Vaccination: The Hidden Truth

Vaccination: The Hidden Truth

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Vaccination - The Hidden TruthTo summarize in broad terms, instead of resulting in prophylaxis, meaning prevention, all responses to vaccines actually fall under the broad umbrella of anaphylaxis, which means sensitisation, the OPPOSITE of immunization. In this extremely informative video, fifteen people, including Dr. Viera Scheibner (a PhD researcher), five medical doctors, other researchers, reveal what is really going on in relation to illness and vaccines. Ironically, the important facts come from the orthodox medicine’s own peer-reviewed research.

With so much government and medical promotion of vaccination for prevention of disease, the video is clearly devoted to presenting the other side of the issue that parents and others are not being told. The result is a damning account of the ineffectiveness of vaccines and their often harmful effects. It declares that parents are not being told the truth by the media, the Health Department and the medical establishment, with a medical doctor, Dr. Mark Donohoe, confessing that "It is a problem for me that I am part of a profession that is systematically lying to people…"

The video presents well documented answers to questions like: Was it really vaccines that saved us? Why are they only counterproductive? How are many statistics misleading? What do vaccines contain? What are they doing to our organs, immune systems, even our genes? Are childhood diseases really dangerous to healthy children? Why does vaccination continue? What are our rights? Can vaccine damage be evaluated and countered? What is the true key to immunity?

The video raises the fundamental question of whether we should be trying to prevent childhood diseases anyway, in that they contribute to the development of a healthy immune system. If what the video says is true, why is vaccination pushed so heavily by the government authorities?

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3 years ago

I wouldn’t expect you to have negative views on vaccines, working in the medical field. Most of the anti-vaxers here, have simply refused to be sheep and done their own research for the health and well-being of their children. Just like myself. It is impossible to explain the difference in behaviours of some of the kids that were vaccinated. I have seen numerous videos and also witnessed it myself. A healthy, happy, laughing, communicating, walking, playful kid one day, becomes completely different by struggling to communicate and even walk, ending up sad and frustrated after a dose of the MMR vaccine. This can’t be a coincidence, the amount of cases worldwide is phenomenal. And you’re telling me it’s genetics or the parents didn’t pick up on it before. Please!! Spare me! Surely you know that these kind of changes can be attributed to inflammation in the brain caused by toxins in the body, leading to a damaged central nervous system. But hay! Let’s inject some toxins directly into our bodies to maybe prevent a certain disease. Even the vaccines aren’t 100% affective. It is still possible to get the disease, even though being vaccinated. Do you even know what the ingredients are in these vaccines? Have you ever read the information insert of one of them? I have. Most of us don’t get a chance because we don’t even see the box or packaging. Just an example for you, on the Whooping Cough vaccine insert, apart from listing all the potential side effects, it actually states that the vaccine is not recommended for pregnant women as it can cause a miscarriage, but guess what!? Pregnant women are almost forced to get the vaccine to protect their ‘unborn child’. Absolutely ludicrous! Here’s the thing, the kids that become permanently affected by vaccines are seen as collateral damage. The Governments view is, better that 95% (we don’t really know the true statistics) of kids are disease free than the rest that become damaged or even die. Well I sure as hell am not risking my child becoming one of the 5% kids. You might want to also read about the lawsuits and amount of payouts to families of damaged kids from vaccines. Out of court settlements, hmmmmm, that’s strange. One last mind boggling fact, the different types of vaccines administered to kids at the same time have not been tested to determine if it’s safe to do so! Are you kidding me! We are told not to even take Panadol and Nurofen at the same time yet we can inject these ‘miracle drugs’ at the same time because no adverse affect has been established due to lack of regulation and testing!
I feel sorry for those who put all of their trust in the people we rely on the most without any hesitation, research or questioning.

3 years ago

I didn’t get vaccinated and everyone else in my class did and the majority of the people in my class got sick meaning that they had to miss class. I haven’t gotten since primary school so I don't know if that says anything but it’s interesting to consider. I do also wonder why there is so much information trying to prove vaccines worth but none really prove it’s effectiveness.

4 years ago


Shoot 'em Up
4 years ago

I bet AJ is a flat-earther and believes we never went to the moon either.

Has anyone else noticed that most of the anti-vaccine commenters here can't even put one sentence together without a handful of spelling and grammatical errors? Yet, they want to be taken seriously and believe they are the educated ones.

I Love Jesus
4 years ago

When I see the Royal family being vaccinated and all the rest of the Elites I still wouldn’t do it, I bet they don’t eat the genetically modified foods we are forced to eat from limited sources of outlets , shut down the super markets and most of us are dead.

5 years ago

So this is where the nutbags gather to discuss endangering their children!! There’s a “doctor” down there advising against vaccines...uuuugghh. What would you fruit loops do if you finally realized you’re wrong? Would you come back to places like these and let all your fellow ********* know you were wrong? Try to set things straight? One can only hope. Seriously though, if it was just id**ts like these here at risk of death because of lack of vaccines, I could live with it. But it’s not. When crackpots don’t get vaccinated, it puts intelligent and innocent people at risk as well. The saddest part is, is that these ******** KNOW THAT THEIR BEHAVIOR ENDANGERS OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES-BUT THEY DON’T GIVE A ****. Selfish. Disgusting. Pathetic. Dangerous. Anti-vaxxers shouldn’t be allowed to have kids, get on planes, or go to hospitals. These science-denying ***** shouldn’t be allowed to use cell phones.

5 years ago

When I got my last vaccination I changed I stoped being outgoing I got more aggressive I stop caring for anyone everyone should hav a choice if they force kids to take it they're the worstest people in the world but like governments they won't change no 1 can change it because the abuse of power from world governments that force laws on us even tho they brake the laws them selfs

Dr Don
5 years ago

A happy boy 16, always came in with his very sick mom as she improved. Then he came in but sat quietly. I asked why he was so sad? "It's my birthday." I said, how could that make you sad? "My twin brother was vaccinated and died on our Birthday!" He wasn't vaccinated nor were any of his 13 relatives. All are healthy. All of my 9 children and cousins are totally healthy and un vaccinated. My 2 daughters missed 1 day of school, K through - University. I'm a physician with 3.8 in 16 University Chem classes. I see Zero value in a vaccination.

Christian Angelo Medina
5 years ago

When I was a kid I was full of vaccines. But I still got dengue while my younger sisters without vaccine never had one. Now when my wife was pregnant I never allowed her to take anything that the doctors/midwife gave her. And just let her take our own herbal medicine. Now when my first daughter was born she was the only one never had an injection while the rest of her batch gets a dose for 7 days. And now shes more healthy and she even practice lifting her head and she can barely do it. Not to mention that shes practicing to crawl. Boy I'm glad I never had her vaccined, imagine a 3 weeks old baby doing that? Insane right?

Samuel Justus
6 years ago

I want to make a few points here

1. The anti vaccination movement Did Not start and does not end with Andrew Wakefield. It goes back over 200 years:

Our own fight against vaccination has been a long and arduous battle. While individuals and small groups were fighting for freedom in this matter as far back as the time of the passing of the compulsory vaccination act of 1853. the definitely organized struggle started with the passing of the harsh vaccination act of 1867, which aimed at compelling every parent of a child to have that child vaccinated within three months of birth. Those who refused could be ordered by the magistrates over and over again until the child attained the age of fourteen to have it vaccinated and could be fined for each refusal to comply with such magistrates’ orders. ...

For many years it was confined mainly to the poorer classes. Only a very few men of intellect and distinction championed our cause. It was natural that most of the disasters due to vaccination should fall on the poorer classes and that those classes should publish them while the upper and middle classes would be more likely to keep such things to themselves. But by degrees what might be called the artisan class, the smaller shopkeepers and the lower middle classes became the backbone of the movement. They paid large sums in fines, they had their goods seized and sold when they could not or would not pay fines. Those who had no goods or would not let them be seized went to prison, some were ruined, and some emigrated to avoid ruin. There are men living in America today whose parents left England on account of the harsh vaccination acts. The public saw honorable, upright men appearing again and again before the magistrates and many began to ask what it could mean when such men were willing to go to such lengths to save their children from the operation.

Lily Lost, President of the Anti Vaccination League, in a Speach given around 1927.

2. Improvements in Sanitation and nutrition caused the decline in disease and vaccination made things worse. Further, diseases were renamed and redefined to show elimination when in fact they were not eliminated. Please see Dr. Elinor Mcbean's The Poisoned Needle which has multiple quotes about this from historical doctors. Please also see the free online book Dissolving Illusions which has multiple charts and explanations of the relevant phenomina supporting the idea that prro nutrition and hygiene which caused these diseases.

3. Diseases such as Polio are caused by Toxins such as DDT and lead arsenate, which are known to cause paralysis. These can be carried into the body by the sugar in fruits and milk products which are sources of these toxins. These toxindls are still used in 3rd World countries. Please see Jim West's papers on Polio in the whale .to polio section as well as the Polio blog posts at the Age of Autism website.

3. Many of these diseases can be treated naturally. Please see whale .to s section small pox quotes and its section on Dr. Trall. www. doctor yourself . com also has papers, peer reviewed, by Dr. Klenner who was able to cure cases of Polio and other diseases using Vitamin C. Treatment. Well he have the excuse of doing this since vaccinations for many of these diseases were not available. Their are too many quotes from doctors in the whale .to quotes section to list here. I'll just mention 3:

"Dr. Russell T. Trall, the eminent Natural Hygienist, considered smallpox "as essentially . . . not a dangerous disease." He cared for large numbers of patients afflicted with smallpox and never lost a case. Under conventional medical treatment, patients were drugged heroically, bled profusely, were smothered in blankets, wallowed in dirty linen, were allowed no water, fresh air and stuffed with milk, brandy or wine. Antimony and Mercury were medicated in large doses. Physicians kept their patients bundled up warm in bed, with the room heated and doors and windows carefully closed, so that not a breath of fresh air could get in, and given freely large doses of drugs to induce sweating (Sudorifics), plus wine and aromatized liquors. Fever patients were put into vaporbath chambers in order to sweat the impurities out of the system. Given no water when they cried for it and when gasping for air were carried to a dry-hot room and after a while were returned to the steam torture. Many must have died of Heat Stroke!

"It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we ever vanquished smallpox with vaccines, when only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated." Dr Glen Dettman.

"Not one case receiving homeopathic care died, while the "old school" doctors lost twenty percent of their cases."--W. L. Bonnell, MD

Sam J.

Gold Star
7 years ago

Vaccines are the biggest farce of the 21st century. They do not help, but they most certainly hinder. The biggest motivator behind vaccines are profit - your $$$$, not just profit on the vaccines, but profit on the chronic health problems that inevitably develop from vaccination: epilepsy, autism, ADD, learning disorders, eczema, tonsillitis, autoimmune diseases, asthma, diabetes type 1, juvenile arthritis and more. Vaccines dirtiest secret: it is the number 1 reason for SIDS. SIDS is not a mystery. In short it should stand for: Suddenly Immunised to Death Syndrome.

Lori Barret
7 years ago

Most of these vaccines are not necessary just for the mere fact that they are preventing diseases that are not even life threatening like measles, mumps, chicken pox, flu etc. We all got these diseases as kids and we are still here!

Lori Barret
7 years ago

To : "Jesus's Truth",,,, You are correct and I couldn't agree more!!

Lori Barrett
7 years ago

Everyone here gets the flu shot and they still get the flu ...EVERY TIME but they still get it again the next year and give it to their kids as well. The doctors tell them that it would have been way worse of a case if they hadn't gotten the vaccine!! WHAT?? People are BLIND

Jesus's truth
7 years ago

Ok for all you close minded ppl that live your pathetic lol boxes ,and think that the government is really trying to help, wake up idiots!! 15-20 yrs ago we has 10 vaccinations we had to take 10!!!! Now our kinds our required to be given 24!!yes 24!!now with that simple fact you blind ass dumbasses handing ovr your children to the government to harm,kill and disease our children with there posions!yea I belive at one time they were not corrupt, and were helpful to save lives but not anymore! And you ppl going along with this ,sitting back and handing your own kids to a bunch of Satanism freaks (Rothchilds) then you all deserve what you get & the Lord will deal with you one by one."my people will parish for not knowing " said the Lord. May he have mercury on all your ignorant souls. All the info is out there to prove the danger in these imminizations,if you cared enough about your kids, our future you a**holes would prove you so ignorantly wrong ,and then maybe a positive change could start to manifest,but until then you bunch of followers will keep allowing this sick twisted government to keep killing and infecting the population with their posions! Open your spiritual eyes ppl!!WAKE UP!!!!

7 years ago

For the mercury comment you ingest more mercury when you consume FISH than whats in a vaccine. The "mercury" in a vaccine is inorganic ethyl which easily absorbed by the GI than other mercuries.

7 years ago

People believe anything the media says!
Vaccinate your damn kids please. I work in the medical field..the claim about us not getting vaccinated is bull. We have to get tested and vaccinated yearly. I dare any of you to go visit countries where these diseases are prevalent and I promise you'll be sorry. When you are researching it is wise to find dependable sources. 1. Autism is genetic. You can't possibly believe that vaccinations cause autism. You would have to be a superior *****. 2. I will be waiting on the next wave of dumb mfs to say vaccinations cause down syndrome. 3. What diseases have vaccinations caused? I'll wait on it... .4. The reason you are healthy and your kids are healtht without getting vaccinated is because of the people around you that have gotten vaccines. You wouldn't stand a chance in countries with these diseases. I feel so sorry for our species.... viruses are powerful the minute the have a chance to reemerge they come back with vengeance meaning they mutate into strands that we don't have vaccinations and treatments for. We are all doomed because of this antivaccinate bull. No only does vaccinations protect us but it protects those little kids who's parents wants to vaccinate them but cant due to them being allergic to eggs and etc,. I don't see none of complaining about open heart surgery or transplants. We are human and of course we all make mistakes. The first few open heart surgeries were not as successful as they are today due to trial and error. But look at us expectancy has risen dramatically due to science and medicine. Wake up america.

7 years ago

Some people can't have vaccinations if they have weak immune systems or are pregnant, or if they have a handful of very rare medical cases. Why is it bad to be unnatural, it was nature in the first place that created the viruses.

7 years ago

According to the CDC Measles is the third most infectious disease, and cases of measles in the U.S. have dropped by 99%, even with dumbf***ks like these guys ruining it for everyone else. The only reason people who aren't vaccinated don't get infected is because of the herd immunity. There is nothing toxic about putting a dead virus in you body for your immune system to build antibodies against.

7 years ago

I got small pox . I get over it without vaccine and I am still alive and healthy... And now I am pregnant and I escape getting toxoid vaccine.. They required me to have it and they supposed to give me six injections before my dd. And I have a friend have her baby girl have different kinds of vaccines including typhoid vaccines and still she got pneumonia fever for like two times in just one year.. So me as a mother why I let strangers to inject anything you don't even know how they made it or where ot came from on my precious baby?

7 years ago

My sister developed petit mal seizures after the mpr vaccination. The pediatric neurologists and doctors knew about it, but the public was kept ignorant. The neurologist said she was never to have another pertussis vaccination again, but never said why. This was back in the late 1970s. Then they doped her out for years on experimental meds that never worked until we had had enough and weaned her off. Every month she had to go for blood tests to check her liver for damage. The attitude was that it only affected 1 of every 1000 children, therefore it was deemed safe. The girl across the street wound up with grand mal seizures from the mpr and died. I know of two babies aged 2 months who also died of seizures after getting the mpr....autopsies confirmed death from vaccine.
In the 1980s there was a massive class action lawsuit in the US against the drug company that manufactured the mpr.
Europe uses a more expensive vaccine that is safer. Anytime a medical professional or paper claims something is safe, it doesn't mean % safe, it means that its safe within a reasonable dose limit. This does not take into account all of the other interactions of various other factors on the human body and brain.
My sister is in her late 30s now and she lives with me because the seizures resulted in brain damage. And I will never forgive the people who knew about the risks and never shared that info with us so we could make an informed choice.
For all of the skeptics out there. It is a fact that polio and small pox were already on the decline when the vaccines were developed and used. There was also controversy over cases that were diagnosed or labelled as polio, but fell under the definition of similar type diseases and were not actually polio.
My mom is from a family of 15 children. Only two died before they were 2 years old. No one she knew died of childhood diseases like mumps, chicken pox, etc. And know one died from unpasteurized honey or milk.
Check out the research done on Amish communities, etc.. They don't believe in vaccines, etc.

Some vaccines may or may not be necessary. In the case of malaria they may be the lesser of the two evils.
There are risks associated with most medical interventions. We need to be and have a right to be aware of what those risks are.
In the last century thousands of children in orphanages and homes were used as guinea pigs for vaccine experiments without any oversight by caring adults. Many of those children were damaged for life or killed by the experiments. The parents of these children were never informed and were never asked for consent before their children were signed over to be used for experimentation. They were cheap and convenient and their were plenty of them.
Check out the Tuskeegee syphylis study. That should make you question your gov't. and what they tell you is safe.

Lucy Pasteur
8 years ago

Almost everything logical has been commented by many common sense folk. It's obvious for anyone with 2 eyes and 1/2 a working brain that people are waking up and recognizing that our children can live vibrantly healthy lives by giving them the building blocks of health - a flourishing microbiome, being nursed, wholesome, pesticide-free foods, lots of exercise and certainly lots of love. They don't need microbes mixed with a toxic brew injected into a pristine immune system that will G-d willing be built naturally.

The media keeps calling the growing populace of non-vaccinating parents ignorant and spreading disease as it grows by leaps and bounds. It's crystal clear that babies not burdened by neurotoxic viruses and chemicals are free to utilize all their brain function to think clearly, behave in socially appropriate ways, etc. Their immune systems develop well and they don't react to allergens in the hyper state that so many vaccinated children do. So all the confusing chatter by medical students and "professionals" is just that - scientific gobbledygook. Remember, science doesn't always present what's actually good for people. Those pushing vaccines, chemo, radiation, etc are not necessarily ethical or value optimum health in humans. They work always with an intimidation tone, so that people will feel pressured and humiliated into complying with them.

Knowledge is power! Get a backbone! Take your responsibility seriously! Join other grass roots movements to fight the good fight. They refuse to do the comparative study of vacc'd populations against unvacc'd - we are doing it and the results? unvacc'd wins hands down!!!!

Someone just commented to me that "it's better for my child to be ADHD than to have polio" well - another fear-based comment. Can your child be brain-healthy and not worry about polio? for sure!!!!!

8 years ago

Vitamin C cannot kill you unless you literally made a large slab of it and dropped it from a crane onto yourself. There is in fact systematic suppression of research that states vitamin C given intravenously in large doses can reverse certain cancers. AJ is a troll. We see you AJ, we see you. Just have common sense people. Seek to see clearly.

8 years ago

Since when did goverment care about us and since when did goverment give away free medicine they injecting babys with really awful chemicals I bet they doing it so you can buy medicine for if your child gets sick it all revolves around money power and so much minipulating and secrets they not telling us bet there kids ain't even immunised . That's my opinion anyway

8 years ago

Evone..not sure how old you are, or in which years you would have been vaccinated, but harmful ingredients were definitely in the injections administered in the mid to late 1960s. As a family it is easy to observe in hindsight the effects of immunisation. From very young, we had bouts of severe bronchitis and tonsillitis. We watched our younger siblings who had convulsions immediately after injections. We mourned our 6 month old baby brother.. who died within hours of a triple antigen shot. We were not injected for MMR, and had all three illnesses at some point in our childhood.... interesting none of the childhood illnesses resulted in death.

8 years ago

I believe that when I received my vaccines as a child they didn't put all of these horrible things in them. Now we have to give children 3 times more vaccines then we had as children. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. I do think some vaccines if the horrible toxic crap is taken out are good but not with all the crap they are putting in and why are they putting it in hmmmmm?

Don't Vaccinate
8 years ago

I think it is funny how many of you use the argument that the majority of people now are only alive because they've had vaccinations and you can thank vaccines for your healthy immune system. People have been on this planet for over 300,000 years at least, with the vast majority of that time living without vaccinations. While we can not go back that far to tell what age people lived to, we can look at the ancient world. In ancient greece, china and even the aztec culture, we can find records of people who lived well into their 70s or 80s. They were usually people of a higher social class which means they were healthier and cleaner than others. Health is not given to you by a needle and in fact the opposite is true.

You all want to blame us anti-vaxxers for getting you all sick but the reality is that you can NOT spread a disease unless you have it, and most of us don't. My children are not vaccinated and they are not only very healthy, but they have not given anyone a disease. In fact, those who get injected risk spreading it to others through shedding of the vaccine or through having a weak version of the sickness. People who get their flu shots or measles (often with a small rash) are warned to stay away from those with autoimmune issues. Well... it couldn't be any more clear than that. We are being lied to and we are being pressured into poisoning our children out of fear. I would much rather my child face the risk of getting a rare disease that they would probably recover from than hold their hand and let some doctor inject a poison in them that causes them to have a reaction that forces them to suffer for their whole life or even die. I would never forgive myself for that.

9 years ago

It's plain and simple. If you refuse to get vaccinated, get sick and infect others, you're a criminal. If you refuse to vaccinate your child and he/she gets sick, you're an even worse criminal. Dreadful diseases are threatening to come back because of the anti-vaccine movement.

9 years ago

To all "concerned citizens" commenting on this page who are obviously confused on how vaccines actually work, you should really try to understand how vaccines actually work first. Also, inform yourself on the process and effect of "herd immunity," the reason you non vaccinators are all "happy and healthy" is because of the majority of us who have been vaccinated (again see: How vaccines work in conjunction with "herd immunity," you are welcome). Also, as many of you may not know, the origin of "anti-vaccinators" based their ideas on a claim from a study from one scientist in 1998 (see: Andrew Wakefield) which validation has been revoked due to very poor procedure and practice after an in depth investigation. The claim of this study was also very flawed as it only investigated simple correlation instead of any type of actual causation. The argument now has shifted towards government conspiracy (because that sounds like a good reason to rebel against the masses) and this somehow is easier to believe than vaccines being beneficial...mind boggling. If it is the very minimal trace amounts of substances in which you hear are harmful to your body, you might as well go find an island to base your existence on because almost everything you eat drink and touch within your daily life has trace amounts of something that can kill you. Anything in large amounts can kill you. Vitamin C in large amounts can kill you. If you are going to make an argument at least take a basic microbiology course first and see if your opinion is still the same afterwards.

Brian Mack
9 years ago

I said NO to vaccines after grade 9, I am 51 now and very healthy. We don't vax our daughter and she is very healthy. Our friends who get the vax are not so lucky.

10 years ago

The facts are that every piece of our social structure has been terribly compromised. Politicians and Corp CEOs don’t tell us truths otherwise they wouldn't make money and have the power they do. Think about it, when was the last time any of them actually told the truth?? Sure we keep wanting to believe but we cannot, especially when it comes to our families. I truly wish we lived in a society that caring and wellbeing was the first motivation but, we all know this is not true. When we cant even trust leaving a car unlocked while getting groceries, what makes you want to trust some stranger that you will never meet developed something sponsored by corp money will be healthy for your baby? Are you kidding me? These guys have sold their souls, they run ruthless markets and destroy anything in their way. They never cared, and they do not care about your kids? It comes down to common sense. Corps and politicians make %100 of the decisions affecting state wide healthcare.

10 years ago

You will never give me any shot! Not for my pet gold fish or my dog Perry he's just fine. I've tried to inform the human cattle about these documentaries gave them the site & they call me stupid. How am I stupid trying to inform the cattle of what their doing to us, & how it's done. Human cattle will kill the those who try to help them instead of investigating the matter for it's self. Great information. And my four legged friend quotes me also. He says hello to all open minded people.

Concerned Citizen
10 years ago

Okay something to note and which is terribly presented by this documentary: "rate of deaths from various infectious diseases was drastically declining prior to the introduction of vaccination" - no duh! What do you think happened to all those people that used to get infected? hmmm I'll tell you as someone who has an honors degree in Immunology. They died. They died because they had weak immune systems and could not handle their respective infections. As a result their genes were eliminated from the genetic pool.

To simplify, they could not have kids because they died as kids. This also means that those who did survive had superior immune systems aka. most of us who can type comments on here can do so because our ancestors passed on genes to us that protect us from these terrible diseases. I should also add that a bunch of us who viewed this movie probably would not have survived to this age had vaccination not been introduced. Specifically, you reading this may have a weak immune system and you are alive because your immune system was bolstered as a child via a vaccine (ie. you were immunized) or you are living in an area where herd immunity is high due to vaccination (and in turn immunization).

Just wait, give it another decade and unvaccinated children will start getting polio and measles in the hundreds. Once that happens and if unfortunately your child or the child of someone you know becomes infected and is unable to mount an immune response the effects of avoiding childhood vaccination programs will hit home. No parent should have to watch their child live in a metal vaccuum chamber (polio) or die from coughing to death.

For those that choose to label me as supporting the drugs industry and brush aside the views above, then take into consideration the fact that I was not vaccinated according to the proper jab schedule as a child, but am I ever glad I had my 10th polio vaccine dose 2 weeks ago. At least I can sleep at night knowing that if there is polio virus (a form of enterovirus) in the water I drink or swim in, I have a solid fighting chance of remaining healthy.

Lastly, the film said something about the medical community being the least vaccinated in the world. I can state with absolute certainty: this is a lie. You need to get many more vaccines if you work in the healthcare field. I should know since I will start medical school soon. Nothing drives a point home like a couple needles in your arm. I wouldn't need so many shots if people followed basic preventative measures, vaccinated their children and maintained herd immunity within the community.

Oh well guess my colleagues and I can't complain too much. We will after all get to see and treat a lot of interesting new and old diseases as a result of the fear-mongering that's spread by documentaries like the one above. :)

10 years ago

An interesting fact is is the number of medically qualified people around the world who are against vaccination. Do some research yourself to investigate...don't take my word for it, there are quite a few. If I was told about issues regarding vaccine efficacy and safety by an an accountant, plumber, lawyer or a neurotic housewife/husband, I guess I could be forgiven for losing interest. However, the fact that so many people with medical credentials are speaking out against this therapy leads me to believe that there must be at least some concerns with it's use.

I mean, why would these medical people be against this particular therapy for no good reason? What could their hidden agenda be? How would they benefit from not advocating vaccination? In fact, from a professional perspective, this would actually compromise their reputations. But many of them don't seem to care about their reputations and are prepared to stand up and speak their minds. Why?? Are these medics arrogant, think they know best or just looking for publicity?? All are possibilities I guess.

Anyway it seems that the experts in healthcare cannot even agree amongst themselves about the efficacy and safety of vaccines. For me this is a key concern. Therefore how can the average member of the public feel confident in their use? I am not sure what to believe.

10 years ago

My son has Autism due to the MMR shot the shot contains mercury mercury is never to be injected into the human body it is damaging

Allie S
10 years ago

I was never vaccinated and I am still alive I am 23! I also have a very healthy immune system never had to stay home from work because of sickness

11 years ago

So... I'm about to go to South America, should I risk getting a parasite that might make my skin fall off and not get vaccinated? I have heard the anti vaccination argument for children living in America, but what about the Amazon Jungle? Typhoid does not sound fun to me.

11 years ago

All of you stay away from my kids.

11 years ago

This would be a good doc to watch to the ones that discussed vaccines lately, are they harmful to health? am talking about the ones that always seem to be in the news, pandemics, and more pandemics every year that never seem to surface, is big pharma the instigators of the fear mongering?

12 years ago

And by the way, vaccines shortens the response time of your immune system to a disease. i suppose that's what they mean by "sensitization". It's not a BAD thing because that's precisely how your immune system is SUPPOSED to work. It's how your immune system NATURALLY works after you overcome an infection. it only sounds terrifying to someone who hasn't taken the most basic science class.

here's how it works:
a person who has never gotten disease A gets disease A. Say this person gets horribly sick and this person's immune system doesn't start until 5 days after the infection, by then the person is ALREADY sick. this person then recovers from the infection.

a year later, this person comes into contact with disease A again. Except this time, the person's immune system is already sensitized to disease A and so the response time is short. This time, this person's immune system response within an hour upon encountering disease A and eradicates disease A before it has time to establish itself in the person. Hence this person doesn't get sick again.

12 years ago

Not just a lecture- an excellent documentary, although it's only the first half!

I was never vaccinated until I was a teenager (and then only MMR), followed by HepB when I began working in the medical field. My Mom refused, saying to the pediatrician "you cannot guarantee that it's 100% safe or effective" even after being pressured at every visit- with all four of us back in the 1980s. I have yet to die from smallpox, measles etc. I will never vaccinate my children. I currently have a 3 year old fully-vaccinated nephew who has apraxia and suffers from chronic upper respiratory infections. This documentary is spot on and it's only to their own detriment, those who fail to hear the facts and make sane conclusions from them. Survival of the fittest (mental or otherwise) is still alive and well.

The government doesn't do anything about this because of $$$.

12 years ago

This documentary is b@##$%^&, there is no "hidden truth". I love Vlatko for this site; but seriously, anyone who decides to not vaccinate their child is a m@#$% and something as incorrect and flawed as this should not even be posted. If even ONE parent watches this and decides to not vaccinate their child and their child dies then what?

Granted anyone who does that with no research (5 minutes of research will tell you all you need to know about the truth of vaccinating your child, and you can even browse the components of the vaccine, side effects, etc.) is not exactly the brightest tool in the shed.

There is such minimal risk that it is more dangerous for a child to play in the dirt than it is to be vaccinated. Your family doctor is not part of some conspiracy. Good day.

12 years ago

I went for a walk this morning and nearly tripped over a guy dying of Smallpox, because it still exists because smallpox vaccination doesn't work and wasn't used strategically to wipe from existence a disease that has killed around 500 million people since 1900.

13 years ago

From the description:

"all responses to vaccines actually fall under the broad umbrella of anaphylaxis, which means sensitisation, the OPPOSITE of immunization."

It's my understanding that sensitization is in no way the "opposite" of immunization. It is the first stage in an ACTIVE immune reaction that may result in immunization (i.e. the production of antibodies and memory B cells).

Some vaccines work by conferring passive immunity. As is the case with breastfeeding, these vaccines confer immunity by transferring pre-synthesized antibodies so that the body does not need to produce these elements itself - no sensitization required to produce antibodies.

If you are seriously considering not vaccinating yourself or your children, then please read the following free article (there is no excuse for not doing your homework if you intend to subject you or your children to the risks of refusing vaccination - please do not rely on media hype.

Addressing Parents’ Concerns: Do Vaccines Contain Harmful Preservatives, Adjuvants, Additives, or Residuals? PEDIATRICS Vol. 112 No. 6 December 2003, pp. 1394-1397

If you can't bring yourself to read the entire article, this is from the section addressing formaldehyde:
"The quantity of formaldehyde contained in individual vaccines does not exceed 0.1 mg (Table 5). This quantity of formaldehyde is considered to be safe for 2 reasons. First, formaldehyde is an essential intermediate in human metabolism and is required for the synthesis of thymidine, purines, and amino acids.76 Therefore, all humans have detectable quantities of formaldehyde in their circulation (approximately 2.5 µg of formaldehyde/mL of blood).77 Assuming an average weight of a 2-month-old of 5 kg and an average blood volume of 85 mL/kg, the total quantity of formaldehyde found naturally in an infant’s circulation would be approximately 1.1 mg—a value at least 10-fold greater than that contained in any individual vaccine. Second, quantities of formaldehyde at least 600-fold greater than that contained in vaccines have been given safely to animals.74,7"

Stay healthy and happy!

- A medical student

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Its called softkill. Read the Georgia Guide stones.
Poison is Poison. and its not just in the vaccines, its in our water and our food. No poison is good for you, no matter how small of amounts. Think for yourselfs and not go by what TV tells you is ok. If you havent already noticed TV is a programing. And it programs YOU. All the channels you get that you think is a selection is not. Think about it. Millios of people tune in to the same news broadcast thats altered to where you live. They lie about important facts and dont even cover the more important ones.

So call me what you want, but i am one person who choses to think OUTSIDE THE BOX.. With all the pun intended. I chose to research all the information and make my own choices from what i have learned.


13 years ago

I'm very happy that my parents vaccinated me and if I ever were to have children I would definately have them vaccinated.

Even if you don't want to delve into scientifically corroborated, peer reviewed studies, you only have to look at the decline in poliomyelitis around the world to see the benefits of vaccines. I feel sorry for the unfortunate children who have contracted polio after some ignorant parents in Nigeria refused to have their children vaccinated.

It is sad that the truth is often distorted by psuedoscience, media hype and conspiracy theories. The Wakefield paper, the cause of the MMR hysteria, has been discredited and debunked repeatedly, but the process of painstaking reviewing and verifying the facts makes for boring reading, and in a world of sensationalist journalism, isn't good for business. The parents of autistic children are desparetly trying to find someone or something to blame for their childs condition and I can understand that, but the in the end the facts just don't stack up.

13 years ago

Back as far as the 1700's many honest and concerned doctors began warning of these deadly vaccines but they were shunned by the medical establishment, which is the product of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers to this day.

There is so much evidence that these vaccines do far more damage than good it is sickening that so many still follow the herd and risk damage or even death of their own children. The FOIA has released documents that prove our government has used bioweapons on unsuspecting US citizens for decades even in the form of vaccines. However, you cannot educate those who need to believe their government loves them and all is well in their little make believe world for the barely functioning idiots they are. The sad part is their children have no say in the matter and their stupid parents keep allowing them to be filled with one vial of poison after another. That is child abuse in one of the cruelest forms. These people need what is called an old fashioned southern ass-kicking. When we brought our youngest son home from getting his booster of DPT he went into a convulsion and we rushed him to the ER. Of course the doctors denied that the injection caused it but he was a perfectly healthy child and had never had a convulsion before or since. That was the last damn vaccine my kids received. I told the school and the health department when they provided me with a signed statement that they would take full responsibility for any adverse effects then I would grant them access to my kids. They would not do that and I informed them they could kiss my ass and stay away from my family. If I knew at the beginning what I know now neither of my children would have been given one damn vaccine. People cannot be forced to do this no matter who tells them otherwise. People, grow a backbone and take back your rights and protect your children. We were fortunate that there were no lasting effects to our son solely due to the fact we were there when it started and were only minutes away from the ER. If we had put him down for a nap he most likely would have died. Many doctors now believe sudden infant death is due to vaccines. We have a couple of friends who had a heathly perfect baby boy who is now severely brain damaged from the DPT vaccine. He was 3 months old and has just received his first DPT vaccine and began to run a fever. The mom called the doctor and he told her to just give him infant Tylenol and he would be better the next day. During the night he spiked a fever of 105 and by the time they got him to the ER he was in a coma. They managed to bring him out but it was too late. That child is now 12 and he doesn't even know he is in this world. He cannot speak, walk, feed himself but only sits, stares and drools.

Big pharma is a trillion dollar a year industry and de-population sanctioned by the government is a primary goal. The government has now passed a bill that allows any pharmaceutical company to produce any vaccine it chooses and cannot be held responsible for any ill effects of those vaccines. That should tell any damn moron something is wrong with this picture.

Hundreds of thousands of our own military have been killed and injured for live from the vaccines they are forced to take. Look up death and vaccine injury of the Gulf War vets and try to learn a thing or two.

Achems Razor
13 years ago

I should have added,

Vaccinations contain, Thimerosol-a mercury derivative added as a preservative.

Formaldehyde-to kill viruses.

Aluminum-to promote antibody response.

Ethylene glycol-also known as antifreeze, used in vaccines as a disinfectant.

Phenol-a disinfectant.

Squalene-adjunctive to put immune system into overdrive.

13 years ago

"“If what the video says is true, why is vaccination pushed so heavily by the government authorities?”

Probably because it isn’t."

Probably because the government knows as little about vaccination as it does about governing.

13 years ago

"If what the video says is true, why is vaccination pushed so heavily by the government authorities?"

Probably because it isn't.