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Victorian Farm Christmas

2009 ,    »  -   10 Comments
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Victorian Farm ChristmasRuth Goodman, Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn - return to the Acton Scott estate in Shropshire to celebrate a traditional Victorian Christmas. There's an enormous amount of farm work to be done on the estate in the lead-up to the festive season, including the hay harvest, to make food for the animals over winter.

The Victorian farm team tackle their biggest project yet: restoring the village blacksmith's forge. First they must make bricks to restore the chimney - a full five day and night process in which the farmer gets no sleep. As winter marches on and Christmas nears, they must source a yule log: firewood to burn for the Twelve Days of Christmas. At the cottage, Ruth winter-proofs the house, making a paper blanket and remedies for chilblains, rheumatism, coughs and colds.

Christmas is coming to Acton Scott, but first there's a huge amount of preparation to do. Ruth Goodman and food historian Ivan Day try their hand at making a Christmas pudding using the same methods as Bob Cratchit's wife in A Christmas Carol. Meanwhile, Alex and Peter light the forge for the first time to re-shoe the farm workhorse Clumper - the first time a horse has been shod at this forge in over five decades.

Finally it's time for the Christmas meal in the estate's School Hall. With a rapturous toast to Queen Victoria and a quick trip to the cattle shed to wassail the animals, day turns into night and the drunken Victorian parlour games commence. The next morning it'll be time for the team to bid a fond farewell to Mr Acton as they depart Acton Scott for good.

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10 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Hammer2Fall

    Thanks a Million for linking us to the Victorian Farm Christmas and Tales from the Green Valley, Victorian Farm, Victorian Pharmacy and Edwardian Farm.

    Probably the best History based reality TV series ever made...............

  2. Yasuhiro Usuba

    Aww.. where's Chloey? She wasn't in the Tudor Feast either! What happened!

  3. tkingsky

    I truly loved watching this! Ruth, Peter and Alex are perfect players! Cheers!!

  4. magarac

    She grew up!

  5. Barb Mathews

    These documentaries make me feel so productive. I want to go out and buy and farm and start making compost, growing a garden, milking cows, baking pies.

  6. NAND Gate

    This documentary is simply too sensible. How am I supposed to engage in witty verbal combat with people over this? There is nothing to disagree with or debunk. "I say, that's not how they hung Holly!" Or how about "Oh dear, they have it all wrong. Victorian era Xmas pudding had far more Irishmen than that!".

    I am feeling far too wholesome now. It wont wash off, either.

    Bah humbug? Bring on the enlightenment era - far more head lopping in those days.

    In other news, the "good 'ol days" has been concretely traced back to the weekend of June 19, 1948.

  7. Sieben Stern

    I'd love to learn how they baked! in a brick oven and everything! ^^ i bet their bread is delicious - makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

  8. hamwa

    I love Ruth!

  9. hamwa

    Welll, more seriously, I lived in the South-West of France for a decade or so and many of the culinary practices we see here are still very much alive.

  10. hamwa

    In fact, I rebuilt a bread oven using a sand domb covered in firebricks, let the mortar go off, scrape out the sand and fire it up!

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