The Unspooling Mind

The Unspooling Mind

2014, Health  -   19 Comments
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The Unspooling Mind is a documentary about the human toll of dementia, heart-wrenching decisions for families, the desperate search for care for those who can no longer care for themselves, and seeking help in a place with no return in a country far from home.

If they were a country called "Dementia" its population would be larger than Canada's. The condition affects 44 million people and strikes so often and so arbitrarily that it's been called an epidemic. It unspools the mind without any cure in sight.

On the outskirts of Amsterdam, interwoven in the fabric of the medieval village of Weesp, there is a place with no yesterday, no tomorrow, there is only now. All the people living there have severe dementia but they still can enjoy normal life and social contacts. Welcome to dementia village with population 152 where there's only one way in and one way out. They'll all die there... and life should be good in their last years.

Five time zones away there is another place with no locks at all, no gates or fences, in the land of smiles where demented are deposited by their European families, freely living in the moment until they take their last breath. The cost of caring for dementia patients has skyrocketed in recent years and it's created an industry of medical tourism... especially in Thailand.

Beyond the bustle of Thailand's northern city of Chiang Mai there's a quiet street and aged houses where the inhabitants occupy a private and mysterious world. Thailand is already known for its medical tourism and now this industry is worth almost four billion dollars a year. This latest business model is called "the granny export" and it touched a raw nerve back in Europe. The pain of this disease is often felt more by family who still hold the memories instead of those who've lost them.

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  1. Neem Mokosh (ND)

    The base line for the cause of this condition and the effects used for diagnosis are due to the telomerase enzyme which helps renew, regenerate telomeres. The caps at the end of DNA chains. The enzyme is insufficient, in low quantity, blocked and also deficient in the activating proteins. the DNA is blocked in simple terms from expression and regeneration. People with this condition stay locked in the past patterns of events, memory loss, blocked expression of potential protein DNA expression. The enzyme telomerase and others in the sequence of activation requires the correct food, nutrients for the protein, enzyme activation and expression for best functioning. To offer this level of treatment is not mainstream medicine. These care facilities like most run on fear based paradigms sponged from their clients and their families. As do most businesses. Natural alternatives are out there and do work and alleviate the issues these people face daily. Some mentioned in other peoples comments here. Music they are familiar with in happier times and appropriate brainwaves music, Dr. jeremy Thompson, Solfeggio musical tones work.

  2. Melissa

    Treat them for Lyme disease and see what happens. Pretty sure that mystery solved. Lieing and secrets need to be exposed.

  3. clara

    why do american newscasters put on this pseudo british accent always paula zahn does the same thing you guys are yanks . rednecks stop it ok

  4. jim jones

    yes,I agree,nursing may be the place.

  5. mycial

    Where is this coming from? Is it in the food that had homones vaccines flouride. Or the air we breathe this is just too many people my stepdad has alhizmer in his family, but he coping with it we see signs but it's hasn't progressed as of yet. This disease tears my heart I know there must be something to prolong the effects. To all the families that are suffering much love & peace to you.

    1. Tripp John

      more people living longer

  6. frosty7530

    This is important documentary for all of us in our '60s. Unless we can soon find cure for Alzheimers & other dementias, we too are in for a ride to Hell. While many American Nursing Homes are below par, this Doc. features 2 innovative alternatives to American Warehouses. One is in Holland, the other in Thailand. There are no cures, but these 2 facilities are so much more pleasant than ours. Watch for yourselves.

  7. happyMephisto

    @dmix-other abominable creatures you forgot to mention-like john (mad dog) McCain.

  8. bringmeredwine

    The nursing home in Winnipeg looked fairly typical of most Canadian institutions. A clinical, sterile warehouse crammed with overly-medicated lost souls in wheel chairs, the worst dementia cases locked away from sight behind steel doors.
    My city has 3 rather nice privately run facilities, with lots of cheerful and helpful staff; but they do not accommodate guests afflicted with dementia.
    Your only alternative is one of the 2 provincially run institutions and they are appalling. They look exactly like that place in Winnipeg.
    And good luck getting your loved one into one, because there are waiting lists a couple of years long.
    On a happier note, the Danes have an excellent model and seem to be on the right path.

  9. dmxi

    i only wish this affliction to man-kinds worst enemies:pedophiles,politicians & banksters (+ insert other abominable
    creatures i forgot to mention)!
    - the non-smirking one -

    1. oQ

      unfortunately, it does not discriminate.

  10. thisismyspamemail

    There are treatments for dementia and there is prevention.

    1. Pepe Alvarado

      Treatment of symptoms only, not treatment of the disease per se (That I'm aware of)

    2. frosty7530

      Patriot & Pepe, I agree w/U. New meds w/some minor improvement in early stages. I try 2 B informed, and I have not found any info re significant treatment or prevention. I've seen this horrid disease hurt some of the best & brightest. Incl. those who are "into" healthy preventive lifestyles w/good diet & exercise. I was impressed with Dutch facility! It seems to be a very humane attempt make life better for those afflicted. I would look into going there myself. I also liked the one in Thailand, but sadly, that country went through a very unstable political time last yr., I believe. I would worry about long term prospects of staying in that country. The Winnipeg Nursing Home looked just like the awful warehouse my own mother had to endure. If the dementia involves incontinence, it's almost impossible to be admitted to "nicer" facilities in USA. Being housebroken is key to having more options in care. I hope this doc. inspires more creative alternatives in eldercare here in USA.

    3. thisismyspamemail

      Natural products are having great effect. All pharmaceuticals have the risk of side effects, dangerous or otherwise. They do not cure, they treat symptoms. I am not sure why so many people have not seen this information on coconut oil and alzheimers. It's all over the web and the news. Coconut oil, by the way, has only improved health as a side effect as far as I have read. I bet it might cause nausea but nothing serious. It does not cause weight gain. Lots of people use it as a weight loss aid.

    4. patriotsongs

      What are these treatments and what is the prevention. I'm sure many of us would like to know.

    5. thisismyspamemail

      They are all over the internet and the news. Coconut oil for one,
      Taurine for another. DMAE for another...just do a websearch for new
      treatments for alzheimer's or alternative treatment for alzheimers.
      (Alzheimer's being the most common form of dementia). You are best
      learning these on your own. Don't stay under a rock and just stick with
      the main stream medical. They lose money when people are healed or self
      treat. Why else would they be getting court orders to force people that
      don't want treatment into treatment? Watched a news reel from Florida of a doctor that is helping her husband recover from alzheimers with coconut oil. Google that one.

    6. thisismyspamemail

      Oh....forgot prevention. Alzheimer's has been escalating over the past 50 years or so with the inclusion of a lot of aluminum in our diets and products like antiperspirant. Autopsied brains of alzheimer's patients that passed away showed a build up of aluminum in the brain. It is even mentioned on webmd. Also with the addition of fluoride in our drinking water and dental care products. Fluoride is a main ingredient insecticides and rodent poison. It builds up in the body. The pharmaceutical and chemical corporations that utilize fluoride which is a toxic and the main source of fluoride used in the USA is obtained from factories in China. Some of the side effects of a build up of fluoride in the body are:

      Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

      Hyperactivity or passive malaise -- depending on whether
      exposure is pre- or postnatal

      Alzheimer's disease or senile dementia

      The death of brain cells directly involved in the decision
      making processes

      Cracked, pitted and brittle teeth and bones not being
      considered as a potential leading cause of osteoporosis

      Higher hip fracture rates

      Reduction in intelligence and increased learning disability. Sarcasm without doing the research yourself is invalid. Have a nice day.

    7. mikeysbro

      Indeed toxins are a pandemic in our environment. Though there are those who refuse to believe that these toxins found in our food, water, air, homes, and environment have anything to do with creating disease. Though these naysayers if confronted will admit that mercury, radiation, and heavy metals can kill humans.

      Aluminium is found in many products including baking soda, various types of hard cheese, cooking ware, medications, drinking water, toothpaste, and so forth.
      Thus it only makes logical sense if we are consuming these toxins daily that they accumulate over decades of consumption.
      Therefore it makes sense to remove these toxins by cleansing with various herbs, foods, and even "dirt" (clay removes radiation) to from the human body.
      Wonderful results can be achieved with removal of toxins coupled with plant based nutrition( re nutrition facts dot org the leading causes of death lecture).