Vsauce: Our World is Amazing

Vsauce: Our World is Amazing

2013, Science  -   12 Comments
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This is not really a documentary but it's an incredible, 10-hours-long, video material full of amazing scientific explanations. Don't be discouraged by the length of the playlist because the material is divided in relatively small parts and you can digest them in your own time. This is simply a compilation of the most popular videos of one spectacular YouTube channel - Vsauce.

Michael, the owner of the channel, has a unique talent of presenting scientific facts in a very interesting way. If you think you're familiar with the everyday science, then wait until you see what he has to say. Michael's explanations include a wide spectrum of scientific topics, such as:

What will happen if everyone on Earth jumped at once? Does the mirror have a color? Why do people kiss? Do everyone see the same colors? What's the most fatal place on the planet? How high can our buildings go? Why are things scary? Why are bad words labeled as bad? Does the shadow have a weight? What would happen if the sun disappears? Does anyone own the moon? Can we live forever?

Can you do anything without a brain? Will we ever go to the stars? Can a baby be born in space? How big can a person get? Why do we play video games? What is the most exceptional metal on Earth? Is anything really real? Where do deleted files on our computers go? Why are some things attractive? Why do we wear clothes at all? Why do we need dreams? Why do we have two nostrils when one is totally fine?

Are we ready for the eventual alien appearance? How hot can it get on planet Earth? Why don't we taxidermy humans... like we do with the animals? How many photos have been taken so far in total? Why do we sometimes get bored? How much does the Internet actually weigh? Is yawning contagious?... and many, many more.

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12 Comments / User Reviews

  1. jadefeldtophelia

    My dog so the wrong presenter

  2. scott

    @awful_truth: fantastic explanation! I agree 100%.

    Many of these are extremely fascinating, informative, entertaining and just great knowledge to have in your back pocket! Re-runs are a must because you will forget! bookmark it people, you won't be disappointed.

  3. drobertbaker

    Does her shirt say "Vaginal Fantasy Book Club"?

  4. awful_truth

    I cannot imagine anyone not enjoying these 5/10 minute excerpts compiled into 1 fascinating series. It is entertaining and highly informative. Check it out, you won't regret it.

  5. michae od

    not a misconception about having no gravity in orbit. he is making the common mistake of forgetting about Einstein's equivalence principle. tell me, am I wrong?

    1. awful_truth

      Yes, you are wrong, and I am going to tell you why. The equivalence principle states that no person can discern the difference between being in an accelerated state, or a gravitational field.
      Example: To feel the pressure of your mass (weight) standing on earth (due to gravitation) is no different than feeling the pressure of being pressed into the seat of an (accelerating) car. (gravity = acceleration - equivalence principle)
      When you are in orbit, you can't feel your weight any more because you are moving (generally speaking) at a constant velocity both forward, and falling. (no acceleration)This is the same reason we don't feel the earth spinning over a 1000 miles an hour, moving through space at 20 miles per a second, or the solar system moving at 134 miles per a second around the milky way galaxy. All of these examples have constant velocities, and you are completely unaware of them until something makes you stop abruptly. (speed doesn't kill, it is the sudden stop that does)
      In any case, I hope this helps! Take care, and best wishes michae od.

    2. Ziggy Star

      You have no feeling of gravity when free falling in a vacuum whether your in orbit or not. You may have no weight but you will ALWAYS have gravity. When in orbit you do have acceleration otherwise you would travel in a straight line.

  6. Luan Nguyen

    Absolutely love this. Easy to digest, concise, and very informative

  7. Karenwasherefirst

    I am not sure if he is speaking in averages or generalities but it only took me seven years to meet and converse with 10 000 people and that was when I was in my twenties and now I am in my forties and have met and talked with many more.

  8. Steve Kenny

    This is amazing!

  9. ameagher2 .

    I particularly enjoyed the ep. on swearing ... twas fookin great!

  10. Norm_de_Plume

    Great channel to subscribe to on Youtube. Been getting my science factoid hits for some time from Vsauce. Love it!