We: Arundhati Roy

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We: Arundhati RoyNationalism of one kind or another was the cause of most of the genocide of the twentieth century. Flags are bits of colored cloth that governments use first to shrink-wrap people's brains and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead. When independent- thinking people (and here I do not include the corporate media) begin to rally under flags, when writers, painters, musicians, film makers suspend their judgment and blindly yoke their art to the service of the Nation, it's time for all of us to sit up and worry.

This is an unusual kind of underground production. An anonymous sympathizer has edited a video recording of Roy’s speech over 64 minutes, interspersing an impressive array of archival footage to illustrate themes and specific historical events. Contemporary music overlaid throughout the piece shifts the mood and quickens the pace. The result is a visual essay rather than a traditional documentary, perfectly suited to its creator’s intentions, which is to spread the anti-imperialist, social justice politics of Arundhati Roy everywhere.

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  1. Anastacia

    Another great documentary that features Arundhati Roy's activism pertaining to India's Dam building projects is "Drowned Out."

  2. Cryozyme
  3. Cryozyme

    That was very well made and her speech was amazing. I never even heard of her before. Think I would have seen her on another documentary before, cause I watch a lot and it seems someone would have clipped some of that speech in. I would have. lol

  4. subash
  5. subash

    Any idea, where did she deliver this speech?

  6. skater
  7. skater

    she's so clear and amazing. Arundhati Roy is a gift.

  8. eddie
  9. eddie

    "start reading...or we're all screwed" totally agree. although i must say that this website tdf has deeply cut into my reading time :) knowledge breeds ideas, & ideas breed action, and organized action changes the world & reality...

  10. kenny
  11. kenny

    brilliant..well spoken ..gentle and assertive ..a beautiful and truthful documentary...ive been watching alot of things about corporations and the banking elite lately..and this speech and image montage was the most imformative and thought prevoking ...i hope she is not silenced ..her thoughtful honesty will educate the public and slow the manufactured progress that thrives on suffering in exchange $$$$$...i will be talking about this woman and looking for more insight in the future ....i hope you do the same!!

  12. Andrei
  13. Andrei

    Thank you very much for this documentary! Her speech is brilliant and clear. The message is clear and the video montage it's exactly how I would have done it: by contrast with what is really happening around us and what others want us to think about the world we live in. But history reveals all. Read and get information so you don't make the same mistakes again.
    There is only one problem here: there is even a bigger picture. This all is happening for a reason and maybe this is the only way the world can function: with good and bad. The truth is hidden indeed because truth hurts. All this talk about who is behind what and world peace and nature and stop the killing is great for me and I would really like the world to change that way. But if you put an end to some things that seem bad, even worse things can arise. It's hard to find equilibrium.
    Arundhati Roy did a great job making the message clear an I hope it reaches many minds and opens many eyes. And what then? Do you have a new system that works, did you find the balance in all things? We have the truth but can we act upon it? Can we really change the world? what is the replacement? what's the new policy? If someone has a good philosophy and good politics that would work...then we act.

  14. Tyler
  15. Tyler

    Phenomenal. Very compelling, relevant, and non-idealogical. This is a must-see, a wake-up call for anyone who still thinks that America is a beacon of peace and morality.
    "The American way of life is simply not sustainable, because it doesn't acknowledge that there is a world beyond America." Well put.

  16. Mike Ester
  17. Mike Ester

    lol Arundhati Roy, another silly Inbred funded by Saudi oil money to speak rubbish for the guillable inbred minds which belive any nonsensible rubbish.

    The funny thing is, Arundhati after being an Indian, goes off to her trips in Pakistan and criticizes India and the Indians, when the Hindus and Buddhists have been bearing the brunt of the Islamic Extremism for the last 800 years.

    Great Job arundhati, make sure your Burkha is on tight, or else the peaceful Muslims will publicly stone you.

  18. raerae
  19. raerae

    my advice for the people of palistine is dont throw stones at tanks


    .... and down at the mall there is a SPRING SALE ..... she is a great soft spoken entertainer and inspiration and the music itself is worth the wathc and listen to .
    Only point I contend with is on Human Nature ..
    Luckly human nature is on the vast average good and altruistic , it is the use of this that the Pyschopath expresion continues to raise itself , empire after ...

    great vid.

  22. Sagar Chettri
  23. Sagar Chettri

    arun di we love u soooooooo mch just dont leave us di .

  24. john
  25. john

    a genuinely spiritual ruler/king, to organize the people.
    like Lord Rama in Indian Vedic culture. Since there actually IS a GOD, the world's people need to be 'in tune' with that; or else simply more of this same; whatever form of gov't.

  26. Tom
  27. Tom

    Before I move on to the subject matter of my comment, I would like to state that there is nothing that I would like more than to see lasting peace in the world. In addition, I know how corrosive the military-industrial complex is to that goal.

    Six and a bit minutes into the documentary, Roy claims that the Indian and Pakistani populations have been brainwashed by their respective governments. We are speaking here of a population of almost 2 billion people. It may not be supposed to be taken seriously however, given that the speech is a summarised version of the 80 years preceding the speech, she could have set a better tone. I will speak for myself. I find it hard to believe that this many people can be brainwashed. In addition, that she has some how been the only one to immune herself from it.

    Why is it important? If you have discussed matters, as I have, with an Jewish man relieved to have finally had a Jewsih state established in the world, the section on Israel and Palestine obviously becomes a focus (he had seen this documentary). What Roy said was brought into question and, indeed, generated opposition to her views.

    Now, I was able to put my view forward (that is the only thing I am responsible for) however I put it to Roy that she may not be promoting her views through this documentary as effectively as she would like. In fact, it may be having the reverse effect. I suppose this is the cost of releasing something to an audience which is not, realistically, able to hold a conversation with you. The sheer number of viewers is what I am refering to here.

    Everyone will no doubt draw their own conclusions about the value of this video but I felt that my experience was relevant to that discussion. To "read up or we're all screwed" is a fair point but it is also important to engage and communicate with each other - as meaningfully as possible. I will be the first to acknowledge that that is not always easy. Regardless, it is important.


  28. Jameel Ahmad Khan
  29. Jameel Ahmad Khan

    Thanks for a wonderful documentary. John Pilger, in my opinion is great journalist whose documentaries expose the tyranny of the superpowers against the beleaguered(watch War on democracy). The most unfortunate aspect is the complicity of the mainstream media.

  30. gto
  31. gto

    wow this girl has a world of understanding..
    BUT she maybe right in a way....... but im sorry to say she's also wrong. the reason

    1. the USA is also hit by globalization. one of the reason dollar is weakening, economic inflation, and the prime reason why china will surpass USA in the next 25 years is due to GLOBALIZATION!

    2. USA is on a bad position its like damn if you do, damn if you dont. if this country did some intervention in a conflict the leftist and history will call them a police state in a very bad manner with their flag burning. if they didnt do nothing and something extremely bad happen. they will be morally blame by the rightist and history, and their goverment be called weak willed.

    3. the were their slave thing..ha!! if she work on some extremely manual job without pay and appreciation of the people she's working for then i will take what she said in face value.. i think almost half of the worlds goverment are lucky the US and the britz didnt do what the russain did during the end of the war.. if that happen we have a right to call are self oppress slaves of their goverment

    4. their always a bad thing and a good thing in every goverment. and with the scale of their power i personally think their moral scale of good and evil is very good.. well american people have the ability to remove, corrected the wrongs, and the crimes of the bush and the neo con administration. and last see their mistake

    5. but the palestian/oil thing she's 70% right(the others only 50%)... why 70% only cause many of the environment movement, the search for technology that will destroy the oil monopoly, organization/wellfare group/people againts whats happening in palastain are base and live in the states. so its always yin and yang theirs no absolute wrong(except genocidal thing).

  32. Somethin
  33. Somethin

    She's just f@#$%&* naive, oh and plain wrong about 50% of the time. Let's all live together peacefully...hmmm jeah right, because there are no problems in this world, because everything can be settled with words, because you can allays find a common ground.

    Although she is right about most of the wrongdoings of America and Britain.

    I'd like to know her solution for Palestine. The Palestinians will only be happy when the Israelis are gone it seems, but that is not an option. Even if one where to try that one would first have to fight the Israelis, then one would have to move them to an different place...question is where? Impracticable. Plus it's not like the Israelis are not trying to settle the matter peacefully.

    All I hear from her is criticisms but no alternative. No solutions, no options. The easiest thing in the world is to just go on ranting about all the things you think are wrong with the world, s@#$$% thing is: that doesn't solve anything.

    So in the end she doesn't say anything new, nothing revolutionary nothing that wasn't already said. Her point of view isn't even particularly interesting...

    I was bored, almost to death. :/

  34. tjo
  35. tjo

    looks like a good doc then? excellent!

  36. wiegerthefarmer
  37. wiegerthefarmer

    Oooh. Looks to be a good one. Something to round out my day.

  38. Tom
  39. Tom

    Not sure why this is attracting the controversy that it is. Roy is a woman putting forth her view of things and people are able to decide for themselves whether and/or what they want to take away from it.

  40. Satish
  41. Satish

    A beautiful presentation indeed.
    Arundhati seems to represent the collective conscience of humanity like few others. She comes together as our spokesperson for the times we live in. Her voice resonates with peace that she underlines as our goal. The fact is that before the edifice of the unbridled power and hegemony that is America of our times collapses, things may get far worse for most of the humans. But historically, they have a way to get better amidst the suffering one group or the other, a geography or the other goes through. The point is that few learn the lessons that history may have to offer. When powerful, most behave like the rest of the powerful who ultimately licked the dust. So human nature usually and ultimately wins over all the machinations of human intelligence. This speech is clearly pre-Barack Obama. But that has not changed the context. The "right" in America has become ever more vocal about "America above all else". And Obama has to guarantee that "American way of life" just to remain in that house he seems to have fallen in love with for now!

  42. Sanjay
  43. Sanjay

    They way Roy is selective about her targets, the Police too are. They are plainly like her (i wud be surprised if there werent, becoz they are us only). Roy is one-dimensional and color blind, and so are the Guys. Roy can see the crimes commited by the men in Khaki and supported by establishments, but find no shame in sharing space with self-proclaimed anti-nationalists whose single point achievement has been the genocide of peace-loving minority pandits living in kashmir. Roy needs to know that not everything that the police is high-handed or overly, neither is everything the non-state gun-weilders do with a just cause everytime and everywhere. Like Roy is prone to targeting things from ONLY her perspective, the guys in Khaki too can have that right (tendency).

  44. Tom (369.tommo@gmail.com)
  45. Tom (369.tommo@gmail.com)


    You have written a few sentences. Is there anything you want people to take away from what you have written? Given that you went to the effort of writing it, my guess is that there is. What is it?

    If all you want to say is that no human being can see or know everything there is to see or know, it is agreed. Can anyone dispute that? Does that mean no-one has a right to speak? If you think that, why write YOUR message?

  46. ravi
  47. ravi

    Arundhati Roy is one of the leading leftist socialist, anti-nationalist figures in India! Ppl in the waest may be impressed by her, but she is truly a devisive figure for Indian unity! She is an anarchist basically. So she is all against Indian govt, police & army? So what is the alternative? Does she want India to practice Chinese totalianarism? Arundhati should feel lucky she was born in India, if she had been Chinese she'd pretty much be behind bars or executed by now!

    p.s. This lady supports armed Communist rebels against Indian Republic!

  48. Jaydeep
  49. Jaydeep

    Arundhati Roy may sound intelligent to the uninformed.

    But she is not. She is someone who only rants about government's failures. She is not doing anything for a solution. To the informed & intelligent she has no appeal. Unfortunately, the large majority of people are lazy & are ready to be spoon-fed & believe everything they're told without making their own informed analysis of the things put forth before them.

    To begin, Arundhati Roy is a misguided anti-national. She supports naxals against the government when,clearly, the naxals are evil. There is no other way to describe their actions. Yet this foolish woman cannot see that. Naxalism was created with the sole intention to seize political power. Its ideals are far from being noble. It ruthlessly kills innocent people that do not find favour with it. They demand subservience from people & those who defy them are killed in the most brutal fashion to spread terror in people's hearts. There is no space for people to raise their legitimate concerns in areas controlled by the naxals. They grab land & property of people by force. They're a serious threat to Indian national security.I wonder why she supports them. Admittedly, Naxalism was created due to inhuman injustice to poor farmers in West Bengal & Andhra Pradesh by the landlords in the late sixties. But it has grown over the years with the help of state governments(filthy individuals willing to stoop to any level to grab votes & retain power) into a monster. Its aim is far from achieving justice for the poor. Its aim is to get political power by spilling blood. Its an inhuman ideology. But the likes of Arundhati will like the naive to believe that these bloodthirsty ghouls are peaceloving oppressed saints.

    She also supports the separatist movement in Kashmir. What exactly is her logic in that ? If Kashmir goes to Pakistan, will it benefit the kashmiris ? No. Pakistan is a hotbed of terrorism & beset with enormous problems. It lives off aid from the USA. Its economy is in tatters. How can Pakistan take care of Kashmiris ? They cannot.

    If on the other hand Kashmir gets independence, will Pakistan remain a mute spectator ? It will surely be licking its lips if such a situation were to arise. It can then annex Kashmir to its territories without much effort.

    The best bet for Kashmiris is India. With Indian forces in Kashmir, Pakistan cannot dare attack it. Hence they try to use terrorists & propoganda against India to get Kashmir. Sure, the government has been incompetent to handle such issues. But the sensible thing would be to draw government's attention to that incompetence & ask it to do something about it. But instead, Arundhati delights in making sweeping generalisations & criticisms. They are many more well-informed individuals that can give you a far more accurate & sensible account of situations & the solutions required. Unfortunately, they're not as media-savvy as this self-absorbed woman.

    The biggest problem in India is decisive political will. Incompetent, short-sighted politicians have allowed situations to fester for a long time & done nothing. For them, self-interest reigns supreme.

    To win over people is not a very difficult thing to do when you have political power to do it. But politicians are the lowest of the low. In India, there is hardly any political accountability for inaction or incompetence.

    People like Arundhati Roy are maligning India infront of the world media thorugh half-truths, falsehoods & selective interpretations of events yet the fools at the Centre do nothing to counter it. They're busy filling up their coffers, the nation be damned.

    P.S. - This website has a large & varied collection of beautiful documentaries & I am indebted to the person who has put it up. A big thank you.

  50. jk
  51. jk

    this video is currently not available

  52. clix
  53. clix


    You start out by insulting those who find themselves in agreement with Roy as 'uninformed' and 'unintelligent', a sure way to lose an audience. One gives you the benefit of the doubt and continues to read your comment to find a balance to Roy's message, but alas! none comes. Instead you sink into a tirade of insults directed at Roy, those she supports, Pakistan (how original!) and even those who oppose Roy (as they lack the media savvy to effectively counter her, according to you). What a confused babble you have become by the end of your diatribe.

    Do you want to collect your thoughts and try again perhaps?

  54. clix
  55. clix


    What do you think is a good round number of people who can be effectively brainwashed? And where has Roy claimed that she is the only one who has developed such immunity from brainwashing? What do you make of the millions of supporters she has in India and Pakistan?

    What's your point about the Jewish man and the discussion you had with him? Are you saying he and his kind should have a Jewish homeland on account of many displaced and dispossessed Palestinians?

    I think you have something relevant to say, but it did not come out in your post above.

  56. Tom (369.tommo@gmail.com)
  57. Tom (369.tommo@gmail.com)


    Okay, I will be more direct.

    What I am saying is that this issue is complex. I got something out of Roy's presentation here which I didn't have before. Knowledge of the existence of the Balfour Declaration is one example. It is an *act* of stupidity though for anyone to claim that they know the world either because they follow or reject Roy's claims. That is pretty much it in a nutshell.

    How many can effectively be brainwashed? I don't know. I won't ever know. Why should I spend any time investigating it or pretending I have any sort of answer to such a question?

    She didn't specify it explicitly that she was immune from brainwashing but when you live in India, Pakistan, Israel, Palestine etc and you talk about propaganda setting in on a whole population, well, its hard to then say that you have not been brainwashed. Words like brainwashed and propaganda get bandied about like you are talking about tables and chairs. It is not that simple.

    What do I make of the millions of supporters she has in India and Pakistan? More power to them! I respect all viewpoints, be they pro-Arundhati Roy or anti-Arundhati Roy. What is it that we are all looking for here? For me, it is health and peace. With health and peace, all of reality is open to me. What else do I know about health and peace? If you are healthy, it increases my chance of being healthy. If you are living in peace, it increases my chance of living in peace.

    My point about the Jewish man that I discussed Arundhati Roy with is this: as best as I can recall, she addressed the Israel/Palestine issue as a win/lose proposition. Being a Jew, he was threatened by this. That perpetuates the problem. Sure, she may be pro-actively seeking peace and more power to her. With time, she will make some gains in that direction. She is also imperfect.

    This is what I keep coming back to: hear her view and make up your own mind. Don't waste everyone's time saying who has been brainwashed by who, who is right, who is wrong, who is intelligent, who is misinformed. None of us know what happened last weekend a mere 2kms away from our homes. How can we possibly know the world?! In the end, the people who accuse others (whoever it is) of this or that are the, shall we say, most misguided among us. We are all limited. Best to learn and co-operate than to label and alienate.

    As for what should practically happen in Israel/Palestine, hard for me to say from the other side of the world. I have been to five continents though. My experience tells me: focus on health and peace. If you do, self-determination will come. Even if it is on an individual person by person level. Self-determination has to come. You alone are ***in the final analysis*** responsible for your own health and living in peace. Those two things are key for all of us. They unite us yet still allow us to live vastly different lives.

    Thanks for your message. I hope this makes it clearer.

    Thanks for your time.


  58. clix
  59. clix


    I had hopes after reading your first sentence. But soon you started presenting both sides of an issue, as if the whole thing is just benign. You seem to be caught in the duality (real or perceived) of things, and as a result are unable to make up your mind. Even a tennis match with its constant back and forth has an eventual outcome.

    The Jewish man should feel threatened. Him and his kind have displaced and dispossessed a country of people based on religious fundamentalism. Their actions are backfiring. Cause and effect is a very well established law of our universe.

    Here is why you can't find a nice round number of people who can effectively be brainwashed: because it is unlimited. Given effective isolation and deprivation while being able to repeatedly inundate them with limited and falsified information, you can brainwash any number of people simultaneously. That doesn't mean everybody who is exposed to such circumstances will effectively be brainwashed. Some people by nature and/or nurture (or lack of it) become less trusting of authority, and as a result become immune to the brainwashing. There are many like Roy in India, Pakistan and all over the world. They often show their presence by agreeing with a public figure who voices their collective view of the world.

    Finally, health and peace do not arise in a vacuum. They require a just and fair world. A just and fair world doesn't come about haphazardly. It requires sacrifice, the kind that many have made before us and the likes of Roy are fully prepared to make. The protesters who sacrificed their lives in Egypt last week and those who stand with them understand such sacrifice.

  60. Tom (369.tommo@gmail.com)
  61. Tom (369.tommo@gmail.com)


    "I had hopes after reading your first sentence."

    If you are looking to me for hope, you are looking in the wrong place. I have hope. It is the last thing which dies. If you want hope though, look within.

    "But soon you started presenting both sides of an issue, as if the whole thing is just benign."

    Benign? When did I ever say benign? Benign? Goodness, gracious me. Benign?????

    "You seem to be caught in the duality (real or perceived) of things, and as a result are unable to make up your mind. Even a tennis match with its constant back and forth has an eventual outcome."

    I may seem a lot of things to a lot of different people. Some may see me as seeing the world dualistically, just like you have suggested. Others may see me seeing the world as shades of grey. Woop-de-doo. It seems I have made the clarification you asked me for and you have then proceeded to label my view of the entire world. Based on one or two messages? Well, you have that right. From my end, I have no idea why you are wasting your, mine or anyone's time.

    Tennis matches are artificial constructs. The rules, written by humans, necessitate an outcome. Even the 71-69 fifth set marathon played recently. The thing is though: humans are limited in their knowledge. That is the point and I am also making the point that I, too, am limited. Aren't you? Tell me what happened in the Gaza Strip between 5:32am and 11:47am last Tuesday.

    "The Jewish man should feel threatened. Him and his kind have displaced and dispossessed a country of people based on religious fundamentalism. Their actions are backfiring. Cause and effect is a very well established law of our universe."

    You say that the Jewish man should feel threatened. I have no illusions or rose-coloured glasses. Millions of people support you. Millions of people also support the view, to the death as you say a bit further on, that the Palestinians should feel threatened. A war on versions of history then inevitably ensues. Laa-de-daa. There is one thing I know about the past. One thing only. It is gone. Whatever else it is, it is gone. You may as well start talking to people about who started history. Tell me clix, who started history?

    "Here is why you can’t find a nice round number of people who can effectively be brainwashed: because it is unlimited. Given effective isolation and deprivation while being able to repeatedly inundate them with limited and falsified information, you can brainwash any number of people simultaneously. That doesn’t mean everybody who is exposed to such circumstances will effectively be brainwashed. Some people by nature and/or nurture (or lack of it) become less trusting of authority, and as a result become immune to the brainwashing."

    I see. Yes. How many can be brainwashed? Of course, unlimited. I'll ask you a question in a moment. First, let me address your argument.

    Less trusting of authority = immunity from brainwashing??? Really? You place authority in the hands of people who sell you food. Literally. You authorise them to determine what you swallow and take down your own throat. If you say that it is in their interests not to poison you, I would say 'well said'. That is precisely the point I have been making. It is in everyone's self interest that everyone be healthy and live a life of peace.

    Let me ask you a question then. How do you know that you, me, Arundhati Roy or everyone else has not been brainwashed? Proceed.

    "Finally, health and peace do not arise in a vacuum."

    Did I ever, ever, for one moment, ever say that they arose in a vacuum? My impression is that you want others in the world to specify what they are on about and then tell them about their limitations. My impression may be wrong. I stand by it until it is shown to me to be otherwise. If it is wrong and I go out in life being wrong, I'll accept the consequences. In amongst that, I don't want to ***chase*** arguments. We are typing on a message board here. I couldn't think of a bigger waste of time than to argue and try to change other people's mind's.

    If you like Arundhati Roy, more power to you. You don't like her? More power to you again. If you consider what she has to say, make up your own mind and go about your business, I'd say you were someone worth knowing.

    Regardless of everything I have written above, I wish health for you as well as me. I wish peace for us all.

    Regards, Tom.

  62. clix
  63. clix


    Just when I thought I have sparked some passion in you :-), you went right back to:

    I may seem a lot of things to a lot of different people. Some may see me as seeing the world dualistically, just like you have suggested. Others may see me seeing the world as shades of grey. Woop-de-doo.

    Millions of people support you. Millions of people also support the view, to the death as you say a bit further on, that the Palestinians should feel threatened.

    If you saw someone being attacked and dispossessed, do you stop to think how many are in support of that person mistreated and how many don't support it, or do you attempt to do something about it? At the end of the day, that's what really matters.

    You're very correct, that I don't know you. Any shortsighted assumptions I have made about you based on your preceding comments are my mistakes. However, based on just your comments, you remind of a tragic scenario painted by these words:

    Man's inhumanity to man is not only perpetrated by the vitriolic actions of those who are bad. It is also perpetrated by the vitiating inaction of those who are good.

    -Martin Luther King

    Again, if I have assumed incorrectly about you (entirely based on your comment on this thread), my apologies.

  64. Tom (369.tommo@gmail.com)
  65. Tom (369.tommo@gmail.com)


    Let me lay out my view right from the outset: no offence taken.

    I think it is fair to say that your last message talks entirely about me as a person along with an acknowledgment that you do not know me. There is nothing there about the documentary or about Arundhati Roy.

    I would like to respond based on my experience online and in life. That experience tells me that no-one likes being talked about by strangers. No-one likes having those strangers tell them that they are this or that. You may want to consider this. You may want to dismiss it. I guess one of the advantages to the anonymity which the Internet provides is that in a scenario like this, I can say that I will never know. I am offering you something which you may want to consider. Nothing more.

    With respect to what you say about inaction being something which perpetuates inhumanity via the Reverend Martin Luther King's quote... As you say, you've based it on what I have written here.

    It is of no consequence here but I am the most politcally active person I know. I am the one encouraging others to become more so. At the same time, I know that their circumstances are not the same as mine. Some have ill-health. Others have dependents with ill-health. There is a whole host of factors which go into it. We all have 24 hours in the day and a limited life. I think MLK's reference is for those who suppose that others will make it alright. That is very different from people who spend every waking moment devoted to the things they believe in and who may happen on situations which they can not help at that particular time in their life.

    Finally, let me ask you to think about this. I wrote the comment which you first replied to months ago. Once you replied, I spent time replying to you. With this message now, I have done that three times. My replies have been quick and specific in response to your points. Next week, I start a massive new chapter in my life. I may not have had the time to respond at all. What would you have made of everything in *those* circumstances?

    Health and peace to you/me/all (my "motto" in life - what guides everything I do).


  66. clix
  67. clix


    Good luck with the next chapter of your life!

  68. Rocky Racoon
  69. Rocky Racoon

    Well where are the weapons of mass destruction? You should watch the documentary psych ops-it will blow your mind. The media is the massage in western society and oh yeah global warming is a hoax so that poor people can steal our resources.

  70. Sherman Monro
  71. Sherman Monro

    very powerfull essay. thank you Arundhati. i wished Arundhati Roy's voice was a bit louder or music was a little lower!

    it sounded as if she was talking instead of me. she said all i would have said if i was in a position to do so.
    it's a pitty that greedy plunderers are deaf to this kind of words. they are not intellectuals. they are often a bunch of lunatics who are less than even animals and calling them animals, is an insult to animals.
    i don't see any clear future for life on Earth since these lunatics transfer their wealth and ideas to their offsprings and it goes on and on and on till the totall annhilation of this beautiful planet and extinction of its inhabitants.

  72. Shev
  73. Shev

    the poor people? Don't you mean the super rich elite?

  74. Jo McKay
  75. Jo McKay

    well, my 'country' will not allow me to view... course it is claimed that the record companies have copyright issues - will look elsewhere anyway

  76. N
  77. N

    To hell with the human race. I can only hope that their will be another more successful then ours.

  78. johnconnolly25
  79. johnconnolly25

    A potentially great short film, ruined by the incredibly intrusive music and the cutting of Roy's commentary.

  80. darlene gillespie
  81. darlene gillespie

    I am ashamed to be an American Citizen

  82. Rampage
  83. Rampage

    The entertainment value will definitely help keep the distracted kids watching.

  84. Tom_Joad
  85. Tom_Joad

    Already in your first sentence you have given people a reason to love Arundhati. What do you want the people of india to unite behind? The Indian government is committing genocide against the adivasi (tribal people), and these are who she supports. Many have joined the communists, to fight back against the corporations that are taking their land. This is not about communism and capitalism, but about basic human dignity and the right to exist. Anyone who calls Roy a communist is a liar or a fool. She is a humanist.

  86. Tom_Joad
  87. Tom_Joad

    The Israelis are trying to settle the matter peacefully? Must be some new definition of the word peace. By bombing and starving the Palestinians into extinction, cutting the West Bank into a thousand pieces and turning it into settlements and stealing their water and land?

  88. Tom_Joad
  89. Tom_Joad

    That is what you would say to them? While settlements are taking the last of their land and water, they are being starved and denied basic medical care, any voice in their own future? That's it?

  90. Tom_Joad
  91. Tom_Joad

    Arundhati is a humanist, and and activist fighting for the rights of the oppressed throughout the world. She is constantly attacked as being a communist, a Christian, Muslim, terrorist, and some stupid woman who should keep her mouth shut because she doesn't know what she is talking about. She has donated her Booker Prize money and much of the royalties from her writings to support the causes she has fought for. She has lived in the forest with the advaisi and the communists to write about the struggles of the tribal people being ejected from their land and murdered by the corporate funded paramilitaries and the government, yet she is still accused of lacking the credentials to be taken seriously. She is India's greatest writer.

  92. DustUp
  93. DustUp

    Ms. Roy also makes the mistake of many about the corrupted usa govt and the current corporatism that has captured it, by calling it "capitalism" thereby doing the same thing she criticizes those of govt doing: labeling and causing bad opinions and bad tidings through that labeling and name calling.

    It is interesting what people read into what she said. They convolute "justice" into "social justice" which is what the younger indoctrinated skulls are taught as righteous. Such nice sounding terms as "progressive" and "social justice" are putting lipstick on termites with tusks and horns. To be politically "progressive" in anathema to being forward thinking. It is recycled marxism only lazier wherein they just steal to buy votes rather than run anything. "Social justice" is a more recent term inflicted upon those younger than me, by their socialist teachers.

    It is easy enough to consider all the evils those in control of the usa govt and military have done on behalf of the banksters who own the corporations, by any unsavory term you can think of. I agree with those above who say, "And what's your solution?" The criticisms are old hat. I would have more respect if she had some viable solution. Such as refuse to buy anything from a rotten death dealing corporation. Easy. Just quit driving... or convince people to use another fuel. Even when the oil companies drop their price below the cost of that alternative fuel, as they would do when the competition was big enough. Then the wonderful people would cause the demise of those alt. fuel companies welcoming the coming gouging from the oil companies in the future, yet again.

    So, as with most anything and everything, the problem is not "them" it is the man and woman in the mirror. You are the solution to the problems. You just choose to do nothing because it is seems easier, while still complaining, Roy included.

    Many will agree, amerika bad. Big corporations hiding behind and controlling govt is bad. Yet they yawn and go buy some corporate product the next minute. Brilliant.

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