The Vatican Financial Empire

The Vatican Financial Empire

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The Catholic Church, a towering institution for centuries, also possesses a long and intricate financial past. Throughout history, the Church has employed various methods to generate income, from the sale of indulgences in the medieval era to borrowing from prominent bankers and venturing into real estate and stock markets.

The 20th century witnessed the establishment of the Vatican Bank, entrusted with managing the Church's ever-growing wealth. However, this very bank has become entangled in controversy, facing accusations of involvement in money laundering and other financial scandals.

One such scandal centered around Roberto Calvi, an Italian banker whose life met a tragic end in 1982. Calvi was found hanging from a bridge in London, a death shrouded in mystery. Many believe it stemmed from his financial dealings with the Vatican Bank. The Church has vehemently denied any involvement in Calvi's demise, but the murky circumstances surrounding his death continue to fuel speculation.

Beyond the Calvi case, the Vatican Bank's reputation has been further tarnished by accusations of financial impropriety. From allegations of risky investments to potential ties to organized crime, the bank has faced intense scrutiny in recent decades. Despite the controversies, the Church maintains its stance, denying any wrongdoing in Calvi's death and striving to distance itself from the scandals that continue to plague the Vatican Bank.

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13 days ago

It did not include the recent years at all. I wanted to hear about the execution of most of the Cardinals and Bergoglio for their crimes against humanity and most of all the children.