War with China

War with China

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Over the last 30 years, China has grown into a global economic and military superpower.
It is the world's second-largest economy and a leading production hub worldwide. Has a permanent UN Security Council seat, and has a very ambitious space exploration program.

Because they were not burdened by wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan like the United States in recent years, China has been slowly but surely scaling up its military strength. China's navy is now larger than the USA's. They have been expanding their might into disputed territorial waters of the coasts of most Southeast Asian countries like Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam, building huge artificial islands or taking over uninhabited ones.

China has been observing the West and their military capabilities, silently developing an advanced arsenal, including long-range weapons systems.

It was announced in late 2021 that there is now a new military alliance between the USA, the UK and Australia to counter China's aggression in the Pacific. The news surprised many, leading to speculations that preparations are underway for a potential war with China. A panel of five experts discuss how Australia will get affected - and survive - if the worst-case scenario, an all-out war between China and the United States, takes place.

The tinderbox in this crisis is Taiwan, a tiny island nation off China's southeast coast. After the Chinese civil war, it broke away from the mainland in 1949 but has never officially declared its independence because once they do, China will attack.

Taiwan is a very wealthy democratic country, holding the 6th largest foreign exchange reserve globally. It supplies almost 70% of the semiconductor computer chips globally, which is a vital part of all digital gadgets and home appliances and cutting-edge weapons.

It also has a solid relationship with the United States, which is the acknowledged reason why China has never invaded it despite breaking away.

However, China's President Xi Jinping has declared that Taiwan "must and will be reunited" at some point with the mainland. All of China's military growth has been in preparation for war over Taiwan. And when it does take place, what happens? Will America support Taiwan? And if they do, will Australia also help out as it has done historically in many other armed conflicts? Since it is a well-known American ally, expert military strategists agree that there is a big possibility that Australia might take a nuclear hit.

Recently, China imposed economic sanctions on several Australian industries because it criticized Beijing regarding Huawei Technologies and the Covid19 pandemic.
Australia is one of China's largest trading partners globally, making the situation even more alarming.

Australians need to decide if it will just sit back and let China take over Taiwan or if it's ready to get wholly involved in a major global war. However, due to the intricacies of foreign policy and diplomacy, that decision may have already been taken out of their hands.

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stuart macleod-hogan
5 months ago

Neither the US or Australia or any other countries in that area recognize Taiwan as an independent country.

Henry Corvinus.
4 months ago

I have one more comment, in order to do everything I suggested in my first comment, WE MUST BUY TIME in order to prepare for this horrible WW3 but by the United States dramatically increasing it's military in all areas and to regain the confidence of all it's allies, this is the only to prevent WW3.

Henry Corvinus.
4 months ago

I think that at this very moment, the united States needs to bring back the draft and needs to increase it's defense from the ground all the way to space and all in between by ten times!!! Now with president Biden and his administration this would be a problem but never the less, it must happen and I mean now for the good of the free world and human kind. And the United States must regain the confidence of all it's allies now!!!

6 months ago

Its amazing how in western media its only spoken about the propaganda of the enemy (russia, china,...) but never of one´s own propaganda. And this documentary is just that, pure propaganda. And a tool to prepare public opinion for that war they mention and they seem to claim they fear.

Im not saying that China might not have huge ambitions in dominating as much as it can in the world, and that its not getting ready for war. But isnt this what the USA has been doing now for decades at a huge price for many countries? Is it not the USA the country that has the largest number of military airbases, including military bases next to their enemy countries thousands of miles away from home? In fact more bases than countries there are in the world. For peace and democracy purposes right?
What would western media report if China said they aim to have a bit of that widespread presence, just a little bit, like just one military base in Mexico?

According to western propaganda, which most of western citizens do not seem to realize about (good propaganda is the one that does not look like it, and I wouldnt say this documentary passes that filter), those bases and history of war are ok because the USA is the good guys, our guys. But China saying they want a share of the cake is bad. Cause its our cake.

Its not a war of values, of democracy VS tyranny as they say everyday. Thats just what "sells" better to public opinion. The way of manufacturing the needed consent. Instead its a war for domination, a war of empires: control over microchips, ressources, trade... . And no empire has ever been a friend of human rights.
China is now just trying to play the same game the USA has always played but couldnt play until now. If China is a threat for that, then what can we say about the USA... .

At least be honest and equal to both parties when explaining the story. Cause otherwise its not information, but missinformation. Propaganda.

7 months ago

The U.S. Military 'Failed Miserably' in a Fake Battle Over Taiwan 22 times.
Center for a New American Security (CNAS) ran war games simulating a direct U.S. hot war with China.
CNAS is funded by the Pentagon and by military-industrial complex corporations Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin, as well as the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, which as Antiwar’s Dave DeCamp notes is the de facto Taiwanese embassy in the U.S. The Pentagon has been fighting wars the same way for decades. What happens if someone is taking notes? U.S. forces did not accomplish their goals in a series of recent wargames.

The flunked exercises, which took place last October, are a red flag that the way the military has operated for years isn't going to fly against today's enemies. Specifically, a simulated adversary that has studied the American way of war for decades managed to run rings around U.S. forces, defeating them decisively. "They knew exactly what we're going to do before we did it," Gen. John Hyten, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, revealed at an industry event. While Hyten did not disclose the name of the wargame (it's classifed), he did say that one of the exercises focused exclusively on a brawl between U.S. and Chinese forces fighting over Taiwan—a scenario that seems increasingly likely. This is a war that only China will win!

1 year ago

It is idiotic to compare military conflict with China to Afghanistan, Iraq, or Vietnam. China is a nuclear state, and we are not going to wait for their nukes to fly. We will first-strike with sub-launched nuclear weapons in a counter force attack if they go hot with Taiwan. That China can put 10 ships in the water for one of ours is obsolete WW2-type thinking. We only need one good ship, and we have dozens already there. The Chinese know this, and that is why Taiwan is safe. An invasion of Taiwan would be the end for the CCP and most importantly an end to Pooh-bear's cushy job. He will play out time, enjoy his honey-pot, run out the clock, and die.

1 year ago

War mongers. How ignorant..

Claudius Pereir
1 year ago

While it is true that western governments are becoming more and more liberal ,the world POPULACE are becoming more and more CONSERVATIVE ! CHECK MATE !

1 year ago

The "Petroyuan" in China was created in the year of 2018 and is a direct threat to the "Christian '666' Petrodollar" which is six letters in each word "Dollar United States" that becomes the 666 found in a book titled the Bible that describes what the 666 eventually leads to with the Christians trying to rule the World using an energy source to make a valueless monetary system valuable; after all, the USA currency is not their Constitution of gold and silver because now the coins are copper nickle and zinc which is extremely less valuable compared to the gold and silver written on the Constitution itself found in article one section ten; in fact, Iraq stopped using the 666 in the year of 2000 which led to the illegal invasion in the year of 2003 with a sign of "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" which was the placement of the 666 back upon the purchases and sales of petroleum in Iraq, and being that the 666 is found in the book titled the Bible is the reason that the USA plays uneducated so that that the USA can claim innocence; otherwise, the citizens of the USA are really uneducated to the reality that is before them and the truth of why the USA is now The Holy Roman Empire claiming that the 666 is for peace; thus, the USA has committed Treason and surrendered to "Christian Government" and this is the result of the Treason committed by the USA, and a 666 is a result of that Treason and a Holy Roman Empire is the agenda of that Treason; thus, a ruling of the World with "Christian Government" and it rules as a "Harlot Of War" called "The Christian Crusades" of The Holy Roman Empire which became the "New World Order" in the year of 325 in The Roman Empire itself, and it ruled from the year of 325 to the year of 476 with the fall of Rome which was given the nickname of the death of "The Antichrist" that rules as a "Harlot Of War" which now turns the name of Jesus Christ into a name of religious terrorism, and ironically religious terrorism is what Jesus Christ revolted against and He was eventually murdered by the request of the religious terrorist themselves; therefore, the World is witnessing the repeating of History except this time it is also with a 666 found in the book titled "The Bible" with the revival of The Holy Roman Empire that rules as a "Harlot Of War," and this now becomes a warning to the educated World that can successfully evaluate the reality that is before them.

1 year ago

This is a superb documentary. All of the debaters are well-informed, and present their arguments well. With respect to China ultimately invading Taiwan, I think it was watching with some satisfaction the West's response to what is happening in Ukraine - we are only willing to levy economic sanctions, and only as long as they don't hurt us too badly e.g. sanctioning oil is off the table. Western countries are becoming more and more liberal. A consequence of this, I believe, is a "live and let live" mentality that steadily makes armed retaliation less and less likely. It would not surprise me to see China invade Taiwan and get away with it, with the West acceding to a "spheres of influence" position, allowing China to dominate Asia.

1 year ago

"...Australians need to decide if it will just sit back and let China take over Taiwan ..."

...what kind of a person would express such a thing...