War Photographer
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War Photographer

2001, Military and War  -   23 Comments
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War PhotographerA film about the American photographer James Nachtwey, about his motivation, his fears and his daily routine as a war photographer. If we believe Hollywood pictures, war photographers are all hard-boiled and cynical old troopers. How can they think about 'exposure time' in the very moment of dread?

Swiss author, director and producer Christian Frei followed James Nachtwey for two years into the wars in Indonesia, Kosovo, Palestine... Christian Frei used special micro-cameras attached to James Nachtwey's photo-camera.

We see a famous photographer looking for the decisive moment. We hear every breath of the photographer. For the first time in the history of movies about photographers, this technique allowed an authentic insight into the work of a concerned photo-journalist.

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23 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Anthony Chacon


  2. Peter Toth

    "He gets the results by doing what a photojournalist is supposed to do and that is get in close. "

  3. CSNY

    Doesn't work, howcome? :(

  4. CSNY

    Doesn't work, howcome?

  5. wezz hunte

    ..very intence..doc,,wow "Human Beings"huh....!!!!

  6. Jo McKay

    thank you ... deeply moving ... profound sacrifice. Human is the longing for Peace, Democracy, Freedom and, forgiveness for diversity, obsession for power ... the human experiment ... evolving, hopefully, into language where we might, yet, see one another, feel, each other's story.

  7. loz

    Absolutly incrediable his work had inspired me in such a huge way within myself and my own photography,
    in one part the women is so open to letting him photograph her morning her dead son and that takes such trust giving these people a voice

    HA like to see you do it Peter im sure your work would be..... lets say average?

  8. Lord Bob Fates

    Peter - jealous much?

  9. Peter

    This Doco is disturbing!
    It goes to show how the real truth can be so easily manipulated and distorted by unscrupulous individuals for the purpose of propaganda and fame.

    I find James Nachtwey to be a despicable and soul less human.
    He is nothing but a vulture who feeds off the misery and despair off these poor people for the purposes of media manipulation and his own personal profit.

    As a professional photographer myself, i also find his photographic skill to be very average at best!
    What was the point of taking 100s photos of a broken window lying on the grass? Poetic license?? Please!

    Its easy to get interesting photos when you are given thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment and a VIP press card to all the hot spots around the world!

    People like James Nachtwey make me truly sick!

    1. Carlo7

      What have you done in your career?

      Why don't you post a link to your online portfolio so everyone can judge for themselves the abilities of Nachtwey versus yourself if your so good?

    2. handy333

      Peter, with all respect, I don't think you get it. Nachtwey is an amazing photographer. I'll go out on a limb here... if you were given thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment and a VIP press card, you wouldnt come up with an image a fraction as good or powerful as James Nachtwey. And may i point out that having thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment is irrelevant. He gets the results by doing what a photojournalist is supposed to do and that is get in close. He is the master.

    3. Paul Saulnier

      lets see your work ...do you have a film out there with you as the main person ...just wondering ...im not crazy about photographers that call themselves pros yet dont show there work ...im not pro and do get a few bucks here and there for my photography ...but im also not afraid to show my work cause im no pro and dont claim to be ...i work 40 hours a week as a welder and wish i could just do photography but it will never happen ...im not a great photographer ...just a hobby for me

    4. Joseph Y Jeanes, II

      There are only experiences in the world - when a person cares what more is there to ask?

      I am very proud of anyone that can achieve a blood pressure and have a heart after some of the shocks in the world. It is big and James Natchway adds a size of feeling for the pathos that it is like Edward Steichen, positive behavior is all you keep individually in a life.

      He is not a pervert nor is he a neurotic. He has a will for you and me to see.

    5. Jeff Spangler

      Peter, you're a complete i*iot and it's quite obvious that you have absolutely no idea what the hell you're talking about!! Nachtwey is one of the best photographers out there. I guarantee your work (if there is any) is hideous in comparison.

  10. W.Razali

    This documentary brings you closer to the reality of life like no other. It gives you grim reminder how human minds could be stretched to the limit and perpetuate unthinkable actions and counter reactions to the extent of untold destruction. Jim, you are definitely a gem!

  11. Mathias

    absolutely awesome doco! It is so impressive and so disturbing!

  12. Krissto

    We, humans, are the disgrace of this planet....

  13. Lisa O

    Very moving and inspiring. It makes me feel like this is what I should do. We are very fortunate someone is brave enough to show us the truth about the terrible things human beings do to one another in the name of war, in hopes of bringing it to an end. It is very sickening the way some people live their lives, and how so many other do not know about it or care. Thank you James Nachtwey!

  14. fear and loathing

    as a young college student looking to persuit this field of photography this really gave me alot of insight on the subject

  15. mohamed

    yes you can search for a certain documentary that you want, the search box is on the extreme top right hand corner where it says search 950+ documentaries.

  16. mohamed

    you can search for a certain documentary that you want, the search box is on the extreme top right hand corner where it says search 950+ documentaries.

  17. Stephen Hill

    About the film: superb, a real insight into the subject and the motivation of a real reporting photographer. Plus all the music comes from the outstanding contemporary music label ECM. That adds up to 11.

  18. Stephen Hill

    Lovely, important site. But can it be that it has NO SEARCH BOX?

    Why can't I just type in a title when I know it? Or a generic tag or category name?

    I see a nice place for it to the right of your logo up top (hint...)

    Cheers :: SH