USA: Top Terrorist State

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Renowned American academic Noam Chomsky says the United States would be recognized as a leading terrorist state if international law is applied. This documentary conducts an in-depth interview with Noam Chomsky in which the double standards of the Western states with regard to the issue of nuclear weapons are dealt with in detail.

"I took the official definitions of terrorism, which were very good, I took the definition that is given in US and British law, which is a fine definition but has a flaw; If you apply it, it turns out the United States is one of the leading terrorist states in the world."

The academic added that he had predicted the ongoing so-called war on terror by the US when Ronald Reagan was president in the 1980s.

He called into question the legality of the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, saying, "The US and Britain tried to provide a kind of a thin legal cover for the invasion. The legal cover was, as you know, that Saddam had not ended his programs of weapons of mass destruction."

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  1. Bill

    The video is no longer on youtube

  2. Mark

    I read his book that promulgated the argument about the U.S. being fundamentally a terrorist state, this right after 9/11. Granted that in itself unequivocally constituted a terrorist action(and Chomsky rightly condemned it as such) but it paled in comparison to the criteria that could justifiably label the U.S. as a genuine terrorist state much of that having to do with interventions in so many countries to subvert their political processes which another poster has cited. The late ex CIA agent, Chalmers Johnson, had the same argument but his argument was even more directed at the gargantuan presence of the extent of military bases the U.S. has throughout the world.

  3. Brannon Gerling

    We all are faced with the battle of facing external authority, whether democratic or not, whether selfish or nationalistic or humane in general. Most people are quite simple; they just want the joys of being human: love, family, good food, a bit of nature, job security, etc. All Americans cannot be held accountable for the crimes of The State. Ho Chi Minh amidst Operation Rolling Thunder, the murderous American bombing campaign, knew how to separate American people from their poor leaders.

    The narrative has been written by corporate leaders, and the corporate influence is enhanced by the voting dollars, not just of Americans but of many of the people of the world. The corporations have the money that corrupts the purifying that politics needs when citizens occupy their government. Popular support for American politics is dwindling: American people have been at odds with their government and feel impotent in the face of such monetary power.

    To point the finger at Americans is very easy to do and it doesn't help much. Calling them "evil" is perpetuating the ignorance, because it is the same rhetoric used in American politics to start and feed war support. As elevated individuals we must look beyond the hate and misunderstanding and martial regurgitation. We must take back the dignity, action by action, that feeds the children of tomorrow--not the pockets of corporate behemoths. This means shrinking the world militaries, forfeiting atomic weapons, diversifying the medical and agricultural industries, not boycotting big brands, etc.

    1. the silenced masses

      And we'll do all that as soon as the American people reign in the psychotically criminal enterprise that has taken over their country and is now waging a brutally violent and oppressive war against the rest of the world

  4. Waldo Tim

    Not even worth the energy to type about sh*t hole usa

  5. Gaia ODea

    There is not a word vulgar enough, harsh enough to convey my deep disgust for the United States of America! So horrible, no precedent since humans walked the earth as revoltingly sickening is that country and those who dwell there. NO nation no matter how awfully remembered can hold a candle to this mother of all monstrous states, in ALL aspects. I wish it would go away as if the worst nightmare of all times!!! And its people, ignorant, brainwashed, clueless, I find as I observe it all from safe distance, across the pond, in horror, and, it NEVER stops....and never shall till it is either flattened or more likely it destroys the world, this is what is on our minds here. Wretched, perverted, deceit is embedded in the genes there now. Hitler, Staln, Vlad the Impaler, Mao, etc for me are more like Ghandi in comparison to what can only be seen as PURE EVIL....I must be feel I did something bad for allowing myself to watch any of this dreadful info...for it pains me profoundly emotionally and excuse me now as I must close need to rush to the toilet or risk vomitting all over the keyboard. ....psychopathic mass murderers and its citizens do nothing at all...I wish them all to hell for all eternity!!!

    1. rtdrury

      Our task is to rebuild the bridges among the people for the mass reunion, through the people's movement, for the people to ultimately retake stewardship of the society and the planet, and achieve lasting self-rule. Of course the goal has a delightful side to it and from this vantage point the end may rightfully be called the people's nirvana. You obviously want to experience that delight, and I can personally vouch for the delightfulness of it, as it's directly tied to the magic/wonder of nature often captured in the beautiful scenes in art/media channels, and by our direct experiences out in the wilds. The USA is a nation-state sponsor of a grand psy-ops control initiative that was highly successful in enslaving huge populations of people to build a terribly dangerous/destructive empire, and they continue mindlessly today. But the tide is turning slowly as the people are learning that these bridges among ourselves simply must be built. Merka's evil-twin philosophies, liberalism and conservatism, are in the process of terminal decline today. Liberalism cultivated ignorance through moral relativism and ethical anarchy while conservatism cultivated ignorance through authoritarian mythology, such that liberals have no rational sense of right/wrong and conservatives have no idea how things work, thus without any coherence in their experience both resort to material addiction for cheap gratifications that starve the human mind/body/spirit, leaving them all dependent/enslaved to elite rule. But the people are learning to look inside ourselves for the natural wisdom and the true nature of happiness. Self-rule. Universal solidarity, enlightenment, equity and justice. The people's nirvana. Exciting times ahead for the people.

  6. Jane Doe

    america has screwed sooo many nations throughout it's short life span as a country that I am still astounded that nations have not called it out on it's BS. but yeah, i'm still waiting for the day that I can finally say, "karma is a BEACH!"

    1. avd420

      Neocon says, "We do what we want while the masses wait for the Universe (Karma) to fix. So, we'll do what we want, forever.

      If Karma is real, than, what's it gonna do to you for sitting by idly and letting this happen? More importantly, what did YOU do to deserve this?

      Or is it more likely, karma doesn't exist, and you use that fantasy, to make you feel better about things?

  7. Richard Neva

    If the US is the top terrorist state then I nominate Israel for 2nd place terror state! All support for their war on Palestine and the mass murder of Muslims comes from the numero one terror state America off course. Who do you think talked America into invading Iraq? No one wants to hear that of course in America with it's bleeding Holocaust heart for Israel. Then don't forget the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that murdered over 220 US soldiers. Then there was 911 of course the great Mossad attack on the Towers of New York where thousands of Americans died and Mr. Silverstein got richer blowing up his building for no reason at all except the insurance money. Yet in spite of all this mayhem created by Israel our treasury is an open pipeline for billions of taxpayer dollars to support the Israeli Terror State and no one seems to notice that! Shame on America for that too!

    1. jackmax

      you seem to make these statements yet we people ask you questions you run why don't you back your self and your comment by replying to the people that ask questions of you on opinions. Is it a fact your basically a troll and have no concept in how these forums operate. I find it rude and insulting that you don't converse with people try to engage you with conversation.

      Would it be fair to say that you have nothing intelligent to say and your lack of respect of the fellow forum members is contemptable.

    2. Richard Neva

      The backing is extant and available everywhere. I speak only of know facts you speak from hysteria!

    3. M.I Baloch

      Very nice answer Richard.

  8. guest3

    The tea part suggest a smaller government by means of removing federal funding. The protection of clean air and drinkable water is important.

  9. Highlander

    Awful truth .. Very well said sir / madam .

  10. Highlander

    Jaberwocky, loved your reply to batvette!

  11. awful_truth

    An excellent short documentary that exposes the contradictory behaviour expressed daily by the west, in particular the U.S. Noam Chomsky is a intellectual giant, not only by his grasp of the particulars, but more importantly by his decisive morality!

    1. jaberwokky

      It's a shame that usually the only way we normally get to here the other side of the argument is through the distasteful flow hole of Press TV and the like, it kind of diminishes the value in a sense. Totally agree with your summation of Chomsky though, the man is legendary.

  12. Paul Jones

    As usual the 3rd most cited man in history tells it how it is. International law and justive operates on Command theory. Meaning the power and decisions are made by the superior. This has been rebuked by many great thinkers. The problem is that it is susceptible to the "mad man with a gun" theory. Whoever has the biggest gun rules thus the validy and legitimacy of the law itself is compromised for pretty much all the reasons Mr.Chomsky pointed out. The US is the "mad man with the gun".

    1. batvette

      Since virtually every opponent we have engaged in armed conflict with in the last century was opposed to democracy and freedom of the press, that which allows you to criticise the US harshly, and the US makes no effort to silence you for it, this alone should frame your criticism as laughable.
      I suppose a Taliban ruled world would be preferable. Or one ruled by Saddam. Or the oppressive totalitarian governments of the Soviet Union, North Vietnam, or North Korea. And how about that Hitler fellow, or the Emperor.
      Yeah America is the bad guy. I needed a laugh today.
      It's always easy to sit in the peanut gallery and take shots at an imagined foe that doesn't strike back for it. Don't think that if the other side had won the cold war you'd still enjoy the luxury.

    2. Paul Jones

      LMAO....well I guess we are just giving each other laughs then. Unfortunately everything you said is not corroborated by history. The US did not "win" the cold war. The USSR changed within itself due to policies like Perestroika and Glasnost from Gorbachev and his refusal to put down non communist political parties when they were elected. So you are wrong there. Next not only has the US toppled many democracies but they have also backed many oppressive dictators afterwards. Here's a little history lesson for you which can all be easily verified by hundreds and even thousands of historical documents and records from both sides. In 1953, the U.S. undermined and overthrew the democratically-elected Iranian
      government of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh and replaced it with the Shaw. After that there is Guatamala, Laos (repeatedly for 15 years), Haiti, Dominican Republic (repeatedly), Ecuador (repeatedly), Congo (repeatedly), Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Greece, Chile in 1973 where the US put General Augusto Pinochet in power (Fascist). All of these were democracies that the US toppled. The US also tried to coup Venezuela in 2002 but failed. Not to mention Saddam Hussein (CIA), General Manuel Noriega (CIA), Honsi Mubarek, the current miltary coup that just happened in Egypt. That isn't even counting the many assasination attempts abroad or economic hit men. The US did the same thing to South Vietnam that the North was doing to the North. The only difference was that south vietnamese were fighting other vietnamese (not russian soldiers), while the NV were fighting american soldiers who were conscripted...or "drafted" in a war that was never declared. The Taliban only achieved power through US support. The Bush legacy also helped financially fund the rise of nazi military strength even into WW2. Not to mention that the US is not free as the NSA and CIA have been caught more than once spying on there own people, not to mentioon the Patriot Act or "Free Speech Zones". So I don't know man maybe you have to brush up on your history. Feel free to look up anything I have brought up. It is all well documented by thousands of sources. America are the new Nazi's and have most definitely created more totalitatian regimes that it has ever fact most of the dictators the US has toppled were put into power by the US in the first place. So your statement "Since virtually every opponent we have engaged in armed conflict with in the last century was opposed to democracy and freedom of the press,...." is completely and historically incorrect. So sorry buddy you kind of come off completely delusional (not to mention hippocritical as democracy and free speech doesn't really exist in the US either). I bet you think your boys and private security firms were over in Iraq to free those people and not secure multibillion dollar oil contracts? I mean come on lol. Maybe in the meantime the US can try to avert their own government's shutdown by the beginning of October because they don't have any more money.......Lol wake up Batvette, go back to school or pick up a book or listen to something other than Fox News.

    3. awful_truth

      @Paul Jones: Did you notice that batvette didn't respond to your logical, and historically accurate response to his nonsense. Makes you wonder if some of these yahoos are paid to spread disinformation, or if he is just flat out FOX news brainwashed. Keep up the good work Paul Jones.
      P.S: I am just shaking in my shoes that North Korea is gong to rule the world! (obvious sarcasm to the fear mongering of sheeple)

    4. batvette

      "paid to spread disinformation"

      Ah, anyone who disagrees with your own disinformation must be paid by the government to oppose you.
      Persecutory Delusion much?

    5. batvette

      So you believe the CIA's version of the events in Iran, which they fabricated when Congress was about to disband the agency in the 60's after bay of pigs and the shooting of JFK. Even thought the paperwork was clearly doctored and Mossadegh wrote in his memoirs it was his own failed policies that caused his demise. Kermit Roosevelt did it all with $10k, hiring circus jugglers, acrobats and hookers.
      Get real-. The CIA took credit later for the impossible when Iran looked like a foreign policy success to save their bacon. When that turned around after the fall of the Shah, and only then, the NY Times ran their story. It's bull huckey.
      It also insults the people of Iran. Ardeshir Zahedi was there, and wrote a rebuttal to the Times they published a week after their story ran. Of course self loathing American leftists ignore it.
      Mossadegh was tossed out because his policies were a huge cock up. He nationalized the oil industry, the communist colloquialism for the government stealing it from foreign and domestic private investors. Yet the Iranians lacked the technical ability to run it themselves, worse the British were the primary customers. When they rightfully placed an embargo on Iran's exports and Iran couldn't produce enough to export, the Iranian economy collapsed. People were left begging in the streets and wanted the Shah back.
      And how please could we be installing the Shah when he had been in power before Mossadegh subverted their constitution- and was the successor of 2500 continuous years of monarchy?
      You leftists might have a position if you told more than half the story- and some of it was accurate.

    6. jaberwokky

      All the same arguments the Roman, German and British Empires used. Actually that's pretty much the modus operandi no? How's the Palestinian Apartheid support going?

      Jesus man, Is it your business to defend your country's nonsense on documentary sites? Last time I checked that was Fox News' job. You win the contract or something? Next thing you know you'll be telling us that Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are terrorists.

      Is it a mission or something?

      edit: What part of stay out of the business of foreign countries is the hard part to understand?

    7. batvette

      Bizarre. On a documentary site with an international; audience, I'm being questioned why I take issue with people using half truths and outright BS to denigrate the country I live in. How about I just never understood that hate yourself thing, or that root for your own team to lose thing.
      Re:Stay out of the business of other countries: I suppose you were one of those New Yorkers who closed your blinds and hid when that woman was being raped in the 60's. I suppose you're so detached you believe every country in the world is self sufficient with its own resources and needn't engage in international trade.
      When you graduate to the adult table of foreign policy discussion you will realize why "let's just not meddle and everything will be fine" is talk by children.
      I'll leave you with this: Only the United States had large ships on scene airlifting supplies into the Philippines after it was hit by the largest typhoon in human history. We saved a lot of further deaths from starvation and disease. I'm proud that we have a military that can do these things, proud to have served in it myself, and happy to oppose short sighted people like you who would shut it down if you had your way.

    8. jaberwokky

      Bizarre?? Bizarre is you presuming that I'm an American, or that I was alive in the 60s, or that I hate myself, or that I would turn the other way when confronted with a henous act. I'm detached? Is that because I don't swallow the same line you do or because I can differentiate between mutually beneficial trade and aggressive coercion?

      Ah yes, let's not forget the Philippines ... or the atrocities carried out by the Americans during the Philippine-American War, a war fought for independence. But hey, it's nice to make these token gestures every now and then, it distracts from all sorts of other things. Or maybe I should be less cynical and just call it reparations.

      You are just brimming over with that good ol' patriotic bullsh*t it aren't you.

    9. batvette

      Okay so if you're not n American the self loathing thing is obviously irrelevant- however being that you aren't American I don't give a damn if you don't like what we do. We don't do what we do to make YOU happy. It's in our best interests and so is what you do. We do pursue some benevolent policies for the rest of the world but we'll always have critics. What country are you from so we can list its evil deeds?
      And what did your country do after the Philippines' typhoon?
      All in all your comparison with Nazi Germany and mentioning the Palestinians was complete BS, I have no apologies- one BS rant deserves another AND IN FACT you did not address a single point in my post because your points were just WRONG.
      Nazi Germany argued that they opposed totalitarian oppressive regimes that practiced censorship while theirs stood for freedom and democracy? NO THEY DID NOT.
      So there.

    10. jaberwokky

      Of course you don't give a damn what we think, therein lies the problem. Your country's self interests to the detriment of others over the course of the last century is all too obvious. And then you wonder where the distrust and animosity comes from.

      You think mentioning the Palestinians is BS? That's very telling. I didn't address a single point because, honestly, where does one start? Probably a good place to start would be close to home, let's say Latin America, maybe Honduras, Nicaragua or Chile. Would you say there were no democratically elected governments attacked by American backed militias there? Does the school of the Americas ring any bells? I've seen how you tried rewriting the Iranian coup so I'm interested to hear your take on the Salvador Allende one.

      You are not fooling anyone worth fooling. The push to spread so called freedom and democracy only extends as far as invading countries that can be used for resources and If you really gave a sh*t about that stuff then I suggest taking a long hard look at your close ally Saudi Arabia. But you won't because what you espouse is not democracy but capitalist democracy which is a very different and much uglier monster.

      I'm from Ireland. Over here we suffered 800 years of the British. We eventually formed a very successful terrorist organisation known as the IRA. They're a little like Hamas in a sense, you know, that organisation in Palestine that the Americans call terrorists. So go ahead, tell me about all the evils my country has perpetrated and I'll tell you what I think when I see the Americans veto another UN resolution regarding Illegal Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories.

      If you are so interested in measuring d*cks regarding the Philippines then I suggest you Google it. I'm fairly sure we never started a war with them though, in fact we probably have a lot more in common with them than you think given the struggle they had against freedom loving America.

      The Nazis did not need to frame their fight against an oppressive totalitarian regime as they had a much more useful scapegoat in the form of the Jews.

      Shouldn't you be busy somewhere Right-washing the legacy of Nelson Mandela (another terrorist by the way)? You'll have to do a lot of historical rewriting regarding your own political parties views so you better get to it before the democrats claim him all to themselves.

      Edit: "Ireland Philippines aid" in a Google search should get you started. If you compare relatively I'd say Ireland have been every bit as generous as the US.

    11. batvette

      Ireland, LOL. You do realize how many Americans are Irish?
      Oh, and Allende was a KGB asset and the Soviets sent thousands of "advisors" to rig their elections. MOREOVER he was a corrupt communist and I feel no need to explain why "nationalizing" private enterprise is just plain wrong and should be opposed at any cost. Let alone that Allende wore $500 suits and smoked expensive cigars while his disastrous economic policies caused his people to starve in the streets.
      I don't take criticism from Irish citizens on US policy seriously nor should I. You haven't had any influence or responsibility outside of your own borders in many, many generations, and that is significant. Easy to be a critic when you never play the game.
      Worse despite declaring neutrality, your country as good as sided with the Nazis just to get under the skin of the British,(going as far as offering letters of condolence on the death of Hitler!) talk about self serving. You hate on the US but frankly you should feel fortunate the Army Air Force didn't find the peat bogs interesting enough to use for bombing practice on their way to Britain. In essence you've been far too busy with spilling blood in your own country to have a part in it anywhere else. You're hardly in a position to feign high moral ground. So have yourself a pint and a shot and fight your brothers till dawn, we don't really care.(I was engaged to marry a full blooded Irie lass, a McKay she was, those stereotypes are 100% true. )

    12. Mike Jones

      When America invaded some Iraqi cities they didn't even warn the civilians to leave and treated the city as a free fire area killing civilians needlessly and even targeting places intentionally and without warning where they knew civilians would be killed. If the international law was applied to the US they would be guilty of war crimes. George W Bush lied to Congress(a felony), the American people, the UN and the world about WMD's in Iraq. They are in fact the rotten sore on the face of mother earth. Oh and yes they Taliban were about to take over the world if the US had not intervened LOL.

    13. batvette

      LOL, straight from the John Kerry handbook. So I can only ask, What does "free fire area" mean? Please do describe it from the US Army field manual as it pertains to Geneva Convention ROE. This should be good.

      "George W Bush lied to Congress(a felony),"

      Really! Do tell. Whatis the code, specifically?

      "the American people, the UN and the world about WMD's in Iraq."

      How is that possible when all the intelligence he was given was compiled by Clinton's appointed DCI and (except for curveball, who was in German, not US hands) was collected before George W. Bush was even elected President?

    14. Mike Jones

      Actually those Americans who opposed the war while it was going on were threatened by the U.S. government. Look at "Plamegate" Valarie Plame was a C.I.A. operative who's cover was blown by the U.S. government for her husband's opposition to the war putting her life in danger.

    15. batvette

      "Look into it"? Obviously that's all you've done, I've deeply researched it and did a lot of editing on the wikli article on it. Her husband's "opposition to the war" was a pack of lies meant to frame the white house in a scandal and the only person responsible for outing Ms. Plame is herself, her husband, and her supervisors. See the US Senate report on the use of intelligence for the Iraq war, specifically the Niger section. It outed Wilson as a charlatan, that's an indisputable fact. Why do you think he disappeared from the public view and politics?

    16. guest3

      Arms industry is big bucks. Annual federal budget is big bucks. Appropriations by congress to defense contractors is a big slice. The temptation to fabricate evidence to drive the marketplace. The risk of being probed by public intervention is disappearingly small because of a long term political stabilization around the core beliefs. No anti-war sentiment of any significance can be observed. Asking the CIA agents to 'plant this seed' would be far more cost effective than running an advertisement on TV.

    17. batvette

      Get to the point, are you saying Al Qaeda is fictional? Are you a 9/11 CT?

    18. guest3

      In answer to your question: Al Qaeda is categorization of people. The Al Qaeda entity undeniably exist just as concretely as the Vox Populi exists. The internet age and free information flow. Should a Modern and Progressive Man maintain any beliefs in deity? But also without question is the congressional approval and appropriations to fight such entity by all means available. Furthermore federal deficit is created to even go beyond all means available. We should carefully calculate and tabulate. What are the cumulative costs in terms of life and limbs and property. The cumulative period may extend over years or even decades. Deficit of 17T and reckless tax code and reckless appropriations within USA are a major risk of destabilization of the national economy and consequently even the global economy. The role of govt agencies in submitting evidence for congress is question in terms of accuracy and transparency.

  13. chip griffin

    don't sweat it, the rein will soon come to an end, after it kills it's own citizen base. never seen before or ever again. this last stand of the evil ones will be short lived. then the great white throne judgement will unfold and the gates of hell will open, the grinding and mashing of their teeth will be never ending. justice will be served, no deed goes unseen. a long swim in the bottomless pit. BTW, folks it's a very real place. don't let their fate be your fate, refuse the mark at all cost. a shot, the mark hides inside...

  14. Highlander

    Very interesting and thought provoking. To anyone wondering if they should watch this doc and who look at the comments first .... Please do watch. ...... We can only challenge our elected representatives when we know what is going on behind the "scenes". To make any documentary like this requires guts and I guess some charm. If some of the questions were dubbed after...., what the hell! A young lass interviewing an old pro like Chomsky,..... I bet she could barely speak to him at the time thro nervousness ! I say well done and i am certain that I could not have asked this man more than his name ! Anyway, to all who watch TDF , Please get up to vote next time and say " Not in my name " to the threatened destruction of Iran for trying to join the "club" of nuclear nations. Vote the bastards OUT! As always I say a big thank you Vlatko. I have seen more interesting and inspiring programs here in 2 years , than in 20 years on TV . Please keep sending .

    1. jaberwokky

      Well said Sir/Mam.

  15. drew

    It was great to see Professor Chomsky again. His teaching abilities are stellar , not only in his interviews , but in his books. Hegemony or Survival , Necessary Illusions and Rogue States are just a few of my favorites. Thank you , again.

  16. Russ Tul

    I was surprised and quite disappointed that Chomsky failed to mention the USA's drone war. This war is perhaps one of the most vivid demonstration of the USA's utter disregard for even the most basic international law, let alone moral principles. This systematic slaughter (mostly of totally innocent civilians) marks a new low in the USA's progress towards becoming a full-fledged fascist state.

  17. Bob Trees

    Thank you Top Doc for hosting this video. I always admire interviews from Chomsky. It's like he's filling me in on my hunches and he's a welcome relief on my beliefs. (I'm a poet and don't know it!)

  18. Rachid Talal

    Chomsky is completely right indeed . Israel is the second leading terrorsit rogue state after the US of course .

    Note that Chomsky as a jew would tell you so many truths against israel and the US while subtly sedating you with the injections of some subtle lies in favor of israel and the US ,

    So, beware of that fact ..

  19. dmxi

    N.C.; of americas few 'GREATs'!

  20. Philio

    Is this interview between Noam Chomsky and the young lady
    happening in the same time and place? Is she actually sitting across the room from Chomsky? See “Art of Deception” on this same site.

    There is no doubt about Chomsky’s position and rhetoric. He has been a peace activist and an anarchist type longer than the supposed interviewer has been alive. He is self described as "fairly traditional anarchist ones, with origins in the Enlightenment and classical liberalism". He often identifies with anarcho-syndicalism
    and libertarian socialism. The interviewer is none of the above. Her
    belief is in a particular Theocracy.

    Anarcho-syndicalism is a philosophy that deems any state as unnecessary, undesirable and/or harmful. So, Chomsky’s rhetoric is
    expected from anyone familiar with him. Any of his interviews are useful to anyone wanting to interject themselves in to the interview by, in this case, rather artful video manipulation.

    Is there truth in his rhetoric? You bet but it’s a truth found in every organized state around the globe. The U.S. just has a bigger club and higher visibility. Chomsky is anti-state, any state that is doesn't fit his belief system.

    Kim Jong Un could be dubbed into the interview as interviewer and add his own video cuts for examples. Well maybe not Kim Jong Un but someone that is less of a comic book character.

    1. Vicki_in_Greece

      sounding Paranoid a bit are we?

      Autograph by Susan Modaress is a wonderful show. She is an under appreciated American journalist. Her interviews are fantastic and easy to find over the Internet.

      Have you asked Susan about whether or not she was in the same room with Prof Chomsky for the interview. If you have doubts I'm sure she and her producer would be happy to discuss them with you. I'm not sure about right now, but not too long ago she was based in NYC.

      Also although you seem convinced that Prof Chomsky is anti-state that is inaccurate if one can reflect on his life's work. Also not clear what your definition of his belief system is. He still answers his emails as his MIT account so maybe you should ask him before you start trying to convince others that your views are accurate.

    2. Philio

      Well Vicki I haven’t had a bout with paranoia since 1967 while avoiding capture by the VC alone in the jungles of South East Asia. That paranoia kept me sharp and alive. There is a difference between paranoia and awareness. One requires knowledge and the other simply emotion. By the way 1967 is the year I first heard of Avram Noam Chomsky.

      The words "fairly traditional anarchist ones, with origins in the Enlightenment and classical liberalism" are a quote of his very own self description. There are two definitions of the word anarchist. Prof. Chomsky is a pacifist and therefore the first definition would miss the mark profoundly. The second definition is anti-state as in: a society without a publicly enforced government. From the Ancient Greek: ?? “not or without” and ????? "ruler",
      meaning "absence of a leader", "without rulers".

      That would be his political view. Personally I believe the state is a necessary evil in need of strict control by the governed but I agree with him on many issues, the social media being a “bought priesthood” is one area of agreement. Where I differ is that this “bought priesthood” is universal where some are purchased and some are coerced.

      I have nothing against the man. I would really enjoy
      sitting in on his lectures in particular those concerning linguistics as a branch of cognitive
      psychology. I favor interactive lectures where there are point/counter point exchanges. That is the point of my prior post.

      I don’t know much about Susan Modaress. Quick research revealed a connection with Press TV a state-owned media corporation Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

      I know a commercial when I see one. When a business produces a commercial you know it’s a sales pitch. The clips, music and product comparisons are expected. When a state produces a commercial (or allows its production) it is propaganda that uses the same techniques but without the product comparisons.

      You might have said “sounding skeptical a bit are we” and the response would have been two words, “you bet”.

    3. Vicki_in_Greece

      Then how do you explain his constant reliance on law ? How does anarchist fit in?

      have you ever watched PressTV? They allow people with opinions from one end of the spectrum to the other. 100 percent more than the American version.

      Susan has a very nice way with people.

      This documentary is informative. But some people In the US become very jaded they are so used to getting sold a bill of goods they forget the not everyone and everywhere is like that

      btw Muslims are people like everyone else and Persians are fine people too



    4. Philio

      RE: The Rule of Law and Anarchy - Anarchy is a philosophy and therefore an idea, a theory that must be worked out in reality. It rests squarely on the nature of man. Is he good or evil in nature? Which is valid? History portends that both are and that’s the

      The use of the word anarchy has a history too long for a post. Plato and Aristotle viewed it negatively in association with democracy which they mistrusted as inherently vulnerable and prone to deteriorate into tyranny (mob rule). The chaos would lead to a coup d'état by the elites. Plato’s response was his Utopian Republic part of which included a means that will secure a well-ordered “City”. The means were “Philosopher Rulers”. (The rule of Law)

      The meaning of the word was redefined during the enlightenment to mean something other than chaos. Here’s a quick list of enlightenment anarchists: Louis-Armand, Baron de Lahontan, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Edmund Burke, William Godwin and I must include Jean Varlet.

      As we move along in history we encounter Anarcho-syndicalism which brings us to the labor movements seeking to "replace the privilege and authority of the State". Unions remain hierarchical. It seems a hierarchy (of elites) is inescapable. So we return to the
      nature of man arguments is altruism universal in societies?

      Some of the Philosophers

      Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), believed man to be essentially good (the noble savage) but that he is corrupted by external influences. This philosophy is the corner stone of much of the modern progressive thought.

      Karl Marx (1818-1883) and Fredrick Engels (1820-1895), capitalism is based on exploitation of workers and causes alienation of people from their human nature i.e. man in nature is essentially good. So the dictatorship of the proletariat emerges (anarchy).

      Thomas Hobbs (1588-1679), human nature is essentially anti-social: people are essentially egoistic, and this egoism makes life difficult in the natural state of things.

      John Locke (1632-1704) father of classical liberalism, the nation-state was an efficient tool for raising humanity out of a deplorable state.

      I’ll skip ahead to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin who causes us to return to the argument of Plato and Aristotle – the coup d'état by the elites.
      Here the word “elite” is revised.

      “....Dictatorship does not necessarily mean the abolition of democracy for the class that exercises the dictatorship over other classes; but it does mean the abolition of democracy (or very material restriction, which is also a form of abolition) for the class over which, or against which, the dictatorship is
      exercised.” — Vladimir Lenin

      Stalin enters history in another coup d'état. It always ends in the Rule of Law. It just a question of the form the “Dictator”, an individual or some form of a committee.

      PS I have no problems with Islam as a "Religion of Peace". My neighbor is Muslim. The family is wonderful. I do have a major problem with Dictatorships in any form atheist or theist.

    5. Vicki_in_Greece

      Hi, this was sweet of you but I undertand the historical implications of anarchy. I was simply asking for your opinion on how the work of Prof. Chomsky's lifetime related to you definition of anarchy based on his absolute linkage to contemporary rule of law.

      Perhaps you unaware of election season in Iran which has canidates busy now. The president of Iran has a four year term. Iran is a democracy, but you know that I am sure.

    6. Philio

      Sorry for the diatribe in the last post. I had to assess the scope of discussion.

      Prof. Chomsky references the distinction between legitimate an illegitimate laws. Laws written and enacted by governing bodies are
      simply paper descriptions (and can be considered non-existent) until written in
      the hearts of the governed and become habitual.

      The success of anarchy when seen as a form of self government is dependent on this habitual, subconscious or natural obedience of legitimate laws. Without this transformation self government of any type including anarchy will always fail and fall into chaos. That is wholly consistent with the professor’s

      Liberty is not license. Conformity is not necessarily a vice. It may simply be pragmatic.

      And, by the way, it is also consistent with his rules of law for linguistics.

      I should have highlighted this in the prior post. I hope this answers your query.

    7. Vicki_in_Greece

      Ah, thank you. This gives me something to think about. I have such a different experience with Prof. Chomsky.
      I haven't the time to repsond properly for a couple of days due to deadlines but willl continue asap

    8. terrasodium

      Sophia most certainly favors the attentive. bitter, sweet, dirt ,hair and all , The hearts and minds of man so easily given to the distractions of pleasure to avoid our pains at the expense of free choice to contract with each other, all un a lien able rights exchanged for the security of protected and enforced licensed privileges under tacitly agreed distractions of media bread and circus, How could this happen in a first world governed by the most access able information society ever achieved in history? Oh well maybe if

      On a hilltop in Italy

      We assembled young people

      From all over the world

      To bring you this message

      From Coca-Cola Bottlers

      All over the world

      It's the real thing - Coke.

      And they sang...

      I'd like to buy the world a home

      And furnish it with love

      Grow apple trees and honey bees

      And snow white turtle doves.


      I'd like to teach the world to sing

      In perfect harmony

      I'd like to buy the world a Coke

      And keep it company

      That's the real thing.

    9. Philio

      Well Salt of the Earth, to quote Pete Seeger- Sanga:

      Oh, when will they ever learn?
      Oh, when will they ever learn?

      Sophia is not yet everyone's bride.

    10. AntiTheist666

      Terrorism, another bow in the Art of War? Where have all the young men gone, shudda gone to junior school, education for everyone, that’s where they ever learn...

      Yes thankfully Sophia is not a bride for everyone; I once met a physics who was a poor mistress beyond compare.

    11. Philio

      I didn't expect you here, so good to see you and I can't resist.

      The young man prefers Atë for a bride or consort. Sophia is the choice of the well trodden old soul.

    12. terrasodium

      The kairos and telos of metaphorical arch typed Aite et al , has for myself and many alike lost it's anthropomorphizing story telling values, as it seems to point to metaphysical ghosts rather then the objective material of homo sapiens raising up through the leviathon of prozac prescribed social science at the direction of our Phd's turned M.D's , the low pH level allows for higher biological acidity, especially for those of us in the midday sun. and to much salt rises the blood pressure, even at my low altitude flights causes my nose to bleed.

    13. AntiTheist666

      Leaving political semantics aside, is terrorism ever justified? Do people oppressed to the point of extinction have to play by the rules of those discriminating against them? Is mischief making an act of terrorism if it causes shock and horror? Are children little terrorists? Maybe we should drug these mischief makers a little more before they really frighten these Giants of the State, yeah declare war on mischief making before it really gets troublesome...nuke it from orbit... just to be sure.

      Arch typed Aite et al, lol, very funny and well engineered but what if we anthropomorphise into nothing at all, would that be a ghost story worth telling? Sorry to hear about your low attitude problems, I suggest booking a taxi from Epi’s before going to the airport and buy some aftershave on the way there. When flying low and you feel a bleed coming on, dab a little Blue Stratos on your temples and prey on the fact that you’ll smell sweeter to your stewardess who will no doubt fall at your feat and whisk you off to new highs.

      Edit. I meant altitude not attitude, lol.

    14. terrasodium

      The unfortunate reality is made by the word(thought platforms) of our under (there I) standings. To one of everyday dirt and hair of the working plebeian the platform from greatest to lowest importance; Facts>Laws>hypothesis>Theories. Majoring in deduction ,minor if ever in Induction.

      For the Francis Bacon understandings (method)science men of letters offers the word thought platform;
      Theories >laws>hypothesis>facts, Majoring in Induction and minoring in deduction ( facts are a dime a dozen)

      And for the political minded understandings,it dances between the two methods of thought and out of the confusion comes the juris diction of the legislation minded with the forms borrowing from the other two methods when useful for purposes of commercial market status quo agendas,and the platform for enforceable juris prudence becomes; Law>Theory>Fact>Hypothesis, slipping happily between both deductive and inductive when laws are being scripted to manage the plebs and men of letters.

      To ask me what justice in oppression means regarding the Fact that terrorism exists at all is a difficult thing to define under these differing methods/platforms of thought , the words are as different importance depending on which platform you consider first. second or third place. even if I was to respond in textual terms of plain english.

      edit: Aramis' grate smell may have come from the friction of predating Hegel's dialectic as Abstract-Negative-Concrete.

    15. AntiTheist666

      A thoughtful answer which I appreciate. As you point out in a style reminiscent of Pirsig it often depends on which side you’re on, one man’s terrorism is another’s just actions. These wrods we use to beat each other into submission are often a matter of interpretation, and as you so well put, juris diction. Penis envy and dickshun is repeatedly a deciding factor in acts of terror and a war of wrods. Witch side we choose, lol, is in a sense just a passing fashion, we can put on new moral clothes to disguise ourselves when our current threads start to wear thin and become unattractive.

      Fashion! Turn to the left

      Fashion! Turn to the right

      Oooh, fashion!

      We are the goon squad

      and we're coming to town



      In the end does it matter if we arrive at our conclusions through deductive/inductive
      reasoning or intuitive/instinctive feelings as long as the best result for all is achieved? Hegel or Hey Girl, what is the synthesis of Theism – Antitheism?

      On a journey of understanding and non–self discovery I often chose the path that has
      the most Pathos of Distance and is the least trodden. For suss tenants I take a little Bacon and appease pudding, best served cold.

    16. AntiTheist666

      Watt an emotive wrod terrorism is? So many shy from its very meanying but are completely Blind to their own indiscriminate use of it as they wage wonderful war on all around em.

      You old salty dog you! LOL. I used to feel Alien but i grew out it, lol, your pun was the most delicious and apt thing I’ve seen in long time. Un a lien rites.*Tips hat*

      Panem ET circenses? Opium? Or just the most subtle Mollification?

      If any of my brothers and sisters across the pond in the Dis-United States of ScAmerika are in any doubt, yew guise are the biggest, baddest bullies on the block, no questions there Shirley? This is not to describe this trait on NE individual but it fits with yore country like a bullet in a gun. Bang bang shoot shoot. I’m saddened that the uK follows so much of yore for reign policy but fear that China may turn out even badderer? I’m guessing that you are a mad dog as well as a salty one that spends too much time in the midday sun?

    17. nmimoke

      I watched Art of Deception too and thought exactly the same thing lol. The setting and the volume don't match at all in this film. So grateful for that documentary. It made me that much more of a keen observer for any documentary that I watch.

    18. Vicki_in_Greece

      It's important to be media critical but also important to follow up and find out what was going on when something looks fishy to you.

  21. henrymart81

    I couldn't get through this. I know he's aging, but he needs to speak up.

    1. $5778386

      henrymart81; I find your comment almost amusing, in that this is the first doc. that Noam Chomsky has posted that i have been able to listen to all the way through. He actually held my attention to the end! I have got to admire this person but at the same time he is such an enigma; he digresses to the point that he has two or three conversations going on at the same time.

    2. Vicki_in_Greece

      So disappointing to hear a rude comment like this directed towards Prof. Chomsky. He has dedicated his life to truth and understanding the rule of law.
      Perhaps it is your turn to speak up.

    3. Wayne Siemund

      hardly a rude comment. It is a factual comment. Chomsky tends to be so soft spoken his voice rattles. That rattle can be distracting. I don't think I have watched any of Chomsky's lectures where he was full throated clear. You get used to it, however.

    4. batvette

      LOL, Chomsky dedicated his life to "truth"? Interesting, refer to his essay "it's the imperialism, stupid!" and go down a couple of lines to where he says:

      "In 2002 the US and United Kingdom proclaimed the right to invade Iraq because it was developing weapons of mass destruction. That was the "single question," as stressed constantly by Bush, Prime Minister Blair and associates. It was also the sole basis on which Bush received congressional authorisation to resort to force.

      The answer to the "single question" was given shortly after the invasion, and reluctantly conceded: The WMD didn't exist. Scarcely missing a beat, the government and media doctrinal system concocted new pretexts and justifications for going to war."

      I was fairly outraged at that given he published it in a middle east source on the fourth of July with our troops getting killed in the insurgency. I contacted him and we exchanged several emails on the matter, with the professor of linguistics waffling over the meaning of the word "sole".

      Concocted new pretexts and justifications? They were ALL spelled out in the AUMF on Iraq signed into law in October 2002. That whole argument is indicative of willful ignorance.

      Vicki, he was lying, and his lies were part of disinformation that fueled the insurgency and caused the Iraqis to distrust our motives and delay the reconstruction. I offered in my last reply to him that perhaps in all the years he'd been fighting the establishment he'd taken on some of their repulsive techniques.

    5. Bob Trees

      I'm thinking you haven't found your volume control on your computer yet. If you are using Windoz one control is on your toolbar, look for a speaker. If you know how to search on your system, you can search for "volume" and that should solve your problem.

      I just watched the video and thought both were just fine, but I know where the volume control is. :-)

  22. Lito Magnanimous

    I wish i had the words or the magic comment to wake the hold outs who believe everything the news has reported to be fact. The obvious international laws that have been violated, who will stand trial ?

    Who will stand up to these powerful people ? I suspect there never will be any accountability. Our children are in for a hell of a surprise future. A future of poverty, debt, hunger ect.

    If we could all put our differences aside and work together without distraction then imagine what could be accomplished ?

    Will the bloodline ever get their comeuppance ?
    I would love to see that day !

  23. Flocktard

    Don't tell them that or you will go to prison as a potential terrorist.