Warren Buffett Revealed

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Warren Buffett RevealedNow in his eighties, Buffett has - for decades – held an unparalleled position in American finance.

He is not only a legendary investor with an astounding success rate, and a billionaire forty times over; he is also – by far - the most respected businessman in America.

He is primary shareholder, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Buffett is also a notable philanthropist, having pledged to give away 99 percent of his fortune to philanthropic causes, primarily via the Gates Foundation. On April 11, 2012, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

This program includes interviews with Buffett, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, his Berkshire Hathaway partner Charlie Munger, his daughter Susie Buffett, early investor Chuck Peterson, newspaper publisher Stan Lipsey, former Salomon CEO John Guttfreund and Vice Chairman Deryck Maughan, and Buffett biographers Roger Lowenstein and Alice Schroeder.

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  1. Larryfaso

    If you had invested 1000 dollars in the stock market the year Buffet started his company, forty years later you would have 64,000 dollars. That same 1000 dollars invested in Buffet's company would yield 13 million dollars 40 years later.

  2. Infi888

    sounds like a horder like the rest of the psycopathic billionaires.
    and gives his money to big time bill gates who then gives his money to super evil monsanto and is the new poster boy for geo-engineering.

    i'd say that warren buffett revealed is nothing but biased propaganda.

  3. rljp

    Wowsers. The guy took advantage of the greatest capitalist system on the planet where each and every one of the critical posters here could have benifitted along with Warren if they so chose to via investing in Berkshire Hathaway.

    For those who think the Gates foundation is paying for birth control and that that is bad you have no idea what is outside your borders. A country like Ethiopia will surpase the US in 20 to 30 years in population. Yes they could take the money and help only americans but maybe these people have great minds that see where the problems lay for the whole of humanity going forward over the next 30 to 50 years. I do find it ironic however that the Gates foundation is working to eradicate viruses while his own OS is plagued by viruses.

    And those that think Warrens wealth came easy are not understanding how much effort it takes. He just happens to love what he does. Everyone should be so lucky to get up in the morning and go and do what they love rather than go to a job that provides a pay check. And then he is so astute that he keeps cash on hand to take advantage of opportunities that come about in the business world. Yes he makes money when other people fail. He has had his close calls and failures along the way also. But that is what leads to his success. Taking risk and having it work out to his advantage.

    Like he is supposed to use his money to go after the wall street manipulators who got their wealth from policies from a guy named Allan Greenspan who kept interest rates ridiculuously low. Backed by a system that allowed Sarbaynes Oxly to be overturned in Clintons administration, which allowed Retail Banks to once again merge and opperate with investment banks in an unregulated orgy of derivatives. Then have GW Bush push a program for expanded home ownership to lower income americans around 2003 which led the investment banks to create derivatives on mortgages that were given out to people too stupid to realize they were taking on debt with ridiculous future interest payments that they would never be able to pay.

    And exactly how much did Berkshire Hathaway invest in said derivatives on home mortgages? ZERO. But when the banks needed money he was there like a good businessman to take on a position in some banks making a good profit with some risk attached. And as individuals you could have all come along for the ride with him by owning shares in his company.

    Bill Gates on the other hand got lucky and bought MS Dos for 80k and had the benifit of his mother sitting on IBM's board of directors. Gates invented nothing as Microsoft still does. They innovate other peoples inventions and just happened to get lucky by providing an OS to the biggest computer company in the world. And that was Bills one and only lucky shot. Warren on the other hand has been successful in finding value and exploiting the opportunity to invest and make money for over 4 decades.

  4. Edward Honda


  5. Nikhil Danak

    One who loves numbers may be rich in their material life? But person who loved numbers with honesty without greed made him the richest on this planate. Awesome!!!

  6. brianrose87

    If you watch extended interviews with Warren Buffett you see that he has no qualms with his success. He states, explicitely, that he was lucky to be born into a system that allows his particular talents to be rewarded handsomely. He states that this is why he is donating his entire fortune to charity, and why he supports higher taxes on the wealthy. He recognizes that the system we live in is not the product of an individual, but the product of a collective effort.

    The human body is made of over 3 trillion cells all working together, and giving freely to its neighbors knowing its for the greater good. Your cells clearly have no concept of greater good or giving, but over time multi-cellular organisms evolved because its more efficient.

    People dream of living off the fat of the land, and being independent. Until they research it, and discover that making the tallow for soap, knitting clothing, growing food, brewing beer, building a house, etc. leaves one with NO free time.

    Newton (and later Einstein) said that "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants". Without the collective pooling of knowledge and resources (by taxing a percent of your earnings) we would fail to have the infrastructure and educated and healthy society that's necessary to expand innovation.

    Without the enforcement of laws, the maintenance of roads, the cleaning and transport of water, the education of our children, etc. we would fall behind, and lose our edge. Warren Buffett acknowledges this, and sees that it has a global impact.

    For instance, spiking global food prices sparked unrest in Tunisia, then Egypt, then Libya. This created a spike in oil prices that had negative impacts on GDP growth globally, and especially for developed, oil dependent nations. The oil spike, that resulted from riots against food prices, were the straw that broke the back of Americans hoping to hold onto their home, hoping for employment to pick up to pay off student loans, etc.

    Its all interconnected. To be purely selfish is beneficial in the short term, but it has severe negative impacts to society and future generations. In the modern interconnected highly specialized world its not much different than cancer cells keeping the bodies resources for themselves, to the detriment of the body as a whole.

  7. Dawnie Rotten

    Just by the description, I can tell that this doc is bull**** propaganda!! Buffet is a NWO piece of **** low-life (as is Bill Gates) and wants all of us "useless bottom feeders" DEAD! People are just so GULLIBLE...it's pathetic! Useless, brain-dead bottom feeders! Enjoy your stay at Hotel FEMA!

    1. CarolaC

      Sertsis gullible? ''Warren Buffet STOLE all of his billions from you & me!''
      That was Bernie Maddoff, Dozy Dawnie

    2. Jack1952

      Warren Buffet wants to see me dead? He doesn't even know me. If all us "bottom feeders" are dead who would be left to rip off?

      Your angry rant makes no sense.

  8. Sertsis

    I liked this biography of Warren Buffett, it was revealing about his rise to power, his personal life, and his moral center in both of these areas. Some comments below dare to hand pick Mr. Buffett's priorities with regard to his philanthropic endeavors, and you've hit a few on my own laundry list, I think that it's best that we leave that in the hands of the man who can make something out of nothing.

    1. Dawnie Rotten

      You're joking....right?? Buffet has a "moral center"??? And he "made something out of nothing"??? Ahahaha.....WOW! You're gullible! Warren Buffet wants to see you DEAD! Warren Buffet STOLE all of his billions from you & me!

    2. Sertsis

      No Dawnie, I am not joking. Just because you clearly have no respect for the man, doesn't mean that he doesn't have a moral center.(it's that thing that guides all of us in the decision making process) With respect to making something out of nothing, I consider taking a failing textile factory, and turning it into a profitable insurance company rates.
      I don't know what it is that is making you so angry, but it probably has nothing to do with Warren Buffett, more likely you're just jealous of his success. I may be gullible, but you're just an angry blow-hard twit.

  9. jack396

    What a waste! With such an abundance of funds, he could have truly helped the nation's people in so, so many ways - from the environment, to the encouragement of clean energy, to the rebuilding of the public school system. Instead, he chooses to give the money to the Gates Foundation, an establishment famous only for the dismantling of the public schools and the encouraging of genetically modified foods, both on the backs of the average citizen who will suffer as a consequence of their "beneficence."

    A charming, likable guy with all of those social skills that were certainly instrumental in aiding him to amass his wealth, he lacks the public awareness that would allow him to truly make a difference for the average person. The documentary was shallow and hollow - a tribute rather than an investigation into the man and his deeds. Bah, humbug!

    1. George S.

      There will always be someone who says money could have been spent otherwise. But hey, he gives almost all of his fortune for charity, unlike many many others who choose to buy palaces or gold-plated cars.
      He has always admitted that he is good at making money but not so good at spending it and he prefers to leave that job to someone else.

  10. BeardHero420

    If Warren Buffet was every CEO in the U.S. over the past 30 years, we wouldn't be in 11+ trillion in debt today. That man has no qualms about paying taxes.

    1. Jeremy Hughes

      You're being sarcastic right? You have obviously not researched much into buffet's tax history.

  11. seekhealth

    I found your documentary quite interesting and surely a mind opener for those who entertain entering the world of business.
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  12. djc200

    If there was any one single person to celebrate in the entire the history of capitalism, it is this man. His story is a page-turner. Thanks for the upload. It was a fun watch.

    Now on to that resource based economy idea already! ;)

  13. PsychEvals4CopsPlease

    Giving 99% of your money to a bunch of non profits that don't know the definition of the word frugality is essentially throwing half of it away. :/

  14. TheDanishViking

    Quite good and informative docu. Buffet seems like a nice and friendly guy, and he is probably just as smart as they say. But basically he is just wasting his talents on playing the big wall street casino game EXACTLY like all the other slick guys, and, from time to time, he even gets into trouble with the law, but manages to get out clean, and, of cause, in his own words: "pays very little in tax". That doesnt make him a hero and it would have been a better docu if somebody had had the guts to actually say something slightly negative about the guy. But sure, he definetly is a fun character, and if he ends up giving up all his money to charity that would be fantastic.

  15. Jeremy Hughes

    If this guy was such a philanthropist why not throw his money at something worthwhile, like paying trial lawyers to take criminal elements of wall street to court, or to improve infrastructure in this country, create new jobs, feed the starving etc. Nah, he gives his money to the Gates foundation, which is basically just paying for all these slutty little 14 year old girls to be on birth control and get free abortions (not that I oppose abortion, oh god I support it). So philanthropic. Right...

    I bet if someone actually did the research, you would find that Warren Buffet's massive profits offset the wealth of SOOO many others that in his lifetime he probably made more people suffer than he ever helped.

    1. dewflirt

      'slutty little 14 year old girls' are 14 year old girls. 14.

    2. George S.

      He gives tens of billions of dollars away for important global issues, while others buy lands, drugs, expensive cars and jewelry and yet we still manage to bicker that he is not spending his money as "he should".

    3. Keyser Soze

      And what "global issues" my that be?

  16. BArry Hawke

    is he not total illuminati like the rest of them?

    1. Jacob On Tour

      Total what? And who are they? Can you please enlighten us? Are you talking about the "hidden" rulers of the world, Lol? Could you make it clear for us all, clarify it, illuminate if you will...

    2. nosferat1

      Failed sarcasm detected. May he be part of the Illuminati or other secret societies or not, that is open to interpretation, none of us has the absolute proof.

      However to try such a failed trolling attempt as in laughing at the thought of hidden rulers of the world, on top of that pretending not to even know about Illuminati just shows that we need a new word, a better word that encompasses and end expresses "you are such a douche".

      Or I might be wrong and you are actually that thick,that ignorant that your mind stays in that small little box in the corner, never goes wandering like the top 1% might be fcking with us, with our rights,our liberties and our freedom. Nope, that is called dangerous thinking, or as some say"conspiracy theories" "oooooohhhh" better stay in the corner and go back to sleep.