Web of Hate

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In February 2012, Melbourne schoolgirl Catherine Bernard took her life, after suffering depression and falling prey to cyber-bullying. Catherine is not the first victim.

According to a recent global poll, Australia rates number one in the world for bullying on social networks like Facebook, with nine in 10 families reporting a child's brush with bullies online.

The surge in cyber-bullying takes harassment from the playground directly into victims' bedrooms, becoming an incessant and ongoing form of public humiliation that for victims seems impossible to escape.

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  1. People act like its no big. but I'm assuming these are early millennials and older. The internet took a turn for the worst shortly after 9/11 with all the arguing. Today, it is a different place. no longer do you see "i respect your opinion but". it isn't that website moderators censored people. they deleted comments full of abolsute hate and fallacy. I believe a way to fix this is better moderation, and for websites to stop creating stories that create an emotional uproar!

  2. The other side of this issue is there is rampant media controls over the net. It is hard to imagine how people would want to die over cyber bully when the fact of the matter is the net is controlled already by censorship. Even the Chinese, who are prevented from spilling information over the net are forcing issues in opinion sites like Yahoo. This problem is not cyber bullying but censorship by socialists and its rebranded clone, the environmental advocates.

  3. Just a little note. I found this documentary to be accurate with what I have seen in the lives around me and cyber bullying needs to be addressed. Also, as the old saying goes "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" should apply online too....and in the comments of this documentary. People worked hard on this video to show the reality of what some people face.

  4. Firstly, to address a few comments as this is an Australian film, there is no such thing as freedom of speech here, the only thing close is the expression of political opinion to stop political prosecution, but our government will chuck a gag order on anything to bar it from the media.
    Its naive to think cyber bullying isn't a real issue. Unfortunately, every grade, or even every class room, has that one person everyone targets as 'the strange kid'. All the rejection they face during the school day, only to have the same on social media at home, and they can't just delete it or never return because then they are even more strange for not using the medium. A small story of my own was when I was in grade 7 and got my first mobile for my birthday, and I remember walking in the city with my dad when I suddenly got a phone call. I was so excited to see this brand new nokia brick ring, only for it to be 3 girls from my class prank calling me. No, it didn't push me to extremes, but I would be lying if I said it doesn't cross my mind every so often, or when I now see the same girls, now in their 20s on my facebook feed, that it doesn't make me feel bad for not acting on it then.
    It takes growing up and finding your sense of self to be able to brush things off and overcome them. We were all self conscious and sensitive at a stage of our lives, and not surprising for most its in the awkward teenage years.
    Technology and social media is only going to expand and be more readily available, to have the 'suck it up and get over it' attitude is just foolish and damaging.

  5. There is an inherent nihilism in the pursuit of attitudes that distance developing children and adolescents (we never truly grow up anyway finding that to be more true than not pushing 34) but those are crucial points in development; as I was saying attitudes that distance developing children and adolescents away from what in infancy is called the ability to self-sooth, the ability to calm oneself, and to experience abandonment and for want of a better word have faith that the sun will come up again tomorrow. I can understand from the point of view of dysfunctional families where children are unhealthily deprived of that sunset sunup perspective of development. Things always have the possibility of changing; for some children and teens that is withheld very unfortunately.

    If its occurring as it would seem in healthy families??? not to blame parents who themselves come from unhealthy families but it seems that in the pursuit of the new ppl have lost a large amount of coping strategies, technology just being a facilitator of that inability of child or adolescence to reach for growth rather than despair. Seeing something every where and developing conceptually the idea of the POSSIBILITY that millions have seen your humiliation and this will perpetuate FOREVER... for me it is the idea that society will produce goods and services that will only be of benefit and nothing of harm that is probably most of fault amongst the caregivers. Technology is a tool and so are the people who are bullies but safe in their coping strategy of externalising their pain for whatever reason (legitimate or not.. but whos to say and what right do we have to judge... ) bleh

    Put simply this must be the death of more nihilistic extremes of Political Correctness life hurts and will continue to hurt, but if I look hard enough life will bring me happiness and friends... I will learn about truth justice and beauty really is in any number of spiritual or secular activities. It was important for me to note that life is also filled with plenty of normal range living spaces that no generation has felt before. We also are less in touch with the shared coping strategies and the sense of working together and helping one another rather than sitting and brooding on some slight or another. I love the internet but I hate it as well. From a gen that lived through from 14.4 text based web/newsgroups/modem to modem games etc through to all this adsl3+++ and super saturated consumer electronics world today the world has not actually changed.

    Also good to note that while we are materially better off we have a lot less time to ponder deeper concepts on a satisfactory level for it to become second nature. The gen beneath has that a lot worse I have observed they really easily misled and also easily guided back... may be that s we this is evolving in the meantime really really relax on the concept that your children are sheltered don't be misguided that we are on the verge of utopia but also stick up for your kid and I will stick up for mine (don't have any yet I suppose that shows.)

    You need to live the solution and not absolve yourself of the problem... cyber bullying is one thing but whats really going on in real life is a lot worse generally and is not necessarily the parents consequences of where they live; social prejudices sexual violence, unwanted advances or the lack of wanted advances all these things boiling over in a society that has really given up on itself and its responsible. THis not a utopia but is a completely new era and not necessarily a dystopic. Take happiness (true and proper happiness nothing semantic about what I mean) where you find it and let that happiness lead you to the growth that gives you more happiness.

    Peace out

  6. Simple: get offline. Amazing how many people can't figure that out. I've voiced opinions online people didn't like and been harassed for it. I deleted my account and started a new one. If you're so affected by this bs, you need mental help.

  7. This is why you don't let prepubescent children and teens on the internet. The internet is for the most part anonymous so people will do the most horrible shit to each other cause they can't get called out for it. It's the dark underbelly of the human psyche and children don't belong here.

  8. Simple solution. Do a columbine

  9. When I was kid beating up bullies worked for me, don't take no bullshit from nobody. If you're tall I'll knock you down, short like me I'll knock you down too. Any guy that wants it can get it. Now it's cyber bullying, just shows how spineless some people can be. Got a problem, communicate face to face. Cyber bully? just block them or set limitations on who can 'friend' you. It is sad that a child may harm themselves because of the harassment they faced online. I do understand that teens are more sensitive to attacks on their character as they are forming an identity for themselves. As well as dealing with the reality of growing up.

    However, I don't understand why they allow themselves to be subjected to such behaviour. It's like sitting on a bus and someone keeps tapping your shoulder, just tell 'em to stop. Kids need to be taught assertiveness, at least. They don't have to be as I was in my youth. I was physically beaten once as a kid by one of my mom's ex boyfriends. So my natural reaction to violence is to use violence. (Because ain't nobody gonna save you but yourself.) Then again maybe they do need some aggression, because if someone got hit for talking trash online that may just repress the need to bully another. I don't know just my thoughts.

  10. I like to joke around occasionally when I post. I don't get my feelings hurt when someone replies with some nasty retort. Why would you get your feelings hurt by someone you can't see and most likely never will see. I think you need to stay out of the boxing ring if you don't like getting punched. Nastiness is part of life kido's and you just have to get use to it.. Your mom and dad (ie.. government )can't come stick up for you every time you get your feelings hurt.

    1. Not everyone has such a fully developed psyche and self-esteem. Children and teens are particularly vulnerable to barbs thrown by others whether they be behind the mask of an online persona or not. You are talking about a brain that is not yet done with it's development and being very caviler as if people could just choose to ignore all aspects of bullying. This is a serious problem and the government and parents should come to their aid because individuals like you think it is a part of life!

    2. The slings and arrows will never cease no matter how much you wish they will. I was bullied as a child and used my (undeveloped) brain to get past the bullies tactics with wit, humor, and good old fashioned but kissing. I controlled the situation thru cunning and adaptation and soon made friends with my tormentors. A child needs to be nurtured and taught how to overcome adversity not stop it. When you pet someone too much, be it a child or an adult, you take away a natural defense mechanism that they need to survive. Your good intentions can be poisonous to their development if you are too protective. Bullying is part of life and some survive and some don't but everyone needs the chance and the tools to try. Don't take that away from people and call it compassion........it's just the opposite.

    3. Pussification of the world, I got picked on. Got my ass wooped. Oh no here comes a cyberbully. Give me a break.

    4. People like you are whats wrong with the world today. Clinging to those animal instincts of only the strong survive when we live in a civilized society, unable to understand the pain and long term damage done to countless people because it didn't effect you the way it did others. I could go on and on about this, but let me wrap it up by saying, Ignorance is a disease and the only cure to Ignorance is knowledge..

    5. Even then, they should still learn to stand up for themselves, and handle situations properly. There's always going to be a**holes, but they decide if they're going to be the victim or the victor

  11. Cyberbullies are cowards themselves. Block them because they aren't worth your time......

    1. Best advice.

  12. I'm honestly afraid of what my son will face in the future :(

  13. It sickens me what a sizable portion of humanity will stoop to when they believe anonymity is involved.

    This isn't just about bullying either with ip and address look ups, death threats, rape threats, threats of harming peoples families, stalking, revenge porn, stealing accounts and information.

    And to gaslight with such phrases as "it's the internet what did you expect?" or "that's what happens on the internet." I see you are new etc.......

    Yes it is the internet, but it isn't an entity. The internet isn't the one saying and doing those things, humans are, it's is just their platform. The internet doesn't have to be this way, humans chose for it to be this way. YOU have culpability in how the internet is shaped if you use it for bullying and ignorance, don't pass the blame off on to a non-entity it's all you.

  14. As a victim of cyber bullying for many years throughout my 20 years of life so far, I cannot believe people actually agree with this ridiculous behaviour, it's outrageous! And as for trolls, they're just bullies in denial of what they're doing. This needs to stop, it's a serious issue amongst our society and it's NOT okay that A) people think they can sit behind a computer screen writing negative/abusive/offensive comments to people they might not even know and B) we lose any more people to suicide caused or contributed by bullying in any form. IT NEEDS TO END!

  15. As long as one relies on opinions of the others, one will remain in an inner turmoil. As there are thousand of individuals around, so are thousands of different opinions. And many times even the same opinion-holder can easlily change their mind at any instant.
    One would have to be mad even to try to comply with all this nonsensical mental bubble coming from the others.
    You rely so strongly on the others' opinions because you don't know yourself. Go into meditation, into the inner journey of self discovery and then one day you'll have a great laugh at all this "bulling" nonsense. The more you get to know yourself the less attention you'll place at what the others say.
    Having said all above I do admit that at the teenage age things get more complicated, but...this is how we grow into maturity...

  16. Firs of all the internet is the place where we(the people that use it) are free to express what ever we want... the problem hear is that the different between the generations is to beg and nobody teach those children how to communicate (or to be more explicable the parents don't give a f@!# about there children and think that internet is a place that store only some worthless texts) and also the schools( the teachers ) are over there head to whit the technology and the information that the yang's have on there fingertips... so the problems are not low to punish the people... is to learn them to express there problem and to understand the ones that have one... I can write ( in mi pure English) all night about this problem... but still will not change anything...the problems is our mentality that at this moment the elders, teachers and social specialist don't understand it.

  17. lmao if ur being "cyber bullied" heres how u stop it BLOCK THE PEOPLE DOING IT. and if someone says sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me throw a dictionary at there head and say so that didnt hurt hahahaha

    1. you all need to look up "there" in the dictionary.

      all different words

      uh oh, is this cyber bullying?

  18. Trolling is the the evolution of language. See results.

  19. trolls aren't even clever anymore. if you honestly commit suicide because a 13 year old called you a whore online then you probably shouldn't be alive in the first place.

    1. I think some people are missing the point that the victims and perpetrators are adolescents.

      By simple definition, adolescents are unstable. Their bodies are undergoing the final growth spurts to bring them into functioning adulthood, and often the development of psyche, body and hormones don't match up. Just ask anyone who deals with teens--or who remembers their own adolescence!

      That leaves them peculiarly vulnerable to being either--or both--a victim or perpetrator of internet trolling, of a particularly vicious sort.

      An adult would hopefully think twice, but teens never will. And for kids, "now" is all there is. They just haven't lived long enough to gain perspective.

      Even adults tend to think, without physical cues, that they are interacting with age peers, online, and can be vicious to one another. Why would anyone expect youngsters to make the distinction?

    2. hahahahh

  20. That is the new world order said by George Bush Senior in 11/09/1990 by which he means we are going to enslave human kinds and in 11/09/2001 we had seen the 9/11.

  21. If the computer gets ugly then hit the "off" button. This is the equivalent of dropping a bomb on the bully and no one will put you in jail for doing it.

  22. it's not about social network,it's about people.
    if you cant stand up for yourself..just dont use networks at all,go out for some healthy chat.and what the hell did happen to people? so emotionally unstable just because someone on the internet said you're fat? maybe if he said it to your face in public it would be something.parents failed hard in those suicide cases imo.
    ps: sorry for my awful english

    1. no, its about social networking. Facebook is the s*upidest s*it ever, along with tumblr,twitter and all that crap...what a joke that people even use it....may as well all be playing World of Warcraft and contributing NOTHING to your life or the world you live in. for shame.

  23. I'm so tired of insipid first worlders and the devastating dramatization of their psychological problems. Oh you have a computer, a cutting edge piece of entertainment and educational technology, while most of the world would be lucky to gain employment digging in one of the muddy slave mines from whence the rare earth elements used in information technology are procured. Truly my heart bleeds for you. Oh wait, never mind, it doesn't. Come to think of it I despise everything about you, your unquestioned sense of entitlement, your complete ignorance of the world whose shoulders you stand upon, and your precious, precious little feelings which are so important that they easily justify attacking the freedom of an open and anonymous internet.

    Protip, if you can not handle being called names, you are not ready to be here Time to step back a pace in cultural evolution. Shut down your browser, uninstall it and return to the meat-o-sphere bringing all your sensitive little feelings with you.

    1. Why does "the real world" have to involve name calling are we all still in high school mentally?

      Also gaslighting, just because there are problems elsewhere in the world that are far more extreme we should ignore the social problems on our own doorstep?

      Also if you buy clothes from any big name brand store, shoes, or but food from companies that use palm oil YOU also contribute to the slave trade industries. You can't get away from it, unless you make or buy completely locally! You want to know why? ANONYMITY of those big companies and COMPLACENCY of humanity.

    2. the real world has to involve aggressive and or judgemental behaviors such as name calling because its human nature.

    3. That is a cop out that people use when they just don't want to look into themselves, their choices and their behaviour.

      "Human nature" has constantly evolved and changed over the decades, society has been revised countless times.

      If this behaviour was 'inherent' wouldn't every human be born with the bully gene? I don't buy the "human nature" arguments anymore than I buy the "god made me do it ones.

      Notice that the only time that we say "well that's just human nature" is when it's an undesirable trait that is completely amended. But when someone or a culture is completely altruistic, we hear nothing about human nature, why is that?

      Because people only use that term when they want to talk themselves out, and avoid any reprisals for their repugnant, antisocial behaviour.

    4. I think you should study up on human nature.

      Im not using it as a cop out. If I see someone bullying someone else I don't think "oh, it's ok. Human nature"
      I think "wow what an a-hole. "
      We can all choose to behave against our nature., so calling it human nature isn't erasing blame.
      And I do use and hear "human nature" arguments in relation to desirable behavior as well. Many of us are much less (if not the opposite of) judgmental and hostile by nature.

      But I think the reason aggression always exists in society is because naturally, as a whole, humans are insecure, judgmental and have the capacity to be quite cruel. and when put in group situations with hierarchies (like schools), that judgement and behavior can get out of hand.

      You'd be surprised what humans are capable of by nature. Google Stanley milgram, for example. I think his experiments prove my point; people are cruel.

      We can try our best to fix these problems and punish people correctly, but I don't think we can confidently tell ourselves or anyone else that the human race is capable of being 100% inoffensive. Or even 75%

  24. When I stopped using Facebook my life become so much better.

    1. Hey sknb, I stopped using Facebook as well and I am much happier for it. It's nice to know you rose above it!

    2. wow so u completely quit facebook bc of a few little kids said mean things about u god how dumb r u. how about u dont add everyone that u see and only add the people u actually know

    3. Troy, no not that at all. I quit because I was getting way too political with people and just did not like the way I was responding. And you are right, you should only add people you know. I think that was a mistake on my part. Peace bro!

    4. I was on FB for a very short time, and only because my friends kept telling me how great it was.
      Maybe there's something wrong with me, but I didn't like all the sharing and all the (for the most part) useless information people posted.
      If I want to "share" with someone, I will call them or go see them.
      I much prefer the intimacy of being there, I guess.
      I never use a cell phone either, unless I'm travelling long distances. I don't like to always be "available".
      I still send e-mails to my friends and family, and even send real letters via snail mail!

    5. Hey bringmeredwine, I like your style! I am the same way. It is simply a preference and there is nothing wrong with you because of it. Labels such as 'Old school', etc, do not mean anything.

    6. I must confess... I recently learned how to text, so now my best friend and I can make remarks to each other quickly and at any given time. Sure can brighten up a long lonely winter day! Her texts are hilarious!

  25. its so awfull, people who bullying dont realize how much damage they do to other people.
    The problem is they dont see it, its easy on internet.
    Laugh on other behalf, feel better when others get down by it.
    Would be nice if they could get a shock of what they truly do to others, some end killing them self as said in the documentary.
    How can you live with yourself knowing your part in killing a person? its sick.

    1. By creating the belief within yourself that the person that committed suicide was mentally ill and someone close to them should have gotten them help before you came along. The creation of "belief systems" allows us to reconcile ourselves to our own conviction of conscience without the inconvenience of yielding. This is in itself an illness afflicting many and the "bullying phenomena" is only one of many destructive symptoms attending this this wide spread illness. It should be understood that the "bully" himself has an illness that requires understanding on his part before he can be healed. It would be helpful if human psychology was a required subject in school from about grade 2 through grade 12. But it seems that the powers that be do not want the population to have a good understanding of how the human mind operates. This understanding is a "key" so to speak by which we can unchain ourselves and the powers that be want us to remain as we are.

  26. Lame, its my freedom of speach to tell if i dont like something or someone in internet , and only thing this anti bulling thing will make is more cowerds who cannot stand uo for them selves , buuu
    when i was small some kids in my block picked on me , that made me want to grow bigger and stronger, now i do lots of sport and rly can protect my self and noone dares to bully me , os in a way i must say ths to these kids who bullied me then, otherwise i could end up like regular nerd who cannot do anything

    1. Your "freedom of speech" could use a spellchecker, and some grammar lessons.

    2. cool story bro. next time try telling it in a way that would make me care... one day you might annoy the wrong nerd and lose your computer.

    3. WARNING: Troll Bridge Ahead! Do Not Feed the Trolls.

    4. You obviously have absolutely no sense of empathy.

  27. Web of Hate

    I’d like to tell of some hateful incidents that happened several years ago when I launched an Atheist website. The site included a forum and a contact email address. Though I knew that it might provoke some people I was not prepared for the Hate Storm that ensued. During the Danish Cartoon Controversy I featured the cartoon of mohamed with a bomb in his turban on the home page; the feeble british press would not show any of it.

    The forum and email address were deluged, bombarded and overloaded with the vilest of vile comments, mostly from muslims. The comments included death threats, threats of violence and intimidation, all written in the most provocative and foulest of language. Although most of it was directed at me, much was aimed at anyone who supported the cartoon or the site. (A CARTOON for goodness sake!!!)

    The emails were the worst though. Some added attachments of horrific pictures of murders, maiming and beatings. Sadly I recognized one the addresses of a christian I knew, I haven’t spoken to him since. The point I’d like to make here is that if you have an online presence and some bold views of almost any subject the chances are you will be attacked. I say to those under attack, hold firm and have the courage of your convictions not to allow yourself to be bullied. Nice people outnumber nasty people massively.

    I have an open question. Does one make it easy for an online presence to be traced to the “real world?” I ask because I’m working on a little doc about religious buildings in my very small home town and I’m in it. My friends advise against it. Courage, bravery, I’m not sure; perhaps I’ll have to follow the yellow brick road a little longer. All the best, especially to anyone who has suffered at the hands of bullies.

    The Crucified One

    Edit. Prior to launching the site, one evening in great haste I snapped up a domain name I couldn't believe was available, Atheist dot co dot uk. I went to bed that evening feeling mighty pleased. Imagine my disappointment the next day when I realised that an Atheist of all these years had bought the rights to Athiest dot etc. Dohhh Spelling!!!!

    1. Your problem is making a film locally, people will notice a man with a camera and Wales is a place where everyone knows someone who knows someone. Be anonymous, I recommend a balaclava and a squeaky voice. I guess it depends what you're going to say too, no point being nasty about buildings, nobody cares enough about them enough to hunt you so I guess you're either going to hassle god-botherers or attack churches with sticks or something. My cautious side says hide, the devil in me says film and be damned..... And get a good alarm ;)

    2. @Dewy

      I’ve already got a fair bit of footage; And I’m in nearly all of it. Unmistakeably me, I have distinctive white hair and I’m known around the town as Atheist Dave or Dave Atheist. Even though I’ve been telling them for 6 months O/ “I’M AN ANTItHEIST You know what it’s like in Wales. Hmm, I would be a dead giveaway. (I wear Atheist T shirts all thru the summer.) Some of the footage is mild and neutral and some is very controversial. I have a nice clip of me shooting a statue of jesus in the head with my deadly finger gun. Bam! And few more mickey taking one’s and one so absolutely outrageous I dare not speak of it. Nil Plus Ultra.

      The guy who made the film (an Atheist) made me promise never to show it in public. He didn’t say what we were promising each other so I may break it yet? Bearing in mind that when I launched the site I wanted to be controversial to get it in the public arena. But I was really taken aback by the Hate Storm described below and have been fairly timid about things since. I would appreciate your comments in the light of this new info. A brief answer would be just fine. Sorry to be a Pain.

      The Unsure One

    3. Well, as you're in Wales there is only one reasonable response, might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. Do your worst and hope for the best :)

    4. "I’d like to tell of some hateful incidents that happened several years ago when I launched an Atheist website...."

      Well, you know what they say... "Serious people have serious enemies."

      "Does one make it easy for an online presence to be traced to the “real world?”"

      Not to worry you, but... Yes. Forget everything you've ever heard about "online anonymity". Getting at least a physical location of where something originated from is hardly a problem for someone with even the most basic hacking skills; and your government doesn't even have to work at it. All one needs is an IP number.

      That being said: most hackers aren't church officials so you've probably got nothing to worry about. ;-)

    5. But then again, you've already told us that you're a white-haired guy from Wales, whom everybody knows as Atheist Dave, so I think your cover's already blown...

    6. Thanks for that David. Opinion is certainly divided and I’m still not sure how far to take this and other projects. I’m not too worried about hackers, if they go to that much trouble they’ll find me. My worry is direct recognition from video footage and how hot headed these Fanatics can be. Oh well, Live Dangerously said someone I know ;-)

    7. Yeah, well, when I first got on the interweb, people told me that if I didn't go by a fictitious name and lie about my whereabouts, that the boogeyman would come eat my face and rape my family. I never listened to any of that. And in 15 years, the boogeyman has YET to show up on my doorstep... And you should read some of the $hit I post (if you haven't already). :-)

    8. And I think that if the people you are worried about already know you as "Atheist Dave", then you're probably not going to do anything that would surprise them. And if some nasty words is as far as it goes, then what's to worry about? Hell, I spent most of the day yesterday getting slandered right here on this website! Little girl in this movie may have cried here eyes out, but I'm fairly used to it. I was bullied in real life.. Interweb ain't got nothin' on that! :-)

    9. Hey David

      Sorry to hear about yourself being bullied and hope it didn’t have a lasting effect on you; it does for many, not me though. I only allowed one person ever to bully me, that was my frail, old and wheelchair bound Grandmother. (Gramma)

      Most local people are fine with me, though one or two occasionally kick off when I Rag them about wearing crucifixes etc.
      The town I live in is a popular tourist destination for people all over the world, including those madly Fanatical religionista ones. I think a wig might be in order during the summer if I upload more controversial film.

      The girl that cried, I felt sorry for her, I wanted to show her that she is allowing herself to be bullied. Please don’t misunderstand how real the interweb is for her and future generations, it seems just as real as that other hateful, hurtful place I used to know.... the School playground. It was so bad in my day that a friend and I organized our own vigilante anti-bullying methods. Some rough justice was dished out at times; the bullies soon got the message, even the biggest of them, Lol, David and Goliath!! It’s been the same ever since.

      The Just One

    10. Thanks AntiTheist666,

      Of course it had an effect. But, you know... "That which doesn't kill me..."

      When I finally got fed-up with it I turned on the first one to come along and knocked out a couple of his front teeth. In so doing, I learned that a bully bleeds just as easily as the next guy. Been doing the same ever since.

      I guess that if the web is all you know, then that's your reality. And people on it are more likely to be a$$holes, simply because they're out of shooting distance. But hey; some things ya just gotta deal with. It's either that, or kill yourself.

    11. Maybe we could hire a hacker to develop some sort of anti-bully bot, that monitors blogs and chatrooms, so whenever it recognizes someone being bullied, it snaps a picture of the offender using their webcam, and sends it to the victim along with his/her address and a 50% off coupon for a Smith & Wesson .45!

    12. LOLOL

      Now, now. It was all good until the last bit. Great idea, I wouldn't be surprised if that kind of software is already available. No guns though!

    13. Sorry... I just thought it would be a bit hard for a web bot to send the offender a flaming bag of dog poop.

    14. An IP number. Where'd you learn that puterskool

  28. its funny, as I was leaving highschool in australia, after having been bullied a fair bit i noticed there was a change taking place. our teacher were obsessed with us not being bullied, we had to watch quite a few cheesy videos and sit through endless speeches at assembalies. maybe bullying has been pushed out of school so successfully in Australia, and that is why cyber bullying is no 1 here now.

    1. That's a very interesting theory Edith. Seriously. They should look into that.

  29. I am 85. Extremely active all my life...several proclamations and 42 awards. I have done over 20.000 personal booklets for people who need cheering up, someone etc, they make every life look important.

    all of a sudden senior subsidized housing and a social worker who took over it all. She has a disease where she wrinkled and looks = like a mummy. No daddy would want. I do stand-up comedy for charity. Even the logo of a positive "a celebration of friends” this social worker must be jealous, I am forbid to volunteer and do any art work here.

    She called me in office and said I would be a good woman and would I wear her clothes. I am gay. My partner of almost 40 years wanted to die we were harassed. He did go. I am boycotted by her and all tenants will not talk to me. It has been 6 years of this. You know we get afraid as we age.

    She has the power to put me in a rest home though I am healthy and my mind is very active. I do three limericks in a minute; I make up the comedy as I go. Everyone is afraid of her. I guess this is harassment.

    1. @Charles Kennedy

      Well done Charles. Facing up to and talking about problems is always better than living in fear. Sadly there are some unpleasant people about but thankfully they are in the minority. Hold your head up high and talk to people you can trust, I’m sure you’ll find someone to help. I wish I could do more for you. Good luck and best wishes.

    2. You've got to get out of there, Charles!
      Surely one of the people you have helped in the past could share their home with you?
      It's YOUR turn to ask for help. Don't waste the rest of your life being surrounded by a-holes.
      You deserve so much better!

  30. Yes there are trolls on the internet, and cyber bullies, but I would like to remind people that this "dark side of the internet" is just a small part of it. Some people get harassed online, but many other troubled kids and teens find refuge and comfort in the cyber world. People who are unattractive, socially awkward, can't make real friends, make online friends, find people who share their unusual interests and appreciate their opinions. I speak from experience. Several years ago I was the most awkward, self loathing,unpopular person in my school, town, the whole world (so I thought.) The internet was where I went to escape. I made wonderful friends, discovered a thousand amazing things. It helped get me through my tough time until fate brought me to a person (who I met online by the way) who pulled my out of my pit of misery, made me believe in myself, my future again. Because of this person I was able to overcome my debilitating social phobia and depression, become a truly happy person ready for any **** life can throw my way. I accomplished things I never dreamed were possible. I am who I am today, I am alive today because of the internet. The internet is not some horrible place populated only by trolls. There are awesome websites here, wonderful people, and countless amazing things that make my life immeasurably brighter.
    Just wanted to put that out there...

    1. Thank you for sharing the flip side.

    2. i agree that the internet can be a safe haven for social outcasts. It was certainly that haven for me for many years. one thing i would like for you to consider, is that other person in question, the one you are speaking about, aware of how you feel. does this person know what theyve done for you, or are you just presuming your gratitude comes off naturally. i think its safe to assume that the internet is indeed full of sensative people, who have been through alot. they probably need to be told certain things, to feel good about themselves. are you sure this person got the same benefits out of your friendship, as you? or, did your need of them suck them dry of their own self-resilience and now they are left with no one to confide in. i myself was horribly bullied at school, from the very day i started, until i started highschool. i was kicked, spit on, had gum put in my hair, i was verbally ridiculed and assulted, i had things thrown at me, i was teased in every imaginable way almost on a daily basis, and then i would come home to an abusive parent who would further verbally berate me, shame me, physically hurt me, and physchologically torment me. the internet was the only place i felt safe, and i dared to confide in a person, who ended up walking away from me, when my problems became an inconvienience for him. of course i know nothing of your situation, i just hope this other person you speak of is aware of how special they were to you, if you still arent speaking.

  31. The style of this report overshadows the solid research and substance involved, but it's a worth a look nevertheless. It's mostly filmed in Melbourne's West - the more working class and multicultural area, but the majority of serious bullying and suicides occur in the Outer East. Train deaths are just part of the background there, and if you look at livability surveys it ranks as the worst in the entire country, year after year. The West really pales next to the Outer East.

  32. funny how times change. in school, i endured a few years of daily beatings, some even ranking as "pretty savage" in my personal scale of mayhem, innumerable robberies, and enough "verbal abuse" to make a brooklyn longshoreman break down in tears. i would honestly have been overjoyed to have my biggest worry be some gap toothed bufoon slandering me on "facebook", as opposed to whether the group stomping i was about to receive would result in hospitalization, or the local tough guy who was robbing me of a french horn mouthpiece was going to skewer me with his pet 007

  33. the internet and trolls arent really related to her death... poor girl though.

  34. trolls = immaturity = stupid = garbage

  35. Parents...self admitted computer illiterates....handing technology they don't understand to children who are not considered mature enough to sign contracts...defacto absolving themselves of the responsibility of their actions. Delegating their duty to the child they brought into the world onto others in blind faith. Child abuse.

  36. the kid who think cyber bullying is "comedy" and ethical, i disagree
    people choose to go see a comedy act
    kids don't choose to be troll on
    force sex

  37. "Current legislation is just too broad". haha I wish someone would say that here in the U.S.

  38. Kids, its not forever. I was bullied until high school when I learned to fight but the learning to fight wasn't the thing...the thing was, it ends. It feels like forever but it's not. There are four years of hell, perhaps, and then an entire life to be lived and to become what bullies are not: worthwhile. Believe me, "difference" almost always equals a mark on humanity. Picasso would have been bullied and, dare I say, DaVinci would have been bullied. It's ignorance that propels bullies. Just get through it and prove all of us less than you.

    1. Kids, it's not forever. AMEN. Kids need to be told this over and over about adolescence per se, and even more about bullying.

      I wasn't bullied but my HS years were a misery for other reasons. I was terrified and barely hanging on. Then one day in my sophomore year, my English teacher said, "Life is hard."

      Those three words were a Copernican revolution. What? I'm not just making it up? And other people know it, too?! Even my ultra-cool English teacher!

      My life didn't cease to be a misery, but I'd found enough strength to soldier on. I imagined a secret army, a French Foreign Legion of brave truth tellers who would crawl across deserts until they reached an oasis to call their own.

      It's up to the survivors to reach back and help drag a few more souls out of the blazing sands and into the oasis.

  39. First of all, it is not my intent to cause stir on purpose, or to hurt feelings at all. I just want to put forward a proposition that seems quite ironic in today's world, specially for someone like me that preaches non-violent parenting otherwise.

    There are people out there in the crazy world that are evil, and they make evil kids. Saddam Russein remember that guy? he was the father of Uday Russein the craziest mofo that ever lived, that raped teen wives of people just for sport, by the hundreds. Of course, if we count all the links on the chain of causality that created such monster, we could not fairly condemn the guy because it is not all solely his fault: he is the product of a lot of lack of luck because his father was a crazy evil person amongst other things.

    Punish those that cannot learn without punishment. We simply needs to isolate bullies so they don't cause any more harm. It is absolutely important that we threat these bullying kids as criminals that were created by their parents: a behavior that should not be tolerated. Some kids are very emotionally fragile and impressionable and shoudl be protected by the rest of us. It is up to us adults to make sure that these mean kids don't do this. To me 6 months of bullying is much worse than battery or getting shot on the leg.

    Solutions: jailtime for bullying and perhaps fines for parents. I would prefer that kids defend their own grounds, but the system made that illegal. If kids could gang up on bullies, bullying would disappear automatically.

    I dont understand how people think that every kid should be treated equaly, they arent treating each other equaly are they? Some of them are criminals and society should know this, and yes there is bullying and there is joking around and being "an ahole". Say a person gets harrassed for 6 months and a homosexual kid attempts suicide and it harmed for life both in trauma of social status and physically because of his moms pills. The perpetrator will probably get away with it. Now, some guy tries to rape a teen girl, but she kicks him in the balls and the guy goes to jail for life. She has no harm at all, gets some counseling, but somebody is on deathroll.

    "My mom spanked me off a jail cell" said eddie griffin...

    sorry for the poor writing, no time.

  40. I agree with the troll kid. but it's true that everytime there's some kind of provocation a reaction is to happen. i tried it once here too, and it was quite a success:P for me i don't care because i provoke by nature and i'm used on being provoked, i feel like GG allin sometimes.
    I think that there should be done further studies about this subject even if i know that probably and I REPEAT PROBABLY(so there's no need to reply with snobbish wannabe polite i know it all comments) the reason of all is probably the feeling of domination and control over someone's feelings. because face it, people love to have advantage over others like in sports. domination over something that is not yours even if it's just a feeling, for someone is better than nothing to feed from it.

  41. More First World problems and imaginary dangers. Anyone who thinks cyber bullying is a serious problem should have to spend three mandatory weeks in the Nigeria. Then maybe they will find something less laughable to whine about.

    Oh please save me from the horrible internet trolls. Oh please protect my precious opinions from being questioned. Oh please shield my fragile ego from being shattered.

    Bottom line, if you can not handle trolls just stay off the internet. You are not ready. Go back to the meatosphere where thin-skins belong. As for kids most of them shouldn't be on the internet unsupervised anyhow. With each new communication technology, Fail parents find a new babysitter then complain that everyone but them are not monitoring and protecting their children.

    1. @madscirat
      thanks for the completely ignorant and useless rant. by your reasoning we shouldn't try to cure diseases because there are people in the world who live shorter lives than we do, we shouldn't try to lessen hate and violence because somewhere else is more hateful and violent. yes there are more serious and extreme problems here and abroad but that doesn't mean we shouldn't work on the perceived less important ones. stating that "if you can not handle trolls just stay off the internet" is telling others to give up if something is hard. how about we work to drive the trolls off the internet? what you are proposing for these youth is akin to telling someone in my generation that if someone is bothering you lock yourself in the house and never come out. the cyber world is where a lot of kids live much of the lives. we can argue weather that is a good thing or not. until then why don't we try to make it safer for the youth and not let the trolls win.

    2. you must be a troll.

    3. Yeah I've noticed everyone likes saying 'first world problems' now, without understanding that such a statement immediately indicates a lack of rational thought.

      What do you think a 'third worlder' would be more surprised at anyway? the fact that someone is upset at being verbally abused, or that we, so privileged and educated could be so childish and hateful to one another whilst having the capacity to change the world for the better?
      This is what 'internet tough guys' like you seem to ignore, or mock, because showing emotion is seen as weakness or a 'fail'. It's kind of pathetic.

  42. We don't need to go far...right here on TDF a lot of people who read the comment forum will not dare posting because they fear being attacked....knowing attacks are numerous.
    And i am talking about adults.

    1. Az...What?? not with us moderators around!

    2. That has always amazed me. This is a fairly civilized forum. There are other forums where commenters are free to attack in any way they please. An intelligent conversation in these places is next to impossible. Some people seem to like this type of thing.

      I would encourage those readers who are afraid to post to give it a try. Most of the commenters on TDF may argue with you but they are generally quite reasonable. Those few who use bullying tactics are easily ignored and are moderated if they go too far. I would love to hear from you as would many others.

    3. I am always afraid when I post that some where through my line of reasoning and logic I have made an obvious mistake or over sight that someone else will see clearly and point out. Or that my words will be badly misunderstood and I will appear to be racist, insensitive, slow, etc. But then I think about the fact that no one here is any more impervious to mistakes than I am and that if we own our mistakes sincerely and graciously we are generally forgiven and whats more, we learn this way. Now we could try to ceate a sterile environment in which no one ever attacks another or insults anothers ideas, but what real progress would come from that? Now I understand that is not what you are calling for exactly, you seem to want us to merely disagree in a civil manner and that is something I can certainly get behind. We should realize that those we disagree with are generally not mean spirited or any less intelligent, they simply have a different perspective and see a different way of arriving at the same end we all desire- productive, peaceful co-existence. So, we can never say people's ideas will not be attacked or challenged, only that we will do so in a respectful manner that keeps the goal of reaching consensus in mind and never reverts to simply proving how smart or right someone is.

    4. Your posts are always written in a way that you could say the same, face to face, without fearing to be smacked by a fist.
      There is a always a way to disagree in public where one is able to pass an opinion without shooting, but on the net, some of the comments sound like they were yelled on a microphone from someone hidden behind a curtain.
      I particularly like Dewflirt style.....always with a bit of humour no matter how much she disagrees. Yours are always flavoured with relevance and diplomacy. Some prefer arrows.
      There are many trolls on any sites, the thing is to recognize that and not feed them what they are looking for. When one does one becomes a fish, and the troll keeps trolling.

    5. The Legend of Azilda

      Dear Az

      I am so pleased to see your wonderful words still wending their way around this wicked web we weave. Some so witty and subtle that they are easily missed by the less discerning. Some so profound as to astonish yet still not obvious. Fear not the critics and sharks who do not understand you. They are destroyers, you are a creator. They swim in shallow waters and cannot fathom your depths. You are deep and mysterious and far too quick for them. Let them thrash about while you gracefully glide on to new horizons on distant shores. Keep up your wordly wise ways. I love them. Best regards.

      The Crucified One

    6. well, i am almost speechless...lol...
      I take that you have been around longer than i.....as you said to Achems....my turn to take notice of your posts.
      thanks....feels great after a long day preping

    7. @Azilda

      I’m glad you liked it. I think I have been around longer than you but not further;-) I’m 55 in Oct.

    8. You just summed up how a lot of us feel about Azilda, for sure.
      Very nice to see you back, too. I was wondering where you'd gotten off to...

    9. @Brenilthos64

      OMG Another miracle! Halle Loo Yah! It’s great to see you here too my fellow hitchhiker. You are also reincarnated I see.

      “was wondering where you'd gotten off to...”

      I really went to Hell.

      You’re one of the reasons I fought my way back here. Best regards.

    10. first thing i read this morning, hardly awake yet, my coffee should pull my eyes open. You got me to smile....what is hell like at 55? I've lived a lot but not quite hell yet, i touched paradise a few times though! lol

    11. @Azilda

      Oh Hell.

      It’s not a nice place. I think as you get a bit older there is tendency for complacency to creep into ways of living, modes of thought, general ideas about life etc. Then suddenly out of the blue life throws a massive spanner in the works and you have to rethink EVERYTHING.

      Anyway, I’ve overcome all that, no experience is ever wasted. Lessons can always be learned. I made it out of hell because thankfully Beelzebub had a devil put aside for me!
      Paradise...??? I’ve seen it by the dashboard light a few times. Lol

      The Crucified One

  43. Online bullies my ass. They're just dumbass kids who think the world and the entirety of their life and well being revolves around being considered "cool" at school. They refuse to block and delete the person being rude to them because they risk being left out of the cool group at school.

  44. No one can FORCE you to "open an email!" It is referred to as DELETE!

  45. THIS will be "THEIR EXCUSE" to shut down the internet, just watch!

    1. I hear you GodmanEnki! We are never truly in control of our own lives.

  46. wow. where was all this legislation and interest when i was getting harassed and manhandled in grade school? e_e

  47. As somebody who's survived to adulthood, I kept thinking that the most apt response would be, "See you at the twenty-year reunion, losers." But while one might persuade a teenager not to feed the trolls, it's a different story if the rumors/abuse/threats are making the round of your immediate peers.

    There's a rule in PR that if your client is named in a scandal, a friend or associate should make the first press statements, not the client. What would happen if friends and others stepped up to bat and posted on behalf of the victim? "This is sh*t and you know it." "This is a fantastic girl/guy, the best friend anybody could have."

    Such a course would probably need the guidance and encouragement of a trustworthy adult; not to mention the willingness of the victim to confide in such an adult. Unfortunately, I take the point of the students who think that their parents can't understand.

    We need more proactive psychologists and police officers like the two profiled here. And for school authorities and the police to take these incidents seriously.

  48. Perhaps there's been too much of the 'tolerance, turn the other cheek' in the rearing of children of conformist families. If someone 'hits' you, you should by all rights, hit them back. The art is to learn not to lower to that level in the process, maintaining dignity in the process. Bullies only go as far as they are allowed by the victim and peer group, let alone the authorities who are ultimately responsible for the 'atmosphere' of a school or college as being bully friendly or not.

  49. The argument to pose is the solution is the same as schoolyard bullying, it starts in the home, at the source. The internet is merely a conduit.

    1. Very true. But as it stands now, its a conduit that has no consequences. That's why it is the way it is in cases like this.

      Yes, of course taking more time to have people grow up with a better sense of shame is always a good thing, and a good place to start. But, its not going to be a complete solution.

      For example, there are many people that ponder stealing from others. Most don't do it out of a sense of good will ( lets call this group 1 ). Others don't because if they got caught, there are consequences upheld by law and they will be shunned by a majority of people around them ( Lets call this group 2 ). And then there are a much smaller amount of people that are so shameless, they do it anyways ( Lets call this group 3 ).

      On the net, there is no law, there is anonymity and there are no consequences. So, instead of just the smaller group, group 3, it leaves treating others unjustly very accessible to group 2 as well. Leaving only the people with a higher sense of morals ( Group 1 ) to not act like an a__hole on the net. In the end, the result is the majority of peoples behavior is changed, and you run into more and more ruthless people than you would ever find in real life.

  50. Doesnt everyone have an off button on their computer?

    1. Yup, they do. You also have the choice to leave your own home if someone you don't get along with is there. But, do you think that is the right thing to do, to leave your own home?

      The computer is your computer ( in almost every case ) So with your logic, a person should just not be allowed to enjoy their internet, because there are pricks out there that put them into a situation where they should, according to you, turn off there computer.

      So basically, you are saying, "Let the bullies bully and win."

      Idk about that one, mate.

    2. Children are susceptible to influence and habit due to their under developed maturity. It is foolish to assume "just say no" is a reasonable response.

  51. The solution is simple. knowing who you are and have self confidence is a must. I develop this for my own protection. " I know who I am and I know where I am going, not matter what any one say or think about me." I am in control of my future and I alone is responsible for my future.

    1. @FranciscoCanales
      i am happy that you have it all together. especially if you are of the age that this doc is discussing. but it wasn't that long ago i was in school. while my memories are mostly happy i still remember the balancing act necessary to keep an even keel. this is a time that young adults are discovering their sexuality, choosing their path in life, making and breaking alliances, getting their hearts broken for the first time and then the pressure that every choice can have a huge impact on future options. couple that with the natural desire to belong and rise in stature and realize that for most young adults every experience is either new or close to new. all the while trying to show their independence from their parent(s) so they tend to try to deal with things on their own. now when i was in school texting and facebook weren't available so things had to spread a lot slower and their was time allotted to fight any fires that were lit. now everything is instant. i do not wish to shield children from every negative possible because some pain is necessary to prepare them for the real world. but i can at least empathize with those that are cut off from the heard and viciously attacked. other than education and understanding i admit i have no solutions.

    2. Some parents rely on their own egos to claim their child is the mature one and can handle anything when they give them the keys to the internet.

  52. If someone had set up a website advocating the murder of someone due to race, sexual orientation, etc, would that not qualify as a hate crime? However, advocating the killing of a specific individual, who isn't a part of an identifiable group, isn't a hate crime. Makes no sense to me.

    The kid that set up the facebeef website did not come off as an intelligent, well balanced teenager to me. He knows what he is doing is socially unacceptable since he doesn't have the courage to identify himself. He is attempting to build his own social standing by tearing down the esteem of others. Not mature or well balanced behavior in my world.

  53. while i agree that actual threats and relentless attacking of someone should be stopped. i completely disagree with as someone suggested "requiring a license" that can be revoked. the medium is too important to inadvertently censor it . while the intentions may be truly admirable the results in most cases only serve to silence the innocent or curtail the free exchange of knowledge and ideas. in response to waldos statement of the legality of someone else installing something on your computer. while we do live in separate countries i believe that that is illegal in both our countries (the same process done to us by our own governments may not be sadly) but in my experience (worked IT for a number of years) people click "i agree" too often without reading the fine print as to what they are actually agreeing to. also many of these attacks are done out of country and the cost of investigating and prosecuting coupled with the ignorance of the medium by many charged to enforce the rules. serve to make any laws passed unenforceable in all but the most extreme cases. while bullying should be stopped i believe that like in most cases education and support for both sides before the problem occurs does more to stop bad behavior than punishment or worse ignoring it after it happens.

    1. Hey, thanks for the reply- nice to talk with you again. I agree that most of the adware and spyware gets in when people download and install something and agree to the terms without reading them but, some installs whether you agree or not. In fact some installs without you even knowing its there until you run the right detection software. My point however was just to say that the internet forces us to re-examine some ethical and moral concepts. For instance, we don't consider it a serious envasion of privacy if your friend goes and tells someone about who you slept with last night and what you did but, we do consider it a serious envasion of privacy if the news paper prints that same information for all the world to see. Well what is the difference when your friend goes on line and prints in black and white for the whole world to see who you slept with and what you did last night? Because this is a lasting medium which the whole world can acess, it changes everything. I think in the future we will be running into many ethical and moral considerations having to do with online protocol.

  54. The problem is that a lot of kid's social life revolves around the net. Kids don't go out and play, they blog, talk on web cams or chat on phones. The games they play often are internet games containing forums for chat.
    And as we all know, it is very easy to attack in a forum...no one can physically arm you but some can hit you mentally and emotionally.
    I agree with Waldo...family life has a lot to do with it.


  55. i have the feeling ,that issues like this will be used as a cover for state interference for internet-policing!one has to be careful.........

  56. A very interesting phenomenon.

    It might be similar to how animals try to establish dominance my fighting or at times killing each other, what ever the cause kids will be kids.

    (Especially if they can wear masks.)

  57. Teenager problems...

  58. Maybe I am just to thick to get it but, this is crazy to me. People really kill themselves based on things other people have said about them online? I'm sorry but I think the dysfunction in this picture isn't as much the bullies as the people who are so devoid of self esteem as to kill themselves due to some troll or bully. How invested in other peoples approval are these kids? It makes me wonder if they ever got the validation they needed at home growing up. Whatever the cause normal healthy people do not kill themselves just because some loser online makes fun of them.

    1. I do agree with you somewhat. But, I get two things out of your comment. One, is stating a fact that these people may need some help with their perception of reality. That's clear. But the second thing I get from your comment is that there is almost an implication that people are right to demean others.

      I know you are making a point that the person with low self esteem needs to wake up and realize that its just text on a screen. But, who are we to judge one another on what we find important in life, or what social network is out there to validate our existence?

      Either way, there is a large amount of hatred in the world that is being pushed out through many forms of media and its not a good thing. In fact, I firmly believe that the majority of people in the world are good. Its just that dickheads are more likely to voice their opinions.

      With something like the net, we are now subject to an environment of people that are not part of our small circle in real life, that still have an opportunity to voice their opinions just as loud and clear as everyone else.

      Its why I believe that people should require a license to post on the net and that license could be revoked if they commit hate crimes. We have laws in real life to prevent people from running around, freely insulting or harassing one another. But, the net has no such laws and so people with perverted points of view on how to treat others, are free to abuse this media and shove their hate into others lives and directly into their home.

      So, yes I do agree that some people require help and should push these types of bullies away, just like they would remove an intruder in their home that was doing the same thing. But, the sad thing is more will just keep on coming. There is no peace of mind, because there is little to no monitoring on the web.

    2. Not liking the idea of a license at all, most people are perfectly able to remain civil without the threat of prosecution. Those that can't, won't, license or not.

    3. Not another licence. My wallet is thick enough as it is.

    4. A license to post online? Thats ridiculous. Who is to say what is free speech and what is considered a "crime"? Sounds an awful lot like censorship to me, especially when it would be some certain group of individuals who decided what constituted bad behavior and what was just people expressing their own opinion. When does my right to free speech, my right to express my own genuine opinion start to infringe on your right to not be ridiculed? Do we even have a right not to be ridiculed? If so from what context does that right arise, are we not allowed to ridicule or insult any idea or philosophy? If so we have no right to speak out against things like skin heads and white supremicist- which doesn't seem right to me. Of course I don't condone people bullying or insulting others, but this is not as simple of an arguement as you want to frame it up to be. And this idea that "I'm offended" constitutes an arguemnt in itself is just b.s. Since when did we have a right not to be offended?

    5. Freedom of speech doesn't give anyone the right to shout fire inside a crowded theater either

    6. Yes it does. There are, however, consequences to lying.

    7. The unique problem found on the web, is the combination of freedom of speech and anonymity. Its a deadly cocktail that leaves the door wide open for verbal abuse.

    8. No it doesn't but, why is it we all seem to be able to recognize the immaturity of the subjects at hand when it comes to taking the bully serious but, are at the same time unable to excuse the actions of the bully as simple immaturity as well? We seem to see a mature, autonomous agent acting in the bully and therefore cannot excuse his dysfunction. Yet the dysfunction of the victim is also clear, that he takes the bullies comments to heart and refuses to delete or block them, but we fail to see that as dysfunctional it would seem. We tend to excuse it because they are teen agers, but so are the bullies in most cases. What I am saying here is that I don't think we can look at this as just one dysfunctional group, the bullies. The dysfunction of refusing to delete these messages and refusing to block them simply because you are clinging, desperately it would seem, to some group identity or inclusion is just as strong and destructive as the dysfunction the bullies are suffering from. In fact they may be one in the same, the bully finding his acceptance and group identity in the act of bullying and the victim finding theirs in these social groups on line that they so desperately need to belong to that they will endure the bullying to the point of suicide in extreme cases.

    9. Adults, yeah. Should know better than to fall for it, though if you're feeling low anyway it might not take much to tip you over. People don't seem to censor themselves the same online as they do face to face. Kids get really out of hand on Facebook etc, they're left to police themselves and they don't. Nastiness online spills into the playground. 10, 20 people on your back for 6 hours a day is going to have an effect. They don't block people or switch off because they'd rather know than not. They don't tell anyone because more often than not they get the usual naff advice, if you ignore them they'll stop. Kids just don't behave that way. That's what us big people are for ;)

    10. I know, right? Parenting is sometimes SUCH GREAT FUN, isn't it?
      *trails off and falls down exhausted*

    11. It's daughters. Don't think I need say more than that, just pass me the Gin :/

    12. OH, MY GOD, did you EVER speak the truth with that one!!
      My baby girl's 15 now...
      Pass me that bottle back, and I'll need a chaser, lol.

    13. And big bottle, a straw each and a few notches tighter with the strait jacket, peace at last :)

    14. Certainly not too thick... but maybe a little too old? Remember, when we're preteens or teenagers (especially for girls, I think), our peers opinions almost always matter a very great deal, for better or worse. It's just part of the process of maturity, of finding out who we are, that we (hopefully) eventually learn not to put a lot of stock in that kind of thing. And some kids, due to their own issues with poor parenting and self-esteem, are pretty relentless in seeking out vulnerabilities to exploit.

    15. You need a bigger better word than relentless, it somehow doesn't quite express the dogged determination of the average teenager :)

  59. Bulling, name calling, etc is in my opinion rather primitive. But in some cases people simply need to know and see their own stupidity. I consider it to be respectful to make one aware of ones own mistakes. How else can people improve?

    Calling someone an id**t and leave it at that isn't a good thing. Calling someone an id**t and then tell them why, and how one thinks that it can be corrected is, as I said, being respectful..

    1. No it is not, it is being condescending!

    2. Aye, but isn't you being condescending yourself by reprimanding me just now? Do you do it to show superiority, or do you do it in an attempt to help me out? Isn't the act of attempting to help a good thing, or do you believe that one should just side by an watch while other people seems to (from ones own perspective) makes things worse for them selfs?

  60. Bullying or Cyber Bullying... Our society can be SICK, and we do not even know it.

    WHEN WILL the human race grow up and start automating things so we do not fight over status, money and stratification?

    1. "When will the human race grow up and start automating things so we do not fight over status, money and stratification"??

      When? 1984!

  61. I don't mean to sound callous to the suffering of anyone being bullied but if you're falling prey to "cyber-bullies" then you're placing far too much value on the opinions of other people and not nearly enough value on your own judgement. The mind's of other people are simply too wretched a place for anyone to base their self-esteem.

    In other words, don't give a fawk about what other people think of you. Judge yourself by your own standards and don't adopt theirs.

    1. That's just common sense to most adults. Adolescents see your advice as another example of how the adult world doesn't understand anything. People are biologically programmed to separate themselves from their parents at some point in their life. If their foray into a more independent life is met with rejection they feel as if they have been set adrift and have become failures as human beings. Asking their parents for help or support may be out of the question because to do so proves just how inept they are (in their own minds). Fortunately, most of us survive this stage in our lives. The same adolescent who feels that your comment demonstrates a lack understanding,, will realize, upon maturity, the wisdom of your post.

    2. I think they are referring to coordinated assaults on individuals by people actually in their lives, aka, the boy who poops his pants at school, and all the girls in school start a facebook page for "poopy butt mc steve" get it? I mean, I just can't see someone offing themselves unless the opinions were affecting their everyday lives.

      I live in a small town, and I wrote an article back in 2004 for our local newspaper, detailing my opposition to the Bush regime. The follow up letters and personal insults I heard when people found out I was the author, was astounding. I literally had OLD women at safeway calling me a traitor because I support the constitution and not Bush and his cronies.

      I tried not to let it bother me, but eventually I started to regret expressing my views, it felt like half the town had literally started a lynch campaign against me.

      I can't even imagine what it is like for a teen that get's caught in a game of this troll behavior by his own peers, with all the hormones and anxiety, it's a surprise we don't see more suicides. In general, most people are full of rhetoric, mean spirited, and ignorant. I have felt the sting of it before, and will again, undoubtedly, I'm just glad I have adult temperament on my side, as a teen, i might have snapped, who knows.

    3. Physical bullying is one thing, but cyber-bullies rely on the victim willingly dropping their own standards and judgement for that of others. I think its fairly reasonable to assume that most cyber-bullies use the internet as a conduit for their attitudes because they're far too cowardly to commit such acts in person. Should we really take the pointed words of obvious cowards as serious?

    4. The airplane went right over your head dude.

    5. Were you looking for some form of sympathy instead of me keeping to my view on the topic of this documentary?