Water: The Great Mystery
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Water: The Great Mystery

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Fascinating movie spans the globe to reveal recent discoveries about water, the most amazing yet least studied substance in the world. Witness as researchers, scientists, philosophers and theologians try to understand this unique liquid and all its miraculous properties still waiting to be discovered.

It was there that Heisenberg and Bohr came to Einstein to tell him it looked like the minds of the researchers were affecting the results of the experiments. Mind was inexorably linked to matter. Einstein later said, "Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble."

In this amazing film, Water, the Great Mystery, we can see that science has made a quantum leap into understanding how mind can be recorded by the most simple element in nature (water) and on the periodic table: H20. If water has memory, and its main component being hydrogen, then the whole universe would have memory. Hydrogen was born between 100 and 1,000 seconds after the big bang. It makes up 75% of the known mass of the universe and now is part of the missing mass equation.

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3 years ago

Whatever the comments positive or negative, what cannot be ignored is the extant to which the bible mentions water. Beginning from the very first scripture in Genesis where we are told the first element to exist was water. 'and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.' and then to the last scripture where we are told that the fountain of youth does indeed exist:
Rev.22:17 The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let the one who hears say, “Come!” Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life.

So the bible connects eternal life with water? So water is important extremely important and look when Christ Jesus was crucified we are told what? When His heart was pierced blood mixed with water poured forth from Him? Luke 23:46

So Life no question started in water and even the womb brings forth life in an envelope of water. So water is a key to understanding the beginning of life no question.

Further to this we also have some interesting questions in the book of Job where we are told or asked rather Does the rain have a Father? Who fathers the drops of dew? Job 38:28

Surely rain falling from the sky bespeaks an intelligence of enormous creative power yes? Without water gardening and hydrating this planet life wouldn't exist now would it?

Of all of the questions though found in the book of Job imagine this one:

“Have you entered the storehouses of the snow
or seen the storehouses of the hail,
which I reserve for times of trouble,
for days of war and battle? Job 38:22-24

What is this? God is a military commander with his own weapons? Does this then explain this?

And lastly, climate change is taught throughout the bible and it even gives us the solution to our climatological problems! That's got to be the most amazing thing of all.
And there is a book written covering and proving it totally and completely and verifiable so at that to. Climate Change the Work of God by Gerry Fox.

But as was mentioned the most profound and exciting thing of all is that there is indeed a fountain of youth reserved for the believer in Christ Jesus though of course it gets mentioned as Eternal Life!!!!

If water does indeed have memory it is because of that ultimately and it may even be the reason behind the long ages of people in the Old Testament. Three rivers we are told went out from the Garden of Eden with one of them being destroyed by God in the great flood. Was there a reason why?

4 years ago

Great scientists think outside the box and consider the possibilities and that which has yet to be proven true. Evidently many of the people commenting here are small minded and as such, would never achieve anything Great!

5 years ago

I encourage anyone interested to read all 177 comments w/out even seeing the documentary and see what you conclude about what has been shared. This is what I did. In summary, I concluded that everyone has a right to their opinion, that some people seem to have more constructive information to offer than others, that every comment was useful, and my personal summary impression, is that a closed mind stifles growth and improvement for those who possess it. Life and the universe/god? is amazing and we have a lot of process to experience and share as we continue to seek ever more awesome information about the ultimate truth of existence. Thanks you all for. sharing! Have a wonderful trip.

Kurt Gross
6 years ago

Videos with background music playing while someone is talking is absurd. I usually exit the video when this happens. When I'm listening to someone speak, I don't want to hear music!

7 years ago

We mock what we can't understand. Fear what we cannot explain. The point of this is that we know so little about our Eco system and what really makes it work. And for those of you who think you do, Sorry you have such small minds!!

7 years ago

These comments... On my god. lol. Wow.

The Kemist
7 years ago

I would like to ask the producers of this documentary to provide me with the references upon which just 5% of the posited correlations in this "work" are based... I have access to university libraries in a couple of countries, so I can look up the original articles...

Thank You

The Kemist
7 years ago

This so-called "documentary" juxtaposes and correlates so-called "observations" between completely unrelated things...

It purports to show "experiments" that are absolutely NOT controlled for purity (for instance) of chemicals and of vessels...

Data on reproducibility of experiments are not provided, nor are the justifications for allegedly measuring parameters with equipment designed and used in other arenas...

To people familiar even with only the most very basic understanding of introductory high school level of chemistry, physics, and biology... please, please do not watch it...

After about 10 minutes (or so) you will develop massive headaches, with the pain intensity characteristic of a small stroke, and you begin to bleed from your eye sockets...

This is simply utterly horrible.

But, I suppose we do have the first amendment to permit freedom of speech (expression) and thus this so called "documentary" could legally could be made...

Please see the comments of ClockClockClock above for more details...

On the other hand, this since this "documentary" is based entirely on pseudo-pseudo-pseudoscience, it can potentially serve as a jumping off point for an "industry of misinformation" for those of us familiar with real science...

I already hear this "documentary calling me to violate personal ethics and produce, publish and sell utter unadulterated garbage...

As WC Fields said: "There's a sucker born every minute"...

So I am issuing a small advert to those who want to make a lot of money... Just think of the riches (and the villas on the Medditeranean) that could be obtained by peddling this nonsense...

Looking for just a few volunteers to help with the writing so we all can retire there...


8 years ago

The description for this film shows that the filmmakers have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

1. To call water "the least studied substance in the world" is such a blatant lie. There are many scientific sub-disciplines spanning various fields devoted almost entirely to the study of water in some form or another!

2. The idea that philosophers or theologians have any useful insight about the science of water is just silly.

3. You are totally misunderstanding the observer effect.

4. Water's "main component" is not hydrogen. The molar mass of water is ~18 g/mol. Hydrogen accounts for ~2 grams of that.

5. Water is not an element. H2O is not on the periodic table.

Edit: Spirituality is great; in fact, I consider science to be a very sincere and spiritual pursuit. That said, there is nothing laudable about pretending to know things you can't know under the guise of spirituality. Science (especially that which pertains to water) is already beautiful and does not need to be 'enhanced' with mumbo-jumbo.

9 years ago

I want science to stop the rotation of the earth.

ben noyes
10 years ago

can you explain the proven observer effect - mr scientist ?

10 years ago

have watched this twice and am so intrigued and appreciate the simplicity of waters power

10 years ago

I'd like to see a water crystal after a jewish prayer or some prayer from a new age type religion.

10 years ago

I'd love to know what frequency that Dr Alexander Solodilov used to separate the oil from the water.

10 years ago

dont agree with everything , but it was awesome , God is awesome and above all and is the creator of the universe and he knows all the mysteries about water , we are only human and we only think we are intelligent but not compared to God almighty, he protects what is His and He is worthy to be Praised honored and glorified , because he is bigger than man science , i love water absolutely love it and this video was really really cool.

Titus Kodzoman
10 years ago

When people say things like "science has made a quantum leap" it demonstrates a lack of understanding. A quantum leap is actually one of the the smallest measures of increment possiible.

11 years ago

where can I view, rent or buy this movie "water"

11 years ago

Strange to just have aliens as a similar film! Wonder have long we gonna think that :)

Cathy Cook
11 years ago

maybe one should not agree with water having memory, after all I wrote in my fantacy story in which has its authentic ink and paper, as part of a story in which is only in transcript form, I will keep your book and youtube in mind when needing to pull it up for reference. thanks

11 years ago

I actually managed to watch through the whole vid. But I was expecting somekind of notification in the credits that i just got punk'd.
Where did it come from? Well the main accepted theory is with comets.
Who bestowed water on our planet, and why? Mysterious...
The only such planet in the universe? Funny.
Only substans on the planet that can exist in three states? funnier.
No scientist knows why water expand when it cools. Funniest? Ask anyone who has read some chemistry and they would probably pretty easy explain the intermolecular bindings causing this.

The experiment with the nice looking water formed crystals caused by spoken words and mozart tones compaired with the ones caused by "bad" words and hard rock is just hilarious.

So looking at it this documentary was actually really funny. But Im going to watch the Richard Dawkins one now

/ @Toppkvarken

11 years ago

Well another, I can't watch. I guess they don't want it seen

11 years ago

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
-Albert Einstein

11 years ago

Faith is the hole in the mind that lets the manipulators in. The greatest trick the religioso ever pulled, was convincing the world that doubt should not exist, that faith is the fundamental power of human experience. Doubt is what takes us forward, faith can only hold us in place, blind and unquestioning. Doubt is essential, for survival and progress. Doubt is the siser of curiosity and the mother of logic. Doubt authority, doubt holy men and politicos alike, make doubly sure you doubt my words and the words of others, that appear like magic before your eyes. IT IS NOT MAGIC!

:) aaahh, I feel better now.

In regard to the doc, water is a very interesting substance, and there is vast amounts of real science involving it, and the work continues. The universal solvent. We are the aliens with acid for Blood! In your face Ridley Scott! Err, anyway, this video has been removed on copyright grounds... thus proving that its root purpose is too make money.

With sincere doubts,

11 years ago

Well, Atheistic/anti-theists who are scientists can "debunk" all they want, and label it "pseudo-science" but what they are missing that this film transcends the limits of science. Instead, It goes into the area of faith, something that is not easily controlled or understood. That is what threatens those who are irreligious and nonspiritual. I watched this movie and I think people should watch this film with an open mind and heart as there is much in it that can inspire and ultimately help us as a human race. I think it's sad that people have such a dismissive and casual attitude about water when what is really at the center of our lives and plays a huge role in it. Water should be respected as it is a source of life but also can cause death and destruction.

11 years ago

....wasnt the whole water has memory thing debunked??

11 years ago

I have been influencing the weather in my area for many years I have watched on the weather channel hurricanes change directions as I sent love and peace and a new direction to them as to the route to take and instructions to cause no harm. I watch take a sharp turn up between two islands, bend away from Florida and go out into the Atlantic. The guy on TV said they had never send anything like that. I thanked God and I went to bed.
It is great to follow his instructions and see them work.

11 years ago

an amazing expression of the shamanic way....

11 years ago

By the way, thank you very much to the hosts for making this movie available in English on this site. Finally had the chance to show it to my husband.

11 years ago

This documentary as well other movies or books on this subject have been very popular and widely discussed in Russia for several years, as probably, Russians are more open minded and more view flexible than Americans who would rather stick to their rigid doctrines than to open their minds and hearts to something new and unusual. "I know that I know nothing". The world is so endless in its miracles and so rich of its secret knowledge, but it is not going to reveal them to us unless we will be ready to accept them. This documentary is an attempt to do an interesting research on one of them. You can shut yourself down and stay in your comfortable box, but the space inside this box would not turn into the whole universe with this, even for your own... There was time when the statement that the Earth is round was a horrible crime to say... Do you want to join the World History Inquisition gang?!

11 years ago

Nice to see alot of comments in here. But most naysayers stick to just saying it's bullshit. You put yourself on the forground like someone who knows alot about this subject. That's exactly what 90 percent of the world said about Darwin 100 years ago and many "smart" Americans still do today. So you better start listening to these doctors, professors and NOBEL PRIZE winner!

To all you self fullfilling scientiest, you don't have any phd's. You don't have any idea of the research put in this documentary, so i suggest you come back here with REAL arguments, facts or experiences. Such as the makers of this documentary did. Yet the same goes to some believers of the doc.

That's the way grownups discuss...

I have seen professors argumenting this doc. from Russia, England and USA. Don't know your job is fellahs, but these guys are just more credible than you guys! You better stick to your job and let the scientist do the talking...

I did the rice test myself and it worked. Can anyone explain this to me, or does your vocabullary only goes to "i don't believe or bullshit". Because saying that these days clearly is scientific enough to become credible.

I especially get disgusted by people who think this is a Christian doc. promoting Christianity, then I think you should finish your 1st grade. Or start a course to learn to reason. Because you have just no idea mate... BTW most scientists aren't believers of any faith and holy water is the only water that doesn't come out of our tap or in little bottles. It gets handled with care and that's what it gives it structure. That's just something to proove that even today we can have and create structrurised water. They also talked about water rituals and other stuff such as holy water. They are just showing the fact water was very important to all societies and cultures around the world. And since we lost most of them, we know how and when they do these things. But whe don't know why our forefathers did them. Is therefore this water really holy and ready to perform miracles, does it cure cancer? Nobody said anything like this, so keep your atheistic mindblock to yourself. BTW i'm not a believer of any faith myself, but i know my place in society. And I think especially the non-believers should keep an open mind to things that aren't explained or decently researched by science. This may be just the baby steps.

On the other hand, i'm not saying it's thrue and all of it makes sense! But i just want to see some arguments peepz! Wether you are pro or contra, I don't give a sh*t! The experiments worked for me and other people, that's what makes this doc. very credible. But this doesn't mean the whole explenation in the doc. is 100% right. The rest time will tell and in the meantime we make our own thought and story about it. That's what we should be discussing.

11 years ago

Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Yes, this docu makes too many wild statements, but it also raises valid points and ideas. The existence of water memory is controversial at best, with good double blind experiments seeming to argue against it so far.

On the other hand, 'structurized' water is known and proven to exist. Also known as water clusters, these are bonded configurations of water molecules in varying number. That means charge distribution is different on clusters of different sizes - and that will change how it interacts with other atoms, molecules, compounds.

Note, these clusters form and break up extremely fast, in tiny fractions of a second they come and go. Can words or emotions change the net number of 'good' clusters in a water sample? Maybe. There's definitely a need for solid research on this.

This docu is worth watching as a source of ideas for further study; it is *not* a source of reliable information.

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi
11 years ago

Dear Folks
Hi. Everything's life is due to water. It forms two third of our bodies. Homeopathy has used the most mysterious, though simple looking substance to make its curative remedies.

Always use healthy water and food to insure your health.

Be Well and Good Luck , Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D. & homeopath

12 years ago

So many errors in the first 5 minutes, I can't take this seriously. #1, water is not an element. Who bestowed water on this planet? Comets. Comets did. One can not say that Earth is not the "only such planet in this universe".
1 atom in a hundred million will kill "all the germs"? Way too many claims here without evidence to back this up. "The President of the US uses this water"; suuuuure he does.

Argh. What a waste.

12 years ago

Nathan Kagan I totally agree with you. That we as humans have to accept that we in fact no absolutely batshit about things. And you can often sense the direct opposit, that people dismiss anything new, because "hey we already know this, AND THEN ITS FACT", which is completely nonsense.

And to be honest, i hate when scientists say "this is how it is" no matter how convincing they are, cause you always need to keep an open mind, cause its not like we know when we have reached the right conclusion. Just look at history, we have been wrong so many times before, who says we cant be wrong about some of our major beliefs/theories, and yes i do believe we are completely wrong about most stuff we know. I mean how could we be right? We dont even know anything close to the source of everything, we just know a pinch of the tip of an iceberg.

tldr: we dont know anything, better start living with an open mind, cause truly when and if we find the answers, it will be something f--ked up that will be hard to wrap your head around anyway.

Thats actually the big flaw of many critits, they want the world and our reality to fit into something simple and easy to understand, cause if it isnt then its a lie, when in fact everything points to our and the existence of everything is truly complex beyond any understanding we have.

12 years ago

Yeah, this is a total embarrassment. So fantastical and pseudo-scientific, it's actually hard to sit through.

12 years ago


12 years ago

this doku mixes up facts with lies. The holy water of the church is emotionally charged with guilt, fear, suffering etc. It is charged with the information of people, who commit their crimes to the priest (from pocket thief's to murderers) This documentation is Propaganda for christianity and the church. Wake up!

12 years ago


12 years ago

i'm shocked I can't play this, the producer has frozen us out of the equation. Water for the rich!

12 years ago

There are theories that life in the Universe is spread by water.
I really respect people who admit that we as humanity know very little about the Universe.

12 years ago

Very interesting and inspiring documentary! Now i'm making my own pure water with a special bottle that has written positive things on it. Each time i fill it up i put my headphones on the bottle and put binaural and relaxing music to it. :) Thank you for this!

12 years ago

Thanks for great doco..... google .... What is Life? A Non Particle View another interesting take on this subject.
Very thought provoking.

12 years ago

This is a catching beautiful idea. Affects deeply the emotional side. Wouldn't it be great if this was truth? By the end of the film you may be in such an "extasy" state that the idea of rationally analyse all you've seen is not very seductive. A lie told often enough becomes the truth. And it really may be truth, i'm not putting this hypothesis aside, but it is important to digest the info. Go and make your own experiences with rice bowls and water!
There are some ideas that are so poorly exposed: where are the reasonable facts regarding the telepathy experiment? After all, the both men were being exposed to the same experience/conditions and it is normal that their brains were presenting similar behaviors... Among lots of other things... And why does this doc is sponsored by a bottled water company, who says sells water with properties of love, prosperity, etc., but uses eco-mother-earth-friendly plastic bottles? And what's the point in producing water with love properties? Should it be truth i think each one should achieve it by himself. By the way, just as the plumbed water (as they put it in the movie), i don't think that bottled water is a very happy water, after traveling in dark trucks, and so on...
Anyway, thanks for providing lots of interesting information!

12 years ago

I found the information presented in this documentary were fascinating. I thought the experiments showed without a doubt the damage we do to each other by all of our abuse and bad feeliings.... it explains all of the sickness we have, I thought this doc was mindblowing, and i am thinking about water in a hole new light now..... would recommend it to anyone with an open and curious mind

12 years ago

top shelf

12 years ago

This is a strange doc. There seems to be some interesting ideas here, but in my opinion the claims I saw made here do not seem to be presented very well.

Sadly, I was only able to make it through about 25 minutes of this doc so far due to it's lack of ability to hold my attention. I hope to finish it later, as I am usually curious about unorthodox viewpoints on any subject.

12 years ago

This is the fantastic perspective on the element water, this clearly shows how we are abusing the elements with ignorance, There is always more than science and science don't know how to explain it, This doesn't mean it is not there, but that is only felt with consciousness of self.
Science only says how it works, but science so far never said why it works.

I had worked in many countries in many projects, but so far I have never seen such a ignorant people like in USA. It is not the problem with the people, it is the way they were bread and brought up by the American society.

12 years ago

"when the students are ready, the teacher will appear" this is an amazing documentary, and so true...Unfortunately they are people spiritual immature which lead to all this "ego" comments below that you can read... thanks God science is been merge with spirituality.. so we can see the real truth... i will recommend this documentary 100% off course for people that are talking with wisdom no intelligence but wisdom... another one very god is quantum communication!i would say the narrator is boring but the information is priceless and very true.

12 years ago

I haven't watched this documentary yet, but I just wanted to say thank you for providing it free of charge to everyone! I can't wait to check out the other documentaries on this site. Oh, and I subscribed.

12 years ago

I stopped watching at 1:41 when the narrator asks the inane question, "Who bestowed water on our planet?"