In the Valley of the Wolves
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In the Valley of the Wolves

2007, Nature  -   7 Comments
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In 1995, the first gray wolves were transported from Alberta, Canada to Yellowstone National Park, to repopulate the sprawling landscape with the species, absent for more than 70 years.

The following year, a second wave of wolves was brought to the park from British Columbia, Canada; five of them were released together, and they were named the Druid Peak pack. Since the arrival of those first immigrants, wolves have thrived in Yellowstone - and none more dramatically than the Druids.

The epic history of the Druids, one of more than a dozen packs now occupying the 2.2 million acres of Yellowstone, is documented in NATURE’s In the Valley of the Wolves, was produced and shot in High Definition by Emmy-award winning filmmaker Bob Landis.

With In the Valley of the Wolves, you’ll learn how the successful reintroduction of Yellowstone’s apex predator has changed the entire ecosystem of the park, and about the threats that these majestic animals continue to face on their road to recovery.

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5 years ago

In the Valley of the Wolves will always be one of my favorite documentaries of all time!

11 years ago

The wolf is an amazing creature. It should be respected and admired. Don't know why people hate wolves so much. Stupidity is such a disease, anyways.

Shelby Sherman
12 years ago

I love this site and while some of the documentaries are not worthwhile, most of the nature ones are outstanding. Yellowstone National Park is a world treasure, the most unique place on earth. One day it will be gone, blown away by the very forces that formed it, but I'm thankful it's here during my lifetime. The wolves are an essential link in the chain of life at Yellowstone. The documentary was outstanding.

12 years ago

Amazing site! Awesome documentary!

Tyler Durden
13 years ago

great video, great site, wolves are amazing animals

13 years ago

poor male coyote :(

13 years ago

Very Nice