The Voice of Generation Obama

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The Voice of Generation ObamaThis documentary profiles the Obama campaign's massive youth movement and Obama's 27-year-old speechwriter Jon Favreau.

What made the Obama speeches so appealing to young people? And why does the Millennial generation born after 1981, and now coming of age as voters, seem the perfect generation for Obama's message of hope and optimism?

What impact did the campaign rhetoric have on the Millennials and is Obama's young speechwriter Jon Favreau the voice of this new generation?

Young campaign volunteers in Virginia and Obama's national student leader in Washington DC explain how the Obama speeches inspired them to join the movement.

There are also interviews with Jon Favreau's former college professors. Who is Jon Favreau? What shaped his political views? And how much of the speeches that gave words to the hope, aspirations and energy of a new generation is Jon, and how much is Obama?

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    I wouldnt even buy a used car from one of these slick conmen.

  2. oQ

    This was 2009...what about now, are they still passionate about Obama? Have they been deceived? Will they vote in great numbers? Do they trust despite the 4 years that have just past?
    Hopefully Obama is as honest as these young people who were putting their trust in him.
    We will soon know, i suppose.

  3. slpsa

    Well, change, yes we can! turned out to be a sh*t sammich didn't it. The red/blue paradigm continues, and people eat it up, or rather, lap it up. Sad state of affairs. Watch this to see where voting in America is at. Billionaires and Ballot Bandits - 9 Ways to Steal an Election, or better yet, maybe Vlatko can post it up. Great doc, funny and quirky speaker, Greg Palast, if you know him or not. But knows the game and has some pretty major accomplishments on his resume to be speaking this stuff. To me it was worth the watch to see the level or corruption present in political America today. It is mind boggling. It has been bought and paid for, by billionaires. America seems to be no more as far as democracy. Vlatko, if you would kind sir, add that doc. Quite informative.

  4. oQ

    added or not, i'll watch it, thanks.

  5. Christinne

    the obama deception....

  6. TheDanishViking

    I believe in Obama. The problem is just that he didnt win the senate and the congress. I still believe he is better than any alternative and that he will win again in 2012. Lets see in four years from now.

  7. slpsa

    Then Mr Viking, I feel some level of empathy for you. These people are all lying crooks. Wake up man. Blue/Red, same people, same level of corruption, the men behind the curtain care not who sits in the seat, they are the ones who put them there.

  8. TheDanishViking

    The democracy in the US is heavily influenced by money, but not entirely! I am not unrealistic in my expectations to Obama, or to any US President facing the game in Washington. But I still believe that he can do some good. Obama has not changed the world, as some of these youngsters in the film believed that he would (and neither will running around campusses repeating fancy words like "audacity"). Still, during his presidency a few good things was done:
    1. The US reached out out to Arab world (for example in Obamas speach in Egypt)
    2. Healthcare was introduced to all Americans (or at least the Obama admin. took this issue further than any previous US president).
    3. A process was started to make the US selfsufficient in energy.
    And lets be fair. He took over a sinking ship from Bush. I ask you to name three things that the Bush admin. did that can compare with this? No! I dont want to hear about all the things Obama didnt do. Just name three things Bush ever did? Come on, - dont you think it matters whether the US presidents name is Palin or Obama?

  9. silkop

    You know, it also might be the case that people who prefer to seek corruption and conspiracies everywhere and "pity the naive masses" actually see the corruption of their own pathetic worldview and are to be pitied themselves. It might also be that if you accept that the world is ruled by a ruthless despotic elite it will actually become more so.

  10. slpsa

    Of course, that must be it. Please. Enough comedy. The one thing people like you have in common every single time, is to make disingenuous comments and use insults and attacks on ones intellect to get your point across. Weak my man, very weak. The last bastion of fools and ignoramuses. Every single time. Go vote red or blue and you will get more of the same. Enjoy.

  11. slpsa

    He reached out to the Arab world? Really? With more guns and bombs? LMAO! The rest, I really have not much comment on that, I am not American, internal politics aside, it does not concern me, as I do not think they will attack Canada anytime soon. We tend to get along. We have free healthcare here, yes, but it does not work as well as we wish it did. Wait times are unreal. American foreign policy under Obama did not change much from Bush. An increase in forces overseas, more drone attacks, more intervention and bases around the world, more money for the military. That concerns me as it should concern every American and citizen of the planet. But i will not convince you that they are puppets. The stuff is in your face, kind of hard to ignore. But carry on friend. We can agree to disagree politley of course.

  12. TheDanishViking

    4. Obama was the first to recognize atheism as part of the US culture.
    5. Obama gave equal rights to gays (in the US military for example).
    6. Obamas military actions in Libya (together with several European countris) has so far been a moderate and rare success.

    That doesnt mean I am not aware of the influence of money and lobbying in US politics.
    I repeat my question: Dont you think it matters whether Palin or Obama is president of the US?

  13. slpsa

    Well, given that choice, Barrack certainly appears to not be a bubblehead if that choice matters. Not that it does.

  14. borsuk88

    Probably my last big disappointment in politics. Never ever again will I trust any of them murderous prostitutes. I knew I shouldn`t have hope but the prospect was so tempting...

  15. borsuk88

    Well, and the big number:
    7 THE DRONE WARS. Changing the face of modern warfare by opening the path for machines killing humans independently. Coming to a theather near You soon!

  16. abesterfilms

    Give me a break....

  17. citalotus8

    Obama passed the Preventative Detention bill. This is only one of many anti constitutional/big brother laws and bills that passed under the nose of the American people. YOU are losing your rights as we speak and neither party is going to do any good because they run on oil money and death. America needs new government that keeps corporations out and puts real people back in power.

  18. Glen Hale

    God save America because nothing else can, next election DON'T VOTE for any one send them the message you have had enough and don't want to turn grandkids to debt slaves.

  19. lakhotason

    Obama has intelligence, grace, and compassion. I like her husband too.

  20. slpsa

    Ye, I hear you. If she was the boss, maybe things would be better. Wait for it.....Nah, not really, just prettier. She seems an intellectual genius compared to Sarah Palin for instance. It matters not, they are all on the same payroll/page at that level of the game. Red/Blue, same sammich. People can ignore that or not. It changes 0.

  21. slpsa

    Too late Glen. Gonna take generations to fix the damage already done by red/blue shell games. Only if today, they decide to reverse course. Every passing week, it gets much worse, and more complex. A train looking for a place to crash would describe it perfectly.

  22. slpsa

    For that, you need a lot of angry people, and some really big guns. That requires a team. Seems the bench is pretty empty. When enough people reach the F-it point, perhaps things will change. Or not.

  23. Mercenarry ForHire

    *Flips a coin*

    One side is good times and the other is bad times. (excluding all other factors.)

    Heads! Tails! Tails! Heads! Heads! Tails! Heads! Tails! And that ladies and gentlemen is why im completely indifferent who gets elected at any time.

    Its all good, No mater what people build good or bad, it can always be undone. why, because future generations will do what they want and that's fine by me.

    Im just going to sit back, watch the fire works and talk to old people to see what great wisdom they have.

  24. Eric Tong

    Obama seems to be better than the other since he is trying to get something done (though the first attempt failed). The other is just trying to appeal to the public and get what he wants. Their background and history says a lot about their frame of mind.

    Obama looking for some hope or optimism in a world stricken by power, money, and deceit.

    Ronney looking to make his mark on history yet refuses to ever mention his altruistic contribution to the Massachusetts ("Romney Care") ever during the presidential campaign. Make you wonder what kind of identity he is putting on this time.

  25. Geoffrey Grekin

    At its very best the United states is a 'Corporation' and like a corporation it is a business that need managers to run it.

    These managers or CEO's represent the President of the united states, and whoever is elected will manage the United states (Foreign policy, economics, populace, public relation etc) like a business.
    However, just like a corporation the CEO 'President' will always answer to the owners of the business; in this case I would argue that large corporations or the top 1% of Americans are the owners of this business. Nowhere does the wider majority get any say whatsoever.
    And the reason for this is that corporations achieve control by directly influencing the election and subvertly hiring their manager's through political fundraising (Super PAK, etc). Those candidates that agree to serve to large corporations will receive the most rewards, while those with a different political agenda will not.
    What do you think fundraising is all about?
    Corporations and candidates are negotiating! Corporations don't just donate millions to a candidate as some kind of charity, what corporations are doing in fact is buying favors in exchange for financial support; It is the ultimate 'quid-pro-quo'. Once the president is elected to the oval office however, corporations expect their managers to fufil their duties they paid for. These include policies like corporate tax cuts, foreign policy engagements, economic free marketing, wars, etc.

    Wait? you thought you were voting on different ideological stances? Right or Left, Republican or Democrat?
    Truth is they are two sides of the same coin, although they do differ in opinion it is nevertheless framed within the corporatism agenda, that's why no matter who you vote for the status-quo will remain largely intact.
    In fact there are very few candidates that arn't bought by the corporations and they are easily recognizable, a.k.a Ron Paul in the the Republican primaries. We can see the gross lack of air time someone outside the corporatism agenda receives and why its so hard for these voices to compete in this very expensive political process.

    So ultimately the people and our represented governments are at the whim of big business and their 'Influence' on government is huge.
    What do the owners want?
    the large corporations and owners want what any corporation wants for themselves "Profits, control, power", they want to increase their bottom line, at whatever expense.

    Don't you all understand people?
    You've lost your political power and you don't even realize it.

  26. brianrose87

    In terms of political documentaries this documentary would be considered old (2009). I found it to be a valuable lens for a comparison between the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaign; two campaigns that have been tremendously different.

    There's an excellent 4 hour Frontline investigation titled "Money, Power, and Wall Street (like all Frontline episodes its free online), which the build up, fallout, and political reaction to the 2008 financial crisis. The last 2 hours cover the Obama administrations response.

    Obama considered, and indeed desired initially, imposing strict reforms on Wall Street (many of his advisers agreed), but Obama decided that the economy was to fragile and took reform in a lackluster, safe bet direction.

    I see that example as resonant with Obama's first 4 years. He campaigned on total change and reform, but once in office saw that such changes would have negative short-term consequences.

    He chose a safe bet over severe change that would assist in the long term picture. Because of this change in attitude he can no longer campaign on hope and change, only status quo. You see it in this campaign, he avoids any promise of genuine, deep reform because it doesn't rock the boat.

  27. DRA2012

    Why do you Progressives keep dissing Governor Palin? Is it because she paid for her own college education? Is it because she refused to accept the "elites" viewpoint of her being small-town trailer trash, and rose to become one of the most influential politicians in America (and went from near-bankruptcy to being worth ~$12M). Is it because it didn't matter to her which party the crooks belonged to, she would put them in jail? As the Chairman of the Alaska State Oil and Gas Commission she forced the Multinational Oil industry executives to obey the law, and drill where their permits said to. She is still the youngest, most popular, and first female Governor in the history of the State of Alaska, one would think she would be prized by the Women's Rights people, not constantly attacked and condemned by them.

  28. Matt Kukowski

    OK... so we are trying to all be Catholic and Science says we must transcend humanity. If you are not feeling a sense of real amazement in all this... as in... WOW... humans in the popular really are going to try to become Gods. Like the Pope does when he 'sits in' until Jesus returns. I can see now the similarities between Ray Kurzweil and the Pope.

    The one problem in all this is The Dictator. Hitler may rise again...

    Then again, almost everyone has Internet and the Democracy (mob rule) will prevent another Hitler.

    I think hard logic means two things. We can choose to stay human and eventually die. Or we can choose to try to all become eternal Popes and transcend being human and live forever in a computer simulation.

    Interesting times.

  29. Albertine Synnøve

    It is because we dislike her politics. Not a personal agenda.

  30. TheDanishViking

    But is it really the same to live inside a computer simulation? I mean wouldn´t it get boring after a while? It would certainly require that somebody wrote a really cool program, right? Personally, in such a computer simulation I would prefer to meet a large variety of very interesting people (in addition to having access to all kinds of expensive material stuff).

  31. slpsa

    Oh I think many people realize it, but are powerless to act. Times are not tough enough yet Geoff. I said the same thing as you, red/blue makes no difference. I would say it has gotten to Fascistic levels, a two sided coin describes this mess perfectly. The political power of the vote was gone a long time ago. They are more overt about it now, that is a big difference. Recall ten years ago people talking about the Bilderbergers were called conspiracy nutcases. I definitely do not see anyone saying that now and noone is laughing anymore from where I sit. That is just one example of how they do not care anymore that people know who pulls the strings. It is in your face, shoved down your throat, even flaunted these days. They pretty much dare citizens to do something about it the way I see it. They have all the money and guns. They know people are pretty much powerless to act against this problem. That is the key. So they do what they want, buy America and any other Country they wish, the results are daily news items, from all corners of the globe.

  32. slpsa

    Well, we shall see, very shortly, what face takes over the reigns. I promise you this. It will change nothing. You will still get the same sammich mate. I see Barry winning again, Romnobot just scares the living bejejus out of most people. A Mormon being in charge? I think not. I cannot see it. Interesting, but the outcome is certain. The people who finance these candidates care not which one sits at the big oak desk. As long as their wishes are fulfilled, and their interests covered, all is well. They bought and paid for these people. Prove otherwise......Oh wait, they admit it, and shove it in your face. Super Pak ring a bell? What do you think that is for? Nothing personal here, but I cannot fathom anyone with an ounce of intellect not seeing what game is being played on the American people. You do not strike me as a stupid individual. Geoffry Grekin posted a good post saying pretty much what I said more than once, it is worth a read. He is right. We mostly all get it. Why can't you?

  33. slpsa

    No, it is because she is a complete bubblehead, and if it was up to her, you would be at thermonuclear war with Russia by now with her at the helm, with her absolute stupidity and inexperience over foreign policy and the world around her. I am not even American nor a Progressive. I worry with extreme prejudice over even a remote chance that a person like her might ever have access to nuclear weapons. That woman could not tie her own shoes, never mind run a Government or be trusted to not nuke anyone who disagrees with her. Please, the comedy hour must be here.

  34. TheDanishViking

    We agree completely on the influence of money on US politics - in fact, as you say, it is no secret at all. In addition to what you say let me also add that it is not only a question of "a game being played on the American people". Americans openly welcome the fact that rich people are often powerful people. For example the mayor of New York (Bloomberg) is also the richest person in the state of NY. That is generally not seen as a problem to many Americans. And by the way - we probably also agree that the whole election show is totally overblown?
    We do, however, disagree on whether Obama is a better alternative. I have presented a few clear examples to support my view that, after all, Obama has already produced a few good results. Call them minor results if you will. They are still more than what Bush ever produced. It is simple logic really: Therefore Obama is the (slightly) better choice. (I am starting to sound like a beer commercial)

  35. DRA2012

    If you are not an American, how the F*CK do you know ANYTHING about her? Have you been relying on the P-O-S American "Main Stream Media" who are the party mouth pieces for the DNC? Who have been engaged in multiple cover-ups (Fast-and-Furious, Benghazi, ACORN, &etc) of illegal activities on the part of the Obama admin?

    I don't know why I'm wasting any time responding to such a mis-informed person. You have an nice life in whatever obscure piece of the world you are from.

  36. Pysmythe

    Now you listen to me, BOY, and you listen good: Conspiratorialist talking points, or just plain outright LYING, from those knee-padded and dental-dammed, criminally st*pid, anti-democracy Republican whores over at FuxNews isn't going to have ANY kind of credibility or resonance whatsoever with people ANYWHERE ON THIS PLANET who have even a modicum of critical-thinking skills and access to the American press. And don't even TRY to pretend that Fux isn't where you're getting the VAST majority of this "reliable, unbiased journalism" you're alluding to.

    You shuffle on off, now, Cletus, with your guns, and your beer and bible, and all your anti-Big Government bullsh*t (except, of course, when it comes to women's bodies and arrogantly blowing the sh*t out of "obscure pieces of the world"...), okey-dokey? No sane person ANYWHERE (and that INCLUDES America) wants to be subjected to any part of your party's complete id*ocy, anymore, and in just a few hours you're going to find that out.

  37. I AM POP SLAG.

    4. atheism is absurd as scientology and hence its recognition as a religion was always going to happen- besides this recognition is rhetorical propaganda in order toi convince the naive that obama is a reasonable human being.
    5.equal rights for gays in his world conquering empirical military -nice- gay serial killers have rights too.
    6.Libya used to be a lot nicer to live in than it is is f--ked, lawless and the western powers did little but ship in a load of guns.
    It would almost be better if palin were president then at least the writing on the tin matches its contents- at the moment you have a tin that says"tasty chocolate sauce" with the contents actually being dog faeces- if palin were president at least you would know what your getting.
    danish viking you are a fool.

  38. I AM POP SLAG.

    1.he reached out to the arabs with drones and secret assasination lists. jurys still out on that one- turns outall thats happened is that the insurance companies now have compulsory customers

    3.the self sufficiency scam was just that- massive loans to cronies and "green" companies that failed rather badly as the parasites took their chunks of flesh.


  39. I AM POP SLAG.

    It might also br the case that corruption and conspiracy are the norm- i learnt that from knowing about history see? you know?

    accepting that there is a despotic elite is very different from knowing that there is a despotic elite.

  40. I AM POP SLAG.

    possibly the most naive thing i ever did read...there was an honest president once- clue- he didnt last very long...

  41. I AM POP SLAG.

    shes a total retard...she has the mental acuity of a slightly dazed yet malicious squirrel- is haenously unpleasant, religiously delusional, xenophobic, uneducated, shamelessly self promoting----actualy though if you like youyr presidents like richard nixon then shes perfect...

  42. Andrew

    You mean, she has more experience than Obama who has travelled to all 57 states and only has ONE left to go??...LOL

  43. slpsa

    So how is that Libya success working out as of today. See, the reason he is dead, is because he was talking about ending the use of the American dollar for oil revenue. Africa wide and beyond. He was touting gold or a new African currency. Now we all kind of know, what happens when you make a threat like that and talk a little too loud about replacing Yankee dollars as a world currency, you get taken out, threatened or sanctioned. This is not a fantasy or conspiracy. Its like when you try to nationalize an oil industry that reaps benefits to American oil and talk about replacing the currency used to buy and sell it with another form of payment. Bad things happen. Accidents, disappearances.Or you get taken out and replaced with a puppet. Sounds should. Ask Iran about that one .,..your crystal ball was a tad broken it seems. Libya is in bad shape. Big mistake to kill him. Removing him caused a lot worse consequences for the innocent people than leaving him there. They take out the despotic Dictator who was a friend at one point, and now look at the mess. Ruled by militias and tribes, and former Muammar supporters. They all fight, and kill each other. No qualms about that. Iraq is the same. Take out the Dictator, and all the religious sects start killing each other. Who do you think kept them apart and in line...of course the Dictators who were cruel and ruthless to the point, they scared the bejesus out of even the most hardcore jihadis. Sunni, Shia, whatever. They were afraid of these people. Saddam and Muammar. They were for a reason. Im sure im not the only person to say i misunderstood the dynamics too, but as soon and the Sunni and Shia started offing each other, it became pretty obvious that it was they who kept these rifts from boiling over. The middle east was never understood by Bush and now it seems ODumba made the same miscalculations. So you see, Red or White. All the same garbage, same wars, same pandering to the people who profit from war. There is a good reason Ike warned the American people about these leaches and psychotic warmongers in his last speech. did you watch that or is that conspiracy too. Money for them comes from war. Big money. When a sitting President warns his people about this small group of very ruthless and powerful people, and noone listens, and then even deny and defend the implications of having a permanent arms industry that generates billions upon billions, the Red and Blue no longer matters. What does. Is money. If that is not evident to you after the last two years since we had this debate, then you seriously havent been paying attention. Oh and just look at the language being used by Iran, and Russia about using another form of currency for oil revenues lately. They are talking dropping the US dollar. Again. Not a good sign. At all. Interesting times.

  44. slpsa

    So how are those results making out now....lmao. Better choice huh....

    No. Not really. I look at the state of his administration, and the crap he has pulled on healthcare, executive laws, breaking all the rules. The mess he created in the middle east by pulling out and leaving them way too early. Yeah a better choice. If i was a yank, i think by now id be crying for Bush back....Much like Canadians are crying for anyone but Harper to save us. The next election will see a change. I would bet the house on that.

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