Video Game Invasion

2004 ,    »  -   15 Comments
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Video Game InvasionA breakthrough documentary on the multi-billion dollar industry & the pioneers behind the blips on the screen.

Decades later it's all gone extreme! Go beyond the pixels and behind the scenes for the true story about video games.

Hosted by Tony Hawk, world champion skateboarder and co-creator of such hit video games as "Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater" and "Tony Hawk’s Underground".

Video Game Invasion explores the creation of video games in an entertaining and comprehensive fashion, taking viewers through the maze of games that comprised the evolution of video gaming.

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15 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Yavanna

    Soooo many memories!

  2. Zsmart
  3. Zsmart

    Very informative and entertaining biography.

  4. James
  5. James

    MAN where would the world be without video games? Started with an Atari and now I've got a PS3. 30 years old and still a gamer. Gamer4life :)

  6. TheSaint
  7. TheSaint

    great documentary and very informative!

  8. abfallmensch
  9. abfallmensch

    started my (gaming life) with a NES evolved through the SNES and streetfighter and zelda to the playstation 1+2 with intervals of having a n64 (which i still have) and gamecube,to now beeing owner of an PC.exciting gaming tales i have to tell. this is a personal THANK YOU TO ALL THE CONSOLES (makers) FOR THE GREAT TIME YOU GAVE ME!
    fantastic doc!

  10. abfallmensch
  11. abfallmensch

    have to see that the army is recruiting people into their ranks with games is annoying me. war is not a clean "dehumanized" computergame. dont get me wrong,first person shooters are my favorite. wolfenstein 3d and spear of destiny to doom 1+2 and medal of honor to doom3 are among my favorite games. for me its not "cool" to be a soldier and kill people for real. though, most of the young generations guy's and girls wouldnt agree.

  12. Tun Wu
  13. Tun Wu

    snake? tank? PoP? Pokemon? GTA? Diablo? DnD? HL? NFS? not even a mention? you forgot mention of the gaming engine innovations, and the graphic cards...u talk about PC gaming without so much as a fleeting reference to S3s and voodoos? :(

    u would have just needed another 10-15 mins to include these...unforgiveable

  14. alan
  15. alan

    Not even mention Civilization? Thats like not mentioning Mario Bros in the history of video games.

  16. Bianca
  17. Bianca

    Sports games are lame. I hate how Tony keeps pushing his skateboard game whenever he has a spare second.

    Also, they've completely ignored RTS games. And Blizzard as a company. Most people might remember them for Warcraft Orcs vs Humans and StarCraft, but they als made Vikings. Remember that? :)

  18. Gamer
  19. Gamer

    gaming for most of my life.

    Master system II




    each console lasting bout 3-4 years before i upgraded.

    gaming for lyfe!

  20. corey
  21. corey

    this documentary is sota old now.they need to make a second update so to speak.

  22. Ian
  23. Ian

    i was a little disapointed that they didnt mention the N64. like that was a god damn land mark. like the symbol of a generation, one of the best systems of all time, if no the best. come on guys, step ur game up.

  24. Ramus
  25. Ramus

    Blizzard also did an awesome game called Blackthorne - platform affair where you could hide in shadows. One of the best platformers ive ever played.
    Im 37 and my first introduction to "video games" was the Atari VCS (i think it was called) when i was 5, clunky switches, wooden console, a dimmer switch for a controller and black and white graphics. I wonder what games 5 yr olds today will be playing when their my age.

  26. Andrew Sullivan
  27. Andrew Sullivan

    I think that the hand held games were one of the big video gaming landmarks.

  28. cyberfrank
  29. cyberfrank

    way too short!

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