The VICE Guide to Karachi

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The VICE Guide to KarachiKarachi is the biggest and fastest growing city in Pakistan. In a country riddled with violence related to the never-ending war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda, Karachi still manages to stick out.

In the West, it's probably best known as the place where the Wall Street Journal's Daniel Pearl had his head chopped off. We wanted to see the seedy underbelly of this ultra-violent metropolis of more than 18 million people, so VICE's co-founder Suroosh Alvi went to meet the key players who make Karachi one of the craziest cities on Earth.

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While there, Suroosh visited the largest garbage dump in the world (and alleged home to many kidnap victims), tagged along on a police sweep for suspected Taliban members, spent some time with a hit-man who claims to have murdered 35 people, and paid a visit to the "don" of Lyari, one of the most violent slums in one of the most violent cities in Pakistan.

He did other stuff too, all of which will drop your jaws in this five-part series, The VICE Guide to Karachi.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist - 44 minutes)

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  1. dewflirt

    I suspect they don't have a Karachi Tourist Board. Come and see dead people, target killers, tip kids and thousand year old crocodiles. Vice is a good name for this, it's nasty but I like it :/
    Edit, guest appearance from a couple of plastic cows too :)

  2. chard01
  3. chard01

    "anyone who has'nt been to karachi, has'nt been killed yet" oh yeah this shithole will not be getting my tourist euros. though smackheads that is some seriously cheap horse so its apples and oranges.

  4. joe johnson
  5. joe johnson

    The question I have , How soon before this mayhem come to a city near us ?
    lawlessness, lying, cheating. killing...and I'm talking about the Government

  6. Raptor
  7. Raptor

    keep your euros in your butt, its my home.. not your s***hole

  8. Rahul Fulzele
  9. Rahul Fulzele

    I wish for better future....

  10. Guest
  11. Guest

    yes, so do i...i have been to Pakistan. Much to remember!
    What is portrayed and what is lived is often two different films.

  12. Guest
  13. Guest

    Tourist euros are more easily spent in Thailand on the beaches on full moon parties.
    There are many ways to travel, some want it hardass. That was what the early back packers were it's all glory, party, and sex.

  14. Ravi
  15. Ravi

    This is the picture of any country or city in general which sees high population birth rates .....
    May be islam has a lot to reform and specifically its clergy which encourages more babies and preach against from using condoms and other such measures to avoid unnecessary births eventually leading to implosion.
    I live in india where muslims are encouraged to have more babies by mullahs and hence they have increased by 400% in the last 65 years in the history of my country and now are threatening to change the entire demographics of certain states (provinces) and thus asking for undue favours from the secular and democratic government of india.

  16. dmxi
  17. dmxi

    an idyllic scenery to meet 'mr.nice guy' .

  18. Zach Downs
  19. Zach Downs

    Wow someone went to college ;)

  20. harry nutzack
  21. harry nutzack

    gotta love Vice Guide. they give great insight into world areas no sane westerner really wants to set foot in. karachi kind of brings my mind to the history of NYC in the era roughly 60 years after the formation of the usa. huge slums, with various ethnic crime gangs and capos controlling them. media whore politicians. a lawless frontier to disappear into if need be. another great doc, TDF

  22. Muhammad Yasir Rouf
  23. Muhammad Yasir Rouf

    We have been dealing with the worst violence in Karachi for the past few years. Karachi was once a city, known for vigorous activities, participated by the people from all sphere of life. Now, it is like a no-go area. Who is responsible? The government. Our current government is led by traitors and unwise politicians. They know one thing: get the nation engaged in order to prolong their ruling period. If we use the power of vote sensibly with full understanding of who is sincere and who is not, not only our biggest city but also the entire Pakistan will come out of this bloody violence

  24. Arcot Murali
  25. Arcot Murali


  26. Naeem A Siddiqui
  27. Naeem A Siddiqui

    There are still far too many hindus in india.Muslims are a minority.
    I think its abit simplistic to put it all down to population rates.
    Christianity also preacha to avoid contraception.
    Who says indian govt is secular or democratic.
    They are Hindu govt.

  28. 11111122222
  29. 11111122222

    Women's empowerment needs to take place in places around the world like this. It's the first step to solving poverty in these regions and it must be the first step taken for any chance of success.

  30. Isaac McCracken
  31. Isaac McCracken

    After four years of women's studies at the local state university, 111111222222 finally saw the opportunity she had been waiting for; the opportunity to post the single comment that would change the world. As she hit enter, she knew. Everything was going to be alright.

  32. Sam
  33. Sam

    this is the last place on earth men rule with an iron fist and I'm happy for that

  34. HAM
  35. HAM

    I recently came back from Karachi. Went through the slums as well as upper middle class neighborhoods. Yes the city is riddled with danger but it's still a place with a beautiful culture and heritage. If you don't have family in Karachi then there's no point in going. But if you do you see how they make the best of whatever they have and don't let the danger around them affect their daily lives. It's truly a beautiful place

  36. Eric John
  37. Eric John

    Ravi; India has more population than in Pakistan. Condoms are freely avbl. in Pakistan where as it cost 3 RS in India.

    Indian extreemists parties have been influencing hindus to have more kids not to become minority in the country.

    Ravi is a bloody sick man. I am a Muslim and Islam does not preach to not to use condoms.

    Waiting docum. On Indian filthness

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