Warrior Empire: The Mughals

Warrior Empire: The Mughals

2006, History  -   69 Comments
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Warrior Empire: The MughalsWarrior Empire: The Mughals is a sweeping, in-depth portrait of India's most colorful, violent, and majestic era.

From 1526 to 1858, this dynasty of nomadic warriors indulged their appetite for territorial expansion, spreading their rule throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Though they conquered their kingdom with crushing brutality, the Mughals were also brilliant technological innovators and masters of art and architecture.

This program offers lush, detailed images of Mughal accomplishments such as the glorious Taj Mahal, palaces, forts, water systems, elaborate gardens, and richly crafted artwork.

Step-by-step scientific recreations of advanced Mughal metallurgy and weaponry show the meticulous production of chain mail armor for a battalion of elephants, lethally flexible composite bows, rocketry, and sword-smith techniques passed down through the generations, and still alive today.

Join us for an enthralling history of the inventive warfare, material excess, architectural marvels, and cultural flowering that shaped modern India.

Directed by: Sally Aitken

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69 Comments / User Reviews

  1. satinder

    The determining factor for the fall for the Mughal Empire was the superhuman effort made by the hugely outnumbered Sikhs starting 1699 - The most important part of the Indian History that has been totally ignored by the naive English historians - disappointing and poor research research

  2. satinder

    Kundal - apart from the wealth they would have had your sisters, wives and daughters in their Harems as well - would you have liked that too?

  3. satinder

    Interesting documentary, but the Taj is a Hindu Vedic Design with Hindu religious symbols all over the place - Why Shah Jehan decided to use a Hindu Vedic Design is a mystery- unless Shahjehan converted an existing building - just look at his Black Taj project - total shambles

  4. manish desai

    when we contemplate of history some hundred years back there was no religion called muslim and some more hundred or thousand years back there was no any religion human made religion and there is pointless to prove that which religion is perfect and best. that's also pointless what mughals or hitler or any brutal ruler did to people that time the point is human made religion and now they are killing other people to prove their religion best. so dear friends forget about the history of religions and hatred make history of love and peace.

  5. fatima Abbas

    I only want to say mughals are great

  6. khalid

    Mughal means 'mixed blood'. Babur was of Turkish/Mongol descent. His mother was mongol and his father was a turk. He hated being called Mongol, so he devised himself to be called Mughal. His descendants then had interracial marriages with hindu and other princesses from other countries such as Turkey. Rajputs (Hindu warrior kings) called them Mughal, as they were different from the pure-breed of royals in India.

  7. haseeb

    The word mughal is mispronunciation of word mongol
    Mughals are true shahi blood
    They have rule India due to there military power
    But after the death of orangzaib they started to decline
    Inspite of all these things history admire them alot.
    And I proudly say this thing that Muslims are always
    Superior then bloody Hindus.

  8. Sharmeen Shaikh

    @jack 1952
    i have ur answer sir
    truks were muslims
    they had the great Ottoman Empire including baghdad , Damascus, jeruusalem, medina and mecca it was a huge area governed by Turks
    they had Caliphate system in there Empire. Turks Supported Germans in first world war but after the abashment of Caliphate in Turky by Kemal Attaturk the empire was shrink ed in size and the lost a major part of it this was done by Britain.

  9. Sharmeen Shaikh

    Babur was the first Mughal King and he was the youngest king of world's history
    mughals were very skilled warriors and the extended the Empire till northern india

  10. Sharmeen Shaikh

    taj mahal was built by Shahjehan history has all proofs. Mughals were great warriors but they did sum mistake due to which they faced a great loss
    the story of Tejo mahale is totally fake and rubbish

  11. Love Bharat

    abe chutia if u dont have a courage to tell that u are muslim then y r u teeling yourself Hindu. Mugal's are illiterate. you are saying Tajmahal & red ford was built by Mugal. Go and update yr knowledge about this. Tajmahal was Tejomahal and Lal Kila was Lal kothi build 200-500 year before than the claiment year. Same for the Qutub Minar. It was Vishnu Astamb. Still u can find sanskrit scripture on Vishnu Ashatam.

  12. scott zagoria

    it was good till the carcass. honestly. this is supposed to be a history and you could easily have found some other content as opposed to a series of semi-demonic yank extermination specialists. yeah i get the point that the mughals were somewhat akin.

  13. MaremKharsieva

    i have read all this comments andd most of them are anti muslim.and you know what ,all these people who were anti muslim should get a life and live it instead of going on about how brutal muslims are and were.the funny thing about all these anti muslim posts is that they do not have proof.

  14. Mavi af

    the name Mughol and Mangol is different but the reality is that that zahirudin Muhamad babur the founder of indian Mughol Empire was born in Andi jan a province today in Country Named Uzbekistan.
    he came to kabul but faced to resistance why he came to kabul was the reason of his defeat against Shaibani Khan another warior from same region he was shaibani khan was called shahbek too.
    babur has 2 books writen by him one is poetry and the other one is much more like his dairy but it is a history now called (Babur nama)
    his poetry is in turkic language not same is turkish in istanbul but a dialact of turkish language spoken in centrel asia.
    so lets not call them mangols they r turkic muslims of central asia.

    many wars might happened in india during their period and many good things might also have happened. but there is a political point that indians should always thank for is that they keept the indian sovereignty as one united till the could.

    but ppl after them divided the india and created small countries and problems between them.

  15. MohammedSafwan

    Dear All,

    After seeing this documentary remember this.


    You may ask why or probably any of you might be infuriated by this comment of mine. But allow me to explain objectively...

    (1) Defeated Purpose of this Documentary:

    By its title the documentary was meant to be WARRIOR EMPIRE: THE MUGHALS but by the very beginning for reasons un-known except what I can make out an apologetic reason brevity of time; this documentary truly fails to trace down the Origins of this Empire, which actually is vital to do so when you make a documentary especially that relates to history, especially that relates to "Warrior Empires" & especially that relates to being Historically Right(ok, I discount the historical part as it is a PRO-COLONIAL DOCUMENTED HISTORY)

    (2) Non-objective Documentary:

    Personally I thought a third party view that of an Non-muslim,Non-pakistani, Non-Indian or at the least a Non-Asian would be a wonder thing to see how do they do justice to the Indian history. But what I saw was absolute dis-appointed. I am dis-appointed because historically they never showed from where the Mughals originated(Genghis Khan - Mongols of course,that later became residents of Afghanistan... but a vital point missed out - WHEN THEY WERE NOT MUSLIMS & How they accepted Islam), where did they led first their expedition of the so called projected "WEALTH HUNGRY,WOMEN HUNGRY, POWER HUNGRY LOATHING IN PLUNDERS WAR"? where? The answer to this lies in the history of "THE DOWNFALL OF THE ISLAMIC EMPIRE"(see Documentary Science & Islam 3rd part) - by the way this no way means that the (MONGOLS=MUGHALS that is a Persian translation) were the only cause of the downfall of the Islamic Empire(this is me being historically correct). Therefore the very objective of the documentary seems defeated or rather a documentary probably with a objective to keep it PRO-COLONIALLY CORRECT!

    (3) Very Immature Portrayal of history:

    I dont know for what reasons, the people who made this documentary so much oscillated between showing the advancement of weaponry in details(although to some extend serving the objective of the title) but fail to establish the concrete reason of the Mughals conquest & subsequent well welcomed settlement of them in India. All through the documentary the silly reason projected was "LEGENDARY WEALTH OF A PLACE, SLAVERY, CONCUBINAGE, ASSASSINATIONS etc". This sort of silly reason are good for pleasing once personal desires, pleasing own people or rather misguiding,please the Monarchs, please once(read colonial) Self-Righteousness but hardly it will make a case for good history. Why on earth will any warring dynasty that loves & have lived nomadic life of plundering around suddenly do the following:-

    Loot the Wealth of a Place & Decides to make that place its permanent residence, just not residence, declare it as their Capital or Central place of Operations(are you serious!..Did the British do so?). More strange enough utilizing that wealth to develop cities - WERE THE MUGHALS OUT OF THEIR MIND?
    Slavery! What sort of slavery sir? A slavery where employment was provided to individuals & groups and just not employment, slaves were given the administrative business itself Leading to Setup of Industries itself- WoW I didnot know that was slavery! Mughals also setup political alliance & set states letting the very people enslaved to govern those states..Is this Slavery Sir? there is more I can mention, but it suffice to understand those Mughals absolutely had a Different definition of Slavery in their Dictionaries.
    Concubinage! Aah I dont want to talk about this practice it is enough to know if concubinage was so prevalent (as the Mughals ruled India for 400+ years) the natives would reflect a different breed, different ethnicity, perhaps different religion. For Example : Consider Australia!
    Assasination - I think something called Politics is involved when some handles such large empires. I would have loved this documentary if this was sufficiently handled! - It is Important to Project this Aspect when we speak of Empires!

    So Overall very very below average stuff!!!!!!!!!!!


    Big Time Blunder!!!!! How on earth you put this guy story into the Mughals history Sahib? We have grown up from being just: Snake Charmers, Elephant Drivers & Carriage Pullers!
    A separate documentary should be the right thing to do to speak about Tipu Sultan or atleast the easy way was to change the Documentary title to something like: Warrior Empire: India or Warrior Empire: Mu**im to pin point perfectly!

    Overall this documentary can please to feed egos & misguide a generation that is already fighting too many things.
    People who are non-educated in history might derive conclusion like:

    "Look! Look at those filthy piece of race! What would happen to them if we would not have descended on them to Civilzed them! Aaa...."

    1. ordinaryLEE

      you burble on like a burst arsehole m8..Its not a competition to see whos best or right u plank..What a waste of an obvious brain power you hold..get a grip and write your own doc outline and present it to whoever does this kinda sh*t.but besides that dont waste your time arguing obvious points ..Create something i and others would watch and more than likely learn from.Stop doing yourself a disservice Mohammed and be safe and lucky in your future..

  16. jack1952

    @ Muslim

    I don't know if I completely understand your point, but;

    Who were the Turks? Muslims.
    Who were the Moors? Muslim like you.
    Now we are even.

    What we have both demonstrated is that no one is immune to human failings.

    1. MaremKharsieva

      i dont really understand your point either, your just saying that two incredibly succesful empires were muslims.
      and if your trying to say that the moors were brutal your wrong .they were all about peace ,introducing their religion to others and self defense. thier i just owned you. and next time you try to prove some one wrong do some research .

    2. Jack1952

      The Moors invaded Spain and Portugal. Tariq bin Zaid, a Moorish leader, gathered an army of around 10,000 men, crossed into Spain at Gibraltar, and defeated the Visigoth army at the Battle of Guadalete. They were not defending themselves. If they were defending themselves it would have been the Visigoths crossing into North Africa with the intent of subjugating the Moors. This is not what happened. The Moors traveled to Spain to fight. They, over the next seven years, conquered almost all of Spain and Portugal. It was an offensive action.

      The Moors then crossed the Pyrenees and started an invasion of France, eventually suffering a huge defeat at the battle of Tours. Once again, not a defensive war. There were no Muslims in France to defend at the time. It was an offensive action.

      Years later, the Moors became involved with the wars in Sicily and southern Italy eventually conquering and occupying Sicily for a time. Once again, not a defensive war, but one of occupation and strategic alliances with autonomous regions of southern Italy.

      Granted, the Moors brought a period of stability to Spain and one of great cultural and scientific advancement. However, to say that they were totally peaceful is just plain false. They were just as likely to start a war as anyone else.

      I do not relate these historical facts to criticize the Moors or Muslims. I was only attempting to illustrate the fact that just because one is a Muslim, one is not automatically a peaceful individual. A Muslim is still human and therefore subject to human vices. They will then try to justify their actions as necessary by saying they were defending Islam when in fact they were only looking after their own selfish interests...just like a person from another religion is apt to do. It is the human struggle against oneself that failed the Moors and the Turks and the Mughals.

      I hope that is enough research to satisfy you.

    3. MaremKharsieva

      yep that is enough research to satisfy me but please next time try not to be so biased . oh and mughals were not that brutal, yes wanted more and more land every time they conquered a country but that das not mean they were heartless .

    4. Jack1952

      I do not believe they were heartless. I do believe that they were the aggressor and did not always follow the message of peace given in the Koran. Becoming a Muslim does not make one perfect. A Muslim can still do wrong, just like anyone else.

    5. MaremKharsieva

      yes a muslim can do wrong i didnt say they were perfect muslims.

  17. MUSLIM

    A message to every stupid, ill informed and self made historians HERE like @waleed who are commenting like they are the illegal descendants of babar.
    WORLDS history is full of barbaric invasions starting from greece and rome. Dont you know how ruthless they were? Dont you know how they used to put humans against animals in the COLLOSEUM just for pleasure.
    who were the goths? non muslims
    who were the huns? non muslims like you all
    Dont you know how ill mannered these civilizations were? Even the crime of incest was common.
    enlighten yourselves before becoming self made, self imposed PHILOSOPHERS

    1. clay dawson

      Don't YOU know that barbaric invasion did not begin with Greece and Rome?

      Is your *implied* argument that Muslims a more peaceful people than those mentioned? If so, don't leave it implied.

      Killing in the name of religion is not foreign to Islam. It is common of many of the world's religions and in the name of progress, my opinion is that this point justifies not associating oneself with any of them.

      Any religion with isolationist doctrine is a hindrance to human progress by its very nature because the result is a group of people who believe themselves closer to "God" than others.

      That being said, non Abrahamic religions tend to be more peaceful and accepting.

    2. MaremKharsieva

      do you even know why non abrahamic religions seem to be more peaceful,because they are rare and do not have as much power as the abrahamic religions for example the all the succesful empires bilieved in the abrahamic religions

  18. Waleed (ex Muslim)

    @ Kundal

    You are not Hindu. You are, infact, a Muslim apologist pretending to be a Hindu to put a positive spin on the Hindu Holocaust in India.

  19. Waleed (ex Muslim)

    The Muslim invaders in India committed the most brutal Holocaust ever known to Mankind. It is estimated that 80 million Hindus and 120 million Buddhists were slaughtered by the muslims in the name of allah. Secret archeologial expeditions have just begun in the area known as the Hindu Kush(translated as Hindu Slaughter) where, it is said that, the muslims beheaded Hindus and Buddhists and piled their heads into a mountain to match actual mountains in the area. It is said that during this Holocaust, more human beings were murdered than in all the other genocides in the history of mankind put together. However, this part of history is systematically removed from all texbooks in India to avoid angering the 600 million Muslims living in in Asia.

    1. MohammedSafwan

      O believer of Hindu Holocaust Conspiracy, read my review of this documentary. This might help u to some extend!

    2. MaremKharsieva

      their is no proof that 80 million hindus and 120 milion buddhists were slaughtered by the muslims in the name of allah. in fact it is said in the quran that it is haram to slaughter human except for revenge (for kiling relative)or in a situation of defending yourself or others. it is also said that it is haram to force others to except islam. if your statement is true then thier deeds were the doings of a kufr ,and if these muslims did do haram deeds like slaughtering these hindus ,they are not to be considered as muslims and more they are considered as kufr(non muslim). so thier you go your statement was stupid and a lie.

  20. jack1952

    @ Danny C

    The use of the word thief is in reaction to an earlier post which implied one imperialist is less guilty than another. So I will say "an imperialist is an imperialist is an imperialist". It doesn't roll off the tongue as well, though.

  21. Danny C

    Use of terms like 'theft' in relation to the Mughals (or the British or the Turks or anyone else) owes more to emotion and modern politics than to history. As outrageous as it may be to our modern sensibilities, imperialism was the default position of the world from the rise of civilisation to well after the enlightenment. Go back far enough and there are virtually no people who earth who are entirely innocent of having practised it at one time or another.

  22. riley

    if "a thief is a thief is a thief"

    then once a person or a nation starts taking, there's no incentive to moderate, or cease. and since many nations have long histories of taking, providing motivation for reform strikes me, at least, as somewhat useful.

    history tends to discriminate a bit more finely then your maxim, as well - also moral theory.

    but if keeping things 'simple' works for you, fine and well.

    and if you want to ignore the christians killed during the crusades, in order to emphasize the muslim angle, that's ok too.

    just as long as you don't mind not having your judgements taken seriously.

    personally, i believe religion usually serves as a proxy for tribal/regional/national interest. especially for dispossessed people. look at the rc in eire & poland, the islamist movement in palestine & iran.

    deal with the dispossession and injustice, and maybe the religious craziness moderates. with iran, a persisting reaction has been empowered - but we in the west created the monster. iran was socializing back in the 50s, but we killed that baby and persisted with a colonial puppet. our bad.

  23. jack1952

    @ Ryan

    The Mughals did not come to contribute anything to India but to enrich themselves and to settle down on land that did not belong to them. The British did not go there to live, only to take resources that didn't belong to them. That does not make one thief better than the other. A thief is a thief is a thief.

  24. Ryan

    The difference with the Mughals is that they didn't steal from India and transfer the wealth and resources to a metropole in a different continent. They stayed in India and helped contribute to an already great civilization, creating a unique Indo-Islamic world that was sometimes marked by unbelievable tolerance and terrible intolerance. The British may have given India railroads, but as Nehru said, all you have to do is look at the statistics: the places that were under British rule the longest, unsurprisingly, are the poorest parts of India.

  25. tk

    We're all human beings. We should be ashamed and proud of our accomplishments TOGETHER. That someone was born closer to a place where something dark happened in the past does not make them more to blame than the rest of us.

    So lets think of crusades and barbarian wars as deeds of OUR race in whole and become better Together.

    I think also blaiming religion for everything is quite near sighted. After all it is intolerance in general that breeds war not only beliefs in gods. Take football, culture, flags etc for example.
    Tolerance is the key. (in my humble opinion)

  26. Kundal

    Good Documentary........ I have read up on the Mughals a lot & it just scratches the surface. Great People, larger than life ambitions & architectural geniuses.

    I am a Hindu, but am proud of the Mughal historic stamps in our country.

    I do not think they should be defined/ profiled by their Religion..... They were not nomads also. Being a nomad seems to have an 'uneducated' conotation to it, which in incorrect.

    In hindsight, I would rather have had all the Jewels & wealth of the Indian Civilization in the hands of the Mughals rather than the Brits.

  27. Jibran

    @JEFFERS98: I don't need to battle. Depth-less opinions have a way of disappearing by themselves. History shows it.

  28. JEEFERS98

    @Jibran I was looking for your opinion as someone else was so kind as to let me know I had offended muslims in my earlier posts. Thank you for your words of wisdom and attempts to battle the unfortunate "new Cool"

    @DannyC my comments may appear to be prejudice, however as I stated I have family that are proud americans and are wonderful people, they seemed to have given up fighting the good fight. They are aware of how tyrannical the american government is becoming the people of the United states have been beaten down into a state of submissive patriotism based on fear and self worthlessness. I am personnally terrified of what the future may bring if American armies are permitted to kill innocent people around the world, The most heart breaking part of it is that these good americans are dying for nothing other that the full pockets of the politicians. They have been informed by "intelligence" that they are fighting a freedom fight and that they are defending the homeland. I really just want peace and acceptance for all and sometimes it comes out like a five year old child might try and convey it. I apologize to any american that may have read this please stand up and do something for yourselves and the rest of the world, we all deserve it. From your friendly maple syrup sucking igloo living hockey loving Canuck in the land of snow and ice eh you hosers. Peac love and unity for all

  29. Marc

    I can't see the reasoning behind anyone that holds a grudge against any race or religion for past doings...
    Life itself will take advantage of any place that hasn't been exploited to the fullest until something stronger comes along and wages war for the given assets until the strongest prevail, it is all around us.

    I am a self-proclaimed athiest, not that i don't believe in a higher power but i do not agree with any of the religions around today. Now that dosn't mean i object to anyone believing in whatever they choose to belive but for me all religion is written by the human race and we as a species have a tendency to lie and exagerate.

    Life becomes a little easier to understand when you just take it for what it is.

    1. Cole Long

      You arent an atheist if you believe in a higher power. It literally means "Somebody who does not believe in a god or gods". Also just because the past is full of war and suffering doesnt mean we cant strive to stop, or at least try to be better ourselves.

  30. Jibran

    @JEFFERS98: That comment was not directed towards your specific post. It was a general comment on people who ascribe the best of intentions to atheism and the worst of everything to religion....with a special place kept for Muslims because they're on CNN and blaming/hating them is the new "cool".

    Apologies if my post came across as directed at you.

    1. MohammedSafwan


      Please read my review of this documentary here!

  31. Danny C


    Why the vitriol against the USA? Yes, there are some less than admirable Americans. Then again, there are ignorant and prejudiced people all around the world, as you yourself demonstrate with your comments...

    With regard to the whole debate above, the Mughals offer something of a lesson in how perceptions of history change over time and how popular ideas can take hold that are as much myth as history. In conquering the Indian subcontinent, they themselves were imperialists (and imperialists of the most brutual sort). By the time of the uprising against the British by some sections of the Indian population in 1857, the Mughal royal family - impotent behind the walls of the Red Fort - were held up as symbols of Indian resistance to outside rule. Ironic, of course, given that they themselves had once been outsiders and had ruled with far more of an iron fist than the British.

    This kind of thing happens time and again, with national narratives all over the world, and can be supremely dangerous when it encourages bigotry and prejudice. The lesson of the Mughals is perhaps: 'it ain't necessarily so...'

  32. JEEFERS98

    @Jibran please read my other posts and inform me if I have insulted muslims around the world, I would greatly appreciate it, or do you think I have insulted the ones who are twisting your religion for evil

    1. MohammedSafwan


      I have reviewed this documentary in my comments! I hope this might help us clear some air. Please read my comments...

  33. JEEFERS98

    @vilewoman My apologies for my ignorance as it does run through us all. If any Muslims were insulted by my comment by saying the there are some terrible members of that sect then they are in denial, as well as any americans. I have very dear and close family friends that are muslims and as a matter of fact I have been involoved with the muslim community for over fifteen years, since I am not thirty as of yet that makes it more than half of my life. I feel like if only you knew me and I could convey the tones in my voice a little better then perhaps you could appreciate my fecicious nature. I am constantly hearing from Muslims in Canada that they are sick and tired of being compared to Muslim "extremists"(ie "terrible Muslims" these are the words of a 55 year old muslim that is from lebanon) So Vilewoman perhaps you should go and meet a muslim and ask them their opinion. And clearly your must be an american, my step father is an american and I visit there on a regular basis, and everything I see there disgusts me, they say they are fighting for american freedom?? so support the troops no matter what, pull on your hearts strings for support. How about we crash a few planes into our own country and blame the terrorists that are in Afganistan and start another war with Iraq? Logic that seems to defy logic itself, an american pastime. So there you have it wrecthed and vilewoman whom says I am the propagator of wars, because I say that there are bad people everywhere, unable to see that I had implied clearly that it was the people twisting their religions to suit their owns needs. Go back to school little one and open your eyes a little it might be bright at first but you'll get through it I am sure

  34. Eric T

    Now that is one well-fed troll.

    Great doc. Nice to see some history coming out of the History channel.

  35. Jibran

    @jack1952 and others: I was not trying to polarize people through mentioning crusades. That was actually a sarcastic comment on my part to refute one single sentence "This just goes to prove how barbaric the Moslems are." Other than that, I know the Crusades are a complicated subject and its not easy to ascribe blame....especially after 8 centuries!

    I hate the fact that opinions are thrown around everywhere like pennies, particularly about a whole people. All wrongs and all injustice can not be traced back to simple sentences like "it must be muslims"...."it must be religion". I am a Muslim and i believe in religion. And other people have the right to not believe in religion if they don't want to, but at least don't create discord by generalized comments that have no great depth in them if scrutinized in detail. Skimming 2 websites does not educate you enough to make an informed opinion about a whole system of beliefs. You don't know how it's touched people, don't know how it's sustained people, don't know jack **** about its tenants and nitty gritties. People spend whole lives trying to understand them and we have people in the world now who make opinions on them based on one news report or one book.

  36. Vilewoman


    "Just some words froma Canadian who loves all humanity even my overweight uneducated neighbours to the south."

    What lovely crude stereotyped words coming from a man who claims "peace and acceptance" is the answer. Words like those are the ones that starts prejudices, that end in war. Well done in proving your point. You managed to insult both Muslims, Americans and proved yourself the kind of person who can't practice what they preach.

    Religion is the not the fault here, humans are. We pretty much fight over anything. Holy Wars, Land Wars and soon to come, science wars.
    No one culture is innocent. Dig back far enough you find a culture who warred. Whether it is within it's own borders or to conquer their neighbors.
    We will reach peace some day, but just don't expect it tomorrow. We humans need to evolve a great deal more before we reach that level of peace.

  37. JEEFERS98

    this is how I see it all relgions wage sensless wars on others that dispute them. This is because those in power stand to loose their control should their religion be challenged. American politicians are liars and war mongering fools that cannot see past the tip of their noses. These people keep truths and facts from the american public ie; creationism is taught at schools and god says that you should all have the right to bear arms!!! lol isn't that a joke, I wish it were.

    There are terrible Muslims in the World just as there are terrible americans, they both kill in the name of god and then blame the other. Just as they did during the times of the crusades, until they open their hearts and minds and see that all religions first and most important rules are about peace and acceptance and love, regardless of cree or color. if people truly loved god, they would follow in gods foot steps of peace. Silly fools, you are if you degrade and judge others eat another mcdonalds burger and slurp your soda until your hearts explode. thats what I'm talking about I shouldn't judge you self absorbed swine that wallow in ignorance, I should reach out and try to educate the blind. Maybe that's how jesus cured the "blind" to open ones eyes for the first time must truly be humbling.

    Just some words froma Canadian who loves all humanity even my overweight uneducated neighbours to the south.

    p.s. I am also uneducated my punctuation is aweful and so is my spelling my apologies to anyone who was just reading this and thinking of that lol

    1. MaremKharsieva

      why terrible muslims and americans only
      its always muslims that muslims this that because ,islam has expanded and almost half of the world is muslim. strong muslim empire never heart a soul only when in need of defending them selves

  38. jack1952

    @ Alex

    Everything is more complicated than it what it seems. Muslims in Jerusalem was an outrageous concept to most Europeans and they were easily convinced to join the crusades. To a majority of those who went that was their primary motivation. Byzantine Christians were irrelevant at best and were viewed as heretics by many. However, no invasion of the Holy Land, no crusades.

  39. Pyrrhus

    Kill. Revenge. Be killed. Kill. Revenge. Be killed. Kill. Kill. Kill. -- How butch!

    Atheism = Peace

    1. MaremKharsieva

      islam= peace not brutality

  40. Alex


    Let me jump in here with a refutation. Although the Ottoman expansion into the Med was one of the stated reasons for Pope Urban's declaring a crusade, it may have had even more to do with changes within Europe itself, as well as a desire to channel the energies of the feudal military class against a common enemy rather than internecine warfare, as had been the case previously.
    It is also hard to justify the crusaders brutality against Byzantine Christians as being a reaction to previous Muslim hostility.

  41. Reasons Voice

    @James; I think that was outdated and ineffectual propaganda up there by Ushna. Either that or some sort of book report type summary.

  42. jack1952

    @ Jibran

    You are right about the crusades but they were in response to a Muslim countries expansion. It's best not to keep score because it helps to validate inhumane behavior. Score keepers can be biased and the final tally will tend to reflect that. Each act should stand on its own merit and should not be defended by pointing fingers at someone else.

  43. Ushna

    Bow- composite bow- used wood from mango tree and animal bones etc.

    Mughal Cannon- 7 to 8 feet, weighed half a ton and were pulled on carts for mobility

    Water garden- built as soon as possible when mughals conquered, water channels were designed with small grading but just enough

    Rajput Kitar
    Cheap and easy to make
    3 inches
    Double edged

    Made armor for elephants made with many metal plates and chain mail this made them like tanks

    Tusk blade- attached to the tusk for more killing power

    Indian Matchlock
    Stones could be fired with them
    Renowned for accuracy and speed

    Massive Dams and reservoir

    Castles were huge and decorated, were built like a nomad camp

    Taj Mahal- symmetrical and massive

    Domes- were made very carefully with bricks being placed in a circle and then on top of the previous ones

    Giant cannon

    Sound amplifying technologies built in buildings to carry sound

    Rockets with blades and made with metal

  44. Jibran

    @Steve: Please watch the documentary on the Crusades...particularly the 1st one. Maybe it will open your eyes. Sick and tired of hearing half-wit, biased, without the slightest semblance of logic views that are shaped by God knows what.

    Yours truly,
    A "Muslim"

  45. Reasons Voice

    @YourBack; The documentaries you are looking for already exist. Only thing is that you can actually watch them or make them, here in the barbaric US, without catching a scimitar to the neck.

  46. YourBack

    @Steve I agree but it's important to note that all religions accept maybe buddhism, jainism, and certain hindu sects have histories of warfare and barbarism. Just trying to be objective here. I wish I could look 1,000 yrs into the future and see a documentary about the U.S. and the American Empire. Will they look back on us as barbarians as well or will we rob them of that chance and use up the planet to the point where there will be no future generations?

  47. Steve

    This just goes to prove how barbaric the Moslems are.

    1. MohammedSafwan

      This goes to prove how misguided you are! See my review of this documentary. That may help you get a better picture :-)

  48. vivian

    thanks top docs!