind and you will uncover the truth!

11 years ago

where is the last chapter? shame is not here as i find the series very interesting,but maybe is because i'm some kind of ignorant, illiterate redneck, as the "archeologists" writing in this post see the program as a stupidity, amazing how people who know so much have as outlet for their knowledge a boring forum to dismiss the work of this person without any proof to challenge the program (so much for "scientific method")and by the way, to all you amazing trained "archeologists" out there with your scientific methods i got a word for you. TROY!

11 years ago

How hard is it to imagine a bronze age culture during the climactic stability the ice age offered? Such a culture would have surpassed all neolithics. With bronze braces their ships or boats or floating craft of any kind would have been able to reach many shores. I don't understand the proplem with modern academcs. Graham Hancock is a nutjob. So was Gallieo. So was Schliemann. So would have been Einstein if he could not back it up with mathematical equations. What I'm saying is the facts come from many directions: Ignore NONE of them.

11 years ago

very interesting. Just comes to show that you can take no knowledge for granted and that everything we think we know should be questioned every now and again.

Fake Name
12 years ago

@ Js, I'm all for questioning accepted wisdom, but there is no "supposed ice age". It's definitively known through rigorously tested methods, that there have been many ice ages in earths past, distant and not so distant. Your thought on Adam and Eve is an excellent one! if they where put on earth fully formed, that would mean they are in fact E.T.s. as all native life evolved from more primitive forms.

Fake Name
12 years ago

If all of humanity where to assume that the knowledge we have now was definitive, there would be no more advancement. That is the problem with theocratic societies, they stop learning because every question can be answered with "God did it". That is what lead to the dark ages, they are called the "dark ages" not because the light of God went out, but because people where blinded by the glitter of churches. Science, and archeology is a science, relies on funding for its research. If you go against the "definitive" knowledge that science offers, you get no funding. No person interested in a future in science is willing to do that, so we have come to a point where we are re-entering the "dark ages" only it is not religion that is pushing us that way, it is money. Graham Hancock is a journalist, he says so at the very start of this made for profit program. I may no completely agree with on everything, but I have a great deal of respect for him, for one Not portraying himself as a scientist, for two posing all his theories as just that , not definitive fact, and for three, not accepting what he's told as being definitive. That is in fact what "critical thinking" is. A man that knows everything can learn nothing. We have a planet full of men that know everything, how about we give a little encouragement to those that don't, just for varieties sake. Also, OzJorgo, you start your comment by attacking the presenter, then make the quote "but verbaly attacking and critisizing the debators is a sign of inner weakness" perhaps you should stop copying and pasting that quote and actually consider it.

12 years ago

Ok, this guy is a crackpot and a journalist (god knows we need more of them, not) but he has a point in that his theory cant be proven wrong, just like the archeologists cant be either (they just make mistakes or errors), and he has opened up a door to us in that it is another theory, his theory...
BTW im an aussie and think critical is good but verbaly attacking and critisizing the debators is a sign of inner weakness, ty.

12 years ago

Wow .... You guys are ridiculous. He's good1

12 years ago

Archaeology is a holistic science. It is far from an "orthodox" anything. As an archaeologist, I find it interesting that people with no formal training seem to find themselves in the magical position for critiques, when they have no actual scientific methodology whatsoever. He clams archaeologist "ignore" data in the watter...um, well, we've had marine time arch. for decades now. Maybe if he actually studied a BOOK, instead of his pet theories, perhaps he might learn something. However, judging from his age and his current thinking habits, I find little hope in that.

Michael Douglas
12 years ago

I do believe that there were civilizations thousands of years before currently accepted, in areas currently flooded.
What's dissapointing is that this is coming from a con artist like Grahm Hancock. He believes in magical geometry, did what was basically LSD to find the "truth behind human origin"... I wish there was a more credible documentary about this subject. This is his only work with evidence, and I'd like a real scientist to explore this.

12 years ago

@Leon Francis......
You stated "...and the world is just not ready for that yet....."
I ask, 'If Not Now, When?"

12 years ago

A slow-minded human may ask, "Why bother searching for ancient archeological sites, etc.?" Because these same people 'see' no further than today, therefore their paradigms of what they think is reality is almost by definition, manufactured. That's what today is, a manufactured reality, one that in no way is representative of how things actually SHOULD be.

In order to properly "Back-Engineer" these sites, to determine how we got to today is of imperative importance. The TRUTH of how we got here and where we've been will set you free. The TRUTH is an amazing, fantastic, sometimes even surrealistic journey. We, as the human race, have been so evilly kept from the truth, and yes, the truth IS known to some and has been for a long, long time.

Leon Francis
12 years ago

deluding people.....?? how?, by showing them facts that scholars turn a blind eye to? - you sound like a religious firebrand - the reason this stuff has been hidden for so long is because of relegion and namely the Roman Catholic Church - if the Real Truth became mainstream that would be the final nail in the Catholic Coffin - everything that went before it it terms of religeon would be wiped clean and the world would need to take a fresh look......the world is just not ready for that yet as most of the people on the planet are Roman Catholics unfortunatly and their world would fall apart at the seams if they found out that their grandfathers grandfathers grandfather was wrong......the evidence is almost toatly overwhealming, we just need some more time for serious researchers like Graham Hancock etc to uncover it for us.

12 years ago

IMO, Graham Hancock is a quack bent on misinforming the dumb masses just to further his book sales. He is not an archaeologist or even a historian, so he has no business deluding people with his revisionist pseudohistory.

12 years ago

I see many of you are buying his 'snake oil' of history. There is a reason only TV shows which are looking for a PROFIT will show this stuff, because there is no rebuttle or forum of any type to do so. They do these to make money, and they are very successful.

They often claim the academia ignores certain aspects of their claimed 'evidence'. This is because the academia follow the scientific method and can accept when they are wrong, unlike pseudos who stick to their guns even when presented with more plausible evidence. The lack of Occams Razor is outstanding with these folks.

Anything is possible, practical on the other hand requires you to use your brain beyond the scope of listening.

12 years ago

wow. Plain Jane "Frankie" gets to be accidentally top of comments list because he dares venture to write. Probably the first doco he's seen in a long time - let alone watching a documentary instead of whatever else all his friends are watching & right away there's punishment:

"Eoten" A person posing as an intelligent up his own arse intellectual.Eoten is there only to shoot down newly awakened people. Eoten is really a plant, a soylent green eating demotivating tool.

12 years ago

Ahhh I see you suffer from the same problem.

12 years ago

For you to be so mean for no damn reason only
tells me that you suffer from the I have a little tool
complex.Yes I'm American Jack Wagon!

12 years ago

@Frankie~ History's mystery's are just that. Even if you were told the truth your life would just go on just as it is now. There is nothing of real value from the past that would make your life any better then it is now. I think you should get involved if it will make you happy. There is just not enough people willing or who have the loot to take a few years out of there life and investigate. I do not think there is anyone in the world who has all the information of the past hidden. Hopefully a newer documentary will come out since this was made in 1994. We learn as they learn. =)
So we are the aliens? That being said do you have any special abilities to share with the rest of the world? How about using that supreme mind for a greater good.
UFO's Hmmm well i have no clue were to obtain one that is designed for human use. I have seen a few Unidentified Flying Objects and think nothing more. If you find out more info let me know because i sure could use one. The price of gas has sky rocketed lol. Bad Gram-mer Bad Humor. Feel free to post another thought.

13 years ago

It's ironic how they say that those who cannot learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. Whenever in history someone has presented something revolutionary, scholars of that time have laughed at it and dismissed it. Look what happened to the early greek matemathican and the medieval astronomy researcher. Those who research history must be aware of these two incidents, yet they act as scholars of that time did? Basically, if they now, after laughing to the theory, recogniced it, they'd also admit having acted so ironically, ones who really ought to know history and learn from it. Without being able to correct yourself, you limit yourself and those around you.

13 years ago

Notice the recuring theme of how these sites are pillaged and their evidence destroyed, quite often by "archaeologists"? The sad thing is we will never again know just how much of our history is forever lost. The Smithsonian has apparently the goal of hiding such evidences, even from the Grand Canyon, google "THE PHOENIX GAZETTE April 5th, 1909 - EXPLORATIONS IN GRAND CANYON"

Who'd of thought history could be so confused and more so, why exactly are such lengths taken by those who seek to conceal it? What can be so important to warrant such effort? Its a fascinating subject on so many levels.

Leon Francis
13 years ago

Superb documentary - the evidence has long been overwhelming of our origins being many thousands of years older than we are told - see Charles H Hapgood maps of the ancient sea kings 1966 - Hancock brings it together in a sober new look - about time too - the truth is all we ask for, and that pride and fear of scholars in their chosen fields should not inhibit our understanding of the truth.

Some how it seems totally acceptable that Jesus Christ performed miracles on a regular basis, but any one mentioning Atlantis or the ancient Lemurian culture is slammed as a fringe scientist or id***……but the evidence is there to anyone who wishes to see, hear or read it.

I think its time to carefully re-look at everything we thought was true fact regarding our distant past.

Well done Mr Hancock!

13 years ago

Be carefull viewers - Graham Hancock may not be woth the credit!!!

Go to Youtube and search for "Atlantis Reborn Again". It's a BBC docu and do the judgement for yourselves.

PS - I also thought that the guy was a good samaritan, telling us "the truth". Though, after I saw the BBC docu, I realise why historians have such prudent approaches. They deserve the credit.

And please guys, try not to insult others - if you know someone is wrong, just help him/her to get the best info available. We all need some support here and there, throughout our path to knowledge, right?


13 years ago

@ Eoten.
It's people like you -who believe you know what's best for other people, people that you don't know- who give Americans a bad name. maybe you need a "dash" of humility.

13 years ago

I hear Eoten talking about UFO's are for "Lazy People" or "Lazy Minded People" I think it is easier to pass them off as such than it is to BELIEVE!

13 years ago

Hancock has a point.

Established historians are too close minded and therefore limit themselves.

Solid research is needed and objective open minds

13 years ago

Agree with the above:

Quest for the Lost Civilization is much better and more complete so not sure if its worth looking up the further episodes for this doc.

13 years ago


Same researcher, Graham Hancock.

FRANKIE, reading has always been an much easier endeavor than writing ;^)

It's a very unimaginative man that can only think of one way to spell a word.~Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain

13 years ago

i'll like to get more documantaries on this topic.

if there was really an ice age and the level of the seas were much lower, it does make sense that people would be living on lower grounds near the sea, as high point would probably be freezing cold especially in winters.

hence with the alleged rise in sea level, many of these habitations, perhaps villages would be lying now under the sea and in lagoons.

it is worth exploring under the seas for other than ship wrecks

as for the alien issue, according to the creationist views, would Adam and Eve be considered as aliens???...

Charles B.
13 years ago

Interesting. Worth watching.

13 years ago

On this site I see only episode 1..documentary makes reference to further parts..are they on this site?

14 years ago

One more point. Making no comment on the existence or non-existence of "UFOs", I'd like to point out that they're often used as answers for the lazy... or lazy minded.

14 years ago

The educated ARE telling us about this. You just have to do a little research. How do you expect them to tell you about it? Do you expect them to come to your door just to let you know about things like this? If you were to spend a small amount of time browsing science news sites you'd see that the information is there, you just haven't bothered to look. Maybe you should educate yourself. After you've educated yourself, you can go door to door and let the rest of us know things like that. You may want to work on your spelling and grammar before you do that though.

How do you "know we are no Apes"? Are we aliens, or "alliens" (never mind that that statement makes very little sense). Assuming we were from some other world, would we have evolved there? If so, wouldn't we have evolved from some animal? Is that somehow better than evolving from an ape? Again, you should educate yourself, learn decent writing skills and a dash of critical thinking wouldn't hurt either.

I sure hope you aren't an American. It's people like you that give the rest of us a bad name.

14 years ago

Why isn't the educated tellin us about all this. Why is it sed that Civilization started in Egypt? What is really going on. Why don't we find out what happened B4 the Ice age. I know we are no Apes. I belive we are the alliens. Tell us the truth, even bout the UFOs.