Unwasted: The Future of Business on Earth

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There is no waste in nature. When a tree falls it's only halfway through its life. When a bear or animal finishes eating food and processes it in its body that becomes fertilizer for future life in the forest flora.

So it's a beautiful thing the way nature has worked this all out. There is no waste in nature; the human animal is in fact the only animal on the planet to create waste that nature cannot process.

We're all paying for the landfills around the country, and everybody in the US is working with some system, whether it's a municipal system that manages their own waste locally or it's a system that ships the waste to other parts of the country.

The reason you should care about this is because that's going to make a difference for the environment, for the economy, for your costs, for all the things you care about. In economics there's this term of "externalities" and there's a lot of cost out there that we collectively bear as a society, whether it's habitat destruction, whether it's cost that are directly being imposed on us the citizens who didn't ask for those costs to be put on us.

The cities are under huge budget pressure right now and they need to cut their costs. They're trying to cut their costs in terms of how they are managing their waste and they hope to start making more money off the recycling. So it's really becoming more of a fiscal issue than environmental issue in some cases.

The latest statistics show that even with the recycling as high as it is there's still more than half of what's going into the landfill that could be recycled or reused.

The garbage is more expensive than recycling. The landfills are not used for making money but they're revenue extractors because cities are spending lot of money to maintain them. You need to pull out the gas, you need to pull out the water and treat it, you need to establish a monitoring system to trace the extent of thermodynamics, and all that costs money.

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  1. 1concept1

    Another hate myself documentary -

  2. bringmeredwine
  3. bringmeredwine

    Then I shan't bother...

  4. Kyle Michael Porter
  5. Kyle Michael Porter

    Hi, I'm the director and co-writer of this documentary. I assume you've watched the entire thing. How exactly did the message of personal and fiscal responsibility make you hate yourself? In this film, we show examples and make suggestions on how the average person can be proactively resource-smart in the workplace -- this is not a guilt trip -- so I fail to understand your summation of my film.

  6. jillzzzz
  7. jillzzzz

    I thought it was excellent, for I saw my own contribution to the problem, which I didn't know I had. Thank you, lots of good ideas.

  8. Nicholas Sanders
  9. Nicholas Sanders

    totally agreed, finally a environmental film that focuses on solutions and not problems. This should make everyone feel good that there a reasonable solutions out there.

  10. Dan forth
  11. Dan forth

    You should maybe consider adding that to your description of the film, then. Because it really gives off the vibe that every single human is irresponsible and should feel bad for it.

  12. Hinda
  13. Hinda

    It's an interesting and constructive documentary. Yet boring to watch.

  14. Fr. Hyacinth Cordell, OP
  15. Fr. Hyacinth Cordell, OP

    Great film! And I'm impressed that the film maker commented above. Thank you for making such an enlightening film, Kyle. I am actually in the process of planning an environmental documentary discussion series on faith, virtue, and environmental issues. I was looking for a good documentary on waste, and this is the best I have found. Really well expressed and articulated. I wish everyone would watch this film.

  16. Ballsrog
  17. Ballsrog

    Every human is irresponsible, unless you're actively planning or trying to enact change. Just carrying on living in this horribly destructive system, because it's too much hassle to force change, is a dangerous big part of the problem. Logic and common sense guild.

  18. Epicurus
  19. Epicurus

    lol we got two trash loads a week and we are just 3 people. poor people come and take the plastics and cans out and they sell them. I think when they are finished with the garbage dump they gona make a golf course there. I don't think we got a problem

  20. Andrea D
  21. Andrea D

    What an awesome documentary. I am an environmental engineer, we are looking to implement more environmental conscious activities at work. This film inspired ideas and was very informative! I loved it!

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