We Become Silent

2005, Conspiracy  -   32 Comments
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We Become SilentInternational award-winning filmmaker Kevin P. Miller of Well TV announced the release of a new documentary about the threat to medical freedom of choice. We Become Silent: The Last Days of Health Freedom details the ongoing attempts by multinational pharmaceutical interests and giant food companies — in concert with the WTO, the WHO and others - to limit the public’s access to herbs, vitamins and other therapies.

We Become Silent is narrated by Dame Judi Dench, the noted UK actress who has won multiple Golden Globe awards, an Oscar, and a Tony for her on-stage work, in addition to dozens of other honors throughout her prestigious career.

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    This film is from 2005, but it is a must watch for anyone who has never heard of Codex Alimentarius. Pure evil.

  2. Sherman Monro

    FDA is a fraud and most guys in FDA are former guys in big corporations. corporations are runing American government. it's been said that people are free to says their words but people often are affraid to speak up----a bit better than Russia in 50's though. Americans are kept to have fun with McDonald, J Bieber, NFL, sex etc. and the rubbers are even pulling the rugs from under bottoms and they don't even notice it. hardly any one is interested in politics but they love to talk about 'Black Friday'.

    The best way to get your vitamins and minerals is to take a little of almost every real food around you. vitamins and minerals are abosrbed better when you take them through food rather than tablets and capsules. also, these days there so many crooks out there that one can not be sure about the quality of supplements in the market and remember supplement is a multi billion dollar business!

    the best example of marriage of FDA and pharmaceuticals is marijuana that has been banned but pharmaceuticals put THC in the capsules and sell it to patients with great profit. what a f***up world we are living in.

  3. Mitch Chaires

    I greatly enjoyed this video. I am disturbed to find out how much control the FDA exerts over what can and cannot be sold in grocery stores and even in health food stores. Every human being has the right to live a healthy life free from illness and diseases and with all the knowledge accumulated about vitamins, minerals and other sources of nourishment we now have, its like they are robbing all of us of a decent quality of health and taking away our right to access nutrients. I am shocked to see that in the UK, there are over 400 million people that don't even have access to nutrients and that someone was arrested for selling a health promoting dietary supplement. Vitamin C naturally occurs in many fruits and vegetables, but with all the pesticides and toxic agricultural chemicals which are sprayed on crops, this has been shown to deplete the levels of nutrients in industrially produced foods. Its as if they WANT us to get ill and diseased because thats what the policies reflect. In addition, think of all the Government subsidies for refined sugar and corn. They are intentionally making junk foods cheaper and nutritious foods more expensive artificially. It IS wrong because every human life has value and everyone deserves to live a life as free from disease and illness as possible. They are making it more of a challenge with these corrupted laws.

  4. Andrew Dunbar

    "they are volunteering for war today in iraq and afghanastan,note there is no news updates like viet nam. brave new world, what's left of it. "

    they are volunteering to join the armed services because their are no jobs on civvie street, have you had a look in a job centre recently? its a joke my son and 90% of his friends have joined the army because their college dreams have been stepped on by no jobs and HUGE tuition fees.

    1. leanmv

      Andrew... there is always an alternative!! You cannot count with the army as an option, not even as a last result.

    2. Pace11

      Stop sending your children to war , educate them to find other means to survive , if the present education system is not working . Stop voting and do not give your power to destructive people and governments .

  5. April Reigne

    That was GREAT! Packed full of info/facts/etc. Eating "right" does not work anymore because our govts approve our foods to be genetically modified. Ecoli only came about (invented) due to cows being fed corn.

    BTW: Eating Healthy has now become a disorder!

  6. Danny Young

    sadly the younger generations today are so docile. they are volunteering for war today in iraq and afghanastan,note there is no news updates like viet nam. brave new world, what's left of it.

  7. Jill

    And Ron, you are right, eating right, etc should give you the best nutritional help. Unless there is a mechanism in your body that is not working right, you should have no need for supplements. People don't look at what is needed verses what they get through diet. But to shun medical care, just look at the change in life expectancy over time. As for medical care. I have glaucoma, and would go blind without drops. I don't take other drugs. Don't have aspirin or other pain relievers lying around. I drink lemon and honey when I start feeling sick and sleep. I haven't been sick in over 10 years. But I eat well and have a good immune system. Others aren't that lucky. We have to strike an even balance and take responsibility for what we put in our bodies. Know the side effects, know what is counter indicative. And as far as supplements, know what your body needs. Know the additives, understand the uptake mechanism, and understand that they DO NOT have to follow the same quality control standards that an FDA regulated industry does. Nor do they have to do the testing required to show safety and efficacy.

  8. Jill

    This is not an accurate depiction of the industry. We all know there are side effects. but there is a risk benefit to all drugs, devices and medical care. Consumers fail to listen. The with the statement that there is a "premature death" is how that is defined. What is the outcome if drug or surgery wasn't done.
    As for the supplements. There are good ones and they are often suggested by physicians. The problem is that without regulation you have no idea what is being put in your mouth. Additives, dose ratios, effective dose, etc. You can't have it both ways.
    An example. for horses, there are joint supplements. They market the more the better. But the problem is, uptake (the bodies ability to absorb) is much less than what is being marketed. Also, some supplements do not work alone. They are not absorbed. So, listening to this and buying what is said is not accurate. It gives no facts.

  9. Ron Burgundy

    I refuse to take any drugs, I eat my veggies and excercise. if you treat your body like crap soon you will need all these harmful drugs just to function. get some excersise and lose weight before its too late and yu cant recover. my mother is in pain all the time from never taking care of herself, now she has 1o different drugs just to function.

  10. lele

    who cares if supplements get banned? we don't need them in the first place. just eat well, go out and vitamin levels and whatnot will get right by themselves.

    1. StephenM

      but what happens when the food we can buy has been robbed of all nutrients due to genetic engineering?

    2. a_no_n

      Genetic engineering doesn't work like that!

      Why would someone go through all the effort of genetically engineering something to make it worse? What would be the point?

      That would be like breeding a racehorse to have the shortest legs and brittlest bones possible...It's dumb, and it'll lose you a fortune!

    3. justplucky

      The are various reasons for what is referred to as genetic engineering. On the human level, one is used to increase intelligence and the other is used to dumb down. The reason for the latter can be summed up in two words. The first is compliance and the second is slavery. Compliance arises out of mind "dumbing" drugs and food additives as well as low quality foods which do not nourish brain transmitters, for the purpose of making slaves out of people... Slaves to corporate interests called consumers and employees.

    4. shotenzenjin16

      please understand it is not just genetic modification but also the depletion of minerals in the soil brought on by the super intensive use of our "industrial" production methods...

    5. shotenzenjin16

      In a perfect world YES we all would obtain sufficent nutrition from "eating right" HOWEVER ask yourself:"IS it a perfect world ?" so i would suggest "nothing will get right by itself ", doing nothing is in and of itself part of the inherent darkness within all human life and with no desire to conquer said "darkness" allows one to be at the mercy of circumstances...in which case we would still be in the caves of our distant relatives.

  11. Vivian

    @larry u must have stock in the wto. geezz moving on @ amy I myself would like to know more right about now! google!!! :)

  12. Jason #2

    You can overdose on vitamins and have your body reject too much, it simply does not just get pissed out if you take too many of them. Horrible advice if you honestly believe you just piss it away and no ill effects can be felt over time...

    You can cause severe liver damage if you take too many vitamins, as well as have jaundice, headaches, hairloss, heart problems and other serious events.

    Anything in excess can be dangerous, even water...

    Everyone should try to research what they are putting into their bodies before they take it, even if a doctor says its safe. You know yourself more than anyone, dont piss your own health away because a doctor who gets kick backs from the pharm companies says its okay for you to take something. Just say Know!

  13. Sir. Bknight


    Your body excretes excess Vitamins through urine. So, if you where to consume too much Vitamin C for instance you're body would use that which it required and the rest would just be pissed away. So essentially over using Vitamins is simply just pissing money away.

  14. UnPlugged

    I meant everyone!! :)

  15. UnPlugged

    Every On Should See This!!!!

  16. Kurrrt

    What God on a planet of love would allow this sort of Health Bill in the USA? What secret despute with who exists? Has the pope who stands in for the real Mr Big have any say so? He's the stand-in King of the planet, holding the place for Jesus, what's up no clout? Ask your priest why enslavement goes on so unattended. (They invented it) And these drugs are an aweful sad infliction onto mankind. A pleasure towards mans doom. The more drugs enter- the more jailed for it. It's a government racket. The ones at the top must have no belief in any God. Forcing more methods to restrict, restrain, decieve and enslave us more and more taking our freedom, while most of humanity sleeps right through it. While secret silent dark forces swiftly carry out their plan.

  17. whoopi goldberg

    this doc is way off track, its spreading more fear then knowledge.
    it should have said:
    eat healthy and exercise, live a vibrant happy life

    on that note im off to hot yoga

  18. s3tione

    The Pharma industry and the governments of world do have a relationship which is too close. And it is true that the health care system in the US has serious faults, but neither of these two facts say anything about modern medical science or the scientific method in general. And no, modern medicine cannot cure many of the world's major illnesses like cancer or AIDS, but that does not mean that alt med can by default. Modern medicine has limits, hence the "ineffectiveness" of certain new drugs which come to market. But this video seems to imply that it is some shadowy organizations which are actually preventing cures from coming to market, not the real limits of the science.
    As far as vitamins are concerned, watch the video "The truth about Vitamins" elsewhere on this site of for another point of view on vitamin supplements. They argue and demonstrate in a few cases that over consumption of vitamins can lead to ill health.
    Last point, if you want to live healthy, eat lots of plants, and exercise, forget the snake oil.

  19. Larry

    It would be easy to ignore this video in spite of its high quality of content and presentation were it not for the example of the impact of banning DDT. Millions of people around the world have died of malaria because a few birds were negatively impacted...that was more important than saving human lives. I suspect that DDT was too easy and inexpensve to treat the problem so instead lives were sacrificed to treat the problem of malaria with more expensive medicines. Nothing else makes sense.

    1. shotenzenjin16

      sorry Larry but i feel your "superficial" chain of causality is unbalanced at best...

  20. amy

    what this video fails to mention about codex is that at the same time as vitamin and mineral supplements will be regulated and downgraded in potency, the safe limit levels of highly toxic industrial chemicals will be raised.

    the threshold levels of ppm of chemicals that in some countries are now illegal will become a point of contention and enable the wto to sue countries with safety standards thus enabling manufacturers and corporations to reintroduce toxins into the environment and food supply.

    for me this is an important aspect of codex that must be addressed. even with knowledge i am unsure of what to do to stop it?? any suggestions?? i vote but it doesn't seem to make a goddamn difference.....

  21. george

    this video is a must see. a bit short but very well presented.

    It's obvious that pharmaceutical companies only care about their profits & not the well being of the people who take their "snake oil". Wheres the profit for them in natural plant´s that can be grown almost anywhere.

    1. a_no_n

      Asprin is willow tree bark

  22. Jason

    intersting little documentary, but i cant wrap my head around some of its focuses and points regarding upper limits of vitamin intace, to me it seems resoanble to asume that taking to much of anything can be unhealthy, including vitamins/minerals.

  23. Lisa O

    Excellent, but what do we do? What is going on with Codex now?