War and Peace

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War and Peace looks at the West's double standards towards Iran's peaceful nuclear program. The nuclear program of Iran was launched in the 1950s with the help of the United States as part of the Atoms for Peace program.

The participation of the United States and Western European governments in Iran's nuclear program continued until the 1979 Iranian Revolution that toppled the Shah of Iran.

After the 1979 revolution, a clandestine nuclear weapons research program was disbanded by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who considered such weapons forbidden under Muslim ethics and jurisprudence.

Small scale research into nuclear weapons may have restarted during the Iran-Iraq War, and underwent significant expansion after the Ayatollah's death in 1989.

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  1. Alan

    This documentary gives the feeling of being biased toward Iran, Im not saying the information provided is not correct, but you can definitely feel some propaganda undertones.

  2. in_SANE
  3. in_SANE

    you do know Press TV is Iran's state-owned channel right?

  4. AprilOneal
  5. AprilOneal

    The double standard set by US "leaders" is disgusting and intentional as a tactic against their own people's minds. They purposefully set this standard and break it themselves to induce a coma in which the people do not ask questions like, "why the hel do we continue to support a government which is so flippin contradictory?" or "do those m*rons really know how to run a country anywhere but into the ground?" My question is, if all of a sudden we were no longer under the control of such a self destructive bunch of a**olse, would we know what to do with ourselves?

  6. DigiWongaDude
  7. DigiWongaDude

    Thank you for shining that light on the subject. My ignorance astounds me daily...or maybe I just forgot...seems pretty obvious on reflection.

  8. Klaus-bud Oracle-kaczor
  9. Klaus-bud Oracle-kaczor

    I still say that if you want real peace in this world we should take all nuclear weapons and divide them up equally between countries. You would see Amerialism become way less aggressive and what Israel says way less important. Who in the fack elected Amerika world Sheriff? Or is it because they are the best armed and have the largest arsenal of weapons of mass destruction? Cowards like our toady foreign minister Mr. Baird who stands firmly by Israel and wonders why Amerika hasn't launched a threatened attack on Syria for it's alleged use of chemical weapons. What did the Amerikans poison all of Iraq with? Spent Uranium munitions? Don't be brain dead here. Whoever made the movie is relating the facts and there is no point in shooting this messenger. Oh.. wait a New York Minute!... Isn't that what they want to do? Is to eliminate the legitimate government of Iran by declaring war on them? Not only does Amerika have Nukes galore, but it also has minions of propagandists cruising the internet for any publications of its foes like State sponsored documentaries. You see them as goons trying to lead the sheep with stupid comments designed to discredit the message if it might be in the least detrimental.

  10. Klaus-bud Oracle-kaczor
  11. Klaus-bud Oracle-kaczor

    Of course that solves the problem, eh? Dingbats don't figure that CNN Fox isn't biased whether state or not? Turkeys will gobble whatever you set before them, seems like.

  12. Deborah Moderate
  13. Deborah Moderate

    As soon as the Christian religious spokesperson was brought into this
    all credit? for the documentary left. Basically saying "Just because
    Muslim religion forbids the use of weapons of mass destruction, so do
    all religions forbid their use", thus cancelling Iran's religious
    argument and bringing doubt against Iran's government. The west needs
    wars like they need air.

  14. Alan
  15. Alan

    I did not make the effort to check the source. Thanks a lot for the info. It makes perfect sense in that context.

  16. reaz mohmed
  17. reaz mohmed

    Dang ... press tv is a state owned broadcasting network (Iran); not disputing the content of the documentary, but I am wondering how much spin is included into the presentation. As a US tax payer, I prefer not to go to war so I do not believe my gov't spin on Iran's program, and out of fairness, I would prefer that the content and its sequence of appearance presented herein be verified by an independent body; but it seems as such a body doesn't exist so, I'll just get back to my studies.

  18. aeonem
  19. aeonem

    The Washington establishment is becoming unruly., They need their annual fix of innocent blood. 1 million + murdered in Iraq. Half the children population miss atleast 1 parent. Still not enough.. How sad. The Great American experiment is over. The Governmetns of the west are playing chess with the governments of the east. If they lose or get a blow to their egos, they bribe our poor people to go kill their poor people..

  20. Pete A. Smith
  21. Pete A. Smith

    I am with you on the fact that media is ruled by both the government and controlling interests. But, I have always been taught to not just see one side or another, but to fully analize everything in all matters

  22. naq
  23. naq

    USA is an extreme capitalist country and is controlled by big corporations. They would attack any independent country ( independent of us influence) and destroy their national industries and promote privatisation who benifits?? Companies like Raytheon Lockheed (1 of many) and then of course infrastructure building companies as basic infrastructure was destroyed militarily.

  24. in_SANE
  25. in_SANE

    of Course every channel is America is biased as well! If someone was watching fox news and said it biased towards Republicans then the bias of Fox news would have been mentioned. Never assume what others know ;) Ask like I did.

  26. Guest
  27. Guest

    That is so true.The impoverishment is deliberately created so to influence,divide & manipulate those that suffer & are used to do heinous crimes upon their own race for $25/wk.Women are made prostitutes ,children are sold most vulnerable

  28. Richard Neva
  29. Richard Neva

    No mention whatsoever of the proliferation of Israeli weapons of mass destruction and they maintain that if that does not prevent nuclear war they will use the "Sampson" option and destroy the entire world with nuclear weapons that they have stock pilled thanks to the US Government!

  30. Richard Neva
  31. Richard Neva

    America is a failed state and now that we are totally controlled by Israel we will be drawn into a nuclear holocaust to begin with Iran!

  32. Richard Neva
  33. Richard Neva

    What you say speaks truth and I applaud your statements!

  34. Michel May
  35. Michel May

    This documentary is produced by the Iranian government. Is this something bad? Not necessarily, a lot of media content we watch is only made possible through direct or indirect's contributions by governments. The documentary shows an Iranian viewpoint on a complex issue that has potential to through the world into a conflict. Personally, I think the presented facts are only slightly biased. Considering that the majority of all media we consume is by and large biased towards the West and America in particular, this is a very recommend that documentary to watch.

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