The Universe: Supernovae

2008, Science  -   13 Comments

The Universe - SupernovasA stellar explosion, the supernova is the sensational death of a star. It can shine as bright as 100 billion Suns and radiate as much energy as the Sun would emit over 10 billion years.

Jets of high-energy light and matter are propelled into space and can cause massive Gamma Ray Bursts and emit intense X-ray radiation for thousands of years.

Astronomers believe that this process creates the very building blocks of planets, people and plants. Meet the world's leading Supernova hunters, and take a look at recorded supernovas throughout history.

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13 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Warner Fan

    This video is very irritating to me. It was designed to wow and impress with striking colors, but does not enlighten. It gives sound bites to real scientists, some of them very impressive authorities, but uses these sound bites to titilate and as cues for repeated flashes of "exploding light" with sound effect. Great for people who merely want to be entertained and wowed, not for people who are seeking to understand the processes that lead to the supernova or the processes of the explosion itself.

  2. Ben6

    My heart wants there to be a GOD so great that it is beyond My understanding. Like a new born who is still unable to focus its eyes or understand what is gently cradling it or how it came to be.
    But My mind says no. My experience says no. My logic says no.

  3. Luc Peloquin

    After listening to those 'awsome' numbers of energy/space regarding the explosion of a supernovae, can a believer think, ..GOD/CREATOR.. would be someone/something we would 'likely' comprehend. What the heck is so frightening in just admitting that we just don't know, let's keep amazed at what we find out. These 'maths' are way beyond our range of 'expertise'.

  4. Patricia Howard

    I think its beautiful but as far as creation is concerned i believe God created us and i cant understand how any one could believe we came from that

    1. Bogdan Gherman

      If you learn a bit of science - chemistry and physics maybe you will understand. Untill then ... listen to the ones that actually know what they are talking about.

    2. Robert Foyt

      But you think a god gave us free-will and told us to choose to believe in him with no evidence or burn in hell forever.

    3. alpha O

      i never understood...even if you believe that god created the universe, why people can't accept that he could have used science (the big bang, evolution) as his "tools" in that creation. i know a lot of people do believe that, but there is so much scientific evidence, i don't understand why it's not universally accepted in the religious community.

    4. Heini Mortensen

      I'm a christian, and believe that it's a great misfortune that soooooo many people went to schools who didn't provide them with the necessary tools to understand their surroundings.

    5. SolDeus

      No evidence is definitely the problem with the god question. Like many who are now not religious, I was brought up in a religious family. In some ways it would be nice if there were some evidence that the stories are true. In truth there is none and the more the issue is honestly examined, the more it looks like another bronze age sun god myth.

  5. Yiannis

    It is Supernovae not supernovas.

  6. V Kumar

    Unable to view the video

  7. homie

    supernova are actually huge plasma discharges looking from the gun barrel view so to speak. The universe is electric thats the paradigm that fits the data.

  8. jimbo

    Supernovae, not -s.